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Kuragari: ok… so interesting story on this one… started as a RenoxTifa fic… and became yaoi somehow… welcome to my mind. It’s confusing as all fuck. ^^ Have fun!

Reno stumbled along the sidewalk, wandering aimlessly through the many streets of Midgar, his bike left at home. He had wanted to walk tonight, the crisp air cold enough to really bite. Reno had wanted that pain and eventual numb feeling as he made his slow way through the near deserted streets.

A week… a whole fucking week… he wasn’t sure he could survive seven hours off-duty, let alone seven DAYS! He would’ve called up Rufus to try and convince the boss to let him go back to work… again, but so far the answer was always the same and he could tell Rufus was getting irritated. He wanted to go back to work, not get fired for pestering the president.

Damn it all! Couldn’t the man understand that the last thing he needed was time to himself? He wanted to work, to keep his mind so overwhelmed he had no time to think about the past few days!

He needed to forget…

And so Reno found himself out in the cold, near-falling-down drunk and wondering where to go next. He’d been thrown out of two bars due to fist fights, cut off at another, and flat out banned from the last three due to his line of work. Not too many Turk-friendly places left in the city, even after the thing with the remnants. You know; the whole part where they helped save the fucking world!

At long last, Reno looked up to try and get his bearings and was surprised at the sign that hung above his head. He couldn’t say how he ended up outside of the Seventh Heaven but it made him want to laugh. Seventh bar of the night… and it’s the Seventh Heaven. How ironic.

It was warm and bright inside, as compared to the cold night, but Reno found the bar relatively dead for going on midnight. Only a few tables were occupied and all were fairly quiet. He also noticed all eyes were on him, and not too many were friendly. The red head shrugged it off, used to the open scorn of his position, and made his way up to the bar, taking a seat and patiently waiting for the dark haired bartender to notice him.

It didn’t take long.

Tifa Lockhart turned from her latest customer, smiling in a charming manner as she turned to greet the next person who had walked in. When her hazel eyes locked first on fire-red hair, to the ever present but scarcely used sunglasses, and then slightly blood-shot blue eyes, Tifa felt her smile falter.

‘What is he doing here?’ She swallowed hard, wanting to be polite to the Turk. After all, he and his near-silent partner Rude had both helped out during the fight with the remnants. They did owe them. She sighed and walked over to the grinning red-head.

Reno had to smirk at the way Tifa froze when recognizing him. She had always disliked him and for some reason it amused Reno to no end.

“Yo, Lockhart,” he greeted. “How’s it going? Keeping busy?”

“What are you doing here Reno?” she said in return, crossing her arms over her, Reno noted, rather large chest. Tifa wrinkled her nose. The Turk reeked of boos, he had a rather impressive bruise forming on his jaw, and it wasn’t hard to see that the red-head had already had quite a bit to drink that night.

“What?” he started arms up in mock surprise. “A guy can’t get a drink?”

“Seems like you’ve had quiet a few already,” she said, pointedly eyeing Reno’s overly disheveled state. The smile fell from his lips and Reno’s blue eyes became hard.

“I ain’t drunk enough yet,” he said coolly. When it looked like Tifa was about to argue, Reno cut her off.

“Look Lockhart, I got the gil to pay for it and I ain’t driving anywhere tonight, so just poor the damn drink, yo.”

Tifa was taken aback by the somber tone that overtook the red-head. She had never seen Reno with any other attitude but smug or flat out annoying. What could manage to damper the red-head’s spirit so much?

Without arguing further, Tifa pulled out shot glass. From the fire that ignited in Reno’s eyes, that wasn’t the right choice. Sighing she put it back and got a large glass instead, pouring the Turk three fingers of the finest whiskey she had, no ice from the looks of Reno’s attitude.

She placed the glass down firmly in front of the red-head, trying not to scowl as the Turk drained nearly half the whiskey in one go. Seriously, based on what she could tell, the brunette was shocked the man hadn’t keeled over from alcohol poisoning. She highly doubted that Reno would be able to stand again, much less walk home. She was seriously considering getting a hold of Rude to come and get his intoxicated partner.

Speaking of which, where was the tall Turk? Tifa was rather surprised that the man wasn’t trailing after his wayward companion in order to keep his fiery partner out of trouble. Well, maybe Reno hadn’t told the man that he was going out?

She was just about to inquire after said absent Turk, when a movement at the door caught her eye.

It was Cloud. Back safe from his final deliveries of the day. The blonde looked soggy and miserable, but at least his bike had been fine on the slick streets.

Tifa smiled warmly at her friend and excused herself to go and greet him. Not like it really mattered as the red-head was more focused on his whiskey than her at the moment as he swirled the amber liquid about his glass.

Tifa paused as she saw Cloud’s blue eyes drift over the sulking Turk. There was a flash of something in those mako enhanced depths that worried her and caused her to send another cursory glance back at Reno. She looked back at Cloud and saw one of his small smiles that had been appearing more and more since Sephiroth’s second demise. There was still something lingering in those eyes as they kept flicking back towards the bar and its’ occupant.

Tifa closed the distance between herself and Cloud and offered him a small peck on the cheek and a sisterly embrace.

“Welcome back,” she started, pretending to ignore the worry in those blue depths. “How did your deliveries go?”

“Well enough,” came the typical answer. Tifa smiled and started to head back to the bar, when a firm grip on her arm stopped her. She turned back to see Cloud now carefully watching the Turk still bent over his drink.

“How long has Reno been here?”

The concern in that voice surprised Tifa so much that it took her a moment to answer. Sure they had always had a strange near-friendship with the Turks, but she had never seen Cloud get so worked up about any of them. The ex-SOLDIER knew quite well how the Turks were capable of handling themselves; so, why was Cloud so worried about Reno getting drunk? Yeah, he had seemed a little upset, but… was it really cause for so much concern?

“A few minutes,” she replied after a long pause. “He arrived just ahead of you actually… why?”

“I think we should try and keep him here tonight…”

Again that strange amount of concern laced the blonde’s words and swam across his features. Tifa blinked a few times.

“Cloud, you’re starting to worry me. What’s wrong with him?”

Cloud’s gaze flicked between her and the red-head a few times before he pulled her closer to a doorway, hoping, apparently to give them a bit more privacy.

“I talked to Rufus today.” The blonde stated, as if that explained everything. Tifa raised an eyebrow to prompt more from her friend when no more information was forthcoming.


Cloud took a deep breath and ran a hand through his spiky blonde hair.

“You really haven’t heard?”

Tifa was really starting to get worried. She couldn’t remember ever seeing Cloud like this for someone outside of Avalanche.

“I wouldn’t have asked otherwise,” she prompted gently. Cloud sighed once more before finally giving in and answering.

Almost immediately, Tifa nearly wished he hadn’t.

“Tifa… Rufus just explained it to me today, but… Rude was shot. Nearly two days ago. It was a clean hit to the artery in his upper thigh…”

The look on the blonde’s face said the rest, even before the words slipped past his lips.

“Tifa… Rude bled out in Reno’s arms. He’s dead…”

Kuragari: don't ask why I like depressing Ideas. And yes, I love Rude so please don't kill me for this I just liked the idea... *ducks under desk* don't hurt me!

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