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Chapter 3


A/N: It's been a very long wait for pretty much everyone, and I'm sorry.  I have literally had this chapter almost finished for something like. . .3 years?  Geezus, has it been that long?  Yes?  No, it's been longer.  Gah!  
Anyways, your patience is rewarded (I hope).  Chapter 3 will include the introduction of a third character and the change from the first person PoV to third person.  Enjoy!  And Happy (LATE) Birthday to Rina!
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    Sephiroth swept past Akina, pausing halfway up the stairs.  “Akina.”  He smirked.  Without looking he knew that she had flinched by the small gasp of pain that escaped her.  
    Her prompt response betrayed the fearful trembling of her body.  “Yes?”
    “You have two minutes.  Don't keep me waiting.”  His faint chuckle seemed to linger in the air like a threat as Akina struggled to her feet.  Quivering with pain and fear, she stumbled across the room to the kitchen sink.  The cold water stung like thousands of tiny needles, but she rubbed her face clean as quickly as she could and quietly rinsed her mouth out.  Her knees felt too weak to support her weight, but by leaning against the wall then clinging to the banister she made her way clumsily up to her bedroom.
    The second floor was mostly one flat open room.  A small window stood high in the wall above where her front door was one floor below.  Standing at the foot of the bed, staring at the window with a thoughtful expression on his face stood Sephiroth.  His boots and pants were abandoned on the floor next to his feet.  
    With her heart thudding nervously, Akina stepped quietly forward, dropping to her knees and staring up at him.  Pain was clear on her face as she blinked back fresh tears.  Cold water dripped slowly from her chin.  Silently, she waited for him to turn his attention to her.
    However, he continued to stare out the window as though unaware of her presence.  Minutes passed that felt like years of mortal terror.  Finally, he moved turning his gaze to her.  A faint smile crept onto his face as he rested a hand on her head.  His other hand formed a fist, and Akina flinched away gasping in fear, but he stopped short, and uncurled his fingers.  There was a materia sphere resting on his open palm.
    A moment's concentration triggered the energy latent in the sphere.  A soothing green light surrounded Akina's form, healing her aches and pains with a gently spreading warmth.  Akina exhaled softly in relief her eyes drooping for a moment before promptly opening wide again and fixing on his face once more.  He chuckled softly at the expression of surprised relief on her face as the light faded away.  “Is that better?”
    “Yes.  Thank you.”  Though her gratitude was sincere, there remained an edge of fear in her gaze as she wondered why he had healed her.  She didn't dare ask him, and he wasn't offering any explanation.  In truth, he had healed her for his own sake, knowing she would not have been able to stop whimpering in pain, and that the sound would quickly lose its entertainment value and begin to irritate him immensely.
    His fingers moved through her hair, sweeping it gently back as he dropped the materia to the floor atop his pants.  “Get up.”  Akina rose at once to her feet, standing in front of him shifting unsteadily, her balance poor from moving so quickly.  He gestured to the bed with his now empty hand, and she moved just as quickly as before to get onto it.  “Under the blankets.”  Wondering helplessly what he was planning, Akina scooted to the head of the bed and got under the old heavy quilt.  “Now...close your eyes.”  Shocked by this order, she stared at him for a moment hesitantly.  “Now.”  At the sharpness of this single quiet word, she immediately shut her eyes tightly.
    No sound betrayed his movements as he walked to the side of the bed.  Akina moved her head as though looking for him even though she was, for the moment, blind.  When his weight settled onto the mattress at her side, she turned her face to him, but still kept her eyes tightly shut.  Her lips were parted slightly as she began to breathe faster.  “No more fear tonight little flower.”  He murmured softly in a voice that attempted to be comforting, but came out too firm and instead sounded menacing.  "Your punishment is over."
    “W-what do you want me to do?”  Akina whispered, shivering despite the growing warmth of the bed.  
    “Lie to me.  Make love to me.”  His lips brushed her cheek gently as he stretched out next to her, laying on his back.
    “P-please, can I open my eyes?”  He pulled her towards him, hovering his mouth just under hers before answering the timidly voiced question.  
    “Only if you wish to.”  Immediately she did so, gazing down at him as she was propping herself up on one elbow.  “I see questions in your eyes.  Ask.”  His voice was softer now, closer to something that might have been reassuring were it coming from another person's throat.
    “Why are you being so...” nice was not a word that felt appropriate to apply to Sephiroth, so she started again.  “I'm frightened.  I don't understand why you're acting like this, but I don't want to upset you or anger you again.”  She added the last bit hastily.  
    A slight smile tugged at his lips as he gave a cryptic explanation that did little if anything to enlighten Akina or put her at ease.  “Does it matter?  I am what I wish to be.”
    For a moment, Akina was silent then her voice filled his ears with a tentative question.  “What are you now?  Are you still....Sephiroth?”  She winced at his abrupt laugh as it rang out harshly loud and mocking in the quiet of the dimly lit room.
    “Of course I am.”  His tone carried a touch of haughty arrogance, that softened to something dark and seductive.  “For now, I wish to be your lover as well.  If you will have me.”
    Staring at him in obvious disbelief, Akina forced herself to speak.  “You aren't...going to force yourself on me?  Again.”  A shadow of bitter anger colored the last word a shade more harsh than it's predecessors.
    “Tell me to leave.”  He tempted her, his eyes seeming to shine softly wondering if she would dare take the chance he was lying.  
Akina swallowed, her lips parting, but she remained silent for a moment longer as she feared a trap.  In the final moment though, the offer was too tempting to pass up without trying.  "Leave.  Please.”  Her voice was weak, and trembled intensely as she backed slowly away from him.  Without speaking a word, Sephiroth rose from the bed.  Nude, he walked to the foot of the bed with the prowling grace of a wild animal and reached for his pants.  “Wait.”  Akina was sitting up, watching him with the blanket clutched to her chest.  Startled by her own voice, she clapped both hands over her mouth.
    “Speak.”  That cold demanding edge was back in force, and it made her tremble.
    “Is this a trick?”  She whispered the words against her palm muffling them slightly.
    "No."  Sephiroth replied curtly as he began to dress.
    "Why are you doing this to me?"  Akina asked her voice weak, strained by confusion, fear, and a physical desire for him that made her silently question her own sanity.  "You find me doesn't make any sense."  Shaking her head in a sudden rush of "You don't make any sense."
    "It all makes perfect sense to me."  Sephiroth replied condescendingly as he buckled the black belt around his waist, then sat down on the foot of the bed to pull his boots on.
    "You're insane."  Akina murmured before she could stop herself or consider the consequences.  His low chuckle chilled her blood.
    "You aren't the first to mistake my superiority for insanity.  You won't be the last."  Sephiroth stated as he rose from the bed.  For a moment, he lingered in the doorway as if waiting for something, but when she only stared at him silently, he vanished into the darkness beyond.  Seconds dragged by, and still he didn't return.  Minutes slowly collected to form sleepless hours, and eventually a hint of dawn filtering down from above crept into her room.  Slowly, she climbed out of bed and shut off her alarm clock one minute before it went off to wake her for work.
    "He really left..."  She murmured, glancing around at the fading shadows in the corners of her room.  But, will he come back?  Akina wondered as she dressed for work.  It was going to be a very long day.  Maybe it would be better if she called in sick and tried to get some sleep, but if she stayed home, would he come back?  Was he watching from somewhere right now?  Waiting for her to fall asleep so he could... "Stop it!"  Akina shouted at herself.  "You can't let yourself think like that."  It'll only drive you mad with fear, she finished silently.  
    Instead of dwelling on recent and past events, Akina forced herself not to think of the silver haired monster as she finished dressing.  Her stomach though, remained too tight from fear to tolerate even a thought of food, so she skipped breakfast and headed out to catch the train to the upper plate in Sector 3.  
    Early morning commuters were packed onto the train and all appeared to be looking forward to work about as much as Akina.  A glimpse of a shadow and silver out of the corner of her eye left Akina clutching to her purse and staring out the window of the train with wide eyes.  It couldn't have been him.  No, of course not.  It must have been her eyes playing tricks on her as the train left the slums below and the first flash of dawn above the plate had seemed like something else.   
    She disembarked at the upper station for Sector 3 amid a bustling crowd.  A large fleeting shadow cast by something overhead drew her eyes up to a strip of blue sky between tall buildings, but all she saw was a small bird.  Hurrying onward, she made her way nimbly through the crowded street away from the station toward the shopping district and the ice cream parlour where she worked.  
    Normally the store was empty at this hour.  Rising insurance prices thanks to increased terrorist activity had forced the owner to let go of several employees until there were only three left.  Each person had to handle the whole shop alone on their shift.  Sometimes the owner would come in to help out during the busy season.  Today was not one of those times, but there was a single customer waiting outside for Akina to open the shop.  
    She was a very young woman, maybe 18, no more than 21, by Akina's best guess.  All she wanted was a large parfait, and she sat quietly at a small table reading while she ate.  Akina watched her discreetly, while she wiped down the shop.  Now and again, the girl would tuck her jet black hair back behind an ear only to have it fall forward again a few strands at a time.  Her dark eyes and soft features more than suggested Wu Tai heritage.  
    The bell jingled signaling a new customer, and Akina looked up with a tired smile.  "Welcome, how-"  Her throat tightened trapping the words within.  Sephiroth smiled at her.
    He walked up to the counter seeming unreal in his black uniform.  "You disappointed me last night."  His mako eyes flicked to the other customer.  "I've found someone else to serve in your stead."
    Akina was trembling so badly she could barely move.  "Who?"  In barely a whisper, she managed to ask the question.  His eyes moved again to the girl who was half way through her parfait.  As her gaze moved to the curious girl, she still struggled to believe he was really there standing in front of her.  "You can't."  Akina whispered quickly.  "She's so young.  Please Sephiroth, don't hurt her.  Please, I swear I won't disappoint you again.  I won't try to kill myself.  I'll do anything you ask.  Everything you want.  Please."
    "Do what you like.  It doesn't matter to me anymore."  A wicked smile followed the soft spoken words, and her hand moved suddenly without warning to clutch at the sleeve of his coat.  
    "Please, I'm begging you, leave her alone."  Akina pleaded as the girl watched them with growing nervousness.
    "I've told you before not to beg.  You should be grateful Akina.  I'm letting you live."  He pulled free of her grip easily and started toward the door.  
    "You can't."  She whispered the words desperate for them to be true, voice rising desperately.  "You Can't!  I won't let you hurt her!"  The girl was staring at them with wide eyes now.  Akina didn't care as her fingers closed around the only solid metal thing available: an ice cream scoop.  She held it before her in a white knuckled grip as if it were a sword.  Tears started in her eyes as his soft malevolent laugh filled the shop, then he was gone, the bell on the door jingling at his departure.  Meeting the girl's utterly perplexed and frightened gaze, Akina began to sob.  "I'm sorry.  It's my fault he's going to hurt you.  I wouldn't do what he wanted, and now he's going to come after you.  I'm so sorry."  Sobbing, she repeated the apology arm falling to her side, scoop clattering to the floor.
A/N: So, what did you think?!?  Was it worth the wait?!  Hopefully the next chapter won't take quite so long to make an appearance.  No spoilers, but I will share a tidbit for this one, because I'm sure there will be those who want to know.  After my grand tirade about needing to be kept villainous, why did Sephiroth go a bit soft in this chapter?  Well, the answer is, I've decided he's not a complete and total sociopath (in the clinical sense of the word).  He has a very powerful emotional/psychological/physiological (bit of all three in my opinion) attachment to Jenova and the idea of her as a mother figure.  Now, he is not looking to Akina for a mother figure, but when she comes upstairs and finds him staring at the stars, he is thinking about, wondering really, what it would be like to be loved and to be loving in return.  There is no actual love or affection for Akina, but an attempt at the, hmm, how to put it...He's trying to get a sense of the feeling by imitating the action.  However, Akina spoiled it by not calling him back which was the original ending to the chapter.  See original ending below!

Continued from:
“Wait.”  Akina was sitting up, watching him with the blanket clutched to her chest.  Startled by her own voice, she clapped both hands over her mouth.

    “For what.”  Shaking visibly, Akina slowly held a hand out toward him.
    “C-come back...”  Terrified by the words coming out of her mouth, she wondered if madness had taken her.  It made no sense to call him back when he seemed to be quietly intent on leaving at her behest.  With a slight smile on his handsome face, Sephiroth walked slowly back to stand beside the bed.  The lean musculature of his body was still marvelously bare, and though a generous amount of fear was obvious in her gaze, still she glanced over his body in a lingeringly appreciative way.  
    “Well?”  If moonless winter nights could speak, they would have a voice like his; cold, crisp, and infinitely dark.  
    “Why, why are you doing what I ask?”  Though she was terrified of breaking whatever mood or spell had taken him, it was impossible not to question this sudden change in behavior.
    He frowned in that way she'd come very quickly to recognize meant she was getting on his nerves.  “I already told you.”  Her trembling became more intense, making him smirk.
    “Because you wish to?”  He nodded.  “How long will this wish last?”  A silent rise and fall of bare shoulders answered her whispered question or perhaps he was dismissing it.  Nervously, she chewed on her lower lip, thinking, considering.  At last, her pale slim fingers tugged the corner of the blanket aside a little bit.  
“Is that an invitation to join you?”  There was a hint of his mocking tone to the question, but Akina only nodded silently.  If he was going to kill her or continue as he had before...part of her was desperately curious to see if he truly could be gentle.  If he could, it might mean a chance at life without living in constant fear of his presence.  It might even mean he could change.  She let herself believe this because it gave her hope, and life without hope, the life she had been living since their first encounter, was not a life she could accept any longer.  False hope was better than no hope at all.
    Sephiroth moved to settle onto the bed next to her, pulling the blanket over himself as he did so.  His weight settled heavily beside Akina, making her stiffen a little.  “Frightened still?”  His smile was as soft as it could be, and still it felt menacing to her.
    “Yes.”  She nodded, sending a few stray hairs quivering around her pale face.
    “How can I ease your fears?”  He murmured in that same winter night voice as he swept a few strands back and tucked them behind her ear.
    Akina trembled gently against his touch.  Though they were lying next to one another, only his hand touched her cheek.  “I don't think you can...”
    With a gentle caress, he curled his fingers around the back of her neck.  “I’ve told you before, what you think matters very little.  I will do as I wish.”  His lips met hers in a sweet kiss that made her blink in surprise.  “Tell me what you want to do Akina...”  He murmured as he pulled just far enough back to gaze at her.
    “I?”  She stared at him as if she didn't understand completely.  “I want...”  Her eyes flicked over him questioningly.  “I want to be on top.”
    A grin touched his lips as he settled onto his back.  Swallowing nervously, Akina slid a leg carefully over to his other side so that she was straddling him, kneeling on her knees so he wasn't penetrating yet.  His firm half erect length brushed against her entrance when she lowered herself slowly down a bit.  It wasn't the right angle for penetration, but that wasn't what she wanted just yet.  Leaning forward on her forearms, she began to move so that her body was rubbing intimately against Sephiroth's.  The grin on his face spread a little wider as he lay passively beneath her.  Gently cupping her breasts with his hands, he began to rub her nipples.  
    Above him, Akina gasped, a soft little cry escaping her lips.  She began to move again, pressing a little closer, sliding his tip along her entrance as both began to grow slick.  “P-please...will you...”  She trembled against him, a mix of desire and fear.  “use your mouth on my breasts?”  Her cheeks were hot with flush as she said the last in a rush.  Chuckling softly, Sephiroth put his lips first to her collar bone, kissing in a slow line down toward one of her nipples.  He slipped his hand loosely around her waist as his lips encircled the firm little bud of her flesh and began to suck and nibble at it.  Now and again, the tip of his tongue would sweep over her sensitive flesh firm and warm enough to make her cry out softly.  

Final A/N: Nnngg! Such a tease!  I'm sorry! T_T  That's all I wrote.  Then, I decided in order to include Lina who belongs to Rina of the comments, Akina needed to reject Sephiroth to push him to move on to someone else.  Why didn't he kill her you ask?  Because he knows it will torment her to know she's responsible for what happens to Lina (Even though she's not responsible at all) and he wants to punish her for not calling him back which he had fully expected her to do.
P.S. I went to post this and the website was down.  Gah!  What rotten luck. 

P.P.S.  Yay, the website is up!  Enjoy the story!

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