Ukiyoe Painting

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Stepping up to the door Zack shifted the medium size box under his arm before lifting his free hand to knock. There was the sound of footsteps nearing followed by a voice saying "one moment." The footsteps came to a stop and the door was slid open revealing a small blond with bright blue eyes. Zack couldn't help but to allow a smile to appear on his face at the sight of the other. All it took was one look from his friend and he was full of smiles, whether he wanted to or not.

"Hey," Cloud spoke with a smile of his own as he opened the door more. "I thought I wouldn't see you at all today, didn't you say Angeal wanted you to go with him on some errand?"

"Yeah but Kunsel went along so I asked if I could stay behind," Zack explained, "you're moving tomorrow so...I wanted to see you."

Dropping his gaze downwards briefly Cloud felt a small blush come to his cheeks before stepping aside and motioning for the other to come inside.

"Looks as if you guys pretty much have everything packed," Zack added once he looked the place over and noticed the bare look. It was a bit strange to see the home in such a state however. He had been to this home so many times, it was like his second home in fact, so to see it basically empty tugged at his heart in a way he couldn't really explain.

"Yeah," Cloud replied while sliding the front door closed. "My mom went to the market to get some more things to pack up the remainder. And my dad is at the castle already, he won't be back until tomorrow for the move."

Nodding Zack shifted the box he was holding once more and it was then that Cloud really noticed that he was even holding something.

"What's that?" Cloud asked while starting to walk towards his room with Zack right behind him.

"Oh this," Zack started, "I uh, just thought I could help you pack some of your last things."

Giving his friend an odd look Cloud laughed a bit. "My room is basically done, remember you helped me?"

"That's right," Zack said with a grin while setting the box down on the floor in Cloud's room. Boxes filled the room and a few scattered sketches littered the floor. There was a blanket spread out on the floor and Cloud took a seat on it before Zack did the same.

Pushing the box over to Cloud he leaned back and smiled as he watched the blond's confused expression.

"Just open it," Zack said, not offering any more of an explanation.

Giving Zack one last questioning look Cloud started to pull the red ribbon that was secured around the box. He heard a tiny almost inaudible sound come from within the box and he stopped his movements momentarily.

Zack let out a chuckle before shushing whatever it was in the box.

It was at that moment when a tiny white paw poked out from one of the little holes in the box.

Cloud let out a shocked gasp before he was quickly undoing the ribbon and carefully taking the lid off of the box. And there looking up at him with wide eyes was an orange and white kitten, meowing and glancing around at it's surroundings.

"Zack," Cloud started with a smile while reaching in and pulling out the small, soft kitten. It nibbled on his fingers for a moment before craning its neck and trying to bite at a stray blond lock.

"Cute huh?" Zack asked while reaching out to pet the kitten on the head.

"He's too cute," Cloud said with a small laugh while pulling the kitten away from his hair.

"She," Zack corrected, "I thought you would like her."

"I love her," Cloud replied while looking back up to the other, "thank you."

Nodding Zack smiled, "this way you'll always have some company in the castle. You know...when im not around."

Cloud's smile fell for a moment, but then a bit of a sad way. He hugged the kitten close to him for a second before setting her down on the floor where she quickly began to explore the room on slightly wobbly legs. Both Zack and Cloud laughed as they watched her prance around, biting and nibbling on objects and rolling about the floor. It seemed as if she was having a great time.

"She'll definitely keep me company," Cloud said with a laugh.

"I'm glad," Zack replied, his heart seeming to skip a beat just from the sound of Cloud's genuine laughter. Ever since he had learned that his family was moving into the Castle Cloud had been more than a little down. And while he still laughed and smiled, it always had an underlying of sadness. And Zack didn't like it, he always wanted his friend to be happy and if there was something he could do to make that happen then by all means he was going to.

"But," Cloud started softly while letting his eyes travel from the kitten to Zack, "don't think that this means that I still don't expect you to visit."

"Are you kidding?" Zack asked with a raised eyebrow, "Cloud I told you, you couldn't get rid of me even if you tried. I'll visit you every chance I get...I promise."

And then, without warning or any hesitation at all, Cloud leaned forward and placed a kiss against Zack's cheek. It wasn't for long, just a quick peck. It was something innocent and nothing more than a love for a friend being being displayed. But to Zack...that kiss, was everything. That kiss just reaffirmed his feelings for his friend. It was with that that the Samurai knew Cloud had his heart and forever would. Nobody else would do, only Cloud. He wanted him and only him. And the thought of that never happening, the thought of Cloud being in someone else's was unbearable. He couldn't let that happen...he had to tell Cloud how he felt.

"She's so hyper," Cloud said, already focusing his attention back on the kitten and watching her run around the room.

"She is," Zack said, although his mind was racing from that small kiss still. "What are you going to name her?"

There was a silence that fell over the room for a bit before Cloud was speaking up.

"Tama," he said while tapping the floor trying to grab the kittens attention.

"Tama...I like it," Zack said while lying back on the blanket and looking towards Tama who now was chasing a piece of string that Cloud had found. He watched the playful site before him with a smile. More than a few times he thought that it would be the perfect time to tell Cloud how he felt about him. But with the way the evening was going, and the good feeling in the air, he couldn't ruin that. No, not now. Not when his best friend was moving away the next day. He wouldn't put any further stress on Cloud. He just wanted him to be happy, and for the moment he was...and that was most important.

Giving a bit of a stretch Zack sighed as he stood outside the tea house waiting for his friends to exit as well. He, Kunsel and Reno had gone out for a few drinks, and while he didn't particularly feel up to going his friends had talked him into it. Kunsel saying that he needed to get his mind off things. By this point the whole castle knew of Cloud's disappearance and his friends were afraid that Zack wouldn't deal well with it. Although they didn't know that Zack was very much aware of Cloud's whereabouts. He was safe, still staying at Angeal's. Away from harm, away from his father and the Shogun. And while it wasn't a permanent solution it was still far better than sending him back home. And until the Samurai perfected his plan on getting Cloud away from the castle it would have to do.

He still went through his daily routine but more times than not he went back to Angeal's instead of going home. It wasn't anything to draw suspicion however, Angeal was his mentor and with things being so busy it only made sense for him to stay nearby in the castle. Even if the reality was that he stayed there to be near Cloud, there was no way that he would chance being away from his boyfriend again. No, not at all. If anything or anyone even dared to hurt him Zack was going to make sure that he was there.

The sound of something hitting the ground caught Zack's attention and he glanced over to see what it was. He saw a woman kneeling down and picking up some items that had fallen out of her shopping bag. It was dark out by this point but he still could make out the small frame, and catch a hint of her light hair that was illuminated by the moonlight.

Slowly approaching the woman so as not to alarm her he knelt down beside her.

"Let me help you," he spoke gently while reaching out and picking up the items.

"Oh," she started softly while picking up the bag and stuffing the various items inside, "thank you."

She hadn't glanced up to meet his gaze, but now that he was closer he definitely could tell who it was.

"Auntie," he said while ceasing his movement for a moment. The woman glanced up finally, letting tired blue eyes fall onto the man before her.

"Zack?" She said in slight shock before a small smile tugged at the corners of her lips, "I'm so sorry sweetie, I didn't realize it was you."

"It's alright," Zack said with a smile while continuing to help pick up the last few things. He took the bag into his arms before extending his hand to help her up. "What are you doing out so late?"

"Oh," Natsumi began while dusting off her kimono slightly, "I needed to get a few things for dinner tonight. I guess time just got away from me."

Give a small nod Zack narrowed his eyes briefly. There was something different about this woman. She was always so cheerful, full of smiles and bright eyes. Laughing and chatting away. And now...the look in her eyes was dull, and while she did have a smile on her face it was a bit forced and sad,easily able to tell that it wasn't genuine. The cheerful aura that usually radiated off of her was altogether gone. And while he may have wondered what was wrong in any other case, he clearly knew the reason now. Cloud. She didn't know where he was, or what happened. It had been a few weeks since he had disappeared and Zack could only imagine what kind of torment that must've been for a mother. Seeing her this way now, he wished that he could tell her that Cloud was alright. That he knew where he was, that he was safe. But...he couldn't. Cloud's safety meant the most to him and if that meant that he had to keep the truth away from even Natsumi then he would. Even if it did pain him to do so.

"Well let me walk you back home," Zack said just as Reno and Kunsel had stepped out of the tea house, apparently finishing off their last round of drinks.

"Oh I'll be fine sweetie, you stay with your friends," Natsumi explained while reaching for her bag only to have Zack pull it away.

"I insist Auntie," Zack replied while glancing towards the two, "I'll catch you two tomorrow."

Not even bothering to question Zack and seeming to quickly understand, both Reno and Kunsel nodded before waving and saying their byes to both he and Natsumi.

Giving a brief laugh Natsumi lifted a delicate hand and brushed some stray strands of blond hair away from her face, tucking it behind her ear.

"I shouldn't have expected anything less from you," Natsumi spoke while reaching out and giving Zack's arm a brief squeeze. "How have you been sweetie? I miss not seeing you as often as I used to."

"I've been alright," Zack replied, even if there was only half truth in that statement. "How about you?" He asked hesitantly as they began to walk through the quiet streets of the town.

"As good as anyone could be in my situation I guess," she spoke softly before letting out a sigh, "although Saito tells me not to worry...I don't see how I couldn't."

'Saito tells me not to worry.' Zack couldn't help but to frown inwardly at that. Why was Saito so calm about Cloud's disappearance? After all he wasn't aware of his whereabouts and was just as much in the dark as Natsumi. Was he only trying to appear as if everything was okay so as to calm Natsumi's worries? Or did he...just not care?

Zack had to admit that the idea had crossed his mind a few times. Especially since learning that Saito was the one who had agreed to let the Shogun be with Cloud. Whether he had made that decision to secure his position on the council or not it hardly mattered. There was no reason that Zack could find in his mind that would make that okay for a father to do to their own son. It was just completely and utterly...despicable.

"But I know that the Shogun has put the castle on high alert and that they are searching for Cloud, so I guess Saito is right," Natsumi continued to explain.

"He'll be okay Auntie," Zack assured her.

'I don't know if that means you'll be able to see him again...but I do promise you that he will be safe.'

Looking out of the window to the courtyard below Cloud spotted a few Samurai chatting amongst themselves. He thought that maybe Zack was there but he didn't catch sight of the spiky dark hair of the man. Frowning slightly he shifted his gaze to the sky, it was a pretty clear night and he didn't see many if any stars at all. However the moon was full and bright. It seemed to be a nice night out, just a little cool breeze wafted in through the window and he wished he were out there rather than inside. But he knew he couldn't do that.

Angeal had been gone all day and only came back once to bring dinner and then he was heading out again. Cloud didn't ask him where he was going, being the head of the Samurai meant Angeal was a busy man. He felt a little bad about "cramping his space" at the beginning but it seemed as if Angeal was never really home anyways except at night to sleep.

The sound of scratching at the front door caught Cloud's attention and he looked towards the entrance.

"Mizu," he called, gaining a reply of a quiet meow. He smiled a bit to himself before hopping off the windowsill to search for the cat. It was actually a surprise to him when he discovered that Angeal owned a pet. He had never seen the cat before in the previous times he had been there, but Angeal had explained to him that Mizu usually hid out in his room and wasn't very comfortable around strangers and tended to shy away. But seeing as how he and Zack had to be away so much Angeal thought it would be a good idea to bring the cat around Cloud more often. And it was sort of nice to the blond actually, Mizu reminded him of Tama at times and it reminded him of home. Even if home didn't sound too appealing now, it was a strange type of comfort.

The little meow continued as did the scratching and Cloud called out to the cat a few times. He had just gotten to the front of the hall that lead down to the entrance when he saw the gray and white cat pushing its way through the slightly open door.

"Mizu!" Cloud cried while rushing over to the door trying to grab hold of the cat before it slipped all the way through the door. But he wasn't fast enough and Mizu had wiggled his way out of the small opening in the door.

'Why is the door open? Angeal must've not have closed it all the way when he left out again.'

Peeking through the slightly open door Cloud looked to his left and to his right. About three feet away Mizu was casually walking further into the corridor.

"Mizu," Cloud said softly while tapping the floor gently with his fingers. "Come here kitty, come back."

He received a flick of the cats tail before it turned and glanced back at him boredly and then he continued trotting down the hall.

"Mizu!" Cloud said a bit more loudly while pulling open the door a little wider. He could just run out really quickly and grab the cat right? He hadn't stepped foot out of Angeal's home ever since that night he had came there. And he knew that security was high around the castle now and he couldn't chance the risk of being seen. But he couldn't lose Angeal's cat!

"Mizu," he tried once more. The cat was now at the end of the short corridor and had laid down near the wall at the end.

Glancing down the hall and seeing that it seemed quiet and clear Cloud quickly but quietly made his way down the hall. Once he reached the end he reached down to pick up Mizu who gave a soft meow and gently batted at his hand with a paw.

"Shh," Cloud started while holding the cat in his arms and preparing to rush back inside the home. But Mizu wiggled out of his arms and started trotting back down the hall.

Cloud wanted to shout after the cat but he knew that would only scare him, so he quickly followed after the animal, but came to an abrupt stop when someone rounded the corner. Blue eyes widened and he sucked in a breath before taking a hesitant step back.

The man stopped once the cat reached him, stopping at his feet and circling around his leg while giving another meow. He reached down to pick up the cat and pet it gently behind its ears before shifting his gaze to the blonde.

"Forgive me," Cloud said after letting out his breath and giving a bow, "I'm in a rush, if you could just give him back to me please."

"Chamberlain Saito's son," the man said while narrowing jade eyes, "I didn't expect to see you here."

'So he does remember me,' Cloud though to himself before silently cursing. The man knew he was Saito's son, he knew that they were looking for him...and now he had found him. What was he going to do?

Without thinking Cloud quickly turned around and ran down the hall back to Angeal's. Once he stepped inside he slid the door closed before running his hands through his hair.

'What am I going to do, what am I going to do?'

He wasn't going to go back home! He wasn't, he couldn't! How did he get himself into this mess?

There was a gentle knock on the door and Cloud jumped, although he really shouldn't have been surprised. He had just ran away from General Sephiroth after all. He didn't answer and simply just stared at the door, as if that would somehow magically make the man disappear, make him forget that he hadn't just seen the blond dash inside moments ago.

After a brief silence and still no answer Sephiroth slid open the door himself with his free hand, still holding the cat in the other.

"You forgot Mizu," the man explained calmly while setting the cat on the floor and

shutting the door behind him.

"Oh I...well thank you for returning him," Cloud said softly while keeping his gaze downwards.

"Hmm. That cat always was one to run off," Sephiroth began while crossing his arms over his chest. "Where is Angeal?"

"Out," Cloud replied quickly before shaking his hear, "where exactly I'm not sure though."

Not saying anything Sephiroth took a few more steps into the home, causing Cloud to step aside and watch the other with hesitant and unsure eyes.

"You've been staying here?" The General asked while entering the living room.

Cloud was silent for a moment as he carefully walked into the living room, stopping as soon as he stepped foot into it.

"Yes," he finally replied before twining his fingers together nervously.

Sephiroth gave a bit of a hmm before making his way over to the window and peering out of it. The gentle night breeze wafted in through the partially open window causing a few long strands of silver hair to move delicately. It was something that probably wouldn't have been attention grasping, but for some reason just that simple movement had Cloud transfixed.

"The whole castle has been alerted of your disappearance," the man explained, "if anyone was to come across you they are to see you escorted safely back home. That is the wish of the Shogun."

"Please!" Cloud quickly blurted with a bow,quickly snapping out of his brief trance. "Don't tell anyone you saw me here."

Turning to look back at the blond Cloud dropped his gaze. Narrowing his eyes at the boy Sephiroth tilted his head slightly.

"Why would Angeal allow you to stay here?"

"That's..." Cloud began softly. 'Such a long story.'

When Cloud didn't continue on Sephiroth took a step away from the window causing Cloud to look back at him with uncertainty. What was Sephiroth thinking? Was he going to return him back to his home? In all honesty he wasn't sure what this man would do, he didn't know him personally and had only met him once before. And even then their meeting was brief.

"You're not Samurai," Sephiroth began while looking down at the boy who appeared to be scared and a bit nervous.

"No," Cloud quickly replied with a shake of his head. "I'm just...a student."

"How are you acquainted with Angeal then?" Sephiroth asked, "a council members child shouldn't be in close proximity such as this with a Samurai."

"Yes I know," Cloud said while dropping his gaze once more. "But I..."

A slender finger was placed under the blond's chin tipping it upward and causing his eyes to widen more.

"Are you his lover?" The man asked, jade eyes peering directly into blue.

"No," Cloud spoke quickly.

"Hmm," Sephiroth mused, keeping his eyes on the younger one for a bit longer before pulling his hand away. "You're either lying to me or keeping something from me."

"Forgive me," Cloud said softly with another bow, "I don't mean to be difficult and I mean no disrespect. I just...I need to be here at Angeal's, and nobody can know."

"Do you realize the position you are putting Hewley in?" The General asked while crossing his arms over his chest.

"Well, I don't mean to inconvenience him but I-"

"Not that," Sephiroth began, "you being here while I'm sure may cramp his style in some regards isn't what I'm getting at. If someone else were to find you and it became evident that Angeal knew of your whereabouts all along and didn't report it or see you back home, that would only cause problems for him. Far worse than you could probably even imagine."

A guilty look appeared on the boys face and he looked away before clasping his fingers together uneasily.

"Did you not think of that?" Sephiroth asked, "While I'm not sure of the reason for you being here I do believe you that need to be grateful that Angeal is taking such a risk to provide some sort of security for you."

"I am!" Cloud cried while looking back up at the intimidating man before him, "I am very grateful to him."

"Then perhaps you should act like it and not be so careless," Sephiroth continued.

"I do act-"

"Running down the corridors chasing after cats when security is at it's highest elevation is a foolish thing to do. If you really are grateful, and do wish to remain here and make sure that Angeal doesn't come into trouble, I suggest you exercise a bit more wisdom."

Cloud felt as if he was the smallest thing in the room, or on the planet for that matter. The General was right, absolutely right. He had problems going on that was for sure, but it didn't give him the right to endanger others. Staying at Angeal's was a risk, and yet Angeal allowed it without even so much as a second thought. All the Samurai knew was that Cloud was in trouble, and he was Zack's boyfriend. And anyone who was important to Zack seemed to become important to Angeal by default. Cloud couldn't repay Angeal's kindness by getting caught because of something stupid that he did on his own. He would never forgive himself if that were to happen.

"I was careless," Cloud said softly, "I promise I won't do something like that again."

Sephiroth made a bit of a hmm sound before taking a few steps away once his eyes landed on an album of some sorts that was resting on the table in the living room.

"That cat is a bit odd at times," the General started while picking up the book, "always running out at any chance it gets. However he always makes his way back home."

'Wish I had known that earlier,' Cloud thought to himself before shyly letting his eyes follow after the tall man. A moment of surprise washed over him as he realized that Sephiroth had spotted his sketch book and was now browsing through it. For a moment he had the urge to run over and snatch it out of the man's hands. Contrary to what others may have thought Cloud honestly sketched for himself. He hadn't really sketched or painted anything that he felt proud enough to try to show off. It was just that he was always spotted with a sketchbook and pen in hand that made people want to see, and over time he had sort of just gotten used to people looking through his work.

"Yours I assume," Sephiroth spoke while never taking his eyes off the pages.

"Yes," Cloud replied while remaining in his spot and looking at the General questioningly.

"You're talented," was all that the other said before shutting the book and placing it back on the table.

"Thank you," Cloud said, though he wasn't as elated as he may have been before with hearing a comment like that. He hadn't sketched anything new in a long time actually and only had the book out to look through it and sort of reminisce he guessed. And there was just something about hearing a compliment now that was a bit unsettling, after all the last time he had heard those words they fell from the Shogun's mouth.

"Now that I think about it, I do recall the Shogun mentioning that Chamberlain Saito's son was a great artist," Sephiroth said while taking a seat at the table.

Cloud's stomach lurched at those words. Why on earth did the Shogun have to talk about him to other people? Why was he still on the forefront of that man's mind?

Noticing that the General had now taken a seat Cloud started to make his way into the kitchen before calling back over his shoulder. "Would you like some tea?"

"Please," the General replied, not letting Cloud's body language go unnoticed. Though it was subtle and probably wouldn't have been noticeable to someone else, Sephiroth noticed the slight jolt at the mention of the Shogun's name. His gaze wavered after he had spoken those words and he quickly exited into the kitchen.

Knitting silver eyebrows together Sephiroth kept his gaze focused in the direction of the kitchen where he heard random items tinkling and clanging about. He had sort of drawn some conclusions when it came to the small blond from their encounters. Being the son of a Council member he was obviously more than respectful when it came to his superiors, even if he appeared awkward or nervous at moments. He was a bit shy, and the way he didn't hold his gaze for long periods of time only confirmed this. A sign of insecurity? Possibly. However he was a sweet kid from what the General could see. He was what some may call "delicate." His eyes told all of his emotions, and yet held a distinct pureness. In a way, he was a breath of fresh air...

A few minutes later Cloud came out carrying a tray with a teapot and cups atop of it. Setting it down on the table gently he placed the small cups before them before filling them with hot green tea.

"Will you stay until Angeal arrives back?" Cloud couldn't help but to ask as he set the teapot down.

"I plan to," Sephiroth replied before letting cat like green eyes look into blue. "Does that bother you?"

"Not at all," Cloud replied quickly with a shake of his head as he watched the man sip his tea.

'Zack should've been here by now. What's taking him so long? And what will happen when he does come here and the General see's?'

"How long do you plan to stay here?" Sephiroth asked while setting down his tea cup.

"I'm not sure about that yet," Cloud replied honestly while carefully picking up his cup. Looking back to the General he wondered what the other was thinking, the man held an emotionless expression on his face and simply just replied with a "hmm." He probably thought that Cloud was nothing more than a hindrance to Angeal and wanted him to leave as soon as possible.

"How about you?" Cloud asked curiously. When he was met with silence and one thin elegant silver eyebrow raised just slightly Cloud shook his head. "I mean from Edo...are you leaving again? Or are you here to stay?"

"I never left Edo with the intent of staying away," the General explained.

"So then...where were you all this time?" Cloud asked, his curiosity getting the best of him.

Picking up his cup of tea, a faint smirk crossed the General's features. "You're quite the curious one."

"Forgive me," Cloud instantly replied while inwardly scolding himself. "I didn't mean to pry."

"Don't worry yourself about it," Sephiroth spoke, all traces of his smirk faded away by now.

Cloud nodded as he watched the man across from him. He found himself staring at his long silvery hair again, there was just something about it that fascinated him. It appeared to almost glow laying against his black kimono, the strands a stark contrast against the dark material. His pale skin almost gave off the same effect. Cloud always thought he himself was pale, especially when next to Zack. His skin always had a natural golden hue to it, but Cloud's never. And for that reason when he blushed it was always very noticeable. But now with looking at Sephiroth, he thought otherwise. The General's skin was like porcelain, and those jade eyes of his stood out immensely. Not only because of their striking color but because of the dark lashes that framed them. There was no denying that the man was beautiful, Cloud thought perhaps it was the artistic side of him that made him more aware of it.

And while the man was beautiful it definitely didn't mean he wasn't intimidating. His presence alone exuded confidence and strength, whether when he was standing his full height or sitting down at a table like he was now. Cloud knew that inside the other was a sheer strength that he couldn't even possibly imagine. There was a reason why this man was the General and was a living legend.

The sound of the front door sliding open caught their attention and they both looked over to the threshold to see Angeal step in as he made his way down the hall into the living room.

"Sephiroth," he began while looking over to Cloud questioningly.

"Welcome back," the General spoke while rising from his seat.

Cloud rose as well, not really sure why but feeling that he should in the presence of the General and his second.

"Is it only you two here?" Angeal asked while keeping his gaze on Cloud. He understood that Angeal was really questioning if Zack was there or not.

"Yes," Cloud replied and the Samurai gave a brief nod before looking back to the General.

"Let's talk," Angeal said while patting Sephiroth on the back a few times. "We can go in the den. You'll excuse us won't you Cloud?"

"Of course," Cloud said with a nod, all the while slightly panicking about what they would talk about. Was Angeal going to tell him the true reason for him being there? He didn't want anyone else knowing his deep, dark, shameful secret.

Authors Notes: I so fail at the massively long break for updating! I'm so sorry everyone! And I know this chapter was much much shorter than usual, but I wanted to post it just to show you guys that I haven't abandoned nor forgotten about this story! It is still very much alive and I am getting back on track with the regular updates as of now! We'll call this the tie over chapter. I needed to bring Sephiroth in and get him reaqquainted with Cloud as he is very essential to the story! I promise the next chapter will be longer. So if anyone is still reading this fic thanks so much for your patience and I hope you haven't given up on me or the story! Until next time!

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