Master of Slaves

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Disclaimer: I do not own these delectable boys or the fandom of Final Fantasy VIII, nor do I collect any profit from these works of fiction, only pleasure.

Summary: In Galbadia the slave market is a prosperous one. How does Squall take his new servitude in foreign lands with the most renowned slave tamer, Seifer Almasy? Does he submit to his master? Or fight?

Master of Slaves
By: Baby Chiba

Chapter 2: A Squall onto himself

A tempest waged.

The winds were restless. Boreas and Auster drew swords, igniting a bloodless battle. Their rivalry invited the black clouds to cloak the skies and frigid rains to flood the lands.

The seas foamed and surged as the ships docked at the Galbadian port. A heavy foreboding lingered inside as well as out, an ominous reflection of the storm erupting inside the ship.

Emerald eyes gazed pensively out the window from the safety of his manor, golden eyebrows creasing in disapproval.

He had cabin fever.

With no slaves to train and Irvine’s departure two weeks ago to Balamb, he was lacking his usually forms of entertainment.

A timid rapping on his parlor door disrupted his train of thought. Tearing his eyes from the window he saw one of his servants nervously peak her head through the door.

“ Master, Sir Kinneas is here. He requests an audience immediately.” The servant girl announced softly.

At the trademark smirk that wound its way across her master’s lips, a prominent blush crept up the servant’s checks and neck.

“ Of course he does, presumptuous bastard…” Seifer muttered to himself, the twinkling in his eyes contradicting his words.

Standing from his desk he locked eyes with his servant, “ Thank you, you’re dismissed for the night.”

“ Oh, thank you Sir!” The girl bowed enthusiastically, stumbling backwards on her own heels before dashing out, quite embarrassed.

Seifer chuckled full well knowing the effect he had on the servant girl. That same inexplicable charisma earned him the reputation of the most renowned slave trainer in all of Galbadia. Although, as fulfilling as this power was for Seifer, he had become rather bored with it as of late.

The initial attraction to taming the wildly uncivilized slaves was the challenge it presented. It was an impossibly daunting task and yet he had mastered it, the art of human domestication. There was nothing more pleasing to his ego then the utter submission of his slaves. However, there hadn’t been a real challenge since the conquests of Centra more than a year ago!

He was not in need of money; his financial situation had been secured by birthright. This led him to consider retiring as a slave trainer. After all, he only did what pleased him. Irvine was the driving reason he continued with this business as of late, but he was finding that even Irvine was not enough.

The clicking of his heels on the marble staircase informed his visitor of his descent. At once violet eyes peered up and a devious smile slipped easily into place. Seifer caught those violet eyes trembling with delight, and arched an eyebrow in question.

Irvine, fairly acquainted with Seifer’s every gesture replied with, “ I have a present for you, my friend.”

Seifer scoffed.

“ Experience tells me I’m not going to want this present.”

Irvine removed his hat and shook off the clinging droplets of rain.

“ You’re gonna want this…follow me.” Irvine sniggered, his Galbadian accent particularly thick.

Seifer also knew from experience that his friend’s drawl only came out that thick when he was passionate about something, or overly excited. It made Seifer all the more apprehensive about this ‘present’.

Despite his better instincts, Seifer was beyond curious to know, and so blindly followed Irvine through the familiar confines of his manor to the main hall.

Before him stood a tall cage, its contents shrouded by a thick sodden cloth draped over the top that threatened to collapse through the chain-link. Whatever lay confined inside the cage was restless for it rattled and thrashed the steel bars with a vengeance. Beside the cage stood two of Irvine’s accomplices, two equally wet, burly men whose reputations preceded them, Raijin and Zell. They each had a firm hand on the cage, perhaps to prevent its inhabitant from knocking it over.

Irvine stopped by the side of the cage and fisted the damp cloth, facing Seifer with a most devilish grin.

“ I just got back today from the conquests in Balamb. I didn’t see any quality over there worth shipping back; however, I was fortunate enough to spot a real diamond in the rough. I thought I’d have you take a look at this one first.” Irvine drawled before ripping the cloth from the cage, revealing a sight that left Seifer breathless.

“…Oh…he’s a beauty…” Seifer managed to all but whisper, words seeming to have lost their place.

Emerald eyes were held captive by a tempest of gray. And as surely as the tempest in his eyes waged, so did he, thrashing about violently within his metallic prison. Unruly chocolate tresses plastered across his forehead and finely sculpted cheeks swayed with his every movement. Beads of rain clung to alabaster flesh that trembled with resistance. Flesh without blemish save for the bondage biting into his skin. The bondage he struggled incessantly against.

It deeply disturbed Seifer to see such a beauty marred by thick links of metal, especially in the case of this boy. It seemed Irvine and company had taken unnecessary precautions in restraining the youth. Rusty chains wound their way rudely around his neck and torso, pulling his arms painfully behind his back. Though gagged and bound Seifer was never more enraptured by a sight in his existence. He was exquisite.

Gray eyes steeled upon him with a wicked vehemence, regarding him with utter disdain. Seifer could almost feel the judgment the boy passed on him for merely being on the opposing side of the metal box. It made Seifer shiver.

Seeing the rare admiration etched in his friends’ eyes, Irvine smiled smugly, pleased with the outcome.

“ I thought you’d like him. He’s a feisty one, just your type. We couldn’t get his clothes off. It took the three of us to subdue him.” Irvine spoke, his forehead creased as he mentally replayed the scene.

Seifer raked a hand through his hair, feeling the urge to fix his already immaculate appearance. The intensity with which the youth was glaring at Seifer left him feeling as if he were falling apart at the seams.

“ I’m afraid he won’t do well on the market…he’s got the heart of a lion, but no one likes a rebellious slave.” Irvine continued, smoothing the stray damp locks off his forehead.

Seifer snapped out of his reverie.

“ Then why capture him if you knew he wasn’t marketable?” He arched his brow, tearing his gaze from the boy beauty to Irvine.

Irvine shrugged meekly, his eyes begging the very question, “ If you’d have seen him, would you have let him go?”

The smirk Seifer gave him was answer enough. Irvine laughed, stealing a long glance at the boy.

“ I figured if anyone could tame him you could…if not for the market, then for your own entertainment…”

If possible Seifer’s grin broadened as Irvine’s words struck a realization in him. The boy behind the bars seemed to perceive this change in Seifer and furrowed his brows in response.

“ Well… you gonna take him?” Irvine implored.

A moment of silence past between the two friends before Seifer answered with complete sincerity, “ How could I not?”

“ Excellent!” Irvine clapped his hands together, “ but heed my advice, keep him in bondage until you’re positive he’s tame, and even then, exercise discretion!” He warned, wagging his finger at Seifer.

Seifer rolled his eyes, “ Irvine, he’s just a kid.”

“ You say that now, but you’ll be singing a different tune if he sticks his claws into you…”

And to emphasize his point Irvine bared his chest exposing a plethora of angry red welts and gashes.

Seifer threw his head back and let out a hearty laugh, “ kid’s got spirit. What’s his name?”

Gray eyes locked with emerald causing the boy to still, but his chest heaved with excursion behind his restraints.

“ It’s Squall.” Irvine replied motioning for his two companions to open the cage and prepare themselves for another battle.

A cunning grin curled Seifer’s lips with a meaning left unspoken, “ How appropriate…”


Authors notes: I apologize for the short chapters, but I stop them where it seems appropriate for a cliffhanger heh… Now that the exposition is out of the way they should be longer… and much juicer… ^.^

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