The Memory Remains

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READ BEFORE PROCEEDING: This is the last chapter and I must warn you now that there will have a detailed description of sexual abuse and torture. If some of these themes offend you, you'd better not read it. Sorry for the long wait, I've been feeling a lot tired for working extra hours, so I couldn't concentrate on this story.

Flashbacks in italics.

The Memory Remains

Chapter 6

He stared as the guards removed every layer of clothing covering that skin, until the brunet's body was entirely at display for him.

"Step aside," he instructed the guards as he took a hose and pointed it at the brunet, "Time to wake up."

Squall opened his eyes when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He realized the blond was crouched beside him on the bathroom stall with a concerned look on his face.

"Come on, you have to get out of here, this water is fucking cold."

The brunet felt the blond trying to take him away from the water, but he tensed at the hands on him. He shivered at the touch and tried to brush him away. Then the grip on him tightened as Seifer forced him to get out of the shower.

Squall struggled against the strong arms, "Let me go!"

"You're going to get sick if you stay here any longer!"

"Get away from me!" Squall cried out.

Seifer stared at the shivering brunet in his arms and loosened his grip.

"I tried..." Squall whispered.

He seemed to have calmed down a little and was slowly recovering a steady breathing.

"I tried so hard to forget," Squall continued, "I tried to brush the memory away, pretend nothing happened, but in the end of the night it was still there. I tried to focus on my mission, focus on the Sorceress, focus on anything else than me, and... sometimes... it worked. But when I was alone, when I was in my room alone... I thought about it, I dreamed about it. I could never really forget."

Seifer stared at Squall and felt guilt eat up at his soul. He stood up and took some steps away from Squall, but he still had his eyes fixed on the brunet in his frail state.

"I couldn't forget it too."

Seifer saw the brunet's naked body slumped on the cold floor and walked to his direction.

Squall could still feel the pain of the electric waves coursing through all his body and he felt too weak to even look at Seifer when he approached.

The blond inspected the SeeD's fragile form for a while. The gray-blue eyes were opened, but seemed to stare into nothing, and his body seemed to tremble slightly. Seifer grabbed a handful of Squall's hair, pulling on it to lift the brunet's head.

"Look at you now," he whispered dangerously, his face close to Squall's. "What a miserable position. This is all a SeeD can do?"

Squall whimpered slightly in discomfort, refusing to look at the green eyes that mocked him.

"Pathetic," Seifer sighed deeply and turned his head to stare at something.

A sudden gleam appeared in his eyes. "Come on," he pulled on Squall's hair and forced him to move. "What?" He stared at the brunet's unmoving body. "You're so weak you can't even walk?"

Seifer pulled on the brown locks once more, until he saw Squall trying to crouch weakly. The blond felt a wave of excitement as he dragged Squall over the place. He thought he had never felt so good before.

Squall felt himself being forced to follow the blond's movements, or else he would have his hair ripped from his scalp. It was too painful to move, too painful to even breathe and his sensitive skin was scratched by the cold tile floor. He didn't know where he was going, following blindly, when he suddenly was made to stop. Squall realized he was facing some sort of bathtub, filled to the brink with water. He gasped in nervousness, knowing what was to come. Squall wondered what had happened to Seifer. The blond had always been arrogant and always wanted things his way, but he had never been so cruel. At that point Squall believed Seifer could do anything.

"So you didn't want to tell me what is the purpose of SeeD."

"You know what SeeD is, I don't have anything more to say," Squall managed to speak. "It's useless."

"Maybe you're right," Seifer gripped Squall's hair tightly. "But you know what? Maybe I like to see you at my mercy."

After he said that, he forced Squall's head down on the water. He felt the brunet still for a while, before starting to struggle in his grip. Seifer let him fight against the water for a while, before pulling his head up again.

Squall gasped for air and trembled as he tried desperately to breathe. After a while, he felt himself calming down, until he felt the strong grip of hands again. The touch was cold, but in contrast to it, the breath on his earlobe was warm.

"Squall..." the blond whispered into the brunet's ear, "You have no idea how good it feels."

Then Squall felt himself being pushed back into the water. He endured much less than before and soon he found himself struggling to be freed. At the verge of losing consciousness, he was pulled away from the water again.

"Hard to ignore me now, huh?" Seifer didn't give Squall enough time to recover his breath again, pushing his head back into the water.

Squall struggled all he could against the freezing water, against the cold hands, but soon he felt his body giving up. He closed his eyes and stopped struggling, feeling numb.

Seifer pulled Squall back up and saw his unconscious form. He took a deep breath and stood up in frustration, seeing the end of his game. He stared at the guards and signaled for them to take Squall, "Take him back to his cell."

He stared again at the brunet's naked body, feeling guilty for a moment, but decided to brush those thoughts away.

"I'm going to leave you now," Seifer turned with the intention of leaving the brunet alone, but he stopped for a moment when he heard Squall's voice.

"Wait," The brunet stood up and turned off the shower, slowly walking to Seifer's direction.

The blond turned again and saw Squall staring with an intense gaze.

"I want to know... if you think of me."

Seifer stared at Squall's naked form and couldn't help but feel something stirring within him. However, he kept silent. The words seemed to be too dangerous at the moment.

"Did you think about what you did?" Squall continued. "Do you remember it sometimes?"

"Squall, stop," Seifer pleaded. "What do you want to me do? Do you want me to feel sorry? Yes, I feel sorry, I told you I regretted it."

"That's not what I'm asking," Squall stepped closer and stopped right in front of Seifer. "I'm asking if you get off on it."

The blond's eyes widened in surprise. He wasn't expecting this turn of events.

Squall watched the confusion dance on the blond's expression and saw he was troubled, even so, he continued, "Do it to me again."

Seifer stepped back and eyed Squall in disapproval. "Have you gone out of your mind? Do you have any idea of what you're asking of me?"

"I..." Squall trailed off and averted his gaze. "I can't forget it... I need it."

"What?!" Seifer asked angrily. "You want me to fuck you? You want me to fuck you this badly?!"

"Yes, I do," Squall confessed, slightly ashamed. "I want you to fuck me like you did before."

"You mean you want me to rape you again?" Seifer laughed out loud, a nervous laugh. "Do you know how fucked up it is to ask me to rape you again?" He stared seriously at Squall, "I'm not going to do this."


"This is sick, Squall. I made a mistake once. I don't want to do it. I don't want a bad idea to get the best of me again."

"You don't understand... If you don't do this, I won't be able to get over it. I will keep going back to this point. I won't be able to start over."

"This is a bad idea..." Seifer trailed off.

"You owe me that much," Squall pleaded.

Seifer took a deep breath and averted his gaze for a while, staring at the empty air, "No... You can't ask me that..." he said weakly.

Squall stepped even closer and made the other man stare at him again. "Seifer... do it."

The blond felt Squall was too dangerously close; he could look directly into the blue eyes with their faces almost touching. He felt his heartbeats racing and his body shaking with a barely controlled emotion. Seifer put his hands over the brunet's shoulders and felt the cold skin under his touch. He squeezed the flesh under his grip tightly, digging his fingers into it. As he kept staring at Squall's eyes, he felt he couldn't breathe; the emotions too much to bear. Suddenly he pushed the brunet away, making Squall almost stumble at the abrupt movement.

"I can't do this," Seifer averted his gaze once more.

"Don't you wanna do this?" Squall grabbed him by the collar and pulled hard until Seifer had to turn again to look at him. "You could do this before, why not now?"

"You don't understand, I don't want to hurt you..." Seifer struggled to get free from the brunet's hold, but Squall only tightened it as he pushed the blond against the wall, locking him in place with his body, offering him no escape from the situation.

"You already did... Fix it now,"

"By fucking you again?!" Seifer yelled in anger, hoping the brunet would come to his senses, but instead, he felt Squall's naked body pressing against his even harder and his own body responded to it. He tried to still his breathing as his body's temperature rose, despite the coldness of the bathroom.

The blond's green eyes seemed to burn in intensity and Squall averted his gaze for a while, looking down, even so, he kept his hold on Seifer's shirt. "Yes... That's what I want," he said quietly, but it was enough for the blond to hear.

Seifer grabbed Squall's jaw and made him look up again at him. He saw Squall didn't avert his gaze at the time. "Okay, I'll fuck you and we get over it, if it's what you want so much. Is it what you want?" he asked dangerously.

The brunet nodded in agreement.

The blond stared in disbelief as he suddenly saw the brunet moving away and going to the bedroom's direction, ending up lying face first on the bed.

Seifer saw that Squall's body was still wet from the previous activity, his pale skin glistening in contrast with the dark walls of the cell. His clothes had been thrown carelessly on the floor when the guards dragged him there.

The blond thought it was time to leave, but he found himself unable to turn. He kept staring at Squall's unconscious form as if it hypnotized him. Seifer walked to the brunet's direction and sat on the bed. He felt the sudden urge to touch that pale skin and he couldn't prevent his hand to touch a shoulder tentatively. Soon he felt the courage to slide his hand down the brunet's back, feeling the slender body under his touch. He hummed softly in contentment as his hand moved over the bare skin. Soon, the other hand joined the exploration, and Seifer leaned in closer to the brunet's body. He drove his fingers over arms and neck in gentle strokes at first, losing himself until he felt the brunet moving slightly below him.

"Take the belt," Squall pleaded.

Seifer stared down at the brunet in a disapproving manner. "No, Squall. Let's do it in another way."

"Please, take it."

"I don't want to repeat what I did to you."

"Just take it..."

Seifer sighed deeply and stood up from the bed; he went back to the bathroom and retrieved a belt from the floor. He walked back to the bed and straddled his body, sitting on him. Seifer gripped the belt tightly in hand and landed the first blow, hitting the brunet's shoulder.

"Harder," Squall said, knowing that Seifer could do much more than that.

"Squall..." the blond warned. He felt bad already for doing that again to him; he didn't want to hurt the brunet like he did before. He remembered that at that time, he had felt a sudden anger, as if he wanted the brunet to feel pain. The belt kept lashing over Squall's skin, hitting his shoulders and arms and back, leaving red marks where it landed.

Squall whimpered in pain, unable to hold back all the sounds he tried to keep in his throat. He was helpless with all the abuse from before, and Seifer's heavy body was keeping him in place.

The blond felt a sick satisfaction as he kept hurting the brunet, each blow of the belt fueling him with the need for the next one. He smiled in satisfaction every time he heard the slaps on the skin, and felt the brunet's body's resistance as its muscles tensed with each hit. He found himself rubbing against Squall's backside in rhythm with his movements. Seifer felt the weak struggle of the brunet's hips against his thighs, as he sat over him, the repetitive movement turning him on. The blond kept rubbing himself over Squall, then moving lower, adjusting his position so he was rubbing his covered member over the brunet's cleft. Seifer felt himself hardening against Squall's ass, and he realized he had slowed the hits of the belt in his distracted state. The blond decided that part of the game was over and threw the belt aside.

Seifer lifted himself with another idea in mind when he turned Squall, making him lie on his bruised back on the bed. He sat again above the brunet, freeing his member from his pants, guiding it to Squall's mouth. He slid the tip of his erection over the brunet's lips and saw him trying to turn his face away.

"Open your mouth," Seifer said in a husky voice. He stared at Squall's face with his green eyes turned hazy with lust and grabbed the brunet's jaw with his free hand.

Squall averted his gaze and shut his lips tightly, and then he felt a slap on his face and stared back at Seifer in defiance.

"Open it," the blond insisted and slapped him again, this time with more force, hearing the sharp sound echo in the cell.

Squall still had his lips shut and stared at the blond with an intense blue gaze.

"I can't do this," Seifer said as he stared down at Squall's face. The skin was red and bruised where his hand had landed and he felt sick for hurting Squall more.

"Yes, you can," Squall stared up at the blond, pleading him to continue replaying their past.

Seifer narrowed his eyes and took a deep breath, before clenching his hand into a fist. He stared at Squall's blue eyes and lifted his hand into the air. His fist landed heavily on Squall's beautiful face, making him turn his head with the force of the punch. The sound of the heavy blow filled Seifer's ears as he saw the brunet's mouth open and blood appear in his cut lip. He grabbed a fistful of Squall's hair and pulled it, making him tilt his head and open his mouth. Seifer lost little time until he buried himself in the wet heat. He closed his eyes slightly, feeling a wave of excitement fuel his body. His green eyes snapped open again and he stared down as he retreated his member, to bury it again in Squall's mouth afterwards. He groaned in pleasure as he thrust as deeply as he could, feeling the bruised lips around him and the velvet tongue at the underside of his member. Seifer raised his body slightly, leaning over Squall, adjusting his position so he could fit in deeply. He felt the warm throat clenching around him and he groaned deeply in pleasure again. Seifer kept thrusting inside, gripping Squall's head, making his mouth slide all over his engorged member. When he found he was getting too carried away, he stopped, taking a deep breath before retreating.

Seifer lifted himself off the bed briefly and stared at Squall's body. The pale form trembled slightly, and he had a bruised face, but the blond could also notice that, differently from what happened in the past, the brunet was aroused by what was happening.

Brushing all that was left of his self-restraints away, Seifer picked the belt previously discarded and went in Squall's direction. He grabbed the brunet's body and made him turn again, so he was lying on his belly.

"Open your legs." The blond folded the belt, so he could have a better grip of it and tested it against the palm of his other hand, creating a slapping sound.

When Squall heard that, he gripped on the sheets tightly and closed his eyes. He felt the weight of the blond coming over the mattress again. A hand gripped his hip and he felt the leather slide over his skin. Without further warning, the belt was raised and landed on his thigh heavily. Squall didn't have enough time to recover from the blow when it came again, hitting him at the underside of his knee. His body tensed as the belt kept coming down on him, it landed heavily every single time, making his pale skin turn red.

Seifer didn't hold back as he hit Squall with the belt. His own breath was ragged and he felt his own hand hurt, so tight was his grip on the leather. Even so, he did not stop. His eyes scanned the skin, searching for places that hadn't been punished. When he was having difficulty to locate the parts of skin that had not been bruised, he went back to the areas that were darker, inflicting even more pain.

Squall had tried to muffle his sounds in the past, not wanting to give the blond the satisfaction of hearing his painful cries, but at the moment, he didn't care. He whimpered and moaned in pain, feeling the tears gathering in the corner of his eyes. He couldn't help but let go of all the sound that had been buried in this throat, the blows felt even more painful than before. His legs tensed with every hit and at the same time trembled with all the pain that was inflicted. He forgot all his thoughts as his flesh burned. Everything hurt, but it hurt even more from his waist down, that was where Seifer had been concentrating his punishment.

After a while, the hits finally stopped. Squall could feel Seifer shift himself over the mattress and hear the sound of the belt being dropped to the floor. He whimpered when he felt the tip of the erection brush against his opening, quickly forcing its way inside. Squall gripped the sheets even tightly, gasping in pain as the large head spread him open. He felt as if his chest was going to explode, as his heartbeats accelerated madly with the agony he felt.

"You're still so fucking tight," Seifer fought to burry himself inside Squall, trying to force his member against the resistance of that tight heat. He slid himself halfway through and took a deep breath before retreating. Seifer tried again and succeeded in burying himself an inch more than before. He felt Squall shuddering and trembling under him, moaning softly in pain, but not trying to move away. Seifer took hold of a hip and gripped it tightly as he thrust once again, going deeply than before. He kept repeating the movement, fighting against the resistance, until he could fit all his length in.

Squall felt light-headed as Seifer thrust in. The movements were slow and deep, making the brunet feel every inch moving in and out. Then he felt a hand move around his neck, gripping it tightly as Seifer kept fucking him. Squall felt it difficult to breathe as the fingers tightened around his neck. Then he felt the other hand grip him by the other side, so the fingers were warped all around his neck. He felt them press tentatively and then Seifer retreating his member. The hands' grip tightened and the blond thrust in slowly, going all the way in, closing his hands around Squall's neck some more. The brunet closed his eyes and concentrated on breathing, it was a difficult task by then, but he still could take some air into his lungs. Then Seifer started to thrust again, keeping his hands around Squall's neck, closing them around more and more, until he felt the brunet struggling. He loosened his grip slightly and let Squall take a deep breath, before he thrust in deeply again, closing his hands around the brunet's neck, until he felt Squall struggling again. As the younger man fought to get air into his lungs, Seifer felt him grip his cock tightly and groaned in satisfaction. He kept loosening and tightening his grip on Squall's neck in sync with his thrusts, until he locked the hands tightly and kept them in place, just enough for the brunet not to suffocate.

Squall felt his throat burning with the effort he made to get some air into his lungs. He also felt the muscles of his neck scream in agony with the tight grip. The brunet started to feel too light-headed and felt his senses numbing until something called his attention again. The grip on his neck was gone, but he didn't have enough time to breathe in relief when his body was dragged close to the wall. He was forced to stay in a kneeling position and if it wasn't for a hard body supporting him, he wouldn't be able to sustain himself. Squall was pressed tightly against the cold wall and felt the blond thrust in again, his body offering no more resistance.

At that time, Seifer was thrusting with all he could, desperate to find release. He pressed himself tightly against Squall, almost crushing the brunet's body with his weight. His hands gripped the brunet's arms tightly, keeping him in place as he drove his cock viciously inside him. He felt Squall's body shudder slightly against him and he thought that all he wanted at that moment was being like that, burying himself hard and fast into him. He kept thrusting and thrusting, losing his mind and his soul in that heat, until he groaned loudly, filling Squall's insides with his seed. Seifer's orgasm had hit him so hard he felt his vision blur for a while and he still shuddered with the intensity of it.

The blond's breathing was ragged and he felt disoriented for a while, until he finally moved away from Squall. When he opened his eyes again and stared ahead, he felt the reality hit him hard as he came to his senses.

Squall's exposed body was all bruised with purple marks and red lines that gave away the shape of the belt. His skin had been cut in some places with the intensity of the blows, making it bleed. All his back was covered in those bruises and it made the blond's breath hitch in guilty. But the worst sight was when Seifer stared at the lower parts of Squall's body. His thighs had received the harder blows, along with the bottom of his ass, but the entire legs were severely bruised. And then he caught sight of the blood sliding down the brunet's thighs, coming from inside, mixed with semen.

Seifer felt the sudden urge to vomit as he felt bile rising up his throat. He felt light-headed at the sight. Somehow, it seemed worse than the first time he abused Squall. And that had made him leave the brunet's cell as fast as he could when he realized what he had done. He had never thought he would be able to do that again, that first experience leaving him guilty enough for a long time. Seifer felt so ashamed of himself that he thought of leaving the room, but he still urged himself to stay. He knew he couldn't leave the younger man like that.

"Squall..." he whispered softly, grabbing the brunet's arm as gently as he could. He was surprised Squall had been able to remain in that kneeling position, but then realized the brunet was supporting himself against the wall. Seifer turned Squall's face to see if he was still conscious and saw his skin was wet with tears.

"Thank you..." Squall managed to whisper, before he collapsed in Seifer's arms.

"Squall!" the blond called the brunet's attention and shook him slightly, trying to wake him once again. He realized Squall was shuddering slightly, holding onto a thin line of consciousness.

Seifer left Squall for a moment in the bed and stood up to rummage into the room, until he found an X-Potion. He sat back on the bed and cradled Squall's body on his lap. Seifer pushed the brunet's head back slightly and made him open his lips, just enough for him to pour the liquid into his mouth. He saw some of the liquid slipping out, before Squall started to swallow slowly.

"That's it..." Seifer said in a soothing voice, as if talking to a child. He waited until all the liquid had been swallowed and put the vial aside. Seifer was relieved when he realized the bleeding had stopped and carried Squall back to the bathroom. He supported the brunet's body with one arm, as he turned on the shower with his free hand. Seifer felt water falling over them and he didn't care if his clothes got wet in the process. He waited until the water cleaned what it could as it slid over Squall's body and then he moved his hand gently over the abused skin, scrubbing all the blood and semen off of it. He was a little surprised to find traces of Squall's semen on his stomach. It was beyond his comprehension how someone could find the slightest pleasure in being abused like that, but he didn't want to think about it, he didn't want to judge that at the time.

When Seifer finished, he turned off the shower and carried Squall back to the room. He stopped suddenly in his tracks when he saw the situation of the bed. Seifer put the brunet gently on an armchair and took off the blood-stained sheet from the mattress. He dropped it aside, taking a mental note to throw it away later. Then he opened the closet and searched for a spare sheet, covering the mattress again. Seifer went back to the armchair and picked Squall, carrying him to the bed and laying him gently on the clean sheets. Then he went back to the closet and picked a blanket, covering the brunet's body with it. He took some time to adjust Squall's position on the bed, so he could lie as comfortably as possible. Seifer inspected the brunet's face and it seemed to be better. The cut on his lips and the dark marks of the blond's fist were gone with the work of the X-Potion. Squall was then sleeping, a serene expression on his face.

Then Seifer stripped and went back to the bathroom, finishing his own bath. He went back some minutes later, wrapped in a shower robe. The blond sat on the armchair and stared at Squall. The brunet seemed to be sleeping peacefully, as if nothing had happened before. Seifer studied Squall's features and let out a sigh. Somehow, he felt he couldn't take his eyes off of him.


Neither of them talked about what had happened the previous night. They only exchanged a few necessary words and made arrangements to go back. That mission was practically finished. They had all the information they needed and there were other SeeDs already hunting down what was left of the organization.

They went to the car around noon and took the road back. Seifer didn't say anything, but he was surprised at how Squall had recovered. His face didn't show any more bruises and there were just some minor injuries over his body. Of course, all the healing magic and items had helped a great deal, but even so, Squall looked as if nothing had happened and acted as if nothing had happened.

"I've been wondering..." Seifer said after some hours of silence on the road. He stared as the lazy sunrays of the ending afternoon created an orange glow over the horizon. "Why Sunshine? Why did they name their organization Sunshine?"

Squall stared at the blond briefly and turned to look back at the road. "I don't know," he said softly. "Maybe there are some things we will never know."

"Yeah..." Seifer eyed Squall. There were some things he was trying to comprehend, his conflicting feelings. "Maybe there are some things we will never know..." he repeated what the brunet had said and stared again at the horizon, feeling a soft breeze make its way through the window, caressing his skin. He watched the sun move slowly down in the sky, seeming to be larger as its rays spread over the horizon, creating a reddish glow over the mountains. "I've been thinking..."

Squall stared at the blond beside him and waited for him to continue.

"Maybe I was lying about that thing of not being gay."

The brunet arched an eyebrow in surprise, not expecting the topic to be brought.

Seifer turned his head and stared at Squall.

They kept staring at each other for some time, locking their gazes intensely in one of those moments only they shared. Time stopped for a moment. Green meeting blue in a silent understanding. Then time started to run again when they turned their gazes back to stare at the road ahead, heading in the direction of the sunset.






A/N: So this is the end. What happens beyond that is left for your imagination. I don't know if they would take different paths or maybe try something together. I just couldn't make them have a happily ever after ending after all that happened. What I really wanted in this fic was write about a trauma from sexual abuse, but instead of making Squall run away from Seifer, I wanted him to go after him. I heard that some people that experience this kind of trauma sometimes have flashbacks of what happened and somehow try to live the experience again in some way. They can become the future aggressors, but in Squall's case, he wants it to happen again. I didn't want the sex scene to be all in flashbacks, I wanted them to do what happened in the past in their present. One thing that my beta pointed out when he first read this story was the memory loss caused by GFs. Somehow I couldn't find a good point in the story to explain this, so I'll do it in this note in case some of you wondered about it. It's been a while since I played the game, but I believe that with the constant use of GFs the memories will eventually be forgotten. What happened in this story is that the events didn't happen so long before, so Squall still remembered. I think that if he kept making use of GFs, he would start to forget in some years.

There is a little epilogue after this note, telling what happened to Maxi and Motochika.

I used to be more in touch with this fandom some years ago, but now I confess I don't read nearly as much fics as I used to. I was thinking about writing a longer multi-chapter SxS story, a medieval universe with battlefields and some elements of fantasy, but I'm not sure if I'm going to do it. It's not as if I will never write for FF8 again, there are some ideas I can only write for this pairing, but I'm not much excited to post another story for this fandom in a very short time. 

Special thanks to my beta-reader Nightlore for helping me with my text, correcting my mistakes, explaining me things and being there for me when I needed. 

I need to thank Flora_Winters for being one of the few readers telling me to keep going, you're one of the reasons that kept me posting this story until the end :)



Maxi walked through the port and saw a man dressed in leather.

The black and white hair moved with the wind as he played a slow song on the shamisen, staring at the horizon ahead.

"So you thought of coming here too?" Maxi asked, letting his presence be known.

Motochika kept playing as he turned to the dark-haired man, smirking in amusement. "Don't tell me you are surprised."

Maxi chuckled and stared at the sight ahead. The sky was clear, without any clouds. Just some seagulls disturbed the blue with their flying bodies. The sea was waving gently, dancing around the ships that swam over the deep blue waters. "I figured you had nothing better to do at this hour."

"What? You're saying I have nothing to occupy my life with?" Motochika asked with a fake tone of annoyance.

"Now that you're unemployed, I figured you had nothing to do."

"And you're unemployed too," Motochika smiled, not seeming to be bothered by his current status.

Maxi laughed in amusement and took some steps closer to the taller man. "I guess I am."

"You don't seem to be bothered by it."

"And you don't seem too," Maxi grinned and stared back at the sea. "You know what I am thinking?"

"How should I know? I can't read minds..." He inspected the other man's feature and smiled. "Do you want to make me curious?"

"Maybe I do," Maxi turned to face Motochika and smiled back. "But I'm gonna tell you."

"I knew you couldn't keep a secret for long."

"Hey, it's not a secret," his smile widened as he let his idea play in his head. "Do you know what we should do?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, but I'm taken." Motochika smiled playfully.

"It's not that!" Maxi yelled in good humor. "I was thinking about another thing. See those ships over there?"


"We should do it. Buy a ship and start a business."

"Are you really serious?" Motochika inspected Maxi's expression.

"Maybe I am." Maxi took some steps away and swinged his nunchaku in the air, practicing some movements.

Motochika smiled playfully and let the idea play in his head. "Maybe I like your idea."

"You like it, don't you?" Maxi arched a dark eyebrow and smiled back.

"Yeah..." Motochika stared at the vast waters ahead in longing. "Maybe I do."

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