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I've been through months of training for this moment. I've ignored all my nightmares and told no one of them for so long but this is my chance to prove them wrong. To prove her wrong.

He threw a fist in my direction, I dodged quickly but with the next hit I wasn't so lucky. I felt my shoulder take most of the impact, the heat spreading along and up my body. I kicked my leg up high sending my steel toe capped boot into his ribs, he doubled over cradling his stomach letting out an,

"oomf." The crowd cheered pumping their fists in the air greedy for blood as the bored judges scribbled down on paper. 

I snuck a glance at Zack who nodded slightly giving a small smile at my momentary victory.

Nikolas charged. His fury spilling out of every pore in his body. I threw up my forearms as a blocking defensive, but he slipped to the side, pushed my elbow down and away, grabbing the back of my head, and rolled me into the floor. He smashed an elbow into the side of my skull, the soft spot high on the temple. The pain vibrated my teeth. I absorbed the hit, swallowing the pain. I was on my feet wiping the sweat off my forehead, watching the man rush toward me in slow motion as my heart pounded loudly in my ears. I could practically hear the blood rush through my shaking body. He reached under his sweat-soaked shirt. Whatever was in his hand reflected the light. 

I didn't try to stop the gun; I rolled my hand under the man’s wrist, drove the man’s arm over and back, and pulled him backward and down. I had the gun before Nikolas slammed into the floor, and hit him on the forehead with it two hard times. He grunted, and went limp. 

When I stood back, his eyes slowly shutting, the gun clattered from my hand and skittered out of the arena. 

"Who the hell let him in with that!" 

I felt my legs give out beneath me, landing on my shoulder I scrunched my eyes begging that the judges would let this slide.

"What's going on?" A voice called from far away.

Badly bruised, lacerations, and at least one of my teeth has probably been knocked out. I took a deep breath. My rib cage sent a sharp jolt through my body causing my breath to hitch. I inched my arms under me and pushed myself up on my hands and knees. My head swam. 


"Oh shit."

I felt my stomach tighten and I threw up. I stayed that way for a bit, on my hands and knees with my head hanging, like a winded horse. My eyes focused a little better. I could see shapes of people running towards me. I crawled closer, got hold of the barrier and slowly got myself upright. 

Everything blurred for a minute, then came back into focus gain. I inhaled some more and felt a little steadier but I was wrong. I fell back to the floor as I let go of the barrier. 

"Cloud! Cloud, can you hear me?" The faint ringing of Zack's worried voice was the last thing I remember.



My burning hands slid across what felt like soft sheets beneath my battered body. I groaned feeling a nip to my thigh followed by a husky voice calling out,

"Cloud." The man's hand glided up my thigh and cupped my hips. I was dreaming of Zack again, Shiva I have to stop these perverted dreams. 

"Glad to see you've finally woken up." 

Holy shit.

This was not a dream.

My eyes bolted open looking down to see the culprit. Nikolas' green eyes stared up into mine. That's when I realised that I was naked, very naked. 

Nikolas didn't move an inch as I pushed his shoulder away.

"What the hell are you doing!" I screamed out, panting as the energy soon drained from my body. He smirked knowing that in my state I was definitely weaker than him.

His voice sounded low,

"Not so loud or people will hear you." It almost sent a jolt up my body but I forced myself not to feel it. His bruised face came closer to mine, so close I could feel his warm breath tickling my face. Why am I not repulsed by this god dammit. I cursed my perverted body.

"Now getting back to business." He whispered. With a bite to my ear lobe he began to move down to my neck licking and pinching at my burning skin.

"What business?" I asked quietly through gritted teeth. My mind raced. Why was this happening? It's wrong.

Nikolas looked away pushing back off my body, placing his hands either side of my head. I felt trapped, like an animal in a cage. He sighed heavily as his broad shoulders dropped. 

"You've been ruining my life and now..."

"What the hell are you talking about? How on earth have I ruined your life?" The confusion hit me like a brick wall. Nikolas grabbed my shoulders, squeezing them tight looking down at me. His eyes were clouded over. Licking his lips nervously he finished,

"You've taken everything from me..." He shook his head, letting out a shaky breath. "Soldier, my glory, my life, my everything." His eyes locked with mine.

"And you're on top of me, why?" Nikolas scowled at the bitterness in my voice. His face moved closer, inches away from mine.

"You're so slow Cloud. Have you not figured out yet..." He bent down sucking on my nipple stretching and squeezing it between his teeth. "What I'm going to do to you." I cried out wiggling under his body trying to not let him feel my erection. My eyes widened. No. I didn't want this, this is so very wrong.

"Let me go Nikolas. I don't want," a bite to my other Nipple broke my train of thought as I gasped. "This..." I managed to finish as my body shook beneath his. I kicked my legs up, throwing my arms out punching every part of him I could manage to hit. It was useless, I was pinned down. I felt his hand slide down my body to grad hold of my straining member. I grunted as he sent a wave of extasy over me. He licked the drops of precum that leaked from me and down my shaft. I grabbed fistfulls of the sheet beneath me as he swallowed me whole. I was about ready to explode as he swirled his wet tongue. God his mouth felt good, I was groaning like a bitch now. NO. I want this to stop. I could faintly feel a finger massaging the opening of my enterence as I thrusted my hips up, pushing further into his hot mouth. I could feel my climax reaching closer and closer.

But then the worst thing that could ever happen did - Zack walked in staring wide eyed at the lewd sight. He went pale.


Okay I know I've not posted in months... I kind of forgot I had this story going, sorry guys! 

Also thank you so much for over 700 views even though I've haven't updated in ages!! ^^

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