Convergence [1]: Broken

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~ 2. Discovery ~

"Questions are never indiscreet. Answers sometimes are." -- Oscar Wilde


“Hyne’s tits,” A familiar lewd voice fell down to his ears from a great distance. “What the fuck is this? Hey.” Squall felt a nudge jab into his side, alerting his body to the poison and bringing nausea over him again. Another nudge, and he tried to groan, then lifted his head when he remembered he couldn’t. “No time for this shit...” The voice muttered, nearer now as his mind sharpened, and his heart jumped at the realization of to whom it belonged: Seifer. Either here to kill him, or here to take him. “Where the hell is your coat? Oh. There.” Steps made their way to the corner, fabric rustled, and then the pressure of two hands found his waist, lifting him to his knees. He retched dryly at the movement, his stomach now too empty to produce anything. “Shit, will you hang on? Wreck my coat and you’re paying for the dry cleaning.” He found himself hoisted over a shoulder, putting constant pressure on his stomach and sending a rush of blood to his already throbbing head. He let his arms dangle down Seifer’s back as the young man held onto his legs, too exhausted to struggle. Truly, he was glad he wasn’t expected to walk by himself, and somewhat ashamed not being able. Gravity shifted; a series of thumps began to rattle his gut: Seifer was walking. He supposed they had exited the cell, as he heard the distant screech of a security alarm.

"Seif, what's wrong with him?" Zell rushed around from the other side of the hall, obviously worried as he effortlessly decked a couple of gunblade-weildinardsards when passing them. Lionheart hung in its sling from around his waist for safekeeping.

"I dunno. Found him in a puddle of his own puke." Seifer didn't skip a step as he headed for the stairs.

"Oh... shit..." Zell leaned down, trying to get a good look at Squall's face. "He's not--"

"No, you idiot, he's not dead. Think I'd bother carrying him back out if he was?"

Zell didn't respond right away; he was busy in the middle of a fight with a larger guard. He dodged a swipe of the man's gunblade and landed a hard right to his jaw, breaking the bone and knocking him out. "Conscious?" He asked, barely out of breath as they made their way down the stairway.

"Yeah. But he can't fight."

“Cast a Scan, figure out what’s up.”

“Magic’s blocked, chicky. Remember?”

“Aw…” Zell groaned with disappointment. "We were supposed to have his help getting out."

"No shit. And now I can barely fight 'cause I have to carry the leaden fuck."

"I don't know if we can get back, Seif. There'll be a hundred times more guards at the bottom, now that the alarm's set off."

Seifer stopped walking. His eyes searched the room for a door. He pressed the button beside the nearest one to be surprised as it opened, and Zell followed him into the empty cell, confused. "Whaddya think you're doing? We've gotta get out of here as fast as--"

"Shut up." Seifer, uncharacteristically careful, knelt and flipped Squall back over his shoulder to place him on the floor. Squall took in a sharp breath in response, wincing. "What's wrong with him?" he commanded.

"Geez, I don't--" He caught Seifer's deadly glare and knelt at Squall's other side, "--Well... uh... Has he said anything?"


"Hey Squall, hey," He nudged his right shoulder. The one that hurt. He jerked his hand away in surprise-- Squall's head tipped back, neck tensed and eyes opened, but no sound came out of him.

"I don't think he can talk, Zelly-boy. Not that that'll be a change--"

ightight, alright... Hey Squall, look over here," He kept his voice quiet, hoping he wouldn't startle him again. Squall turned his head toward him, his eyes sleepy slits. Good, at least he could hear. "Open 'em more." Peering closely as he did so, he found that Squall wasn't looking directly at him. More alarming, his irises and pupils had both become a milky, blueish white. "Well, here's one of the problems."

"He's blind." Seifer observed.

"Ya think?" Zell rolled his eyes as Seifer displayed his middle finger and then turned back to Squall, touching his arm carefully to get his attention. "Listen, you know the yes-no blinking thing?" It was one of the first procedures they'd been taught in training, at the tender age of nine; by now, it had become universal: *One for yes, two for no.*

Squall blinked once. Yes. Good, he remembered, which meant he was at least thinking somewhat clearly. "'Kay, you got a tummy-ache?"

"'Tummy ache?" Seifer scoffed, "Who the fuck says 'tummy ache?' You fuckin' dork."

Squall blinked once again as Zell ignored Seifer, who in turn crossed his arms argrily.

"Alright, um... " Zell scratched his head, thinking hard. "Your head hurts too, then, right?"

her her yes.

"Shit..." Zell's eyebrows knitted together in confusion. "I was thinking that, but it can't--"

"Someone cast Pain on him," Seifer observed simply, placing the evidence in a neat row in his mind.

With great effort, Squall lifted himself into a sitting position and waved his hand about caref unt until it brushed Zell's leg.

The blond jumped and stared at him. "Huh? Oh! Geez, what's wrong?"

Squall just kept tapping. "I think he's saying I'm right, per usual." Seifer said, leaning back into the wall and stretching out his legs. With his hands pillowing the back of his head, he looked relaxed enough to doze off. Squall began to nod, just as the Regen's assistance paused. He lurched forward and coughed a few times, eyes wide.

Zell took to his knees, scrambling over and helping him turn to his side with a hand on each of his shoulders. "You really don't look good," he mumbled as Squall continued to cough in an attempt to keep from throwing up again. His clammy shoulders shook continuously beneath Zell's hands; cold sweat had begun to drip down the back of his neck. "Okay... he's poisoned. Why's he still alive then?"

"We don't know how long he was in there."

"Well, I doubt it was less than an hour, and Pain carries some tough poison magic." Some hair had stuck to Squall's forehead and caught in the corners of his mouth; Zell took a second to pull it back and tuck it behind his ear, remembering with a little smile how his own mother had done the same thing when comforting him long ago. "And then… how could they cast it anyway, with the magic block and everything?”

“Maybe they powered it down for a minute. They can do that, you know.”

Squall was now breathing deeply as the pain subsided, and tried desperately to move his tongue. It was still rendered useless, plastered to the bottom of his mouth. *Regen. He cast Regen.* They needed to get out; he didn't know why the pair was taking so much time to fawn over him when they couldn't immediately do anything. Brushing Zell's hands from his shoulders, he brought his legs beneath himself and crouched, finally pushing himself up with his hands on his knees into a standing position to waver with dizziness.

"Woah... Squall, what're ya doin'?" Zell stood with him, cautiously, "I don't think that's a good idea--"

"*I* don't even think it's a good idea. Sit your ass back down, it's not time to be a hero." Seifer stood as well, eyeing him carefully.

*We've got to go.* Squall found the wall and, guiding himself along it with his hands, began to make his way to the door. After only a few shaky steps, he ran into the palm of an outstretched hand.

"Don't make me knock you out." Seifer's palm pressed into his chest as though an iron bar was behind it. He wouldn't be able to take another step in his current exhausted state. He leaned back against the wall as a sledgehammer seemed to smack into the middle of his forehead, wincing and sliding down it until he sat again.

Zell absently played with his earlobe as he watched Squall carefully for more possible clues. Squall relaxed suddenly, his head falling to the side as his breath became less laboured. "Woah. What was that?" The mournful look on his face seemed to melt away and he regained some colour in his cheeks.

"What?" Seifer had his gunblade out, and was now lazily turning the point on the tip of his finger.

"Nothing..." Zell watched Squall's face tense up again as his eyes clenched shut. He even made a fist. The small blond's eyes then widened, his mouth falling open. "Regen!" he exclaimed.

"That what's going on?"

"If you have any Esunas left, cast 'em now. And a Dispel to make sure." Zell replied hurriedly "I "It won't work!" Seifer hissed, "What the fuck is your head made of, anyway?"

"It's worth a try,” Zell found himself nearly begging, stomach clenched in a knot of anticipation. He regretted having given Seifer all his support magic. “Come on. Maybe it’s still down."

Seifer shrugged indifferently and held out his hands in Squall's direction. "Esuna." As he suspected, nothing happened. "I'm not wasting any more; I'll use 'em whe get get out."

Zell flopped back down onto the floor, stared absently at his feet, and then his eyes widened. "Wait, waaait..." He began searching his pockets with both hands, clinking glass together. "I have one, I know it... Yes!" A smile spread over his face as he proudly held out a small rounded bottle of green liquid. "Think a remedy'll work?"

Squall shifted, the nausea seeming to subside on the wake of his relief. He could get up and fight, *and* he could ask them what the hell was going on.

"Try it. You got blinded earlier and it worked."

"I know!" Zell was nearly bouncing up and down with glee. He found that Squall's head had already turned back in his direction, so he scooted over on his bottom and took his chin carefully between his fingers. "Open up; you'll be better in no time." Squall's lips parted invitingly; Zell opened the cap and tipped the full amount between them. He watched Squall's throat move once, twice, and sat back, propped on his arms. "Now all we gotta do is wait."

Ten seconds passed. "For how long, exactly?" Seifer asked with a note of sarcasm.

"I..." Zell's eyebrows met again as his face scrunched up. "I don't know."

Squall wasn't feeling the slightest bit better; he was still shrouded in blackness as he stared forward, still unable to lift his tongue, and the pain in his head and stomach sure hadn't subsided.

"Come on, it's not working." Seifer knew Zell would be willing to wait all night for Squall to get up. Observing the blond's worrisome stare, he added, "Look, if he has Regen on him, he won't die. He can take it."

"But why didn't it work?"

"I don't know either, and we've already been here too long. We're going."

"'Kay." With slumped shoulders Zell stood, and before he could offer any help Seifer had Squall over his shoulder again. "Man, they were torturing the hell out of him without even having to *do* anything."

"Technically the lazy fuckers still are. Come on." He smirked, "Only seventeen more floors to go."

"Hold on." Zell dug around in his pants pockets, clinking glass together again. "This might help him out. It's my last one, so don't get hurt." He pulled out another vial, this one light blue.

"Me, get hurt? Right." Rather than let Zell uncap it an hold it to Squall's lips, however, Seifer jumped forward (sending another jolt through Squall's stomach) and snatched it from him. "We're saving this. *You* might need it."

"Seifer!" The hint of a whine touched his voice and his volume lowered as he watched the man slip it into a pocket inside his jacket with his free hand. "We could be wrong, you know."

"Move." He then pulled out Hyperion, figuring Zell wouldn't be able to handle the job himself.

"Fine, but if he's dead by the time we get out, don't expect me to let you live."

Seifer scoffed in reply as he pushed the door's button, and they made their way out into thel. l.


AN: Don't worry, the fun stuff will come... eventually. ^_^

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