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When she woke fully for the first time afterwards it was to an clouded memory of awakening partially  numerous times before to be fed  water and delicious fresh ripe fruit and concerned voices.

Now she took stock of her body carefully. She was wrapped warmly in some kind of fur, bundled up like an cocoon. She was sitting up on something firm but warm with something the same wrapped around her shoulders and against her left side.

She felt safe, protected and most of all, loved.

When she moved her head slightly the soothing sound of an regular thumping beat came to her ear, resonating through her entire body and not only soothing but relaxing her even more so she almost fell asleep again.

It wasn't until the knowledge of what that beat actually was occurred to her that she roused herself enough to open her eyes and look.

She was seated in the eldest lap, wrapped in an think fur, one of his arms around her shoulders, the other around her waist, yet she didn't feel trapped or cornered, quite the contrary, she felt protected, like he was shielding her.

He smiled down gently into her face and she couldn't help but smile back as he asked softly "how are you feeling?" concern for her well being in his voice.

She just smiled back and pushed closer and deeper into him, her head under his chin. Even as a small child in her father's arms and lap she hadn't felt this good, this safe, loved and protected. How had this started? They were once enemies, how could they love her so utterly? There was no way this was fake, these men couldn't fake this.

She must have spoken out loud because the eldest spoke to her "I don't know about my brothers but mine was the moment you faced me in that building. I remember you putting on your gloves with such a look of determination and strength that I respected you. As the fight went on my respect grew. Even then, maddened by the Cetra, I knew you were the one for me, for US. It's why I left you alive afterwards."

She looked up at him "but wasn't that because of Marelene's distraction and Clouds...." she choked on his name, but curiously it didn't hurt as much as before "....materia stash?"

He shook his head "it would have taken no time at all to end you then, even with all that AND my brothers calling me back. A quick shot to the head, an thrust of a sword through the heart and barely seconds gone by. But I LIKED you, respected you" he lowered his head but before he did Tifa saw the dusting of red on his face and cheeks as he mumbled "I wanted to see you again, perhaps outside my brothers."

Tifa smiled at this bashful admittance, he was so cute embarrassed like this "so you suggested me to your brothers upon your return. What was their opinion, or did you talk them into it?"

"They said they liked you too, just not as strongly as me. I told them all about the fight and they remembered you from later on and said we'd watch you for a while, just to see if you were 'worthy', but I knew you were. When they saw how mean brother Cloud was to you, sneaking behind your back like that, they began to watch you as a person. They began to respected you too. When we heard the fight and saw you come out so heart broken, Yazoo was afraid you'd do something bad, so said we had to tell you how we felt so you knew you were loved before you decided to do something bad."

She smiled gently at him "like kill myself?" He shrugged "I told them you wouldn't do such a thing to yourself, you loved life too much, had struggled to survive and make a better life for yourself and others too long, but they thought you were too upset and might do something bad in your pain" he frowned down at her "you won't hurt yourself will you? I know you....cared for him, but can't we be enough? Can't our love be enough? I know we aren't childhood friends or crushes, but can't we be there for you? Please?"

Tifa looked at him in the eyes and face, scrutinizing him, the level of his sincerity and honesty. He blinked at her, almost startled by the level of her solemn attention and scrutiny, before after a few long minutes he looked down, breaking eye contact.

Instead of taking this as a sign of dishonesty from the eldest, Tifa slowly smiled when she saw it for what it was, shyness. He was bold enough to tell her all this because he knew she needed to know, both for her heart and peace-of-mind, to keep her with them, not as their girlfriend but alive.

She needed to know someone really did love her. But when attention shifted to him-or more importantly his FEELINGS-he became shy and uncertain, like an bumbling teenager on his first date.

Because really that's what he was.

She smiled at him, thinking his reaction as cute, and leaned over, guiding his head gently up with a firm hand then leaned up to kiss him softly on the mouth. He reacted as if startled but began to kiss back, his arms tightening around her marginally.

She didn't know if she loved him or his 'brother's' yet, but all they had given her and obviously cared about HER enough to give her what she so needed it calmed her soul and gave her heart peace and she could probably start to love them for just that.

True love would come later, she was sure.

When she drew back slightly he let her go reluctantly and Tifa laughed a little at his reluctant look. Before he could think she was mocking him she turned an arm loose and reached up to gently touch the same spot her lips had been as if sealing a promise.

His delighted smile showed he understood it's meaning.

She pulled back from him slightly, enough to give her new surroundings a good look-over.

"Where are we?"

The two of them sat on a huge bed in an nicely sized and decorated room, wardrobe, bedside tables with candles on them and a chair with a small but packed bookcase, a closed door opposite them at the other side of the room. Actually, now that Tifa looked there was TWO doors, both opposite sides of the room, open open and she could see a bathroom inside.

The walls were wood, their pattern and the rooms design reminding her of an cabin. It looked hand made. The wooden logs in the walls bore an plant growing up and through it like an ivy, but the stems were an pale green while the leaves were dark green and shiny. It made the walls almost look natural-either that or like it USED to be a cabin, But nature was reclaiming it.

While she continued to look around her the eldest spoke "this is our home, we made it as soon as we returned with you in mind."

"What do you mean?"

"We created this place with mother's help and we designed it for you, with the hopes you would love it and stay here with us, as our lover-and more. We wanted a warm home, something yours, different from an dingy room above a bar" he blushed and mumbled "a place to raise a family. With us."

Before Tifa could speak her eyes followed the ivy to the ceiling, and her breath caught in her throat, all other thoughts wiped away at the sheer beauty.

Not an inch of the surface was visible. Instead she saw nothing but a 'carpet' of thousands of tiny white flowers interspersed by those dark green leaves so there was a beautiful soothing pattern of white and green, each flower baring an tiny black center.

She had wondered upon awakening where that subtle but fresh sent came from.

Each flower was open and facing down to her as if it didn't care it was upside down and was stretching towards the sun, towards her.


But how? Why?

"Do you like it?" he asked shyly and there was something in his voice and words......

She spun in his lap to look at him fully "YOU did this?!" When he nodded shyly she asked ""

"When mother sent us back, she not only changed our appearance she gave to replace those taken with the cetra's madness." He reached out to the ivy on the wall beside him, brushing his finger over it.

The plant moved and as Tifa watched an small white blossom grew out and opened to them. Deft fingers plucked the bloom from it, handed it to her before the same finger stroked the plants open wound.

Under his second stroke the 'wound' closed and healed.

Awed Tifa held the bloom to her and sniffed it, seeing the slight pain on his face from either hurting the plant or feeling its actual pain she leaned up and kissed him softly, slowly.

He had done this for her, made her an living tapestry of flowers and even hurt himself to make her happy.

She was starting to believe they truly loved her.

After the kiss they just sat there together for a while, content with their time alone before she asked hesitantly "where are your brothers?"

"Yazoo went to work and will get food and drink on the way home, Kadaj went to check on the children, he said he knew you'd be worried about them when you woke up."

Tifa frowned, so many things in that sentence confused her "Work?"

The eldest grinned "Yazoo and I work, have jobs. He may not look like much but Yazoo is an excellent cook, many restaurants make demands for his service. He can do things with herbs and vegetables you wouldn't believe. As for me...." he blushed and mumbled something.


Apparently he worked in an home for the elderly. He could lift and carry the elderly with gentle care the owners appreciated and the elderly seemed drawn to him, many treating him as an precious grandchild, although the owners appreciated that he never took advantage of them.

To Tifa it was obvious why. He had a child-like quality to him that anyone would be drawn too.

He reminded her a lot of an combination of both Denzel and Marelene, the gentle love and strength of Marelene but the boyish charm of Denzel.

"What about Kadaj? Does he work?"

Apparently the youngest worked part-time with children. He was so gentle with them and skilled many families called on him for babysitting after hours. He seemed to sooth them, calming a lot of the hyperactive ones down and they seemed to willingly do homework or go to bed, as long as he paid attention to them.

When he wasn't working with kids he was using his gifts from Mother Gaia to help others.

"And what is that?"

Mother Gaia had taken the mad cetra out of them, but given them the gifts of a cetra.

Kadaj could talk to all Gaia's creatures, humans, animals, summons, even monsters, he had persuaded some in nearby farm areas to stop attacking the humans or animals. Some even guarded this home.

Yazoo could cure sickness and heal, both humans and animal life, without the use of materia, potions or phoenix down, just by a simple touch of his hands on them. He could also dull pain and sometimes bring someone back, depending on certain factors.

Tifa thought it explained what had happened with the four of them, she had wondered why she had never got sore or hurt, as long as the middle one had touched her, she was fine. She dimly remembered his fingers on her foot and kisses on her ankles.

That explained it "what about you?"

HE could heal and stimulate the earth and communicate with plant life. When she asked what he meant by heal and stimulate the earth, he explained. He could walk through a desolate wasteland of dead contaminated earth and the area around him would slowly clear. Plants would spring up under his feet, spreading out around him like a carpet. Trees would heal and start to grow from ugly skeletons to full of leaves and fruit and life.

As if to prove it, he ran a finger over the outside of the blossom she held. The wilting flower seemed to perk up, the delicate petals fully opening in his direction it even seemed brighter and more vibrant.

Tifa smiled at it, at HIM. Could she be happy, truly happy living with these three men in her life and as an homemaker? Give up the bar and move into a home with more than one man and pop out babies?

Before she could speak or even continue her train of thought there came the sound of opening and closing doors and an excited voice called "we're back!"

"In here" he called back, Tifa heard two sets of footsteps, one fast and one casual and the door was flung open to.....

"Tifa!" her arms were soon filled with an brown haired child, clutching her close and sobbing in relief "I'd thought you'd never wake up!"

"Denzel?" she questioned in shock, hugging him back. She had never expected HIM to be here.

He nodded against he and held her tighter, apologizing for never telling her about Cloud and Yuffie, for his so-called adopted father's treatment of her, for not being there earlier.

Tifa murmured assurances back, comforting him as well as herself. When she pulled back slightly to look him in the face, he quickly looked away.

But not quick enough for Tifa not to see what was on his face.

"Denzel" she immediately seized his attention, grasping his chin firmly to guide it back. There across his cheek was an black mark, a bruise. "Denzel, who did this to you" when he didn't answer, just looked away, her eyes slid to the figure in the doorway "Kadaj?"

Immediately his eyes swung back and the boy protested "Kada didn't do it Tifa! He's done nothing wrong! He plays with me, pays attention to me! I've even got my own room!" He started getting excited "you should see it, it's so COOL! I have my own bed, and toys and desk and chair to study on and he even helps me with my homework! The other kids in class are so jealous, they think he's my dad and he's so cool!"

Tifa calmed him down "I'm sure it's great, Denzel and I'll come look later. I wasn't blaming Kadaj for it, I just wanted him to tell me what you wouldn't. I thought he would if you wouldn't."

"Cloud" both males said at the same time, the child's eyes sliding away again. Tifa froze, her grip still firm on the boy. "What about him."

"He is the one who hurt Denzel" Kadaj said "that's why I brought him here. He has no right to him after he layed a hand on him like that, but you do. He's your son whether you birthed him or not. Meaning through you he's ours too." Denzel beamed at him at this.

Tifa blinked at the boy, didn't he recognize him as the one who had controlled him before? If so, why was he trusting him now?

Turning back to the subject at hand she looked firmly at the boy "what happened? Why did he...hit you?!"

Denzel looked like he was about to cry, so Kadaj climbed onto the bed with them, arms joining hers around him, Loz stroking his hair soothingly.

Surrounded by comfort and safety the boy spoke "he came back just after you left. He said it was my fault you found out about him and Yuffie, that if I hadn't of forgot my school books you wouldn't have come back and found them together. He said it was MY fault he was thrown out and that we were no longer a family, that just because you coddle me, doesn't mean I'm anything special. HE found me, so he could do anything to me because no one gives a shit about an orphan like me" by the time he had finished he was openly sobbing.

Pulling the boy more firmly into her lap, Tifa surrounded him in the fur around her and the three's arms as she comforted him "he's wrong, Denzel, it's no one's fault but his own. HE was the one who decided to have an affair behind my back, HE was the one who broke us up. HE was the reason he was thrown out. You forgot your books, it wasn't your fault, I would have found out sooner rather than later."

Kadaj spoke out "you ARE special, Den, not just to Tifa, but us too, you're like a little brother to us."

Loz went on "of course you are. How many other people faced an Hell Hound like you did, and a kid to boot? Even the adults were running and hiding, but you didn't. You were incredibly brave."

"Really?" he looked up at the two males, one after the other. They both nodded solemnly. "I'm not a burden to you?" to this they shook their heads and Kadaj smiled "you're my playmate as well as my brother. Loz and Yazoo are too old to play games with me. I'm glad you came with me, Den."

Denzel smiled back tearily as he moved from Tifa's arms to climb in the youngest arms and lap, hugging him around the neck with an murmur of "I'm glad I came too."

Then he turned and sat in the teen's lap, one hand laced in hers while the others fiddled with the youngest's fingers in some sort of game she couldn't figure out, because both males smiled and every now and then Denzel would grin in triumph or huff in disappointment.

"Why DID you come with him, Denzel? Don't you recognize him?"

"Yeah but he said he'd bring me to you, and he did. Besides, he's different now and what he did wasn't his fault."

"What do you mean?"

"He was being controlled by that crazy lady, just like I was. I could hear her voice in my head. He told me the truth when he brought me here and I believe him. Besides, he even looks different."

This never occurred to Tifa, That all the time the three were running around hurting people while looking for 'Mother' they were actually being controlled by 'her'. Denzel had been under their control, and he had only inherited some Jenovah cells from his father. The three were fragments of Sephiroth, someone who had been injected with the cells since the moment of his conception, that would make him almost pure Jenovah when he was born-then Hojo had kept injecting him even after that. That would have made the three so rife with the mad cetra's genetics and DNA it was no wonder they went the way they did.

Denzel was right, they were no longer who they once were. Jenovah, the REAL Jenovah, after merging with the lifestream, had cleansed them and sent them back to have the life they SHOULD have had, the one Sephiroth might had had if it wasn't for the actions of that bastard Hojo.

She frowned at the boy "where's Marelene?"

"Her dad came and picked her up. He's reason Cloud was only able to hit me the once. He told me to tell you to take your time until you feel better, he's gonna spend some 'quality time' with Marelene. He said he'll 'take care' of Cloud for us."

"What do you mean?"

"When Cloud turned up after you left, I had Marelene hide in the office. While he was yelling at me I didn't know Marelene was calling her dad, telling him what happened and that she was scared of him and that he'd hurt me trying to protect her. Barrett dropped everything and came running.

He arrived just as Cloud hit me.

The next think I know, Barrett is bashing the crap out of him, calling him names and telling him if he ever laid a hand on me or scared Marelene ever again, he'd 'cave his face in so bad he'd be breathing through a god damned tube for the rest of his life'."

Denzel grinned at this "Cloud must have been scared, he didn't have his sword with him, 'cause he just got up and ran."

"What did Barrett do then?"

"He gently picked me up and sat me in a chair, then asked where Marelene was. I told him and he ruffled my hair and told me I was 'braver then some bastards out there' then thanked me for protecting her and went to get her. When Marelene saw my face she went all motherly and wanted to help me. I persuaded her to go with her dad though but they didn't want to.

That's when Kada turned up and said he'd take me to you."

Tifa frowned and looked at him "and Barrett didn't recognize you?"

He shook his head but Denzel spoke "he didn't. When Kada told Barrett everything, including how he and his brothers loved you and were helping you recover from what Cloud did to you, Barrett grinned widely and said 'tell our girl to take her time recovering and enjoy herself. Marelene can stay with me a while, we need some quality time together to catch up. I'll make sure she goes to class still and care for her.' He then went downstairs for a few minutes, then came back up, said goodbye and left with Marelene."

"What did he do downstairs?"

Denzel grinned "he left a note to the window of the barroom door. It said 'This bar is closed for a while you drunk bastards. Tifa is recovering from a broken heart. If you see Cloud Stryfe around, kick that lying, cheating, child abusing prick in the nuts for me, Barrett.'

Tifa groaned and buried her head in her hands with a moan of "typical Barrett. Now the whole town will know."

"But it also means people will know the truth" Loz pointed out, holding her close and tighter, the other two males joining him "he will no longer be treated as the hero he thinks he is, he may even loose business because of it. He may at one point in his past deserved all that attention, but it's gone to his head. He thinks he's above everyone else now, we could feel it starting even mad as we were. Why else do you think he was isolating himself from you all? It wasn't guilt or pain, he simply felt he was TO GOOD to be around lower class citizens like yourself."

"Like US" Kadaj added "it was also why he didn't join us."

"If more people knew about his actions, they would treat him like the scum he really is. If they did it would probably bring him down a couple of notches" a sudden evil grin spread across his face and Loz's face went vacant for a few long seconds before he came back with a 'shit-eating' grin echoed by his younger brother.

"What? What did you do?"

"The three of us share an connection in our minds through our shared genetics" Kadaj explained "we can talk to each other or call each other."

"Yazoo works in an posh restaurant. He has a LOT of people reliant on him as well as A LOT of people who have come to like him as a friend and trust him and in him. Even the Shinra heir. If he was to be depressed and complain to his friends and fellow employees about the way the woman he loves was treated.... well, let's just say by the end of the day not a single person in Midgar will see him as a hero anymore."

"And by the end of the week only the most isolated person or village will not know. Everywhere he goes, he will be seen as what he is or did, I would doubt even Godo Kusuragi doesn't find out."

Loz grinned at them "do you think Godo is going to let him stay after finding out what he did? Do you think he'll trust him with his only daughter? Do you think as a lord he'll let the one man hated by everyone on the planet to shelter on HIS land? Even if Yuffie stays by his side, he'll get rid of him, and no one else will let him in their village or home anymore or risk ridicule. He's lowered to the lowest life on the planet, worse than monsters, worse than Sephiroth."

"And when Zack and Aeris' souls next see him, they'll treat him the same" Kadaj said "because he deserves it."

"Yeah" Denzel nodded, face serious as he looked in her face solemnly "'cause he knew what he was doing and he did it anyway, he didn't care if he hurt you. Really he WANTED to hurt you."

Tifa wanted to protest that maybe she DID do something to deserve it, but looking in the boy's face she stopped those words. Denzel didn't deserve what Cloud did to HIM, but he did it anyway.

"Did you put anything on it?" Tifa asked.

"Yeah. After Barrett left with Marelene Kada took me to see Yaz at work. His friends and boss were so mad at Cloud and what he did they chucked him out and some of his friends sat me down and persuaded me to put some ice on it for a while." He grinned widely "they gave me this BIG meal and insisted I sit down and eat it in the kitchen so they could protect me if he came back."

Tifa was alarmed "Cloud was THERE!"

"He was in the dining area with Rufus Shinra." Kadaj said "probably trying a little damage control."

"We didn't know until Denzel wondered away, saw him and came back scared out his wits. He came and hid behind me, probably thought since we beat him in the forbidden Forrest we could beat him again if he touched him" he looked at the boy "of course we would, but we didn't need too."

"Why?" Tifa frowned.

"The head chef saw this and went out and told the heir he was always welcome but if he associated with 'child abusing scum' like him he would refuse to serve him, so would his other workers. Rufus Shinra seemed confused, he obviously hadn't heard yet so after Cloud was thrown out the head chef brought him back to talk to Den." An huge grin grew on Kadaj's face "afterwards he expressed an disgust in Cloud and said that from then on he wasn't going to 'sully himself' with associating with such a person. I got the feeling he liked Denzel and really respected you. He said he personally knew and understood what had happened with the power going to Clouds head, but he NEVER hit a child or had someone else do it or would have done to them what he did to you."

Kadaj seemed to suddenly remember something and pulled Denzel into his arms, starting to move away with him "come Den."

"Where are you going?" for just a minute Tifa was afraid he was taking him away from him.

"Den wanted to check on you as soon as he came home. He hasn't done his homework yet."

When Tifa looked at him the boy nodded, looking ashamed. Tifa reached out and stroked his cheek in comfort "you were just worried about me, I understand" she smiled and pat him on the butt "now go, don't neglect them again."

Denzel grinned, dropped out of Kadaj's arms and ran after the youngest. Tifa was surprised to be able to hear their muffled voices next door.

Content she would hear him if something happened, she snuggled back into the eldest arms and just wavered between awake and a light doze.

That was until the eldest spoke softly "are you alright?"

"Humm" she moaned sleepily "what do you mean?"

"You slept for a long time after we... you know. We didn't hurt you did we?"

Tifa laughed sleepily at his concern "I'm fine, you just exhausted me. Three healthy males and all their sexual needs can prove too much for one woman sometimes. As long as we don't do that together too often we should be fine."

"What do you mean?" she heard his frown and laughed again, typical male, worried about not being allowed to have sex at all "I don't mean only having sex occasionally, I mean having it together all four of us. We could have sex between two people regularly, take it in turns, but only between the entire four occasionally, like once a week or month."

"Oh" he sounded vastly relieved.

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