Inter-Departmental Relations

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Pairings: ReGen or GeNo to start but ~ Turks/SOLDIERs The Shin-Ra Hotties are sluts…

Summary: Departments that sleep together; stay together… Heh!

Inter-Departmental Relations

Chapter 6

Paperwork and Procedures

Part 2

Wednesday – Day Three con't…

Reno smirked as Genesis sauntered over to his desk. Standing in front of the classically designed monstrosity, Genesis leaned back, crossing his legs at his ankles as he took off his gloves, examining his nails. He would wait the Turk out this time. What had transpired yesterday, no Genesis scowled slightly, what's been happening for the last couple of days that they've been together had been all of his doing.

He openly appraised Reno's form, the Turk was not sophisticated like Sephiroth, nor was he burly and muscular like Angeal. He did have that playfulness that Zack possessed but Reno's was more… twisted for lack of a better term. No, Reno was nothing like the men that he shared his life with Genesis understood. Reno was something dark and erotic. Something… dangerous.

Genesis would have scoffed at that notion, here he is, one of THE top three 1st Class SOLDIERs, the number of kills under his rapier hilt was countless and yet, something about this Turk just set of warning bells that didn't worry the Red General. Far from it, it turned him the fuck on; more than any other man had in the past.

And that discovery unnerved Genesis the most, hence the reason why he was attempting to deflect his attraction for Reno onto more suitable tastes. Those taste being Tseng, the sophisticated Wutainese man and Rufus Shinra, billionaire playboy, THE Golden Boy of ShinRa.

"Where exactly do ya wanna start?"

Reno's voice roused Genesis' attention and the SOLDIER scowled in return. Why did Reno have to just exude so much sex appeal? All the damned Turk was doing was lounging on Genesis' black leather loveseat, legs spread apart, and his left arm draped over the back while his head rested on his right fist, held up by the arm rest. What was it about Reno that Genesis craved?


Reno watched the SOLDIER move about his office and frowned ever so slightly. Something was off with the other redhead. The normal fluid grace that accompanied even the most mundane of motions was missing from the fiery 1st's actions. Reno's bright turquoise eyes flared ever so slightly as Genesis rested against his desk and curled his fingers around the edge.

"Well?" He prodded again and this time Genesis couldn't maintain eye contact with Reno. The Turk's frowned deepened a bit more to wear lines were visibly creasing between his eyebrows. Something was bothering Genesis, that much Reno knew. Where the SOLDIERs were trained to be able to pick apart an enemy's physical weakness, Turks also had to be able to read between those lines and see the mental and emotional weaknesses.

The silence between them began to feel almost stifling to the boisterous Turk but at this point he wanted to see if Genesis would crack. He had already ascertained during his brief time with the other man that the SOLDIER needed to be the one in control, needed to be the first to do or say anything, as well as having the last words. Everything was on Genesis' terms, so why now when they had come to a tentative agreement was the man balking? Having enough of the silence, Reno sighed dramatically before tilting his head to study the other redhead.

"What do you want, Gen?"

"We've already discussed…"

"No, Genesis. I don't mean that. I mean, what do you want right now. From me," Reno said expectantly. "How can I make you feel good?"

"I, that is… uhm," Genesis stammered. The SOLDIER was at a momentary loss, Reno was asking him what he wanted instead of the Turk just taking advantage of the situation.

"Look, Genesis… whatever this might be between us, I… I kinda like it and well," Reno paused as he slowly rose off of the couch and approached the blue-eyed stunner. "Don't get me wrong, I love the spontaneous shit and how you just can't keep ya hands off of my sexy ass." Genesis glared at the blatant reminder that he was the one that was showing an uncontrollable libido around the Turk when the natural assumption would be that it should have been the other way around.

Reno openly smiled at Genesis' scowl that turned into a pout. "Yer so fuckin' cute yanno?"

"Cute? I'm a SOLDIER! I am not…" Reno cut off Genesis' protest but gently pressing his lips against the other males. When their lips disengaged from the first chaste kiss the men shared since the start of their time together. Reno leaned back slightly and smiled at what he saw.

"Cute," he reaffirmed as he watched the deadly General blush. "So, ah," Reno continued. "Ya mind if we just do this fa a lil while?"

"Do what?" Genesis was slightly dazed by the kiss. It was the most perfect kiss he ever had. Sephiroth's kisses were more demanding and not in a good way. The silver haired General's kiss spoke about the desire to dominate, nothing about love or caring. Angeal only kissed the Puppy and that was that. Genesis could respect that since the puppy was the one he was in love with. Zack, well he did kiss like a puppy. All tongue, all the time. Reno, his kisses were something else entirely.

The man would look at you as if he was mentally devouring you one minute and then kissing you as if you were the most fragile being ever created the next. Genesis knew that he had to be extra careful now; Reno's kisses were a toxin that the 1st could easily get hooked on.

"Is that such a bad thing?" Reno smirked as Genesis' eyes focused on him.


"You said," Reno, purred as he tucked some of the longer pieces of Genesis' hair behind the man's ear, "that ya needed to be careful. My kisses are a drug, eh? I think I like the idea of you being hooked on me General Rhapsodos." The Turk tugged harshly on the criss-crossed straps of the SOLDIER's 1st Class belt and pulled the man bodily against him, their lips connecting immediately.


Reno and Genesis spent the morning nestled quietly in the SOLDIER's office, acting something akin to teenagers. Gone was the insistent and frenzied approach from the days before. They took time in enjoying an old fashion make out session in between bits of getting actual paperwork done.

Genesis had asked his questions about Rufus and Tseng's relationship and Reno answered as honestly as he could. Rufus was in love with Tseng and it was only after the Director discovered the more intimate activities Rufus was partaking in with his Turks did the man lay his claim on his younger charge.

Reno recounted the day that Rude came in with a black eye and busted lip, thanks to Tseng assaulting him after walking in on Rufus and Rude in the Vice President's office. Reno also explained how Rude and he blurred the line slightly between professional partner and personal. Rude saw sex with the men as more of a tension release and would always be a skirt chaser no matter the tempting body beneath him.

"Does that bother you?"

"Does what botha me?"

"The fact that Rude is basically using the three of you for physical release," Genesis inquired.

"Is it really different from what we all are doing to each otha? What you and your guys do? Don't get offended or anythin' but does Sephiroth really love you or are ya just convenient for him?"

Genesis was spared having to answer when someone knocked on the door loud enough to dislodge bits of dust from the frame above the door. The two men shared a puzzled look before a deep voice resonated from the other side.

"Genesis, open up! I know you're in there. We're late for our appointment with Hollander," Angeal called out.

"Shit! I totally forgot about that," Genesis said as his eyes widened slightly. "I have to leave." He was the one who had to remind Angeal about it this morning but low and behold he was the one to forget.

"Oh," the reason that Genesis forgot replied.

Genesis gave Reno a small smile before opening the door and allowing his childhood friend into the office.

"Reno," Angeal greeted.

"Commanda," Reno replied as he stood up in one fluid motion, shoving his clenched fists into his pants and slouching slightly. "I guess we're done fa taday?"

"I'll swing by when your office if I'm done early," Genesis countered but Reno was already out of earshot, heading towards the elevator. "What?" He turned towards Angeal scowling at the smirking man beast.

"Oh nothing. Nothing at all," he laughed. "Just don't let Seph see you make googly-eyes at the Turk. You know he doesn't like to share his toys," Angeal chided as he clapped his friend on the shoulder.

"As if, nothing like that is going on. I wouldn't touch that piece of trash if it was the last hard cock in all of Gaia," Genesis sneered as he pushed his way into the elevator, continuing to bicker with Angeal along the way.

Reno peaked out from around the corner, making sure no one was around as he bit his lip hard enough to draw blood. He knew it was going to be a long day and an even longer night. Alone.

"Trash huh," he murmured before turning off his cell phone and heading to his apartment, alone.

A/N: So sorry for the delay with this chapter but I literally wrote myself into a corner and had to figure out how to get where I wanted to go next.

Have NO FEAR the next chappy will be up much sooner and it involves one of the scenes I've wanted to write for the longest time. Warning: pure crack!comedy coming up with some much needed smut…

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