Inter-Departmental Relations

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Pairings: ReGen or GeNo to start but ~ Turks/SOLDIERs The Shin-Ra Hotties are sluts…

Summary: Departments that sleep together, stay together… heh!

Inter-Departmental Relations

Chapter 2

SOLDIER Training


It was bad enough that the mission was a failure, and that said mission was the cause of two of the most promising employees of The Shin-Ra Electric Power Company receiving a verbal dressing down from the President. Through Lazard's sick and twisted idea of punishment Reno and Genesis were now forced to work with each other. They had to work for the next four very long days and on Friday have a presentation prepared on what he learned about SOLDIER, and give it to the combined group of Turks with Rufus and the SOLDIER 1st along with their mascot 2nd Class Fair.

Monday – Day One

The previous night Genesis' commanding officer, and lover, Sephiroth had corresponded with the Turk leader, Tseng about the scheduled arrangements for the two redheads to adhere to. After several scathing emails back and forth it was agreed upon that Reno would be trailing Genesis today. Tseng had grudgingly agreed that the Turk could do with some intense training that SOLDIER was known for.

With his normal schedule in mind, Genesis, clad in his SOLDIER issued work out gear trudged down the floor that housed the Turk's residences. Stopping at the door number he was previously informed that belonged to Reno, the SOLDIER proceeded to knock a melodious tune against the door.

Precisely one minute and twenty-four seconds later Genesis was fuming, his knock was not answered. Glaring at the door, he knocked a little bit harsher and waited… again. After another moment past, the red General flicked hair out of his eyes before rearing back and pounding on the door.

Genesis was set to send a fireball through the door when it suddenly swung open to reveal a disgruntled and slightly more disheveled looking redheaded Turk, 'if that was even possible,' Genesis added mentally.

"Get your ass in gear Turk. You're late for morning PT as it is," Genesis commanded as he pushed his way into Reno's apartment.

Bleary eyed and still half asleep, Reno blinked at the now empty space in the hallway. He could have sworn there was someone out there a moment ago. Shrugging his shoulders, Reno tilted his head back and closed his eyes as he blindly sought out his dark bedroom again.

Genesis watched the action with restrained amusement. Ah, the life of a Turk. No morning training exercises. 'Well, tough shit for this one', Genesis thought as he trailed after Reno.

Genesis paused in the doorway to the bedroom. He wasn't quite sure what he expected but the site that greeted him was more delicious.

"Delicious? What the hell am I thinking?" he muttered.

Reno, completely oblivious to the person that followed him into his personal sanctuary, collapsed back onto the mattress and squished himself as close as he could to the warm body that was still resting in the large bed.

Genesis couldn't help but look over the site of Rude's form in the faint light of the rising sun. The caramel colored skin glowed and the SOLDIER had to check his chin to make sure he wasn't drooling. Rude's form was very impressive. Not as bulky as Angeal's and equally not as sleek as Sephiroth's but decidedly male and just the type Genesis preferred.

Genesis eyes kept drifting back towards the other redhead though and finally he was able to shake himself out of the moment. The SOLDIER tsked and moved forward into the room and grabbed a hold of Reno's ponytail and tugged.


"Get up sunshine," Genesis said with false sincerity.

"Tha fuck you doin' in here, yo?"

"Did you forget already? How typical of you, Turk."

Genesis didn't wait for a reply as he walked around the bedroom, inconspicuously checking out Rude thank you very much, heading towards the bureau to look for something appropriate for the menace to wear.

"Oh… shit."

"Hn. Get dressed and meet me on the 49th floor in ten minutes. You're already almost an hour behind schedule as it is," Genesis informed the Turk as he tossed clothing at the men still lazing about in the massive bed.

Genesis paused in the hallway on his way out of the apartment to adjust himself. He always considered himself somewhat of a voyeur but really, who would have thought that the idiot Reno would be hiding such a pert ass under all of those baggy clothes.


Reno must have cursed out Genesis' entire family tree by the time he finished the one-hour run on the treadmill.

"Good thing I can't stand the fuckers," Genesis winked as he slapped Reno on the ass for the third time that morning.

Reno glared at Genesis as he slide off the machine and tried to remain upright. He was certain that the SOLDIER was trying to kill him with aerobic exercise.

"I need a smoke, yo."

"Fine. You're dismissed until oh-nine hundred. Do try to be on time Reno, we have much training to do today," Genesis called over his shoulder as he headed towards the locker room.

"Tr-training?" Reno whined. "What the fuck was all this then?" he shouted as he ran after Genesis.

The SOLDIER was already undressed and had a clean white towel slung over his shoulder as he turned around to address the Turk.

"That was morning exercise," he said as he eyed Reno up and down.

Reno froze in the spot that he was in. He'd been around naked men for as long as he remembered. Hell, he left a naked man in his bed this morning but the man before him was beyond comprehension. Genesis fucking Rhapsodos was buck ass naked in front of him and the bastard looked good. No, not just good he looked fuckable. Totally and utterly fuckable.

Reno felt his cock twitch in response as Genesis prowled closer to him.

"Reno," he purred. "We get to play with our big swords next."

"B-big swords…"

"Well, my big sword and your… little stick," Genesis snickered as he put his palm in front of Reno's face and pushed him out of the locker room.


Reno's mood was definitely darker now than it had been when he left the gym an hour earlier. Genesis had made sure he kept up with the SOLDIER during their workout, not cutting him any slack. Reno had to admit, it kind of felt good to work out. He had a bit more energy now than he normally would but he wouldn't admit that.

That really wasn't the reason for his dark mood. No, the sole reason for that was the image that was now permanently burned into his memory. The vision of Genesis standing there like an Ancient Gongagan God had Reno in a state of near arousal. The only saving grace from getting a complete hard-on was the fact that he couldn't stand Genesis.

'Really, hatin a man could do so much for killing a libido,' he thought as he walked into the VR room he saw Genesis walk into just a moment before.

"I see you really did bring that little stick," Genesis sneered as he flicked his hand towards the EMR resting on Reno's shoulder.

"Yo, lay the fuck off my rod," Reno said. As soon as the words were out of his mouth hit bit his lip as Genesis arched an eyebrow at him.

"Have no fear Turk, your rod is safe from me," Genesis smirked. "Now, put that away and go grab a practice sword. If I have to train with you, you might as well learn the proper way."

Reno could have sworn that Genesis then muttered something about Angeal being able to housebreak the puppy then he could do the same to a fox.


After showing the Turk a few basic techniques and going over the four openings to aim at during close combat Genesis was set to have a mild sparing match with the arrogant man. Genesis wasn't prepared for how quickly Reno caught on. The pest was actually keeping Genesis on his toes.

They had trained for a couple of hours exchanging blows and well placed verbal barbs... Reno did pretty well holding his own against a Mako enhanced SOLDIER but kept fumbling when he watched Genesis move.

If Angeal was all strength, Genesis was all grace. The Red General fought with an ingrained elegance that Reno was captivated by.

Reno managed to hold back the shudder when Genesis came up from behind him to correct his form. Genesis then had murmured various instructions directly into the other's ear from time to time, not realizing what it was doing to the Turk.

Blessedly, Genesis had called an end to training for the day around lunch time. Reno had to escort the Vice President somewhere and Genesis unfortunately had a tele-conference to attend to.

Before parting ways, Genesis turned towards Reno, crowding him.

"You did well, Turk. Really well…" he said as he leaned in close not breaking eye contact with the other. Slowly Genesis leaned down while Reno leaned upwards. Their lips met ever so briefly before something broke between them. Whose tongue attack whose first would never be known, but the fact was that their tongues were currently entwined.

They were tangled together just like Genesis' gloved hand was threaded through the bright red tresses of the Turk and said Turk's hands fisted the red leather trench coat of the SOLDIER. So, much too soon realization came crashing down around them like ice cold water thrown on a sleeping cadet.

"That… didn't happen," Genesis sneered.

"As if I would admit ta kissin tha likes of you, yo!" Reno cried out at Genesis' retreating form.


When Genesis rounded the corner he stood for a few minutes trying to compose himself. He couldn't believe that he just kissed that dirty good-for-nothing Turk! What the hell was wrong with him? Why did it feel so good? Why was his lips tingling still?

All those thoughts rushed through his head as he placed the pads of his fingers against his kiss-swollen lips and closed his eyes as he groaned in disgust and maybe… just a little bit of lust.


Reno looked down and scowled.

"So much for fuckin hatin' someone to keep from getting a chubby," he sighed as he walked towards the elevators.

He couldn't help replay the kiss over and over again as he travelled up to the 68th floor. His erection was becoming more and more prominent as he remembered the taste of Genesis on his lips. The feel of that steely yet soft body pressed against his back.

Reno groaned as he adjusted himself before exiting the elevator. He spared no glance at the secretary. It was lunch-time and he knew exactly what would greet him behind Rufus' office doors.

Using his key to discreetly unlock the door, Reno entered the office and quickly relocked it after closing the heavy wood doors.

"You're… late," Tseng panted.

"Fuckin' Genesis," Reno responded. He thought briefly how he may have wanted those words to have a sort of different meaning but quickly pushed it aside as he crawled on top of Rufus' desk.

All of the precious paper work that the blonde had been working on was strewn all over the floor. His face pressed down on the cool glass surface.

Reno lifted the VP's upper body off of the desk as he slid himself into a seated position before him. Tseng smirked at Reno from behind Rufus as he continued to pound into him mercilessly.

"Where's Rude?" Reno asked as he unbuckled his belt and pants and pulled his throbbing erection out. Grasping the fine golden locks off his lap, he moved his body to align perfectly with Rufus' mouth.

Rude tugged off one of Reno's shoes to signal that he was underneath the desk, sucking the VP off as Tseng continued to fuck the blonde.

Reno gasped as Rufus' wasted no time in deep throating the redhead.

Gaia, how he loved these men and what they did to each other.

'Wonder what they would think if I ask Genesis to join us one time,' he thought but that was just before Rufus did that little trick with his tongue and had the Turk spilling down his throat, just as Rufus came all over Rude's face and Tseng released into the Vice President.

A/N: o.O this was harder than it should have been.

Reno: HAHA! You said HARD!

Shut the fuck up… YOU were not cooperating today! Why?

Reno: Uhm… ierno… ask the diva.

Gen… sweety… what the hell!?

Genesis: *reads Loveless and ignores*


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