Boys Like You

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Summary: Highschool is never as easy as it really should be. For two boys in particular, it is going to be a helluva year that neither one could have expected. Squall Leonhart is the beautiful and entirely misunderstood boy with an infamous reputation as the school whore. Seifer Almasy is the son of a politician who bears an inpossible weight of  his father's expectations, a handsome, charming jock with an image he can barely manage to keep. An explosive relationship is inevitable.

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters from FFVIII nor any songs, movies, shows,restaurants or any other social media references, etc that may or may not be used in the course of this work of fanfiction. I also make no money from this.

Boys Like You

Chapter One: Welcome to Paradise

    Squall leaned casually against the rough red brick next to the worn oak front doors of the school, taking a long drag off of his cigarette, letting the acrid smoke escape from between his lips as bored silver-blue depths watched the other students arriving. Some lingered outside like himself, smoking or fooling around, while the more studious went into the building to prepare for classes even though it was still early. 

    Soft chocolate strands swayed in a cool-warm breeze, the familiar voices of his peers carried to sharp ears on that same breeze. A group of popular girls twittered as they walked up the wide cobbled path leading into the school, quieting as they passed him, glancing at him repeatedly and whispering. He smirked at them, blowing them a kiss before taking another pull off his cigarette. They scowled disgustedly at him and went inside quickly. The youth shook his head, still grinning to himself. School wouldn't be nearly as interesting if it weren't for the reactions of his peers to his outrageous behavior.

    He wouldn't attend at all if he didn't have so much fun disturbing the other students every chance he got. It was like a game. When he caught a certain glance from any of the guys, he made it a point to tease and seduce them, getting great entertainment out of playing the game. Whether they claimed to be straight, were jocks, had cheerleader girlfriends, or were the type that hid in the library at lunch, it made no difference to the brunette, nor did it seem to stop any of them from accepting the advances. Boys were so easy to manipulate. 

    Squall had been aware since puberty at twelve years old that he was homosexual and had accepted it, not bothering to question it; it just was. He flicked the ash off the end of his smoke with a black-lacquered fingertip as he shifted against the brick ever so slightly. He was watching for new faces, filtering through the ones he'd already had and the ones he didn't want to have, searching instead for the transfer student that was apparently scheduled to start that day. He'd picked up the rumour only just a week or so before and he wanted to see. He'd pretty much had everyone else already. It was no challenge to seduce them again and grade nines were so... He grimaced, shaking his head.

    He bent a knee, resting the sole of one heavy booted foot against the brick behind him, stifling a yawn with his unoccupied hand. He dug his cell out of the left pocket of his favourite jeans; the ones that were torn and threadbare in some places and fit snugly, comfortably conforming to his slim legs and pert backside. He flipped the phone open, idly glancing at the time as he took a last drag off his cigarette. 'The new guy had better get here soon or this will have been such a waste,' he thought with an air of impatience, stubbing out the finished cigarette and dropping it to the ground by his other foot.

    The 'new guy' in question was just arriving, stepping out of a sleek black SUV driven by a burly, bald man wearing a suit and sunglasses. Seifer Almasy was unimpressed. They'd moved once again, he and his father. It was probably the tenth time in his short eighteen years of life. The tall blond slung his backpack over one shoulder as he stepped out of the back right-side passenger seat, sparing a nonchalant wave at his driver before the man pulled away from the curb and drove off. 

    Another move, another shitty, little podunk town in the middle of nowhere, another school filled with other kids just like all the others he'd met in the past. It was his fourth highschool already. He was used to the routine. Though he had made the transitions several times in his life, he regarded the first day at each new school with a sort of profound animosity. Impressions were everything as his father had so carefully ingrained into him from the time he could first walk and talk. You only wanted to know the right types of people. He heaved a silent sigh and took his first step towards the elderly school building. 

    It was a monsterous institution, all red brick and laquered oak, cobbled stone pathways and faded asphault parking lots for the teachers and what few students actually had use of vehicles, be it their parents' or the even fewer who actually owned their own vehicle. Seifer didn't, of course. He'd ruined the first car his father had ever bought for him just that passed summer, out gallivanting with his friends, doing things unbecoming of a Republican politician's son and so he was stuck with Mike, his father's personal assistant turned driver and babysitter.

    The move, his father had said, was a welcome one. After his debacle with the car, his no nonsense father had decided to take a position in a small town with a large republican population and assumed it would be best for his only son and for his own reputation of course. It would be easier to keep an eye on Seifer and avoid bad publicity. It had taken quite a lot to cover up the details of the accident when the younger Almasy had written off his first car and Alexander Almasy would be damned if he was going to stand for any more indecent behavior from the rebellious youth. 

    Seifer's record as a student on the other hand was exceptional as was expected of him. Before the accident, his reputation had been more or less squeaky clean as his father had wanted. More often than not, the youth was an avenue that needed to be maintained, polished and proper as a political leader's child should be. Who would vote for a leader who couldn't even keep his own son in line? The answer, as Seifer had been made well aware was unacceptable and so he did as he was told, as he was expected. 'No more cars, no more accidents, and no more bullshit,' his father had warned as they'd driven to their new home the night before.

    The youth shook his head to clear his less than pleasant thoughts. He needed to get his head in the game. He knew the drill; he pasted a fake, easygoing smile on his face, all too ready to make nice with the right crowd as he entered the school, failing to notice a pair of stormy eyes watching him as he made his way in. The eighteen year old immediately picked out the separate cliques, focusing on the group of clearly popular and sought after females chatting to the right of the girls' washroom and the group of jocks tossing a football around the corridor as they approached said group. Jade depths ran over each member of both groups, immediately zeroing in on the alphas. The 'alpha-bitch' was a thin, dark-haired pretty little thing wearing a bit too much make-up; She had a nice rack, good taste in clothes, big doe eyes, and a clear air of authority over the other girls in the group surrounding her. The males were simple to distinguish. They followed the biggest (and stupidest in all likelihood) of the group and that was that. 

    Seifer made a mental note to hit the pretty little queen bee up for a date later regardless of what her relationship status might be. It would be best if he could date her and then dump her, thus securing himself a snug little niche in the upper echelon of the school hiearchy whilst also allowing himself to be unattached. He grimaced inwardly. School really was more work than it should be.

    Squall had watched the new student with a hungry fascination, licking his lips as he watched him approach, disappearing through the heavy oak doors, unaware of the brunette's perusal. He considered the brawny blond's casual confidence as he moved, the easy smile he plastered on his mouth, his preppy clothing and the SUV he'd arrived in. Definitely a kept boy and definitely the type Squall would like to have a taste of. The chocolate-haired teen was a little disappointed when the handsome blond failed to even glance his way, but he shrugged it off; he had all year to get his attention after all. He'd always enjoyed the chase most of all.

    He lingered outside for a few minutes more before meandering into the school, adjusting his rather overly decorated canvas messenger bag against his hip as he went up the stairs, vaguely hearing someone whistle as he passed. He paid the other students little attention, hardly caring when whispers followed his trek to his locker. It was funny really, that they all gossiped about him, not realizing he reveled in the attention. Everyone knew him for one reason or another, whether they'd had the pleasure of having him blow them out behind the bleechers or if he'd slept with their boyfriend; everyone knew who Squall Leonhart was, not that a single one of them really knew him. He felt like a celebrity nonetheless. It was only a matter of time until the new guy knew him too.

    The slim brunette hummed to himself softly as he opened his locker, shoving his bag in unceremoniously before peering into the mirror stuck magnetically on the inside of the metal door. He fixed a few choppy pieces of spider web fine brown hair before pulling out a spiralled notebook and a chemistry text book from the top shelf of the locker, slamming it closed behind him. He locked it before making his way up to the next floor for his first period Chemistry IV class carrying his books under his arms lazily, a pronounced sensual sway to his hips as he moved. 

    Upon his entrance into the school, Seifer had been directed straight to the office to pick up a class schedule, collecting some rather interesting gossip along the way. The typical -proper name- is getting it on with -proper name-, even though -proper name- did -so and so-. It was offical; every high school ever was exactly the same. It made it easier for him of course. He'd played the game several times already; he'd want to seat himself with the jocks, avoid the theater kids; the fags would make themselves apparent soon enough and that would be that. One name that kept cropping up though was irking him. Squall... His peers didn't seem to have much nice to say about him, though apparently if one needed to get off, he would be the one to seek out if you didn't mind a dude sucking your dick, of course.

    'Well,' he thought, 'I'll be damned, this school has a whore too, albeit a homosexual one, but a whore nonetheless.'

    His previous school had actually had a couple of known whores, one or two per gender. Seifer considered himself above such things. He wasn't a virgin, but he'd never had much need for the services of the school skank. Sex wasn't exactly a priority in his life. The scattered experiences he'd had, had been unsatisfying and altogether disappointing, making the appeal for more next to nil for the handsome blond. He had better things to do with his time. 

    His idle thoughts were interrupted by his arrival at his first period class, Chemistry IV. Oh joy, oh bliss... He had been given the appropriate books while at the office and so prepared himself for the long, arduous day of making connections. As he approached the door to the classroom, the androgenous person in front of him caught his attention. He hadn't really expected to see him just yet, but there he was. Going by the mish mash of descriptions he'd picked up from the gossip in the halls, he had just come face to face with Squall. He gave the other male a once over as best he could from his position behind him.

    He could really only see the brunette from the backside, but from what he could see, the other boy seemed to be as attractive as the rumours had claimed him to be. Slim and not too tall for a guy, nice ass, soft looking hair the colour of rich chocolate, and a decidedly sultry sway to his hips as he moved. He could see why the other made a successful school slut. He was completely certain that the boy in front of him was indeed Squall. There was no mistaking it, not with the seductively graceful way he moved. It was pretty clear where Squall's preferences lay in Seifer's opinion. The dude was definitely of the homosexual persuasion. A darker part of his mind made a nasty remark that he refused to give voice to, above such open hostility on his first day in his new school. Instead, he decided to make it a personal mission not to get paired up with the feminine boy if he could help it, in fact the tall blond planned to avoid him at all costs. Squall was definitely not the right kind of people for Seifer to be caught hanging around with, even if he was just the slightest bit curious about the alluring brunette, not that he would admit to having such a curiosity.

    Of course, fate very rarely listened to the pleas of the masses, finding great joy in foiling even the most well laid of plans.


Okay, so I have adapted this from an original rp I was involved in a while ago. I loved the storyline so much and the characters seem to fit the FFVIII cast so well for an AU highschool fic, so here it is. Should be fun for me to write and hopefully for all of you to read. I will probably have a few more chapters posted this evening. I know this first one isn't all that long, but it's really more like a prologue.

As always R&R. 

Thanks a bunch.


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