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isn’t happening, this isn’t happening.’ At least that’s what his mind kept
chanting, but…it was happening. And
each second he felt himself become more and more repulsed, wanting nothing more
than to break away from the man that now had pulled him tightly into his arms.

            Cloud squirmed, pushing at Hojo, trying to break away as
a whimper escaped from him. This was so wrong, this wasn’t supposed to happen.
He should’ve been back home by now, not trapped here in his father’s office

            Breaking the kiss briefly Hojo leaned closer towards the
boy’s ear, speaking in just a whisper.

            “What good is it to fight Cloud?” He asked while lightly
biting at his ear, “It’ll be easier if you just submit.”

            Shaking his head Cloud still kept his eyes closed. He
couldn’t bring himself to open his eyes, to see what was actually really going
on before him. It felt like a nightmare and he was just praying to wake up.
Waiting for the relief of seeing that it wasn’t in fact a reality.

            “Please stop,” Cloud spoke up, his voice shaky and weak
as he felt the man now licking at his neck. He couldn’t help but to cringe, and
he heard the Shogun let out a bit of a chuckle. Was he enjoying this? Enjoying
Cloud’s misery?  His discomfort?

            “Now why would I want to do something like that?” Hojo
asked while capturing the blonde’s lips in another kiss. He didn’t hesitate to
swipe his tongue against the younger one’s lips, looking for entry in which
Cloud did not want to allow. But the man just continued on, forcing his way in
and allowing his tongue to run along the inside of his mouth.

            A tear leaked out of the corner of Cloud’s eye as he
seemed to lose all hope. What in the hell could he do? Nothing. That was it.
Because nobody in their right mind would defy the Shogun. Especially not just
some kid. As much as he was screaming on the inside…he couldn’t do anything but
just accept his fate…right?  It seemed
like it….

            He wasn’t sure how long it had been, although it seemed
like it had been an eternity. But finally Hojo broke the kiss, although keeping
his close proximity. Cloud didn’t dare to look up to try to meet his gaze; he
had barely even opened his eyes. He just wanted it to be done, wanted the
Shogun to leave him alone.

            “If I send for you tonight, will you join me?” Hojo asked
while grasping the blonde’s chin and tipping his head up slightly.

            Cloud’s eyes widened and he froze momentarily. Did he
really just ask him that? What would happen if he said no? But he definitely
couldn’t say yes either, he wouldn’t
say yes.

            Shaking his head he lowered his gaze not seeming to be
able to keep his eyes on the man for long. The Shogun had asked him but was it
really a choice?  Or was it a demand?

            “You shouldn’t worry Cloud,” Hojo spoke again while
letting his hand trail up the boys arm, “I won’t harm you in any way, that’s
not my intention.”

            “Your Excellency,” Cloud began quietly. He didn’t really
know what to say. There was so much running through his mind that he was having
a difficult time trying to think up a sentence. And the fact that he was
actually being confronted with this was still a bit too much for him.

            A sound at the door caused Hojo to quickly let go of the
blonde as he cast a glance over to the doorway. He stepped away putting a
little distance between them before looking back to Cloud and flashing him a

            Suddenly the door pulled open and Elena and Saito stepped
inside caught up in conversation of their own before directing their focus
towards the others.

            “Forgive me if I took too long,” Saito said to the Shogun
as he made his way back towards his desk.

            “Oh it wasn’t long at all, don’t worry,” Hojo replied
before turning his gaze back towards Cloud, “and besides Cloud is good

            The blonde had kept his head down when the two had come
in. Wiping away at his eyes for any stray tears that may have remained on his
face. He didn’t glance up when Hojo had spoken but instead turned towards his

            “I really should be getting back home now,” Cloud spoke
up, his voice sounding even a little different to him. It was strained with
nervousness he was sure, along with a whole mess of other things. He only hoped
that his father didn’t pick up on it.

            “Yes,” Saito replied with a nod as he took a seat at his
desk, “you should before your mom worries.” Looking up at his son he raised an
eyebrow at him. Cloud’s face seemed to have reddened and he continuously kept
his focus down on the ground. “What’s the matter?”

            Snapping his head upwards Cloud quickly shook his head,
“nothing,” he answered quickly. “I just…really need to get home.”

            Saito kept his gaze on him firmly for a moment before
giving a brief nod. He supposed he wasn’t really surprised by Cloud’s behavior.
He was often shy around others and Saito guessed that leaving him alone with
the Shogun had gotten him nervous.

            “I’ll try not to be home too late tonight,” Saito
continued, “tell your mom thank you for lunch.”

            “I will,” Cloud replied before bowing briefly. And then,
with much hesitance he turned to the Shogun. Even though he would’ve liked to
just bolt out of there without a single acknowledgement to him, he knew that
wasn’t possible. Especially with his father present, he would not tolerate such

            “Your Excellency,” he spoke softly before giving a bow.

            “It was nice to see you again Cloud,” Hojo replied with a
smile, “I do hope I will be seeing you very

            The comment was subtle and probably went unnoticed by
Elena and Saito but Cloud clearly
understood the underlying meaning. Turning he made his way towards the door
where Elena was still standing by. She gave him a bit of a smirk before looking
back towards the clipboard in her hand. Cloud didn’t know what it was about
her, but she rubbed him the wrong way. But he could care less about her at the
moment, he didn’t give her much of an acknowledgement as he pulled open the
heavy door and exited the room.

            He didn’t dare look back; he just continued to make his
way down the hall heading back towards his home. His heart felt like it was
beating a million times a second and he wanted nothing more than to be back at
home where he could lock himself up in his room alone and try to block out the
whole afternoon. Even though he knew…that couldn’t happen.




            “Aww come on Zack! Just a few drinks!”

            Zack laughed as he declined the offer for the fifth time.
“Sorry not tonight, you two go and have fun!”

            “But it’s not the same without you,” Kunsel added with a

            “And besides, it was your turn to buy!” Reno chimed in.

            “Oh I get it now,” Zack replied as Kunsel let out a

            “Well that doesn’t matter, I’ll pick up the tab tonight!
Just come on,” Kunsel continued as they walked closer towards the entrance of
the castle.

            “I’m going to pass,” Zack continued as Reno let out a

            “Why what are you going to do?” Reno asked curiously.

            “Well I already had plans to meet up with Cloud,” Zack
explained. And that was all that he really had to say. Both Kunsel and Reno
nodded. It wasn’t unusual; Cloud always took precedence over anything else when
it came to Zack. Reno was used to it, ever since they had been kids it was
always Zack and Cloud. And even though all of them were friends, Zack and Cloud
had their own friendship that none of the others did. That best friend thing
that seemed to be unbreakable.

            “Is that so? I feel like I barely get to see you at all
anymore,” a feminine voice broke in causing the three to turn towards the

            “Aerith,” Zack began with a grin as the girl approached

            “I heard you were back,” Aerith replied with a smile
before wrapping her arms around him once she was close enough, “how was Kyoto?”

            “It was fine, I just got back a couple days ago,” Zack
explained while returning the embrace.

            “I’m glad to hear that,” Aerith started while pulling
away and turning her focus towards Reno and Kunsel, “going out for drinks again?”

            “Of course!” Reno beamed, “and now that Zack’s officially
blown us off I don’t see any reason why we need to hang around here any
longer,” he explained while heading towards the entrance.

            “I didn’t blow you off,” Zack shot back with a laugh.

            “Whatever, just remember next time the bill is on you,
don’t try to weasel your way out of that!” Reno shouted back, not bothering to
stop his stride.

            Kunsel shook his head before waving goodbye to Zack and
Aerith and then he was catching up to Reno as they exited out of the castle.

            “Those two,” Aerith spoke up with a giggle.

            “Yeah I know, never fails right?” Zack asked jokingly
while Aerith nodded.

            “So then,” Aerith began while tilting her head slightly,
“what did you and Cloud have planned?”

            “Well nothing in particular,” Zack began with a shrug, “I
just told him I’d drop by later tonight. I’ve been here basically all day so I
thought I’d visit before I left.”

            “Oh,” Aerith replied with a nod, “mind if I tag along? My
parent’s are out for the evening and I’m pretty bored.”

            Zack paused briefly. He wasn’t really sure how Cloud felt
about Aerith right now. With him being so adamant that Aerith liked Zack, Zack
wasn’t sure if he would be upset with Aerith being around. But at the same time
they were all still friends. And surely Cloud would get past whatever worries
he was thinking. It shouldn’t be a problem…

            “Yeah, sure,” Zack replied with a grin. Aerith smiled
back at him and within a moment they began to make there way through the castle
and towards their friends quarters. They conversed casually along the way,
Aerith updating Zack on what had been going on with her while he had been away.
He told her a little bit about Kyoto and she seemed to be really interested in
it, questioning him about each and every little thing. He couldn’t help but to
smile at her enthusiasm. Aerith was just the same as always, bubbly and happy.
Zack wasn’t sure that he noticed anything different in her that would tell him
that she was interested in him. Maybe Cloud was just being paranoid. He knew
his boyfriend worried easily after all.

            Finally they arrived at Cloud’s place and Zack knocked on
the door and within a few minutes Natsumi had slid the door open.

            “Hi Auntie!” Zack began with a grin as Natsumi’s face lit

            “Hi sweetie,” Natsumi spoke while pulling the other down
to place a kiss on his cheek. She smiled at Aerith before gesturing for them to
come inside. They had just stepped in and removed their shoes before Tama ran
up to Zack’s side, her little bell tinkling along the way. He reached down to
pick her up as Natsumi began to chatter away.

            “Have you two had dinner?” She asked while stepping into
the small kitchen.

            “Oh yes I’m fine,” Aerith replied while following Natsumi
into the kitchen.

            “Me too,” Zack answered as he placed Tama back down on
the floor.

            “Are you sure Zack?” Natsumi asked while peeking her head
from out of the kitchen. “Cloud and I already had dinner but there is still a
lot left. I made sure to make a lot since Saito still needs to eat also once he
gets back from work.”

            “Yes I’m sure. Thank you.” Zack replied while smiling at
the woman. Natsumi was just as bad as his own mother, constantly making sure
that he was fed properly. Not that he was in any way complaining about it

            “I’ll help you with the dishes,” Aerith offered as she
moved about the kitchen.

            “Oh thank you,” Natsumi replied with a smile before
turning back around to look at Zack. “Cloud is in his room sweetie. Maybe you
can get him to come out or something.”

            “Oh?” Zack began while raising an eyebrow, “why is
something wrong?”

            “Well no,” Natsumi began with a shake of her head, “it’s
just he’s been in there all day. He came out for dinner but only because I made
him. He wasn’t very talkative though. I think he may be working on a drawing.”

            Nodding Zack glanced down the hallway. Maybe he was working on a sketch, sometimes he
didn’t like to be bothered when he was really in the zone. He looked back over
to the two women in the kitchen and saw that they were already talking and
laughing as they did the dishes. He made his way down the hall before stopping
in front of Cloud’s door before knocking on it lightly. There wasn’t a response
after a few moments and so Zack knocked again, this time a bit more loudly.

            “Cloud?” He asked through the door. It remained quiet for
a minute longer but then he heard some shuffling on the other side of the door
before it slid open slowly.

            “Hey,” Zack began while looking down to the blonde and
noting his disheveled hair and tired eyes. “Were you asleep?”

            Cloud ran a hand over his face before shaking his head,
“no, I was just laying down,” he explained softly before ducking his head out
of the room a bit when he heard voices down the hall. “Whose here?”

            “Oh,” Zack began while looking down the hall, “Aerith
came with me.”

            “Aerith?” Cloud asked while turning somewhat hazy eyes
onto the Samurai.

            “Yeah, well I ran into her on the way here and she wanted
to come,” Zack explained. “That’s okay right?”

            Cloud was silent for a moment before letting out a sigh.
“I don’t care,” he mumbled while turning and heading back into his room. He
flopped back down onto his bed, leaving Zack standing at the doorway.

            Zack slid the door open further before stepping inside
and sliding it closed behind him. The room was completely dark except for the
little bit of moonlight that spilled into the room. He wondered why Cloud
didn’t have any of the lanterns lit as he stepped further into the room making
his way over towards the bed.

            “Cloud?” He asked while taking a seat on the edge of it.
Reaching out his hand he gently ran his fingers through soft blond spikes. “I’m
sorry if you’re upset about Aerith being here.”

            “I told you I don’t care,” Cloud snapped.

            That was more than enough to let Zack know that Cloud was
obviously upset. He couldn’t help but to mentally kick himself for his
decision. He should’ve thought it through more clearly. Even if he didn’t
personally think that Aerith was interested in him, it apparently bothered his
boyfriend and that was all that mattered.

            Sitting up on the bed Cloud looked towards Zack with a
slightly guilty look on his face. “I’m sorry,” he mumbled, “I didn’t mean to-“

            “No,” Zack cut in, “I’m
sorry. I should’ve just made up something. I shouldn’t have brought her here
without talking to you first.”

            “It’s not that Zack,” Cloud replied while looking into
the others eyes, “I’m not upset about that. It’s not that at all.”

            He leaned forward resting against Zack as he buried his
face in his chest seeking the comfort that he so desperately needed.

            Zack immediately placed his arms around the other holding
him close to him. “Then what’s the matter?” He asked softly.

            Cloud let out a shaky breath as he wound his arms around
the Samurai. There was so much going through his mind, so much that he was
worried about. So much that he wanted
to tell Zack but…in a way, he was sort of scared to. For a few different
reasons. One he didn’t know how Zack would react once he found out about the
Shogun, and two he was sort of embarrassed about the whole thing.

            “Everything,” he finally mumbled while clutching at the
other tighter, “Zack I don’t know what to do.”

            Pulling back a little Zack looked down at Cloud before
tilting his head up so that he could look into his eyes.

            “About what?” Zack asked. His voice filled with concern
as he searched the blue eyes before him.

            Cloud could feel his eyes began to sting with tears and
he quickly turned his head as he wiped them away.

            Zack’s heart sunk at that. He hated to see Cloud cry, it
was what hurt him most of all. And that in itself was enough to let him know
that whatever was bothering Cloud was serious. He couldn’t help but to let his
mind race as he began to think of what it could’ve been that was upsetting the

            “Cloud,” he began softly before pulling the boy back into
his arms. “It’s okay,” he began soothingly. He wasn’t sure what it was that was
bothering him but he wanted to try to comfort him some way.

            “But it’s not,” Cloud continued while shaking his head.

            “What are you talking about?” Zack asked while threading
his fingers into the boy’s hair.

            “Hojo,” Cloud began quietly, “he’s not going to just go
away. He’s not.”

            Hojo? What did
he have to do with this?  Just the
mention of the man’s name let Zack know that something was definitely wrong.

            “What happened?” Zack asked while pulling back from the
other once more.

            Hesitating Cloud took a breath before looking back to
Zack. He could already see the concern in the others features, but he had to
tell him what happened. After all he had already said enough and there was no
way that he could try to change the subject. He knew Zack wouldn’t let him

            “Earlier today after I saw you and I went to my dad’s
office,” Cloud started quietly as he let his eyes drop towards the bed, “the
Shogun was there. And I tried not to stay too long but…my dad and Elena had to
leave for some reason. And then the Shogun asked me to stay while they were
away, and then my dad insisted that I stay until he got back and…”

            He trailed off after that not seeming to want to finish his
words. Or trying to think up a way to say it in a better way but… that was just
it. There was no better way. No
matter how it was worded it would still be bad, and no words could change that
at all.

            “And what?” Zack continued to press. He was certain that
from the way this conversation was going that it wasn’t good. But he had to
know, he needed to know.       

            A soft knock at the door caught their attention
accompanied by Aerith’s voice.  Zack
turned towards the door before letting out a sigh. Now really wasn’t the best
time for her to be here.

            Cloud pulled away from Zack completely before shaking his

            “I don’t want to see her right now,” he explained softly.
It wasn’t that he didn’t want to see her because it was “Aerith”, it was just
that he didn’t feel up to talking to anybody right now. Aside from Zack that
is. He needed to talk to Zack, but alone. He wouldn’t tell him anything else
about what happened with anyone else around, that was for sure/.

            Zack nodded in understanding before standing up, “I’ll be
right back,” he said softly before making his way over towards the door. He
slid it open only partially revealing a smiling Aerith on the opposite side.

            “Hey! I finished helping with the dishes,” she explained
while peering over his shoulder and noting the dark room, “is everything okay?”

            “Uh,” Zack began while glancing back over his shoulder
briefly, “actually Cloud isn’t feeling too well.”

            “Oh,” Aerith replied with a frown.

            “Yeah, I think he just needs to rest,” Zack continued
while stepping out of the room and sliding the door closed behind him.

            “”Well that’s too bad,” Aerith started while crossing her
arms over her chest.

            “Yeah,” Zack nodded before offering her a smile, “he’ll
be fine though.”

            “I guess we should go then,” Aerith explained before
moving towards the door, “I’ll just tell him I hope he feels better soon.”

            Zack quickly blocked her way as he shook his head. “Don’t
worry about that. He’s asleep so you shouldn’t wake him.”

            “Oh,” Aerith began, although she was giving Zack a bit of
a strange look. But she just dismissed it and shook her head.

            “I’ll walk you back,” Zack quickly said before beginning
to make his way down the hall, but not before gesturing for Aerith to go first.
She just smiled and nodded not questioning Zack any further about things. Which
he was glad for, because honestly he wasn’t too good of a liar himself so he
partially wondered if she suspected something. But his main focus was just
getting Aerith back home so that he could come back and talk with Cloud. He needed
to know what was going on with the Shogun.





            He didn’t know why he was drawing, or even what he was drawing. All he knew was
that he had picked up his sketchbook during some point and had begun to sketch
away. Maybe it was his way of trying to forget, or trying to relax. Although he
was failing miserably with that. Letting out a sigh he glanced towards his
closed door. What the hell was taking Zack so long? He should’ve been back by
now. Or maybe not…maybe Cloud was just being impatient.

            Scribbling across the page he frowned as he looked down
to the messy picture. It was awful; he didn’t know what he was trying to do. He
finally set the book down on the bedside table before lying back against his
bed. His mind was reeling and he didn’t know what to do to stop it. He felt
like he was living out some sort of nightmare and there was nothing he could do
about it. No one that could help him. He was just completely alone in all of
this. No. No, that wasn’t right. He had Zack. That was right. And as long as
Zack was there he knew everything would be fine.

            A small smile appeared on his face at that thought as he
curled up on his side. He just wanted him to be back already so that he could
talk to him. Even as much as he didn’t want to re hash the events of earlier in
the day he had to. And he knew that Zack would be able to calm him down, to let
him know everything would be alright. It had to be…it just had to.

            He heard a knock coming from the front door and he
instantly perked up. Zack must’ve been back. Pulling himself up on the bed he
listened as his mom answered the door and greeted the person. However he didn’t
hear Zack’s cheerful greeting or his mom’s squeal of delight from seeing the
samurai. No…it was another voice. One that he couldn’t exactly place at the
moment but he knew he had heard before. He heard his mother speaking now but he
couldn’t make out the words she was saying.

            Letting his curiosity get the better of him he climbed
out of bed and made his way towards his door, pressing his ear lightly up
against it.

            “It won’t be long I assure you.”

            “Well, I’ll see how he is. Please come in.”

            “Thank you.”

            Frowning the blond pulled away from the door. Who was
that? He knew for sure that he recognized the other person’s voice. It was a
woman but…

            “Elena,” he spoke quietly to himself as the realization
finally hit him. But what was she doing here?

            He heard footsteps coming down the hall before stopping
in front of his door and then a soft knock followed.

            “Cloud?”  His mother’s
voice drifted through the thin door, “honey are you awake?”

            Backing away from the door slowly Cloud held his breath.
Should he not answer? Should he act like he was asleep? After all if he
answered then Elena would want to talk to him more than likely for whatever
reason and that was…

            No. Wait. His eyes widened as he thought back to earlier
in the day in his father’s office. Hojo’s words. Didn’t he say something about…

            “If I send for you
tonight, will you join me?”

            Cloud felt a chill run down his spine as he recalled
that question. Is that why Elena was here? Was she going to take him to the
Shogun? He remembered when Hojo had asked him to have dinner with him and Elena
had come that time to get him. So was she doing the same thing now? What other
reason could it be?

            He remained as quiet as possible as his mom knocked

            “I think he’s asleep,” Natsumi said to Elena from the
other side of the door, “he wasn’t feeling too good apparently.”

            “What a shame,” Elena began as her voice seemed to get
closer, “he seemed perfectly alright when I saw him in the Chamberlain’s office
earlier today.”

            “Oh you saw him there?” Natsumi asked.

            “Yes,” Elena replied, “Saito was actually the one who
thought it would be a good idea for him to come tonight.”

            “Oh,” Natsumi began, “I’m sure it would’ve been. Perhaps
you can tell the Shogun another time if he’ll allow it. I hope he understands.”

            “I’m sure that won’t be a problem,” Elena answered as the
footsteps moved away from his door.

            Cloud had been listening to the whole conversation in silence;
barely breathing for fear that they would hear him. But what were they talking
about? The Shogun? And allow what!? He felt his heart beating faster and he
suddenly felt very confused. What had his dad told the Shogun? And why was he
making plans and decisions for him? He had no idea what he was going to get his
son into!

            He heard the voices grow fainter as the door opened once
more and he could hear his mom saying goodbye to Elena before he heard another
voice break in.

            Leaning towards the door again he pressed his ear against
it, straining to hear the voices.  He
heard the sound of laughter which he knew was his mom’s and then the other
voice broke in again. This voice belonged to a man, and it wasn’t the deep
voice of his father…

            “Zack,” Cloud began with a sigh of relief. Thank god! He
wanted to pull open the door so fast but he wasn’t sure if Elena had left even
though he thought he heard his mom say bye to her.

            “I won’t bother him for too long auntie I promise,” Zack
explained as he got closer towards the blonde’s door.

            Cloud pulled back away from the door as Zack slid it
open, not even bothering to knock at all. He dropped his gaze downwards where
he saw Cloud kneeling on the ground looking up at him with wide blue eyes.

            “What are you doing?” Zack asked softly while stepping
inside and sliding the door shut behind him.

            “Elena was here,” Cloud quickly replied, disregarding the
other’s question.

            Zack kneeled down beside him before cupping his face in
his hands. “I know, I ran into her right before I got here. Cloud what’s going

            By this point Cloud was pretty scared, and so he didn’t
really hesitate on telling Zack about everything. Not like he was before. He
wasn’t going to leave any gaps in the story or keep his boyfriend wondering anymore.

            “Like I was telling you earlier when I was at my dad’s
office,” he began while letting out a sigh, “some…things happened there when my
dad and Elena left.”

            Zack was silent for a moment as he took in Cloud’s words.
Even though a part of him was already beginning to suspect something, to
actually hear it validated was another. And even though Cloud hadn’t said
exactly what had happened just yet, the reference was enough to bother Zack.

            “What did he do?” Zack asked his voice low and serious as
he kept his gaze firmly on Cloud.

            However it was that intense gaze that made Cloud look
away. It was hard to tell this to Zack. Especially when Cloud was aware of how
protective Zack was of him.

            “He…kissed me,” Cloud finally blurted out while slowly
letting his eyes travel back towards Zack.  
For a second he wondered if the other had
heard him or not, because he just kind of sat there and stared back at him with
an unreadable expression on his face.

it was. Zack’s worst fears coming to light by Cloud’s words. He had a
feeling…as much as he was trying to deny it he had a feeling that the Shogun
had did something to Cloud. He was hoping that Cloud was upset about
something else entirely but…that just wasn’t the case. Why did he let him go by
himself? Whether or not Saito was supposed to be there, he still should’ve
gone. He was supposed to protect Cloud.

unreadable expression that was on his face quickly morphed into anger. It
wasn’t directed at Cloud of course not, not at all, but at the sick pervert who
was responsible for it.

Cloud asked a bit unsurely. His boyfriend hadn’t said anything and the look on
his face was beginning to worry him.

his eyes back towards Cloud he shook his head briefly as if he were trying to
clear his head. “Sorry,” he mumbled before moving his hands to rest on the
others shoulders. His eyes softened as he looked into equally blue eyes. “He
didn’t…I mean, nothing else happened right?”

Cloud quickly confirmed while shaking his head, “no…nothing like that. My dad
and Elena came back a while later. Not soon enough but still.”

away Zack frowned, “so is that why Elena was here?”

don’t know,” Cloud began quietly while shaking his head, “I didn’t talk to her.
I acted like I was asleep so I wouldn’t have to go out there. But I mean…I
think so. Hojo mentioned something about wanting to see me tonight so…maybe.”

Zack asked while turning his gaze back onto the blond.

just nodded, not really wanting to think about that for too long. Because they
both knew what Hojo’s intentions would be when he asked for Cloud’s “company.”

“He’s got some nerve,” Zack
mumbled while standing to his feet. He walked across the room towards the
slightly open window. His heart seemed like it was beating a million times per
minute and he swore he was seeing red. Hojo was…he would have to pay.
Shogun or not Zack could care less at the moment.

            Leaning against the window sill he let out a sigh while
trying to calm his racing heart. He needed to keep it together right now, he
couldn’t let his anger get to him. Because Cloud needed him, and he wouldn’t be
very helpful in this state.

Zack began quietly while pushing away from the window and turning back to look
at Cloud. “Maybe we should tell your parents.”

eyes widened as he stood to his feet. “I don’t know,” he began with a shake of
his head before looking at the ground. “My mom already worries about me too
much and if she knew about the Shogun she would just be constantly worried and
stressed. And my dad…I don’t know. I can’t gauge his reaction but I don’t want
anything to mess up his position on the council. I couldn’t forgive myself if I
was the reason behind that.”

sighed inwardly. At part of him was expecting for Cloud to say that. He knew
most of all Cloud wouldn’t want to jeopardize the Chamberlain in any way. And
Zack really couldn’t blame him; he would probably do the same. It was just a
bad situation in general. If it was anybody else of course it wouldn’t be, but
since it was the Shogun their hands were tied in many ways. It was an absolute
abuse of power, but of course to Hojo that meant nothing at all.

I’ll handle it,” Zack replied while walking across the room, heading towards
the door.

That was the only word that ran through Cloud’s mind and he instantly latched
onto Zack before he could make it any further to the door.

does that mean?” Cloud asked, the worry in his voice clearly evident.

he’s not going to just back off like you said,” Zack started while looking down
at the blond, “and the whole avoiding him thing isn’t working. If he’s going to
be this aggressive then I’ll have to change my approach too.”

my approach? No, Cloud didn’t like the sound of that at all. He knew Zack was
angry, and with that in mind he knew that maybe he wasn’t thinking clearly. Or
was he? No, he couldn’t be. And Cloud wasn’t about to have him doing anything
foolish, especially on his behalf. Stepping up to the Shogun in any way was
just a bad idea. A very bad idea.

no,” Cloud began while grasping the others arm tighter as he turned him so that
he was facing him completely. “You can’t get involved in this. I mean, for one
I don’t think he wants me to tell anyone. And if you confront him somehow then
that’ll just be bad for both of us.”

can’t get involved in this?” Zack asked, while narrowing his eyes at the other.
He was slightly confused by that comment.

was silent briefly before nodding, “I just don’t want anything…bad to happen

samurai let out a sigh before pulling his boyfriend towards him. Now he
understood why Cloud didn’t want him involved. He was, just as always, worried
about Zack. Not even seeming to be worried about himself. In fact he was
thinking of everyone else but him it seemed.

Zack began gently, “I’m not going to just stand by and let this happen.”

know I just,” Cloud began while burying his face in the others chest. He didn’t
know what it was that he was trying to say. He just didn’t want things to get
messy. He was trying to avoid that at all cost, but, in a situation like this
maybe that was impossible. It wasn’t as if he had ever experienced this before
so he really didn’t know.

worry about me,” Zack started while squeezing the other tighter, “that’s the
last thing you need to worry about. There’s not much he could do anyways, and
whatever he does try its fine. I’m not worried about it.”

say that,” Cloud mumbled. Even if Zack wasn’t worried, Cloud still was. And he
didn’t like hearing about it. He wasn’t sure what exactly Zack had planned, but
whatever it was he didn’t want it to affect him.

Zack spoke softly while pressing a kiss on top of the others head. “And I’m
sorry I wasn’t there earlier. I should’ve been.”

not your fault, how could you have known,” Cloud replied while looking up at
the other.

I knew he was going to be there,” Zack explained.

don’t. It’s impossible for you to be around me every second of the day and I
don’t expect you to,” Cloud started while reaching up and placing his hand on
Zack’s cheek, “you have a lot of things that you need to do. And I know that. I
don’t blame you at all…for anything.”

last thing Cloud wanted was for Zack to feel guilty. He had no reason to. It
wasn’t his fault that the Shogun was after him. Zack gave a brief nod as he
pulled the other closer once again. All he wanted to do was to hold him, as if
he could somehow shield him from whatever other problems that may arise. To
assure Cloud that he was there, and that he wasn’t going anywhere. And Hojo
would never touch him again. Zack
would make sure of it. Just the thought that he had…no, he didn’t want to think
about it. He could practically feel his blood boil just from the thought.

love you,” Zack spoke into the quietness of the room as he kept his tight hold
on the other. He needed to say that more so now than ever. To let Cloud know
how deeply he cared about him. Even though it wasn’t the first time he said it.
But he needed Cloud to understand that no matter what, he was there. And whatever
Hojo may try to do, it wouldn’t matter in the end. Not as long as they had what
they did between them. Nothing could ever come between that.

couldn’t help the small smile that appeared on his face at those words. He
looked up into blue eyes that only held sincerity and warmth and his smile
widened. “I love you too.”

down Zack placed a firm kiss against the blonde’s forehead before moving to
place one against his lips. He pulled back after however, somewhat hesitating
in his actions. He wanted to kiss Cloud, but then again he didn’t know if that
was the smartest thing to do right now. Just because Cloud may still be feeling
a bit weird about how the days events had played out. And he didn’t want to
make him uncomfortable in any way.

to sense Zack’s hesitation Cloud leaned forward, closing the gap between them.
If anything at all he wanted to feel Zack’s kiss. He needed to. He needed that to erase the feel of the Shogun’s lips
against his. That he wanted to forget, to push into the very back of his mind. The
only thing he wanted to feel was Zack. To remember his touch and the feel of
being in his arms. That was all he ever wanted, to be Zack’s completely and
wholly, and nobody else’s.

            They both seemed to get in lost in the kiss as it became
more passionate as the time went by. The only thing either of them was focused
on was each other and that was the only important thing. It wasn’t until a soft
knock on the door came that they both snapped back into reality, reluctantly
pulling away from one another.

            “Cloud?” Natsumi asked through the door, “Is everything
okay now? Are you feeling better?”

            “Yes mom I’m fine,” Cloud replied while glancing towards
the door.

            “Okay,” Natsumi began, “well it’s pretty late now. Zack
why don’t you just stay over huh? I don’t want you heading back into town so

            Zack smiled as Cloud looked back over to him. Even though
he was a Samurai it hardly mattered to Natsumi. She still saw him as the little
boy he was years ago in so many ways.

            “Okay Auntie. Thank you,” Zack answered back before
Natsumi said your welcome, and then she was off heading towards her room.

don’t mind?” Cloud asked.

            “Of course not,” Zack replied while leaning in once more
to place a kiss on the others cheek.

            Cloud smiled. In all honesty he was glad that Zack was
staying over. It just made him feel safe knowing that he would be right there
beside him.

            “Tired?” Zack asked, noticing the weary look in the
others eyes. Although he wasn’t sure if it was from tiredness so much or just
from the stress of the day.

            “A little,” Cloud replied.

            “Yeah, it’s been a long day,” Zack began while tugging at
his boyfriend’s arm, “let’s go to bed.”

            Cloud didn’t argue at all. If anything lying in a warm
bed with Zack next to his side was probably just exactly what he needed to put
him at ease and calm his nerves. He had just lay back in bed when he felt Zack
curl up beside him, draping an arm around his waist. Usually they wouldn’t be
so close this way when Cloud’s parents were home but…it didn’t seem to matter
to either of them at that moment. Not at all.










Authors Notes: And here is chapter 5! I’m sorry it took
a little long for this chapter to get written but I’ve had a lot of homework
lately and not a lot of free time at all. However, this chapter is sort of just
a filler…so yeah. Sorry about that. But anyways! 
So yeah Hojo is making more advances on
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Shogun. Be prepared for the worst you guys! And what exactly does Zack intend
to do about this? Oh yeah Aerith will start to be coming around more also. And
Angeal will be in the next chapter. And there should be two more characters who
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