Premonitions II-C: Crisis Core

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Premonitions II: Crisis Core

Chapter 6: The Missing Bracelet

October 8, 0000

I also noticed that my room door was wide open; somebody had come in and taken it while I was in the shower.

This was not good; if this had fallen into the wrong hands, Wutai could use it to win the war. I quickly darted out of my room, hoping for answers as soon as possible. My first suspicions were on the innkeeper; he had keys to every room.

When I got to the lobby, I noticed that there was nobody at the reception desk. I stormed out of the hotel right away, hoping to spot the innkeeper somewhere in the vicinity.

And then I saw her. It was Yuffie, that girl who was at Fort Tamblin the previous night. We immediately made eye contact, and she quickly got a nervous look on her face. She was indeed the culprit.

"YOU!" I exclaimed.

"Oh, shit!" Yuffie nervously groaned as she began to turn and run.

That was sheer self-incrimination right there. I immediately darted after her. Being much younger and smaller than me, I caught up to Yuffie easily. I then grabbed her, spun her around, and angrily lifted her into the air. I didn't care if she was a child. I didn't care who saw me. I needed my cloaking bracelet.

"Where is it?!" I demanded.

"Where's what?" she replied, playing dumb.

"My bracelet, you little shit!" I explicitly clarified.

"Relax, it's just a bracelet!" she dismissed.

That did it.

"WHERE'S MY FUCKING BRACELET?!" I demanded at the top of my lungs as I shook her roughly.

"The Spoils Pagoda!" Yuffie replied frantically. "Where we take our spoils of war!"

I sighed and lowered her down; I got the information I needed.

"I'm not at war with you," I assured her.

"Bullshit!" she dismissed. "I saw your Shinra badge, Tobin Lockheart!"

I glared at her.

"You went through my wallet?"

"You bet your ass!" Yuffie replied.

"Such language for a kid," I observed.

"Shit! Shishishishit! Shishishishit!" she defiantly retorted.

"Look, just tell me where it is, and I'll never come back here again," I pleaded.

"I told you," she replied, "the Spoils Pagoda."

"Where's that?" I naturally asked.

Yuffie put her hands on her hips and gave me a skeptical look.

"Promise you won't come back?" she asked.

"Promise," I assured her.

"Cross your heart and hope to die?" she demanded. "Stick a needle in your eye? Spill your guts, lose your dick, turn your body to a...ummm...ummm...ummm..."

"Prick," I finished for her.

"That'll do," Yuffie agreed. "Okay, nobody's ever retrieved anything from the Spoils Pagoda. It's just south of town."

"I'm more than nobody," I replied. "Is there a way in?"

"The only way in is the front entrance," she replied. "And that has two guards."

"There has to be a way to sneak past them," I suggested.

Yuffie shook her head.

"You don't have to," she said. "If you bother them, they give you a warning. If you bother them again, they give you a second warning."

"What happens after the second warning?" I asked her.

"They open the pagoda and let you go in," Yuffie replied.

"So you're saying they get tired of you begging and give it back to you?" I asked. "That's too easy. Tell the truth."

Yuffie shook her head.

"They let you take it and walk away. But when you're about a foot from the exit, they'll suddenly ambush you, and stab you with their sais. And that would be the story of you."

"What?" I exclaimed.

"It's their way of getting rid of unwanted enemies," she said.

We stared at each other for a few moments. Now this sounded believable.

"I'm going to try it," I told her.

"Wait!" exclaimed Yuffie. "Are you deaf?! It's a trap! They always do this! You pick up the bracelet and they'll come after you! They'll wait for ten seconds and then cut you to pieces when you're least expecting it! Picking up that bracelet will give you about ten seconds to live!"

"That's all I need," I told her.

"Are you suicidal?" she asked. "I'm calling the hotline!"

I shook my head. Then something else popped into my head. I was wondering if what the bracelet was for got leaked somehow.

"What do you know about that bracelet?" I asked her.

"It's pretty," Yuffie replied.


"That's it," she said. "And it's probably worth a lot."

"I see," I said as I turned and began to head for the Spoils Pagoda.

"Wait!" Yuffie exclaimed. "Promise me You won't die!"

I sighed. I'd been getting that a lot, it seemed.

"I won't," I assured her.

"Good!" Yuffie exclaimed. "Because you're kind of cute."

That did it. I turned around, and glared. Did this girl actually have a crush on me?

"How old are you, anyway?" I asked her.

"I'm going to be nine in six weeks," Yuffie replied.

"That means when I was eight, you were only one," I dismissed as I began to walk off. "Hit me back in nine years, provided you're still interested."

"Not fair!" Yuffie protested.


I found the Spoils Pagoda less than a mile from town. Just like Yuffie said, there were two guards there. I couldn't waste any time, as my flight home was due to leave soon.

"What do you want?" demanded one of the guards.

"You have my bracelet," I replied.

"Oh," said the guard. "So you're Tobin Lockheart, aren't you?"

I nodded.

"What's it for?" the guard asked.

"My girlfriend," I lied.

"Sorry," the guard said, "but it's ours now. But if you want to get into a girl's pants, why don't you try wooing her?"

"I'll keep that in mind," I said.

I walked away and hid around the corner for five minutes. Then I came back and bugged then again, just as Yuffie had said. Sure enough, they told me to get lost. So I disappeared for a bit and came back once more.

"You just don't quit," the guard said. "Very well. So be it. If you want your precious bracelet back, you can have it."

He then signaled for me to head into the Pagoda.

I quietly entered as I noticed both of the guards look at me with big smirks on their faces. They were counting on cutting me, an intruder associated with the Shinra, to pieces, and I almost felt sorry for them. They had no idea that I was going to cloak myself as soon as I got the bracelet.

I found the bracelet on a shelf with other spoils I didn't have time to identify. As soon as I picked it up, I began to hear chuckling from the guards. I then heard sais drawn. I chuckled myself, knowing full well they were in for one hell of a disappointment.

Not wanting to compromise any secrets, I quickly went behind a pillar, put the bracelet back on, and cloaked myself. I then darted out of the pagoda, looking back at the guards, who had by this point entered the pagoda looking for me. They looked around for a few seconds. They then started shouting at each other in what I figured was their native language.

Off I ran with an invisible smirk on my face.


Now that I was invisible again, there was one last loose end...I mean, she did start it all, so...

I spotted Miss Kisaragi on a balcony at the water. She was standing there, minding her own business. Much like I was when she stole my bracelet.

The look on her face when she seemingly lifted off the ground was priceless. So was what she said.

"Help!" cried Yuffie. "I'm going to Heaven! Did I die?!"

A little boy a few feet away began to cry.

"It's your time," said an old lady sitting nearby. "Go to Heaven."

I lifted her as high as I could, and began to move her over to the balcony's railing. She then realized what was going on.

"Tobin?!" she shouted. "Is that you?! Put me down, asshole!"

"Watch your language!" shouted the old lady. "Or you'll go to Hell!"

"You just said a bad word!" the boy announced.

Once she was over the ledge, I tossed her. Yuffie landed in the water with a loud splash.

Although I was cloaked, I gave into my urge to run like hell. I didn't even look back that time. All I heard was Yuffie screaming.

"TOOOOBIIIIN!" she shouted as I ran. "FUUUUUCK YOOOUUU!"


I was relieved to see that the Shinra plane was still there when I arrived. I was still cloaked, so I had no trouble making my way into the plane.

The first two people I saw in the plane were Zack and Sephiroth. Zack was still troubled, and Sephiroth was still adamant.

"There's no way he could," Zack insisted. "Angeal would never betray us."

"That's what a lot of others thought about the other deserters," Sephiroth pointed out. He then looked upward. "And it's what I thought about Genesis."

Zack looked down. I felt sorry for the guy; it almost looked as if his faith in humanity had been shaken. For all intents and purposes, it had been.

Just then, the door to the next room slid open, and out stepped a middle-aged man with blond hair. He had a mustache, and was wearing a burgundy suit.

I recognized the man immediately.

"Mr. President?!" Zack exclaimed.

"Mr. Fair," President Shinra replied as he extended his hand to greet him. "So you're the one who wiped out Fort Tamblin."

"That would be me," Zack replied as he accepted the hand and shook it.

"We now have victory in sight," President Shinra continued. "I will put in a good word to the director."

He took one hard look at Lazard. He knew he was his illegitimate son, but showed no love for him. As far as President Shinra was concerned, he only had one real son, and that was Rufus.

President Shinra then turned and walked toward the next room. Seizing the opportunity to do the mother of all eavesdropping, I followed him.


President Shinra was sitting at the head of the table. On one side was Rufus, Heidegger, and Palmer. On the other side was Scarlet, Hojo, and Reeve.

"Okay," commanded President Shinra, "give it to me straight."

"According to our reports," Heidegger replied, "Wutai military morale is at an all-time low. Three hundred and fifty-two desertions were reported last night alone." He then turned to Scarlet. "It looks like we won't be needing your blue energy after all," he added. "No offense."

"None taken," Scarlet replied as she glared.

"Unfortunately, we had a desertion ourselves," Reeve pointed out.

"Reeve," snapped Heidegger, "that's not your department."

Scarlet smirked.

"Angeal Hewley is being formally charged with treason," Heidegger announced.

Scarlet than placed a hand on Reeve's back.

Reeve did not respond.

Scarlet gave a disappointed look. I think she knew Reeve was gay, but she was still hoping to achieve some naked time with him.

Rufus, meanwhile, turned to Hojo.

"Sephiroth reported that two Shinra soldiers, for a lack of better wording, turned into Genesis." He then gave Hojo a skeptical look. "That sounds like something out of a zombie movie."

"All we know at this point is that the DNA is slowly mutated until it is identical to that of Genesis," Hojo replied. "How the condition is transmitted remains a mystery."

It bothered me to hear that.

It meant anyone on or near that peninsula, myself included, was potentially a future Genesis.

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