Premonitions II-C: Crisis Core

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Chapter 2: A Bit of Background

So before I continue, you'll probably want to know a little bit about who I am. Or, that is, who I was, because my current status is ambiguous, as I've said before.

I was born on a farm outside of Gongaga on June 27, 1985. I'm an only child, and was raised with my parents there. I have one uncle and cousin on my dad's side, but all my grandparents are dead. As the farm was out in bumblefuck, I didn't have any friends, either. So, growing up, I only knew five people.

I was homeschooled for most of my life. My parents originally intended for me to take over the farm when my dad got old, but things somehow changed. One night, while I was trying to sleep, I heard my parents arguing.

"And if the farm goes bust, then what?!" I heard my dad yell.

"You're not going to give up, are you?" I heard my mom say.

It sounded like my dad didn't want me investing my life in the farm like the previous eight generations.

The next day, I got the announcement.

"You're going to school," I remember my dad telling me. "You need a real career."

I don't remember what I was thinking at the time, except that I would probably be going to school in Gongaga. It made sense, since it was the closest town.

The school turned out to be Sector Five High School in Midgar. All public schools in Midgar were controlled and sponsored by the Shinra. I was able to go, and even get an apartment for free. The condition was that, after I graduated, I would go to Xing for martial arts training. It seemed like Shinra was setting up some martial arts program for stealthy operations. My dad found the Shinra a better investment than the farm.

So when I spied on Zack in the training room, I was two weeks into my freshman year. I only had two friends at this point.

One of them was Logan. We were partners in chemistry class who made small talk during experiments. I know that's a cheap excuse for a friendship, but that was more or less all I had at that point.

Then there was Durham Haverford, my partner in computer class. Naturally, she was a member of the Haverford family. They're supposedly almost as rich as President Shinra, and they have the biggest mansion in Sector Six, complete with a pool and tennis court in their backyard, and a bowling alley in their basement. Durham is an only child, and is spoiled rotten. And she's incredibly hot.

By the way, I liked Durham. But that's for later in the story.

I sat alone at lunchtime. Both Logan and Durham had class then. I didn't mind; I was always the person who liked a little time to himself every now and then. That said, there had been, by that point, three occasions where somebody sat with me.

On the first occasion, it was Logan. His teacher had been absent, and no sub showed up for twenty minutes, so the class made a mutual decision to dissipate. It was a biology class, and the students spent the twenty minutes they did wait trying to turn on the TV, or checking whether the skeleton in the room was real or not. It was actually Logan who checked, and he was able to verify that it wasn't.

On the second occasion, a girl in a cheer uniform sat down across from me.

"Okay," she began, without introducing herself. "I'm asking random people this. Tonight's my first game and I'm nervous like whoa!"

"You've been practicing, haven't you?" I asked her.

"I've practiced my butt off," the cheerleader replied. "But I'm still a nervous fifteen-year-old girl who's never cheered in front of a whole stadium full of people."

"Did you try pretending that nobody's there?" I asked her.

The cheerleader shook her head.

"That's what I do when I have a presentation to give."

The cheerleader briefly looked at the ceiling before making eye contact with me again.

"You know," she began, "I never though of that." She paused. "I think I'll try that. Thanks! I owe you one!"

She high-fived me and then took off.

I didn't get the cheerleader's name during the encounter, and I never expected to see her again after that. It's a big school, remember?

On the third occasion, Durham sat down across from me. She was wearing a shirt that showed a lot of cleavage.

"What happened with class?" I asked her.

"It got cancelled," she replied.

I knew it was a lie, but I didn't care. I had a good view of Durham's cleavage, and she was showing interest in me, so what could be bad?

Well, the assistant principal thought something could be bad and summoned Durham to his office.

She was given a detention for showing her cleavage.

And for cutting class.

But enough of me. Zack Fair is the star here. He did a lot more heroic stuff than I ever will.

Zack was born in Gongaga in 1984, making him the same age as me. He lived in town, so we never met as children. The farthest away I had ever been, before I went to Midgar, was about twenty feet from the farm limits.

Zack, by the way, went to my high school. I didn't know-him-know-him at first; it was a big school. I spotted him in the hallway once or twice; the school was so big there were classmates you'd never even meet. Trust me.

During the evenings, I'd work as a desk clerk at Shinra Headquarters. I would be filing visitor logs and direct anyone who so happened to wander up to the third floor, which was the extremity an ordinary person, myself included, was allowed to venture.

On my breaks, of course, when no questions were asked, I would cloak myself and explore the building. I would always go to the fourth floor or above. Two days after that virtual reality training, I spotted Zack doing squats. He had a really frustrated look on his face. I felt bad for the guy; he wasn't getting any assignments.

And then, I noticed someone else was watching him. It was Christine Scarlet, the head of Weapons Development. Scarlet was one of the more ruthless of Shinra's executives. The weapons she had designed have killed hundreds, if not thousands.

But, tonight, she was only interested in Zack's weapons.

"Mr. Fair," she called out.

"Ms. Scarlet," he acknowledged.

"Can you come with me, please?" Scarlet requested.

"Roger that," he replied.

I followed them into the elevator. Zack seemed well aware that they were about to have sex, but he didn't seem to mind the least. Scarlet is an attractive woman; some people my age even keep posters of her in their rooms.

The elevator stopped at the fifty-sixth floor. That floor was the home of Weapons Development. I followed them until they disappeared into Scarlet's office, which, I noticed before the door closed, had a bed.

Scarlet, I believe, is thirty-two or thirty-three. Zack is sixteen. Enough said. Not wanting to listen to her statutory shenanigans, I quietly left her office foyer and explored the department.

Scarlet has one daughter, Bestla, whom I passed in the hallway while I was waiting for her to finish her cougar escapades. She was a snobby eight-year-old who was only tolerated around the building because of who her mother was.

"What are you doing?!" shouted an executive when he spotted her. "Children aren't allowed here!"

Bestla gave the executive a rude smirk.

"Santa?" she asked innocently.

"Oh, it's you, Bestla," sighed Palmer. "Carry on."

Palmer has a weight problem, and Bestla often takes advantage of it. She never gets into trouble, as Palmer is the least liked and least competent of all the Shinra executives; why he hasn't been fired is beyond me.

Bestla's father, by the way, is Heideggar. He's the Head of Public Safety, or Commander-in-Chief of the Shinra military forces. He's had an on-again, off-again relationship with Scarlet.

And it was Heidegger who spotted Bestla outside the department by the elevator.

"Bothering your mother at work again?" he interrogated.

"No," Bestla replied, in a snobby tone of voice.

Not believing her, Heidegger grabbed her by the arm. He then marched Bestla off to his office.

I then returned to Scarlet's office foyer; she had surely finished up by now.

"I feel like such a woman!" I heard Scarlet gasp.

I sighed. I didn't peek inside, but I knew exactly what it looked like; they were sitting on the edge of the bed, naked, with their butt cracks slightly visible and drinking glasses of champagne. Zack wasn't legally allowed to drink, but Scarlet wasn't legally allowed to have sex with Zack, so it was kind of one of those "I-won't-tell-if-you-don't" kind of situations.

"When my daughter's old enough," said Scarlet as she placed a hand on his bare back, "we need to have a threesome!"

I burst out laughing. I was cloaked; nobody could hear me. That did sound really bizarre, but, hell, this woman kills people.

Realizing that my break was almost up, I returned to the elevator and pressed the button. The door opened, and I got on.

I was not alone on the ride down. The head of the Science and Research Division also occupied the elevator. That would be Hojo. I never found out whether that's his first name or last, but I did find out immediately that he was headed for the ground floor. So I did what anyone else would do: I pressed the "three" button. Of course, from Hojo's point of view, it looked like it just pressed on its own. Hojo is a man of science and doesn't believe in ghosts, but I know I spooked the shit out of him.

I don't know who's the biggest sexaholic at Shinra, but Scarlet, Hojo, and President Shinra all seem tied. Scarlet has slept with almost every male executive. The only executive who's refrained from fucking Scarlet is Reeve. That's because he's a gay man with a husband and daughter at home. She even took advantage of the teenage Zack.

I didn't take any pictures of that.

I actually only took several pictures of Zack that day, but that was enough. I took them home after work and uploaded them. I then emailed the pictures to my employer: Lorna Fair.

That's right. His mom hired me to spy on him. The Shinra gave his parents compensation for his services, and they paid me to let them know how he was doing.

Zack was somewhat of a troubled kid, so his parents were always worried about him. It started with typical mischief. He was running around taking hats and running and playing ding dong ditch. It stopped being funny when he was eleven and got suspended from school for pulling the fire alarm. The final nail in the coffin came when he was thirteen: he had gotten the mayor's daughter pregnant. Fearing for his safety, his parents sent him to work for the Shinra.

Zack joined SOLDIER quickly, making it all the way to Second Class. He was stationed from town to town, getting a girl pregnant at the drop of a hat.

I had been quietly hoping that he would settle down with a decent girlfriend, and when I got my wish, I hated it. But that's for later.

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