Inter-Departmental Relations

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Title: Inter-Departmental Relations

Category: Moresome! Romance/Humor

Warnings: yaoi… that be man on man lovings. Still a good time had by ALL! OCC-ness? Maybe.. Bad language? Ya betcha sweet ass there is!

(The only AU thingy… Reno has his ponytail. Technically during Crisis Core he was just starting to grow it, whatever I like it… it's in)

Pairings: ReGen or GeNo to start but ~ Turks/SOLDIERs ~ yeaaaaaaaaaaaahboi! The Shin-Ra Hotties are sluts…

Summary: Departments that sleep together, stay together… heh!

Inter-Departmental Relations

Chapter 1

This was the last place anyone wanted to be, never mind eight of the most powerful and influential men in the Shin-Ra Electric Power Company. But alas, here they were, standing before the President's huge circular desk, all being called on the proverbial carpet for some transgression. Present company included The General Trifecta; Angeal standing vigilantly against the wall in the back near the door, Sephiroth slouching slightly against the credenza that was pushed against the wall to the right. Genesis was sitting front and center in front of the President's desk, Reno occupied the seat next to him. Rude, his friend and partner was only a step to the back and left of him. Tseng stood between the Turks and Rufus, the Shin-Ra Vice President.

The VP, who was standing off to his father's left side, glared across his father's desk at the man that was responsible for calling this meeting. His half-brother Lazard insisted that their father handle this and not keep it within their respective departments. For all the purpose they served, Rufus still hated snitches. Okay so the fact that it was his half brother, he gagged while thinking of how his father had to have sex at least twice to have them, who snitched.

"Lazard I think that's a wonderful idea," the President said as he roughly patted Lazard on the back.

'Dick', Rufus said mentally, though which relation he was referring to he wasn't sure.

"I think, with your approval of course, sir, that this should take place at the end of this week. I'm positive that Rufus could supervise and preside over the events seeing as how we are scheduled to be in Nibelheim to look for some new recruits," Lazard said smoothly.

Rufus turned his head and looked at his somewhat sibling then to his father who was waiting not so patiently for a response.

"Certainly," he said before letting his bored look with his infamous thousand yard stare fall back into place. Just as the President was about to dismiss the group before him, Genesis jumped to his feet to put his two-cents in.

"By the Goddess this is insanity!" the redheaded General screeched. A low groan was heard in its wake. Rufus raised a brow and looked towards the dark haired SOLDIER standing stoically in the back. Well, now he had his palm covering his face in shock and embarrassment. "That… that little shit started it! I don't see why I of all people have to wor-"

The remainder of Genesis' rant was cut off as the President violently slammed his palms against the surface of his desk. Rufus took sick pleasure in the fact that neither he nor any of his Turks present flinched at the sound of the impact while the SOLDIERs, including Lazard, cringed ever so slightly. 'Ahh. The big boys aren't used to being put in their place,' he said to himself.

"Enough! I don't give two shits less who started this, I'm ending it. Right now! I have to explain to the Ambassador of Mideel why he is not getting his tithe of Banora Wine and Vodka, then there is the cleanup of various helicopter parts that are scattered all over Sector Three! I expect this behavior out of Reno, but you Genesis, I am truly shocked and disappointed," the President said as Genesis deflated slightly. Reno, blessedly knew to keep his mouth shut and a smirk off of his lips as the President looked at him. "Reno and Genesis, you will work together for the remainder of this week and present a workshop in Inter-Departmental Relationships. Both departments are vital to the betterment of this company and I will not have this rivalry escalate any further. Am I understood?"

A round of "Yes sir's" was murmured before the President stood up from his seat.

"Good because this is not up for discussion. All of you are expected to be present for the workshop. Angeal bring that young Second Class with you, so we can nip any hostility before it starts. Rufus, I leave you in charge of this mess. Try not to fuck it up," he said as he walked out of the room, Lazard hot on his heels. Rufus turned and walked over to Tseng immediately after the President's departure.

"Okay what did I just agree to?" Tseng sighed and looked back at Reno and Rude who were quietly conferring.

"You need to start paying more attention, Rufus," Tseng said but knew that some things would never change.

Rufus dragged a heated gaze up and down Tseng's form before saying in a hushed tone, "I would but how can I when all I could picture is you bending me over that desk, slamming viciously into me," Rufus paused to suppress a slight shudder.

"Is that all, Rufus? We've been there, done that." The Wutain drawled.

"Fine, I was picturing strangling Lazard across the desk," Rufus said with a straight face as Tseng hide a chuckle behind his hand.

"Reno," Rufus said in a soft tone. "Explain what happened."

"Well, it's like this boss. Sir Bitch-A-Lot over there and I was flyin ta Banora on ya father's orders," Reno started. Tseng and Rufus nodded, having prior knowledge that that was exactly the mission that the Turk's Assistant Director was tasked with earlier that day. Rufus gave a slight rolling motion with his hand to have Reno continue.

"Anyways, Princess over there," Reno sneered as he pointed his thumb over his shoulder and in the general direction of where Genesis was now standing, "decides to show up fashionably late as he said. He put me ah hour behind schedule yo! So, I may have said something that upset him," Reno finished as he shuffled his feet.

"That… that mongrel said that no amount of sleep would help erase my wrinkles! MY WRINKLES ANGEAL!" Genesis hissed. "I do NOT have wrinkles! Then to add insult to injury he said he could see my roots and that I needed a touch up," Genesis said as he put his hand over his heart and made a show of holding back tears.

Angeal patted his best friend and lover's back to calm him down as he rolled his eyes at Sephiroth. Genesis was a diva no doubt about that and the quickest way to cut him was by striking at his vanity. 'The Turk did his homework on that,' Sephiroth thought.

"Come," Sephiroth said as he held a hand out to Genesis, pulling the redhead into his side as they started heading to the door. "Angeal and I will make you feel all better, won't we Ang?" Sephiroth asked with a wicked grin.

"So, he slapped you and grabbed the cyclic and you two fought over it," Tseng repeated just to make sure he got the facts straight. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Sephiroth put his arm around Genesis. 'Oh this will not do,' Tseng thought. Tseng proceeded to guide his group towards the door. When they were almost abreast of the SOLDIERs, Tseng looked Genesis up and down in a gaze that clearly said that The Director was undressing him.

"Reno," He said in a loud voice that caught everyone's attention. "You were right; he does need a touch up. Now get your ass down to the Vice President's office for your punishment," Tseng said as he tugged his tie loose.

"Don't have to tell me twice yo!" Reno exclaimed as he pushed his way through the crowd to get to the door, but not before pausing for a second to blow a mocking kiss to Genesis.

"Bitch," the redheaded general hissed as Angeal restrained him.

It was Rufus that sauntered over to them, standing obscenely close to Genesis he said in a tone loud enough for only the three Generals to hear, "I'd make you my bitch any day, Genesis. All you have to do is ask." Sephiroth growled as Rufus smirked at them before turning on his heel to walk out, Tseng behind him, watching his back as always.

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