Sephiroth's Desires

BY : C.P.Miller
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A/N: Hello, Hello!  I expect no one thought CH 4 would be out this fast considering my track record, so I hope it is a very pleasant what I wanted to say, but true to form, I have let this story sit idle while other things took priority.  Granted some of those things were health issues, nothing too serious, but quite painful and seemingly resolved for now.  And, one of those things was me working on finishing my first original novel!  Eeee!  So close to finished I can almost picture the cover art.  Enough about me though, I hope you all enjoy the latest addition to this story.  
P.S. Last time I mentioned adding Rei.  After much consideration Rina and I agreed to scrap her for this story and go in a slightly different direction with the character of Lina instead.

Staring at Akina with a perplexed expression written on her face, the Wutaian girl's dark brows drew slightly together before she answered, "I'm sorry...I don't understand.  Seph-"  She bit her lip unable to speak his name as the rational part of her mind screamed mournfully it couldn't really be him.  "That man is going to hurt me...?  Why?"  She looked at the door where Sephiroth had just walked out, but it couldn't have really been Sephiroth.  He had died.  Even reminding herself of that fact renewed the devastated feeling of loss she and other members of his fanclub had experienced at the news.

"I don't know.  He said it's because he's 'imperfect' whatever that means.  I don't know why he does it.  He's sick.  Crazy."  Akina continued to sob though she was trying to control herself.  Tears were streaming down her cheeks as she turned away to wipe at her nose with a napkin.  "He...I don't know why he does it, but he's going to hurt you.  He..." she choked on the words and had to swallow twice before they would come out.  "He's going to rape you," another sob tore it's way out of her as she finally faced the younger woman again.  "And, it's my fault.  I wouldn't play his game...wouldn't do what he wanted, but I'm too weak to fight back ..."  Her nose was red.

"Is this some sort of...TV thing?  Like the Gotcha show or Prank Master?" She glanced around the room as if expecting a camera crew to materialize out of thin air.  

"What?  No.  This is real."  The unexpected direction of her response threw Akina off a little.  Again she tried to make clear the danger Sephiroth posed.  "That man, he's exactly who he looks like.  Only he's not a hero.  He's a monster."  Akina's terror and grief were ebbing away as she began to feel frustrated by the girl's refusal to accept what was happening.  Her eyes flicked to the door to see if the ex-SOLDIER was returning, but he remained absent or at least out of sight.  She couldn't help but wonder if he might still be somewhere nearby watching the two of them.

The hairs at the nape of Lina's neck were rising as a knot began to form in her belly.  Trying to restrain her rising fear she ran her fingers through her long black hair and realized it wasn't fear she felt, but a tremble of excitement. " alive?  And that was really him?"  She asked glancing toward the door then back to Akina.  She couldn't quite accept that he was a monster capable of rape, but the thought that he was alive made her heart swell with hope.

Akina blinked in confusion at the girl's line of inquiry.  Had she completely blocked the word rape out and was only processing parts of what Akina had said to her?  How was she so calm?  This young woman who looked so in control.  Did she not understand?  No, of course she didn't.  How could anyone possibly understand who hadn't experienced Sephiroth's desires first hand?  Swallowing her guilt, fear, and grief, Akina finally managed to calm herself down.  She was older, if only by a few years, and even if this other woman didn't blame her, she blamed herself for what she knew would happen sooner or later.  

Slowly she took off her apron and hat, then came out from behind the counter, locked the door so no other customers would come in and interrupt, flipped the sign to closed, then went to sit across from the girl.  Sephiroth had walked out.  He was giving them time for whatever reason.  She needed to make the most of it.  Get both of them out of Midgar maybe, but first, she needed to make this girl understand.  "Yes.  That really was him and he is alive."  Akina said tightly.  "My name's Akina.  Akina Akanara, and I need you to listen to me very carefully.  I need you to understand and to believe me."  She paused, letting those words sink in for the girl.  "What's your name?"

"Lina."  She said briefly, and when no more was offered, Akina didn't press her.

"Seven weeks and five days ago, I met him for the first time."  Akina told her story, at times her whole body trembled, but she wouldn't allow herself to stop speaking.  There was no time to waste, and part of her was afraid if she stopped, she might never bring herself to start again.  Every time her eyes dropped and shifted away from Lina's, Akina forced herself to meet the other woman's gaze once more.  She needed to see the truth of Akina's words in her eyes.  At some point, tears stopped rolling down her face and her eyes itched and felt dry.  Writing about what had happened in her diary had been hard enough, but saying it all out loud to another person...It was a whole new kind of pain.  Yet...somehow it felt cleansing like pouring rubbing alcohol over a cut to disinfect it.  It didn't get easier as she went on, but she could feel something inside her starting to change, maybe even to heal.  "I stayed up after he left.  Waiting until dawn for him to come back.  I thought..." she swallowed a dry sob.  "For a few minutes, I almost thought he might really be gone for good, then he walked in here and told me he'd 'found someone else' to replace me.  I asked him who, and...he just looked at you and, and s-smiled."  Akina was hugging herself tightly again, shaking as if she were freezing.  "You can't stay in Midgar Lina.  He'll hurt you.  He'll hurt you like he hurt me."

Lina chewed on her lower lip as she stared at the remains of her parfait.  She'd lost her appetite for it listening to Akina's story and it had melted while she poked at it with her spoon idly.  "I'm sorry that happened to you."  It seemed the best thing to say first, because it was difficult to believe the story, but she had seen that man who'd come in, and there was no denying he could have been Sephiroth's twin.  

Lina felt torn inside, part of her excited at the possibility of meeting the silver haired warrior after years of admiring him from afar followed by years of struggling to accept his death.  Another part trembled in fear at the thought that everything this woman was telling her was true, and the next to suffer might be herself.  Mostly though, she felt sad for the pain and fear the woman in front of her had suffered.  Maybe there was more to what had happened than Akina knew, like Sephiroth might not have been able to stop himself.  Shinra was a pretty shady company, and Lina was among those who believed them capable of unspeakable acts.  Even if there was something like that going on, it didn't lessen the terrible events Akina had been through and Lina felt genuinely bad for the woman sitting across from her, but she couldn't reconcile her long held admiration for Sephiroth with the notion of him as some kind of monster.  

"Are you listening to me?  He's dangerous Lina.  You can't stay in Midgar."  Akina said, and abruptly Lina realized she'd fallen silent for some time.

"I don't have anywhere to go.  My mom's here.  I can't just leave her."  Lina tried to respond rationally to the madness threatening to turn her life upside down.

"All the more reason to leave now and not wait.  What if he hurts her too?"  Akina shuddered unable to stop the words from rushing out.  They seemed to reach Lina in a way that Akina's previous warnings hadn't.  Fear took hold of Lina in a tight grip.

"He wouldn't.  My mother's harmless.  Why would anyone hurt her?"  Lina argued her fingers tensing around her parfait cup with tiny spasms of motion.

"Harmless?  What do you think I am?  A Soldier in hiding?"  Part of Akina felt angry at Lina's words, as if she had implied Akina had done something to warrant her abuse.  Swallowing the anger, Akina told herself that wasn't the case, that wasn't what Lina had meant at all, but the anger continued to simmer in the back of her mind.  "I'm sorry.  I know you didn't mean that.  Listen, I'm going to go home, pack a few things, and get all the money together that I can.  I'll meet you at station six and we'll take the last train down to the surface and leave the city together tonight.  You can say goodbye to your mom or maybe bring her with us...I don't know...I've never done anything like this before.  I'm scared too Lina, but this is the best option."  I think, Akina added silently to herself as she chewed on her lower lip.

Lina nodded hesitantly.  A loud voice in the back of her head was insisting Akina was a lunatic regardless of any suffering and Lina needed to get away from her, not agree to leave town with her.  This could all be an elaborate set up to kidnap her...hadn't there been a story on the news last week about a ring of slave traders operating in Midgar.  "'re probably right."  She agreed, but didn't sound convinced even to herself.

"Lina...I realize this all sounds crazy, but you saw him yourself.  I hope you'll come with me, but either way, I'm leaving tonight.  Maybe I'll try and make some good out of this mess and finally go see Costa del Sol.  It's really beautiful there from the images I've seen online."  Akina tried to smile as she spoke, but her eyes were pink from crying and her lips twitched slightly as if a smile was too much for them.  After a few moments, she stopped trying to smile and just tried to not break down in tears again.

Lina nodded, though she still wasn't sure if she'd meet Akina at the appointed time or not.  Her chair scraped noisily against the tile floor as she moved to stand.  "I've seen pictures.  It is really pretty.  I hope you can be happy and safe there."  Lina said awkwardly, and Akina knew as she watched the petite woman walk out that she would never see her again.  It surprised her how sad she felt at that thought, and she had to blink her eyes a lot to hold back another wave of tears.

"Please be safe."  Akina whispered softly in the empty store, then she got up and went to the back to clean out the safe.  She'd need money to get to Costa del Sol after all.

Outside of the Choco Creamery and Cafe Lina glanced nervously up and down the street.  It was too early for the lunch rush yet, but long past the morning rush.  The street felt eerily empty to her as she started toward the train station and home.  She had been planning to do a little shopping after getting a parfait, but any desire to do so had melted away along with her cold treat.  

From the top of a two story boutique opposite the ice cream parlour, Sephiroth watched his new object of interest step out onto the quiet street.  He kept pace with her easily, leaping from rooftop to balcony to ledge.  It never ceased to amaze him how no one on the street ever looked up.  Not that they would have seen more than a blur of silver and black as he moved swiftly from one place of cover to another.  After all, even if the filth on the street didn't notice him, Shinra had many cameras around the upper plate to "maintain public safety and security" as they put it.  

At the corner of Rufus road and 8th street, Lina paused waiting for traffic to stop so she could cross.  She glanced up at a bird flying over head.  They were becoming a rare sight over the sprawling plate of a city.  Out of the corner of her dark eyes she saw a flicker of movement, much too large to be a bird.  For a moment she wondered if it was a monster that had found it's way up from the slums, but she immediately reminded herself of the patrols that prevented such things.  Still an anxious feeling of being watched haunted her as she crossed the street, tiny black hairs at the nape of her neck prickling in alarm.

From above Sephiroth studied her fearful stride.  She was shorter than any other woman he'd used, and only the second to have the pale honey skin of Wu Tai.  When her face turned upward, he studied her dark eyes, little more than miniscule points at this distance.  Her round face and full cheeks reminded him of a harvest moon pale with a hint of color.  To his disappointment, she didn't seem to notice him, though he had to admit, from her position, hardly anyone could have been expected to spot him.

Sephiroth dropped down into an alley as the light changed.  Shrugging his coat half off, he tucked his hair under it, then pulled it back on and zipped the front so his chest was no longer exposed.  People would still glance at him as he walked among them, but no one ever dared to stare for more than a moment.  Some instinct, he imagined, told them they had no right to look at him without his permission, told them they were not worthy even to breathe the same air as him.  

As Lina headed down a set of stairs that took her below street level, she continued to glance over her shoulder.  A handful of people were behind her as she made her way through the turnstile and scanned her id.  The next train would arrive in two minutes and the platform held more people waiting for it than she expected.  Most of them looked about her own age though, so she figured, like her, they hadn't had any classes today either.  

Sephiroth swiped a false id as he followed Lina.  He smiled when she glanced back and her eyes widened in recognition.  For a moment, he waited wondering if she would bolt, but to his surprise a flush of color rose in her cheeks before she dragged her eyes sharply away and fixed them straight ahead.

Lina's stomach suddenly felt like a thousand butterflies were trapped inside it.  He was following her, and it was really him.  She could feel heat rising from her skin, spreading across her whole face.  Though she'd met his gaze for barely a handful of seconds, she was sure it was really him.  Sephiroth.  The silver haired Soldier.  Brilliant mako colored eyes and elegant features filled her mind's eye.  Could he really be after her?  Would he really want that with a nobody like her?  

The train arrived and Sephiroth watched as people piled into it.  Many of them absent mindedly shoving past Lina's smaller figure.  One person, a young man with shorty spiky hair shoved her intentionally, his hand grabbing at her ass through the skirt she wore as he mockingly apologized and feigned that it was an accident.  With a blur of speed, Sephiroth moved forward through the light crowd, caught the young man's wrist and twisted it sharply as he growled a single word.  "Apologize."  How dare he lay a hand on something Sephiroth had chosen to use?  Such insolence, even in ignorance, was beyond tolerable.

"Ow! OW! Fuck!  Alright!  I'm sorry!  I'm sorry man!  Let go!"  The man pleaded, his eyes tearing up in pain.  Sephiroth held him a moment longer as he considered breaking the wrist, then released him.  He didn't need to draw more attention than he already had.  As the man apologized and nothing further seemed likely to happen, people stopped paying attention as prior concerns reasserted themselves.

Lina stared in shock, her face rosy with heat as Sephiroth put an arm around her shoulders and guided her onto the car, then through the door at the end onto another.  They kept going until they had reached the last car.  Barely anyone was in it and with one silent look, he banished them.  "Th-thank you."  Lina murmured as she took a seat and the train began to move.

"For what?"  Sephiroth asked puzzled, then it occurred to him how she might have misinterpreted his actions as protective.  "You're mistaken if you think I did that for you.  You're mine.  Pitiful as you are, I won't tolerate anyone putting a hand on you so long as I'm using you."

Lina continued to stare at him with the same shocked look, her delicate lips barely parted as she tried to wrap her mind around what was happening.  "Y-you want me...?"  Lina asked scarcely able to believe the words.  "Why?  I'm not...I don't deserve..."  She stammered finally dropping her gaze to the floor shyly.

Sephiroth studied her face for a long moment as the train glided smoothly along its track.  Did this girl understand her own worthlessness?  "No, you don't deserve my attention, but I require certain activities while I'm in this imperfect state.  Did Akina not explain?"

Lina shook her head, still not raising her gaze from the metal floor.  "Sh-she said..ah...that you attacked her..."  Lina offered, not wanting to say all that Akina had said.  "That you hurt her..."

"Hmph.  I expect she left out the fact I was punishing her for being disobedient.  She should have been grateful to be chosen by me."  With a gloved hand Sephiroth caught hold of Lina's chin and forced her gaze up to meet his.  He liked that she didn't resist.  "Are you grateful?  Do you understand the privilege I am granting you?"  Lina nodded mutely, her attention captivated by his fierce gaze.  Sephiroth smiled.  "I doubt that, but we'll see."  Slowly he leaned down, his face filling her vision, closer and closer.  Lina felt like she might suffocate in his powerful aura.  Then, his mouth claimed hers, the kiss hard and hungry.  When he pulled back, he was breathing a little more sharply, though not nearly as frantically as Lina.  His eyes glowed gently eliciting goosebumps all along Lina's arms and legs.  

"Thank.  You."  Lina managed to whisper between rapid breaths.

"Perhaps you do understand..."  Sephiroth murmured, then he was rising up, glaring at the door to the next car where someone was looking in at them.  Color drained from the young man's face, the same young man from before, and he turned away, hurrying in the opposite direction.  "How far away is your residence?"  Sephiroth asked, his gaze returning to Lina with a different kind of intensity.

"Two sectors over.  On the plate."  Lina answered.  This was unbelievable.  A girlhood fantasy sprung to reality, almost.  He was rougher than she'd ever imagined, fiercer too, but somehow that only excited her more.  

"Too far.  I've already waited much longer than I wanted."  Sephiroth was frowning down at her as he considered the issue.  Then he recalled a story he'd overheard years ago.  A young Soldier boasting of how he'd enjoyed his girlfriend on a train.  "Remove your panties."  Sephiroth ordered and was amused by the color that had been fading slightly as it came rushing back with impressive vividness.  "Now."

"Here?  On the train??"  Lina asked, too shocked to accept what she was hearing.  Did he want her that badly?  

Sephiroth scowled.  "Don't make me repeat myself."  He moved back to give her room to stand and to address his own clothing.

Before she knew what she was doing, Lina found herself grabbing for a pole for support as she rose from her seat.  "I. . ah. . are you s-sure?"  She could feel sweat prickling on her face as her ears burned.  

"I am always sure."  Sephiroth almost snarled the words as his belt came loose and he eased his aching member into the open air of the compartment.  He sank into the seat she had vacated.  "Hurry up."

"Ah, a-alright, but I. . I've never...and I've h-heard...the f-f-first time. . ."  Lina bit her trembling lip as she held herself upright with one hand and with the other awkwardly obeyed him.

Sephiroth inhaled sharply, taking in her scent as she slid the little piece of cotton down.  There was more thickness to her legs than he had first anticipated given her stature, but the softness was enticing.  A spot of wetness marked the tiny garment as Lina carefully stepped out of it and looked around uncertainly.  Snatching it from her, Sephiroth shoved it into a pocket of his coat.  Then, he caught the hem of her long skirt and gathered it up to her waist before pulling her down toward his lap.  At first she fell against him awkwardly, her skin soft against his hard length, but not surrounding it the way he wanted.

Lina cried out softly in surprise, the sound cut short by a gloved hand over her mouth.  Her breasts felt sensitive and confined within her bra as the cool air against her groin was replaced by hot flesh and warm leather.  "Be silent, unless I tell you otherwise."  Sephiroth ordered her, his breath hot in her ear.  For a moment he pressed himself against her softer body, and she felt a bit of wetness on her thigh.  Was he already finishing?  She wondered blankly, not recognizing it for precum as relief and disappointment mingled inside her.  Then his hands were at her hips, lifting her, shifting the angle between them, and then she felt it.  His tip pressing against the damp folds of her entrance.  Her heart pounded in fear and excitement as a soft moan parted her lips.  

Sephiroth marveled at the woman's tightness as he pushed slowly into her.  It actually hurt a little, and he relished the sensation, lingering in it as long as he could, prolonging each inch.  A flush was creeping up his chest as he settled her lower little by little.  His heart began to beat a little faster, making his length throb in time to his pulse.  The soft walls of her body offered surprising resistance, straining to accomodate him even at this slow pace.  He wanted more of her.  With a gasp of pleasure he settled her on his lap, his thick member filling her tightly, tearing her virgin flesh as it was forced beyond its limits by his length and girth.  

Lina sobbed shakily, biting her lip in an effort to keep silent as ordered.  It hurt, but she didn't want him to stop.  Never had she imagined her first time would be like this, and never had she dared more than dream it might be with Sephiroth.  The pain was sharper than she'd ever expected or imagined, but it began to lessen as he held her tight, a fading sensation soon submerged beneath surreal pleasure.  She could feel his breath on her neck as he took in her scent, and a fresh rush of heat rose from her collar.

"Sweet..."  Sephiroth murmured as he breathed her scent in again.  That something so worthless could smell so wonderful always puzzled him.  She smelled like she'd just stepped out of a shower, a mild soap with a hint of fruit he couldn't identify.  A low growling moan of pleasure and pain rose in his throat as he began to move, thrusting into her, using his grip on her to lift her slight figure up just enough to give him the room he needed to thrust again.  Yet, he kept his pace slow, lingering a moment at the end of each thrust.  His mouth settled against her throat, teeth digging into her tender flesh as he considered how easily he could rip that flesh apart.  A passing thought, then he was biting her, increasing the pressure until her panting breaths were punctuated by a whimper and she tried for a moment to pull away from him.  "Don't resist me.  It's pointless."  He murmured the words in her ear as he restrained her with one arm.

"I-I'm not.  I won't.  It just hurt.  I'm sorry.  I won't do it again."  Lina rambled.  She felt lost in the whirl of new sensations she was experiencing.

"Won't you?"  Sephiroth asked skeptically, his hands squeezing her with bruising force, drawing a half strangled whimper from her lush tiny lips.

"I'll tr-try not to."  Lina promised.  He bit her again, this time suddenly, sharply, and she couldn't stop the sharp cry that rose from her protesting throat, but she managed not to pull away.

"Impressive.  For a pitiful piece of garbage like you."  Sephiroth mocked her when he finally released her throat.  There was no blood, but bruises would rise from the abused flesh.  It was only a matter of time.

"Thank you."  Lina whispered, her tone ardent.  She knew she was pitiful, especially compared to him.  

"For what?"  Sephiroth asked as he began to slip into a faster rhythm.  His thoughts were growing hazy, his hatred subsumed by a very physical need for release.  It was like hunger or thirst for him.  Something that had to be attended to in order for him to function at his best.  

"Everything."  Lina whispered.  "I don't deserve you."  Her body felt like it was on fire, and she trembled in his clutches, shaking like a leaf in a hurricane.  Part of her was terrified he would literally rip her apart, part of her still couldn't accept this was really happening, but those parts were being drowned out by a wave of ecstasy.  

"No, you don't."  Sephiroth murmured.  He could feel the surge rising, tightening parts of his body, throbbing through others.  She was tightening too, squeezing every inch of him, her slickness dripping out of her.  He leaned into her a little more with each thrust, until he was pushing her to the floor of the train, one arm around her torso, his body above hers, his coat covering both of them, though anyone who looked would have known immediately what was happening.

They moved together, rising, falling, in, and out.  His breathing was almost as rapid as hers when he stiffened, felt the rush of release exploding through his length, filling her tight flesh until there was no more room.  Lina gasped and shuddered with joy, with a pleasure she had never known, and then she felt the wet lines running down her inner thighs and her flush of pleasure deepened with a new rush of embarrassment.  

Sephiroth pulled out of her roughly, and without his strength to support and restrain her, Lina fell to one side, a slick mess on the floor staring up at him.  Pulling her panties from his pocket, Sephiroth wiped himself mostly clean and dropped the garment next to her.  "You're very satisfying."  He said a lingering heat mingling with a mostly icy tone of disdain.  Though he disliked acknowledging the pleasure the women he used provided him with, he felt they deserved that small measure of recognition.  

"I-I am?"  Lina couldn't quite believe this was happening.  As the pleasure slowly ebbed into a warm glow and her body reminded her this was her first with a sharp ache, she stared up at him with a look of awe and disbelief.

"I don't like repeating myself."  Sephiroth growled in a warning tone.

"Oh.  O-of course.  I'm s-sorry."  Dropping her gaze ashamedly, Lina grimaced as she picked up her own damp underwear.  For a moment, she held them awkwardly, not sure whether to put them on, doubting she would like the sensation of the soiled garment against her intimate and aching flesh.  

"I'll find you again when I need you again."  Sephiroth stated.  The train was slowing, coming to a station.  "Get up."  To his pleasure, Lina obeyed immediately despite her pain.  She moved awkwardly as she balled her underwear up and stuffed them into her purse.  

Afraid to sit and stain her skirt with blood, Lina stood and took hold of a pole so she wouldn't fall to the floor again.  She couldn't bring herself to look at him, and then he ordered her to.  Again, she obeyed immediately, a thrill of pleasure running up and down her spine when she saw the tight fierce smile on his lips.  "Did you s-say 'again'...?"  She asked tentatively.

"I did.  You serve your purpose well."  Sephiroth acknowledged as he leaned down to breath her scent in one more time.  "What's your name?"

"Lina Utada."  She replied feeling paralyzed by his eyes as he met her gaze.  

"Lina."  Sephiroth said the name, tasting it on his tongue, feeling it out as he took hold of her chin with a gloved hand.  "You belong to me.  Do you understand?"

For a heart beat all she could do was stare into the brilliant mako colored pools that were his eyes.  "Yes."  She finally whispered.  Someone had hurt him terribly.  She could see it in those strange beautiful eyes.  

"Good."  Cold as ice, his voice matched his eyes.  The doors slid open and Sephiroth walked out into a crowd that parted before him and closed behind.  He liked it when the little worms wanted his attention.  The ones like Akina could be so frustrating with their feeble efforts at resistance.  Eventually he would lose interest in Lina, or as others had before she would be emboldened to try and demand a more traditional relationship from him, as if he could ever consider a human his equal.  She would serve him well for a time though, and that was all that mattered to him.

Someone had hurt him, Lina thought as she watched him go.  That was why he was cold and rough.  Perhaps that was why he had hurt Akina.  Because he was suffering and desperate for love.  She wouldn't meet Akina at the last train out of Midgar.  No, Sephiroth needed her, Lina thought.  He needed to be loved, and she could give him that.  She saw in him everything she wanted to see, saw only what she wanted to see, and nothing less.

A/N: Huzzah!  It's done!  Well, this chapter is done.  I think the story has one more chapter in it.  I hope you enjoyed this addition, even if it was a good long time coming.  Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed discovering I'd accidentally worked the title very naturally into the narrative.  :D Something about that just tickles me when I see it in a book or movie.
 I'm still not sure I'm entirely happy with the phrase "brilliant mako colored pools that were his eyes," but I wanted to try and evoke a sense of Lina drowning without throwing out the classic "she felt like she was drowning in his eyes," y'know?  Maybe I'm just being a silly writer type picking over my work.  I'm curious though.  What was your favorite line?  And, dare I ask, your least favorite?  
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