Premonitions II-C: Crisis Core

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Premonitions II: Crisis Core

Chapter 7: Back Home

I was back in Midgar by four that afternoon. I quickly returned to Sector Five, but I realized that there were some loose ends I needed to tie up before I went home. The first thing I realized I needed to do was to alert my two potential girlfriends that I was home safely. Since she had taken the time to record a video for me, I decided that I would go see Aerith first.

If she used the stalkers' guide to find me, she would have no problem if I did the same to find her. I'll tell you this: I almost stopped trusting the stalkers' guide once I found her house.

"This is still the slums?" I asked myself.

You wouldn't think this was in the slums. Hell, you wouldn't even think this was in the city. It was as if she lived out in the middle of nowhere, and had a whole forest to herself. I'm sure she would have liked that. There were plants growing and everything. Only a few pipes reminded me it was still the city.

But I didn't have time to speculate. Aerith was worried sick. She was waiting to see me, and I was waiting to see her. I knocked on the front door, and it opened.

Aerith was wearing a baby shirt that exposed an inch of skin and a pair of tight, dark blue jeans. She gave me a neutral look at first.

"You need your butt kicked," she said before throwing her arms around me. "I'm glad you're safe."

"Me too," I replied as I hugged her back.

She broke the hug and looked me in the eyes.

"You scared me," she reprimanded. "I kept refreshing the casualty list to make sure you weren't on it!"

"Sorry," I replied. "A job's a job."

Aerith simply smiled at me.

"Come on in," she invited as she backed into her house. "I'm just glad you're okay."

I stepped inside. Aerith's house was a modest home with a living-room and kitchen mashed together. I could see her mom sitting at the table.

"Is this your friend who went to Wutai?" Elmyra asked.

"Mom," Aerith began, "this is Tobin."

Elmyra stood up and shook my hand.

"It's nice to meet you, Tobin," she greeted politely. "I'm glad to see you're okay."

The three of us made small talk for a bit before Elmyra went out for groceries, leaving Aerith and I alone in the house.

"Wanna go to the roof?" she suggested.

"The roof?" I asked.

"I love it up there," she said. "It's where I've always been daydreaming away."

Aerith led me upstairs. There were two bedrooms, which I presumed were for her and Elmyra. At the end of the hall was a string hanging from the ceiling. When Aerith pulled it, a flight of wooden stairs came down. You would expect said stairs to lead to an attic, but, here, they led to the roof.

A few minutes later, Aerith and I were laying on our backs, staring at the plate that was blocking our view of the sky. We both had our arms behind our heads, which allowed Aerith's shirt to rise more, giving a better view of her bare midriff; I wondered if she was doing that on puprise.

"I'm a little jealous," Aerith said playfully.

"What?" I asked.

"You grew up in the country," she clarified. "If we did this there, we could see the stars."

I kind of wanted to show an interest in her, so I made a reference to the future.

"Maybe I could take you out there sometime," I suggested.

"I'd like that," she agreed, smiling. "I've never been outside of the city. It makes me even more jealous that you'll be getting to do martial arts training in Xing after we graduate."

"You'll have your own place to go," I added.

"Not really," she dismissed. "I'll be staying in Midgar, helping my mom around the house."

I found this interesting.

"Aren't you going to college?" I asked, although I already figured the answer.

Aerith shook her head.

I found that somewhat of a surprise; everyone else I knew had college plans for after graduation. She was the only exception.

"Don't you want a career?" I asked her.

"I just want to be a housewife," she replied. "I'm kind of traditional."

I kind of figured that. She was a cheerleader and loved to dance, both feminine activities. I never thought she was that traditional, though.

"But I dress sexy sometimes, maybe so a cute boy might ask me out," she continued with a smile.

I couldn't tell whether or not she was referring to me. She was wearing a shirt that exposed an inch of skin, which was the first I had seen her in. She was also wearing a pair of jeans that really showed her behind off. On the other hand, she didn't know I was coming. It was ambiguous. It really was.

We stayed on the roof and talked for a couple of hours before it was time for me to go. She led be back down to the ground level.

"I'll see you in school tomorrow?" Aerith asked.

"You bet," I replied. "No more Wutai."

She smiled and hugged me.

"Thank God," she said happily.

I then walked out the door.

"He is so cute!" I heard Elmyra, who had since returned, say as the door closed.


My next stop as the house of my other potential girlfriend. I took the elevator to the upper plate, and soon found myself at my next destination.

Like I said earlier, Durham lived in a big house. I rang the doorbell and listen to it chime some classical tune I'd never heard before. Then her father answered the door.

"Can I help you?" he asked in a neutral tone of voice.

I could tell right away that Mr. Haverford didn't like me.

"I-I'm here to see Durham," I replied, somewhat nervously.

"Is she expecting you?" he grunted.

"Daddy, it's okay!" called a voice from behind him.

A moment later, Durham appeared, wearing a gray tee and a matching pair of sweatpants, and threw her arms around me.

"Welcome home!" she whispered.

When we broke the hug, I could see that Mr. Haverford was gone.

"Don't mind him," she whispered. "He's like that with all boys."

With that, she took my hand, and led me past the living-room (where her parents were watching TV), up the stairs, and into her room.

Curiously, Durham had a window that she could see out into the hall with.

Durham's bedroom had a bed, along with a bathroom, sofa, TV, and even a fridge. It was almost an apartment in there.

My host immediately walked over to the couch and sat down.

"You owe me a foot rub," Durham announced as she put her back against the armrest and stretched herself, leaving me only enough room to sit down.

I duly began rubbing her foot, and Durham immediately began taking it in.

"How was Wutai?" she asked me.

"Okay," I replied.

"Just okay?" Durham asked in surprise. "I heard we blew up a fort!"

"I only saw it from a distance," I told her as I began rubbing her other foot. "I mainly took pictures and did a few interviews."

"Who did you see?" she asked.

I decided to be honest. "Just Zack Fair and Angeal Hewley."

"The traitor?!" she exclaimed.

I realized that word traveled fast.

"My leg, too, please," Durham requested.

I began to rub her leg through her pants.

"I also saw Sephiroth," I continued.

"Ew," she groaned. "That guy's creepy." She paused. "They're in the way, aren't they?"

"What?" I asked.

"My pants," Durham clarified.

"No, not really," I replied.

"Oh, okay," she said.

I continued massaging her leg for a couple of minutes. And then, I wanted to hit myself.

You dumbass, I thought to myself. Don't you realize what would have happened if you had said yes? 

"Actually," I said, hoping it wasn't too late, "they kind of are."

Durham nodded.

"Hold on," she said. "Let me close the curtains so no one sees me."

Durham got up and closed the curtains. She then locked the door. After that, she walked back over and turned her back to me, placing her hands on her hips. For a few moments, she seemed to scanned the room. Then, she gripped her pants, pulled them down, and stepped out of them, revealing a pair of leopard-skin panties.

Durham then sat back down on the sofa next to me, and I resumed massaging her legs. Only this time, she had a big smile on her face.

"You seem happy," I pointed out.

"It's not every day a girl gets a good leg rub," she replied with a smile.

I continued to massage her lower leg before moving up to her knee. When I noticed she didn't object, I moved up to her upper leg. She still didn't object, and soon I found myself massaging the side of her upper thigh where her panties stopped.

"Oooh," Durham purred as she made eye contact with me. "I wasn't expecting my butt massaged!"

"Like it," I asked her.

"I love it," she replied.

I then decided to take a leap. I tilted my head toward hers, putting our lips across from each other, slowly moving mine towards hers.

And then, she pushed her lips against mine, kissing me softly.

"I know," Durham continued. "I wear granny panties. Thongs are just so uncomfortable. Maybe when I go to college."


That was where Durham stood out. She wanted to go to college and become a teacher. It was a great endeavor, in contrast to Aerith, who just wanted to be a homemaker.

I stayed on the couch with Durham for another two hours, rubbing up and down her legs. She had a big smile on the whole time.

Eventually, it was time for me to go home. Durham, without putting her pants back on, led me to the door and kissed me good-bye. I was fortunate enough to leave without coming into contact with Mr. Durham again.


Another surprise awaited me when I opened the door to the apartment.

"What are boxes doing here?" I asked out loud.

There were empty boxes all over the place. There seemed to be about twenty or so scattered. It could only mean one thing.

My suspicions were proven correct when my new roommate emerged from the formerly empty bedroom.

And here comes the part where I reveal I got what every insecure male teenager and college student only dreamed of: my new roommate was a girl.

Yes, a girl. She had long reddish-brown hair and brown eyes. She was wearing a dark blue shirt and a pair of jeans that were the same color. She appeared to be about my age, give or take a couple of years in either direction.

"Are you Tobin?" she asked.

"That's me!"

"I'm your roomie!" she replied.

Our palms met, and she had a firm grip.

"I'm Cissnei," she greeted.

"It's nice to meet you, Cissnei," I replied.

We then sat down on the now-mutual sofa.

"I think I've seen you before," she said. "Around the Shinra building?"

"I'm there most evenings," I answered. "I'm at school during the day."

"Awesome," Cissnei said. "I'm there all the time. I do what I'm needed for."

I was relieved I wasn't stuck with a slob or a meth cook. Cissnei seemed like a nice girl. She was attractive, but I wouldn't call her hot. She didn't get at all confrontational or even go over any boundaries. She did, however, lock her door when she went to bed.

An hour later, I had retired to my room for the night. The last surprise of the day came when Yuffie friended me on social media. You would think that, after what she had pulled, that I would not only reject her, but block her.

But I didn't do that.

She was an ocean away, and I never gave out anything too personal.

So I accepted her.

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