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Tifa's giggle was cut off when his mouth descended to hers in a long drugging kiss.

Her breath caught as his kiss deepened and one hand snaked under the fur to touch her flesh while the other cupped the back of her head.

The hand under the fur stroked her, making her breath speed up in desire, the other now moving gently through her hair.

When his hands moved to guide her down to lay out on the bed, opening her covering so his mouth could move to her body, she had to struggle not to moan loudly at the pleasure of the way his mouth could masterfully swallow one of her entire breasts and his teeth and tongue could tease just the right areas to have her writhing uncontrollably. When it moved to the next mound she swore she was going to die from the pleasure.

His left hand was stroking her stomach and slowly wondering lower on her body. She knew were he was heading, But was helpless to protest or spur him on.

How was it that these three knew exactly how to arouse and pleasure her? How could they know all her spots-even one SHE hadn't known about? Cloud had never been this good, instead choosing to arouse her only enough to get his own pleasure from her body. She had at the time thought she loved him, so that hadn't upset her as much, but was she wrong? Was that the warning sign that she had purposely ignored? Was he using her even then and she hadn't wanted to see it?

Even that first time with these three males she thought of as once enemies they had had her writhing in orgasms long before taking their pleasure from her-even then making sure she came with them. They had all asked permission of her before even entering her body.

For the first time Tifa understood. She had been so buried in her pain and grief she had let them use her, deep down something had been wanting to get back at Cloud, to thumb it in his face 'hey, I just slept with your enemy, all three of them, and they were good to, way better than you ever were. They made me peak over and over and over again. YOU only made me do that once or twice and even then usually by accident.'

But the three had been making love to her, showing her how much they cared and wanted her in their lives, but she had used them to get back at Cloud, she was so ashamed.

She was just like Cloud, he had used her cruelly and without thought or care for her feelings and she had done the same thing to the three.

"What's wrong?" the oldest drew back from their kiss, eyes widening in alarm at the sight of the tears in her eyes and face, reaching up to wipe them away "what's wrong?! Did I hurt you?! Should I stop?! Do you want me to leave you alone?!"

"NO!" she said this louder than she intended in her panic, wrapping her arms and legs around his body to keep him with her "don't leave!"

He frowned at her as he continued to thumb the moisture away "what is it then? I must have done something wrong to upset you like this."

"It wasn't you, or anything your brothers did."

The frown deepened into confusion "what is it then? What upset you like this while I was touching you."

She laughed slightly through her tears "one thing you should know about women, they never stop thinking, even during sex."

He smiled back "then I'll just have to try harder, won't I."

She smiled back and nodded, but when his mouth lowered towards her breasts again she quickly caught her breath and caught his head in her hands "wait!"

He frowned at her "what's wrong?"

She pulled him up towards her "I have something to explain first." He came willingly, laying so he was beside her, arms wrapped around her body and pulling her to lay facing him and pressed against his body, chest to chest. In the comfort and safety of his arms, she managed to sob out everything, everything that happened between her and Cloud, the cruel words and actions.

He just held her tighter, kissing her face and tears away, Not talking.

Then she told him everything else "I used you three, I used you to hurt Cloud, just like he hurt me."

"We knew" he said softly to her shock. She looked at him, startled "you KNEW!?"

"We knew. But you needed it, just like we needed to show you how we felt."

"But I used you!"

"We love you."

Tifa paused, blown by the truth of their feelings and actions. They really DID love her. They had let her use them to hurt her ex-lover, the man they thought she loved, just to be with her. She touched his face and leaned in to kiss him. They had given so much to her, for her, with wanting nothing in return other than her to love them and be with them.

She decided then and there to give them a chance to seduce her, to let herself fall in love with them, to give a life with them a chance.

The kiss deepened for a while until he moved away and back down, resuming his actions from before.

This time, accepting his feelings and attention made the pleasure all the more intense.

When he moved back up to kiss her lips again, she took advantage to reach down his body and touch him between the legs, stroking him there, smiling under his lips as he moaned against her mouth and started to move his hips in time with her hand.

She helped him shed his shirt and pants, touching the warm flesh and marveling at the way the green light of the makolifestream threaded through his chest and concentrated around his heart, placing her hand there and feeling the way the mako inside her seemed to call to the mako inside him.

It made her feel connected to the three somehow, safe and wanted, unlike she had with Cloud, and she suddenly realized she WAS connected to them in a way she wasn't to Cloud.

HE had been injected with contaminated man-PROCESSED mako, full of other drugs and such. Essentially nature mutated by humans, unnatural. Tifa had been enhanced by raw mako, pure liquidized lifestream, pure earth, pure life. So had the three. They had died the same as Cloud, but rebirthed just like her.

Was that the lifestreams way of connecting to her? Did the lifestream return them to her to give her a gift, the right sort of mate?

She had thought she was supposed to be Clouds light, his life, but he had rejected that, instead letting himself drown in his darkness and Tifa now knew Yuffie wouldn't stay long with him. Either she would recognize his darkness for what it was and leave or her father would separate them.

Tifa had felt like her light was crushed by Cloud's actions and that may have been his intent to snuff her love, but now she knew the truth, THEY were hers, her heart lifted in their presence and now knowing the truth her spirit soared. Add to that she had never seen Denzel so happy and content since he was first brought to her.

It seemed this was where they were meant to be.

Smiling happily at him again Tifa allowed him to remove her fur fully and the simple robe she wore underneath, fully revealing her fit and supple body and trimmed mound to his attention.

When he slid inside her finally she was already way past ready and willing.

When her orgasm hit her and he spilt himself inside her, her only sound was a long gasp of pleasure, joy, awe and release, watching the flowers above them sway towards them, as if sharing their love.

The two lay cuddled together on the bed hours later, sweat drying on both their bodies, occasionally sharing a kiss here or there, the oldest stroking her hair with one hand and the other stroking the small of her back.

That was until the eldest moved his arm and accidentally brushed the underside of her breasts. When she moaned in pleasure he grinned and flipped her onto her back again, settling himself between her legs and they started to kiss again and laugh between them.

They were just getting aroused again and ready for another round when a door slammed and they heard Denzel yell out "HEY, YAZ IS HOME!!" followed by another male voice with an excited "FOOD!! FOOD!! FOOD!! FOOD!!"

Both froze and laughed, their foreheads pressed together and looking into each others eyes.

"I suppose we should go out and join them before they eat everything" Loz smiled gently, trying to look disgruntled when her stomach growled LOUDLY, but ended off laughing at the impatient sound.

"I suppose" she agreed, echoing his laugh.

Reluctantly he climbed off her body and motioned at the open door "you can use the bathroom first." He motioned at the wardrobe "before she left with her dad, Marelene insisted on packing an suitcase of clothes for you. She didn't let Kadaj or Denzel help, insisting that as boys they didn't know what YOU wanted as opposed to what THEY wanted you to wear."

Tifa grinned as she climbed naked out of bed, wagging her hips teasingly at him then scooting out of the way and laughing at him when he tried to grab them and pull her into his lap.

"If you do that we'll never make it out to dinner" she laughed at his pained expression.

It all stopped when she threw the doors wide, catching sight of the things hung up there inside. Sure there was her normal casual clothes and a few things she wore out, but she also found others she had never seen before. Everything from casual clothes to the most beautiful gowns and outfits she had ever seen.

Slinky nighties, intricately designed evening gowns and even individually designed skirts, shirts and pants.

Eyes wide in wonder she turned to him "how.....why?"

He blushed in embarrassment "we bought them while we were waiting. Yazoo wouldn't let us purchase anything unless he approved them first, he said we had no taste. We thought..."

"You thought what?"

"We thought when you came to be with us you would want something familiar than your own style, but new to represent your new life. At least that's how Yazoo described it. He even added similar to what we wear."

Tifa nodded as she found it, an outfit similar to her last one, but the same white, blue and brown as them with enough features and differences to show a change from the past. After all, HER BOYS loved who she was, not just had been.

Tifa blinked and smiled, Her Boys, she liked that.

She had worn three major outfits in her life, each signifying a change or stage in her life. First-the Cowgirl outfit in her early teens, representing her youth and naivety, a time she thought she knew all and could do everything she wanted too, that was until Sephiroth showed her she couldn't, that she wasn't as good as she thought she was.

Second her white tank-top, shorts and suspenders, but as she matured she became uncomfortable with the constant attention on her developing chest area.

Third had been a mistake. The black outfit had been a show of solidarity with Cloud, modeled off his own and adjusted to HER tastes.

She wondered now if Cloud thought it was her hero-worshipping him and it contributed to his growing ego.

While she wasn't quiet ready to wear their colors yet, she was glad it was there for when she was, it was a promise for the future, a sign they fully intended for her to stay with them.

She continued to go through the clothes, looking for something to wear out to dinner, but not flash or too plain. She was about to give up when something right up the back caught her eye.

Reaching back she pulled it out with  trembling hands. "By all the gods" she breathed in awe and surprise.

"Like it?" he asked shyly.

She spun to look at him, outfit  clutched close to her "did YOU choose this?"

"Yes, but it was the only thing all three of us agreed on" he smiled "do you like it?"

She clutched it closer, almost protectively "I love it, I love it more than any other thing I've worn or seen in my life."

He laughed at this "you haven't even tried it on yet! It could be the most scratchy and uncomfortable thing you've ever worn!"

But she was determined as she grabbed some undergarments from the chest of draws beside the wardrobe "couldn't be worse than some of the things I HAVE worn. If I can get used to an skimpy cowgirl outfit barely in my teens and an tank top and shorts in my late teens....."

Something sparked in his eyes, interest and arousal "a COWGIRL OUTFIT?"

Tifa grinned widely, "oh, so THAT excites you, huh? Guess you didn't pick up that memory from Sephiroth huh? Oh well, too bad" when he gave a low growl at her, one part mocking anger and the other part arousal she giggled like a school girl and skipped off to the bathroom, slamming and locking the door behind her in his face and laughing at him when he pretended to be locked out and want in.

It occurred to her as she put the clothes down, found the necessary items, and began to run the shower that she and Cloud had never done this, just played like this before or even after sex. She had never felt comfortable enough in her sexuality to flaunt it and he had always been so serious.

Another thing the three had given her, comfort and confidence in both who she was and the way they saw her and felt, it was a relaxed atmosphere, like a real family.

As she glanced at the outfit she smiled, that was a good thing.

After dealing with all her usual routines to do with shaving, washing, shampoo and conditioning, deodorizing and brushing her teeth and hair she dressed in her undergarments and slowly picked up the outfit, awed all over again.

She remembered when she had first seen it in a shop window months ago. As an inhabitant of Sector Seven and the Lower Slums she had learnt not to wish for things she could never have, but that day, passing the shop window on the upper plate, she had learned to desire material things, had let herself yearn something she could never have.

But how did her boys know to choose this one? Did Denzel tell them when she was asleep, or was it coincidence?

Or did they SEE her staring longingly at it.

That was the thing, wasn't it. She didn't know how long they had been watching her. The incident with them had been a little more than a year ago, six months since DeepGround. Could it have been nearly that long since they were brought back? They would have needed time to built this home with all the amenities and get it furnished and settle in, figure out what they were doing and why, find her and start watching her, get a job and get established there, start building up their Gil stores, buy clothes and other things they thought she'd like and so on.

Things like that took long enough on their own but together...Tifa estimated they would have had to returned not long after they apparently died for that. Meaning they probably DID see her with the outfit.

Loz had said HE chose the outfit and his brother's agreed. That must have meant he was watching her that day.  She could imagine him watching her stare longingly at it, she could imagine him wanting to buy her the thing despite the high price-tag, arguing with his brother's over WHY, convincing them that SHE had actually chosen it, not him.

Made from Bandersnatch skin it was specially treated to be as tough and durable as leather and as protective as armor, yet as soft and beautiful as silk. Usually used for the dresses and coats of rich privileged women wanting protection from their rich husband's enemies, it was slowly making it's way down to the middle class due to increase in demand.

The color was green, not too dark to be mistaken for another yet not too light to be ugly it had reminded Tifa of her own eyes after her exposure to the raw mako.

Now it reminded her of her three boys, it was the exact shade of their MakoJenovah visible veins.

It consisted of an short skirt, mid calf length and hugged her like a second skin as she put it on, but bore a slit on the left hand side so  when she walked it would reveal peeks of the entire length-like an tantalizing show of what was usually hidden.

She smiled, it would drive her boys wild with knowing what was within.

The skirt also bore silver thread work around the bottom and along the slit in the side, as if to draw attention to it even more than before.

There was also a blouse and short jacket.

The blouse was simple but elegant with silver thread around the bottom and top to match the skirt, the center of the top dipping down teasingly to a point just shy off the center of her breasts, allowing her cleavage to be emphasized, but also hidden.

Lastly the small jacket was put over the blouse, the thin sleeves stopping just before her elbows and the sides just big enough to hide the spaghetti straps on the top and her shoulders, under her arms and stopped just below her shoulder blades.

Around her waist she wore an belt made of gold and silver links which was strong enough to double as a weapon if needed.

After pulling it all on she brushed her hair around her face and moved to the door, ready to leave after hanging out the towel.

She grinned when she saw the expression on his face, he was practically drooling. When she swagged her hips at him walking in he nearly pushed her out of the way rushing into the bathroom and slamming the door closed behind him.

Tifa sniggered at him, then wondered were her shoes were. "Under the bed, right side, in the draw!" he yelled back, voice a little desperate and tense.

Tifa outright laughed at him then yelped as something zipped out of the opened draw, flying into the air and seemed to disappear into the flowers and leaves on the roof.

She started swearing out loud and trying to track whatever it was, but it had disappeared.

"Tifa?" Kadaj's voice was at the door "what's wrong?"

"Something's in here" she said, trying to find the thing in the flowers. Knowing Kadaj probably knew Loz was in the shower she continued "stay there."

However, as if to defy her, the door opened and both of her boys stood there, Denzel by her side. They pushed Denzel back into the hallway and stepped inside, closing the door behind them, body tense and scanning the room. They moved to her side, flanking her "what was it and where did you see it last?"

"There" she pointed to the flowers "but I don't know what it was, it was too fast."

"Where did it come from?"

"It was inside the draw when I opened it. I don't know what it was doing there or how long it was there."

Kadaj and Yazoo relaxed "it Loz didn't sense it, it's not a threat. He can feel through the ground and plants around us. If it was a threat he either wouldn't have left you alone or got rid of it immediately."

Tifa was slower to relax, but did so "then what was it?"

"Look" Yazoo pointed to something poking out from between two flowers. A tiny feathered wing, like a birds.

Kadaj also relaxed "it's just Alyya. I had wondered where she had wondered off to."

"She must have been sleeping in the draw until Tifa opened it and woke her" Yazoo said "she DOES like hiding in tight spaces."

Kadaj nodded.

Tifa looked at them sternly, "WHO and WHAT is this.....Alyya?!"

"She was created the very moment Mother Gaia and Mother Jenovah became one" Kadaj explained "a new form of life. When we were sent back Mother sent her with us" he blushed and mumbled something.

"What did you say?"

"She is yours, Mother's wedding present. She said she is your guardian and guide. 'When the time comes you'll know what to do with her', that's what she told us to tell you."

Yazoo moved to open the door and let Denzel in, explaining as he did "it's just Alyya. She was sleeping under the bed and Loz didn't tell Tifa. She startled her and was startled back and now she's hiding" he pointed to the wing "see her?"

Denzel nodded and called out to the thing. All that happened was the wing was pulled inside, completely hiding 'her' from them.

Denzel continued to call out and Tifa was surprised by how gentle and soothing he sounded to it. This was a side she had never thought she'd see, the caring protective boy growing into a strong caring young man.

Slowly the petals moved and a face peeked out at them, looking all four over critically.

Tifa gasped at what she saw. What she saw was her own face, her own features with her boys skin, but GREEN hair.

The same green as the lifestream-or more accurately-mako.

More of the shape eased out of the covering, shocking Tifa more. HER face, HER body shape! It even wore tiny denim shorts and an white tank top!

It had HER body and face but the coloring and veins of her boys. If it...SHE had been created the moment that Jenovah's soul and the lifestream merged, she must have been some sort of template for the three. Tifa could see the tiny veins around the glowing center of her heart even through the tank-top.


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