Convergence [1]: Broken

BY : currie
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(AN/WARNING: This chapter is complete smut. Smut that fthe the plotline, but smut nonetheless. Wheeee!)

~ 7. Hear No Evil ~

In truth, Seifer had never fallen asleep at all. Hours into the night, he still couldn't.

His ears had perked up from where he lay upon hearing Zell's rambling speech about his worry for Squall's well-being. He jumped to his knees, ready to go out there and teach the little blond bitch how to keep a secret, but froze when his eyes fell upon them. Hyne's Opalescent Tits, Zell and Squall were kissing. "I *knew* it," he hissed beneath his breath as he settled quietly onto his stomach, resting his chin on crossed arms. There was no way he would miss this. Shrouded in the tent's darkness, he knew he was invisible to them.

Seifer almost gave his cover away when they parted and stripped; he bit back a gasp as Squall was fully revealed before his eyes, stark white in the moonlight as it spilled across the curve of his sex like sweet cream. He closed his eyes in disappointment as Zell crashed down beside him, hiding him, surprising himself with how unblievably pretty he found Squall to be. Zell was muscled but short, average, boring. Squall, on the other hand, was lean and long and completely beautiful.

He had to have him.

Woah-- Seifer pressed his fingers to his eyelids. That thought sure was sudden. Yeah, Squall had always been pretty, and everyone knew it, judging by the fact that most female--and some male-- first and second-years' notebooks had his name scribbled on them with sloppy hearts around it. But Balamb G's commander was also insolent, pissy, introverted and competitive, a combination that drew contempt within the very marrow of Seifer's bones.

He looked up again at the sound of a soft moan from Zell, boiling with sudden jealousy as he recognized the calculated rocking of their bodies for what it was. At least Squwas was the one doing the taking, he reminded himself. Zell hadn't completely tarnished him before Seifer could get his own hands on him.

Their movements finally grew passionate enough to jostle their cover aside. Seifer bit his lip as he concentrated, drinking up every inch of bared skin with his eyes. He didn't realize he'd been softly grinding his hips into his sleeping bag in time with them until Squall's voice broke into Zell's name, startling him out of his daze.

Hours later, long after tearing off his vest in an attempt to find comfort, Seifer was still wide awake, playing the result of his voyeurism over and over in his mind. Soon, Zell disappeared completely from his thoughts and he found himself behind Squall, tearing moans from the slighter man's lips at he took him, ruthless and demanding, breaking him again and again, pleasing him until undisputedly victorious and no longer caring who won.

He couldn't take this. What he had seen would be branded in the backs of his eyes for the rest of his life, tormenting him-- unless he could replace it with something more satisfying. He tried to ease the pbetwbetween his legs with his own touch, but it only filled him with more longing. What he wanted (and had begun to convince himself he needed) involved much more than simple physical sensation.

Seifer poked his head from the opening in the tent and, finding the moonlit pair completely still, crept over queitly. He held his breath to avoid being found out before the right moment as he leaned over them. Zell had rolled over, putting his back to Squall in his sleep.

Seifer grinned maliciously. *Perfect.* He could bring Squall into the tent and take what he wanted from him without having to listen to Zell's longwinded protests. As he reached out to touch Squall's shoulder, however, a startling a vision flashed in his head: Squall would awaken instantly at his touch, eyes filled with rage, and clock him right across the jaw. He would struggle and yell.

He wouldn't give in.

Seifer sighed as his head fell defeatedly-- Squall had been weak the last time he tried to be affectionate with him, and still he had fought him at first. Now, he was likely empowered by his joining with Zell and the return of his voice. There was no way Seifer would be able to take him like this.

His eyes glinted with a new idea just a few seconds later. There was another way.

Seifer crawled around to the other side of the sleeping bag. Zell's arm had flung out through the unzipped opening in the side to lay palm-upwards in the sand. His fingers twitched as Seifer settled on his knees beside him, but he didn't move any more than that. As far as Seifer knew, he was a deep sleeper.

Careful to keep from touching the sand, Seifer crept a hand beneath the fabric, his judgement perfect as he took Zell's limp sex into his fist. Zell let out a soft sigh in his sleep and nuzzled the flannel under his head.

"That's it," Seifer mouthed around his grin as he gently coaxed him to hardness. Zell stirred, leaning forward, and Seifer pressed an uncharacteristically soft kiss to his forehead-- he had to keep Zell groggy and uninformed of the true situation. Seifer wanted Zell to be as aroused as possible when he finally realized who was touching him. It would be best if he didn't fight the assault at all.

Zell hardened against Seifer's palm at a remarkable speed. When he breathlessly mumbled Squall's name, Seifer couldn't help but reply.

"Guess again, chicken."

Zell's eyes flew open with angered surprise, and Seifer was ready for it. He swiftly coverell'll's mouth with his free hand and used his other to push on his hip, turning him onto his back. He slammed his knee onto that outstretched wrist, drawing a muffled squeak of pain from the now-struggling figure. "I'm not here to hurt you, but I will if I have to." Seifer kept his whisper soft, trying to sound genuine. It was the truth, after all. Zell relaxed just slightly and gripped his bicep as Seifer began to pleasure himin. in. "See? It's not so bad."

Zell didn't understand. The hand over his mouth smelled musky-- what Seifer had been doing before approaching him became starkly apparent. He found it difficult to believe the man wanted him, however; he had to have some sort of alterior motive, and Zell wasn't about to give in to him. He squeezed his eyes shut and fought the sensation of Sei's h's hand moving around him, trying to visualize himself pushing the feeling away. He could hear Squall breathing behind him, still asleep. *Shit, this can -not- be happening...*

Seifer leaned forward until his lips brushed Zell's ear. "What, is it so tough to believe that I want you?" he purred, fingers flexing over the moistness of Zell's lips, "That I want to throw you into the sand and fuck you 'til you squeal?"

Zell released an involuntary moan into Seifer's hand at the words, the scent of it only arousing him more as he sucked the breath back in to lungs that felt like they had collapsed. Seifer nipped at the quivering tendon of his throat, and he thrust upwards into his hand. Zell was losing this battle, and quickly.

Seifer smiled at the reaction he elicited, finding himself incredibly aroused by the way he affected him. He should have known his words would e the the quivering blond in this way-- they did in every other. "You want to give in," he observed as Zell's breath rushed over his fingers, "not that it matters." He carefully lifted some of his weight from Zell's wrist, testing him as he spoke, "You're mine whether you want it or not."

Desire clouded Zell's anger at the threat. Seifer was right. He did want to give in. It killed him and made him twist with need at the same time. His lashes fluttered and he opened his eyes, relaxing as Seifer fully removed the pressure of his knee. Seifer's hand fell from his mouth, and Zell remained silent as the taller blond looked down at him, studying his features. He arched his back when Seifer unfurled his fingers and released his erection, hitching a needy breath. What, had he come out here and done this just to get a rise out of him and leave him to ache? "You better not leave now, or I'll--"

"Chill the fuck out," Seifer hissed, deftly unfastening his his own pants as he sat back. "I'm not going anywhere. Get up."

"Wha--" Zell cut off as Seifer lunged forward and gripped him brusingly by the waist, turning him around and pulling him onto his lap.

Seifer ran his hands up the martial artist's torso and pressed his chest to Zell's back, leaning his head over a tense shoulder. "Wake him up," he commanded, just before inhaling ly aly against Zell's skin. Zell smelled really good-- he could see himself just taking him right then, but he wouldn't forget his plan. Zell would satisfy him, but Squall would be one hundred times better.

The demand pooled dread in Zell's stomach. So, *that* was where this was going. "No, I can't--"

"Do it." Seifer brought his hand back to Zell's need, milking him for moisture and using it to aid his rhythm. Zell fell back limply against him, knees thumping to the sand at either side of the larger man's thighs. "Do it, or I stop."

Zell could almost see his lucidity drifting away from him. Although just as slow and deliberate, Squall's touch had been soft and careful. Seifer's hand was rough, and seemed much stronger as he used it to wring involuntary gasps from his throat. All of his control would soon be lost. "N-no..." He didn't want Squall to know about this. Squall would hate him for it.

Seifer arched and eyebrow, surprised at Zell's determination. He slowed, intending to torture. He would make Zell do this if it took hours. "Pretend I'm him if you have to. Fucking let go already." He stopped moving then, but kept his firm grip.

It worked-- Zell's voice finally rose above a whisper in his desperation. "Squall."

Squall responded in an instant, his voice rough with sleep as he rolled over. "What? What's wrong?" He reached out blindly, searching the flannel with his hands. His heart leapt into his throat. "Where are you?"

Seifer squinted, finding fear on Squall's face as he watched him. He began pumping Zell again in reward, faster than he had been before, drawing a relieved moan from deep within him. "Don't worry, I'm taking good care of him."

Squall's expression darkened, voice lowering in anger. "Leave him alone, Seifer." He didn't know exactly what Seifer was doing, but he would do everything in his power to stop him. The man had to learn that Zell didn't exist to be bullied.

"You really want me to stop?"

Zell reached up with both arms, locking his fingers behind Seifer's neck at the threat. "No... no, don't stop." Using his new grip as leverage, he began moving his hips in time, emphasizing his plea.

Squall's heart fell all the way from his throat to his feet, Zell's words nearly knocking the wind out of him. Seifer's threat *had* been more than just that after all. Feeling sick with shock, he turned his back to them and drew the sleeping bag's flap over his shoulder.

Completely releasing his grip, Seifer dragged his nails up over Zell's ribs. "Listen, chickie." He pinched a nipple, and Zell tensed.


"You're going to do something else for me before I finish you."

Zell's head fell forward. He didn't bother trying to deny the simple fact that he would end up obeying.

"Squall can't see this, so you'll be his eyes."

Zell's face twisted up in confusion. "Huh?" he breathed.

"Tell him everything I'm doing, what you're feeling, what you're thinking." Seifer saw Squall's back tense up as he said the words, pleased to be getting a reaction already. "I'm sure you know what'll happen-- rather, what'll stop happening-- if you don't."

"I don't want to hear it," Squall replied bitterly, "Keep it to yourselves."

"But Squall, we're doing this for *you.*" Seifer's voice dripped with mock hurt.

"Seif, he doesn't want--"

"Yes he does. Don't listen to him." Zell was torn until Seifer finally wrapped his fingers around him again. "Tell him what I just did."

"He..." Zell took a deep breath and closed his eyes. "Mm, Squall, he's touching me..."

"Touching you where?" Came that rumbling voice, right next to his ear, "Be specific. You've finally got the chance to run that hot little mouth of yours without me knocking it shut. Fucking use it."

"My cock... got his hand around it... moving...Feels really good..."

"That's better. A little incoherent, but better." Seifer dipped his head and dug a sharp bite into Zell's shoulder, enough to elicit a yelp without drawing blood. "Hear that, Squall?"

Squall shuddered, curling forward. "Yes," he replied quietly, eyes squeezed shut.had had wanted to sound annoyed, but his voice betrayed him as it came out quivering.

"I bet he'd love to know how we're sitting. Go ahead." Seifer licked at the little dents he had made with his teeth, gradually turning the caress of his mouth into a trail of slow, wet kisses.

"He's... he's sitting on his knees and I'm on his lap..." Zell paused his description to draw enough breath, "An' ... I got my legs on either side of his... an' I'm leaning back against his chest an' he's kissing my neck. And I got my hands... at... at the back of his neck... an'..." His voice faded away into a whimper.

Squall gasped, the image drawn perfectly in his mind by Zell's words. His reluctance to participate was already fading away in the face of the heat growing between his legs. He couldn't remove himself from the situation, something he probably would have done if it weren't for his blindness-- he wouldn't even be able to find his way back to hide in the tent. And what said they wouldn't just follow him even if he did? He would have to endure the torturous, delicious sounds of Zell's voice until Seifer gave up trying to coax him into joining them. Giving up wasn't something the tall blond did easily, he realized, his abdominal muscles clenching as he tried to deny the want building inside him. He couldn't do this. He couldn't hurt Zell this way.

Seifer lowered his eyelids, watching through slits as he swore he could see Squall's hips shifting several times beneath that blanket. Zell moaned again, twitching in his lap, and he found his own hips moving forward, coaxed by the friction Zell had been creating against him.

He knew this would work; it was already starting to, judging by the minute shaking in Squall's shoulders. Seifer went for the next stage of his plan-- he moved his free hand up to Zell's lips, pouting and wet as he gasped. He didn't even have to tell Zell to take them; the little blond instantly sucked them into his mouth, groaning loudly around them.

Zell knew what this meant, and would have been afraid had he not wanted it so badly. He sucked the salt from the calloused skin, soaking them as they pressed into the back of his throat. They withdrew sooner than he had expected and quickly moved behind him.

Seifer had to take his hand away to avoid losing part of self control. This act was to be calculated, careful, its whole purpose to rouse Squall from his bed. He had almost groaned at the boiling grip Zell's mouth had had around him-- that, he just couldn't have. It wasn't time to lose himself yet. "Start talking again," he reminded as he felt for Zell's entrance, still swollen from what Squall had done mere hours ago.

Zell's breath hitched again as one of Seifer's slick fingers found him. "Oh... shit, Squall, he's gonna--ah!" Seifer slid into him easliy in the middle of his sentence, timing it so Squall could hear the most of Zell's reaction. Zell just panted now as he moved within him, seemingly unable to talk any more.

He bit down on Zell's neck, using pain to bring him back to lucidity. "Tell him."

"His... he put his finger in me," Zell continued laboriously, "Squall... please... don't make me ... stay alone with him."

Squall started at the plea and worked to find his voice. "What do you mean?" He could hear how breathy it had become. He could also hear the soft slapping sounds of Seifer's workhandhands, and it was starting to make him lightheaded.

"I mean... I--" Zell lost his voice for a moment as Seifer added the second digit, thrusting up into the hand the gripped him at the slight pain. "I m-ean... I want you to touch me t-oo."

Seifer smiled wide. This was more than he could have asked for. "See? He wants you. We both want you." He began to gently thrust his fingers in and out of Zell's body, making sure to avoid the spot that would make him come. *Sorry chickie, that's not gonna happen yet...* His erection was getting painful beneath the binding of his pants, but he couldn't let it free yet, not with his hands so busy. Zell was very wet inside, in addition to the saliva Seifer had brought with him. With an arousing jolt he realized that he was thrusting his hand into a body still slicked with the remainder of Squall's release.

He prayed Squall would get the message soon. He would go insane.

"You're using him to get to me," Squall replied, fighting hard to keep from giving in to the deside to touch himself-- he shifted restlessly onto his back and felt wetness fall onto his belly. "Neither of us have the right to do that."

"Then don't let him feel used," Seifer shot back, aroused further at the desperate expression on Squall's face. "Help him come."

Squall gulped. He was trapped. Zell reached out for him, leaning forward until his hand brushed sweat arcoss Squall's for. He. He breathed a soft "Please," before falling back into Seifer's chest again.

"It's okay," Seifer continued, his voice suddenly soft. "No one's getting hurt here."

Squall rolled the statement over in his mind. He supposed it was true-- Seifer was obviously enjoying himself, and Zell sounded desperate enough to scream. If he refused both his own desires and their requests, Zell *would* end up hurt, the exact result he was trying to prevent.

Seifer gasped when Squall threw the blanket from his body, watched him shiver as the breeze graced the shimmer of sweat that had built on his skin. "Aw, fuck..." he muttered, a flutter shaking his chest as he watched him crawl over. That was it. He had to get inside something. He had planned to throw Zell away when Squall finally gave in, but now the hot body writhing atop him and flexing around his fingers was just as delectable. Why had he told himself he would only have one of them? He could enjoy both.

Squall found Zell's thighs and ran his hands up them, stopping when he met Zell's waist. Never before ha don done what he was planning to-- he froze as self-consciousness rushed through him.

"Squall... I've gotta fuck him. You ... you can handle this part," Seifer directed, grinning at the moan his words brought from Zell as he released him. His hand shot back to the front of his pants (thank the gods he had already undone them), and he withdrew himself eagerly.

Zell gripped Seifer's thighs tightly with his own at the shock of being suddenly empty, then thrust forward as a new, smaller, softer hand gripped him. He looked down just as Squall's tongue touched the tip of him and arched forward, letting a relieved hand befall the brunette's shoulder. "Nn... Squall... pleasepleaseplease..." Squall continued to explore him tentatively with his tongue, but didn't go further. He couldn't look away.

Seifer forced himself to be careful as he guided himself and began to ease into Zell's body. Zell's fist tightened at the back of his head, pulling his hair. "Mm, yeah, I'm a lot bigger than he is, aren't it?" The near-silent whisper was meant only for Zell to hear. He kept one hand on Zell's hip while the other found its place behind him in the sand. He would soon need the leverage it provided.

Zell whimpered his agreement-- the burn was agonizing, and Seifer had still barely entered him. He forced his breath to become deep, trying to relax. Squall was working his tongue along his length, now, and he used it to distract himself as much as he could.

Seifer looked down over Zell's shoulder and found Squall beginning to slowly take Zell between his lips. The sight made him mad-- he drove himself hard into Zell, bringing his hips up against him. Zell yelled loudly as the painful force thrust him into Squall's mouth. Squall almost gagged at the sudden press to the back of his throat, managing not to in the following stillness.

Every muscle in Zell's body tensed, eyes slamming shut in reaction to being nothing less than impaled. He felt full enough to explode. Hell yes, Seifer was a lot bigger, and he wouldn't be surprised to find himself bleeding afterwards. To his surprise, the man began whispering words of apology.

"Sorry... I looked down at him and I just couldn't take it--" Seifer stopped. What was he doing? He didn't have to explain himself. He raised his voice to reach more distant ears, "Squall, do you have any fucking clue how good you look with chickie's cock in your mouth?" Squall's hair had fallen into sweaty needles over his closed eyes, pointing to and emphasizing his lips as they pouted around the new intrusion.

Zell tasted of salt and an essence of energy-- a softer version of the jolt to the tongue one recieves upon licking a battery, and Squall found it pleasantly addictive. He had been unsure at first, but now his task would be easy, especially with Seifer there to help him. He would just *enjoy* him. Seifer would do the rest, and it probably wouldn't take long with all that he had already put Zell through.

Seifer's voice fell quiet again as he nudged at Zell's jaw with his nose, "Sweet fucking Hyne, you're not watching this? *Look* at him."

Zell's lashes lifted slowly until he could see the blurry outline of Squall's head, and then flew wide upon catching the first glimpse. He drew a shaky breath, clenching around Seifer. "Oh... geez, Squall, you're... so--" Seifer cut him off, making him hitch his breath as he withdrew and entered again. "--gorgeous," Zell finished, drawing his hand up Squall's neck to rest in the damp hair at the back of it. "And Seif, don't inter-r-rupt me like that again."

"You squeeze me like that, what'd you expect me to do?" was the reply. Zell clenched hard, on purpose this time to spite him, so tight it was almost painful. Seifer thrust up forcefully into him in response, deeper than he had gone yet. Zell relaxed with a moan and a spasm against his chest. If any action could beg him, that one had, so he developed a slow rhythm, one that Squall followed with his mouth.

Zell couldn't speak anymore-- Seifer had found that nub inside him and was rubbing against it ruthlessly. He brought his hand back down to Squall's shoulder so he could squeeze without accidentally hurting him, forcing himself to keep his eyes open. Squall's mouth was hotter than he could have dreamed, and surprisingly gentle. He could tell the brunette was enjoying this; it was evident mostly in the pout of his lips and the crease between his eyebrows. Zell had learned to read his expression rather well over the last few days. Squall was caressing him lovingly with his tongue each time he entered his mouth, making it obvious that the act wasn't just a task to complete-- Squall actually cared what Zell felt without even worrying about his own pleasure. It was flattering and it made his heart knock erratically into his lungs.

Zell gradually began to disappear from Seifer's consciousness as he had when he fantasized. He imagined that it was his own erection drawing that obvious swell into Squall's lips, that it was Squall's mouth, not Zell's body, squeezing him so tightly.

But no. No human mouth could do to him what Zell's indescribably tight passage was. He jolted back into reality, teeth sinking again into the skin before him, light blond hairs tickling his lips. He sucked ruthlessly, knowing and loving that he was leaving dark marks in his wake. He reached up from Zell's hip, trusting Squall to continue helping Zell move and taking Zell's chin between thumb and forefinger. He pulled it towards him. He hadn't seen Zell's face in all the time since he had taken him into his lap, and the sight made him moan-- light blue eyes desperately wide and unfocused, dusted with beautifully long blond lashes that he wouldn't have noticed if not so close. He was-- gods, he was nibbling away at his bottom lip, making it swell and redden as he tried to control himself.

Before he could help it, Seifer had kissed him. He wasted no time in sucking that worried lip into his mouth, the taste of delicious copper begging him to rock faster into Zell's body. A kiss on the lips was something he had consciously told himself he wouldn't give when he formulated his plan, but it was nearly impossible to regret it. He hadn't wanted to let Zell get to him-- he was still only an extra bonus, after all-- but he could tell he was already spiralling out of control. Well, at least he hadn't called Zell by his name. He still had the presence of mind to keep *that* from happening.

He released Zell's lip as they continued to rock together, but Zell wasn't finished with him. Suddenly their tongues were battling one another; only a few seconds passed before Seifer was able to push past and explore every inch of that velvety cavern, Zell's little fang-canines pressing into his lips. Oh, this, all of it, it was just too good. Seifer broke swiftly from the kiss-- he had to share it, had to let someone else know just how plainy fucking wonderful Zell was around him. He reached to where Squall's hand gripped Zell's waist, obviously startling him. It was the first time they touched.

Squall would have jerked his head up in surprise had his mouth not been so deliciously occupied. Many more beads of electric liquid had dropped into his mouth, and now it was all he could taste. It was all he could ever imagine *wanting* to taste.

"Squall... seriously... you have *got* to feel this," Seifer panted as he slowly drew Squall's hand over the sheen on Zell's skin and around between their bodies. He brought Squall's fingertips in place and made them feel him disapearing into Zell, one soft pad on his own length and two upon the swollen flesh at the edge of Zell's entrance.

Squall gasped, his head falling slightly forward at the constant, slick brush of movement. He knew his fingers had to be incredibly sensitive-- he could feel Seifer's pulse as he slid back and forth against him while pounding into Zell, complimenting the pulse felt in his mouth. Seifer's hand drifted back up to Zell's waist to help him move.

Both blonds became lost in the feeling, but more so, the thought, of where Squall was touching them. They knew how much of a shock it had been to him, as he hadn't been able to see anything that was going on above him. Seifer was the only one who could speak through the haze, however.

"I'm going to take care of you next," He purred, putting a great deal of concentration into steadying his voice, "Imagine ... just think about it, me slamming into you, stretching you so fucking wide... just like this."

Squall moaned around Zell's length before he could try to stop himself, the vision vivid as it exploded without warning into his mind's eye. He had never thought about this being done *to* him in his life, let alone the giver being Seifer. The idea had the muscles in his legs shaking, though he couldn't tell if it was with rage or anticipation-- it could have been both. He felt Zell jump within his mouth and realized that he would have to stop thinking about it, for now at least.

Zell had been ignoring Seifer's words, concentrating simply on Squall's face, lost in the moonlit glimmer of his lips. The vibration of that one moan around him, whatever had caused it, set his abdomen ablaze. Seifer must have been able to tell, because that was just when the speed of his thrusts reached its peak, blissfully bruising his insides. Squall was completely beautiful and he found solace in it as he came, Seifer's thrusts an imagined assault as Squall's mouth gave him somewhere to hide. He arched forcefully forward, jaw falling open in a scream, the result of a stellar torture that seemed to have lasted for hours.

Squall moaned again at the sound, quietly, as the first hot wave spurted against his tongue. Satisfied with that initial taste, he quickly relaxed his throat and took Zell all the way inside. He swallowed hungrily against him, the friction drawing out the tail end of Zell's pleasure. He drew his hand up from Zell's hip to drape it over his shaking shoulders, and could feel his muscles shuddering against his fingers. Remembering how they had felt around *him,* he prepared himself for Seifer's release.

Seifer hadn't thought Zell could possibly tighten further around him, and he had been downright wrong. His cry of "Zell..." trailed into silence as he finally lost his ability to speak. He watched as Squall's cheekes were sucked in ward in his swallow, and when he released the younger blond from his mouth, a translucent white drop dribbled slowy from his lips down his chin. That was Seifer's trigger-- he spasmed and shot his semen into Zell's body, the arc of pleasure the jolted through his back sending him backwards. He fell onto the sand and smiled up at the moon while trying to catch his breath, arms splayed at his sides.


Aaaaaaaand, cut! ^_~

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