The General and The Turk

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The General and The Turk

Summary: Relationship strained from work, Sephiroth struggles with how to reach his distant lover. YAOI Top!Vincent/Bottom!Sephiroth

Warning(s): M/M, Established Relationship, Rough sex, Some humor, Yaoi, Pre-Game, Anal, Oral, Uke/bottom Sephiroth, Slight angst, Language, and other warnings apply.

Chapter Warning(s): Humor, Some Yaoi, language

Pairing(s): Vincent/Sephiroth

A/N: This was solely meant as a one-shot, but it turned out longer than expected. It can be taken as a standalone or as a continuation to PROSTHETICS. The idea for this story just came to me and I felt compelled to write it. Enjoy and don’t be afraid to leave me some feedback. It’s always greatly appreciated.


[:+ + + + +:]



Sephiroth was not happy. And when Sephiroth was not happy, nobody was happy.

Sitting still and rigid in the briefing room, the General of Shinra sat with perfect posture. His face was typically stoic and nothing betrayed the fact that he was brooding save for the dark look festering in his feline-like green eyes. Only those that were close to him could tell whenever he was bothered or not. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on the perspective, he was only close to a select few of people.

Flanking him left and right like body guards were First Class Soldiers Angeal Hewley and Genesis Rhapsodos.

The dark-haired First known as Angeal sat calmly as he waited for the briefing to begin. Even though he was a big man, bigger and taller than even Sephiroth himself, he was the kindest and gentlest of the trio. Wise and mature, he tended to act as a buffer between Sephiroth and Genesis.

The red-haired First called Genesis sat reading his favorite book, Loveless. His lips moved ever so slightly as he read each word with reverence. It was faintly obvious that the passionate, and sometimes rebellious man worshipped the book.

Torn by decision, Angeal glanced hesitantly at his silver-haired friend every so often. He wasn’t certain whether he should say anything or not about what was bugging him. His hesitance to speak did not stem from fear at all. In all honestly, his reluctance to speak had more to do with that he was the type of person that disliked bothering people needlessly.      

Sighing, Sephiroth rubbed at his aching temples. Without looking at his dark-haired friend, he drawled, “What is it?”

“What do you mean?” Asked Angeal in mild surprise.

“You wish to ask me something, yes?” Suggested the silver-haired man in a bored and impatient tone.

Angeal sighed in defeat. “I can tell that something is troubling you, my friend. What is distressing you? Do not even deny it because I can always tell when you’re bothered by something or someone.”

The red-head smirked and without tearing his eyes from his book, he answered for Sephiroth. “He’s sexually frustrated, of course. Sephiroth needs to get laid.”

“I am not sexually frustrated,” snapped Sephiroth in a voice much louder than originally intended. Several people turned their heads and gawked at the Silver General.

Unaffected by his friend’s outrage, Genesis casually retorted, “Keep telling yourself that.”

Before the irate General could respond, three familiar looking men entered the briefing room. Turks. It was the Turk leader, Veld, and a couple of his men, Tseng and Vincent Valentine.

The Silver General stiffened at the sight of the gunman Turk that was dressed in red and black. He was the one with the long, inky black hair known as Vincent Valentine.

Feeling flushed now, Sephiroth felt his heart beat a little faster while he felt a million different feelings overtake him in such a way that made him feel relieved that he was presently sitting.

“Oh, look who’s here. Damn Turks,” muttered the redhead after he had caught sight of them. It was no secret that the Turks and Soldiers resented each other. They operated differently and stood for different causes. It was hard to respect, let alone understand someone who’s methods were the very opposite of your own.

Angeal alone remained unaffected by the arrival of the Turks. In a calm murmur, he chided the annoyed redhead, “Be nice, Genesis.”

Carefully setting his beloved book down on the table, the red-haired man rolled his eyes almost dramatically. Crossing his arms, he leaned back in his chair and drawled darkly, “Why are they even here? This is a briefing for Soldiers, not for backstabbing sewer rats.”

The largest of the three sighed. “I’m afraid you’re wrong, my friend. This meeting was called by the President and he personally selected who he wanted here. Shinra wants Soldiers and Turks briefed,” explained Angeal, who then paused to glance at said Turks. He gestured to the room as a whole and added, “Besides, this room is very spacious. Just ignore them, Genesis.”

“It would be easier to ignore them if they were dead,” mumbled the redhead.

Sephiroth wasn’t listening to what his friends were saying. He had long ago stopped listening to their conversation. Most of the time when Genesis bitched about something, Sephiroth would tune him out while Angeal dealt with the fiery man.

The General’s green gaze was locked on a certain very handsome Turk. A damn Turk who sat on the other side of the room with his fellow Turks. A Turk who hadn’t even glanced at him, yet. Not even once. His ruby-colored eyes were closed and his arms crossed against his chest. Since his quiet entrance, he hadn’t spoken one word to anyone. He seemed content with just waiting in silence for the undoubtedly boring meeting that was to come.

The Silver General was confused. Why was Vincent ignoring him? Even though they rarely saw one another at work, the red-eyed Turk always, always acknowledged him in some way, be it a nod or a simple greeting. The one thing that he always did no matter what was make direct eye contact with the General.

Frowning now, Sephiroth began to brood as he watched his dark-haired lover. He was trying to figure out exactly what was wrong with the other man. True, their relationship was a secret, and yes, they didn’t hold hands or kiss in public, but they always acknowledged each other’s presence given the opportunity.

Another secret that most people didn’t know was that Vincent lived with Sephiroth. He even shared the General’s room and slept in the same bed. The only problem was that as of late, they both worked very long hours with alternating shifts. Sephiroth usually rose first and went to bed first whereas Vincent woke up last and went to be last. Sometimes the gunman didn’t get home until three or four in the morning. It was having an adverse effect on their relationship. They rarely saw one another, spoke, and yes, they weren’t intimate often enough.

Hell…the last time they had sex was…well, Sephiroth didn’t rightly recall when. It had probably been about two or three months ago. Way too damn long, if he said so himself. And he hated to admit it (which is why he would never admit it ever, especially not to the redhead), but Genesis was correct. Sephiroth was sexually frustrated.

It wasn’t just about sex, though. It was everything. Sephiroth missed spending time with his lover. Neither of them were big talkers, but he still missed the little conversations they had. He missed all the little things, too. Even though he would wake up in the middle of the night and see Vincent lying next to him, he still missed him. And yes, Sephiroth missed cuddling with Vincent. It was something he would also never dare admit to a soul, but he loved being curled up in the gunman’s arms.

What bothered Sephiroth the most wasn’t the lack of sex and time spent together. It was the fact that things weren’t normal for them now. It felt as if they were becoming strangers and Sephiroth didn’t like that at all.


[:+ + + + +:]


“You have a thing for that guy, don’t you,” stated Genesis with a little smirk. He wasn’t exactly thrilled that his friend had the hots for a Turk, but at least Sephiroth was finally showing interest in someone.

Angeal coughed and didn’t look at his comrades. From pure observation on his part, he had already figured out months ago that Vincent and Sephiroth were a couple. He had an eye for these things, especially when someone acted out of the norm. He had started paying extra attention to his silver-haired friend when Sephiroth had started looking…happy.

“Pardon?” Inquired Sephiroth distractedly.

Genesis scoffed, “Don’t play stupid. You keep staring at him with those goo goo eyes.”

Goo goo eyes…” Repeated Sephiroth as he finally tore his eyes away from the Turk to look at his nosy redheaded friend.

“You heard me. I can tell you’re upset about something. Let me guess…he’s not interested?” Guessed Genesis as he threw the crimson-eyed Turk a curious glance. “Hm, maybe the reason why you like him is because he’s the one person who doesn’t want you? That makes a lot of sense in a twisted sort of way.”

Genesis,” warned Angeal in a low voice.

The sad thing was that lately, it felt true. Vincent didn’t seem interested in him anymore. He was always working and hanging around those other Turks, Veld, Tseng and…well, he didn’t remember the names of the other ones. He envied the fact that the other Turks got to be around Vincent most of the time. Then again, if Sephiroth worked with Vincent he doubted they would get much of anything done.

The General narrowed his eyes suspiciously. What if…what if Vincent was getting affection from elsewhere? Maybe he was finally tired of him, but didn’t want to end it, yet, for whatever reasons. But why? That made no logical sense to him whatsoever. Vincent was the type of person that didn’t bother with trivial matters and didn’t waste time. He got straight to the point no matter what it was.

Sephiroth silently berated himself. He was just being paranoid about this whole thing. There was no reason for him to jump to conclusions, especially without evidence. He would have to analyze the situation further before he could make an astute judgment. No, for now he would wait.

“I’m right, aren’t I?” Asked Genesis with a self-satisfied smile.

The General curtly drawled, “No.”

“You’re lying,” accused the red-haired soldier.

“I am not lying, Genesis,” denied the silver-haired man.

Rolling his eyes, the redhead sighed in mock defeat, “Right, right, whatever you say.”



[:+ + + + +:]


Several long, tiresome minutes later, they were all still waiting for President Shinra to arrive. Lazard, Scarlet, Heidegger and a few others were already waiting in the room along with the Turks and Soldiers. Everyone was extremely aggravated and wanted to get back to their jobs, but they couldn’t do that until the President showed up and briefed them on whatever it was he wanted them to hear. Every six months or so, Shinra surprised them with a mandatory meeting. He never told anyone what it was for or why specific people had to be there. Yes, he handpicked all the people he wanted to attend. Sometimes it was Soldiers, Turks, and some of his esteemed employees; and sometimes certain people were excluded.

Sitting in a hot, stuffy room wasn’t exactly Sephiroth’s idea of a good time. He was pretty sure everyone else was just as impatient and irritated as he was. Still, it wasn’t anything unexpected since Shinra and his lapdogs made it a habit to make their subordinates wait.

The Silver General didn’t particularly enjoy the feeling of eyes on him. After several long minutes, he turned his head to look at Genesis. He wanted to groan, but he held it back. Sephiroth saw the tell tale signs of: Genesis+Idea=Disaster. “Whatever you are thinking…no. I want no part of it. Put the notion out of your head, Genesis.”

Ignoring Sephiroth’s direct command, the red-haired man revealed, “I think I know why stud muffin over there isn’t giving you the time of day.”

“I do not want to hear it,” repeated the weary General. His dull, slowly throbbing headache seemed to worsen with each word out of his friend’s mouth.

Once again ignoring Sephiroth’s wishes, Genesis continued, “He’s playing hard to get. It makes perfect sense because he’s a Turk. They’re assholes that way.” Pleased that he had it all figured out, he plastered on a proud smile. Genesis wasn’t gay and neither was their friend, Angeal, but Genesis ‘dated’ plenty of women. He considered himself a successful ladies man whereas Angeal was more traditional by preferring to court women instead of using them as one night stands or regular sex buddies like Genesis did.

“Don’t get involved, Genesis. Just leave it be already,” growled Angeal. He was quickly getting fed up with Genesis’ games. His friend always got caught up in some drama and it was by sheer dumb luck that the redhead never got killed because of it. That didn’t mean Genesis would escape the consequences forever, though. Sooner or later he would get hit hard because of his meddling ways.

Against his better judgment, Sephiroth reluctantly asked, “Oh, is that so? What do you propose I do about it?”

Angeal groaned again and then slumped over on the table and buried his face in his arms. In a muffled voice, he muttered, “I refuse to have any part in this…”

Genesis’ smile widened. “Simple. Make him jealous.”

Sephiroth blinked slowly. He titled his head slightly to the side as he stared at the red-haired man. The General kind of resembled a curious, if somewhat perplexed cat. Jealousy was not something he understood well, if at all. “What? How?”

“That’s where I come in, my friend,” said the redhead. Leaning over, he then whispered into the General’s ear, “I’m going to flirt shamelessly with you. I’ll make it obvious that I want you. All you have to do is appear to enjoy the attention I give you. Lavish it like it’s something to be treasured. In other words, pretend that you like it, even if you do not. Pretend that he’s not here in the room with us and whatever you do, you must not look at him. This has to be believable, Seph. I swear it will work.”

The redhead, despite all his joking, was serious about this. He may not be homosexual or bisexual, but he genuinely wanted to help his friend out. Genesis had always pegged Sephiroth for gay. He never saw Sephiroth with any women, never saw him looking at women, and the man never talked about women. ‘Course, the redhead never saw Sephiroth with any men, either, but still. That wasn’t the point. The point was that the General was just too damn gorgeous, neat, and perfect. It was damn right impossible to imagine the great Sephiroth having sexual relations with women.

Sephiroth sighed as he rubbed his aching temples. “Fine. Let us get this over with.”

Adorning his most charming smile, Genesis proceeded to flirt with the General. It was very subtle and not over the top. He knew Turks were smart, so he did his best not to overdo it. Genesis made it more believable with all his usual smiling, laughing, and talking. Every so often, he would subtly touch Sephiroth in a way that a Turk would find suspicious. Genesis would slip his hand underneath the table to touch Sephiroth’s rock hard thigh. He would even steadily slip it lower and lower teasingly. To any Turk, it would be painfully obvious that this was more than just friendly banter.

Genesis was a very passionate person by nature. He was fervent about his work, his friends, and his women. To any onlooker, his flirting with Sephiroth wouldn’t appear odd or suspicious at all. There were already a great number of people who believed that the General and his comrades Angeal and Genesis were more than mere friends.

The green-eyed man didn’t particularly enjoy all of the unwanted attention; however, he made it work by pretending that it was Vincent and not Genesis touching him. Even though his hand itched to grab Masamune and sever both of Genesis’ wandering hands off, he refrained from doing so. He would have to make it as real as possible to make his Vincent truly believe that he was actually tempted by Genesis.


[:+ + + + +:]


About three hours and fifty-six excruciating minutes later, the briefing was finally over. President Shinra had hastily left with his executives on his heels like excited little dogs. His speech has been the usual  tedious drivel about how he wanted improvements on this and that, more Soldier and Turk recruitments, updates, projects, missions, and the like. It was all things they had all heard time and time again. The one thing they all knew well about the President was that he always wanted more. More, more, and more. Nothing was ever good enough for that man.

During the entire meeting, Sephiroth had done his best to look as if he had paid rapt attention in spite of his raging headache and…distractions. He had been preoccupied by Genesis’ fleeting touches and whispered comments. The General had also been diverted by the feeling of burning eyes on him, but whenever he looked out of the corner of his eye, no one was looking at him. His lover was always in the same position with the same blank expression which made him resemble a sitting statue.

“Well, that was fun,” sarcastically griped Genesis, who leaned back to stretch his rigid body.

Sephiroth didn’t bother to say anything. He was just relieved that it was over.

Standing up to his full, towering height of 6’4”, Angeal glanced coolly at each of his companions. Arching a black eyebrow, he inquired, “Were you two even paying attention?”

“I was paying attention to my love muffin!” Cried Genesis as he latched onto Sephiroth’s arm. He looked at the silver-haired man with a wicked gleam in his pale blue eyes. This game was really too much and it almost made it worth his while sitting in a hot room with a bunch of people he sorely disliked.

The Silver General willed himself to remain still as he watched people slowly file out of the room. Every muscle screamed in protest since he wanted nothing more than to punch his exuberant friend. He already regretted agreeing to this stupid idea. This whole thing…was so unlike him. Maybe that’s why he agreed to go with it in the first place.

“I think that’s enough loving for today,” announced Angeal as he pulled a reluctant Genesis away from the other man. He looked down at the General and rested a hand on his shoulder. He then leaned over and whispered, “Just go talk to him, my friend. All will be well, you’ll see.”

Sephiroth curtly nodded.

“We’re going to get something to eat. Are you coming with us, Seph?” Asked the red-haired Soldier after he had somehow wrenched himself free from his larger friend’s grasp.

The General shook his head. Unfortunately for him, he still had a generous amount of paperwork waiting for him in his office. Thinking of it made him groan inwardly.

“Suit yourself, then. Don’t stay up too late, honey buns,” said Genesis before he leaned over and swiftly pecked Sephiroth on the cheek. 

Angeal shook his head and then finally smiled. “Don’t overwork yourself to death, Seph. If you do, then Genesis’ lips might come for me, too.”

“I will take that under advisement, Angeal,” murmured Sephiroth with a little twitch to the corners of his lips. A slight smile pulled at his lips.

Before Genesis could retort, the dark-haired First grabbed him by the arm and forcibly dragged him out of the room.

Watching his friends leave the room, Sephiroth collected his thoughts before he, too, rose up from his seat. His blood felt as if it had frozen in his veins when something red and black flashed in his field of vision. He redirected his gaze to the crimson movement and found that it was indeed Vincent. The gunman strode past him without so much as glancing at him. He appeared as if he wasn’t even aware of the General’s presence.

In spite of that, Sephiroth could tell that his lover was angry. He could feel it. Even though, like him, Vincent neglected to expose his emotions, Sephiroth could somehow feel them when they were intense enough.

Sephiroth didn’t move until every single person had left the room. It was an old habit of his to be the last one to leave.

Obviously Genesis’ plan had failed. That left him with the option of following Angeal’s simple, yet wise advice. At the expense of sleep, the Silver General would stay up all night. As soon as Vincent came home, whenever that would be, Sephiroth would talk to him.


[:+ + + + +:]


Departing silently from the room, Sephiroth stopped outside the room and glanced around the deserted hallway. It was dimly lit and empty.

Turning around to face the door, the silver-haired man gripped the doorknob and closed the door. Something about open doors bothered him for whatever reasons.

The moment his hand fell away from the doorknob, something or someone grabbed him hard and slammed him against the cold wall. Cheek pressed hard against the ice cold wall, Sephiroth grunted at the feeling of a rigid body pinning him to the wall. Hard, steel-like hands kept his arms crossed behind him painfully to such a degree that if he tried to struggle, his arms would be snapped like twigs.

Head racing and blood beginning to pump with adrenaline, Sephiroth inwardly struggled with what to do in this situation. Should he struggle and risk injuring himself, or should he wait for the right moment and risk losing his chance to attack?

Before Sephiroth could determine his next course of action, he felt hot breath rolling against the nape of his neck. One of those steeled, claw-like hands slid down and roughly fondled the curve of his taut ass. He then became acutely aware of something hard grinding itself into his lower back.

Sephiroth’s eyes widened considerably as he felt utter dread fill him to the brim. In Genesis’ choice of words, he was fucked. Shit.


[:+ + + + +:]


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