Stand By Me

BY : Mr. Benzedrine & MistahRoi
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Disclaimer: We do not own Final Fantasy, and we will not make a profit from this story.

Stand By Me 
Written by MrBenzedrine and MistahRoi


Hello, everyone! The Misters here to share with you one of our favorite pairings: PROMPTIS! Now, this won’t be your typical one-shot Promptis. This is going to have build up, sexual tension, and (gasp) plot! But don’t let that deter you. There will be plenty of humor, angst, and hot scenes. Are you ready to be taken on an in-game adventure that explores the complicities of Promptis? 

Summary: Gladio sees it. Ignis pretends not to. Hell, everyone around them knows - except them. Follow Prompto and Noctis on their in-game journey as they discover the tension between each other is far more than normal best friends. It’s unresolved sexual tension. A slow burn full of Promptis, humor, and angst. 

Disclaimer: We do not own Final Fantasy or the characters. We just like to play in the world from time to time. 

Rating: E for future chapters. Yes, there will be smut and naughtiness. You’ve been warned. Oh, and lots of violence and angst later on, too.

Prompto’s POV written by MrBenedrine 
Noctis’ POV written by MistahRoi 


“If you're lost in this darkness 
I'll carry your throne 
No, I won't let it swallow you whole”

Carry The Throne by Jon Bellion



Chapter One: Everything In Transit

“Your reign of tyranny ends here!” 
“Prompto, you got my back?” 
“Always, buddy!” 
“Great! Double flank. Gladio, you take the left, Prom - ah, what are you doing!?” 
“Sorry! Friendly fire!” 
“Come on!” 
“Get it together, losers!” 
“Shut up, Gladio.” 
“Heh. That any way to talk to your Shield?” 
“Maybe out there, you’re my Shield. In here, you’re my bitch!” 
“That’s Prompto’s job!” 
“One more good push…!” 

Knock, knock. “Would anyone care to help me with dinner?” 

“On it!” 
“Yer both pathetic. Watch how it’s done.” 

Ignis cleared his throat. “ Ahem .” 

All three men turned their attention from their phones to the man standing in the doorway of the camper, his eyes scanning between Prompto, Noctis, and Gladiolus with sincere scolding. “Did any of you hear me?” 

“I did!” smiled Prompto, nudging Noctis in the ribs. “But, uh, vegetables are really Noct’s thing, aren’t they?” 

Beside him, the onyx haired prince threw his head back on the sofa dramatically, making strangled, gurgling noises. “Veggies! Iggy, how did you only...weakness…” 

“No! Noct!” Prompto flounced on top of Noctis from beside him on the sofa, his head resting against his friend’s chest; he could hear the subtle heartbeat behind his ribcage as he placed the back of his hand over his forehead. “Don’t die on me! But if you do, does that mean I get your collection of nudy mags you keep stashed in your duffle bag?” 

“I -uh- that’s not-”

Prompto laughed, Gladio chuckled, but only Ignis remained stoic. He rolled his eyes, unimpressed, before asking Gladio, “And you?”

“I had a cup of noodles when we got here. I think I’m just gonna pass out and call it in early. - Wouldn’t be fair to take the credit for a meal I’m not gonna eat, would it?” 

Ignis, to his credit, kept calm as he sighed and stepped back out of the camper, muttering over his breath, “Dinner will be prepared in fifteen!” When the door shut firmly behind him, it took the men a moment to sober between their childish laughter before Gladio shifted and got to his feet. “I wasn’t jokin’ when I said I was turnin’ in.” He gave a stretch, his arms touching the ceiling; such a large man was never meant to be in such a cramped space. 

“You’re missing out, dude,” said Prompto, realizing his head still rested on Noctis’ chest. “Ignis’ cooking is the highlight of the night!” He wondered why Noct hadn’t shoved him off yet, but he figured it had something to do with how comfortable they were with each other, being best friends and all. He stared up at Noctis’ jaw and watched the prince curl his arm around Prompto’s face -- to hold his phone up so he could continue to play King’s Knight. Prompto shrugged, unlocked his phone, and began to play as well. 

“Dammit, we have to start the whole mission over,” Noctis grumbled. “Leave it to Iggy for perfect timing. -Speaking of timing, I gotta take a leak.” He glanced down at Prompto and gave him an expectant look; the blond realized he expected him to move, and he did so, albeit with a slight grudge. He had been comfortable, damn it. 

“Remember, Noct, if you shake it more than twice, you’re playin’ with yourself,” he encouraged as Noctis stood up from the couch. For good measure, he swatted Noct on the ass and made him yelp in surprise before Noctis spun around, smacked his friend on the back of the head, and smirked. 

“I’ll keep that in mind.” 

“Should I leave the camper to give you two some privacy?” Gladio quipped, sleepy but amused. 

Normally , these kind of jabs at the pair’s close friendship left Prompto snorting into his shoulder and slinging an insult back in Gladio’s direction. Normally , these sort of things didn’t get under his skin. But normally, Prompto didn’t get a weird, stirring movement in the pit of his stomach at the thought of being alone with the prince. Tonight, however, boded differently. Maybe it was just because they were all out together on a road trip, free of all college-level exams and allowed to do whatever the Hell they wanted. It was like the infamous sleepover all the kids talked about in school but Prompto never had. Maybe this twist in his stomach was excitement.

Noctis rolled his eyes, not even bothering to give Gladio the time of day. He shuffled his way to the bathroom in the back, careful to step over the piles of clothes Ignis had washed and sorted into various colors. When Noctis disappeared, Prompto shifted his eyes over to Gladio, who had the biggest shit-eating grin spread across his wide face. 

“Yeah?” Prompto asked innocently. He didn’t expect the next words to fly out of Gladio’s mouth. 

“It all makes sense,” he grunted, folding his arms over his chest. 

“What kinda cryptic message is that?” 

“You and Noct.” 

“Okay…? Care to elaborate?” The blond still didn’t get it. 

“Nah, I think I’ll just let the ass grabs speak for themselves.” 

Oh. Oh ! Prompto understood now; his cheeks flushed with warmth, and he choked on a little of his own spit, coughing and sputtering until he finally was able to clear his airway. When he did, he held up his hands and said, “Whoa, there. You got it all wrong, big guy.” 

“Yeah, I don’t think I do,” Gladio shrugged, still wearing his smug expression. “Let me ask you somethin’. You ever see Iggy and I slapping asses or laying on each other the way you two do?” 

Prompto’s face contorted into one of pure confusion. “Well, nah, but you two aren’t besties like me and Noct.” 

“Uh, yeah. We are.” Gladio slumped onto one of the bunks against the wall, the mattress groaning under his weight. “We grew up together taking care of Noct’s royally-pampered ass. That kinda bond runs thicker than most friendships.” 

Prompto felt the need to tuck his phone back into his vest pocket by this point; Gladio’s words made him anxious and confused. Why would he even begin to think Noct and him were...that way? Not that he cared if anyone was that way, but him and Noct? Nah. “We’re just friends.” 

“Well, yeah. Duh. Noct still hasn’t figured it out yet.” Gladio cocked a suggestive eyebrow. 

“N-No, I mean it, dude!” Prompto shook his head. “ Just friends. Seriously.” 

“Mhmm. Whatever you say.” 

The toilet flushed from the bathroom in the back of the camper, and Prompto felt like burying his face in embarrassment at the entertained expression on Gladio’s face as Noctis strolled back into the room, yawning. “Sleepy.” 

“Tell me about it,” Gladio replied, leaning back until his head touched the pillow. 

Noctis gave a long stretch, which tugged the hem of his shirt up over his abdomen, exposing the taut skin and shallow trail of stomach hair down past the band of his pants. Prompto was always one to notice these things, as he envied the lack of stretch marks on Noctis’ skin. Growing up hefty had left Prompto in a constant state of anxiousness about his own body, but he could always appreciate (and find himself jealous) of Noct’s seemingly effortless muscle definition. He knew it was silly to feel this way; Gladio kept Noctis on a strict training regimen, and Ignis kept Noctis fed with just the right balance of carbs, proteins, and vitamins (if Noct would ever eat his vegetables.) Maybe Prompto could take credit for a little of that definition - he always could make Noctis laugh. 

Realizing Gladio had caught him staring, Prompto instantly paled and exclaimed, “I’m, uh, gonna go see if Ignis needs help with the cooking.” He scampered out of the camper quicker than lightning and jogged his way over to the campfire, where Ignis was adding various seasonings to a pot of something that smelled positively delicious. “Hey, you need any help?” 

“As it turns out, I’m nearly through,” Ignis replied in a cheerful, but dutiful, tone. “Thank you, though, Prompto.” 

“Sure.” He sat himself down in one of the foldable camper chairs, watching Ignis ladle out a small bowl, dipping a spoon into it, and handing it to Prompto. 

“While I might not require assistance in cooking, I could use a taste tester.” 

“You got it!” Prompto grinned, taking the bowl. He chewed thoughtfully on some bits of potato and sipped on the broth before exclaiming, “Prompto approved!” 

“Could you taste the green beans?” 

“There were green beans in here?” 

Ignis smirked. “Perfect.” 

Prompto set his bowl aside, glancing back at the camper and thinking about Gladio’s teasing. He knew he shouldn’t let it get under his skin, but it was so hard not to when Gladio sounded nearly serious about it. He didn’t want to bring down morale by bringing it up to Ignis, so he yawned and asked, “You think Noct’s excited about getting married?” 

Ignis stirred the contents in the pot, adding a dash of paprika. “He seems more excited about being out on the open road, if we’re being perfectly honest with each other.” 

“Yeah, you can definitely tell he’s happy to be out of Insomnia - see the world.” 

“Indeed,” Ignis agreed. 

Prompto felt the weight of an awkward silence about to blanket them, but he wasn’t one for those types of things. Quickly, he added, to keep the conversation going, “Do you think he loves her? Luna, I mean?” 

“This union between Lady Lunafreya and Prince Noctis should have a positive effect on the kingdom, I would say, as well as the bridge between Niflheim and Insomnia. That is, if  we could trust the Emperor at his word.” 

“Yeah, but,” Prompto shifted in his chair, “Love, dude? You think they have it?” 

“It isn’t my place to say,” said Ignis. “However, I do think Noctis must feel something for Lunafreya, yes? They’ve been writing in notebooks to each other since they were children.” 

A painful reminder hit Prompto like a bullet slug to the back of the brain; Noctis would get married. Once that happened, who knew when he would see his buddy? It wasn’t as if he could tag along for the honeymoon, and after...well, Noctis would begin building a family, wouldn’t he? Marriage, a wife, kids ...Prompto rubbed his eyes, tired and solemn. For all of the excitement he felt for Noctis before, the realization that this road trip would only last a short time, and that Noctis would soon open a new chapter in his life, left Prompto feeling lonely and scared. Yeah, Prompto had Ignis and Gladio. Yeah, they were his friends, too. But not like Noctis. They didn’t get his puns the way that Noct did; they didn’t understand Prompto’s insecurities. And soon, he’d be left alone, again, to fend for himself. 

Of course, he couldn’t tell any of them his feelings. He certainly didn’t want to bring the mood of the trip down, and it’d been an honor to be invited to tag along, anyway. It wasn’t like he was trained to protect like Ignis or Gladio. The closest he’d gotten to learning how to fight was training at the gun ranges after school, trying to learn something of importance. 

“Prompto, would you tell Noctis dinner is ready?” asked Ignis, pulling him from his thoughts. 

“Y-yeah.” He stood up, strolled over to the door, and gave it a few hearty knocks. “Soup’s on!” 

Noctis, Ignis, and Prompto ate in a comfortable silence, occasionally filling in the holes with small talk about the different modifications Cindy said she could offer to the Regalia or what was on the agenda tomorrow. There were a few beasts up for bounty hunting if they were game, and Noctis expressed his excitement at trying his hand in it. 

“We will need to continue to diligently train if we plan to take on the larger bounties,” said Ignis as he gathered up the bowls after dinner to wash them. 

“Whadd’ya say, Prom? Up for some ass kicking?” asked Noctis with a smirk. 

“That an invitation?” Prompto grinned, reaching for the gun holster on his hip. 

“Bet I could show you a thing or two…” 

“Children,” Ignis muttered, amused, under his breath as he rolled his eyes and walked away, hands full of bowls, pots, and spoons. Noctis and Prompto cleared the chairs around the fire and made enough room to spar, but just as Prompto reached for his guns, Noctis leaned over and steadied his friend’s hand. Prompto felt tingles shoot up his spine at the skin-on-skin contact but ignored it. 

“There’s not really enough room for weapons,” said Noctis, eyes scanning the small space around the parking lot. “Let’s just try with our fists.” 

“Ah, come on! You know I suck at hand-to-hand,” Prompto whined. 

“Which is why you should practice , yeah?” Noct sent his friend a wink and backed off. “Look, I won’t even use any of my abilities. I’ll make it a fair fight.” 

“Ooh, lucky me,” Prompto said sarcastically, but kept his cheerful disposition as he shrugged. “Fine. But I get the first swing.” 

Noctis laughed. “You’re on.” 

They readied their stances, securing the buckles on their gloves and flexing their fingers. Prompto took a few mock jabs to the air before grinning. “Ready?” 

“Bring it.” 

“Ahhh!” Prompto charged forward, swinging wildly when he thought he was close enough to make contact - Noctis moved quickly, dodging him effortlessly before taking two clean swipes with his fists into Prompto’s back. Prompto cried out, surprised, and stumbled forward, landing on his knees. Wincing, he gathered up enough breath to groan, “Come on, man. Take it easy! We’re just sparring!” 

“You think a daemon’s gonna take it easy out there?” Noctis asked, sounding far too much like Gladio for Prompto’s liking. “Come on. Get up.” 

“I’ma gettin,” Prompto grumbled, scrambling to his feet and preparing himself again. “Just remember, not all of us had royal training, okay?” He squared his feet and prepared himself right before Noctis charged forward, barrelling into Prompto’s chest and sending them both toppling over onto the ground. “Shit!” Prompto’s head smacked the hard pavement, but he wasn’t given reprieve before Noctis began attempting to pin him down. Prompto might have been slight in size, but he was quick, and he used his abdominal strength along with his legs to spin the prince on his back and get two good slugs into his shoulder, though they were half-hearted. Prompto never liked hurting Noctis, even if it was just training. 

“That all you got?” Noctis chided before smirking and sending Prompto toppling forward into a roll that landed him on his back, staring up at the clear, nights sky. Noctis’ raised his fist, ready to strike, but Prompto moved out of the way just in time, and Noct sent his fist hurling into the pavement. “Damn it!” 

“Ha! S’what you get, Noct!” Prompto laughed. Noctis narrowed his eyes, determined, and tackled Prompto back into the ground, pinning his arms above his head. “H-Hey!” 

“Uncle?” Noctis smirked above him. 

Prompto stared at the small bit of sweat formed along Noctis’s brow, forcing his bangs to cling to his face. Here, in the heat of ‘battle’, Noctis had never looked more alive. He was made for this stuff; a warrior, through and through. Perfect champion for Insomnia. And here he was, pinning Prompto to the pavement with only half of his strength. 

Prompto felt small but, oddly, satisfied. He knew, no matter what Noctis decided to dish out, he wouldn’t hurt him. So he gave a sarcastic yawn and smirked right back. “That all ya got?” 

Noctis’ eyebrows shot up, in awe of Prompto’s cockyness. He laughed - the sort of laugh that said he was impressed but undaunted. He dug one of his knees into Prompto’s chest, weighting him down. Prompto groaned. There was a stirring inside of him, his blood pumping and pulsing down, down, down. There was something exciting about being pressed under Noctis, of being held down against his will. Images of a shirtless Noctis came to mind, still soaked in sweat and a hard day’s training… 

He realized there was enough of a firmness in his pants to notice the tightness. Shit. 

“Alright! Alright! Uncle!” 

Noctis hopped up on his feet, a wide grin spread across his delicate features. His blue eyes danced with delight. “That was easy enough.” 

Prompto waited until Noctis turned his back on him and let his guard down before he swung his leg out, like Gladio had taught him to, and hooked his leg against Noct’s ankle, sending the prince hurling backwards, his knees giving out from under him. “Here comes the Noct out!” 

“AH!” He landed on his back, next to Prompto, the wind knocked out of him as he struggled for breath. “Not cool, Prom!” 

All Prompto could do was laugh into Noctis’ shoulder and fist pump the air. “Hell yeah!” 

Laying next to his friend, thoroughly exhausted, Prompto felt at ease. If this was to be their final hurrah, he would make sure it was a good one. One last fun-for-all before Noctis grew up and moved on --without him.


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