The General and The Turk

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The General and The Turk

Chapter Warning(s): Language, Humor, Slight Fluff, M/M Yaoi, Blowjob, Sex, Fingering, Anal, SephUKE


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The rest of the afternoon had been dull and dreary for the dazed General. Fortunately for him, he had made it to his office without running into anyone. He also rarely left his chair for anything unless it was important.

Sephiroth had barely put a dent in the tedious paperwork. He had caught himself nodding off a few times whenever he stared blankly at the paper he was working on. The thing he hated most (besides answering to Shinra) was having to do paperwork. Loathe didn’t even come close to it. He was the type of person who preferred to be out in the field, hunting monsters, going on missions, training recruits, and even fighting in wars. Being a physical person by nature, he didn’t much like having to sit stuck behind a desk.

What also irked him was that it seemed someone kept calling to bother him about every little insignificant thing. Usually it was Lazard or Heidegger, sometimes Scarlet, and every now and then the President. These things they harassed him about were tedious and not worthy of his time.

Staring down at his next section of paperwork, he stared at the files of the new recruits. Briefly recalling a recent phone call with Heidegger, he realized that these cadets were the ones that he would be going on a Monster Hunt mission in a few weeks time. Ah, finally, something that he could do without having to resort to upping his caffeine intake.

Contrary to popular belief, he didn’t hate cadets and nor did he eat them. In fact, he often looked forward to scoping them out. Every so often there were some cadets that showed such promise. Like the teenage Zachary Fair, for example. There was something that drew Sephiroth to him, but he couldn’t quite place his finger on it, just yet. Even Angeal believed that the kid had something special. His dark-haired First was keeping a close eye on the boy and if he remembered correctly, Angeal had informed him that he was going to mentor that spiky haired kid. And Genesis—

As if sensing that Sephiroth was thinking about him, the red-haired First strolled into Sephiroth’s office like he owned it. Once he had reached the General’s desk, he gingerly placed each hand on his commanding officer’s desk. Peering closely at the Silver General, he suspiciously inquired, “So…how are things? I see they have you stuck playing with pens, pencils, and paper. Having fun?”

Out of old habit, he leaned back in his chair and immediacy regretted it. Wincing at that action, he was still very much sore even though he had healed a great deal already. Irritated that he had slipped up, Sephiroth tried to coolly play it off. “Genesis, is there something in particular that I can help you with? Or are you just here to distract me from my glorious job?”

Genesis noticed the wince, but he didn’t point it out. Instead, he shifted his weight to one leg, crossed his arms over his chest, and smirked deviously. “Yes, actually. I was going to take you out for a drink…”

“I am afraid not. I still have mountains of paperwork to finish,” declined Sephiroth with a gesture to the piles of hated papers.

The pale-eyed man rolled his eyes and sighed in exasperation. “You can do it tomorrow, Seph. It’s nearly seven o’clock at night, or do you not realize that? You know, most people would be home by now making dinner or going out to get a drink in a bar.”

“I’m not most people,” quietly spoke Sephiroth as he stared absently at the ground.

Knocking a pencil to the floor, Genesis then drawled, “That much is obvious.”

Sephiroth quickly opted for changing the subject. “Where is Angeal?”

“On a date with a girl he met the other day,” replied the redhead with a less than innocent grin as he flicked a pen that rolled off the desk and fell to the ground.

“Stop doing that,” growled Sephiroth as he rolled his chair over and leaned over in the chair to pick up the pen. His silky, long silver hair slid over until it hung over one shoulder. Unbeknownst to him, he didn’t realize that at his angle and with him leaning over like that, his friend could see the marks on his neck.

Genesis whistled. “Whooo! Turky boy really went to town on your neck, Seph! My plan worked. I knew it would!” With those words, he took a bow as if he were a prestigious actor in a play.

Sephiroth stared unblinkingly at the other Soldier for several long moments. Even though Genesis was one of the few people that he was close to, he was still dreadfully reluctant to talk about his relationship with the red-eyed Turk. As close as he was to his friends, he was never one to talk about personal matters. Emotions and feelings were not something he readily understood or accepted.  It also seemed to be the same way for his lover, too.

 “I’m taking that as a yes,” exclaimed Genesis with a satisfied grin. As an afterthought, he said, “You’re sore, aren’t you? I can tell. But I must say I am surprised. I had you pegged as a Top.”

“…” Sephiroth said nothing in response as he rubbed at his aching temples. He presently had a migraine thanks to all the paperwork and thanks to his friend.

Most people would have assumed that Sephiroth would naturally top in any sexual escapade or relationship. People would believe such a thing only because he was Shinra’s Silver General, an elite Soldier at the top of command. That kind of thinking actually annoyed him to an extent. Being in control all the time wasn’t as glamorous as others had made it out to be. Even someone like Sephiroth desired someone else to take the control from him. To jump him and shove him against a wall, taking the control and flaunting it in his face while forcing him to submit. It was fun fighting for the control even though he knew Vincent would always win.

And that didn’t mean Sephiroth hadn’t ever tried topping Vincent. Several months ago, he had topped the Turk for the very first time. It had been enjoyable and all, but it just wasn’t for him. They had both enjoyed it to a certain extent, but it was clear to both of them that that night would probably never happen again. It had almost been agreed by them both that Vincent would continue to top and Sephiroth would continue to bottom. As long as they tried different things, it never got boring.

“Don’t want to talk about it, eh? Was it…that bad?” Slowly inquired Genesis. After he had asked that question, his body went rigid when something suddenly occurred to him. His pale blue orbs hardened with grim realization. “Did he hurt you? Did he do it against your will? I swear to the Goddess that if he did I’ll fucking kill him, Turk or not!”

“No, Genesis, Vincent did not hurt me nor did he force me. What he did was exactly what I wanted from him. Do not concern yourself with it. I am fine, I assure you,” admitted the jade-eyed General. It was one of the hardest things he had ever had to confess to. He was not ashamed of Vincent or of their relationship; it had more to do with himself than anything else. Even though Sephiroth was often in the public eye, in all actuality he was more of a private person.

“Good,” said the redhead with a familiar gleam twinkling in his ice blue eyes.

“Anything else?”

“I told you…I’m here to rescue you. Just let me take you out for a drink,” insisted the very stubborn re-haired Soldier. It was clear he wasn’t about to take no for an answer.

Sephiroth sighed. “You just want to see me walk, or should I say…limp.”

Genesis snickered. “Okay, you got me there. But I’ll tell you what, Seph. I’ll bring the drink to you. How’s that?”

“That is against Shinra policy, Genesis. You know that.”

“Rules, rules, rules! You’re such a stickler sometimes, you know,” grumbled the redhead.

“If you do not like it, leave S.O.L.D.I.E.R. then,” said Sephiroth as he gingerly placed papers back into folders. It looked as if he were setting everything up so that he could leave for the night.

“Maybe I will…”

Sephiroth nearly rolled his eyes as he murmured, “Goodnight, Genesis.”

“How about I cast Heal on you? Would that work?”

The General raised an eyebrow in suspicion. “Why are you so adamant about getting me to consume alcohol tonight?”

“To loosen you up, of course. And haha, not in that sort of way. Your Turk already did that,” laughed the pale eyed man. It was obvious that he was still tickled by the thought of Sephiroth being on the receiving end.

“I will have to pass on the offer,” sighed the weary General. Sleep sounded like heaven right about now, but no, he knew that he had to stay up all night for his lover to come home. Before the redhead could gripe some more, he offered a compromise. “How about we get a drink tomorrow night with Angeal…and Vincent. He has tomorrow off, if I recall correctly.”

Genesis’ face brightened considerably. “Sounds like a plan! I’ll hold you to it. You and lover boy better show up or else I’ll give you an even worse limp to bitch about. The kind that makes you barely able to crawl.”

“We will see about that, Gen.”

As soon as the red-haired Soldier had closed the door behind him, a smirk spread on the General’s face. He could see it now…the four of them in some bar of ill repute. From experience he imagined that Angeal might get loud at times, but he would still be respectful whereas Genesis would be obnoxious and boisterous. Then there was the image of Genesis doing or saying something stupid that would lead to the barrel of one of Vincent’s treasured guns being pointed in the redhead’s face.

Ah, yes, Sephiroth was starting to look forward to their get-together.



[:+ + + + +:]



Sephiroth abruptly awoke from the feeling of being picked up by strong arms and carried. Being a light sleeper, it didn’t take much to stir him. Blinking bleary eyes open, all he saw in his field of vision was crimson and black. His face was nestled against something firm, warm, and whatever it was, it smelled intoxicating. It took several moments to realize that the scent belonged to Vincent. Slowly raising his head, he saw his lover just in time to be gingerly placed down on his back on their bed. “Vincent…”

“Go back to sleep,” quietly urged Vincent’s monotonous voice.

“No…I was waiting up for you,” mumbled Sephiroth as he slowly sat up and stretched his body in a catlike fashion. Accidently falling asleep in the chair hadn’t been a brilliant idea. After he had stretched enough, he rubbed at his face in a futile effort to rub the sleep away.

“I see how that turned out,” dryly commented the Turk as he began his usual routine of divesting his clothes as if he weren’t being watched.

The Silver General scoffed wryly at that, but all rational thought froze in his brain as soon as he saw naked skin being revealed before his sleep-glazed eyes. He couldn’t really remember the last time he had seen the gunman undress.

Vincent seemed to be ignoring him as he placed his clothes neatly on the chair Sephiroth had been recently fast asleep in.


The Turk turned his head and regarded the General with a cool, ruby-eyed gaze. “Yes…?”

Clenching his jaw momentarily, Sephiroth stared back at the gunman with a determined shimmer in his bright jade eyes. He despised himself for asking it, but it was something that had been eating him alive for awhile now. The General had tried Genesis’ advice and it had worked for the physical part of their relationship, but it was clear that it hadn’t repaired the emotional aspect of it. He would try Angeal’s advice now and see if that worked. He knew that talking to Vincent, especially about feelings and such would be much harder than making the man jealous.

“Is there…someone else?” Slowly inquired the slightly taller man. The reluctance in his voice gave the dark-haired being the distinct impression that he was anxious about knowing the answer. Even around Vincent, the General rarely ever showed any sign of weakness.

“What do you mean?” Asked the gunman as if he didn’t already know.

The General’s face grew hot as anger and impatience festered inside the root of him. “You know damn well what I mean, Valentine. Are. You. Fucking. Someone. Else.”

The Turk’s impassive face did not change in the slightest as he stared at his livid lover. In his usual apathetic tone of voice, he calmly answered, “No, there is not.”

“Not yet, anyway,” grumbled Sephiroth as he looked away, his gaze downcast.

In a flurry of movement too quick for the naked eye, Vincent stood beside the bed. He gripped Sephiroth by the chin and forced him to look up at him. Gaze and voice both level, he then solemnly revealed, “I do not pine for anyone the way that I do for you, Sephiroth.”

“You have a funny way of showing it,” growled Sephiroth as he tried his best to steel his voice, but failed horribly. It was difficult not to tremble slightly at the feel of the other man’s cool touch on his face.

Grazing Sephiroth’s high cheek bone with the backs of his bare fingers, he quietly said, “Perhaps you misread what I show you.”

Sephiroth couldn’t help leaning into the touch almost like a cat would. “Oh, do I now? Why have you been ignoring me then? You don’t even look at me anymore.”

“I don’t ignore you, Sephiroth. I keep a close eye on you even when it seems I am not looking,” began Vincent with great difficultly on how to proceed next. Finally deciding on his wording, he continued, “The only reason I became a Turk again was and still is to keep a close eye on you, on Shinra, and to have your back whenever you need it. I am not interested in Tseng, Veld, Reno, or any of the other Turks, so remove that foolish, paranoid notion from your head.”

“I do not care for your late hours. We never talk anymore or…” Trailed off the silver-haired man. It affected him deeply to know that Vincent had rejoined the Turks for him, to protect him. No one had ever wanted to protect him before. It was an indescribable feeling to know that not only was Vincent like him; he was there for him, too. For the first time in his life, Sephiroth did not feel alone.

“I am sorry,” apologized the Turk as his hand dropped from the General’s smooth face.

Ignoring the apology for now, Sephiroth raised an incredulous eyebrow. “Are you really that distracted when I am around?”

“Let me put this another way,” started Vincent as he pushed the General to lay flat on his back. He leaned over and placed each hand on either side of Sephiroth’s head. Face mere inches away from the younger man’s, he then continued, “You have no idea, do you. Do you know how hard it is to be around you? Do you even know how hard it was to be in that briefing room and not look at you? To not touch you? You drive me to distraction in such a way that even smelling you makes me want to bend you over the table and show them all just who you truly belong to. Not looking at you is all I can do to control myself from taking you in front of your friends and fellow Soldiers…”

Sephiroth’s body grew stiff and hot in a very familiar sort of way. If he wasn’t aroused earlier, he was definitely turned on now. The Turk had the ability to arouse him no matter what, but something about his possessive behavior drove the General crazy. He breathed, “Vincent…”

The next thing Vincent said was worded so carefully that it became clear that the Turk had been tormented by it the entire day and night. “I am sorry that I was so rough with you earlier. I should not have let Chaos have any reign of control and I should not have left you like that.”

The Silver General smirked. “Why are you sorry? I deserved it and I liked it. I am Shinra’s top elite Soldier, Vincent. I think I can handle whatever Fifi dishes out.”


The smirk on Sephiroth’s devilish lips spread even more. “Fifi is what I call Chaos. I don’t have nicknames for his friends, yet, but I’m working on it.”

It was clear by the slight tilt of his head that Vincent was amused. Even when the Turk was genuinely happy, he rarely smiled. But when he did smile, it was breathtaking. “Why Fifi?”

“Because he reminds me of a harmless little poodle dog, that’s why.”

The Turk coughed in an effort to disguise his laugh. “He’s not amused by that at all, kitten.”

Kitten?” Repeated the General incredulously as he rolled the nickname around in his head.

“Yes, that is what Chaos likes to call you. Kitten.”

“You’re making that up.”

“I would never lie to you unless it was the only way to protect you. And besides…” spoke the dark-haired man while he slowly crawled onto the bed until he was hovering over the silver-haired man. He rested his forehead against Sephiroth’s as he stared him directly in the eyes. “…I think I like that nickname for you. You have the eyes of a cat, you’re playful, and you’re cute. Yes, I think Kitten suits you very well.”

“Call me that again and I’m going to hurt you,” growled Sephiroth. There was a faint blush on his pale cheeks that had nothing to do with his arousal at all.

The Turk lightly kissed the General on the throat near his jugular vein. He knew from experience that Sephiroth’s neck, especially his jugular, was one of his erogenous zones. On a few occasions, he had actually made the General come from merely biting into his jugular.

Sephiroth groaned as his eyes fluttered shut. He turned his head to give the other man more access to his long, strong neck. Squirming somewhat at this point, his hands curled in the sheets when he felt the Turk’s sinful tongue creep out to tease along the length of his neck. He moaned low in his throat when he felt his tongue swirl over his jugular. Sephiroth nearly cried out when he felt teeth teasingly drag lightly over it.

“Does Kitten like that?” Whispered Vincent as he slipped his hand inside the General’s pajama pants to stroke along the General’s inner thigh. He made it a point to avoid touching the man in the one area he knew he desperately wanted to be touched.

“Stop calling me Kitten,” hissed Sephiroth as his eyes snapped open to glare at the red-eyed man.

Vincent’s hand started to retract as he asked, “You want me to stop? Consider it done…”

“No!” Protested Sephiroth a bit more loudly than he had intended to.

“Right, well, I think we should go to bed now. Tomorrow is going to be another long day,” said the Turk with a slight feigned yawn. He laid down on his back in his usual spot on the right side of the bed. Vincent leaned over and kissed Sephiroth on the lips before he lay back down with the sheet tucked around his hips. Lightly yanking the chain of the lamp on his side, he closed his eyes as the light blinked off.

Sephiroth immediately sat up and glared down at the other man. If looks could kill, the Turk would be dead a thousand times over. “What game are you playing at, Valentine?”

“I’m not playing any games, Sephiroth.”


Vincent opened one eye to look at his livid looking lover. “I will stop this game if you stop playing games.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” denied the stubborn General with arms crossed over his clothed chest.

The Turk slowly sat up and turned his head to give Sephiroth his undivided attention. “I know the little game that you and Genesis played this morning.”

“Oh, you mean me making you jealous? Obviously it worked.”

“I will not deny that, but…” Vincent trailed off as he narrowed his eyes at the other man. In a dark sort of voice full of lethal promise, he then continued, “If you try that stunt again I will shoot Genesis or whoever else is involved. You are mine and I am yours, Sephiroth. No one else is allowed to touch you, be it make believe or real.”

“You proved that once already today, Vincent,” purred Sephiroth as he reached over and trailed the tips of his fingers down the Turk’s smooth, naked chest. His hand stopped abruptly at the waistline of the man’s boxers. Green eyes flickered back up to meet crimson as he silkily suggested, “Why don’t you prove it again?”

“You’re not too tired or sore?” Hesitantly asked Vincent. There was concern surfacing in his voice even though his body language spoke of a carnal hunger that it wished to indulge itself in.

Sephiroth managed to tear the Turk’s boxers from his body in one fluid motion of his arm. He tossed the shredded boxers away in an indiscriminate direction. With the same hand that he had torn the underwear, he reached down and wrapped his fingers around Vincent’s fully erect cock. “Just so you know right now, Vincent, I am never too tired or sore for you. If you come home and want some, then wake me up. I would rather sacrifice sleep than your touch.”

Still uncertain, the Turk started to say, “But you need—“

In a low, somewhat throaty voice, the General quickly cut him off. “—I need you.”

His body shuddering, the Turk closed his eyes for a few moments as he felt his lover’s hand stroking him just the way he liked. His hips jerked spasmodically when he felt a thumb tease the head of his swollen manhood. His eyes flew open when he felt the tickle of long silky hair on his thighs. Something hot and wet closed around the head of his dick and slowly inched its way down until it had most of his length inside the moist cavern.  Vincent groaned in his throat as he felt the General’s mouth sucking and humming around his sensitive flesh. He felt the man’s tongue snake around him and then there was the slow, delightful drag of teeth against his cock.

As much as Vincent loved having Sephiroth’s lips wrapped around him, it would have to be for another time. It was such a pity since the General really gave the best blow jobs. That man could do amazing things with his lovely mouth.

“N-no, not this time,” objected the Turk after he had used every ounce of will power that he had. With each hand he took each side of Sephiroth’s face and carefully pulled him off of his straining dick. He then leaned over and kissed the General hard on the lips. He could taste himself in Sephiroth’s mouth and even though he would prefer to taste his lover’s seed instead, he did not mind his own taste.

Breaking away from the fervent kiss, Sephiroth mildly panted as he gazed at the Turk with lust glazed eyes. “Why?”

“Hush now. We have already talked enough. I want to love you now,” stated Vincent right before he turned around and opened the drawer of his bedside table. He quickly searched for a few specific items that he would need. When he had located them, his crafty fingers closed around them and removed them from the drawer. He then dumped the items on the bed before turning around to crush his mouth to the General’s once again. Pushing Sephiroth down on his back, he hadn’t given him much time to glimpse what he had taken out.

Moaning into the kiss, Sephiroth quickly forgot his curiosity as he felt the hot, smooth press of Vincent’s body against his own. He rolled his hips against Vincent’s in an effort to increase the sweet friction between them. Sometimes he didn’t mind if they both just came from rubbing or jerking their cocks together, but most of the time he found himself aching to be taken.

Pulling his mouth away from Sephiroth’s, the Turk kissed down the man’s neck until he had reached his chest. He paved a wet path down the man’s chest with his mouth and tongue. Sliding his mouth to one of the General’s erect nipples, he took the nub in his mouth and sucked as his tongue swirled around it. It was merely a pleasant distraction for what was to come.

Sephiroth gasped when he felt something cool and familiar being rubbed against his puckered orifice. It felt slick and burned slightly in the good sort of way. He could feel the tip of a finger being pressed against his entrance. Spreading his mile long legs, he relaxed his body and welcomed the intrusion of the lubricated digit as it easily slid into his velvet heat.

No matter how often they had sex or how big Vincent was, Sephiroth never remained loose for very long. His body always healed the damage within several hours or less. That meant that the General’s ass always reverted back to something akin to virgin tightness. It was as if the Silver Warrior’s body always had to be in tip top shape in every way no matter what. In some ways, it was a blessing.

Sephiroth squirmed constantly as the feeling of several relentless fingers slowly and cautiously stretching him. He didn’t understand why the Turk was taking so long to stretch him when he was already accustomed to their lovemaking. The General never needed that much preparation.

In spite of some of his vocal protests, Vincent ignored his lover as he continued to prepare the slightly taller man. When he felt he was stretched enough, he then began slowly thrusting his fingers in and out of the General’s tight body. Although he knew exactly where Sephiroth’s G spot was, he purposely avoided it for the time being.

“Quit playing around and fuck me already,” hissed the impatient silver-haired male.

The Turk chose that moment to curl his fingers inside of his lover. He had positioned his fingers just right so when he had bent them, they had rubbed lusciously against that small bundle of nerves. “I’m not going to fuck you. I already told you that I’m going to love you tonight.”

Head thrown back in ecstasy, Sephiroth was overwhelmed with the white hot pleasure that jolted through his sweat-glistened body. A moan was wedged in his throat as he felt those fingers continue to rub persistently against his prostate. Mewling uncontrollably, he threw his head from side to side as he endured the torturous, yet gratifying feeling of the fingers rubbing harder and harder against his sweet spot. If he could name this pleasure, he would refer to it as drowning in ecstasy.

“See, you really are a Kitten,” teased Vincent as he kissed the man on the tip of his regal nose.

Sephiroth began to protest the nickname, but was silenced by the abrupt sensation of fingers ramming into his portal and slamming against his G spot. “I am not a—nngh!”

“Thought so…” Murmured Vincent as he removed his fingers from the other man’s tight heat. Sitting back on the balls of his feet, he squirted out a copious amount of lubricant in his hand. Fully aware of the lustful eyes watching him, he took his sweet time applying the lube to his dick.

“Valentine, if I didn’t love you so much, I would run you through with Masamune,” growled Sephiroth hotly as he avidly watched the Turk coating his own cock with lubricant.

“I thought I told you no more talking,” stated Vincent with no real heat behind his words. He then bent Sephiroth’s left leg and pressed the General’s knee to his chest. Aligning his body just right with the other man’s, he then positioned his erection at Sephiroth’s opening. He took his time slowly breaching his lover’s body until after several long minutes, he was fully sheathed inside of him.

Panting lightly with his eyes closed, Sephiroth wrapped his right leg around Vincent’s hip in an effort to draw him in deeper. He writhed almost madly underneath his lover as he waited for him to continue. Ugh, he hated the waiting part. If he had had his way, Vincent would have started ages ago.

Taking that as a hint, Vincent slowly began to move with his cock sliding in and out of Sephiroth’s tight heat. His right hand clung to the General’s bent leg while the left hand was braced on the bed near Sephiroth’s head.

Already fed up with the slow, tortuous pace, Sephiroth wriggled his body in impatience. He tried to force Vincent to move faster, but the Turk easily resisted. The General was really in no position to try to control what was going on, anyway. But that didn’t mean he couldn’t try.

“Vincent, dammit, move faster,” demanded the Silver General in a voice that sounded torn between being needy and commanding.

“No,” said Vincent as he dismounted from Sephiroth. Before the other man could protest, he forced the General to sit up. The Turk then laid down on his back and pulled Sephiroth on top of him with the General’s back facing him. Spreading the green-eyed man’s cheeks apart, he entered his portal again and resumed slowly making love to him.

Sephiroth closed his eyes and opted for moving his body with the other man’s slow thrusts. They had never done it this way before and he found that he liked it. Turning his head, he brushed his lips against the Turk’s in a slow, yet feverish kiss. He was beginning to understand why Vincent was so motivated to take it so damn slow. As torturous as it was to him, it felt amazingly good, too.

The Turk’s right hand anchored itself to Sephiroth’s hip as the left hand tantalizingly slid down Sephiroth’s body. Vincent’s metal gauntlet was a cold contrast to the other man’s hot, sweat drenched body. It didn’t take him very long to reach his chosen destination. The cold metal wrapped around the General’s neglected cock. Ever so slowly, he leisurely pumped Sephiroth’s dick in time with his slow, yet deep thrusts into the man’s pliant body.

In spite of the slow, gentle pace, Sephiroth felt as if the fire in the pit of his belly was building up for his impending release. The double stimulation of his cock and prostate always set him up for a quick release. Because of that, it was normally difficult for him to last long when Vincent stimulated his cock and prostate.

“What are you—“ Started Sephiroth as he felt a circular band being eased down the length of his cock by Vincent’s hand. It was pushed down all the way until it squeezed the base of the General’s cock almost to the brink of pain.

It was a cock ring.

“You are going to come when I say you can,” explained Vincent in a low whisper into Sephiroth’s ear. Kissing the shell of his ear and then down his long neck, he then warned, “If you try to take it off, I will punish you, Kitten.”

Beyond caring at this point, the General nodded as he reached one arm over to bury his fingers in Vincent’s dark mane. Ardently kissing the Turk breathlessly, he allowed the other to eat his moans and groans while he rocked back against hips that ground deliciously into him.  The Turk’s metal hand continued to lazily stroke the General’s angry-looking manhood. The need for release increased substantially by each passing minute. It built up to the point that all that unreleased pressure was painful. If he had been any other man, he would have been begging and weeping by now.

“I love you,” lowly moaned Sephiroth as he continued to rock back on the cock that impaled him mercilessly. Even though he was beyond being coherent now, he was consumed by a myriad of feelings, both physical and emotional. This was the first time he had ever pronounced his love for the other man and he meant every word of it.

Sephiroth loved Vincent Valentine. He had never felt love before for another human being, but he felt it now. It had taken him awhile to realize that he was in love with the Turk. This infuriating Turk…was stunning, amazing, and everything that he hadn’t known that he had needed until now. Several hours ago he had doubted Vincent, but he didn’t doubt him now.

Shocked to actually hear Sephiroth profess his love for him, Vincent was so affected by it that he felt his own release instantly skyrocket through his body. Ripping off the cock ring, he jerkily rocked his hips, riding his release out as his hand pumped the General’s sensitive cock until Sephiroth found his euphoria as well. 

After several long minutes of panting, Sephiroth carefully rolled over until he was lying chest to chest with his dark-haired lover. Holding his face with both hands, the General kissed his Turk chastely on the lips before he resigned himself to tucking his head under the Turk’s chin. He didn’t bother to say anything more as he absently stroked Vincent’s chest.

“Do you really mean it?” Asked Vincent after several long minutes had passed. His right hand was busy playing with the Silver General’s long silver flawless hair.

Propping his chin on the Turk’s chest, Sephiroth looked at Vincent as if he were an idiot. “I mean everything I say, Vincent. Even during sex. I never spout out nonsense. You should know that by now…”

“Fair enough,” murmured the Turk as his hand moved from the General’s hair to rub lazy circles in his back. It still surprised him to this day that after sex, Sephiroth always liked to cuddle and be touched. When he was alone with Vincent, the General showed a side that no one else got to witness.

Sephiroth nodded and then laid his head against the Turk’s slowly rising chest.

Vincent mumbled something that the half-asleep General failed to catch.

“What did you say?” Sephiroth asked as he raised his head once more to look at his ruby-eyed lover.

“I love you, Sephiroth. You are the reason that I choose to live. Because of you, I didn’t crawl back into that coffin to sleep forever,” confessed Vincent as he caressed the side of the General’s face with the backs of his bare fingers. It felt so damn good to finally say that out loud. He had wanted to confess his love for months now, but he had purposely remained silent. The Turk had opted to wait until the General said it, well, if he ever said it. At the time, he had decided that even though he longed to tell Sephiroth how he felt, he wasn’t going to pressure him into saying it back. The last time he had spoke of his feelings to someone he had loved, they had kept silent. It had been…quite awkward.

“You should speak more often, Valentine, because even though you can be an ass, you always seem to say the right things to me,” teased Sephiroth with a wicked gleam in his jade eyes.

Vincent raised a dark eyebrow as he retorted, “The only ass here I see is you. And I believe I’ve had yours twice today, thank you.”

Straddling the Turk’s waist, the General leaned over, his silver hair curtaining them both. Face mere inches away from Vincent’s, he purred, “Want to make it three?”

The Turk groaned at the General’s suggestive words. He could already feel his body coming back to life. “What, right now? Do you not have work early in the morning tomorrow?”

“Fuck Shinra…fuck S.O.L.D.I.E.R and fuck the Turks. I think we both need a vacation from those bastards,” growled the General. The wicked spark returned to his eyes as he gazed down at his dark-haired lover. “I’m taking a sick day tomorrow and so are you. If I have to tie you to my bed to keep you here, I will.”

Our bed, you mean,” corrected Vincent. He looked as if he liked both vacation and bondage ideas.

“Yes, our bed. Now tell Fifi to come out and play,” ordered Sephiroth as he nuzzled the Turk’s face.

“If that is your wish, then I’ll take him off his leash, but I’m warning you now, Fifi isn’t too happy with being called that. If you can’t walk for a week or two, that’s your own fault, Kitten.”

“Damn you, Vincent…”


[:+ + + + +:]



“I’m going to kill him,” griped Genesis as he sprang up from the bar stool and started to pace back and forth angrily. He was pissed because Sephiroth and Vincent were over two hours late.

Angeal silently watched his friend sigh, complain, and pace. He would never, ever admit to the redhead that he was secretly enjoying his frustration.

“What in the Goddess’ good name is taking those assholes so long to get here? I wonder if they’re even coming. What are they doing that’s so…” Trailed off Genesis once he caught the suggestive smirk on his dark-haired friend’s face.

“I think we both know what they’re doing,” implied Angeal with a wink as he grinned.

The red-haired man threw his arms up in the air in exasperation. He then exclaimed, “Ugh. That figures. We’re being blown off for some Turk.”

Angeal looked down at his drink and smiled. “He’s not some Turk anymore, Genesis. He’s Sephiroth’s Turk.”

Genesis stopped pacing and turned to face his friend. He pointed an accusing finger at the other Soldier as he pointed out, “You know something.”

“Of course I do. That’s why I’m smiling.”

“They’ve been together for awhile now, haven’t they?”

Angeal nodded.

Genesis scoffed. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Wasn’t my place to say,” said Angeal with a sheepish shrug.

“Are they even coming tonight?” Inquired Genesis as he slumped back down in his seat. Taking a long drink, he didn’t even bother to look at the taller male.

“I doubt it. I don’t know if you heard, but our General called in sick today. A few hours ago, he marched into Shinra’s office and demanded a month of vacation. He had Masamune in his hand…so I doubt our beloved President was going to overrule his demand.”

“I regret missing that,” sighed Genesis as he imagined the look of sheer horror on Shinra’s face as he was presented with a pissed off General brandishing his mighty sword before him.

“Me, too,” said Angeal as he took a sip of his drink.

“I’m still going to kick Seph’s ass when I see him next,” declared Genesis.

The sound of the safety of a gun being clicked off resounded loudly in the First’s enhanced ears. The redhead turned and nearly pissed his pants when he saw the barrel of a very impressive, very fearsome looking gun pointed in his face.

Vincent smiled, but it was not a friendly smile. In his usual monotonous voice, he dared, “Go ahead, touch Sephiroth’s ass, I dare you.”


[:+ + + + +:]


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