The Memory Remains

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The Memory Remains

Chapter 5

Squall's breath was ragged and he felt the time running out. He saw the big beast approaching him, with no sign he would ever stop. He had to end the battle soon. Squall had hit the creature several times, but the slices of the blade were nothing to his hard body. This one seemed to be far stronger than the other ones. On top of that he was able to cast strong magic too. Squall felt him conjuring another spell and the brunet decided to take another strategy.

He cast Reflect on himself quickly and saw a Thundaga come his way and go back to the beast. That made the brunet's opponent groan in pain and Squall took advantage of the beast's distraction to run to his direction. He was almost reaching him when he felt the magical barrier surrounding him vanish. The monster had dispelled his reflect and Squall was astonished when he saw what the beast was going to do; the creature was casting Ultima.

At such a close range he would take the magic blow directly and at full force if he didn't do something to prevent it. Then suddenly he felt something he wasn't expecting; the powerful spell came into his direction, but he didn't take all the damage. He saw the sparkling glow of ice appearing in front of him. Shiva floated in the air and opened her cold arms to take the damage until her HP was depleted, making her vanish soon after. It was very rare for one of his GF's to react like that; he had only seen it happened before with GF's like Odin or Gilgamesh. He had never expected one of his other GF's to appear by their own will. Even though he didn't understand why it happened, there was no time to think about it, he took the opportunity to sink his gunblade deeply into the monster's chest and that time he made sure it was a decisive blow.

The beast fell down in agony and Squall pressed the blade even deeply, before taking it off, making the blood splatter up. He finished the battle severing the beast's neck with his blade, cutting the head off. It rolled to the side, lifeless, but Squall didn't spend much time looking at it. He ran.

"Seifer, where are you?"

The blond was silent for a moment, before answering. "I'm okay, just leave this place."

"Help me get to the control room."

"I'm almost done here. Get away now!"

Squall had a bad feeling about it and rushed to the corridors, trying to remember the map of the place, and figure out where Seifer might be.

The blond was desperate as he watched Squall making his way through the corridors in his direction and not for the exit. "Squall, you won't have time!" He watched as Squall got near. "Please..." he said weakly. It was difficult, but he could accept his own death. To watch Squall dooming himself to the same fate, however, was too much for him. "Squall, you can't save me. The door is locked."

"I'll figure something out..." Just a few more corridors. "Trust me."

Seifer was devastated as he saw Squall approaching, but he still kept watching, a thin hope that the brunet was right. He could do anything, couldn't he? He was the world's hero, the Sorceress slayer...

"Seifer, are you there?"

The blond heard the muffed voice outside the room.

"I'm here!" he shouted. He heard Squall trying to barge in, and hit the door, but it remained unmoving. "I tried that! It won't move!"

There were more hits on the door, before they stopped.

"Squall... Get out of here."

The brunet eyed the large metal door that separated them, feeling his chest clench.

"No..." he whispered to himself.

"I..." Seifer opened a small smile that the brunet couldn't see. "Thank you for coming." He couldn't help but feel a small contentment in knowing Squall had come all the way to save him. "Thank you for giving me a chance. Thank you for trusting me."

Squall stared at the door with desperation. Seifer was locked inside and it was all his fault. He had the idea of bringing the blond to that mission.

"Squall, go! Now!"

"I won't go..." He stared at the door again. He couldn't leave the blond.

"You're gonna die..." Seifer said weakly.

"No..." Squall felt the gears in his brain working, "Seifer, get away from the door!" he yelled.

The blond took some distance.

"Did you figure something out?!" He shouted.

"I think I did. Stay away from the door!" he said before he put his plan into action. Squall closed his eyes and concentrated in summoning one of his Guardian Forces.

A large serpent appeared and twirled in the air, spreading it's large body, preparing its magical attack. Quetzalcoatl's bolts cracked into the air and reached the door in strong electric waves. The metallic door trembled with the force of the magic that damaged its electronic system. When the structure stopped convulsing, Squall kicked the door and saw the metal moving to reveal the inside of the control room and an astonished blond.

"Squall," Seifer rushed towards the brunet.

"Let's go!" Squall stared at the blond reassuringly and turned to run to the exit's direction.

Seifer ran as fast as he could, following Squall through the corridors. He felt exhilarated and fueled by adrenaline. He had just overcome the thought he would meet his end, but he felt an overwhelming excitement. His heartbeats were so loud he could hear them as he ran for his life.

They barged the exit's door open and felt the strike of the cold night air against their skins. Even so, they didn't stop and kept running, until they felt the ground shaking beneath their feet. They threw themselves over the dry earth and protected their bodies from the blow that was to come.

It happened so fast.

In an instant, the whole structure of the building exploded in flames. They felt the impact of the explosion and had gone deaf for a moment.

Squall started to hear the irritant noises that followed a situation like that and he took a deep breath. He felt some dry earth on his lips and opened his eyes to stare beside him. He saw a green gaze staring back and a blond as breathless as him. Both of them stood up clumsily and walked towards the place they had left the car with unsteady steps, tumbling over small rocks.

After a while they reached the car and entered, slumping their tired bodies on the leather seats. They stared back at the place they had been and saw the high flames burning in the dark night.

Seifer stared at it in amazement. It had really happened. They had been there just some minutes before. They had escaped and they were alive.

The blond started to laugh as he watched the flames.

They were alive.

Squall turned to him in confusion and Seifer realized he was being stared at.

"We did it," The blond turned and showed a sincere smile, "We did it." He still saw the serious expression on Squall's face and chuckled in amusement. Seifer felt tears of happiness in the corner of his eyes and chuckled and laughed until he felt tired. Then he turned to stare at Squall again.

"You really came for me. You said you would do that and you did. You saved me," he smiled in amusement. "My hero," he said humorously and pressed his lips to Squall's.

He took advantage of the surprised lips and guided his tongue inside, taking the brunet's mouth in a deep kiss. Seifer tasted blood and astonishment as he felt trembling lips against his own. Even so, Squall didn't ask him to stop, so Seifer continued kissing him as if his life depended on it.

After they finally reached out for air and separated themselves to breathe, Squall asked, "Why did you do that?"

"I don't know. I felt like it."

The brunet averted his gaze, staring ahead in confusion.

"Why? I thought you wanted it," Seifer stared at Squall and saw a serious expression on his face.

"Don't do that again."

That really confused the blond. He didn't know what to do, but nodded in agreement. "Okay."

Seifer inspected Squall's state and saw he was wounded and had blood staining his clothes. "Do you want me to drive?" he asked in concern.

"No, I'm..."

"No, you're not fine," Seifer hissed in anger and opened the door to his side, slamming it close after he stepped outside. He walked around the front of the car and opened the driver's door, "Move!"

Squall stared at the blond in surprise, but decided not to argue, moving his body to the passenger's seat.

Seifer took the driver's seat and slammed the door closed. He started to drive through the deserted lands, under the pitch black sky. Seifer finally saw the road after some time and found no other cars passing by.

They were silent, the road was silent, the world was silent. Seifer took a look at Squall by the corner of his eye and saw the brunet with his arms around his own body, as if protecting himself. Squall was staring forward to the road, but he wasn't paying attention to what he saw, he seemed to be lost in his inner world. He blinked sometimes when they passed under a lamppost, as if the light bothered him somehow. The brunet looked really pale and he had a stream of blood running down his temple and over his cheek. He didn't look like the stoic SeeD commander, Squall seemed to be so young and vulnerable in that state. Seifer felt suddenly guilty for having yelled at him, but there was nothing he could to do change the past...could he?

After some time, they finally reached the hotel again. As soon as Seifer stopped the car, Squall opened the door and got outside the vehicle.

"Squall!" the blonde called, concerned by the brunet's state.

"I can go by myself!" the brunet yelled and turned to meet the blond's astonished gaze. He regretted saying it when he looked at Seifer's face, he seemed to be concerned. "I'm... I'm fine, I'm just tired," he said softly.

"Okay..." Seifer thought it was better not to press the brunet more, even though he felt the urge to come to his aid seeing his fragile state.

Squall turned and headed to his room, without looking back again.

Seifer watched as the brunet walked away from him and decided to head to his room. There was not much he could do at the time; Squall could be as stubborn as him sometimes.


The first thing Seifer did when he got back to his room was taking a shower. He hoped the water would wash the dirt, the sweat and the death off his body, but something still lingered there. Something remained on his skin and he couldn't brush it away. It was like whispering ghosts of a distant time, torturing his troubled mind. More than physically draining, that mission had been emotionally draining. He had felt excitement and hopelessness. It was like the feelings that had been buried in his soul for years had awakened all at once.

He stepped out of the shower and looked for a towel. Seifer dried himself tiredly and slumped on the bed. He closed his eyes, feeling the tiredness take the best of him for some minutes. But his eyes snapped open suddenly. He stared at the ceiling, feeling unable to sleep.

The blond decided to stand up and put on the first clothes he saw. Maybe it was better to take a walk before he felt ready to sleep.


The end of the afternoon was pleasant with its gentle sunrays and soft breeze.

Seifer heard the distant sound of cars in the road as he made his way to his room. He was almost reaching the place when he suddenly stopped in his tracks. The blond found himself staring fixedly at a door, the door to Squall's room. He knew he should leave the brunet alone, but he had a feeling there was something wrong. His hand turned the door's handle and he took a look inside. The place was neat and orderly, but there was no sign of Squall.

The blond didn't think twice before entering and closing the door behind him. He scanned the place once more with his eyes and saw that Squall wasn't in the room. Maybe the brunet had gone for a walk, the blond thought, but then something caught his attention. There was a dripping wet sound coming from the bathroom.

"So he's taking a shower," Seifer rolled his eyes.

There was nothing wrong with that. In a way it was better if he left, but he realized the bathroom's door wasn't entirely closed. Seifer took a deep breath and willed himself to leave the place, but instead, he walked to the door's direction and opened it ajar.

The sight he saw made his eyes widen in surprise. Squall was naked and crouched on the shower, turned to the wall's direction, face down. His skin was glistening white and he seemed he had been there for hours.

"Squall?" Seifer heard his voice echo in the bathroom. The brunet made no sign he acknowledged the blond's presence.

Seifer walked slowly towards Squall's direction, feeling the floor shaking at every step he took. He tried to still himself as he felt the world twirling and a growing feeling in his chest. Suddenly, the drops of water were too loud, almost deafening. He took a glimpse of the clothes scattered on the floor and remembered a voice-

"What do we do with him, sir?" the guard asked.

Seifer stared at the unconscious brunet, drinking in the sight for a while, before ordering, "Strip him."





A/N: The next chapter will be the last one and I must warn you that it will have torture and sexual violence.

Special thanks to Flora_Winters, for the support; and Nightlore, for being an awesome beta.

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