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It was my first day in the blood splattered arena. The smell of dried blood filled my nostrils, it used to make me queasy but now I've got used to the putrid smell - I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing. The audience were watching intently to see whose blood would be spilled next. 

"Come on Strife. Don't just stand there, attack me. Or not. I don't care either way I'm going to beat your ass." My opponent Nikolas smirked as he taunted me.

"Not a chance ass hole." I spat back, narrowing my eyes at the large muscular man in front of me. I took a swing at him with my heavy sword, my rival tried to dodge the attack but my sword was sent slashing into his arm. Nikolas cried out in pain as he looked down to see the blood gushing out of his deep wound. I smiled to myself the pain he felt from my attack was actually satisfying me especially when it was him. His head snapped up glaring at me his eyes more icy blue than normal,

"You bitch you actually have the nerve to cut me!" I ignored his comment and charged again instead at his chest but his sword came up to stop mine in mid attack. I grunted as I was forced backwards. As I was temporarily winded I didn't notice that Nikolas had dropped his sword but what I did notice was that he was standing extremely close to me, his dirtied boots almost touching mine. I looked up at him out of my half lidded eyes, his rage visibly radiating off of him. I raised my sword to shove him off but my opponent grabbed my wrist before I could and with his other hand he wrapped it around my throat. I kicked at his body trying to get him to loosen his grip but failing.

"Alright that's enough Bolton. We have rules here in here and strangling is off the table." I knew that deep voice anywhere. Zack. I felt Nikolas move his hand away, I gasped for air as I clutched my belly, my violent gasps shaking my body. I noticed Zack had put a hand on my shoulder my body instantly heated where his hand touched. His body was so close to mine. That broad muscular body was so tempting as I noticed his breath tickling my neck making my brain almost turn to mush. I didn't dare look up into those intense mako eyes that were so often in my dreams. Crap now I'm remembering them - more importantly I'm remembering Zack... "You okay?" I nodded straightening up shaking myself from the erotic images crossing my mind. I needed to leave. Zack couldn't see me, at least not like this. I turned towards the exit but Zack grabbed ahold of my wrist preventing me from doing so. "You sure? You don't seem like it..." He trailed off his sexy voice deepening further. No duh Zack, I have a problem to take care of because of you, of course I'm not okay. I pulled my hand out of his grasp probably with a bit too much force. As I rushed out the door I called back,

"I'm fine. Stop your worrying you're beginning to sound like a mom." I chuckled despite having the certain problem in my pants.



Now back in my dorm I noticed that Kaiden wasn't back yet and I took full advantage of this opportunity. I locked the door behind me padding my way over to lie on my bed. I looked at the bulge in my pants, Shiva I felt so ashamed. But I still carried on anyway needing nothing but release. I unbuttoned my pants and began to pump my hard member recalling the dream.

Zack pulled down my boxers tossing the inconvenient fabric away. His intense gaze almost made me cum right there. He nipped at my neck leaving a bite mark not caring if any other soldiers or cadets would see. He nibbled and licked my nipples earning a low groan resonating from my throat. His head slowly began to dip lower, his tongue leaving a trail of searing heat across my skin. The raven haired boy took in my member all at once, his mouth wrapping around it. My hips bucked as his tongue licked me sending more of my member into his mouth. The heat in his mouth made me cum hard into...

My hand. I sighed as I suddenly felt the regret slipping in. I was using Zack as my own personal porn material. I mentally hit myself. I was barely able to control myself around the handsome man. His raven hair falling in front of his face in such a sexy way that exaggerated his blue eyes made me just want to attack him. My thoughts were interrupted as a knock pounded on the door. I shoved my softening member back in my pants buttoning the trousers back up.

"What gives cloud? Are you tryin' to get rid of me by locking me out?" The red haired boy pretended to pout as cloud opened the door to let him in. I chuckled softly, he was the opposite of me very over dramatic and confident especially at getting girls. Where as I had to resort to male boss porn material. Yeah, adding boss in there made it seem much better Cloud, I sarcastically added. Kaiden looked at me suspiciously like he knew what I was thinking about. Well to be more accurate who I was thinking about. "Did something happen today?" My heart began to beat faster as his deep green eyes stared intently at me.

"What do you mean?" I managed to get out of my now very dry throat. Kaiden was in no rush to answer as he made himself comfortable on the bed.

"You look worn out. Did something happen to you?" He tilted his head quizzically pressing for answers.

"Nothing really but I spared with Nikolas today in the arena." I replied thanking Shiva that I didn't sound like a total liar. Kaiden's eyes widened as he asked excitedly,

"Did you beat him?" I smiled at our mutual hatred for Nikolas - I'm glad someone understands and could see through the handsome face that I hated to admit Nikolas had. I shrugged in response not wanting to get into any details. I heard Kaiden sigh as I reached my drawers to grab some clothes for my much needed shower. "You need to work on those people skills of yours otherwise you'll never get a girl." He said half joking but in truth I didn't want a girl. I was ashamed to admit that what I wanted was a man, a big broad and muscley one to to make things worse. Ever since I was a kid people shunned me for not just being the so called runt of the pack but also for being gay. So I told no one. I put up walls around me to try and ignore the hunger but Zack just kept bringing it out.

"Shut up Kaiden." I replied back jokingly.

"How many times have I gotta say it? It's Kade. Or at least for you it is, my favourite room mate." He laughed mischievously.

"I'm your only room mate." I pointed out joining his laughter.

"Cloud, why do you always have to prove me wrong?" He pouted while grabbing a magazine from the side table.

"You shouldn't make it so easy." The red haired teen looked up from the magazine and put on an over exaggerated shocked face.

"Did you just... did the cloud just have good social skills? I'm so proud you've learned what I've been teaching you." He wiped and invisible tear away from his eye.

"Teacher my ass."

"And the smart ass is back." I chuckled, Kaiden was the only one who would talk to me this way, the others seemed to take my quiet feisty nature as rude and overbearing. Not that Kaiden minded as he was pretty much the same minus the feisty.

I pulled my pyjama top over my head as I finished my hot shower. My hair still damp stuck to my face the rest was unruly but not quite like it's usual state which was always sticking every way but down. My baggy bottoms were too long for me as they pooled around my feet. I sighed cursing my height. My height had always been an issue not just with clothing but with sparring aswell, the only thing that was good about it was that it made me faster so I could injure my opponent more quickly. I turned to look in the mirror seeing how bad my injuries were. There were light impressions left from the burly man's grip, I traced over the marks feeling that they were tender, I gritted my teeth to prevent a hiss from escaping. I walked back in the dimly lit room nodding at Kaiden as a good night curling up in my bed, the bed's springs almost impaling my body; my eyes stinging with tiredness. Despite the metal, it didn't take long for me to drift asleep and fall into my fatal erotic dreams of the sex god Zack.

Authors Notes:

This was just to set up the scene for the rest of the chapters, I've introduced pretty much all the main characters for now but some may or may not be added along the way depending on how lazy I am.


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