Stand By Me

BY : Mr. Benzedrine & MistahRoi
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MrBenzedrine here to welcome you to chapter 4. I hope you like what MistahRoi and I have cooked up. More lemony goodness, more angst, more humor. I swear, this fic is so much fun to write. It really helps that I'm basically Prompto and MistahRoi is basically Noctis. Like, no joke here, people. We might as well be.

Episode Prompto, man. What a trip. My heart ached - but in the best of ways.

Yay to chapter 4! Here. We. Go!

And the crown it weighs heavy
'Till it's banging on my eyelids
Retreating in covers and closing the curtains
One thing's for certain, oh
A year like this passes so strangely
Somewhere between sorrow and bliss

Oh, who decides from where up high?
I couldn't say I need more time
Oh, grant that I can stay the night
Or one more day inside this life

"Too Much Is Never Enough" by Florence + The Machine

Chapter Four: A King's Duty


Prompto glanced down at the still shaking prince in his arms, surprised Noctis could so much as find a voice. He watched as Noctis untucked his head from against Prompto's sternum and peered up at him, blue eyes blotchy-red and full of despair. All of the rage in Prompto doused out, and a lump formed in his throat instead, a byproduct of realizing just how close Noctis' face was to his. Practically could... he quickly shoved the thought back down. But there was so much pain, so much loss peering up at him in Noct's gaze; he didn't want to see his friend like this. He wanted to take the pain away.

"Please...make it stop." It was as if Noctis read his mind, and Prompto's heart skipped a beat, caught somewhere between surprise and determination. Noctis grabbed Prompto's vest and jerked. "Make it stop, dammit." His voice shook with commanding authority but held a hint of urgency as he ground his teeth and pulled Prompto closer.

There was only one problem; Prompto didn't know how to make it stop. What in Eos could he possibly do to take away the loss of a loved one? He watched as a raindrop landed on Noct's nose and dripped down to his lower lip, sparking an idea. It wasn't practical, or logical, but neither was climbing up a cliff in the middle of a storm, either. Prompto never claimed to think logically, and so he slipped his hands up to Noctis' neck, tilting his chin and searching for any sign that this wasn't okay - he didn't find one. All he found was Noctis pleading silently with him. His thumbs danced gracefully along the strong jawline, trying to remember every touch to recall later. Prompto's eyes kept shifting to Noct's lips, unsure if this was the right thing to do. What if Noct didn't like it? What if he-

"Gargh, come here." Noctis yanked on Prompto's vest and sent their lips crashing together in heated need.

Prompto's eyes went wide, and his entire body went rigid. Noct was kissing him? Kissing him...oh, astrals, he was kissing him, and it was everything. It didn't matter that their lips were chapped, or that Noctis was maybe putting too much pressure into it. Prompto let the waves of temptation wash over him, soon relaxing in Noct's hold and slipping his hands up into the black, spiked locks he'd fantasized about gripping.

"Mmmf…" Prompto groaned against Noct's lips, prodding his tongue against the lower one. Noctis gave in immediately, impatient and needy, giving his friend the access needed to swipe tongue against tongue. He tasted like tears and heartache - Prompto knew those all too well. His fingers entwined through Noct's hair, tampering with the surprisingly soft tresses and messing them up.

Noctis scrambled into Prompto's lap in a heartbeat, his legs clamping tight around Prompto's hips as he began to move his tongue with vigor against his friend's. Prompto, now filled with an intense need of his own, moved his hands down Noctis' neck, shoulders, waist, all the way to the back of his hips and under the curvature of his toned ass. He never once broke the kissing as he pulled Noctis closer, groin to groin. Was this real? Could it be? Surely not. Surely this was all something made up in his head. But even if it was, he didn't care. He had Noctis all to himself, and Prompto was prepared to do whatever it took to keep Noct's mind from wandering to his sorrows.

"Noct…" Prompto hissed when Noctis' lips moved away from his own and found a content spot just below Prompto's jaw, making easy work of the skin there with his teeth and tongue. The blond dug his fingers into Noct's ass in response, finding it difficult to breathe. There was something so extremely hot about being out on a cliff where the guys could find their way back to them at any moment…

He lost all ability to think; his instincts kicked in, and Prompto quickly grabbed Noctis by the hips and rolled him onto his back in a fluid movement. Thud. Noct's back hit the stone cliff, knocking the breath out of him.

Prompto easily took command over the situation, climbing on top of Noctis and shifting so that his stiffened cock lined up against Noctis' pant zipper. He could feel just how hard the prince already was for him, and it thrilled him to no end. Bringing his hands to Noctis' wrists, he dragged them above the prince's head. "This what you want?" he whispered seductively, brushing the tip of his nose against Noct's.

Noctis made an impatient sound, moving to kiss him, but Prompto pulled back and smirked down at his friend. "Cut it out," Noctis growled. "Kiss me." He moved to shake his wrists free of Prompto, but the blond kept an iron grip, forcing his weight forward to pin Noctis down.

"That a command, Your Highness?" Prompto barely recognized the low, gravelly tone in which he spoke, so confident and full of prowess. A heavy silence hung in the air, thick with primordial tension.

Noctis' response was strained with uncharacteristic shyness, layered with an arrogance instilled in him from birth. "As a matter of fact…" He was trying so hard to keep his hold on the control, but it was obvious to both men who was really in charge. Dangerously, Prompto hovered his lips over Noctis' again, so that the prince could feel his warm breath, a distinct difference to the chill of the windy mountain air drenching them in the downpour.

"Yeah?" Prompto asked. "Where? Here?" He brushed his lips across Noct's but pulled away the moment Noctis moved to kiss him. "Or here?" His lips traveled further south to Noctis' chin, leaving feather light kisses that ended in tracing Noct's jaw with his tongue. Noctis shuddered beneath him, his hips rocking automatically, which only served to grind their pelvises together in exquisite friction. Prompto smirked, moving lower to Noctis' neck, marking him with delicate nips that turned into full blown bites. "Here?" he breathed huskily in Noctis' ear. His tongue darted out and licked along the shell, making his friend all-out moan. "Does the prince approve?" He didn't wait for a response, instead tilting his head and running his tongue down the wet, rain-splattered neck he'd dreamed of licking.


Smirking, Prompto brought his face back up and hovered it above Noctis'. "Yeah, buddy?" Slowly, deliberately, he kissed Noctis, giving him exactly what he wanted. Tongue met tongue, sensually moving and picking up speed, neither one interested in taking control. It was all about the exploration, the feeling. Once again, Noctis rocked his hips, this time causing Prompto's nerves to burn in a frenzy. Fuck yes, he thought. "Talk about royalty being needy," he mumbled between kisses. "Good thing I'm here, huh?" He moved his hips against Noctis' with deliberation, capturing Noct's lower lip between his teeth and nipping gingerly. One of his hands released Noctis' to skim down to the hem of Noctis' rain soaked shirt. Noctis, with his new freedom, immediately dug his fingers into Prompto's hair, gripping tight. That was okay by Prompto; he liked it rough. It only motivated him as his hand bunched the soaked material of Noct's shirt up above his navel and began to explore, tracing along every abdominal groove and rippling muscle. Noctis was thin, but not overly so, with enough definition to be felt beneath Prompto's fingertips.

Noctis wiggled underneath him, desperate for the contact, and Prompto eagerly gave it to him. He skimmed his touch up over Noct's ribs, remembering that he was ticklish only after Noctis laughed against his mouth. It was a minor setback, but nothing Prompto couldn't handle, because as soon as his fingers dusted over Noct's nipple, the prince fell into a quiet submission, panting heavily and leaning his head back against the rock behind him.

Prompto rubbed his thumb gently over the nub, eventually pebbling it. Noctis, it seemed, loved being teased this way, and so Prompto brought both of his hands underneath the shirt and began playing with Noct, letting his eyes wander down to the exposed skin of Noct's stomach, watching his breath rise and fall. Noctis closed his eyes, arms fanned out at his sides, completely lost in the sensations. His cock twitched in his pants, alerting Prompto to his ever-growing need.

Rain pattered on the cliff as it picked up, making both men shiver. The way Noct's bangs now clung to his forehead only served to make the prince that much more attractive to Prompto, who wanted nothing more than to feel their chests against each other, skin to skin. Eager to make his fantasy a reality, Prompto yanked at the bottom of Noct's shirt and bunched it up, muttering, "Lift up." It didn't take Noct long to figure out what he wanted and comply, raising his arms above his head so Prompto could rip the shirt off of his head and cast it to the side. When he did, he scanned his eyes over Noct's pale chest and deliciously outlined hip bones, greedily taking in every detail. "Fuck."

The corner of Noctis' lips quirked up. "Like what you see?"

Prompto swallowed, already starting to discard his vest. "Understatement of the century, Noct." Licking his lips, he peeled the thin black and silver shirt he wore over his head, hesitating only a moment when he watched Noctis' eyes begin to drink him in. Fuck it. He threw his insecurities out the window and finished removing the shirt, tossing it to the side. Noctis raked his eyes over Prompto's form, biting his lower lip in approval. His hands clamped down over Prompto's hips, nails digging in before he rolled his hips.

"Mmm…" Prompto shuddered as their clad cocks rubbed happily against each other. His pants were so tight, so restricting, but he wasn't about to complain, because when his hips started to move, Noctis moved with him, finding a gentle rhythm as they explored pressures and angles. There was something so liberating in feeling the rain beat against his back as Prompto leaned forward and caged Noct's face in by his elbows before stealing a heated kiss. Hips rocked. Both men groaned. It was bliss incarnate. When Prompto felt Noct's bare chest against his own, he nearly came. It seemed so juvenile to be on the brink at something as simple as skin-to-skin contact, but...damn it. He couldn't help himself. He had to steady his breathing and slow down his thrusts to calm himself down.

"More," Noctis growled, nipping at Prompto's upper lip. His hands guided Prompto, building up the friction again.

"N-Noct…" For the first time, Prompto felt the control slip through his fingers. His forehead rested against Noctis', and he closed his eyes, sighing softly.

"Eyes open for me," Noctis commanded, jerking his hips and making Prompto all out moan. "I wanna watch you."

Blushing, Prompto brought his eyes back open, meeting the prince's intense, yet affectionate, stare. Prompto wasn't the only one shaking; Noctis' fingers trembled as they moved Prompto's hips again and again, grinding their cocks together slow and sensual. By Shiva, if Noct kept this up…

" close…" Prompto admitted. "Mmh, Noctis...fuck…"

"We got ourselves a moaner in the backseat, Iggy."

"Gladio - what are you - I'm trying to drive. Sit back down."

"Mornin', sunshine!"


Prompto awoke with a start as he felt his head pushed from the comfort of the cushioned headrest and onto something firm. "Ungh." He pried an eye open, staring up at the moving sky. Noctis slept idly above him, one hand propping his chin up against the door, both eyes closed in dreaming bliss. It was only then that Prompto realized where his head rested: in Noctis' lap.

His eyes darted over toward the front seat, where Gladio was smirking. Great. It was all a dream.

"Dude...did you just shove me?" he groaned, rubbing his eyes. "Not cool."

"You want Noct wakin' up to hearin' you moan his name?"

Prompto's eyes went wide as he shot straight up, scrambling to remove himself from Noctis completely. When he was safely on the other side of the Regalia's back seat, he kicked the back of Gladio's seat and muttered, "Was not."

"Heh." Gladio turned back around, thoroughly satisfied. "Might wanna take care of that problem in yer lap while you're at it."

Prompto glanced down, noticing the tent in his pants. "For real?" He crossed one leg over the other, painfully trying to pretend that he didn't have a raging hard on. One quick glance over at the still sleeping Noctis later, and it ached with the need for release. "How f-far are we from meeting up with Cor?"

"Not long now," answered Ignis.

Slumping down in his seat, Prompto closed his eyes again. Two days had passed since the fall of Insomina, and yet they were no closer to getting answers than they were that day. Cor wasn't in Hammerhead as planned, and now they were on their way to Leide on the Marshal's orders. It wasn't typical for Prompto to take the back seat with Noctis, but ever since that moment on the top of the cliff, where Prompto had held Noct in his arms and comforted him (the PG version, of course), Noctis hadn't let Prompto out of his sight. Really, it reminded Prompto of a small, kicked puppy clinging to the first person to pet him - not that he was complaining. He loved being there for Noctis in his time of need, but it only fueled Gladio's taunting more. Prompto supposed it also had something to do with keeping Gladio's mind off of the fact that he hadn't heard even a soundbite from Iris.

It was true - tensions were high. That's why Prompto let the teasing roll off his shoulders. Besides, it was getting harder and harder to deny Gladio's accusations.

"Hope we get there soon," he muttered, staring out at the scenery. He hated the fact that his fantasy was just that - a fantasy. He hadn't helped Noctis out of his depressive stupor. In fact, the young prince had slept more in the last two days than Prompto had ever seen him do. Ignis reassured Prompto last night that such behavior was perfectly normal after a tragedy, but Prompto worried it was just another way for Noctis to shut out the world and everyone in it.

Noctis pushed the heavy stone doors open to find Cor waiting inside for him, standing on the other side of a sarcophagus. The sunlight gleamed off the steel blade that rested on top of a statue, carved in the shape of a king.

"Marshal," Ignis said as if to start the conversation.

Cor turned to face them, a small hint of relief in his aged face. "At last, Your Highness."

Noctis felt a small flutter of annoyance come over him when the marshal didn't come out and say why he brought him to such a dreary place. The last thing he wanted to think of was tombs or royalty, both only serving to remind him of the harsh reality that his father was no longer in the realm of the living. "Yeah, you wanna tell me what I'm here for?"

"The power of kings, passed from the old to the new through the bonding of souls. One such soul lies before you." Noctis listened to Cor as he gave what sounded like some rehearsed speech. What did Noct care about old kings and their power? What good was their power when Insomnia had already fallen to ruin, and the empire had all but won the war? "To claim your forebears' power is your birthright and duty as king." Noct's gut lurched at the words; more than anything, it was like a smack to the face.

"My duty as king of what?" He sensed the disapproving scowl from Gladio on the back of his head at the words he spoke. But the prince didn't care. Why should he? What exactly am I the king of? What kingdom do I have to rule? Can I even be a king without one? And then… his queen… Luna. The thought hit him like a stampede of pissed off garulas, and he shuddered. He avoided thinking about her. It was too much for him to stomach: losing not only his father, but his childhood friend and fiance in the same attack. His jaw tightened, and he swallowed the lump in his throat. He was the king of a pile of rubble and had no duty as far as he was concerned.

Noctis just wanted to curl up in a bed and sleep. He could forget about everything and withdraw into his dreams where it was all still as he remembered. The wall was standing strong, his father hobbling to meeting after meeting, and Lunafrey was waiting for him to arrive in Altissia so that they could wed.

"Now is not the time to question your calling. A king is sworn to protect his people."

Protect his people? What people? Most were dead, buried under rock and cement. Dad only protected me, not the people. "And yet he chose to protect only one prince." Anger interwove in Noctis' voice as he continued, "Was that his calling? Forsake the masses to spare his own son?" Some role model his dad turned out to be - for a king, anyway.

"How long will you remain the protected? The king entrusted the role of protector to you."

"Entrusted it to me? Then why didn't he tell me that? Why did he stand there smiling as I left?" Noctis slammed his hand onto the golden rim around the statue before him, unable to hide the sorrow in his voice. "Why-" His eyebrows knitted together as he fought back tears. No matter how much he wanted to let go, let them fall freely, he just couldn't do it. They were all watching. "Why did he lie to me?" The dull ache in his throat made his words sound shaky against all his effort to force them out sternly.

"That day, he didn't want you to remember him as the king," Cor paused, his tone softer than before. "In what time you had left, he wanted to be your father." Involuntary sobs wracked the prince's body no matter how hard he resisted them. He was breaking, and there was no way to stop it and shut out the pain. Cor continued, choosing his words cautiously, "He always had faith in you that, when the time came, you would ascend for the sake of your people."

Noctis took a rickety breath in as he raised his hand above the sword. "Guess he left me no choice." A while light forced their eyes away as the blade shattered into crystalline pieces before forming back into a sword of crystal, thrusting itself into Noct and merging into his armiger.

"The power of kings goes with you, Your Majesty." Cor stopped momentarily before speaking again, "There's a cave nearby, Keycatrich Trench. A tomb is hidden inside."

"Thanks, Cor. We'll head to it now." Noctis didn't particularly want to go on a royal weapon hunt, but if it allotted him more power to protect those left that he cared for, then he wanted to find all of these weapons that Cor spoke of. He needed to protect his friends. His eyes fell on Prompto, the weakest of his friends. It was people like him that the prince wanted to protect. If he could salvage the hope that burned inside of Prompto, that warm smile and positive attitude, then that was a world worth fighting for, right?

Cold. It was entirely too cold in Keycatrich Trench. Caves...Prompto did not sign up for caves. Long car rides. Pissing off the side of the road. Diner food that all but ruined Prompto's healthy diet. These were the things he'd said yes to when Noctis had asked him to come along to meet Lady Lunafreya. Not caves, and darkness, and-

"AHH! W-What was that?"

"Sorry. Kicked a can." Gladio's voice bounced off of the cave walls.

I did not sign up for this shit, Prompto thought, sticking ever closer to Noctis as they moved deeper into the bowels of the cave. "N-Noct. Slow down there, buddy." Jogging, Prompto abandoned Ignis' side to stay on Noctis' heels. Now he was the puppy following Noctis around, but he had legitimate reasons! Fucking goblins came out from everywhere when they weren't looking.

"Keep up, then," Noctis said with a shrug, picking up the pace. He held a determined gleam in his eye that said he was in complete combat mode, ready to take out any adversary. Prompto wished he had Noct's bravery. It might make it easier to get through the cave if he did. He didn't understand how Noctis could be a pile of gooey emotions two days ago and stand so straight and proud now. If it were Prompto, and the tables were turned, he would be an emotional wreck for weeks. If he lost any of the guys, his family, he'd...well, he wasn't sure what he'd do. But he knew it wouldn't have been charging headfirst into a nasty looking cave to find some mystic battleaxe forged from the souls of dead kings…

Something whirred from a ways off, and the lamps nailed up to the walls dimmed out, leaving only their jacket lights to keep them sane.

"Generator's out again," Noctis muttered. "Greeeeat. Just what we need."

"We'll need to find another if we wish to see past the end of our noses," commented Ignis.

Of course, they would. It wasn't like Prompto could catch a break any time soon. His body shivered restlessly as he followed Noctis over to a nearby door.

"Seriously, we don't know what's gonna come popping outta there," he said, his hand ready to summon his pistol. He tried to put on a brave face as he added, "Maybe we could count it down?" Something slammed down hard on Prompto's shoulder, and he all but screamed like a little girl as he whirled around, flailing helplessly to meet Gladio. "DUDE!"

"Careful not to piss yourself," Gladio grinned, his broadsword already in hand as he exchanged glances with Noctis. "Ready?"

"Three...two…one…" Prompto counted, and jerked when Noctis moved to pry open the door - it didn't budge.

"Another dead end," Noctis grumbled, kicking the bottom of the door.

"Wh-which way does the map say to go?" Prompto asked Ignis.

The dignified man took some time to answer as he studied the small map Cor had allotted them. "We continue North."

"Looks like to do that, we need to head South," Gladio chimed in. "We're bound to find a tunnel that'll take us North eventually."

"If the imps don't get to us first," said Gladio.

"Gee, you sure know how to make a fella feel safe down here, guys." Prompto froze when he watched Noctis' body stiffen, his eyes squinting as he observed the darkness of the tunnel further ahead. "Uh...Noct?"

One moment, Noctis was by his side; the next, he phased out, disappearing and then reappearing in a hazy blue glow, his daggers slashing through the air before tearing into flesh and bone of a goblin.

"I really hate when he does that," Gladio muttered, taking off down the tunnel. "Showoff!"

Ignis was hot on Gladio's trail, leaving Prompto all alone. Not wanting to stay a moment in the darkness by himself, he took off running, summoning his pistol and sliding down the dirt path feet first, past Ignis. Click. Flash! He snapped a quick shot of Noctis barrelling forward in mid air before zipping this way and that, moving so fast the blue light that traveled with him made a copy of his silhouette in its wake.

"This ain't the time for pictures!" Gladio shouted, hauling his sword sideways to knock down three goblins in one blow.

"Dude, are you kidding me? There's always time for pictures. -Noct! Duck!" Prompto readied his gun and fired just as Noctis fell to his knees. The bullet hit the goblin right between the eyes, causing it to fall over, lifeless, behind Noct.

"Nice one!"

"Thanks!" A swell of pride lit inside Prompto; if there was one thing he was confident in besides photography, it was slinging bullets.

"Is that all of them?" Ignis' eyes searched the tunnel around him.

"Think so." Noctis brushed himself off as he stood up straight, strolling over to Prompto and offering him a high five. Prompto gladly took it. "Sharp shootin', Prom."

"What can I say? I'm gifted," Prompto grinned.

"In the special sense," Gladio muttered under his breath.

"You're just jealous because I fit through normal doorways," Prompto smirked back, quickly fleeing behind Noctis before Gladio had a chance to grab him and beat him to a pulp.

"You think that pipsqueak's gonna be able to protect you?"

"Hey! I have muscle," said Noctis proudly.

"Yeah? Where?"

"You...uh...just can't see it."

They four began to walk in easy company, Noctis and Prompto taking the lead while Ignis and Gladio discussed strategy behind them. It almost felt normal, the way they were carrying on and making jokes, but nothing about the situation they found themselves in was normal. Noctis had lost his father, his kingdom, all in the span of less than a day. It felt like cracking jokes and making smart ass remarks was the only way to stay sane nowadays, especially with this new declaration from the marshal that Noctis was to come into his inheritance. Most people got money and real estate - Noctis got soul-weapons and a legacy's burden far too heavy to carry alone.

Prompto wanted to be there to help shoulder that burden, if he could.

"How you holdin' up there, Noct?"

Noctis kept his eyes trained forward, though he paused half a moment, setting his footsteps out of sync. "I'm fine."

"Really? 'Cause I wouldn't be." Prompto attempted to keep his voice quieter, so the others couldn't hear. "You're really taking this all in stride, you know?"

"Kinda have to," Noctis replied casually, brushing away a spider web. "But I'm glad you're here with me."

Prompto's heart warmed like the sun had just come up over the horizon, even if they were still in a dusty, old cave. "Yeah?"

"Yeah." Noctis reached over and patted Prompto on the shoulder as they continued to walk. "I'm glad you came with me - with us." He added the last part hastily, his hand dropping to his side again.

"Guess every group needs a hype man?" Prompto offered. He didn't receive an answer; he recognized the glint in Noctis' eyes right before it happened. "AH, not again!"

Whizz! Noctis was six metres down the tunnel, already landing in a larger section, zipping here and there to take down goblins.

"Noct! Wait up!" Prompto cast out his arm and summoned his gun once again, feet slamming over the dirty terrain in Noctis' direction. He barely got a shot off before Noctis took out Prompto's intended target. "Maybe Gladio was right! You are a show off!"

"Ha. Don't act," slash, "like you're not," slash, slash, "impressed!" Noctis drove his blade into an imp's skull and bounced off, tossing his weapon high up above them in the cave clearing to a nearby ceiling right above the section of tunnel Ignis and Gladio were still in. Thunk. The blade sunk into the rock, and Noctis warped to it with ease, grinning down at Prompto smugly as his fingers wrapped around the hilt. "Betcha wish you could do that."

"Actually, heights aren't my thing."

The prince tsked. "Whatever." He moved to jerk the weapon out of the rock, but when he did, there was an awful, crumbling sound. Noctis gasped as he fell, and the rocky wall overlooking the tunnel crumbled with him. Luckily, Noctis was quick on his wits and cast out his sword, warping away as the tunnel entrance caved in on itself. He landed gracelessly at Prompto's feet, coughing and sputtering. "Shit!"

The rest of the tunnel entrance collapsed with a mighty groan as rubble and rock gnashed against each other, closing the tunnel up completely.

"Fuuuuuuuck." Prompto's mouth gaped in part wonder, part horror. "Dude, you just-"

"I know," Noctis growled, frustrated.

"But you just-"

"I said I know!" The prince scrambled to his feet, blade in hand. "Gladio! Ignis! Can you hear me?"


"I gotta hand it to you," Prompto said, "I didn't know there was anything worse than being down in a dark, creepy cave. Now, I know it can get worse. Much worse."

"You're not helping," Noctis rolled his eyes. "Come on, we'll have to find another way around and regroup."

Distant chattering tickled their eardrums, and both men stood back to back, Noctis with his sword and Prompto with his pistol, eyes peeled for enemies. But it was dark - so dark that they couldn't see beyond their jacket light. Prompto felt something grab ahold of his leg and drag him down to the ground. "AH! NOCT!" Losing all sense of focus, he flailed around aimlessly, afraid to shoot randomly and chance hitting Noctis. Flashes of blue roared through the air, lighting it up for milliseconds before fading light a firefly at dusk. Something pressed hard down on Prompto's chest as something else tried to rip his gun from his hand. "Get off, dammit!"

Whoosh. Blinding blue light encompassed the space above Prompto, and the weight on his chest was flung backwards into a nearby wall faster than Prompto could sling a gun. Before he knew it, he was yanked to his feet as Noctis steadied him upright and patted his back. "You okay?"

"Y-Yeah." Prompto struggled to catch his breath as his friend warped and phased, performing acrobatics like they were natural. Maybe to Noctis, they were. To any normal human, he looked ethereal zipping through the space between spaces. Like a god, Prompto thought.

Tink. The space in front of Prompto went dark, and he felt the hands of a goblin wrapping their skinny fingers around his throat. "Argh! Get off!" He jerked his arm up and back, firing his gun aimlessly but managing to injure the son-of-a-bitch enough to force it to loosen its hold. Prompto panicked as he realized his vest light was damaged, and he struggled to focus his eyes as they adjusted to the dark. But it was difficult to do that with small blips of bursting light here and there; his eyes didn't know where to focus. "Noct! In front of me!"

Shink. Noctis' sword cut clear through the goblin in front of Prompto, knocking it dead to the ground. Smirking, sweat dripping down the side of his cheek, and completely within his element, Noctis all out laughed and cast his arm out, dispelling his blade away. "You forget how to shoot?"

"It's dark!" Prompto said immediately, defensive. "And my light went out. I think something's broken." He reached down to his vest, now bathed in Noctis' jacket light, and pointed to the cracked glass lens. "See?"

Noctis stepped closer, right into Prompto's personal space, to inspect. Prompto could literally feel the prince's warm breath on his cheek as he leaned closer, reaching out to run his hand over the light. "Damn. Those things are expensive."

"R-Really? You're worried about money at a time like this?"

Noctis shrugged, still as close as ever. In a quiet tone, he muttered, "Not like we have the kingdom's funding to back us up anymore."

Prompto winced. "Sorry…"

"Don't apologize. Just get ready to move out. And stay close to me. The last thing I need is to come rescue your ass again."

That wasn't going to be a problem for Prompto, who wasn't going to complain about staying close to Noctis because reason A: they were in a dark, creepy cave, alone, with only one light, and B: because after the wild dreams he'd been having lately, the thought of being close to Noct was enjoyable. He hated admitting that to himself, but it was true. "Got it."

Cautiously, they approached the tunnel on the other side of the cave clearing, one of Prompto's hands on Noctis' shoulder to keep up.

"What if we're trapped down here?" he asked, spouting off the first thing that came to mind. It's what he did when he was nervous, and there was plenty to be nervous about.

"Yeah, it'll suck when we have to resort to cannibalism," smirked Noctis over his shoulder. "You're so skinny."

Prompto blushed, and he was thankful that his light was broken only so that Noctis couldn't detect the rush of pink to his cheeks. "I'm not that skinny," he muttered.

"Hey, don't knock it. You think you're the only one who gets teased for being small? I keep telling Gladio big things come in small packages."

"Yeah? And what does he say back?"

"He says that's something someone says when they have a small package."

"Well, we both know that isn't you," Prompto shot back too quickly to retract his words. "Er...I-I mean…n-not that I tried to look…you really have no shame when it comes to..." Fuck. He shut his mouth, letting the awkwardness sweep him up like a tidal wave.

"Yeah, well, I really don't feel like strippin' down to prove him wrong, you know?" Noctis seemed oblivious to how Prompto felt, halting suddenly. Prompto ran smack dab into Noctis', chest to back, and sighed, frustrated with himself for being so clumsy. "You hear that?"

Prompto breathed through his nose, trying to listen for anything other than creepy cave sounds, but it was a mistake because he inhaled Noctis' scent, triggering a primal need within him. Noct smelled like the minty residue of potions and the leather of the Regalia. Damn, he smells good. Even that faint hint of sweat… Prompto licked his lips absentmindedly. It would be so easy to just grab him by the back of the hair and slam him into this wall...Wait, what was he thinking? Was he honestly thinking about dominating Noctis? Noctis Lucis Caelum? Prince - er, King of Insomnia?

"Guess it was nothing…" Noctis said, stepping forward again and throwing Prompto out of his daydream. He scrambled to keep up, arm still resting on Noct's shoulder, though instinctively, his fingers dug in just a little tighter, thanks to the images flashing through his head. Damn it, of all the times for him to decide to get turned on, why did it have to be now? If he could have gotten some alone time between the car dream and this cave, he might have had a better grasp on the situation, but as it was…

Time crawled on as they wormed their way through tunnel after tunnel, occasionally taking down a goblin here or there before regrouping and continuing down the dank mines.

"You think the others are okay?" Prompto asked, trying to keep his mind off the problem in his pants.

"You kidding? Gladio lives for this kind of stuff. And Iggy...well, he loves the battle. Don't let him fool you. They're fine."

Nodding to himself, because he knew Noctis couldn't see him with his back turned, he sighed and said, "Yeah...guess it's just me you gotta look out for, huh?" The word useless sprang up in his mind once more.


"Nothing. Forget it."

Onward they continued, occasionally stopping to assess a tunnel or keep an ear out for the others.

Thunk. "Wa-ahh!" Noctis cried out, losing his balance as he tripped over an electrical cable running perpendicular to the wall; the prince would have caught his footing had it not been for Prompto, hot on his heels with his arm on his shoulder, slamming into him and sending them both toppling forward. Noctis' arms shot out, catching the blunt fall from both of them as he fell to his knees, Prompto sprawled on top of him like he was a baby koala on the back of its mother. At least, that's how it seemed at first, but as he realized the way Noct was hunched over, on all fours, and how Prompto's arms had scrambled for purchase on his shoulders, with his pelvis directly lined up with Noct's ass…

"Ungh," Prompto groaned, trying very hard not to...well, get hard. Noctis bent over doggy style while Prompto was on top of him? Mother of Eos, this was something out of one of Gladio's dirty magazines...only Noctis was most certainly not a woman. Apparently, that still didn't matter to Prompto's dick. "S-Sorry, Noct! Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," Noctis grumbled. "Think I scraped up my palms pretty good. Other than that…"

Prompto sat up on his knees, trying to find a balance. It only served to dig his hardening crotch further against Noct's ass - luckily, there were too many layers of clothing for Noct to get a good idea of anything, but Prompto panicked anyway. His eyes drifted down to Noct's hips, to the way his legs were splayed out. "Let me help you." He released one of Noct's shoulders and fumbled around in the dark, trying to wrap an arm around Noct's torso to pull him upright. What he found instead was his fingers digging into pelvic bone and Noctis instinctively lurching back right into Prompto's groin.

Hold your chocobos, Prom.

"What're you doing?" Noctis gasped.

BANG! There was a noise from down the tunnel, far out of sight from the safety of Noct's jacket light. Prompto's veins flushed with an adrenaline spike, and somewhere between being freaked out and wanting to protect his friend, he yelled, "Look out!" before the hand on Noct's shoulder moved to the back of his neck and shoved his friend face down into the dirt.

A part of him thought Noctis looked really good this way. Really good. his pants off and force a cock down his throat good...

"Ah!" Noctis growled. "What the Hell, Prompto? It's probably just a rat, dumbass!"

But Prompto didn't care. He cast out his hand (the one that wasn't currently forcing Noctis down by the back of the neck) and summoned his gun, his arm shaking as he aimed it forward into the darkness. Thunk. Thunk. Something - two somethings rounded the corner as two lights flickered into existence.

"Ignis?" Prompto gasped, finger moving off the trigger. "Gladio?" The two men stopped a short distance away, taking in the spectacle that was Noctis, face down, ass up, and Prompto, with a gun in one hand and Noctis beneath him, pinned down by his weight.

Gladio smirked. Prompto paled.

"Shield yer eyes, Iggy," Gladio snorted, "You don't need to see this."

"I-It's not what it looks like!" Prompto's voice cracked, shifting his weight and forgetting, momentarily, how it would affect Noctis, who growled in pain beneath him.

"Looks like yer takin' the prince for a ride - I got news for you, Goldie Locks. He ain't a chocobo."

"Shut up," Noctis huffed, wiggling his shoulders. "Prompto, get off!"

"You guys haven't finished yet? Should we come back?" Gladio's smirk widened. Ignis gave a small, indistinct laugh disguised as a cough.

Prompto rolled sideways and landed on his back in the dirt, watching from the side with humiliation as Noctis sat up, rubbing the side of his dirty cheek. "Glad to see you two are in one piece."

"We've done better than that," said Ignis. "I believe we've found the corresponding tunnels that will lead us to our destination. That is, if we don't get separated again."

"Can only imagine what you two would get up to if we did that," chimed in Gladio.

Noctis and Prompto exchanged embarrassed glances. Prompto didn't miss the way the prince's cheeks were tinted a nice shade of magenta as he stood, nor the way he still offered his hand out to Prompto to help him up.

"You good?" he asked.

Prompto nodded. The feeling of Noct's palm was warm and rough, calloused from years of sword training. Still, it was comforting, and he didn't want to let go. "Y-Yeah. I'm good. Thanks."

"Thanks for having my back."


"Are you two done makin' goo-goo eyes?" Gladio asked, interrupting them. "Noct's got a date with a battleaxe."

Prompto dropped his hand to his side, curling his fingers in to capture the warmth. He didn't want to forget it. "Lead the way."

Noctis rolled the battle axe in his hands, studying the intricate carvings in not only the blade's surface, but the shaft as well. Axe of the Conqueror, huh? Conqueror of what? Each weapon they found brought Noct closer to his destiny, but what that was, he couldn't say exactly. It didn't matter to him what the future held, as long as he could protect all he had left, and for that purpose, he needed the power. He glanced across the flickering campfire and watched Prompto as he fidgeted with the camera. Heat radiated off the prince's cheeks as he remembered what happened in the cave. If he thought hard enough, he could almost feel the heat from Prompto's body as it pressed against his. The strength he used to force Noct down… it felt - Inappropriate. These thoughts are inappropriate for a prince - king - to be having. The axe disappeared and he tapped his palms against his cheeks to rid the thoughts from his mind.

"How'd that dirt taste?" Gladio's voice snapped Noctis back to reality.

"What're you going on about?"

Gladio shot the prince a smug smirk. "Wouldn't think a king'd bend the knee so easily."

"I tripped!" Noct's face flared a deeper shade of red.

"Uh huh. Sure ya did."

"Dude, really. I fell over a cable."

"You two were lookin' pretty comfy down there."


"Did he call you his little pistol? Looked like he was gettin' ready to cock ya." Gladio chuckled at his own joke. "Should we pitch the two of you lovebirds a tent out here, so you can finish the deed?"

Noctis pushed himself abruptly from his seat, the foldable chair tumbling to the side behind him as he stomped toward the camper. He paused as his hand yanked the handle, glancing back at Prompto. "You comin'?" He didn't want Prompto out of his sight, even if he was having… weird… feelings about him.

Prompto and Gladio exchanged a look, a shit eating grin on the latter's face.

"Yup," the blond said as he vacated his chair and followed the sulking prince into the camper.

Ignis stood at the tiny counter, cutting up some onions he meant to use in whatever dish he was serving up tonight.

"Man, can you believe that guy?" Noct grumbled as he plopped down on the built-in sofa behind Ignis.

"Gladio's never gonna let us live that down. Seriously, I wish he'd get off our asses." Prompto slouched down beside Noctis.

"Indeed, but I don't think it's Gladio you should concern yourself with in regards to your posteriors." Ignis didn't even skip a beat with the knife as he spoke.

Noctis groaned, head falling back on the top of the couch's backrest. "Not you, too."

Ignis' lips twitched up in a small, innocent smile. "I haven't a clue what you're talking about. We'll be sure to purchase you a new light in Lestallum, Prompto. Wouldn't want you taking another spill at Noctis' expense."

Prompto hung his head in defeat, and Noct agreed. There was no getting away from it, seemed like. Not even that night as they fell asleep inside the camper, bellies full of Ignis' cooking, could Noctis be free of the feeling of Prompto against him. It burned just below the surface of his skin, intensifying every time he heard Prompto take a deep gulp of air in his sleep.

Sorry to tease you with a dream sequence, but we thought it was fun! More slow burn Promptis to come! XD Please leave a comment to let us know if we've done justice to the characters!

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