Boys Like You

BY : angelofinnocence
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Chapter Two: The Chemicals Between Us

    The somewhat feminine brunette pushed the classroom door open idly, not realizing he was being examined by the very person he had been thinking about. Thick-lashed stormy eyes widened when he held the door for the tall male behind him, coming face to face with a handsome close up  that he recognized as the newly transferred blond bombshell. He was quick to replace his surprise with his usual flirty demeanor, pouty lips curling into a seductive smile as he looked the brawny jock over indescretely.

     "Morning," he purred softly, the singular word rolling off his tongue as he lowered his lashes at the other male. He let go of the door once Seifer had stepped inside. Most students were already seated in pairs at each desk facing a wall of chalkboards behind the teacher's desk which had a sink and other necessary chemistry equipment on the far side of it.

    "Thanks," Seifer replied politely, fake smile still in place on his face. That flirtatious grin and the way that the brunette had made the most innocent greeting sound like something out of a porno movie only served to cement the fact that it was indeed Squall Leonhart that he was dealing with. It was too early for interacting with the likes of him in Seifer's opinion, but he supposed he had no choice.

    Squall turned his attention from Seifer to the professor when the bespectacled, balding, middle-aged man cleared his throat, "To your seat if you please Mr.Leonhart." The solacious brunette grinned innocently at him before sashaying to his seat in the back, the only desk that seemed to have an open seat for the new student. He dropped his books onto the desk with a dull thud and plopped into his chair, leaning back and inclining his head. He watched the front of the room from beneath lowered lashes, gaze focused completely on the newcomer as if he were imagining ways in which to devour the blond. 

    Seifer very nearly gave his head a shake as he watched Squall move to take his seat. He'd sashayed,  literally sashayed and much to his dismay, Seifer hadn't been able to remove his eyes from him the whole damn time. 'I'm a  republican for Christ's sake! I go to church even and here I am staring at some faggy dude's ass. God help me...' The tall, tanned youth gave a silent curse as he searched the room for an empty seat and realized the only one available was right beside said faggy dude.

    Whispers erupted from around the classroom as all eyes followed Squall Leonhart's progression to his seat before they followed his gaze back to the door where Seifer was still hesitating. 

    "He's at it again already..." 


    "Wasn't he just spotted yesterday with that teacher's aide in gym B?" 

    "That new guy better watch out..." 

    "He's so cute, what's his name?" 

    "Didn't know we were getting a transfer..."

    The emerald eyed male heaved a mental sigh, ears perking as the mutterings of the other students started up, reinforcing his resolve to watch himself around the overly sensual brunette boy and stay as far away from him as he could manage. He took the empty seat next to Squall reluctantly, dropping his backpack onto the floor as he pulled the chair out, laying his text book on the desk before he sat down. He slouched down in the chair, trying to seem uneffected and nonchalant as though sitting next to the lascivious brunette didn't cause him an ounce of discomfort. 

    He averted his attention from his deskmate, leaning over to pointedly search through his bag to retrieve his binder and writing utensils, setting himself up for class as the teacher began his lesson. Once finished, he couldn't help but sneak a sidelong glance at the boy reclining next to him, thinking on the rumour he'd already heard placing the slender brunette with a teacher's aide just a day before Seifer's arrival. It seemed rather farfetched to the older boy, but from the way Squall simply ignored the whispers instead of refuting the claims made Seifer second guess his initial disbelief.

    Squall had watched the large golden haired boy the entire time he'd made his way to the seat next to him and gave him a flirty wink when he caught the other glancing at him to which Seifer had quickly averted his gaze refusing to blush at being caught staring at the other male. The dark-haired seventeen year old merely smiled to himself and turned his attention to the teacher, picking up his pen demurely and taking notes in a loopy scrawl that screamed of practiced calligraphy. Seifer snuck another glance over at Squall, eyes widening as he watched the words pouring on the paper from the other's boy's pen. He had never seen a boy with handwriting so nice. His own was blocky and thick-lined, all capitals, the lower-case being half the size of the normal capitalized characters. Not wanting to be caught watching the other again, Seifer was quick to focus back on his own notes, abbreviated in a language only he could understand. 

    Squall shifted with a soft rustle of clothing, leaning forward over his notebook, resting his forearms on the desk as he wrote. The movement caused his shirt to ride up his back, revealing the inky black lines of what could only be a tattoo on his milky white skin, though it was impossible to tell what it was of from just the small strip of flesh that was showing. Seifer remained oblivious to the display, having forced himself to keep his brilliant green eyes on anything but the other male. 

    The lithe young man was actually an exceptional student, nearly straight A as a matter of fact, not that any of his peers were aware of it. He preferred to keep it that way as well. The other students would only churn out rumours that he was servicing the staff in order to boost his grades and the slim boy had no desire to drag any of the teachers into the gossip that surrounded him daily. He didn't fancy having anyone fired or ruining any of their lives. Most of them were married with children, decent instructors, nice and normal. He'd never done a thing with any of them and that wasn't about to change, so rumours would be completely unnecessary and only cause a headache for all involved. 

    In Squall's opinion, the teacher's aide had been no big deal; the guy was only in college after all and not that much older than any of the seniors at the high school, plus he'd been the one to approach the brunette in the first place. Unlike the teachers who would surely lose their jobs or worse, the aide would maybe be reprimanded and transferred, no big deal at all. It wouldn't weigh on Squall's conscience. Being a decent student wasn't something he wanted to flaunt anyways. Brown nosing wasn't sexy and the androgenous boy thrived on having a reputation for being sexy. Even if he was hated by all the girls and critisized, no one would deny he was sexy. The boy that could even seduce the straightest guys in school had to be.

    Seifer doodled at the edges of his notes, bored once he'd finished copying the lines off the chalkboard, now simply trying to distract himself from his attractive deskmate. Squall sighed next to him as he leaned back in his seat, looking at the clock ticking on the wall above the teacher's chalkboards. He dropped his pen onto his notebook and stretched languidly, revealing the creamy expanse of his pale midriff, a pierced naval and sharp hip bones. It was at that point that Seifer just so happened to glance over, having heard the sigh, and found himself swallowing hard, eyes shying away quickly as he caught sight of his deskmate's provocative reclining position. For the rest of the lecture, the brawny blond tried his best not to look at the pretty brunette boy. He knew who he was now, what he was and he did not approve of it. In fact, he would change it if he could... Besides, he'd be dead if his father knew he had been sneaking glances at another boy, even if he was too attractive not to.

    Squall straightened, covering a yawn with one pale, slim hand, the numerous bracelets adorning his bony wrist jingling as the teacher wound down, assigning the homework for the evening. Ten questions at the end of chapter four, blah... blah... blah. He only half listened, jotting down the assignment in the top right corner of his note boredly. The few minutes before the bell for second period rang was their own, the teacher seating himself behind his desk and burying himself in his own work, leaving the students to chat with their neighbors.

    Seifer also scratched down the assignment before pulling his schedule out, putting his books and pens away in his backpack while he was in there. As he was bent over the bag, leaving his schedule unsupervised splayed as it was on the desk top, Squall took the opportunity to sneak a look at it, memorizing the handsome blond's name and locker number. He frowned as he scanned over the list of classes. It was a pity; they would only be seeing each other in chem and apparently in their afternoon drama class. The slight brunette was a bit surprised that the preppy seeming guy would even be in drama, of course, he'd probably taken it for an easy A, a GPA buffer as most of the others did. Squall slouched back into his seat as Seifer sat up once again, picking up the schedule and looking it over himself. 

    The bell rang minutes later and most students fled quickly. The stormy eyed youth took his time, watching from beneath a veil of thick, dark lashes as Seifer stood and bent to retrieve his bag from the floor, slipping it on his shoulder whist adjusting his pants idly. Squall watched the movement with rapt fascination. He licked his lips unconsciously, not missing the chance to check out the other guy's nicely toned ass through his jeans. 

    Squall was surprised when Seifer spoke to him, having remained completely silent throughout the entire class. He inclined his head, soft strands of chocolate hair obscuring his eyes as he took in the warm baritone of the other boy's voice, "Well, see you here tomorrow then I guess..." 

    The brunette stood up before replying. "You bet Seifer," he affirmed in a sultry tone, ghosting soft fingertips along the blond's broad shoulders as he floated out of the classroom, books in hand. It didn't occur to Seifer until later that the caressing touch and husky voice had belonged to Squall and he was left to wonder how exactly the other male had known his name as he made his way to his next class. 

    Squall's next class was PE, a class he'd been continuously failing since his first year, mostly because he refused to participate in the sporting events of the all-male gym class. He didn't fancy being covered in bruises from being tackled and groped. Contrary to popular belief, the promiscuous teen did have standards and didn't want just anyone's grabby hands all over him. He debated skipping it as he did most days. They didn't even bother chastizing him about it anymore, understanding the male's reluctance to participate in the sports and subsequent communal showering. He always showed up for swimming and track, and never missed a health class, but adamantly refused to play any contact sports or shower with the other students. He couldn't understand why they wouldn't just let him take gym with the girls' class. It was a known fact he was a fag, after all. It's not like he'd want to sneak a peek in the girls' change room. He had no desire to get an eyefull of snatch. Honestly...

    He shook his head as he walked through the hall, considering what he would do whist skipping his next class. Deciding that he might as well wander down to the cafe a block away from the school and flirt with the cute college guy that worked there during the morning and afternoon, he made his way out of the school building. He'd see if he could get a free coffee out of him while he was there just for fun. He dropped his books off in the backseat of his beloved car before making his way there in no particular rush. 

    Squall thought about Seifer while he walked to the cafe, pondering why the other youth had spoken to him at the end of class when he'd seemed so adamant not to the entire time prior. Perhaps the other was already trapped in the web; he couldn't be sure, but he thought he might have caught a glimpse of the look earlier. Maybe things were looking up.

    He did manage to get a free latte from the guy behind the counter of the cafe just as he'd planned to, leaving as soon as he'd gotten what he came for, uninterested in doing anything more with the cute, but dumb (and obviously bottom) college boy. He lit a cigarette as he walked back to the school leisurely, a little satisfied grin playing on his lips. He spent the next thirty minutes sitting on the school monument, feet dangling in the air off the side of the marble stone as he smoked and drank his latte.

    Five minutes before next period began, he hopped down, tossing his emptied cup into the nearest trash bin and stopped by his car to retrieve his acoustic guitar from the trunk. He needed it for music class, his real passion, aside from playing with other boys. He slung the case over one shoulder, flicking the last of his cigarette away as he opened the door and entered the school once again, not bothering to stop by his locker before going straight to the music room. Squall had begun learning guitar from his dad at age three and was quite skilled at playing it after practicing it for over a decade. He was also a decent singer and songwriter, not that anyone was aware. Squall Leonhart didn't have friends, just people he knew and people he blew. It was only highschool after all, college was where shit got real.

    He was in an exceedingly good mood by the time lunch rolled around, no longer dying of boredom, having been able to play his guitar freely for the last forty-five minutes. When the bell rang, he made a beeline for his car, sitting cross-legged on the hood of the old corvette with the guitar cradled in his lap, another ringed notebook laying next to his hip as he played several chords, a pencil tucked behind one ear, which he removed now and then to make changes to the song he was composing, a cigarette dangling from his lips haphazardly. He was so immersed in the new song that he completely forgot that he had planned to stalk the new guy during lunch. 



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