Convergence [1]: Broken

BY : currie
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~ 6. Speak No Evil ~

"See what I found in the street
A man child lusty and fair
With little white limbs, little feet
A glory of golden yellow hair."
-- Oscar Wilde, "Choir Boy" (I will never be finished quoting this man in my fics)


By the time Seifer and Zell finished packing up the tent and eased a sleeping Squbackback into his t-shirt and stray glove (on Zell's insistance), the sun had fully passed the horizon. To Zell's surprise, Seifer offered to carry him again, reasoning aloud that Zell would end up dragging his head in the sand because of his height-- technically his lack thereof. Zell grumbled but didn't outwardly disagree, hands shoved in his pockets as they started to walk. Neither of them spoke until the middle of the day.

"Hey, Seif... uh, where are we going, anyway? I mean, is there a plan?"

"Where do you think? Winhill's the only town within a five day hike, unless you feel like crossing the continent."

"Sounds good."

"Of course, we might not have to walk that long. Our Garden friends know something's gone wrong. Those trucks send out signals when they get wrecked."

"Yeah, I know that.... But you know they're tied up fixing Trabia. They won't interrupt all that just to pick up three people."

"They'd interrupt it to pick up their *commander.* Squall's a precious commodity." Seifer grinned and patted one of the sleep-limp legs that draped over his shoulder. "Didn't you know?"

Zell flushed unexpectedly. "Yeah... I know."

Suddenly, the aforementioned precious commodity began to wiggle. It began as small shifts that could have been blamed on a dream, which Seifer ignored until a sharp whack met his lower back. "What the hell? Dammit..." He flipped Squall over and placed him in the burning sand. "What's wrong now?"

Squall stood up indignantly and held out his hand. Despite the scowl on his face, he was feeling better, physically, than he had since before he had awoken in D-District.

"I think he wants to try walking on his own." Zell observed. Squall nodded sharply.

"Fuck that. He'll exhaust himself and pass out." Seifer was already quite tired from carrying him, however, and the prospect sounded like a very good one.

"Shut up, Squall knows his limits. He's not stupid." Zell ignored Seifer's reply --a scoff-- and plucked the canteen from his waist and handed it to Squall, who took it and drank eagerly. "You really think you can handle it, though?"

Squall wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and gave back the canteen, responding with another nod.

"Alright... lemme know if you get too tired, though." Zell adjusted his backpack, took his hand and gave it a supportive squeeze. "I'll lead. Let's go."

Squall stumbled only twice that afternoon. The first time was because of another bout of discomfot-- and he could call it that easily now. The duration of the poison-attacks were shortening with more time between them. It seemed the Regen that battled them was finally winning, and the relief it brought him was invigorating. Seifer's Sleep spell had done his body more good than he could have hoped for-- he felt full of energy, hardly ever falling out of step with the others. The sun beat down hard and the sand seemed to be melting its way through his boots, but a part of him didn't feel it, because he could look forward to resting that evening and to getting back home in a few days. His breakdown had given him a much needed way to vent his frustrations, and although he was ashamed of his childish actions, he was partly thankful for it. He felt as though his system had been flushed of an entirely different poison than that which ailed him physically.

Thinking of that botched suicide attempt-- he blamed such motivation on temporary insanity and tried hard to fluff it off -- brought him inevitably to pondering Seifer's surprising response. A tingle spread through back of his neck as he remembered the strong hand against his scalp that forced him to subdue to a comfort he couldn't have asked for himself. He had broken, giving the man the perfect opportunity to kick him while at his weakest and forever have the upper hand in their constant state of competition. Yet, he didn't take it, choosing instead to show a weakness of his own. Seifer had exposed a caring shard of himself that Squall had never seen. He had learned much about Seifer that morning with one simple gesture, and the thought brought an unidentifiable (but definitely not uncomfortable) twinge to his stomach.

That twinge reminded him of another like it, one that Zell had stirred within him. So, -- he hid a tiny smile at the thought -- the little blond admired him for more than his leadership skills. Even without the comfort (that was the most provocative word he could use for it, as he attempted to keep from arousing himself) he had recieved the night before, the current unfaltering grip on his hand and intermittent light squeezes would have told him so.

His second stumble came when the sun was just beginning to set, due to exhaustion and triggered by his paying too much attention to one of Zell and Seifer's uneventful bickering matches. His face would have met the sand had Zell not lunged forward and grabbed him around the waist.

"We're stopping now," Zell commanded as soon as Squall was properly re-balanced on his feet.

Seifer shrugged in passive agreement, throwing the pack to the ground with a heavy thud. "No argument here, I'm fucking tired. We should have slept all day and walked at night. We probably would have traveled twice as far."

"Yeah," Zell crouched and began drawing the rolled tent from the pack, "but then we'd be waking up *now,* and we'd still have to walk for eight more hours, and that would suck." He pulled out his sleeping bag unrounrolled it. "Here, Squall, you lay down while we set up."

Squall wanted to tell him he was fine-- he was queasy and his legs quivered as he tried to hold himself up, but he really wanted to help pitch the tent. He lowered to the ground anyway, letting Zell guide him downward with a hand on eash side of his waist, and reminded himself that he would have just gotten in the way. He cursed his helplessness as his cheek hit the cool fabric-- he was so damn tired of lacking control. He was tired of being carried, of being led, of needing help with everything he did aside from breathe. And when he wanted to scream with frustration, he couldn't do that either. An energy was building within him, one he didn't know how to relieve. Walking all afternoon sure hadn't relieved it, though his limbs felt like jelly with exertion. He yawned, the act revealing just how dry and sticky his mouth was. He reached out an arm for the pack and grabbed onto the first strap he touched.

"What's up Squall, you need something?" Within three seconds, Zell had come over to kneel beside him. Seifer cussed as the tent fell in his absence, but Zell ignored him. "You hungry? Thirsty?"

Squall nodded, a response to both options. His stomach growled loudly at the mention of food-- he hadn't eaten in... what, two days? Maybe longer. Now that he was in the mood to keep something down, he couldn't ignore it.

"Okay, here..." Zell took the canteen from the pack's front pocket and handed it to him. With lightly shaking fingers, he carefully reached out and stroked Squall's hair as he drank.

Squall closed his eyes at the touch, sending him silent thanks. Maybe -- he took a final gulp and handed it back -- maybe Zell would try to distract him from the situation again that night. If he didn't, maybe Squall himself would have to take the initiative. He shuddered pleasantly, only half-angry at the way his mind allowed itself to wander.

"Hey, Seif," Zell called over his shoulder, "think you can finish the tent yourself?"

"Yeah, sure, no problem," Seifer growled, "Now that you dropped the poles and tangled it up, it should be a piece of fucking cake."

"Good," Zell replied lightheartedly, unfazed by the sarcasm, "I'm gonna try actually *cooking* the food tonight." He rustled through the pack, throwing the other two sleeping bags to the side.

"And how the hell are you going to do that? We don't have anything to use for fuel."

"I have a plan, don't you worry." Zell fished three wrinkly foil packets from the bottom of the bag and tossed them onto the sand twelve feet away. "Watch *this.* Fire." He grinned as flames engulfed the silver raisins for a split second, then hopped his way over to them. He hissed loudly as he tried to pick one up and, having learned his lesson, kicked them the rest of the way over to rest beside Squall.

"Those things should have exploded," Seifer remarked, surprised.

"Yeah... I think they almost did," Zell replied as a buildup of steam forced open a corner of one of the packets at his feet. "Good thing I did it from far away." He dropped into a sitting position and opened it the rest of the way, grinning widely as steam enveloped his face. "Wow, that smells so effing good. You better get over here, or I'll end up eating 'em all myself." The threat was far from exaggerated.

Seifer managed to hook the final pole in place before kneeling by the others. Carefully opening his own, he waited for it to cool. Zellded ded Squall the one he had already opened, warning with a "careful," to keep him from burning himself, then took to the third.

The slippery hotdog burned his fingers, but Squall didn't wait. He stuffed it into his mouth and chewed only a few times before swallowing. Despite the numbing burn to his tongue and throat, he did the same with the second and third that the package contained.

Seifer and Zell stared incredulously at one another. "I didn't even start, and you're finished," Zell observed, his jaw slack.

Squall just wiped his palms on his pants and smugly fell back down onto the sleeping bag. He had eaten three hotdogs faster than Zell. It felt good to have broken his record.

"Do you want more?" Zell asked around the food in his mouth, "I could--"

"It doesn't matter how hungry he is; we have to ration." Seifer reminded sternly as he finished the second third of his own meal.

Zell hung his head. "Yeah..." he took a deep breath, "Here." The word came out a lot more reluctantly than it should have as he thrust his fist forward, nudging Squall in the shoulder. Squall shook his head. "Take it before I change my mind. It's my last one."

Squall shrugged and finally let Zell drop the plump tubesteak into his hand. He ate more slowly, his famished state mostly satiated. Once all the food had disappeared, the trio sat in silence for a few minutes, Zell and Seifer watching the sun complete its disappearance while Squall just lay and relaxed, enjoying his full belly. Seifer was the first to move-- he got up and spread out the other two sleeping bags in the tent, leaving room between them for the third. Looking around, he realized that it would be cramped with all three of them inside it. He removed his coat, goosebumps drawing on his arms as they met the rapidly cooling air, and folded it to use as a pillow. He lay down, stretching with his arms behind his head. "You guys had better get in here soon. We'll be walking just as long tomorrow, of not longer. I'll only kick you twice before I throw you out and leave without you."

"Okay," Zell called, rolling his eyes. "He's so damn bossy," he grumbled with a lowered voice, "Pisses me off." After a long pause, he said, "Look, Squall, I've gotta talk to you." Squall turned his head toward him to display that he was listening. "I, uhh..." He swallowed, suddenly nervous, as if he didn't have a right to say what he was about to. "I missed what happened this morning... but Seifer told me. And--" He cut himself off as Squall's expression tightened. "No, listen."

In spite of his pleas, Squall rolled over and put his back to him. He didn't want to hear this. The fact that Zell knew about it brought a new wave of regret and embarassment over him-- but t wha what could he have expected? Seifer wouldn't make up a story so he could save face; that was hoping for too much.

Zell continued as if fueled by the rejection, shifting forward so his knees brushed Squall's back. His voice became a near whisper as he leaned over him. "Whatever made you want to do that... I don't need to know. But... but you need to know that, well, you were wrong."

*Zell, I know, I fucking know already, I was being stupid...* No matter how much Squall's thoughts raged, he knew they wouldn't stop him.

"And people would really miss you. And... and," Zell rested a hand on Squall's shoulder, squeezing lightly as he tried to control his stuttering. "And I would really, really miss you." His heart thundered as he waited for a response. Recieving none (although he could have sworn Squallulseulse jumped beneath his hand), he continued. "I mean, Seif told me about it, and I didn't believe him right away... He'd be more likey to do that than you would, so it took a while to realize that *he* hadn't done it. I was so surprised." His head fell forward. "You... Squall, you scared the shit out of me. I mean... I mean--"

*Stop.* Squall rolled to lay on his back again, Zell's hand remaining on his shoulder so that the movement brought their faces within a few inches of one another. He found the location of Zell's lips when the blond's breath brushed over his own, and closed the distance in an instant. Yep, this shut him up alright. Zell made a muffled, high-pitched sound in his surprise as Squall's hands slid around the back of his neck, bringing him closer so he could tip back onto the sleeping bag without breaking the kiss.

After his initial shock subsided, Zell braced his elbows on either side of Squall's head and took it upon himself to deepen the kiss, runnthe the tip of his tongue across the seam of Squall's lips. They parted right away beneath the silent request, but didn't allow him to enter. Squall tackled Zell's tongue with his own until the blond gave in, allowing Squall to hungrily explore his mouth. Zell was dazed; he couldn't believe Squall would want this, and then initiate it-- it was just too perfect. He breathed deeply, taking in Squall's scent, and eased back until the kiss broke. Although he knew Squall couldn't see him, he ducked his head reflexively, limp bangs brushing Squal che cheek. "I should have been there for you," he whispered, "I should have been awake to stop you."

Squall leaned up and trailed kisses from the corner of his mouth to his ear, the only concievable way he could think of to assure him that it didn't matter. He then trailed a hand down to the hem of Zell's pants and along it to the front button, where he stopped. Zell gasped at the blunt move. "What, you wanna do this out here? Seif'll hear us."

*Let him,* Squall wanted to say. The deprivation of his sight had left his senses frustd, ad, and now a taste of sensation had awoken a hunger he could barely control. It didn't matter who heard. He didn't care.

"Actually, he'd just hear *me*," Zell corrected himself. "But you... you really want... this?" Squall assured him with a tug, undoing the button, and Zell shivered. "It's getting cold out here," he observed. "Let's just... let's get this part over with quick and get in that sleeping bag." He sat up and rubbed his arms, then removed his torn tank top after catching Squall's agreeing nod.

Squall did the same with his own shirt, then fervently undid his belts and tore his pants down his legs. He and Zell both gasped when he sprung from his confines into the night air. A rush of pleasure sent shivers up Squall's spine at the cool caress of the breeze on his body; he usually slept nude, and he had missed the feeling. It was easy to strip when he couldn't see himself or who was watching him. He was detaching himself a little, using his blindness to his advantage. If this disability helped him overcome shyness as he prepared himself for something he knew he wanted, it was his new best friend.

Zell hands stilled at his fly when Squall exposed himself so suddenly. The moon had risen bright and nearly full, easily mapping out every curve of Squall's muscled body in pale light. He cleared his throat and shook his head, deftly removing his shorts and shoes and kicking them to the side. By the time he looked up again, Squall had done the same. He had also managed to remove the top layer of the sleeping bag from beneath him so that it splayed out in a triangle across the sand, and nestled himself comfortably on his side against the flannel lining. Zell tumbled forward to lay beside him, and had to choke down a moan at the overdrive of Squall's entire body pressing against his. He quickly pulled the rest of the sleeping bag to drape over them and trailed his palm down Squall's arm to his hand. He was only half surprised to find the glove still there. "What, I can't see your hands this time?"

Truthfully, Squall had simply forgotten to take the gloves off, he was so used to wearing them. He quickly removed them both and threw them away, Zell's sincere "Thank you" a calming assurance that he appreciated the act as much as he should have. Squall wound an arm around the blond and thrust his fingers into his hair, dissolving at the way the strands between his fingers had stayed so soft despite the harsh conditions they had been exposed to. With a shift of the scalp beneath his hand Zell was kissing him again, hands gripping his waist, as hungry as he had been before. Zell's leg crept up and draped over Squall's hips; the touch of their sexes had them both breaking from the kiss to gasp for air.

"I don't know if it goes against your plans.... but I want *you* to take *me.*" Zell whispered against Squall's earlobe. "You've been hurt enough already. There's no way I'd let myself..." He trailed off as Squall lowered his head and began kissing his neck, sending jolts into his spine, but managed to regain his voice. "... cause you more pain. And... you don't have to worry about whether I'm sure. I am."

Squall nodded, his chin rubbing wetly in the saliva he had left on Zell's neck. He took his fingers from his hair and trailed them over Zell's tattoo, tracing the pattern perfectly, purely from memory. He didn't want Zell to make a sacrifice for him; that wasn't what this was about. He wouldn'ing ing his own pleasure from Zell's body and provide him with nothing in return, yet it sounded as though that was what the blond expected.

And then, Zell confirmed his suspicion. "You can... use me, for this. You need it."

Squall leaned back and shook his head. "No," he mouthed, letting his breath fall to Zell's lips, just short of a whisper. It was the best he could do, and fortunately, Zell understood it.

He nodded beneath Squall's hand. "'Kay." With the word, he rolled onto his other side. Squall shifted up close behind him and reached around to his mouth. Zell took three fingers in as soon has he felt the touch and had to consciously keep himself from accidentally biting Squall when he thrust against him, wedging himself in the crack of his ass.

Squall let out a strong puff of breath against the back of Zell's head as his tongue lapped along each finger, wetting them thoroughly. His arousal had begun to ache at the touch, and he wasted no time in carefully pulling his hand away once his fingers were completely soaked. He backed his hips up to leave enough room and carefully rubbed one finger against Zell's entrance, teasing the sensitive skin as he waited for a reaction.

"Don't make me wait," was Zell's heated response. He wouldn't tell Squall that he hadn't done this before, or that he was rather afraid of how much it might hurt. Besides, he was a martial artist-- enduring pain was his specialty. There was no way he would make Squall worry, because worrying would be pointless in the face of how badly he wanted this. The mere thought of Squall inside him, pain or no pain, had him nearly groaning by itself.

Squall noticed a quiver in Zell's shoulders-- he was shaking. He didn't know whether it was caused by fear or desire or a combination of both. He kissed the back of his neck, massaging the nape with his tongue to distract him as he carefully slid that first finger inside him.

Zell let out a moan, biting it back quickly as he remembered that they weren't completely alone. Squall's finger was slim, and didn't hurt nearly as much as he had expected. "Keep going," he assured shakily, thrusting backwards in emphasis. Squall didn't hesitate-- the digit was removed to enter again with a second in tow. Zell jerked forward as they moved and stretched him, but quickly thrust back into the touch.

Squall's breath quickened against the back of Zell's neck as he continued to suckle the salty skin, adding a few soft bites for good measure. Zell's body was unblievably tight around him, and it was all he could do not to remove his hand and thrust his throbbing erection into him like a crazed maniac. That was something he absolutely would not do-- he would cause him as little pain as possible. His own satisfaction wouldn't be stolen, it would be taken as a gift and returned to the fullest."Sq"Squall, please, I ... need this. I need *you.*"

Squall nodded again and let his hand fall away, then guided Zell's leg back over his own. He carefully rubbed the tip of his erection against Zell's now-swollen entrance, sure to use every last bit of extra lubrication avaliable. Zell tensed as he entered him, but he didn't stop, just slowly, fluidly filled him until he had gone as far as he could go.

"Ah-" was Zell's cut-off response as he arched backwards, the sudden burn and feeling of being so completely and ruthlessly filled almost too much to take. He slowly let out the breath he had been holding and forced himself to relax.

Squall pulled Zell's leg back further to bring his backside more firmly against his hips and propped himself up on his elbow, resting his chin over Zell's shoulder. Several seconds passed in which he remained still and panted softly into Zell's ear. Zell was clenching around him so tightly that he was afraid he might release himself within two or three thrusts. He didn't move again until Zell's shoulders relaxed and he was sure he would be able to keep control.

His second thrust was as slow as the first. He let go of Zell's leg and reached for the blond's erection, squeezing when he found it in its nest of short, fine hair. Zell's head whipped back against his shoulder as he moved, Squall's hand in perfect time with each thrust of his hips. "Please... Squall, faster."

Squall denied that request. He continued to move slowly and deliberately, his entire length leaving Zell's body before it filled him again. He wanted to make Zell feel every thrust individually, to control the blond's pleasure completely. He would repay him for every kindness this way-- a way that he could have and total control over and take full responsiblity for in the end.

"Nnh...Please..." Zell's breath hitched-- Squall was stroking his prostate now, the shift when Zell leaned back having brought him to the perfect angle. In combination with the firm strokes of his hand, the pace was nothing less than torturous. "Please... please," he began repeating the word in a mantra, "Squall, please, I can't take it, too... slow... pl--"

Squall's free arm reached beneath his neck and a finger befell his lips, telling him that no, there was no need to beg. He would not relent. Zell sighed against the press to his lips and gave in. He let his agreement be known in his careful timing as he moved in complete co-operation with Squall, curling his leg back around Squall's tightly to anchor himself. He grasped at the soft fabric beneath his hands with knucles drained of all their blood, his face contorting with concentration as they rocked together.

Squall's legs began to tremble with the combination of exertion and the strain for self-control. His breaths shuddered as they passed over Zell's throat. He wouldn't last much longer, he knew. He arched his index finger and passed it over the slick drops at the head of Zell's cock, pressing hard and spreading the moisture. That was what did it-- Zell's muscles fluttered agonizingly around him as he arched back bruisingly hard into Squall's shoulder, a single, uncontrollable moan escaping him as his orgasm ripped up his spine. His semen slammed forcefully into Squall's finger, spurting erratically, teasing him into finding the edge himself.

Squall was there, suddenly, his heart shuddering with more passion than he thought possible. Zell was still squeezing him like a butterfly with superpowers, begging him to fill him with his release. He wanted, at that moment, to be able to see Zell's reaction more than anything he had ever wanted in his life-- in that moment he was beautiful, perfect, everything he had ever desired. His release seemed to tear him to pieces as he gave one final thrust and spilled his essence into Zell's body.


The sound was loud and choked, seeming to echo through the entire desert. Zell froze, at first not having realized what he had heard. He reached to the back of Squall's neck and pulled him as close as he could, tears prickling his eyes as the weight of hearing his name fell blissfully hard onto him. "You... you..."

Squall was still working to catch his breath, and Zell wondered if he had even realized what had just happened. His doubt was erased as the word was repeated, quiet but not as low as a whisper, "Zell."

"Aha!" A gleeful laugh exploded from Zell's mouth. He turned his head and caught Squall's lips, finding them tighd ind in a smile. He broke away with a loud smacking sound. "Say something else!"

"Like... what?"

"Like that! Just like that!" Zell kissed him again. "I can't believe it!"

Squall had never thought the sound of his own voice could make him so happy. He had wanted to say a million different things over the last few days, yet now he couldn't remember one of them. He carefully slid out of Zell, feeling him clench around him a final time before completely parting from his body. As soon as he did, Zell rolled over to tightly embrace him. "That was *so awesome,*" he gushed, his body trembling with the new excitement.

Squall, however, felt completely relaxed. "Why don't we just so go sleep?"

Zell yawned against his will. "No, no, you're going to stay awake and tell me *everything.*"

"'Everything'?" Squall repeated, "What's 'everything?'"

"Oh, you know, everything." Zell laughed quietly as he finally let his arms loosen from around Squall and shifted downwards to rest his head on his shoulder. Squall played erratic, lazy designs over his shoulder blades with his fingers. "Anything."

There was a long pause as Squall tried to think of something. "I wonder why Seifer didn't hear me."

"Or me," Zell agreed, "You'd think he'd be out here by now."

"I did, and I am."

Both sleepy figures jolted and turned to the sound. Seifer was sitting just inside the entrance to the tent, and Zell found an amused grin on the man's face. "Oh, shit--"

"Yes, Chicken, you and Emo Kid did a great job waking me up. So, Squall, you can talk again?"

Zell was glad to find that Seifer didn't move from his seat.

"Yeah, I can. And I can tell you to shut your mouth and go back inside." Squall's sudden haughtiness was deeply rooted. He felt violated by Seifer's presence-- what had just gone on was for no eyes or ears but Zell's and his own. He deeply regretted having been forced to share whatever portion of their experience he had.

"Woo, okay, fine." Seifer replied, holding up one of his hands. "You two stay out here, and I'll keep the tent for myself. That alright with you?"

"Whatever." Squall dismissed, a hot flush rising in his face.

Seifer chuckled. "Well, you haven't changed a bit."

"Will you just get the fuck back in there?" Zell hollered. He grabbed one of his shoes and flung it, but Seifer ducked inside just in time to get out of the way. The shoe struck canvas and thumped to the ground. Zell wished the impact had collapsed the tent on him.

"Just so you know, that display was really fucking hot," Seifer called from inside above the rustling of blankets, "What say I try to get Squall's sight back tomorrow? You could help me if you wanted, little chicky."

Squall's blush darkened to a deep red as Zell hollered, "Fuck off."

"I can't believe he just said that," Squall mumbled incredulously, a multitude of feelings mixing to a turbulent whirlwind in his gut. "I can't..."

"Bah, who cares," It felt odd and wonderful to be able to fluff Seifer off. Zell credited his lucidity to pure joy. "He's a bag of hot air, spouting shit with no substance. He just wants me-- or you -- to try to kick his ass. Too bad for him I'm quite happy where I am, thankyouverymuch. And you are too, right?"

Squall breathed deeply of the cool breeze that rushed over his face and pulled the fallen sleeping bag top back over them. "Yeah, I guess I am." He smiled into the wind as Zell moved up and kissed his neck, "Though it'll be a bloody pain to keep him off our backs tomorrow." His mouth fell slack at the innuendo in the words he had accidentally used, his stomach tightening.

Zell didn't seem to notice it. He yawned again and mumbled, "I guess I'll have to wait 'til tomorrow for you to say everything, 'm gettin' pretty tired."

Squall responded with a distracted "Mm." He fell asleep still trying to convince himself that Seifer's words had only been meant to goad the two of them.

Squall only awoke once during the night. He barely had to say Zell's name before the blond reached for him and rubbed his stomach, still half asleep. "'M right here," he mumbled. The pain went away remarkably fast after that.


A/N: You do *not* know how badly I wanted to call this chapter "Sexual Healing." Me Squall muse threated to beat me for it, though. ^_~ Hehe.

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