Sephiroth's Desires

BY : C.P.Miller
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Chapter 2


    So, now you know, and perhaps you understand now why my heart is pounding, why I'm staring intently at a knife, and why the memory of his eyes is haunting me.  I don't want to die.  I certainly don't want to kill myself, but he's coming.  There is no doubt of that, and when he arrives...
    "You were instructed to wait in your bedroom."  His calm voice sends icy tendrils of fear down my spine despite a neutral tone.  "Why are you down here?"  The sound of my front door closing gives me hope.  He's too far away to stop me.  In one swift motion, I stand reaching for the knife before me.  My fingers close around the solid wooden handle as a gloved hand grasps my wrist.  Impossible, I think to myself.  No one can move that fast.  My incredulity does nothing to negate the fact that my hand is completely immobilized.  “That is not an answer to my question.”
    “Please...not again...”  I'm whispering the words before even considering them.  “Don't hurt me again.  Please.”  His grip tightens on my wrist to a near crushing force until the knife drops clattering onto the table top.
    Using his hold on my wrist, he pulls me up to stand in front of him.  “I told you before not to beg.”  His scowl makes my heart pound at a fearful pace.  “You've disobeyed me Akina.”  A slight trembling shakes my body.  “Were my orders difficult to understand?”
    “No.”  I answer softly, wishing I could look at something other than his brilliant eyes.
    “Then you have no excuse.”  A malicious gleam seems to flare brightening his eyes, or maybe terror is beginning to affect my sanity.  He's enjoying this, enjoying my anguish.  “Why are you down here...”  The hand not on my wrist catches hold of my chin tilting my head up a bit more and drawing me closer.  
    “I...I...”  Something soft and trembling in my heart hardens.  My voice shifts to match the new found strength, becoming more firm.  “I would rather die than spend another night with you.”  Quiet and calm, the words leave my mouth.
    His laughter is as cold as his smile.  “What you would rather do hardly matters.  You are weak, and you will die when I decide to kill you.  Until that time comes, you will do as I tell you.  If you don't...if you disobey my orders. . .I will make you beg for death before I kill you.”  The cruelty in his eyes obliterates what little resolve had formed in my heart.  “Am I understood?”  He asks it softly, running a gloved hand through my long hair.  I do the only thing I feel like I can do; I nod submissively.  “Good.  You have disobeyed me tonight, and for that you will be punished,” a stifled sob parts my lips.  “How best to punish you...”  His eyes roam thoughtfully over my face and body as I wait silently, my stomach twisting into tighter and tighter knots.  A dark light fills his gaze making me tremble, wondering what he has just thought up and wishing that I might never find out.  “Where was the last place he made love to you?”
    Confusion widens my eyes as I stare up at him.  “What?  Who?”  His fingers curl in my hair grasping a handful at the back of my head and pulling down on it with a slow application of force, making me gasp in pain as my gaze goes up.
    “The man you lost.  The dead lover you can never have again.”  Tears burn in my eyes as painful memories flood my mind utterly drowning out the physical pain.  “Where?”  I barely notice, yet I cannot ignore the chill touch of his lips against my throat.
    “The first time...our last an alley.  Behind a bar.”  No sooner have I spoken than Sephiroth catches hold of my shoulders, pushing me away from the middle of the room half dragging me to put my back against a wall.  With the release of my hair, the pain in my skull dulls to a mild ache.
    “You truly are filth.”  His tone is mocking but with an edge of lust.  “I will spoil that memory of him.”  He murmurs the words in my ear, his voice alone raising a thousand tiny bumps on my arms as he begins tugging my clothing off.  “For the rest of your life,” he laughs softly as though the mention of my longevity is a joke, “when you recall those blissful moments with him, you will remember me as well.”  Gracefully he pulls off his black gloves and tosses them to the floor.  Then, his hands settle on either side of my belly and slide slowly up.  When his fingers catch on my bra, he pushes it up as well.  Hard and pink, my nipples stand erect beneath his burning gaze.  “So weak.”  From desire to disgust his tone shifts as his hands move down catching the hem of my skirt and sliding it up to my hips.  “Remember that last time with him Akina.  Tell me everything.”
    “N-no.  Please...please don't.  Don't make me do that.”  I know I shouldn't beg, but I can think of nothing else.  His steely fingers catch my chin, gripping it too tightly.
    “What have I told you about begging me Akina?”  It is impossible not to meet his fierce gaze, the displeasure in his voice almost a physical weight on my soul.  
    “Don't; It's just a waste of breath.”  I whisper.
    “Now, tell me every detail you remember.”  His fingers are curled in the fabric of my panties pulling them slowly down until they slide of their own accord into a pile about my feet.
    “I went there looking for him.”  A hard lump begins to form in my throat, and I have to swallow twice before I can continue.  “He was drinking with some other recruits.  When he saw me, he forgot what he was saying.  They all laughed at him, but he was too drunk to care.  We slipped out into the alley.  He kissed me...”
    “You seduced him.”  I nod, though I'm not sure if he is questioning me or simply stating his recognition of what I did.  His lips hover, a breath away from mine.  “Where did he kiss you?”
    “ neck...over and over.”  I choke down a sob as Sephiroth presses his lips to my throat.  “He...ran his hands over my thighs...” I swallow, trying hard not to stop speaking as the things I describe are mimicked.  “H-he...”  So much calmer than my own, his voice breaks the quiet.
    “He?”  His fingers are paused near the tops of my thighs, thumbs moving slowly back and forth.
    “He kissed me on the lips...” I murmur, a tear escapes, trailing down my cheek, and swiftly accompanied by a second as I dodge his question.
    “Where did his fingers go little flower?”  That voice, like a knife being driven into my heart demanding the treasures I don't want to give and don't dare to hold back.
    I choke for a moment, able to form only incoherent sounds then finally the word comes.  “In...inside...”  His lips stretch into a triumphant grin, then he's kissing me, the fingers of his left hand traveling the last little distance to slide into my body.  A faint murmur of lust forms in his throat, makes his lips tingle against mine.  For once, it is easy to respond to his kiss as I answer it eager for any delay.  His eyes widen slightly in brief surprise then he's kissing me harder, burying his fingers deep to stroke my increasingly slick flesh.
    Hopeful despite all else, I reach down and undo his pants repeating my own actions from two years ago.  The black cloth parts easily, aided by his firming length.  Immediately I'm attempting to pull his member out thinking to work him into a frenzy so he cannot focus enough to continue his torture.  Yet again, my efforts meet with failure.  He pulls back abruptly restraining my hands by grabbing my wrists with his free hand; his fingers are easily long enough to wrap around both my slender wrists.  His other hand remains between my legs, thumb rubbing firmly at the nub above my warm entrance, making me squirm and breathe harder.
    “You are being punished Akina.  Continue.”  A bitter tear falls as I squeeze my eyes shut and purse my lips tightly together.  “Are you...disobeying me?”  Terrified, miserable, and unpleasantly aroused I nod in a quick jerking motion trying not to gasp at his careful application of pressure to that point of insistent physical pleasure.  “Fool.”  A fearful shiver races up and down my spine as his voice takes on a menacing tone.  He kisses my throat again, tracing the artery with the tip of his tongue before murmuring.  “I have more power and skill than you can comprehend.  Persist and you will regret your silence.”  My lips move, but no sound comes as I force my throat to tighten uncomfortably.  His chuckle makes my blood run cold as he traces my lips with his thumb.  “You cannot begin to imagine the nightmares I am capable of unleashing.”  Eyes shining bright with mako energy captivate my gaze unblinking and intent.
    Despite all my efforts I feel my heart tremble with fear and hear my own voice speaking.  “He pulled his fingers out.”  I suck in a deep breath intending to hold it, but again I hear my voice betraying my control.  “As we kissed...he pulled his fingers out and...then he...ran his hands over my body.”  Feeling utterly helpless against his dominating presence I bite down hard on my tongue.  A faint metallic and salt flavor accompanied the sharp pain.  
    He whispers tauntingly, his lips hovering above mine, “You can't resist.”  Then, his mouth is against mine, forcing the kiss harder and harder until I part my lips returning it with considerably less intensity as he pumps his fingers slowly a few more times before sliding them out.  His lips brush mine as he murmurs a demand for further information.  "What else?"
    Broken sentences and whispered words are the most I can manage, but the accuracy of his motions is as though I am giving far more detailed descriptions.  For a brief moment, he pulls away from me but only long enough to ease his length fully out, then he's back again, forcing himself on me.  His hands grasp the same places, but so much harder making me gasp in pain rather than pleasure.  Then he's speaking in that low icy voice, mocking my lost love's words.  “You're so damn pathetic.”  Beautiful, I correct him silently.  “I will have you.  Right now.  Beg me to take you.”  Want, he had said, not will have, and he'd begged me for my permission...
    His right hand is tugging at my nipple, pinching, and pulling too hard for pleasure to balance the pain.  The other hand is holding my leg up, his fingers behind my knee, pressing my thigh to his hip.  Tears run down my cheeks as my hands press against his hard chest, my back against the wall.  “I...I . . .”  Shaking my head, I turn away from him.  “I hate you.”
    He snaps an order.  “Look at me.”  His member is hard, the full length of it pressing against my body as his voice drags my gaze back to his face.  “Show me your despair.  Lie for me.”
    “I won't.”  The words are barely a whisper and my heart jumps as his eyes flare with anger.  
    “Then you will scream.”  Fingernails dig deeply into my thigh, make me gasp in pain.  “You are irritating me little you want me to crush you?”  Staring up at him, I clench my jaw tightly, lips pressed into a thin line of silence.  “Answer me Akina.”
    “Yes!”  The word is out before I can stop it and more words follow, equally desperate.  “I hate you!  You monster!  Kill me!  I won't obey you!  Just Kill Me!”  Before I can scream again, his right hand is at my throat, choking off any other words.  In silent defiance, I close my eyes, refusing to meet his furious gaze.  
    Then, as quickly as it began, he stops.  Confused, I open my eyes to see him barely grinning, a malevolent eerie glow in his eyes that sends a cold shiver down my spine.  “Clever, but I am not ready to kill you.  I see your plans Akina, in all their pitiful disarray.  I will not be tricked into sending you to your lost lover's embrace.”  His smile broadens, a malevolent gleam in his inhuman eyes.  “I will punish your disobedience.”
    Once more, his fingers close around my throat as he takes a step back.  With barely any effort at all, he flings me across the room.  With a loud THUMP, the back of my head strikes the wall, then I'm collapsing disoriented.  Before I can fall all the way to the floor, his hands are catching hold of me, dragging me away from the floor by my upper arms.  The world spins around me as my head droops with a low moan of pain.  “I'm sorry.”  My voice is a dazed whisper.
    Harsh laughter answers me preceding his quietly furious words.  “Are you?  I have my doubts.”  Long powerful fingers wrap around my wrists dragging them up above my head and slamming them against the wall.  
    “Aah!”  A quiet sob follows the cry of pain.
    “Are you sorry Akina?”  His voice is a furious snarl.  “Convince me.”  The unyielding wall scrapes against my arms as he drags me further up until my feet are dangling above the floor.  
    “I'm sorry!  Please Sephiroth!  Please forgive me!  I'm sorry!”  Like a life sized rag doll, he tosses me across the room again, this time sending me to a crumpled heap at the foot of the stairs.  Sharp jolts of agony pulse along my arms and right hip.  Tears are running down my face as I sob loudly.
    “I remain unconvinced.”  With much effort, I manage to lift my head enough to see him striding slowly toward me, removing his coat as he walks.  “It will take more than words to persuade me.”
    “P-please, tell me.  I'll do anything you w-want.”  Gasping in pain, I force my body to move, up one monumental wooden stair, then another, struggling to evade his inescapable reach.  Heavy black boots halt at the bottom of the stairs, not nearly far enough away.  My gaze trails up from those boots as he strips away his haramaki and chest harness.  
    “Will you?  Am I expected to believe that?  You have proved disobedient and irritating since my arrival.  You resisted your punishment, disobeyed me repeatedly, and then...” power seems to radiate off of him, almost a visible shadow of darkly pulsing energy as his voice becomes quieter with increasing fury, “then you call me”
    “I'm sorry.  I won't disobey you again.  T-tell me what to do.  I'll do whatever you ask.”  As I make my way up another step, my arm gives out and I smack my jaw on a step and slip back toward him moaning miserably in pain.  
    “Look at me.”  Blinking the tears from my brown eyes, I struggle to fix my gaze on him.  He still has his pants and boots on, but his member is hanging out, it's generous length only semi-hard.  “Answer me; am I a monster?”
    My response is swift as I shake my head despite the nauseating agony of moving it in such a way.  “No.  No, you're not.”
    “I am the chosen one; the messiah of this world.  I will reclaim it from you treacherous human filth for myself and my mother.”  He was leaning down, reaching for me, grasping my arm in a painfully tight grip despite my flinching away.  “You do not deserve my attention, but you have it because I am the last of my kind.”  Somewhere deeply hidden within the hatred he carried in his soul was the tiniest hint of lonely misery.
    My voice was a rough whisper between slowing sobs.  “I'm...sorry.  Forgive me.  Please.  I'll obey.”  His gorgeous face swam in my vision as tears continued to fall steadily, leaving tracks down my face.
    Deep breaths sent his chest rising and falling as he made a visible effort to calm himself.  “What am I?”  He murmured the words, his bright gaze demanding an answer.
    “You' are the messiah.”  I replied in a whisper, not fully understanding everything he was saying, but hoping with all my heart and soul this was the answer he wanted.
    “Yes, and what are you?”  Burying his fingers in my hair, he finds a tight hold at the top of my head and begins to pull me up.
    “I...ah...I'm worthless.”  The act of gritting my teeth in pain only causes more agony as my jaw throbs sharply.  
    “And?”  He gives my head a shake making me gasp on a half strangled cry of pain.
    “A-and?  And....uh....AH!”  He lets go of my head, slapping me across the face as I collapse at his feet.
    “And you are blessed to have my attention.  Correct?”  Shivering, I nod.  “Answer me.”  He snaps.
    “C-correct.  I'm blessed.  More fortunate than I deserve.”  I'm in too much pain to hate how simpering my words are, how desperate to please.
    “Kneel.”  As fast as I can I move onto my knees, bowing my head.  “Don't make me tell you again to look at me.”  My heart skips a terrified beat as I tilt my head back wincing at the jolts of pain in my cheek, jaw, and the back of my skull.  His hand again finds a grip in my hair, pulling my head forward and my mouth closer to his length.  “You know what I want Akina.”  An unpleasant knot forms in my stomach as I part my lips.  “Perform well and I might consider it atonement for your previous misbehavior.”
    “Thank you Sephiroth.”  I murmur then wrap my lips around the head of his member.  There is a barely audible hitch in his breathing as I trail my tongue over his tip, lapping at it.  Slowly, I start to slide my mouth down, but he has other plans.  With careless force, he thrusts deeply  into my mouth, his length choking me, but his hand curled tightly in my hair prevents me from drawing back.  For long humiliating moments, I choke and gag as he thrusts repeatedly, mercilessly.  His thick precum drips into my mouth, and I swallow it down, my throat squeezing around his tip.  
    “Mind your teeth.”  He snarls quietly, a low groan following the words.  “Look at me.”  Forcing my eyes up, I can barely see through the flood of tears.  “Moan.”  I can barely breathe, his shaft fills my mouth, blocking my throat with every deep thrust, but I manage a whimper, drawing the sound out between gagged coughs.  
    Hot and generous, he spills with a shuddering gasp, his eyes closing for a moment.  Hips bucking, he draws back leaving my mouth as a burst of thick juices falls across my face, dribbles slowly down over my lips, a few drops clinging wetly to my cheeks.  Slowly his fingers loosen their grip on my hair letting me sink further down toward the floor.  I don't dare look away nor move to wipe at my face.
    “Clean yourself.”  He walks past me, heading up the stairs.  “And be quick.”  

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