Ukiyoe Painting

BY : MystIc19
Category: Final Fantasy VII > Yaoi - Male/Male
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Disclaimer: I do not own FF7 or any of the FF7 characters. I do not make any profit in writing these fanfictions.

Disclaimer: I do not own FF7 or any of the FF7 characters
and don’t make any money from writing this story! Seriously.





            It was an
extremely hot day out, the sun beaming down brightly with not even so much as a
little breeze. Cloud was glad that he had decided on wearing one of his lighter
yukata rather than a heavy kimono. He pushed up his sleeves briefly on the blue
fabric as he made his way throughout the town.

            There were
many people sitting on the sides of the roads in partially shaded areas as kids
ran through the streets no doubt heading to the lake. He felt like he had been
walking forever when in fact it was probably just minutes. His mom and he had
come into town earlier, his mother wanting to do some shopping and Cloud
deciding to tag along. However after going with his mom to a few places he
started to become irritated from the heat. They went to the Kisaragi restaurant
for lunch and after that Cloud had separated from his mom telling her he would
see her back at home. She however had much more shopping she wanted to do and
simply waved him off.

            However now
that he was on his own he found himself heading towards the dojo that he was
sure Zack was at now at this time. He knew that he usually went there to train
but right about now he should’ve been finishing up.

making his way to his destination he glanced up at the building before climbing
up the few steps before coming to the door. He carefully slid it open before
peering inside, the sound of swords clanging together catching his attention.
There in front of him he saw Zack and Angeal with swords crossed, Zack seeming
to be putting forth an effort to try to push Angeal back before his mentor gave
a sudden push and sent the young Samurai stumbling backwards.

            It was at
that moment when Zack slightly turned his head in the direction of the doorway,
noticing the streak of sunlight that was entering the room.

            “Cloud?” He
asked while straightening from his stance a bit. But no sooner than that had
Angeal knocked him flat on his back with his sword pointed at his throat.

couldn’t help but to wince. Even though it was practice he still didn’t like
the view of a blade pointed at his boyfriend’s throat.

            “What was
the first the thing I taught you?” Angeal asked slightly out of breath while
staring down at Zack.

            “Ah, never
let your guard down,” Zack replied with a sheepish smile.

right,” Angeal began while extending his hand to the other, “never. No matter what.”

pulled Zack to his feet the Samurai scratched the back of his head. “Sorry,”
Zack replied before letting his gaze trail back over to Cloud.

stepping inside completely Cloud gave a bow when Angeal looked over to him as

            “Forgive me
for interrupting,” he apologized while biting his bottom lip a bit nervously.

waved a hand before securing his sword back in its sheath. “Don’t worry about it, we were just about finished for the day anyways.”

nodded as Angeal walked over and clapped a hand on Zack’s shoulder.

            “I’ll see
you at the conference tonight,” Angeal explained as Zack nodded, still trying
to catch his breath.

            “I’ll be
there,” Zack replied as Angeal walked further into the dojo and disappeared
into another room before closing the door behind him.

            Letting out
a sigh Zack placed his hands on his hips before giving Cloud a wide grin.

sorry,” Cloud quickly apologized while walking over closer to Zack, “I
distracted you.”

            “A good
distraction,” Zack replied while leaning forward and placing a chaste kiss on
Cloud’s lips. “What are you doing in town now anyway?”

            “I came out
with my mom, she wanted to shop,” Cloud explained as he watched Zack move to
the other side of the room. He had just been wearing his hakama
to train in, exposing his bare chest that was glistening with sweat. His chest
was still rising and falling faster than usual as he tried to regain his
breathing from his practice session. Cloud couldn’t help but to let his eyes
linger on the muscular chest and arms of his boyfriend. It was rare that he saw
him like this and got to drink in his beauty, but whenever he did his heart
beat sped up a little and he felt a flush come to his face. Hopefully Zack
would just think it was from the heat outside though.

            “So you
have free time today?” Zack asked while shrugging on the upper part of his
clothing, not bothering with fastening it at all and instead just leaving it
open as he secured his sword back in its sheath.

Cloud began while blinking rapidly, tearing his gaze away from Zack’s chest to
look back into his eyes that were nearing closer.

Zack started while throwing an arm around the blonds’ shoulders, “so can I be a
bit stingy with you today? I kind of want to keep you to myself.”

smiled as he nodded his head, “that’s fine with me.”

down to kiss Cloud properly this time Zack cupped his chin with his hand before
pulling back gently with a smile. “Well then let’s get out of here,” he
explained while ushering Cloud out of the dojo.

            He made an
agonizing sound as they stepped out into the bright sun and Cloud only laughed
a bit.

            “Too hot
for you?” Cloud asked as they walked down the steps.

            “This is
insane,” Zack replied while lifting a hand to shield the sunlight from his

            “I’m sure
it doesn’t help that you’ve been practicing for a while too,” Cloud added as
they began to walk through the streets.

            “I know,”
Zack began while looking down at himself, “I’m all sweaty. I think I need to
get cleaned up first.”

over at Zack Cloud nodded in understanding.

            “You want
to take a bath?” He asked the other questioningly.

definitely need to,” Zack replied while scrunching his nose a bit, “you don’t
want to hang around a smelly guy right?”

            Cloud only
laughed as Zack bumped into his side playfully. They continued on with their
casual chatter as they made their way back to Zack’s home. Once inside they
removed their shoes before stepping further into the house and noting that it
was rather quiet.

            “Where are
your parents?” Cloud asked while looking towards Zack.

            “My dad is
working, and my mom went out with my aunt earlier today,” Zack replied, seeming
to be used to coming home to an empty house at this time of the day.

            It had been
a while since Cloud had been to Zack’s home really. Ever since he had been in
the castle it just had changed somehow. He made his way into Zack’s room but
the Samurai disappeared into the washroom. He sat down on his bed before
letting a small smile touch his lips as he looked at his surroundings.
Everything still looked the same from the last time he was there and that somehow
made him happy. Reaching over to a shelf he let his fingers trail over the
spines of a few books. He wondered if Zack had actually read any of these.
Chuckling at the thought he simply fell back onto the bed. It wasn’t exactly
cool in the home either but it felt a whole lot better than the blistering heat
outside. He let his eyes fall closed as he shifted on the cool linens of the
bed. It was comfortable enough for him to put him at ease and he felt himself
becoming really lazy. His eyes remained closed for a while as he simply relaxed
on the bed, he wasn’t sure how long he stayed that way though but he finally
opened them when he felt cool drops of water land on his face.

his eyes open he found himself staring back into deep blue. Zack gave him a
smile before leaning up slightly.

            “I thought
you fell asleep on me,” he explained while reaching out and pushing damp blond
spikes away from the boys face.

            “No, I was
just relaxing,” Cloud replied while lifting his hands to run through Zack’s wet
hair, “did you even dry this at all?”

            “Not much,
it feels better this way with the heat,” he replied with a shake of his head.

Cloud began with a laugh and pushing at the others chest, “you’re getting water
all on me.”

sorry,” Zack laughed before collapsing on the bed beside Cloud.

himself up on his elbow Cloud looked at his boyfriend who looked completely
refreshed now that he had taken a bath and changed into a casual black yukata.
It was nice to see him in just casual clothes once in a while since more times
than not he was in his Samurai attire. While Cloud did like it, he also liked
to see him relaxed and just comfortable.

closer to his boyfriend he lowered his head once again and let it rest against
Zack’s chest. He felt the others arm wrap around his waist securely and he let
out a content sigh. Days like these were meant to be lazy and called for just
lounging around in each others arms. It was the simplest thing probably but to
them it meant more than anything else.

            “Hey are
you hungry?” Zack asked while turning his head a bit to glance at Cloud.

            “Mm no,” he
replied with a shake of his head, “I ate with my mom at the Kisiragi’s

            “Oh that
sounds good,” Zack started with a pat of his stomach.

            “You must
be though,” Cloud continued while lifting his head up to look at the other,
“after all that practicing”

            “A little,”
Zack answered before letting out a long dramatic sigh, “but I’m too comfortable
to get up now.”

            Laughing a
little Cloud sat up on the bed fully. “I’ll make you something,” he offered
while getting ready to slide off the bed.

            “No!” Zack
began while catching his arm, “it’s okay babe. I got

            “I don’t
mind,” Cloud assured him but Zack was having none of it.

relax,” Zack started while getting out of the bed, “I’ll be right back. I’m
just going to get a snack.”

honestly didn’t mind. He liked to do things for Zack, but as usual Zack was
just…being Zack. He couldn’t help but to shake his head at that and he
stretched out on the bed again, his eyes falling onto the shelf beside the
others bed once more. He noticed a piece of paper sticking out from between two
of the books on the stand. He didn’t notice it before and wondered what it was.
Not being able to stop his curiosity he leaned forward and slipped the piece of
paper from out of its confines and unfolded it gently.

            He furrowed
his eyebrows briefly before his face took on a look of disbelief. This
was…Cloud had given this drawing to Zack years ago. This badly drawn amatureish
picture he gave him the summer before he left to visit family. But…he kept it
all the time?

            “And my mom
saves the day!” Zack announced upon entering the room holding a small dish in
his hands, “she always sets something aside just for me.”

            Glancing up
from the picture to Zack he noticed the other giving him a questioning look.

that?” Zack asked while taking a seat back on the bed and looking at the paper
in the boy’s hands. He finally realized what it was and a small smile broke
across his face. “Oh,” he said in realization before taking a bit out of one of
the sushi rolls.

            “I can’t
believe you kept this,” Cloud began with a laugh.

            “Of course
I kept it,” Zack replied, “you gave it to me.”

blushed at those words as he shook his head.

            “Yeah but
it’s…not good,” Cloud continued while looking at the picture. He couldn’t
believe he used to draw this way, not that he was conceited but it was amazing
how much he had progressed over the years.

            “What are
you talking about? It’s great,” Zack shot back while stuffing another bite into
his mouth. “Besides, do you remember what you told me when you gave me that?
There was so much emotion behind it and you spent a lot of time drawing it for

back down to the paper Cloud did remember staying up the whole night that
evening to finish the drawing for Zack. He had just desperately wanted Zack to
have something to be able to think of him by. He didn’t want Zack to feel
lonely and he had thought that this picture would help him. He could’ve laughed
at that now, but at the time he really thought it would help.

over Zack pulled it out of his hands before giving Cloud a joking glare. “You
gave it to me. It’s mine, so don’t think about tearing it up or anything.”

really that important to you?” Cloud couldn’t help but to ask.

yeah,” Zack began while rubbing at the back of his neck briefly, “when I was in
Osaka that
summer I looked at this picture every night. It was nice having something
familiar along with me….I still take it with me even when I go away now. I
don’t know, it’s just something that stuck with me I

            Cloud fell
silent at that. He had no idea that Zack really held the silly picture so close
to his heart. But…it made him feel good that it did. And it just reinforced
Zack’s love for him. The fact that he still carried this around with him
whenever he went away, it made Cloud’s heart swell to know that Zack wanted to
have something that reminded him of the other at all times.

            Zack was
just preparing to stuff another piece of sushi into his mouth before his eyes
fell onto Cloud and he noticed him wiping away a tear.

            “Cloud?” He asked while placing the food back on the plate,
“what’s wrong?”

            Shaking his
head quickly he wiped away another tear. “Nothing, I just…”

            He didn’t
know what he really wanted to say, he had a ton of emotions running through him
at the moment. But maybe it was just all waiting to spill from him. After
everything that had happened recently, him missing Zack while he was away, the
events with the Shogun, Aerith and her crush, Zack returning and the desire he
had been feeling for him for so long considerably building up. All of that…and
somehow this picture just was the
icing on the cake.

            It didn’t
seem like he could find any words really to even begin to explain it all. But
at the moment he was…happy. Happy because he was with Zack, that he had Zack. And for some reason he seemed
to realize just how lucky he was to have him. Zack could be with anyone…he
could be with Aerith, and yet…he was with him.

another thought he threw himself at the other, sobbing against his chest and
clenching his fist in the fabric at his chest.

            Zack was
confused more than anything, looking down to the blond who was now clutching at
him tightly and crying. After getting over his initial shock he quickly pushed
away his plate before wrapping his arms around his boyfriend and running a hand
up and down his back soothingly.

okay,” he began softly, “what’s wrong?”

            Shaking his
head Cloud moved his arms upward before encircling them around Zack’s neck.
Nothing was wrong…he was just overwhelmed for lack of a better word.

Zack started while tightening his hold on the other. He couldn’t help but begin
to worry. Did something happen? Cloud seemed fine a moment ago…did he say
something wrong?

            “I love
you,” Cloud suddenly spoke while clinging tightly onto the Samurai, “I love you
so much.”

            “I love you
too,” Zack said softly without a moment’s hesitation, “what brought this on so

            “I just,”
Cloud began while pulling away slightly and wiping at his eyes again. “Why did
you show me that stupid picture!?”

Zack asked with a raised brow. And then it all sort of hit him. Cloud had
gotten emotional over Zack keeping the drawing all this time. He couldn’t help
but to let a grin spread across his face, and he was relieved to know it was
that and that something else wasn’t the matter. “Hey you were the one snooping
around and found it, I didn’t show you.”

looked a bit guilty at that and Zack only laughed before pulling him back into
his arms again. They stayed like that for a while in each others arms while
Zack placed kisses every so often on top of the blonds head.

            “Are you
okay now?” Zack asked while rubbing Cloud’s back.

Cloud began before letting out a sigh, “are you going to tease me about this

            Zack gave a
bit of a chuckle before shaking his head. While he did like to tease and joke
around with Cloud a lot, this wasn’t something that he thought would be funny
to tease him about. Besides, he knew Cloud was sensitive, so it didn’t really
surprise him that he reacted that way. In fact, he thought it was cute.

            Looking up
at Zack Cloud placed a hand on the side of his face gently. “I don’t know what
I would do without you,” Cloud softly admitted before lowering his gaze
briefly, “I guess I just was thinking…how lucky I am to have you.”

            Zack kept
his gaze on Cloud, even when the other lowered eyes not seeming to be able to
look the Samurai in the face when he said that. Taking Cloud’s hand that was
resting against his face he gently pressed a kissed into his palm causing Cloud
to look back up at him.

            “I’m the lucky one Cloud,” he replied
sincerely as he locked their gazes.

eyes began to water again slightly at that and he raised his other hand up to
gently brush through raven hair.

            “Zack,” he
began quietly as a few tears ran down his face. A soft kiss was pressed against
his lips a moment later and his eyes fell closed. Their lips stayed together
for a moment before separating briefly only to reunite again a second later. It
wasn’t deepened or anything like that, just the touching of their lips. It was
sweet and loving, and it was enough to make Cloud’s stomach flap around with

            When they
pulled apart their eyes connected once more and Zack was wiping away the tears
from Cloud’s face. The blond gave a small smile before hooking his arms around
Zack’s neck then Zack was leaning in to kiss him once more. This time capturing
his bottom lip and swiping his tongue at the seam of his lips. Cloud eagerly
parted his lips, allowing Zack’s tongue to invade his mouth in the most
delicious way. He pulled him closer as he felt Zack’s arms slip around his
waist and hold him tight as his tongue continued to caress his own. Cloud
moaned into the others mouth softly just as Zack leaned his body weight against
his so that Cloud lay back on the bed with the Samurai above him.

            They stayed
kissing passionately that way for a while, not seeming to be able to get enough
of each other. It had only been a little over a week since Zack had gotten
back, so they both were still trying to soak up as much of the other as

Cloud whimpered when he felt him begin to place kisses on his neck. It was one
of his weak spots and Zack was well aware of it. He let out a shaky breath
while inclining his head, giving Zack better access to his neck as he clutched
at his back.

            It felt so
good, being here together with Zack. The closeness that the both of them were
sharing, this intimate moment. Cloud wanted nothing more than for it to last
forever. He wanted to savor every little thing about it. But more than that…he
wanted more from this moment. It was something he wanted for a while now, and
while Zack had been away he only longed for him more. Ever since that time
before when they had been interrupted, there hadn’t been an adequate moment.
And it didn’t seem like Zack ever wanted to bring it up. Cloud only could think
that it was because Zack thought that maybe Cloud really wasn’t ready, that he
had been rushing ahead that last time. And Zack…gentleman that he was, would
never push Cloud. But…Cloud wanted to go further more than anything. He needed
Zack. But he knew that the only way that would happen was if he told Zack that
for himself, to let him know without a doubt what he wanted. Otherwise he knew
Zack would respect the boundaries and not attempt to go further.

            “Zack,” he
started, however the name spilled from his lips in a moan. Shaking his head
briefly to clear it of its lust momentarily he ran a hand through dark hair,
tugging slightly to gain the others attention. Zack pulled away, his eyes
falling onto Cloud as he gazed at him with a somewhat heated look. It was a
look that Cloud had never seen in his boyfriends eyes and he felt himself blush
even more so.

Zack softly spoke; automatically thinking that he had done something to make
Cloud feel uncomfortable.

Cloud asked in confusion while reaching out and cupping Zack’s face in his
hands. “Zack…you don’t have to hold yourself back. I don’t want you to.”

            Zack stared
back into blue eyes, trying to read them in their sincerity. They looked away
briefly from his in what was probably embarrassment before shifting back to
meet his again.

            “I,” Cloud
continued, “I need you Zack. I don’t want to wait anymore,” he finally
admitted. His cheeks were permanently stained with a blush, but he didn’t care,
he needed Zack to know. He wrapped his arms loosely around his neck again,
letting out another shaky breath as he closed his eyes briefly. He opened them
once more, although now they were half lidded and blazing with a fierce desire.
“Make love to me Zack…please.”

Zack breathed while scooping the other up into his arms and clutching him to
him tightly. He thought his heart was going to burst from his chest. He had
wanted so much for Cloud to want this too, to want him. He wanted nothing more than to love him like he had been
longing to do for so long, and lately it was becoming more difficult to try to
ignore. But Zack wanted to make sure that Cloud was ready…but he had no doubt
at all in his mind now that he was. And he could tell from the look in the blond’s
eyes that he meant every single word he spoke.

            Cloud could
only grip Zack tighter as he felt the tension melt away from the warrior’s
body, he hadn’t even realized it was there before but he definitely could feel
the difference. It almost pained him to know that Zack was feeling the same way
but was trying to refrain from fear of making Cloud uneasy. Zack…always
putting his feelings before his own.

            They got
caught in a searing kiss as Zack lowered them back onto the bed. His heart was
racing, but he wasn’t going to rush this. Not at all, he was going to make love
to Cloud like he deserved. He was going to pour all of his love and desire for
the artist in every kiss, touch and caress.

            “You didn’t
need to say please,” Zack began softly while gently nipping at his boyfriend’s
ear, “I’ll more than gladly comply.”

            A shiver
ran through Cloud’s body, whether it was from the sensation of Zack nipping at
his ear or the words he had just uttered Cloud wasn’t sure. But he didn’t have
too long to think about it before he felt himself becoming lost in Zack’s
touches. His hands seemed to be everywhere, touching him in the perfect ways to
make his body shudder with want and crave him more. He continued to clutch and
pull at the other, wanting to feel more, trying to keep them as close as

            Zack gently
slipped the yukata from off of Cloud’s shoulder, sliding it down just enough to
stop at the blond’s elbow. He pressed his lips softly against the smooth, warm
skin as Cloud squirmed a bit beneath him letting out a soft sigh. Trailing his
hand up the other side he carefully mimicked his actions, sliding the material off
the other shoulder before running his fingers over the heated skin. Just seeing
this much of Cloud exposed was enough to excite Zack and he lowered his hands
to the obi around the smaller ones waist and began to unfasten it.

            Cloud felt
his breath catch in his throat as he watched Zack’s slender fingers work away
the sash. In a moment he was pulling it away completely and dropping it beside
them on the floor, only seeming to hesitate briefly before sliding his hand
under the garment and running his fingers up the other’s flat stomach and up to
his chest.

closed his eyes at the feeling, it was a mixture between pleasure and
nervousness and he had to remind himself to breathe. He felt a small shift on
the bed as Zack’s hand trailed back down his side to rest on his bare hip, his
thumb gently caressing the skin before he was bringing up his other hand to
completely open and pull away the garment.

            There was a
moment of complete stillness after that. Zack’s hands seeming to stop their
touches and ministrations, and the only thing that Cloud was aware of was his
heartbeat, Zack’s breathing, and the fact that he was now completely naked. He
wanted to open his eyes, to look into Zack’s face and see what it was he was
thinking. And at the same time he didn’t want to.

couldn’t help but to admire the body before him. Cloud was absolutely
breathtaking. From his lithe form to his smooth skin and taut stomach, Zack
couldn’t have imagined him to be any more beautiful than he was. His eyes
traveled up to the blond’s face noticing the heavy blush that still remained on
his cheeks and that had begun to make its way downwards, tingeing his neck and
chest lightly with pink. It only seemed to add more to his appeal and Zack
couldn’t resist any longer. He leaned down and captured those bruised kissed
lips, eliciting a small moan from Cloud.

perfect,” Zack breathed once they had pulled away. 

partially opened his eyes as he stared back at Zack. Perfect? His boyfriend was
crazy. He was far from it. He was a runt! But…if Zack thought so then…well that
was all that mattered to him. He just wanted to be more than enough for him and
him only.

embarrass me,” Cloud spoke quietly while turning his head to the side.

            “It’s true
though,” Zack replied while running his hands up the sides of the others
thighs. He started to trail kisses back down his neck, scattering them across
his chest before flicking his tongue out briefly over a pink nipple. Cloud
tensed for a moment, but when Zack took it completely into his mouth he let out
a whimper while arching up slightly against the Samurai.

            “Does that
feel good?” Zack asked while turning lustful blue eyes upwards.

            Cloud could
only nod as Zack did it again before making his way over to the other side.
When Cloud arched up against him again Zack rolled his hips slightly against
him causing Cloud’s mouth to fall open in a silent cry. That had felt too good,
and he rocked his hips upwards dying to feel more of that friction again. Zack
met his movements each time, pressing them harder together.

Cloud gasped while reaching out to pull the other closer to him. Then he was
pulling at his clothing. It only seemed to be getting in the way now and he was
having none of that.

            Catching on
to what Cloud was doing Zack pulled away before working at his clothing. It
didn’t take long for him at all before he was shrugging off the garment,
pushing it aside without a second thought before leaning back over Cloud and
settling between his legs.

            Small, shy
hands ran up the Samurai’s chest, feeling the strong muscles beneath his
fingertips before circling around and running up and down his back, feeling the
muscles ripple beneath his touch. He took in every inch of Zack, every scar
that covered his statuesque body. Even with them they didn’t take away from his
radiance. He looked back up into blue eyes that almost seemed to glow before he
was pulling him down closer to him. Their bodies pressed firmly together,
sending a pleasant sensation through the both of them at the skin to skin
contact. Cloud wrapped his arms around Zack tightly before burying his face in
the crook of his neck. It felt nice to hold him this way, so close and so
intimate. It just felt…so right.

            It seemed
as if Zack understood this as well as he let Cloud hold him close to him and he
in turn melted into his embrace, pressing soft kisses against his shoulder. He
lifted his eyes letting them scan over the room in hopes of finding something
that he could use on his small lover as they continued on. But from looking
about he didn’t see anything that would be substantial at all.

            He felt
Cloud rock up against him again drawing a hiss from him as the other moaned
softly. Snapping his attention back to the one beneath him he forgot about what
he was looking for as he pressed back, moving his hips against Cloud’s and
reveling in the feeling. It was too much and yet it wasn’t enough. They
continued on as Zack grabbed hold of Cloud’s leg that had somehow wrapped
around his waist in the process. It went from almost tortuously slow to a
quicker pace and Cloud was quickly losing his edge. Gasping and moaning and
calling out his lovers name. It was indescribable and
he wanted nothing more than to keep going but Zack had placed his hands on his
hips to still him before he himself also stopped.

            “Zack?” He asked his breathing heavy as he looked back up at
the other with a confused, needy expression.

            He received
a questioning look in return and it was then that he realized just what it was
that his boyfriend was asking permission to do. He gave a short nod of his head
before he watched Zack look around the room while a slight frown appeared on
his features.

            “What’s the
matter?” Cloud asked hesitantly, a little surprised to see that expression on
his boyfriends face considering the situation.

            “I,” Zack
began while looking back down at Cloud, “we need something…but I don’t see
anything we could use”

something?” Cloud asked feeling a bit clueless before he quickly realized what
Zack was talking about. “Oh,” he continued, “well…it’s okay. We don’t need it”

Zack started with a shake of his head. No matter how badly he wanted to do
this, he didn’t want to hurt Cloud.

            “It’ll be
fine,” Cloud replied softly.

            “I don’t
want to…hurt you,” Zack explained with a small sigh, still not seeming too
convinced if they should continue.

Cloud started while gripping the Samurai’s chin so that he was looking straight
at him. “It’s okay. Alright?”

            No, it
wasn’t. Zack knew that Cloud wasn’t thinking too clearly and that he probably
didn’t really understand just how difficult things would be without proper
preparation. Then a thought hit him and he quickly lit up before moving from
off of Cloud and making his way over to his closet.

            Blinking at
the sudden loss of Zack in his arms Cloud looked over to where he was looking
around in the closet.

            “Zack,” he
started a bit helplessly before Zack was making his way back over and settling
above him once more. A smile was back on his face and a bottle of some sort in
his hand. He uncapped it and poured the clear liquid onto his fingers. A
metallic like aroma filled the air and Cloud scrunched his nose slightly. “What
is that?”

            Looking at
the bottle before setting it aside he turned his focus back to Cloud. “It’s

            Cloud didn’t
know what kind of polish it was but he decided not to worry about it, that
hardly mattered. If it would make things better then he was fine with it. A
kiss was pressed against his lips briefly before Zack was pulling back and
lowering his oil slicked fingers to the blond’s entrance. Cloud sucked in a
breath automatically as his fingers clutched at Zack’s shoulders.

okay,” Zack began soothingly, “just relax.”

            Trying to
relax a bit more Cloud sunk further into the bed and loosened his grip on Zack.
He kept his eyes on the ceiling rather than on Zack and what he was doing at
the moment as he tried to calm his racing heart.

            Keeping his
eyes locked on Cloud’s face Zack gently inserted a finger into him. He saw
Cloud squeeze his eyes closed and he stopped moving instantly.

            “Did that
hurt?” Zack asked with concern.

            Opening his
eyes slowly Cloud shook his head. No, it didn’t hurt but it just felt…strange.
Taking that as a good sign Zack continued on, moving his finger inside the
other carefully and cautiously. Once it seemed like Cloud was used to that
enough he added a second finger before shortly after inserting a third. It was
this that caused Cloud to whimper and close his eyes once more. There was a
distinct discomfort and pain and he bit his lip as he tried to will it away.
But after a few more strokes Zack’s fingers brushed against something inside
him that made him completely forget all about the pain. He let out a cry as his
eyes opened slightly and he moved his hips, trying to feel that sensation
within him again.

            From that
reaction Zack tried to move his fingers in the same way again, trying to mimic
what he had just done beforehand that had made Cloud cry out in pleasure like
that. And after a few more moments he found that spot again, making Cloud
tremble and moan beneath him. It was such a beautiful sound to his ears and he
kept up his motions, wringing as many sounds from his lover as possible.

            Cloud let
out a gasp as he felt Zack’s fingers retreat from him. He wanted to protest but
when his eyes met Zack’s again he felt his heart skip a beat as he looked at
the desire lying within them. He knew what those eyes were silently asking and
he gave a short nod of his head as Zack positioned himself, pressing against
his entrance just barely before Cloud gasped and spoke up.

            “Wait,” he
began while letting out a breath that he hadn’t even been aware he was holding.

complied instantly, stopping and looking back up into Cloud’s wide eyes.

            “I just,”
Cloud started before turning his head to the side and letting his eyes fall
shut. “Never mind.”

            Zack could
practically feel Cloud shaking now and he leaned down pressing a kiss against
his cheek briefly. “Nervous?”

            Turning his
head to look back into Zack’s face Cloud nodded slightly.

            Zack gave
him a warm smile before pressing a kiss to his lips. “It’s okay,” Zack began
comfortingly while placing soft kisses all over his boyfriends face. “Tell me
to stop and I will alright? We don’t have to keep going.”

            Cloud was
glad that even now with how far they had come, that Zack was still more than
willing to back off. Even if Cloud didn’t want him to at all. It still warmed
his heart to know that Zack was thinking about his feelings. Lips were placed
over his own again and he quickly melted into it, welcoming the warm tongue
that had invaded his mouth. He was so caught up in it that he was only vaguely
aware of a pressure down below, but when it became more forceful he felt
himself tensing again.

            “Relax, its
okay,” Zack spoke softly against his lips while taking hold of the others
smaller hand in his. Cloud squeezed it tightly as he felt Zack push deeper and
deeper inside. He finally cried out right before Zack was all the way in and
felt the hot tears begin to roll down his face. Zack was quickly wiping them
away and pressing gentle kisses on his cheeks, his eyes, forehead and lips, softly
whispering words of endearment and comfort to him. They remained that way for a
while, Zack giving Cloud time to adjust and trying to comfort him as best as he
could. Then Cloud was reciprocating the kisses and moving a bit underneath
Zack, experimentally rocking his hips forward.

            That was
all it took for Zack to pull out and carefully push back in causing a soft moan
to escape from the blond. He continued the small motions, all the while
watching Cloud’s face. Watching how his mouth would open silently and his eyes
would close briefly before fluttering back open. How he would bite his bottom
lip or furrow his eyebrows as he tried to get used to all of the different feelings.
Each small expression that would cross over his face seemed to keep Zack in a
trance. All of Cloud’s feelings were on his face, in his expression and in his
eyes. Looks that Zack had never seen before and for that reason he just
couldn’t look away.

Cloud moaned while letting his eyes drift upwards to meet intense blue. There
was a certain passion in Zack’s gaze, a lust and a deep love. They kept their
eyes locked on each other as they continued to move sensuously against each
other. Moans and heavy breathing filtered into the air, as they gasped each
others names, caressing and kissing passionately. They picked up their speed as
they both began to near the edge, Cloud mumbling incoherencies and repeating
Zack’s name like a mantra. He was close, so very close.

            It only
took a few more strong thrust before Cloud was arching up against Zack and
tossing his head back and letting a strangled moan escape from him. And it was
in that moment of seeing Cloud completely vulnerable that spurred on Zack’s
climax and he was following right after the other before collapsing on top of him,
feeling totally and completely spent but satisfied beyond belief.

            After a
moment Zack pushed himself up to pull out of Cloud before resting beside him
and instantly pulling him into his arms while Cloud cuddled up to his side.

            They were
more than content this way, not speaking any words but just soaking up the
aftermath and enjoying being near each other. Zack glanced down to his side as
he ran a hand through sweaty golden hair. Cloud’s eyes were closed and from his
breathing Zack could tell that he was very close to probably falling asleep.
Letting a small smile appear on his face he tightened his hold on his lover
before kissing him on the top of his head.

            “I love
you,” he mumbled while letting his eyes fall close as well.

smiled gently at those words before softly replying with, “I love you too.”






open his eyes he ran a hand over his face before turning his gaze to the
window. The room was now tinted with a dark orangey glow as the sun began to
set. It had started to cool off now considerably now that the sun was
disappearing. A body stirring beside him caught his attention and he looked
down to see a head of blond spikes resting on the pillow next to him. Smiling
gently he ran a finger down Cloud’s cheek. He looked so cute when he was
asleep. Reaching down he drew the blanket up over them before lying back and
resting beside his boyfriend once more.

            “Zack?” Cloud asked with a small voice.

            Opening his
eyes again Zack looked to Cloud who now had his sleepy blue eyes directed at

            “Sorry, did
I wake you up?” Zack asked.

            “No,” Cloud
began with a shake of his head before stretching a bit. His eyes drifted to the
window and he let out a sigh. “It’s going to be night soon.”

Zack replied while reaching out pushing some stray spikes away from Cloud’s

            “I should
probably go soon then,” Cloud continued softly.

            Zack didn’t
like the sound of that. He didn’t want Cloud to leave; he just wanted to keep
him all night there with him.

Zack simply said before leaning in and kissing him softly.

            Curling his
fingers into dark hair Cloud closed his eyes as Zack buried his face into the
crook of his neck.

            “You know I
want to. But I’ll get in trouble if I stay out all night,” Cloud explained.
“Come home with me.”

            “Hmm?” Zack
asked while pulling away a little to look into Cloud’s eyes.

            “Yeah, just
come stay at the castle tonight. You can spend the night; you know my mom won’t
mind. Besides I don’t have classes tomorrow,” Cloud continued while combing his
fingers through silky dark hair.

            “I can do
that,” Zack replied with a grin.

            Cloud was
returning it before they got caught in another kiss and then Zack was pulling
away with a frown.

            “Wait…I have
to go to that dinner conference tonight. I told Angeal I’d go,” Zack explained.

vaguely remembered something about a conference being mentioned when they were
at the dojo earlier in the day, but he had forgotten all about it up until now.

            “Oh,” he
started, “well, maybe afterwards then?”

            “I don’t
know how long it’ll be, I don’t want to come by too late and disturb your
parents,” Zack began but Cloud was already shaking his head.

            “It’s fine.
I’ll be up. I’ll wait for you,” he quickly explained while giving Zack a smile.

Zack replied before raising an eyebrow, “what’s that?”

what?” Cloud asked a bit confused.

            “On your
face,” Zack continued while raising his hand and wiping at Cloud’s cheek.

            “What is
it?” Cloud asked while lifting his hand to try wiping whatever it was on his
face away.

            “Oh,” Zack
began in mock realization as a grin spread across his face, “it’s just you

            For a
moment Cloud stared back without saying anything causing Zack to laugh and then
in a second Cloud was smacking his boyfriend on the arm.

            “Shut up!”
He shouted at him, all the while a smile spreading across his face. He blushed
easily, he always had. And after the events of today he was pretty sure he was
going to have a permanent blush for a while.

cute,” Zack started while wrapping his arms around him, “you’re cute.”

Cloud began shyly while Zack nipped at his ear, “we need to get ready to go.
Your conference right?”

            “Mm,” Zack
replied, “I’d much rather stay here with you.”

            A pleasant
shiver ran through Cloud’s body and he felt himself melting into Zack’s touches
and kisses all over again. Even though they had just made love only hours ago,
he felt his body responding already and he knew that he would gladly give
himself to Zack again if they weren’t pressed for time.

            “Zack,” he
tried again while rolling away playfully as Zack tried to reach out and grab
him. But Cloud just sat upright on the bed, his hair a complete mess before
sliding away further. “We need to get ready.”

Zack sighed in defeat as Cloud smiled. They began to get ready, cleaning up and
redressing and grooming their disheveled hair. Although even just that routine
took a little longer than usual as their hands began to wander. Zack insisting
on helping Cloud get dressed, fastening his obi and fixing his hair. And Cloud
straightening Zack’s outfit, making sure he looked perfect presentable before
stepping out of the house. They made their way back to the castle shortly there
after walking down the quiet halls and caught up in conversation. Although they
couldn’t be affectionate or anything out in public, they did seem to be
standing much more closer than they ever usually would while out in the castle,
but either of them didn’t seem to care at the moment.

stopped when they were nearing Cloud’s quarters seeing as how Zack had to go
down a different direction to get to the conference hall.

            “So I’ll
see you later tonight?” Zack asked while letting his eyes pierce into blue.

nodded while smiling what felt like the umpteenth that day. “Yeah, I’ll be

Zack replied while looking around the hall and noting that it was empty before
leaning in and placing a brief kiss against his boyfriend’s lips. “I’ll see you
later then.”

            “Bye,” Cloud
said softly as he watched Zack walk away. He wanted to follow after him like a
puppy but he knew he was just being silly. But even so, it brought a smile to
his face. He made his way into his house sliding the door closed behind him
while removing his shoes.

His mother’s voice called from the kitchen.

            “Yeah, I’m
home,” Cloud replied just as Tama trotted over to him.

            “Oh good.
Dinner is almost ready. Where have you been all day?”  Natsumi asked while stepping out of the
kitchen and drying her hands on a dish cloth.

            “I was with
Zack,” was all that Cloud offered as he bent down to pet his cat. But that
seemed to be enough for Natsumi and she nodded her head.

            “Well your
father had to go to a conference so he won’t be here for dinner tonight,” Natsumi
explained, “I’ll let you know when it’s ready.”

Cloud began with a nod while picking up Tama, preparing to go into his room
until dinner was finished.

            “Oh yeah,”
his mother started while walking into the living room and picking up a letter of
some sort from the table. “This came for you. Elena delivered it.”


out Cloud took the envelope from his mother and stared at it. The only thing on
the envelope was his name and that was all.

            “She said
to make sure you got it. Were you expecting something?” Natsumi asked with a
tilt of her head.

            “No,” Cloud
said with a shake of his head.

            “Hmm,” his
mother began before turning to head back into the kitchen, “well dinner should
be done in about ten minutes.”

Cloud spoke quietly before walking back to his room and stepping inside. He
slid the door closed behind him before placing Tama on the ground. His eyes
remained fixated on the envelope and he was sort of a bit hesitant to open it.
Anything from Elena meant that the Shogun was involved. She was his assistant,
and he had no other reason to speak with her than because of Hojo. But he
hadn’t seen or spoken to the man since that evening at the dinner, not since
Angeal had come to get him.

            Turning the
envelope around he slipped his finger under the flap and tore it open before
pulling out a folded piece of paper. Unfolding it he held his breath, wondering
just what it was that he would see.

            I need to see you.

            That was it. No more no less. It
wasn’t signed but Cloud already knew who it was from anyways. But why? Why now?
His day had been going perfect…more than perfect. And then he came back to

down on the edge of his bed he continued to stare at the note. Was the Shogun
mad? More than likely he was since Angeal had practically ruined things for the
man. So what was he going to do? No, Cloud didn’t even want to think about
that. He wouldn’t put anything past the Shogun at this point. After learning
from Angeal that his dessert had been drugged at the dinner, he really didn’t
know what to expect from this point on.

            He thought
he could ignore it, that maybe in time maybe Hojo would just give up but…that
wasn’t happening. And after their last encounter…

            He suddenly
felt sick to his stomach and he quickly placed the note back in the envelope
before walking over to his closet. He opened it and put the letter in with the
package that the sketchbook had come in before closing the door. Somehow with
it there he thought it would be out of sight, out of mind. Even though he knew
that wouldn’t really get rid of his problems.

            “Zack,” he
said quietly to himself. He had half the mind to go to the conference himself
to drag his boyfriend away and tell him everything that had happened. Because
at the moment he didn’t know how to handle this by himself. He probably
should’ve told Zack from the beginning but…he didn’t want to worry him. He
still didn’t want to but…he just didn’t know.



Authors Notes: Here
is Chapter 8! It heavily focused on Zack and Cloud and their love! I just
thought it would be nice for them to finally have their moment considering all
of the drama that’s been going on around them, they needed some sexual healing!
(Oh yeah, and as for the polish, that’s the polish for swords and stuff…I just
forgot the exact name. Got to use what’s around yeah?) Lol. But alas, in the end,
Hojo still rears his ugly head. Is Cloud going to try to handle this all on his
own and keep Zack out of it? Hmm. Well, until next

















































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