Common Ground

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Ok, it was finally official. Reno was never fucking drinking again… ever… in a million years… and maybe a few decades after that.

Holy fucking shit on a stick, he couldn’t remember his head ever hurting this much! And coming from a guy who’d been tossed into many solid surfaces by whatever super-human fuck-wit had thought he’d looked at them funny, that was really, really saying something.

He groaned loudly after an attempt to open his eyes resulted in temporary blindness and a fresh wave of pain. Ok ok, bad idea. One would think he’d have learned that by now. Reno rolled over with another groan and buried his head under a pillow, attempting to silence the pounding in his skull.

It wasn’t until he noticed that the pounding stopped at odd intervals that he realized it wasn’t completely in his head. Someone was knocking on the door.

Well fuck that.

He wasn’t going to get up, risking life and limb to the agonizing light and stomach rolling nausea just to answer the damn door.

Eventually the knocking stopped only to be replaced by the sounds of someone entering. They started walking towards his resting place on the bed, only to pause and start heading in another direction.

Reno lifted his head to tell whoever it was to please stop stomping about, but the movement sent his head spinning and he dropped it again with a pitiful whimper. There was an odd hiss noise off somewhere to his right before the room was plunged into darkness and the offensive light stopped trying to dig its way into his skull. It took his muddled brain a few seconds to realize that someone had shut the blinds in what seemed to be an attempt to ease his head.

There were some more shuffling sounds before it sounded like two heavy objects were dropped and any further footsteps seemed much quieter. Reno was grateful for the relief, even if the objects being dropped had felt like a hammer against his temples.

After a long moment the weight of someone sitting down settled on the bed near him and Reno finally risked opening his eyes again.

The blinds had indeed been drawn over the small and singular window in the room and Reno was able to see without the stabbing pain in his head growing any worse. He slowly took in his surroundings and was able to piece together fragments of his memory to know that he was in Cloud’s room over the 7th Heaven. It was a few seconds more before he was able to focus on the figure that had sat down beside him.

“Cloud?” he questioned, a little unsure if the blonde and black blob he was looking at was actually Strife instead of some oddly colored chocobo.

“Morning,” the man answered simply, his voice close to whispering and Reno very glad for it. He groaned in response anyway and heard a slight chuckle.

When he was able to actually see the blue eyes watching him and the hair no longer looked like a blurry bird nest, Reno realized that Cloud was holding out a glass of water and a few small white pills.

“Tifa’s hangover remedy,” the blonde explained at the questioning glance. “I’ve never had any need for it but Cid and Barrett swear it works better than a heal materia.”

Desperate for anything to end his self-induced torment, Reno eagerly grabbed the pills and drank as much of the water as his stomach could tolerate. Cloud took the glass from him after a few gulps, allowing Reno to flop back onto the pillow without flinging water everywhere.

Cloud placed the glass on a side table and the two just sat in companionable silence, for which Reno was very grateful. It took several long, nauseating minutes for the remedy to kick in but it got his brain and stomach settled relatively quickly.

When he was certain the move wouldn’t result in anything unpleasant, Reno slowly struggled into a sitting position, facing the patient blonde still perched on the edge of the mattress.

“So,” he started lamely. “What the fuck did I drink last night?”

Cloud smirked at him and arched an eyebrow.

“You’re asking me? By the time I got to you, you had worked your way through at least five other bars.”

Reno winced slightly as he began to remember.

“Yeah sounds about right,” he groaned. He remembered other things too, but he wasn’t willing to focus too much on the fact that he had pretty much broken down on Cloud the night before.

“Well, that cure really works like a charm. Give me a few minutes and I’ll be outta your hair, yo.”

“Without showering first?”

Reno blinked at the blonde a few times, trying to figure out if that had been an intended as a veiled insult.

“I’ve already stepped on your toes enough as it is, Blondie. ‘Sides, I’m sure Lockhart can’t wait to have me gone,” he responded.

Cloud stood, gathering the empty water glass.

“Actually, Tifa took the kids to visit Barrett yesterday and I think they stayed the night. They’re not back yet so go ahead and get yourself cleaned up. I’ll put together some breakfast and you can come down when you’re ready.”

“I don’t need you to baby sit me, Blondie,” Reno tried not to snap, but a little still made it in his tone. Cloud stopped at the door and turned back to regard Reno with serious blue eyes.

“I know,” he replied coldly before his tone warmed slightly. “Rufus won‘t let you back to work for a few days though, and you’ll be driving yourself crazy with boredom. I’d rather just attempt to keep you distracted than have to deal with a bored Turk running rampant through Midgar.” He turned back to the door before offering one more comment over his shoulder.

“Just indulge me. Towels are in the hall closet.” He was out the door before the Turk could protest any farther.

Reno sighed heavily and flopped back on the bed. He really didn’t want anyone’s pity at the moment and to have it come from Cloud of all people, for some reason, pissed him off. The blonde was trying to guise it as his usual mistrust of anything ShinRa but Reno knew better.

But… a shower did sound really good… and what if Cloud turned out to be a decent cook? The redhead let out one more deep sigh. Ok, so they both knew he’d end up at least showering… and probably eating breakfast, but he was not going to enjoy this Damn It!

As hot water beat down over his head, washing away the previous night’s grime and soreness, Reno resigned himself to being content.

Kuragari: ok, so after receiving a few… hints in some reviews I decided to answer. Lol. Anyway, those of you who are waiting for the smut parts of this story, I must warn you it will probably be at least two more chapters. With the concept on this story I felt it would be kind of awkward and uncharacteristic if Cloud just kinda went, “Sorry your boyfriend just died… lets have sex!”
Anyway, so sorry if I’m moving a little slowly but I prefer a slow build up so that the story actually has meaning and isn’t just pointless sex, however much fun that can prove to be. ^^ Thanks to my reviewers and I always appreciate feedback!!

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