The General and The Turk

BY : GodOfInsanity
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Disclaimer: I do not own Square Enix's Final Fantasy 7 or any of its characters. I also do not profit from this. This is written purely for practice and for fun.

The General and The Turk

Summary: Relationship strained from work, Sephiroth struggles with how to reach his distant lover. YAOI Top!Vincent/Bottom!Sephiroth

Chapter Warning(s): Rough/violent sex, M/M Yaoi, Anal, D/s, Some blood, SephUKE, Some S/M

A/N:  A reviewer asked me how old Vincent and Sephiroth were in this story. Well, I don’t rightly know. >xD I would say they’re both in their 20’s, along with Angeal and Genesis. Vincent is the oldest since, well, as you know, he resigned himself to sleeping in a coffin for most of Sephiroth’s life. Since Vincent is immortal, age really has no bearing on him.


[:+ + + + +:]


Sephiroth was about to open his mouth to bark out to his assailant to get the fuck off of him when a familiar scent wafted into his nostrils. Inhaling deeply, he was shocked to smell Vincent’s very familiar, and very natural male musk. That meant the person pinning him mercilessly against the wall was Vincent and by the feel of the claws and larger body, the Turk had let Chaos come out to play. “Vincent…”

Vincent growled against his neck before biting it none too gently, which broke the skin and caused blood to flow freely. His long, hot tongue poked out of his mouth to lap greedily at the sweet liquid. Obviously aroused, he ground his hips hard against Sephiroth’s backside, his turgid erection rubbing against the General’s leather clad ass. His intentions were made very clear by that move alone.

Clawed hands ceased groping roughly at his ass in favor of divesting Sephiroth of his tight leather pants. Shoving the man’s trench coat to the side, Vincent undid his lover’s belt and then forced the leather pants down as far as he could get them to go. Because of Sephiroth’s boots, he could only get the pants down to the man’s calves. While he could take the time to remove the General’s boots, Vincent was terribly impatient at this point. Vincent and his demons, especially Chaos, were done waiting now.

Vincent,” grunted Sephiroth, who was unbearably turned on by the rough treatment. They had had rough, violent sex before on a few occasions and all of those times had been exquisite. Sometimes the General liked it slow and gentle and other times he enjoyed it rough, hard, and fast. Due to Vincent’s reluctance to hurt him, Chaos, Galian Beast, and the other demons were rarely ever allowed to come out like this. Vincent and his demons never went too far, but the Turk was still afraid that they might. Sephiroth knew that while his lover accepted the fact that he shared his own body with demons, he was not too comfortable sharing Sephiroth’s body with them.

Face still smashed against the wall, the General was restrained to such an excruciating point that he couldn’t even turn his head. If he resisted in any way, his crossed arms would be pulled tightly upwards in a manner meant to incite pain. What that told him was that if he fought him, he would either have the promise of broken arms, or most likely dislocated shoulders. The strain of the pain was delightful and had Sephiroth sorely tempted to fight back.

Bare flesh revealed to him, Vincent ran his claws possessively over the muscled, smooth curve of Sephiroth’s ass. He then curled his fingers until the nails were biting into the white flesh, leaving red, angry-looking welts that soon blossomed into bleeding cuts.

Breath hitched in his throat, Sephiroth could do nothing but pant heavily against the wall and clench his numbing hands into tight fists. He shivered as he felt some of the blood slowly dribble down his thigh and into the crack of his ass.

Thrilled at being marked as a possession, the green-eyed man groaned lowly, “Vincent…”

“Shut up, slut,” hissed the dark-haired man as he forced the General’s legs apart with his knee. Using one hand to spread Sephiroth open, the Turk immediately pressed something very large, hard, and slick against the entrance of his orifice.

Sephiroth’s eyes widened at that, but not because of what was about to transpire. Vincent had never called him such a thing before. Not even in any of his demon states. As unexpected as it was, it was…nice. It made him shudder to be called, no, branded such a filthy, degrading word. He was by no means a slut or prostitute, but something about the word stirred him up.

Without any warning or preparation of any kind, the Turk rammed his swollen cock brutally past the tight ring of muscle. Almost instantly, blood and pre ejaculation slickened the way enough for him to thrust all the way into the velvet heat until he was balls deep inside. Once inside, he released Sephiroth’s arms in exchange for gripping both of the silver-haired man’s hips. He then manipulated Sephiroth’s body until the General’s back was bowed with his face and chest still pressed unkindly to the wall.

The moment Vincent had penetrated him, Sephiroth had let out a silent scream. Mouth open, no sounds issued forth from out of him as he felt the spectacular sensation of feeling as if he were being split in two. Due to him knowing what to expect, he had been relatively relaxed when he have been breached, so that meant it wasn’t as bad or damaging as it would have been had he been tense.  Regardless of how vicious it seemed, he still enjoyed the divine mix of pain and pleasure even though to an onlooker this might look like a violent rape.

The General found that he liked this altered position much better. Back arched and with his hands free, he could brace himself by splaying his hands on the cold wall. The cool contrast of the wall and Vincent’s hot body made it all that much better.

Not bothering to wait for adjustment, the dark-haired Turk continued his savage assault on the other man’s more than willing body. His thrusts into the tight heat were fast, hard, and brutal. The puckered orifice seemed to suck him deeper and deeper inside as it clenched hard around his pulsating dick.

Eyes screwed shut, Sephiroth clawed at the wall in vain as he felt that engorged organ ram into him relentlessly. The pace was so fast and so hard that he could do little except grunt and moan lowly while his body was slammed repeatedly against the wall. It was so good, so marvelous, yet he knew he wouldn’t last long at any rate. His own cock was unbearably hard and leaking profusely and he desperately wanted to touch it to relieve himself, but he knew better. The last time he had touched himself without permission, Vincent and Chaos had not been pleased. They had quickly taken their pleasure from him and had left him alone to finish himself off. If he had to refrain from touching himself, he didn’t care as long as the one pounding into him didn’t stop.

It hadn’t taken him very long at all to learn that Vincent’s demons, especially Chaos, all had a dominant streak in them. They all seemed to delight in forcing him to submit to their will whether he was willing or not. Sephiroth had thoroughly enjoyed the few times he had had the distinct pleasure of being forced to submit to them. Even though Vincent regularly topped him, the Turk never aimed to hurt or dominate him like they did. He was far more reserved and gentle when he was solely in control, but when he allowed his demons some free reign; they brought out another side to Vincent that Sephiroth simply adored.  

Panting now from the strain of such a compromising and uncomfortable position, Sephiroth increasingly grew desperate for his release. As unbelievably good as this all was, he felt he would go mad if he didn’t come soon. With the intention of receiving his release, he somehow found his voice again. He had meant to beg, to placate the other, but even when he did beg, it always came out sounding like a demand. “Vincent, Chaos, whoever the fuck you are…just finish it already.”

“I said,” growled Vincent with a particularly hard jab into Sephiroth, “shut up, whore.” And then he chose that moment to rake his claws all over Sephiroth’s chest and down his quivering abdomen. The wounds were just as superficial as the scratches on his ass were. It was as if Vincent were marking him.

Using his arms to temporarily brace all of the weight, he turned his head and glared hotly at the dark-haired Turk. The General didn’t fail to notice that the other man’s eyes were golden. That meant Chaos had come out to play.

“Make me,” dared Sephiroth as he shot Vincent a smirk that would have earned him a place in the nuthouse.

Taking Sephiroth’s challenge, the Turk shoved the General face first against the wall. Forcing his legs apart as far as they could go given the pants situation, Vincent resumed hammering mercilessly into him. He angled himself just right so that with each wicked thrust, he would set the younger man’s nerves on fire. And it worked. It shut Sephiroth up.

Crying out again and again, Sephiroth didn’t care how shameless he appeared as intense carnal pleasure washed over him wave after rocking wave. He could only moan wantonly and squirm shamelessly as he was fucked into the wall. With each slam to his prostate, he felt all control and coherence ebb away until all he could do was lose himself to the haze of his euphoria.

Vincent’s thrusts soon became jerky and erratic, which signaled he was close to the edge himself. Clawed hands held Sephiroth’s hips in a death grip while he drove his cock deeper and harder in a desperate attempt to reach the one place he desired most.

In a low, throaty voice, the Turk rasped, “Who do you belong to?”

“Nngh,” moaned an incoherent General.

“Who do you belong to?” Repeated Vincent as he slowed his thrusts down considerably.

Gaining some of his coherence back, Sephiroth feared that the Turk would stop, so he quickly blurted, “You! I belong to you, Vincent!”

Hearing those words was more than enough to send Vincent over the edge. With one last jerky thrust into Sephiroth’s tight ass, he released his seed deep into the other man’s body. Out of instinct, or perhaps as a mark of possession, he sank his teeth into the green-eyed man’s neck.

The silver-haired Soldier didn’t peak until he felt elongated teeth sink into his neck as something hot and wet flooded his insides. Feeling fervent bliss he hadn’t felt in months, Sephiroth finally let go and lost himself to it completely.


[:+ + + + +:]

Sagging against the cold wall, Sephiroth opened his eyes slowly as he took in his surroundings. His sore, yet satisfied body jerked with a start once he realized he was alone in the corridor.

Glancing around almost frantically, he found that there was no trace of Vincent anywhere. It was clear to him that the Turk had snuck up on him, fucked him, and then left as soon as he had finished.

Something about that bothered Sephiroth since the other man wasn’t prone to just up and leaving like that. He always stayed no matter what. It was obvious the Turk was making some point, but what was it? Yes, it was clear that Vincent had been angry, angry enough to unleash Chaos on him. If the hot, rough sex had been his punishment then perhaps Sephiroth should make him jealous more often.

Frowning, the General glanced down at his body to realize that he was completely dressed. Vincent had taken enough care to make sure he was properly dressed before leaving. No doubt it was because the red-eyed man didn’t want anyone else seeing what belonged to him in such a messy, uncouth state.

As the Silver General shakily rose to a standing position, he felt immensely grateful that his pants were in one piece. It would have been incredibly awkward to walk around with his leather pants in tatters. Or worse, no pants at all.

Pants or no pants, it was time he got back to work. The tall stack of papers weren’t getting any smaller now. As sore and tired as he was, and as tempted as he was to just go home, he didn’t give into it. He was a man of duty and discipline, after all.

Taking a small step, Sephiroth clenched his teeth as he felt a sharp, stinging pain shoot up his spine. It was obvious walking was going to be a challenge today. He hoped to Gaia that his limp wasn’t too pronounced. Gaia forbid if someone saw him and mistook his limp for an injury. Depending on who the person was, they would want to have their precious General examined. How would he explain that?

Sephiroth also hoped to Gaia and to every God and Goddess out there that Genesis didn’t catch sight of him limping. Angeal he could deal with, but no, not Genesis. If the redhead caught him, he would probably be forced to summon Masamune and impale Genesis on the spot.

Ah, and then there was that damned Turk. Sephiroth honestly didn’t know what he would do when he saw Vincent again. And oh, he would see him again really, really soon.


[:+ + + + +:]


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