Inter-Departmental Relations

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Pairings: ReGen or GeNo to start but ~ Turks/SOLDIERs The Shin-Ra Hotties are sluts…

Summary: Departments that sleep together, stay together… heh!

Inter-Departmental Relations

Chapter 3

Turk Business

Part 1

It was close to midnight when Sephiroth entered the apartment that he shared with Genesis and Angeal (and by proxy Angeal's protégé Zack Fair) to the faint sounds of a Mideelian Opera wafting through the air. He checked the areas around the entrance for any signs of a classic Genesis-tantrum but found no burn marks on the walls or floor. Calling out to the other inhabitants, he made his way into the over sized living room.

"Hi love," Genesis smiled as he spied Sephiroth walking into the room.

"Hello," Sephiroth returned as he leaned over the back of the couch to kiss Genesis on the cheek. "How did everything go today?"

"Nothing really to talk about," Genesis responded before pointedly returning to the book he was reading.

"I see," the silverette replied as he scanned his lover for any signs of distress. Figuring that it would be wise to just drop the issue he charged ahead with a swift change of subject. "If you are hungry…"

"No. I had something to eat already. I assume you ate on your way home from Kalm?" Genesis didn't wait for a response from the other man; instead he turned around in his seat on the couch to face Sephiroth. "In the mood for some desert?" Genesis purred as he began to pull himself up the silver haired man's body, wrapping his long legs around the torso of the General.

"Indeed I am," Sephiroth responded as he carried Genesis back towards their bedroom. "Where's Angeal?"

"Out walking the dog," Genesis panted in between nipping and sucking on Sephiroth's neck.

"Now, now. Zack is still a puppy," Sephiroth playfully chided before guiding his lover down on top the bed and shedding his clothing.

Tuesday – Day Two

Reno checked his watch for the third time. It was 0200 hours, very early on Tuesday morning but for Turks work didn't have a set start time. No sir, not when there were informants to shake down and spies to torture –interrogate-.

The Turk pressed on the doorbell for the fourth time in a matter of two minutes. He pressed his ear up against the door to see if he heard any sounds coming from deep within the apartment. When his cell phone chirped he scowled at the door before pulling the device out of his pocket.

Reno growled slightly at the phone then looked back at the door and sighed. They guards were getting antsy waiting for Reno to arrive.

~twenty minutes prior~

Tseng had been just getting into bed when a team of lower ranking Turks called him to let him know they brought in a prime target. Normally the questioning would be done by the Turks that did the capturing but where the person capture was believed to be someone of a higher potential threat level, Tseng felt it should be handle with someone with more experience. Or that's at least what Tseng said before pushing the redhead off of him and rolling over in bed.

Reno had sat at the end of the bed and looked over his shoulder and scowled at Tseng's sleeping form. If Tseng wouldn't join him then he would get Rude to join him for the 'Q&A' session with the possible enemy, that was until he remembered that Rude was on VP 'guard duty' as they called it. It was then that the Director suggested –ordered- Reno to take Genesis with him.

So here he was, standing outside the Diva's apartment and not getting a response. Fed up, the Turk kicked the door before pacing away from it while tugging at the spikes in his hair. He couldn't show up to the interrogation without a partner. It wasn't just a matter of added muscle but strict protocol in case something happened there was another witness or someone to assist in hiding the body.

Reno searched the door frames surrounding the other entrances in hopes of a spare key being hidden. Though it wasn't public knowledge the Turks knew that the Holy Trinity modified their apartments to make one huge ass loft. Finding nothing that could help him gain entrance through the door, the Turk looked about for other means.


Genesis felt a shift in the air before he sensed anything else. Lifting his head off of the pale muscular chest it was resting on he looked up at Sephiroth and puffed out a breath. With the exception of being on a mission or in the battlefield the General slept like the dead.

The SOLDIER slowly extricated himself from the tangle of limbs and sheets he was wrapped in and slowly scanned the dark room, letting his Mako enhanced eyes adjust. Genesis sat on the side of the bed; he knew someone else was in the room with him and the General but could not see nor hear anyone. Figuring it was probably just a mini hallucination from his recent round of Mako treatments, he made a mental note to call Hollander in the morning and turned back to adjust his pillows before laying back down.

Genesis' eyes widened when he felt a firm and slightly clammy palm cover his mouth.

"Don't scream yo. its jus me," Reno whispered next to Genesis' ear. "We gotta go to work aight? I need ya ta jus put on something all black and meet me outside."

Genesis shivered slightly, feeling the Turks hot and humid breath against his ear. Reno felt the slight vibration and couldn't resist licking the outer shell of Genesis' ear and nipping slightly on the available earlobe before practically vanishing into thin air. The redheaded SOLDIER felt the shift and knew that Reno was gone.

"How the hell did he do that?" Genesis muttered to himself before turning on the bedside lamp so he could go about getting ready. Sephiroth woke up when the intrusive flood of light cascaded over his face.

"What's going on?" he asked sleepily.

"Turk business apparently," Genesis responded while sliding into his leather pants. "its way too early for you to be up baby but since I'm in this mess…" Genesis let the statement fade out. He never once asked Sephiroth to get him out of a mission or duty. He may be a primadonna but he took his duties seriously. He blamed Angeal and the years of torture –lecturing- about honor and duty for that quirk.

"Go," Sephiroth ordered, "'Sides we all have an empty schedule tomorrow. You can make it up to me then," he added before turning over onto his stomach and ignoring the redhead.

Genesis finished getting dressed and went back to kiss Sephiroth on the top of his head and pulled the covers back over his naked form. He slowly let his smile fade as he stalked through the apartment to exit the front door.


Reno and Genesis traversed the ShinRa tower in relative silence. Genesis attempted conversation one time but the Turk just glared at him and shook his head. As they approached the holding cells in the basement Reno finally turned and spoke with the 1st Class SOLDIER.

"Right now I jus need ya to melt into tha background, kay? You jus need to stand there and look intimidatin'. Think you can handle that sweet cheeks?"

Genesis glared at the Turks back as he watched Reno saunter into the interrogation room. At this moment, terror suspect or not, Genesis wanted to throttle the annoying Turk. Just thinking about his hands wrapped around the firm pale column of Reno's… dick. Genesis mentally slapped himself as the thought crossed through his mind. He wanted the fucking chance to kill the Turk not kill for the chance to fuck the Turk…

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