Stand By Me

BY : Mr. Benzedrine & MistahRoi
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SMUT ALERT. SMUT ALERT. Ahem, did we mention smut? 
Well, this is still a slow burn story, so, as the title of the chapter could tell you, this has to do with some fantasy smut and some sexy shower time. Lots of comedy and UST this chapter. We hope you enjoy getting the chocobros' heads!

Once again, we would like to point out this is a joint effort between MistahRoi and MrBenzedrine. 
Noct's POV = MistahRoi
Prompto's POV = MrBenzedrine


"Got a hole in my heart pretty baby

Got a hole in my heart can't you see?

Should have known pretty baby

That you were gonna be the end of me"

Pretty Baby by Brendan Benson

Chapter Two: Fantasy

Onyx eyebrows furrowed over cerulean eyes as Prince Noctis stared at the flyer on the bulletin board that declared there were no ferries running for the day. Just his luck that they wouldn't be running - same as the Regalia breaking down on the first leg of their trip. "Great, the boats are down."

"It would seem we will have to stay here for the night," Ignis said as he pushed his glasses up his nose while inspecting the paper.

"Alright! We get to sleep in a real bed tonight." A wide smile spread across Prompto's cheeks as he clasped his fingers behind his head. "No tent, no cramped little R.V. Ah, I can't wait."

Noctis arched a brow at the overly-enthusiastic blonde as he talked on and on about Galdin Quay's luxury beds. "I guess we have no choice but to wait it out until morning." He sighed, a bit more relieved than he expected to feel. When his father told him he was to marry Lady Lunafreya per peace treaty agreement, he accepted it. Despite keeping in touch with the journal, the last time he actually saw her was ten years ago. He cared about her, of course, but he was still so young, with much of his life to live.

"C'mon buddy, you'll get left behind, and Prompto will eat your share, too." Gladiolus slapped the prince on the back of the shoulder, pulling him from his thoughts.

"He'd better not. He can have the veggies, and that's it." Noctis strode briskly to catch up with Ignis, who was already up the steps and into the restaurant.

"Noct, you need to eat your own vegetables. You'll never grow into a respectable, strong man if you neglect them all the time." Ignis always tried to find ways to make Noctis eat vegetables, but he hated the way they tasted - totally gross.

"Nah, I'll pass. I don't wanna be too bulky like Gladio over here." He shot his bodyguard an amused smile.

Ignis just shook his head and massaged his temples, exasperated from all the back and forth between the three of them. His eyes fell on the cook behind the bar, and Noctis noticed a subtle blush gracing his cheekbones. "We'll be dining with you tonight, and have need of four menus."

"You can take a seat at any table. When you've decided what you want to eat, I'll happily make it for you. My name is Coctura," the cook said with a virtuous smile.

Noctis chose the table - one up on the veranda that overlooked the ocean as the sky shone in reds, oranges, and purples with the setting sun. He plopped down in the ivory chair, the front legs lifting off the ground with the momentum of his fall before cracking down on the wooden slats.

"Careful there, Noct. You'll bust that pretty head of your wide open," Gladio voiced an amused warning before easing into the chair next to the prince.

"That's what I have you here for, Gladio. You're supposed to catch me." Noctis glanced over the menu, eyeing the pictures of beautifully crafted meals on display. The White Fish in Tomato Sauce made his mouth water as his stomach announced its hunger via an orchestra much resembling the sound of dying whales. Ignis sat across from Noctis, which left the empty seat to Prompto, both picking up menus to pick their dinners.

"Do you know what you'd like to eat, Noct?" Ignis peered over the menu.

"Yeah, this." The onyx-haired prince slapped the menu down and pointed to his choice for his retainer to see.

"Prompto, Gladio, have you decided?" Ignis' eyes shifted from one to the other.

"Steamed crab for me," Gladiolus said as he handed Ignis his menu.

"Same! That crab looks tasty."

Ignis gathered the laminated parchments up and straightened them on the table. "I'll place our orders with Coctura." His chair skittered back on the wood and he left the three alone.

"Ah man, I'm so happy we have a roof over our heads tonight! Camping all the time really sucks." Prompto stretched his arms over his head and leaned back. His chair jerked and lifted off the floor, causing him to careen forward for balance.

The legs of Prompto's chair slammed back down, and Gladio gave a hearty laugh before asking, "Just what's wrong with camping?"

"H-hey! Nothing's wrong with it. Don't flip me back man." Prompto placed his feet firmly on the ground, not that it mattered; if Gladio wanted to tip him out of the chair, he would.

"That's what I thought."

"Did you guys see that cat on the pier? It looked pretty hungry," Noct said absentmindedly as his mind wandered.

"Do you wanna get it some food, Noct? Oh, you could catch it a fish over there!" Prompto pointed out to the dock.

"Maybe after dinner. Right now, I'm starving. Speaking of, where's Ignis?" Noctis' eyes scanned the veranda for his spectacled friend, finding him standing at the bar and presumably listening to Coctura chat away. He watched, Prompto and Gladio's voices fading out as his own thoughts prevailed over everything else around him. Ignis had the luxury of flirting openly with whoever he wanted, like Coctura. It must be nice, he thought. Noctis had never even so much as gone on a date with a girl - there wasn't time for that. And now he was on his way to Altissia to marry Luna. And then they would...he swallowed hard as a light blush colored his cheeks. They needed to have kids, right? The Lucis line needed an heir.

"-oct! Earth to Noct! Ya there, buddy?" Prompto's voice dragged him back to reality.

Noctis' mouth salivated as the smell of freshly cooked fish wafted to his nostrils, making his stomach roar its disgruntled protests of late dinners. "Sorry, hunger must be gettin' to me. Let's dig in." He grabbed a fork and knife out of the rolled napkin and cut into the fish, juices squirting out onto the plate. Shoving a bite into his mouth, he chewed, savoring the zesty taste of the white meat. He cut off another piece, a bigger piece, and chomped it off the fork.

"Noct, slow down or you'll choke," Ignis warned as he ate with refinement - as he did with everything else.

"I'll be fine," Noctis said around a mouthful of fish. He slurped some water to help ease the food's way down his esophagus. The fork and knife clanked against the ceramic plate when he finished his meal - of course, aside from the vegetables.

"Noct…" Ignis didn't even have to voice it - the young prince already knew exactly what his cook wanted to say, but he just shrugged it off.

"What are we going to do if the boats aren't up tomorrow?" Gladiolus inquired as he crossed his arms over his chest.

"I haven't thought about it. Do you think they'll still be down?" Noctis hadn't considered the possibility that the ferries wouldn't be working tomorrow. What would they do? What could they do? They'd have to find some way to get to Altissia. As much as Noctis didn't want to rush headlong into a marriage, he also didn't want to make Luna wait any longer than she had to.

"It's always a possibility. We'll just have to find another way. There is more than one harbor in this kingdom." Ignis' cool demeanor helped Noctis remain calm, even in the most stressful of times. The man could think anything through rationally, which was something Noctis wasn't very good at.

He began to zone out when Gladio mentioned upgrading their weapons. The dim lights surrounding the resort gave a relaxing vibe to the place, but Noctis found it awfully hard to keep his eyes open. He propped his cheek on one hand, elbow on the table, and closed his eyes for just a moment. He just needed a minute, or so he told himself. It wasn't long before he dozed into sleep, his head slightly lolling back and forth.

The next thing Noctis knew, he felt a hand high on his thigh and his leg swaying, but he tried to ignore it.

"C'mon, Noct, don't fall asleep at the table," Prompto's voice beckoned him back to consciousness.

"Wake up!" Gladio smacked Noctis' arm out from under him and his face smacked against the table.

"What the Hell!" he shrieked as he head shot back up, hand knocking a glass of water over. The contents rushed over the edge and into Prompto's lap, causing him to yelp at the icy liquid soaking into his crotch. "Crap! Sorry, Prompto, I'll get that." Noct grabbed a napkin and shoved it into the blond's lap, patting at the water.

A faint flicker of red shot over Prompto's face as Noctis' hands rubbed him again and again. "I-I can take care of it myself," he yipped, reaching for the prince's wrists to stop him.

"Heh. I bet you do that a lot, don'tcha, Prompto?" Gladio chuckled when the chocobo-lovin' bro glared daggers at him.

Noctis noticed the scathing look Prompto shot Gladio's way as his hands worked the damp cloth across his lap.

Prompto scooted his chair back to get away from Noct. "I'm good, man. So, uh, about that cat…" Prompto tried to shift the prince's attention to something else aside from his current task.

Noctis blinked as the thought registered in his head; he;d forgotten about the cat in his daze of thoughts. "Oh yeah. It's not too late. I'll go caught the fish right now." He all but leapt out of his seat, the idea of fishing giving him a rush of excitement to counter all the hardships the past couple days.

"Want some company?" Prompto asked before his friend managed to get too far away.

Gladio gave Prompto a mischievous grin and opened his mouth to speak, but Noctis cut him off.

"Yeah, come on." Noctis paused and waited for Prompto to catch up with him before continuing down the harbor walkway.

The cat stretched its leg up and licked the inside of its thigh, sitting in the same spot. Noctis bent and scooped the feline up, the soft, silky fur rubbing against his bare arms. He scratched under the cat's chin, and the cat vibrated gently as it purred from the attention.

Noctis thought back to Gladio's relentless teasing of Prompto since the night before. It was probably best not to bring it up, but it seemed to be getting to the blond more than usual, and he grew curious about what it was about. "Hey, Prom, what's the deal with you and Gladio lately? He's giving you Hell, man."

A nervous chuckle escaped Prompto as his eyes darted away from the prince. "You noticed that, eh?"

"Hard not to. He's been riding you pretty hard since Hammerhead." The prince carried the cat with him as they moved down the long boardwalk toward the beach.

"Uh, yeah. He's got it in his head that I have a crush." Prompto's voice wavered as he spoke, making Noctis wonder if he was hesitating about the subject.

"Is it Cindy?" He remembered Prompto say something about having the hots for the busty mechanic during the first hunt they went on.


"I don't really have a thing for overly busty blondes, but if that's what you like, go for it man. You gonna ask her out?"

"Nah, she'd probably turn me down anyway."

A twinge of relief ran through Noctis' veins, but why? It shouldn't bother him that Prompto would want to date Cindy, or any woman for that matter. Even so, the thought of sharing Prompto with someone else made his stomach twist in knots. The feeling left him confused; it wasn't like Prompto never had girlfriends in the past. He couldn't be selfish with Prompto's time, couldn't keep the blond to himself, not when he was about to marry Luna. On the other hand, after the wedding, there would be no more calling Prompto up to hang out or staying up all night to play the latest game. Their friendship would change after Noct was married off. So, before that, he wanted to spend as much time with his best friend as he possibly could. Prompto would have plenty of time for relationships after the trip was over.

Still, he didn't want to see his friend with that downtrodden expression. Noct noticed the cloud of insecurity hanging over Prompto and tried to boost his confidence with a compliment. "Why? You're a good enough looking guy."

"R-really? You mean that?" Relief flooded Prompto's features for the moment.

"Uh, yeah. I mean, you're in better shape than me." Noctis tried to play it cool.

"Yeah but the girls don't fawn all over me, unlike someone I know."

"Gladio?" An amused smile curled the prince's lips when he thought of all the girls making lovey-dovey eyes at his bodyguard back in Insomnia.

"What? No! You, Noct!" Prompto pointed at Noctis for emphasis.

"Do they? I've never noticed." Noctis shrugged. Between Gladio's harsh training and Ignis' incessant tutoring in political policies and foreign matters, he hardly had time to even think about girls.

"Only got eyes for one, eh, buddy?" Prompto playfully nudged the prince in the side with his elbow.

Anxiety washed of Noctis as his mind was, yet again, drawn back to Lunafreya and their impending nuptials. The last time he saw her, he was a child of ten and she twelve. How much had she changed in the span of ten years? What did she expect of him? Whatever it was, Noctis was near certain he couldn't live up to it. He was still so young. What kind of husband could he possibly make for her when he preferred playing King's Knight with Prompto over anything he would consider a respectable adult, like Ignis, would enjoy? His mind drifted to the guys. They could take their time and figure out what they wanted in life, who they wanted to be with, where they wanted to go. Unlike them, Noctis' destiny was already mapped out, had been since his birth as crown prince. It wasn't that he resented being the prince and future king. He just thought there would be more time before he had to settle down. He envied Prompto's ability to be carefree and choose whether or not to be with Cindy. He could pick who he wanted - all of them could. Even Noctis' father had been allowed to choose his wife.

Noct cared for Luna. He had feelings for her after spending all those years corresponding with her. But the ability to take his time, to woo her, to choose love; that's what he envied in the others.

During the time Noctis' spent lost in his thoughts, they made it down to the dock. Only a sliver of yellow light remained along the horizon from the sun and the moon hung overhead with its gentle glow. Noctis held the cat out for Prompto to take; he couldn't fish and hold it at the same time. With free hands, he browsed the selection of lures that the Bob's Bait Emporium had to offer. He decided on one named Sweet Jamming, highly recommended by Bob.

Noctis reached his hand out, summoning his fishing rod and grabbing the spongy handle after it appeared. "Let's get that little guy some chow." Noct strutted to the end of the small pier and cast the line into the ocean waters.

Prompto sat cross-legged on the wooden slats behind Noctis as he fished, holding the cat up on its hind legs as he made it dance while he sang..

"I like to ride my chocobo all day! I like to ride my chocobo…" He paused, thinking up the words. "Hey, hey! Noct's about to catch us some fish! I bet it's going to be oh so delish!"

Noctis glanced back at Prompto and smirked bemusedly at the adorable sight. Cats always had a special place in his heart, and he related to them spiritually. They spent most of their time lazing about and sleeping, just like him. Plus, they weren't needy and could take care of themselves if need be.

"Meow." The feline's eyes plead for help as Prompto pranced it around in front of him.

"So, Noct, you excited about the wedding?" Prompto asked in an effort to make small talk.

Noctis shrugged halfheartedly without a word, keeping his eyes on the swaying fishing line.

"You're excited, right, Noct? I mean, Luna's a beautiful woman and the oracle, man! That's awesome, right?"

Noctis inhaled deeply, thinking on how to best answer his friend's question honestly without sounding ungrateful or like an ass. As he was about to speak, the fishing wire whined as the spool unfurled at an unnerving rate. Noctis latched onto the twirling handle to stop it, and his body jerked forward. He leaned back to brace himself against the resistance. "Whoa, this thing's a monster!" His boots skidded across the old wood as the creature on the other end of the line lurched in the opposite direction.

Prompto let go of the cat and leapt to his feet, bounding to the prince. "Hang on, buddy! I gotcha!"

He caught Noctis before the tips of his shoes reached the edge of the dock, wrapping his arms tightly around Noct's abdomen. While Prompto hauled him back, Noctis could feel his friend's hips grinding against his backside. His chest and stomach pressed against Noct's back. And his hands… they were low, just above the waistband of his shorts. Prompto had a firm hold on him, and he felt a twitch in his pants, causing his face to flush slightly. Why was his body reacting this way? And to Prompto?

"Got a good grip on that thing, don'tcha?" Prompto's breath warmed Noctis' ear, and his stomach did a backflip.


The two toppled backwards, Prompto's ass hitting the wood with a yelp from him, and Noctis landing on his lap. After the line snapped, both sat in a daze momentarily, Prompto's arms still lazily wrapped around Noctis' waist. After the befuddlement wore off, the pair realized just what they looked like to an outsider. The closeness made Noct's hair stand on end. Though they had laid or leaned on each other plenty of times before, this was different. It felt different. He couldn't put his finger on it exactly - maybe the way Prompto had his arms around him? It was a feeling he wasn't used to. Was this what they called intimacy? There was a certain level of comfortability he found tangled in Prompto's embrace, but...why was he getting goosebumps? He could feel Prompto's breath on the back of his neck, and Noctis' eyes fluttered shut half a moment, caught somewhere between elation and-

There was chuckling behind Prompto and Noctis. The prince whipped his head around to find Gladio standing at the edge of the dock with a devious grin on his face.

"Catch anything good?" Gladiolus asked, smirking in Prompto's direction.

Prompto sputtered some flustered words, pulling his arms away from Noct's waist, much to the prince's disappointment.

"Uh, you mind gettin' up, Noct?"

Noctis rolled off Prompto's lap awkwardly and stumbled to his feet, brushing his hands down the sides of his jacket. Prompto hopped up and rubbed his ass with both hands as if to complain about falling on it. "What're you doing here, Gladio?" Noctis glanced at his Shield then away when he felt the heat in his face growing from the smug look on Gladiolus' face.

"Iggy sent me to find ya. Time to turn in, boys." The self-satisfied smirk never left his lips as his gaze shifted from Noctis to Prompto.

The fishing pole vanished in a flash of blue light as Noctis muttered, "I guess I'll try again tomorrow." He leaned down and picked up the siamese cat, stroking its head a few times before announcing, "We're taking him back with us."

"They don't allow cats in there," Gladio said matter-of-factly.

"Whatever." He headed back toward the hotel but stopped when he heard only his own footsteps. He glanced over his shoulder to find out Gladio and Prompto weren't directly behind him, not missing the smirks the behemoth sized man gave the blond, or the uneasiness in Prompto's expression as he passed by Gladio and jogged to catch up to Noct.

Prompto couldn't shake the image of Noctis from his mind. Arriving back at the hotel had given him enough time to calm his hormones, but it still didn't sit pretty with him the way the events at the dock had unfolded. He was only trying to prevent the future king of Insomnia from falling face first into the water, but what he'd gotten instead was a lap full of Noctis. And, though he didn't want to admit it, it felt good having him there. Not the kind of good where one guy helps out his buddy in a time of peril; this kind of good stirred a fluttering in Prompto's chest and a stimulation in his groin. It was even worse when Noct didn't seem phased by it at all. Was Gladio right? Did him and Noctis have an unnatural comfortability around each other? What exactly did that mean? Did Noct sense it too? Or was he as oblivious as when Prompto had brought up all of the babes that checked the prince out on the regular?

To distract himself, he sat at the edge of the bed closest to the bathroom door, playing King's Knight again, as if that could abolish him of every thought of Noctis in his lap. It didn't. It only gave him a gentle reprieve until Noctis announced, after Ignis stepped out of the bathroom in his pajamas, "Dibs on the next shower. Sweaty…"

"I can smell you from here," Gladio grunted, fiddling with the radio on one of the nightstands.

"Shut up. You're going last," Noctis told him, pocketing his phone into his pants and reaching over to pet the stray Siamese cat Noct had insisted on bringing back to the hotel with them. They'd smuggled it in under Prompto's vest, as per the usual mischief they were keen to. "Every time you go ahead of us, there's no hot water left."

"Heh. Well, some of us gotta take care of things in the shower, if ya catch my meaning," Gladio said with a cocky tone, leaning back and folding his hands behind his head against the headboard.


Prompto remained quiet as he watched Noct retreat to the bathroom and close the door. Relief flooded his system; it wasn't that he didn't enjoy the company, 'cause he did, but a few extra minutes without Noctis around to settle his nerves was much appreciated. His eyes scanned the room, to Ignis checking the maps and Gladio with his feet propped up on the bed, muddy boots and all.

"Coctura says there's a group of glamhoths that like to scavenge the beach in the evenings. Perhaps, if the ferries aren't running again tomorrow, we could take it upon ourselves to do a little reconnaissance and take care of the problem for her?"

"Listen to that," Prompto piped up. "Sounds like Ignis has a little crush."

"Her cookin' that good?" chimed in Gladio.

Ignis' cheeks flushed with pink, but he ignored the chiding, instead stating, "Boots are not meant for a bed, Gladiolus."

"Yeah, you're right. Sorry, Iggy." Gladio swung his large legs over the edge of the bed and began to unlace them. His eyes drifted up to the bathroom door, then over to Prompto on the other bed before he gave a mischievous grin. Each time he unthreaded another loop of his laces, he glanced back to the bathroom and then back to Prompto.

Finally, the chocobo-loving bro had enough. "Dude, what?" he snapped.

"Nothin'." Gladio's grin grew larger as he kicked off his first boot and set to work on the other one.

"No, seriously, man. What's your deal?" Prompto turned off the screen to his phone, abandoning King's Knight for the present moment and reaching over to pull Noctis' adopted cat into his lap. He might have been overreacting just a tad. His voice grew quieter as he shifted his eyes nervously to the bathroom door. "Ever since Hammerhead, you've been giving me a lot of shit."

Ignis quirked up an eyebrow, but otherwise said nothing. It wasn't like Prompto was a saint when it came to cussing, but, usually, it wasn't aimed at his buddies.

"I dunno what you're goin' on about," said Gladio casually, kicking off his other boot. "Wanna elaborate for me?"

"Gladiolus, stop teasing the man," Ignis scolded nonchalantly, his eyes returning to the maps.

"Heh, I just wanna hear him say it."

"Say what?" Prompto asked nervously. "That you basically have a mullet for a hairstyle?"

"Meow," said the cat, as if to back him up.

Gladio smirked, ignoring his comment. "We all see it. Don't we Iggy?"

"I haven't the foggiest clue what you're going on about," Ignis insisted, firmly circling a landmark with his pen. "So do leave me out of it."

"That makes two of us," Prompto muttered. He and Gladio continued to stare at each other, out of both stubbornness and pride, waiting for the other to break. The only sounds in the roomwas Ignis clearing his throat and the water dripping in the shower from the bathroom.

Noctis closed the bathroom door behind him and flipped the lock. He pulled the curtains back and twisted the knobs to turn on the water. With the shower going, he stepped back and tugged his shirt over his head, the onyx spikes falling back into their places. What was up with what happened at the dock with Prompto? It was true that Noctis rarely went on dates with girls back in school, but shouldn't it be a woman that made his heart flutter? Shouldn't it be Luna?

He fished his phone from his pants pocket and sat it on the counter before unbuckling his pants and letting them drop. After determining the water wasn't quite to his liking yet, he grabbed his phone and opened his pictures, remembering Prompto sent him a batch of new ones earlier. The first photo was of the four of them posing in front of the Regalia after Cindy finished the repairs. The second was a battle photo, Noct charging a garula during their trek to find Dave.

Noctis studied each picture carefully. Prompto was an artist with the camera. Some of these shots were amazing. After scrolling through the last of the pictures, he came across one of Luna, and his mind drifted back to previous thoughts. What would their kids looks like? How many would they have? How many did she want? He clicked the phone off and checked the water temperature again. Perfect. He slipped out of his boxers and stepped under the water, letting it rinse away the sweat, grimes, and worries.

The only thing that stayed in Noctis' mind at this very moment was Luna - everything else melted away. What would their first time be like? Noct was inexperienced with any and everything related to sex. Ignis interrupted his first attempt to get laid by a girl from his class and told him, "Highness, this behavior is most unbecoming of a young prince. You mustn't do such things." His retainer kept a close eye on him after that, not giving him leave to do much else but study and train. She was definitely a pretty girl, and he liked her well enough, but he never would have made a commitment to her. He could still remember every moment of it, the way her lips tasted, how her small breasts felt in his hands, how wet she was when his fingers first dipped into her pussy. Then Ignis walked through the door, and that was that.

His groin twitched as the images from then filled his head. Would it be the same with Luna? His eyelids fluttered closed as he tilted his head back, letting the water cascade over his face and trickle down his body. He tried to imagine what Luna looked like now: not her face - he had a picture of her. He wanted to know how her body developed over the years. Were her breasts swollen and voluptuous like Cindy's? He pictured her head on Cindy's body momentarily before wrinkling his nose in disapproval. "Definitely not my thing." Noctis shook his head to wipe the image from his mind, trying to conjure up something more palatable.

Instead of imagining Cindy's body, he tried the girl he almost scored with in high school. Yes, he liked that image much better. Smaller breasts and hips, that's what attracted him. His hand glided over his thigh, slick from the water drizzling down him. His fingers wrapped around the base of his half-masted cock, rubbing his thumb along the shaft as he continued to grow harder.

Noctis finally had Luna alone - the ceremony was done and over with, and now, it was time for the wedding night. He pulled her to him, taking her cheek in his hand as he leaned down to kiss her. Her lips were soft like velvet, and she tasted divine. Noct placed his hand on the warmed tile wall and braced his weight against it as he lazily pumped with his other hand. Noctis wove his fingers through her blonde locks and brushed his tongue across her lower lip, the way Prompto had told him to do when he'd given the prince a few pointers. (It wasn't like Noct got a lot of practice; even if he was the Crown Prince of Insomnia, he still wasn't the smoothest when it came to the ladies.) But he was the prince, damn it. It really didn't seem fair that Prompto had more experience. Noctis pinches his eyes shut tighter, focusing.

She responded by parting her lips, and he deepened their kiss, plunging his tongue into her mouth. Tongue met tongue, and it was...wet. Too wet for Noctis' tastes. He explored her mouth, trying his best to remember how much pressure to give or when to ease up. Damn it, he really should have kissed more girls..

"Noctis," he imagined her voice dripping with...what was it? Desire?

Even in his fantasy, he was as eloquent as ever. "Uh...yeah?"

"This hand," she said, guiding it by way of wrapping her delicate fingers around his wrist, "goes here." And she placed it on her breast, still wrapped in the ivory wedding dress she wore. Noctis inhaled sharply, trying to remember what it had felt like the two times he'd ever copped a feel. Soft. Supple. Entirely nerve wracking, if he were completely honest.

"Like this?" he whispered.

One of his hands brushed down her shoulders to find the zipper on the back of her dress and eased it down as the gown fell slack. The real Noctis tried to envision Lunafreya displayed before him, naked, biting her lip in want. Tried being the key word, because every time he attempted to picture her breasts, he felt...wrong. Maybe it was because he was trying to put someone else's body on a woman he'd yet to see? That had to be it.

Sighing, Noctis opened his eyes and stared down at his aching cock as it pulsed in his hand. "Sorry, buddy, I'll get it together." Think. There was no way he could just stop what he was doing; blue balls were a bitch. What would Prompto do? He thought back to the tales the blond told him of his sexual exploits.

There was that one time Prompto said he got a little carried away with one girl back in school. She liked it rough, apparently. Noctis never knew there were people who prefered something like that when it came to… this sort of thing. He tried picturing what it would be like to see Prompto in that manner. He imagined his friend with his goofy grin and innocent eyes - could a guy like that ever be rough with anything? He then remembered the way Prompto wielded his guns, slinging bullets through the air, a crazy, carefree, dark expression painting his features.

Noct shuddered as a chill ran down his spine. Yeah, he supposed Prompto could be dangerous when he wanted to.

So, how would he go about it? Prompto had told him details. The girl liked to be spanked - 'hard, bare assed,' his friend had told him. Would Luna be into something like that? Would Noct?

Luna bent over the side of the bed, ass out in front of Noct. "Please, Noct, I-I want you to s-spank me." Crimson flushed over her ivory skin as she spoke. No, Luna wouldn't possibly be into that. He knew enough through their letters to each other to know as much. She was innocent. Gentle. But...Noct wanted it rough. The more he mulled it over, the more he was enticed by the idea. He pictured Prompto bending his mystery woman over his lap. It had probably been comfortable for her- Noct had fallen into the same lap earlier this evening to know.

"Count 'em," Prompto whispered in the darkness of the room. The only light visible peeked under the door of the bedroom from out in the hall, illuminating the way the blond's blue eyes turned a storming grey, filled with tempered control. At the sound of flesh hitting flesh, Noct could almost feel the bite of it across his own ass. "One…" He chewed his lip, his hand stroking his throbbing cock. "That's it," purred Prompto, encouraging. "Keep going."

Another firm smack rang out in the dark. "Two…" Noctis clenched his jaw to stifle the moan wanting to come out at just the thought of the sting in his cheeks.

"Yeah, you like it rough, dont'cha?" Prompto chuckled, low and seductive. His hand brushed over the tender flesh softly. "But you've been bad, haven't you?"

"So...bad…" Noctis whispered, his voice swallowed up by the sound of the running water.

"The bad ones, you know what they get?" Prompto brought his hand down firmly as another crisp smack echoed in the room. "They get punished."

Noctis whimpered as his knees started to go weak. "I guess that means I need to be punished." The words came out of his mouth before he fully realized exactly what he was saying.

"Yeah, you do. Over against the wall. Now."

It wasn't a stretch for Noctis to imagine, seeing as he was already bracing the wall for dear life, his dick as hard as it could possibly get.

Prompto's breath was hot on the back of his neck, sending tremors down Noct's body. Fingers trailed slowly up skin until they wove into the onyx tresses just waiting to be touched. He jerked roughly. Noctis gasped, his head arching back in pleasure at the image. "Time for your punishment." Lips traveled across from one shoulder to the other, light and calculating, never giving enough pressure and yet just enough. And then teeth clamped down; the prince groaned in approval, working his hand faster. The hand that wasn't busy tugging fiercely in tender, spiky locks moved over toned hips possessively. "Hmm, what's this?" His fingers danced over pelvic bone, further, further until they claimed their prize. "Ooh, I didn't know I was handling royal weapons today. That's okay. I know how to handle a gun. You gotta cock it." He began moving his hand up and down in slow, sensual strokes.

"Oh gods…" Noctis groaned as his hand mimicked the imagery in his head. It wasn't his hand - it was Prompto's, and he damn well knew how to handle him. He never questioned why he started fantasizing about his best friend; it felt too good to stop now. "Almost there…" Noct whispered, his fingers curling against the wall as his hand pumped up and down his shaft quicker.

"That's it, Noct, come for me," Prompto breathed in the prince's ear.

With the beckoning of his friend, Noctis couldn't hold it off any longer. Come spurted from his cock in pearly white streams across the tiled shower wall. The prince panted heavily, body trembling from his orgasm. Once he caught his breath, he quickly lathered up and rinsed off before using all the hot water. He splashed some water on the wall, trying to rid himself of the evidence. After making sure all was clear, he twisted the knobs until the water stopped and whipped the curtains back.

Noctis took a deep breath as his head tilted back, water dripping down every crevice of his naked body. What did he just do? Fantasize about his best friend? It wasn't just simply the fantasizing, but what it was about. How did he get from Luna to Prompto? His eyebrows knitted together and he told himself, "Nope, not gonna think about it. Just be my cool self asalwa-" He gazed at the empty towel rack. "Are you kidding me?"

Minutes dragged by before they all heard Noctis shout, "Hey, there's no towel in here!"

Gladio's grin turned into an all out smirk. "Not it."

"Nor I," Ignis agreed.

Prompto paled.

"Hey!" Noctis shouted. "Anyone hear me? I need a towel, dammit!"

"Go on," Gladio goaded, "get the man a towel."

Groaning, Prompto slipped the cat off of his lap, went to the dresser beside the bed, and pulled out a towel, wondering what kind of freakin' hotel didn't keep the towels in the bathroom. "Not cool, man."

"Not like you haven't seen the royal jewels before," Gladio grinned. Ignis rolled his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose. "What? They had gym together in school, Iggy. Seein' each other's asses woulda been unavoidable."

Prompto shot Gladio a scathing glare as he approached the bathroom door and strummed his knuckles along the wood. "Noct, Noct!" he said in a chipper tone.

The door swung open, revealing Noctis in all of his princely glory. Prompto felt his mouth salivate of its own accord as he drank in the sight of Noctis, fully nude, his hair plastered with droplets of fresh shower water that dripped down his chest and abdomen. Steam poured out from behind Noct like he was some ethereal astral, but it was nothing, nothing compared to the trail of fine, black hair that started at the prince's navel and traveled down to his…

"Ummm…dude, you have no shame, do you?"

"Me? Nope. Why? Should I?"

"N-Nope." Prompto attempted to avert his eyes, offering out the towel. It was no use - his eyes shifted sideways and caught sight of Noct's perfectly toned ass in the mirror. Fuck, he's got such a nice ass. I mean, look at that thing. It's so...what, what am I thinking? Prompto shook his head to empty the thought of giving Noct's ass a squeeze just to see if it was as firm as it looked. Sure, he'd smacked it a few times out of good fun, but it wasn't the same was it? Oh, damn. Now he had the image in his head of smacking Noct's fully-bare ass...

Noctis took the towel with a lopsided grin. "Thanks, Prompto."

"Y-Yeah. Sure thing." His stomach bottomed out from under him when Noct closed the door. Prompto was half tempted to crumble into a ball on the floor, but he remembered the others were there, so he scurried his way back to the bed, grabbing up a pillow and throwing it forcefully in Gladio's direction.

With his quick reflexes, Gladio grabbed it and used it to swat Ignis upside the head. Ignis' glasses went askew, and he glared over at his friend. "That's it," he said with authority, "No more noodles for you."

Gladio chuckled - until he realized Ignis was serious. "Ah, come on!"

Ignis gave a soft smirk and looked back down at his maps. "For a month."

Prompto sighed, filled with relief that neither of them seemed to take notice of Prompto's flustered expression. He went back to playing King's Knight, trying not to dwell on the fully naked, soaking wet prince in the bathroom not ten feet away from him. Nevermind that his dick was half-hard still from the sight of Noctis; Prompto had no idea what that was supposed to mean. He'd seen Noct naked plenty of times in gym, so why was this time any different? Why did he all of a sudden have the urge to grab a fistful of Noct's spiky, onyx hair? What the Hell was happening to him?

Noctis emerged from the bathroom some minutes later, the infamous towel hanging low around his hips. His hair was shaggy and still damp as he scooped up the cat and leaned against the wall. "What'd I hear about noodles?"

"He ain't serious," Gladio pleaded to Ignis. "Are ya, Iggy?"

"Dead serious, I'm afraid."

Noctis all out laughed, plopping down next to Prompto on the bed, feline still in tow. Prompto didn't miss the way Noct's towel bunched up over his thigh, exposing it and leaving a nice view for the blond. How Noctis was so carefree was beyond Prompto, until he remembered that Noct was a prince, and princes probably were told, from the moment they could comprehend, just how handsome and wonderful they were. Inwardly, Prompto had to agree. Noctis was the spitting image of perfection - defined, but not too much so. Blue eyes that glimmered with playfulness and sarcasm. Hair as dark as the nights they feared. Hell, even his name was handcrafted for perfection. Prompto remembered, while studying for his Latin exams at the University, the origin of Noctis' name. Lucius meant 'of the light', and Caelum 'the sky'. Paired with Noctis, the whole name translated something to the effect of 'Sky of the night's light,' -Nightlight. A beacon of hope...and long legs, firm abdominal muscles, and a collarbone that looked as if it could break a boulder…

Prompto averted his eyes to the ceiling, trying to count the dimples and focus on all things not Noctis. Chocobos! Those friendly, loving birds were so adorable! -Well, there was that time Noctis said Prompto's hair looked like a chocobo's butt. He still wasn't quite over that one. - No, something else. Daemons? - With Noctis swinging his sword over his head, the lean muscles in his arms rippling, sweat dripping off of his brow...shit, no, not that. Taking pictures! Yeah! He remembered snapping a shot of that massive catoblepas...with Noct. Shit, he'd forgotten that detail. Noct had gone with some seductive pose out of irony, but now Prompto was imagining Noctis standing in front of the beast, biting his lower lip in nothing but a towel…

"Next!" he exclaimed, rolling off of the bed while trying to avoid everyone seeing the confusing tent pitched against the zipper of his pants. "Dibs on the shower!" He held his phone down in front of his crotch and pretended to be focused on the game as he shuffled his way awkwardly to the bathroom. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed Gladio grinning ear-to-ear.

"Happy thoughts," Gladio winked.

Dude, really? Mortified, Prompto slammed the door shut and slumped against it. Damn it, what the Hell was going on with him? It wasn't like he'd never seen Noct naked before. But this - actually thinking about Noct like this…Gladio. This was all his fault, wasn't it? All of this crap with teasing him had obviously gotten under his skin, working his last nerve...and his dick. Fuck, his pants felt like they were three sizes too small right about now. Why did he think being 'cool' and getting the skin-tight jeans was a good idea before they headed out on this road trip? He should have at least packed something practical. Of course, he hadn't expected to get a raging boner from the thought of his best friend, either.

"Okay. Just think about something...gross. Like...bugs. Yeah, bugs." With that thought in mind, he managed to shimmy out of his pants and boxers before padding his way to the shower. As his hand turned the faucet knob, his thoughts turned to how Noctis was just in here, showering not minutes before. Hell, he'd probably given himself a good one-off. Prompto's cheeks reddened at the thought. "I hope Gladio is fucking happy," he grumbled, stepping inside the shower before drawing the curtains. He attempted a cold shower, but the sensitivity in his groin made it painfully difficult, and he gave up, turning the water warm and resting his forehead against the tile wall, frustrated.

He didn't understand why he was getting so flustered in the first place. Noct was just a friend. Had always been. He was his best friend, so he wasn't entirely sure why Gladio was poking fun at that. After all, Prompto was just thankful for even having a friend. Growing up alone, he'd felt insecure most of his life. The only times he felt safe were when Noctis assured him that his friendship was enough. And then he'd met Ignis and Gladio, and suddenly, he had friends. Plural. And it was great!

He'd been excited for this roadtrip. Excited to go out, see the world, experience it amongst friends. Even to meet Lunafreya - but these weird things he'd been noticing about himself: the stares that lasted a bit too long when his eyes fell on Noctis, the way he'd get slightly jealous when Noct would have inside jokes with the others, he'd chalked it all up to wanting to be Noct's best friend.

So why the Hell was he so fucking hard right now? And why had thinking of Noctis been the thing to get him here? He ran his hands through his wet tresses, his hand trailing down his chest, his abdomen, his pelvic bone, inching closer to the throbbing problem between his legs.

As his fingers curled around his hardened, throbbing cock, he tried to picture Cindy in his mind's eye, bending over the Regalia and giving it a good waxing with those enormous tits...He tried to think of her in a bikini, hot suds dripping down her cleavage, her tiny tiny, wasn't it? Prompto was a small man, sure, but the thought of holding her close to him, pressing her down against the Regalia's hood...would he break her?

"What's wrong with me?" He'd never had a problem fantasizing about a woman before. Maybe it was just because Cindy looked like she could knock him out with those balloons on her chest? Yeah, that had to be it. Someone more...attainable…

He stroked up and down his shaft slowly, forming a new picture in his mind - this one of the pretty chef at the hotel's bar. She had an engaging smile, perfectly white teeth, and an innocence about her Prompto found endearing. Maybe she'd be that shy, minxy type in the bedroom, peeling off layer by layer of clothing and whispering sweet nothings into his ear as she leaned him back on the bed…

He started to notice the way his dick grew softer in his hands, and he gave a frustrated sigh. His balls ached for release. There was no way he was going to sleep well tonight if he didn't get off.

His mind kept wandering back to Noctis - to the rippling back muscles, firm ass, soaking wet hair as it framed his face…

His cock twitched happily in his hand, ready for attention once more.

"Really?" he sighed, slumping to the shower floor and leaning his back against the cool tile. He found a good angle to let the warm water cascade down his abdomen without slapping him in the face. His hand moved gingerly as he tried to picture Cindy again, this time bent over on her stomach across the Regalia's trunk. Her ass hung out of her low rider short-shorts, breasts pressed against the metal surface of the car. She stood on her tip toes, wiggling her hips and begging him to take her. "Do it, Prompto. Fuck me," she said in his mind with that cute, southern drawl.

Prompto pumped his cock a few times, grateful that it remained just as hard as ever. He imagined reaching down to the zipper of his pants and untucking his prick. In a moment of surprise, another hand wrapped around his waist (in his mind, of course) just as a soft, seductive voice murmured in his ear, "That's it, Prom. You want me to help you with that?"

The real Prompto's legs would have buckled out from under him if he was standing upright.

"Here," said the voice, lips brushing across his earlobes with playful taunting as the hand on his waist hooked a thumb in the waistband of his underwear. Prompto felt the material slide down, down, down, until his pants and underwear hit the dirt below. A lean body pressed against him from behind. Prompto could feel the fabric of someone else's pants brush along his ass as they left no room between them. "This help?"

Prompto nodded, staring down at the perfectly round globes of Cindy's ass but thinking he enjoyed whatever was going on behind him, even if two things rushed to the surface of his psyche: this voice was definitely that of a man, and Prompto knew exactly

which man it was.

"N-Noct," he groaned as Noctis pulled Prompto as close as possible to him, allowing the tent in his pants to rub against Prompto's ass. Oh, fuck. He was so hard…

"What're you waiting for?" Noctis asked as he nibbled on Prompto's neck while his hands traveled up and down Prompto's stomach, over each and every firm muscle there. Prompto's voice caught in his throat as Noctis pinched a nipple, causing the blond to moan.

"Y-You wanna watch?" he gasped.

"Yeah. I do." Noctis' breath was hot and heavy against Prompto's throat just before he bit down on the juncture between his neck and shoulder. Prompto cried out, mixed with pain and pleasure all at once. "That okay, buddy?" The way the prince chewed on the last word, as if it was beef jerky ripe for the tearing with his teeth, made Prompto's cock leak with precum.

"N-Not gonna deny a pr-prince," Prompto whimpered. Noctis released him with a subtle, satisfied chuckle before sauntering around to the trunk next to Cindy and sitting beside her, grinning with expectancy.

"Go on then," he taunted, leaning his back against the rear window and tucking his arms behind his head. "I can't wait to watch."

Prompto whimpered, eager to please his prince. He took a step forward, eyes locked on Noct's as he grabbed Cindy's hip, steadied her, and drove into her with enough force to make her scream out in pleasure. The corner of Noctis' mouth twitched in a smile, and he quirked an approving eyebrow, nodding slowly.

"That's it, Prompto," he encouraged. "I wanna watch your face when you come."

The real Prompto bit down on his lower lip to keep from moaning, his hand working up and down in quick, short bursts of movement. His thumb slid across the head of his dick, giving extra stimulation and spreading his leaking precum around. Inside his mind, the fantasy-Noctis licked his lips.

"Take it slow," he said, scooting down to the edge of the trunk and resting a hand on each of Cindy's ass cheeks. A small crackle of jealousy ignited in Prompto - not in possession of Cindy, but that Noct would even think about touching anyone else. He watched Noct spread Cindy wide while telling him, "Slowly, Prom. I wanna see you fuck her."

Prompto obliged, pumping in and out of Cindy at a grueling pace. His eyes were on Noctis' face as his friend watched his dick move in and out, in and out of her. Noctis smacked Cindy on the ass, making her scream.

"Slower," he told Prompto. The blond could only comply, his eyes drifting to the site of him slowly removing himself from the woman below him, his cock glistening. Noctis gave a low, guttural growl that nearly sounded ferrell as he continued to watch. "It looks so good. Let me know when you're close."

"Can I go faster?" asked Prompto with desperation.

"A little," winked Noctis.

Prompto continued to jerk himself off in the shower, imagining all of the seductive faces Noctis would make as he watched Prompto fuck Cindy harder and harder into the Regalia. And even though he was pounding into a woman in his fantasy, his thoughts were only on Noctis, on the way he'd watch and bite his lip and stare wondrously down at Prompto's cock.

"So...close...N-Noct…" the real Prompto whispered.

Noctis slipped off the edge of the trunk and fell to his knees beside Prompto, mouth open and waiting. Prompto was confused for a half a moment until he realized what Noctis meant for him to do. He pulled out of Cindy hesitantly, and Noctis did the rest, eagerly reaching up and wrapping his hand around the base of Prompto's shaft just before opening his mouth and taking him down his throat.

"Ungh...sweet baby chocobos…" Prompto's legs began to shake as his orgasm approached. He tried to ride it out, picturing Noctis bobbing his head up and down, sucking and swirling his tongue around the head, fondling his balls and lapping at him…. "T-That's it...oh, Noct…" Prompto came in his own hand, but in his mind, it was down Noctis' throat, dripping hot come in spurts as Noctis groaned in satisfaction.

It took a full minute for Prompto to come down from his orgasmic high. The water was already past luke-warm, bordering on cool, but he couldn't have cared less. His legs shook, his chest heaved, and Prompto was fully sated in oxytocin.

It wasn't the first time Noctis had been in one of his fantasies; there'd been a few times where Noctis would watch from the corner of the room, encouraging Prompto to continue. But this was certainly the first time fantasy-Noct had ever joined in on the fun.

Once again, Prompto blamed Gladio. If he hadn't put these ideas in his head, would he really have been tempted to think about Noctis in that light?

Eventually, he shamefully climbed out of the shower only to realize - there was no towel. "Aww, come on! -Umm, guys? A little help here?"

"I'm on it!" he heard Noctis reply from the other side of the door.

Prompto rushed and braced himself against the bathroom door, making sure it was locked. "N-No, that's okay! N-Not you!"

"Huh?" The voice was louder now - practically right on the other side. "Shut up, I'm already here. Open the door."

Fuck. Prompto turned the lock and carefully pried the door open, remaining hidden behind it. His arm felt around in the cold air where he assumed Noctis was until he felt something soft, giving it a tug.

"Er, Prompto. That's my towel."

Prompto immediately released the towel and waited as Noctis slipped the unused towel in his hand. Gladio roared with laughter from the outside as Prompto shut the door again. He toweled off quickly, wondering how he was going to look Noctis in the eyes after everything he'd fantasized about. He caught a glance at himself in the mirror, at the flush in his cheeks that overpowered the distinct freckles on his skin. As his heart began to steady once more, he took a good, hard look at his face, studying his blond locks, his cyan irises, his scrawny shoulders but firm abdomen. He could admit he was a good looking guy, when push came to shove, though he wished he could bulk up a little more. There were small, white stretch marks around his lower stomach from his early childhood days of trading salads for burgers. He hated the freckles that littered his chest and arms - everyone would call him 'cute' in school because of it. He didn't want to be 'cute.' Cute was what got him the dates with the pretty girls that took notice of him back in high school but would leave him when someone sexier came along. Cute was what landed him his loss of virginity but lack of a girlfriend to show for it. Cute was what that guy had called him that one drunken, experimental night back in his dorm at college. Cute was what someone called their chocobo. Even Noctis called him his 'cute little sidekick.'

"Stop," he told himself. "Stop thinking about him. Get it together, dude. You're not into your best friend. You got it?" He smacked himself lightly on the cheek and gathered enough courage to open the door, grabbing his phone off of the counter last minute.

When he entered the room, Ignis offered him a set of grey pajama bottoms and a fresh pair of underwear.

"Thanks," he said, trying to avoid looking at Noctis at all costs.

"Not a problem."

Unfortunately for Prompto, Noctis was sprawled across the spare bed, still wrapped in his towel. His damp hair soaked the pillow behind him as he played on his phone, his new found companion purring next to him. By the sounds from the phone, he was playing a fishing game.

Gladio brushed passed Prompto with a chuckle, muttering, "Enjoying the view?"

"Shut up," Prompto grumbled, slugging his friend in the arm. Gladio didn't budge. Not. One. Inch.

"Ha." The behemoth of a man grabbed up a towel from the dresser drawer and went into the bathroom.

Ignis must have caught the distraught, confused look on Prompto's face, because he cleared his throat and sternly asked Noctis, "Don't you think it prudent to change into some clothing, Your Highness?"

"Huh?" Noctis looked up from his phone. "Yeah, yeah. After this level."

"No. Now." Ignis picked up a folded pair of lounge pants and uncharacteristically tossed them at Noctis, hitting him in the face. "Prompto, perhaps you'd like to get dressed and accompany me to the soda machine down the hall?"

"Er…yeah." Prompto turned his back on Noctis and quickly changed, trying his best not to let him see the pale stretch marks along his skin or the gleam in his eye that said staring at Noctis was giving Prompto another hard-on. He felt relieved when he followed Ignis out the door.

"Are you alright, Prompto?" asked Ignis as they strolled down the hallway.

"Huh?" Prompto tried to play it cool. "Oh, yeah. I'm great!"

"You should learn to ignore Gladio," said his spectacled friend. "He means well, even if he has no tact with his teasing."

"It's cool," Prompto insisted, trying to shrug off the conversation and not give away the fact he was annoyed as fuck that even Ignis noticed the relentless teasing. "Just some harmless fun among friends, right?"

Ignis didn't answer as he pulled some gil from his pockets and selected a drink for each of them from the machine. He asked Prompto to help him carry them back, and when they re-entered the room, Noctis was found dressed, hunched over Ignis' maps.

"Looks like you've been working hard. Already anticipating the worst?" he asked.

"If the ferries won't run in two day's time, we best be as prepared as possible to find another route," Ignis replied, pushing his glasses up his nose before handing Noct a bottled beverage. "It is the best course of action."

"Hey, Prom," said Noctis, giving up on the maps. "How about another round of King's Knight?"

Prompto felt his cheeks flush with warmth when their eyes met. Could he see it? The guilt lodged behind his pupils? Could he tell, at this very moment, the guilt Prompto felt at what transpired in the shower? Could Noctis see what he was doing to him, even right now?

"Yeah, alright," he mumbled. The two sat on the bed across from Ignis and began to chat stats, though Prompto tried to keep a safe distance between them, reaching down and picking up the cat to build a barrier. He felt relief that Noctis had put on a shirt, at least. He wished he had one to wear as well.

When Gladio emerged from the bathroom some time later, he gave a thick yawn, reaching for a set of boxers on the dresser.

"Sup," said Noctis, not looking up from his phone.

"What're you two up to?" asked Gladio.

"Harvesting," replied Prompto, hoping the conversation actually would stick to King's Knight.

"Fun." The bed squeaked across from them as Gladio fell back onto the bed, crumpling up half of Ignis' maps. Ignis tsked and grumbled, "Off."

"Sorry." Gladio sat up, grinning at Noctis and Prompto sitting side by side. "So, I figure Iggy and I'll take this bed, and you two can-"

Before Prompto could even begin to protest, Iggy jumps to his rescue. "Absolutely not," he said, swatting Gladio upside the head with a rolled up map. He exchanged a smile with Prompto before adding, "If you think I want to share a bed with you after your pillow debacle, you are gravely mistaken. Prompto, you'll share the bed with me."

"Okay!" Prompto agreed, a bit too eager. The thought of sharing a bed with Noctis tonight, after the dock and the shower, sounded like pure torture. He hopped off of the first bed and told Gladio, "Outta the way, big guy."

"Yeah, yeah," Gladio replied, standing up. "Noct, you cool with that?"

"Yeah, just don't hog the bed this time, 'kay?" He never looked up from his game.

"I'ma big man. Gotta have room to stretch my legs. Your scrawny ass doesn't need as much room."

"You mean like when you literally kicked me out of bed the last time? Trim your toenails, dude. Seriously."

Prompto couldn't stifle the laugh that escaped his throat as he climbed into bed. "He got you there, Gladio!"

Noctis smirked triumphantly. That was, until Gladio kicked him in the back and knocked him to the floor, throwing a pillow down on top of him before scooping up the cat and kissing it on top of the head.

"Nighty night, Prince. Hope you get some good shut-eye."

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