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Gaia’s Children

Tifa groaned, they were going to kill her if they didn’t stop, but since they had found her they had barely stopped to eat or sleep.

It had all started, oh, five days ago, when she had had a fight with Cloud and gone to visit Aeris’ church in tears, well, a fight wasn’t exactly accurate, massive blow-out more like. With the end of the three clones and DeepGround plus Cloud’s return to normal society, Tifa thought they would have reestablished their relationship.

And so they did, until one day Tifa coped him in bed-with Yuffie of all people.

When she confronted him, asking why when they were together, he laughed in her face “what, you think I’m going to live the rest of my life in an dingy room above your bar!?” He pulled Yuffie up to his side possessively and grinned “Yuffie can give me stability, a future.”

"What sort of life, You're not Wutain, her father won't let you marry."

"I'm the savior of Gaia, I saved this piteous planet more than once. Who wouldn't want the savior for a son-in-law."

“What so we’re just.....”

“Fuck buddies. What you think I love you, please” he snorted “I HATE you. You made the mistake of helping me get my memories back. I remembered how you were always such a bitch to me when we were children, how you turned the village against me for something not my fault. There is no way IN HELL I could even care about you for that.”

“What so you’ve just been stringing me on, using me.”

Cloud’s grin widened.

Tifa fought to hold the tears back as she spoke “Zack would be so sickened by you, what you’ve become.”

Cloud snorted “I’m living the life Zack always wanted, just like he told me too.”

Tifa was so disgusted by him “get out, take your property, your ugly bike and your slut and never set foot in Midgar again.”

“Gladly” he guided Yuffie away with him to his room.

But before they left, to rub it in her face, the two had sex again one more time in his room, LOUDLY, before making an production of smugly leaving.

The last Tifa saw and heard of them, they were speeding away laughing on Fenrir.

Instead of opening the bar like she normally would, Tifa went upstairs to cry herself exhausted then dropped off to sleep. She woke up in time to meet the kids-returning from their lessons-and woodenly told them she was just going to visit with Aeris before leaving to their solemn knowing faces.

The fact the two knew or could at least guess only made this harder.

By the time she reached the ruined church and the spring there she was running on empty emotionally and physically.

The old building had always left Tifa with a sense of safety and serenity, but now it did little to lift her spirits or her heart. She tried to ignore the slight masculine sent of Cloud and the evidence of his once-campsite there and collapsed to her knees beside the side of the spring, the last traces of her tears running down her face, to drip into the still water there.

“Why?” she whispered to the reflective water “why did you do that to me, Cloud? I thought you loved me, I thought we’d be together. I thought you knew I loved you and had since the moment I first saw you when we were children.”

“You were right, brother, she is perfect.”

Tifa spun to find three figures behind her, both familiar “YOU!” she tensed, ready to fight.

The youngest held his hands up in an warding gesture “wait! We’re not here to fight. In fact we no longer want to hurt anyone!” He then muttered angrily "except maybe Cloud."

“What do you mean?” she froze but didn’t relax.

“We’re free of the madness from before, the madness that infected our brother. Will you allow us to explain? We only want to talk to you.”

“Talk” she said. When he motioned her to sit down on the nearby pew she didn’t react. He motioned again “please, it’s long.”

Reluctantly she sat, the three sitting opposite her, the oldest grinning dumbly at her until the middle one slapped him playfully “stop that, you’re scaring her.” The childish frown reminded Tifa so much of Denzel when he didn’t understand what he did wrong.

The youngest spoke almost immediately “Jenovah wasn’t always evil, in fact she isn’t now.”

Tifa snorted “yeah, right.”

“She wasn’t some world devouring criminal from another planet. She was the spirit and life of another world, just like the lifestream. Her planet was destroyed and she ended up on an chunk of it thrown to this one. Because this world already had an spirit the lifestream took it as an type of invasion, setting her warriors-the Cetra-onto it and her for no real reason. It wasn’t her fault her chunk of world landed here and she just wanted to live.”

“The Cetra locked her into the body of an cursed Cetra and then trapped her in what we now call The Crator, can you imagine hundreds of years locked inside the body of a human, a human full of hate and jealousy and all other human emotions, how do you THINK she would turn out?” The middle one said.

“So you’re saying Jenovah was just like Gaia until her world was destroyed and she was tainted by human emotions?”

“Not just those of the Cetra she possessed. Next comes Hojo and his experiments, his lies. When did that bastard ever tell the truth? He manipulated everyone, even long after his death, you know that.”

Tifa had to reluctantly agree with that.

“And think about it” the middle one added “all that genetic material and such used to create Sephiroth and us was that cursed Cetra, NOT mother. She was nothing but an spirit trapped inside a body.”

“When Sephiroth died, not only did that cetra’s soul and genetics return to the lifestream, contaminated as it was, but mother was freed. The Stigmata was the lifestream’s attempt to wipe that cetra’s genetics from the face of the planet. The lifestream merged with mother’s true spirit, not only becoming one with her, but making Gaia something new, something pure. With her consent Mother was able to return us here, clearing us of the taint of that cetra and gifting us with her love and a new purpose. We are no longer Sephiroth’s remnants, we are Mother Gaia’s children.”

The three together leaned into the nearby sunlight coming through a broken window, reveling their true looks to her for the first time.

While all three still bore their original features, their eyes, hair, skin and clothes had changed. Instead of black leather they wore cool colors of blue, white and brown, somehow making Tifa think of earth, sky and snow. Their once silver hair was a pale yellow, reminding her of sand. Their eyes were still the green of before, except it was darker, reminding her of grass. Their skin color had darkened slightly and she was surprised and awed by the thin treads of pale green snaking along their bodies under the skin, the brightness reminding her of the color of mako-or rather the lifestream itself.

Almost like their veins were filled with mako instead of blood and she saw it in areas because their veins were closer to the surface in those places. Oddly the sight of those lines along the skin of their cheeks and from the ears up to the temples only made them more fascinating, and attractive.

They looked just like they claimed, children of the lifestream mixed with Jenovah.

It wasn’t just their looks, they eluded love and safety, something she hungered for right now.

“Wh....what is your new purpose?” she asked them.

“I’ll show you” The youngest leaned forward to her, mouth pressing to hers as he pushed her back gently against the pew. His hands went under her blouse, fondling her breasts and gently tugging on her nipples.

Tifa’s breath caught in her throat. Helpless against the feelings surrounding her she kissed back.

Sensing movement she felt hands gently ease her skirt up and pull her pants down, gasping as a pair of lips and a tongue touched her in her most sensitive place while another pair pulled her legs apart wide, removing her shoes and socks and started to lick her ankles.

She never knew such areas as her ankles could cause her such pleasure.

The three worked on her and before she knew it the four of them were naked and while they worked on her she could feel two fingers probing her, moving back and forth, making her moan loudly and gasp, rolling her head in pure uncontrollable lust and pleasure.

The three helplessly brought her body to orgasm, crying out as she twisted and writhed, the pleasure going on and on. And when her orgasm ran down they kept it up, bring her to orgasm after orgasm as she writhed under their control of her body. Finally she cried out, grabbing the youngest’s arm tightly and pulling him to her face “please, please I can’t take anymore, please, I want to...please.”

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Please, gods yes, fill me.” she let her hand move down to between her legs and widened her legs invitingly.

The youngest moved around to lay on top of her, one hand stroking her breasts while the other gripped himself. Slowly and with great care he pressed himself to her wet opening and with one forward thrust he was inside her. She cried out at the feel of him stretching her out and filling her to bursting. The youngest moans and shudders before he locks mouths with her. As his tongue wanders into her mouth he begins to move inside her, filling and stretching her out each time he pushed in.

Hooking her legs around his hips, Tifa used her feet to pull him in deeper, moaning and every time his mouth left hers she would moan out “that’s it, oh gods, so good, so deep, please, take me, love me.”

“I do” he grunted with a deep thrust “we all do and when we fill you with our seed no one will ever have you again, you will belong solely to us.”

A little voice in Tifa’s head asked “what does that mean?” but it was drowned out by the pleasure and the thickness inside her. He began to speed up as his pleasure increased, pushing inside her, pushing her further and further into bliss until with a cry of “Nrgghh!” he had pushed inside one more time and filled her with thick white tainted with green.

After a brief rest he pulled away, Tifa moaning her protest, only for another shape to take his place. With a moan the middle filled her, moaning and kissing her with more fire than his brother. Tifa moaned at the change of pace, the speed and strength more than his brother, bringing her perilously close to her peak before he also filled her and left.

Someone with big hands gently turned her onto her stomach, hiking her ass high so someone could fill her from behind, crying out as his huge thickness spread her out almost painfully, but the almost violent pounds inside her pushed her closer to her peak than his brothers.

When he too filled her, the youngest was there again, his desire returned and sliding deep.

For hours or even days there was an steady stream of pleasure and kisses, so many she lost track of time and not a minute went by when her body wasn’t filled. Funnily enough her body never felt raw or got sore and she always hovered on the brink of unconsciousness as the three continued deep inside her, but it  was always an orgasmic blissful type of unconscious.

Finally she was rewarded with a break and allowed herself to fall asleep.

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