Master of Slaves

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Disclaimer: I do not own these delectable boys or the fandom of Final Fantasy VIII, nor do I collect any profit from these works of fiction, only pleasure.

Summary: In Galbadia the slave market is a prosperous one. How does Squall take his new servitude in foreign lands with the most renowned slave tamer, Seifer Almasy? Does he submit to his master? Or fight?


Master of Slaves
By: Baby Chiba

Chapter 1: Introducing the King of Class and the King of Crass

In ancient Galbadia at the height of their imperialism, the slave trade was prosperous. With an indomitable militaristic force the nation soon had an influx of prisoners flooding the jails. It became more economically viable to turn the results of their imperialistic feats into a market.

Merchants would sort through the conquered people and take the most suited ones for servitude to the market to auction, sell, and trade. These merchants became known as slave traders. The more renowned slave traders would accompany the military on their conquests to secure the best batch of slaves before they reached the ports of Galbadia where it became a circus of merchants fighting over slaves.

It was a thriving market. To own exotic slaves from lands away became a symbol of high status. People that were able to tame these conquered people into obedient slaves became revered as talented trainers and were sought after to domesticate these slaves.

Because most slaves brought right off the market needed domestication the smarter slave traders would be in bed with slave trainers. The slaves would go from the ports to the trainers before they flooded the market. A percentage of all profits from the traders went to the trainers, but because the traders could guarantee the slaves obedience, the prices could be raised. And these became the most sought after slaves.


The market was bustling. The aristocrats littered the streets like rats, frantically dashing from trader to trader, trying to secure the best of slaves. There was much excitement at a particular stage.

“ 15,000 Gil!”

“ 16,000 Gil!”

A man casually propped against a pillar whistled as the extravagant prices spilled heedlessly from the lips of hungry aristocrats. His emerald eyes caught with the trader cavorting on stage, following the voices that called out to him. Violet eyes locked with emerald and they sent him a wily smile, he returned the gesture with a tip of his hat.

“And you kan guarantee his obedience Mr. Kinneas?” A shrill voice broke the auctioning with a thick accent of origins unknown even to the greatest linguist.

“ Ah, Countess Ultimecia! Yes, my lady, I can.” Mr. Kinneas spoke with confidence, bowing with feigned reverence and taking off his hat.

“ For this kind of money I better be able to use my slave as a table if I should please!” Countess Ultimecia chimed, her tone condescending.

This elicited several chuckles from among the crowd.

“ My good Madam, you could use this slave as a footrest if you should so desire.” Mr. Kinneas countered; subtle mockery could be caught in the undertones of his rebuttal.

The crowd laughed.

The Countess, not one to be affronted, wrinkled her nose in disgust and shut her fan. “ And why should we trust your word, my, you’re a sleazy merchant after all, you’d say anything if the price was right!” The distress and contempt she held for his status was apparent in her voice.

Mr. Kinneas perfect countenance never faltered if fact his smile only grew brighter and he said, “ I trust you are familiar with Sir Seifer Almasy?”

“ But of kourse! That’s a household name for anyone with slaves!” Countess Ultimecia snapped, offended that this merchant would question common knowledge, and by extension, her status.

“ Well, Sir Almasy puts his name behind this slave’s obedience for he tamed this one personally!” With this Mr. Kinneas gestured to the man leaning against the pillar with a sweep of his hat.

Many of the people in the crowd followed the gesture, including the Countess; Seifer simply nodded and tipped his hat as a half smirk pulled at his lips.

“ There you have it, my guarantee!” Mr. Kinneas bowed to the audience and for good measure tugged at the chains attached to the slave’s collar, forcing the slave in bondage to bow as well.

“ Well, if he’s gone through the Almasy household then I believe it!” The Countess said, and then added quickly, “ 18,000 Gil for the slave!”

“ Sold! To the lovely Countess for 18,000 Gil!” Mr. Kinneas yelled pointing to the Countess out in the crowd.

The air was filled with disgruntled groans loaded with curses toward the Countess who merely grinned smugly.

The man with the emerald eyes pushed off the pillar and sauntered over to where his partner and the Countess were having their business transaction.

“ My apologies Mr. Kinneas, I had no idea you were associated with Sir Almasy.” Ultimecia lisped, her accent stronger if possible now that she was in closer proximity.

“ Not at all Countess. Seifer Almasy exclusively trains all of my slaves, I trust no other trainer.” Mr. Kinneas spoke smoothly with his Galbadian drawl, counting the gil handed over by the Countess.

“ As you shouldn’t! Isn’t that right Sir Almasy?” The Countess battered her lashes as Seifer approached, momentarily forgetting all about her recent purchase and the merchant counting cash in front of her.

“ I can speak for no other Master’s, but I’ve never had a complaint regarding the slaves that have gone through my home, nor do I anticipate one in the near future.” Seifer replied, his low baritone voice reverberating through the thick stench in the air, which could be none other than the Countess’s pungent perfume.

“ Surely you must have some secret in your training, no other Master has had every slave leave their home so completely submissive.” Her golden eyes flirted with Seifer begging him to enlighten her.

“ I have a sorceress on hand to bewitch them.” Seifer grinned without missing a beat.

The Countess’s response was to throw her head back and laugh, a shrill high-pitched laugh that sent chills down your spine.

“ Goodness child, stop it! You jest too liberally!” The Countess spoke once she stopped laughing, though her eyes gleamed with something unspoken.

“ Well Countess, it’s been a pleasure doing business with you.” Mr. Kinneas finally broke through the exclusive conversation and bowed again to the Countess.

“ Likewise…” She all but hissed like a snake, tugging her newly acquired slave by his neck chains.

“ Good day Sir Almasy, I trust I’ll be seeing more of you in the near future.” Ultimecia all but sung with feigned sweetness.

“ Good day to you as well my lady.” Seifer professed just as sweetly with a curt bow.

She ambled off with a not so subtle swing of her hips, her slave in tow behind her, but not without giving Seifer one last glance and a suggestive wink.

Mr. Kinneas shivered as he caught the look and turned toward Seifer. One look spoke volumes between the two about the encounter. He could never understand why the Countess was so fond of Seifer, but he was too afraid to ask his friend, afraid of the answers he would receive. But one glance down at the gil in his hand was enough to brighten his mood tenfold and wipe the slate clean.

“ You my friend have made me one happy man!” Irvine said enthusiastically, slapping the wad of cash against Seifer’s chest.

“ You mean a rich man.” Seifer corrected his emerald eyes gleaming.

“ No matter that your name draws in the richest ego’s in the city as well!” Irvine teased alluding to the slander dealt by the Countess.

“ An audience full of pompous ego’s wouldn’t be enough to dilute the crass that comes from your lips Irvine. I only try to offer some semblance of class with my presence.” Seifer retorted.

“ Call me the King of Crass then! But no matter! This calls for celebration! Let us find the prettiest whores and the most expensive tavern!” Irvine bellowed, throwing his arm around Seifer’s white clad shoulders as the pair began to stroll off down the bustling market streets. Despite himself, Seifer was smirking broadly at Irvine.

“ I prefer to not drink our fortune away.” Seifer teased sarcastically, casting a knowing side-glance at Irvine.

“ Then fuck it away we shall! To the bordello!” His violet eyed friend insisted.



Author’s notes: I didn’t intend to make an introductory chapter before the real first one, but I thought it would be nice to give some sort of perspective on the Alternate Universe and some background to Irvine’s character. This chapter was mostly focused on him, but he’s just so much fun to characterize! And I couldn’t resist the Ultimecia cameo as the arrogant Countess.

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