Boys Like You

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Boys Like You

Chapter Seven: Bigmouth Strikes Again

It was a Monday morning that should have been just the same as any other, but something was off. Squall was usually a subject of conversation, but most students avoided blatantly staring directly at him, especially after what had happened with Gregory during the first few weeks of school. On this particular Monday when Squall stepped out of his car into the morning light, without Seifer in tow as was unusual because of their arrangement in which Squall gave the blonde a ride almost daily, all eyes fell on him and didn't immediately flick away. Seifer's dad had actually had a day off and was taking his son to breakfast as a way of making up for the lost time between them, keeping up appearances for his campaign as far as his son was concerned and that meant Squall was on his own.

There were whispers constantly and they weren't the kind Squall was used to hearing. Finally, when lunch rolled around, he'd had enough. He wanted to know what it was, what they could possibly be saying in that tone that had the entire student body staring whenever he passed by. As he moved towards the cafeteria, someone stepped in his way.

Gregory's ex-girlfriend stood before Squall with a nasty smirk on her face, several girls and guys behind her including Greg and the jocks as well as the popular Rinoa Heartilly, queen of the bitch committee as support.

"Hey slut, I heard a little rumour about you the other day. I heard a couple years ago, your mom went and offed herself ‘cause she caught you blowing your dad or something and she was so disgusted, she just couldn’t live anymore. Guess it makes sense why you're so fucked up," she said, tone vicious as her words tore at the brunette.

No one was supposed to know about what had happened in regards to his mother’s death, about her mental instability that had lead to her eventual suicide, which Squall had been witness to. It had been a closed case and his father had had it kept out of the public's eye, using every connection he had so that Squall was able to go on at his school without being hounded by reporters, tabloids and the like.

Squall froze, paralyzed as her words made him turn cold inside and he couldn't say anything; his voice caught in his throat. He'd only ever told one person about what had happened; he’d only told Seifer. So how did she know? Stormy eyes caught sight of the wicked smirk on Rinoa’s lips behind the girl who’d spoken and that twisted grin said it all. She had been the one to tell Gregory's girlfriend and he could guess where she had heard it from... Seifer was practically her boyfriend at this point after all. He blinked rapidly, tears welling up in his eyes even as he fought to keep them back. He wanted to run, but his legs wouldn't move. Where the hell was Seifer anyways? How long did a fucking brunch take?


"Anyway Seifer, how has school been?" Alexander Almasy voiced the fairly standard question over their breakfast, making the expected small talk with his only son.

"Oh pretty good, I guess," Seifer said with a shrug, idly pushing his food around his plate, desperately wishing he was having breakfast with Squall and Laguna right about now.

"And I've heard from Mike that you've been out a lot lately, almost all weekend, every weekend… friends?" his father asked, trying to sound casual, but nervous concern was lurking beneath the nonchalant tone. Seifer’s recent behaviour was rather out of character. He almost never stayed the night anywhere; and was rarely out past ten on Friday's, at least he had been at his previous school, not taking into consideration the accident with his car which was an entirely isolated incident.

"Yeah..." Seifer didn’t look up as he gave a bored response, shrugging disinterestedly.

Naturally, his dad thought the teen’s lack of comment meant the whole thing was sexual in nature and that Seifer was using nonchalance to cover up having a girl friend. "... So... when will I meet her?"

Seifer choked on the orange juice he had just taken a sip of, chuckling and running one hand through his short hair. "I still don't have a girlfriend dad... Seriously," he shook his head to emphasize his words, emerald eyes flicking up to his father’s face for just a moment or two before falling back to his plate.

Mr. Almasy grinned knowingly, slapping the table with the palm of his hand, making a dull thud as it impacted the table. "Oh really... then who’s this Miss heartily I keep hearing about? Another cheerleader, hm?" Alexander looked smug, crossing his thick, suited arms over his equally thick chest and for a moment, a playful, secretly proud look crossed his face, thinking his son had done quite well in catching himself an appropriate girl in high school. He thought it normal for Seifer to be interested in girls and to pursue one, especially one like Rinoa Heartilly from what he understood, but he didn't want Seifer to be stupid enough to get any girl pregnant and ruin his life.

‘Fuck…’ Seifer cursed mentally, not even bothering to question how his overbearing father had even found out about his subtle flirtation with the stupid head cheerleader, already aware of the elder Almasy’s spies. "We aren't, uh… intimate if that is what you’re getting at dad,” he started uncomfortably, shifting in his chair, “And, much to her annoyance, I haven't been spending the weekends with her... How did you find out about that anyway?" He finished with what he knew was expected, as if he didn’t already know.

"I'm getting there… Mike told me he’d seen you with her quite a few times. You apparently have caused quite the stir in the right groups. Did you know that your girlfriend’s father was a reporter?” That bit of information was new to Seifer, but he dismissed it without much thought.

"So where have you been if not with her?" His father suspicious tone cut through Seifer’s thoughts like a knife.

"Working on a project for a friend’s music final," he answered probably a little too quickly, but he couldn’t help it; he could not let Alexander Almasy know about a certain stormy eyed brunette with a bad reputation. His answer was an honest enough one, but he was still nervous that his father would somehow figure it out.

They continued on in much the same manner, back and forth with light conversation, neither of them broaching any serious subject matter and Seifer was relieved that his father’s spies had not caught on to him and Squall and in turn had not told his father.

Eventually, the meal was concluded and the subsequent car ride to his school was awkward for Seifer. It was Mr. Almasy that broke the silence that had settled between them. "Seifer, you do know I love you right? I would spend more time at home if I could." Seifer was quiet for a long moment.

"Yeah... I know," was his eventual response, voice quiet. He hated this part of their talks most.

"But my work. You know I want to help fix this country right? Give you somewhere where you can live happily in the future, where you won’t be afraid to raise my grandchildren." Seifer snorted softly, pointedly looking out the window. He couldn't blame his dad, not really. The elder man was well intentioned, but misguided. Politics were, amusingly enough, rarely something they discussed at home. His father just assumed that everyone agreed with him, including his son and Seifer had never managed to work up the guts to speak up about his differing beliefs, let alone mention that he was pretty sure he was developing feelings for another boy that his father would never approve of.

The tall blonde arrived just before lunch and he couldn’t get out of the car fast enough.

The school felt different, charged with energy. He looked at the time, debating going to class, but it was kind of pointless since the students would all be out for lunch soon anyway. He went inside the doors to loiter in the little space before the doors leading out into the student parking lot, assuming he’d be able to catch a glimpse of Squall on his way out to his car as he usually did.


Rinoa let out a mock gasp, bringing one hand to her mouth for dramatic effect, "Oh my God, it's true, just look at him..."

"To tell the truth, I'm not surprised. Who'd want a faggot for a son? I'm sure if she was still around right now, she'd slit her wrists again when she heard about what he's been doing in the showers..." it was Gregory's voice that carried over the static of the hallway traffic, leaning over to his ex girlfriend and speaking, words cruel, meant to inflict as much pain as he could, feeling it his God-given right to ruin Squall Leonhart after what the little shit had done to make him lose face over a month ago. It had taken so long for them to dig up something good enough to take the cocky little fag down a few pegs.

Squall’s tears spilled over, fat rivulets rolling over pale cheeks to drop from his chin, lost in the fur collar of his jacket. His whole body trembled and abruptly, as if his body had just finally remembered how to move, he turned on his booted heel and bolted, unable to remain indifferent as he usually did; their words were too close to real. It wasn't even their words that hurt him so much, but the knowledge that someone, most likely Seifer had told them. He should have never trusted the handsome jock, should have stuck to the original plan. ‘I'm such an idiot... I should've learned after the last time,’ he berated himself through chaotic thoughts and memories of past heartbreak, the present only serving to rip open old wounds.

He slammed the door open, stumbling down the steps towards his car in the student parking lot, hardly recognizing the tall blonde that was seemingly waiting there for him. He just had to get away...

Squall came rushing down the hall before Seifer could even prepare for it; it was just after the bell, maybe a minute or two. The slim brunette looked unlike Seifer had ever seen him before. Something had obviously happened in the blonde’s absence. Seifer attempted a wave, cutting the gesture short as Squall seemed to ignore him entirely. "Hey… Squall, what's wrong?" he asked, stepping in front of the outer door in the hopes of delaying the taciturn youth, concern written clear across his handsome face. He wasn’t going to let Squall escape without at least giving him some clue as to what had gone wrong while he’d been gone. It must have been sudden and a shock, otherwise he was sure Squall would have gotten a text to him or something. The other teen had been fine when he’d been with him on Saturday and the only thing he knew of that would set Squall off quite like this was a secret that he himself had only learned of two weeks ago, a secret that Squall was adamant they keep between the two of them.

The memory surfaced, swimming in his mind anew as he considered Squall’s overt distress.


Squall was on the stool in the lower room of his loft bedroom, his guitar in his lap as Seifer used the shower above, playing the chords to a song he had been unsuccessfully trying to complete for months. It was raw, the lyrics too full of truth and pain and Squall could hardly get through a single verse of it without losing his composure.

Seifer had stood watching him from the steps of Squall’s loft, drying his hair with a towel as he listened to the sound of the other boy’s voice breaking over the words of his own song. He had seen Squall’s hands begin to quake and he’d heard his breath hitch before a curse had interrupted the sad melody. Then Squall had been wiping his face, harshly swiping at tears that had fallen unbidden over pale cheeks. He’d palmed his face then, shoulders quivering ever so slightly, his guitar held in a loose grip by his unoccupied hand before he set it aside entirely, hugging himself.

Seifer hadn’t even realised he’d moved until he was right next to the brunette, one large tanned hand falling on Squall’s shoulder, “Hey, you gonna be alright?” His voice was low, soft like he was afraid to raise it any further in case he was to shatter the moment.

Squall had tangled the fingers of his left hand in his choppy chestnut hair, tugging on the strands a little in frustration and he didn’t look up at Seifer. "Yeah... I'll be okay... Just, this song..." he said, unable to explain exactly, his voice shaky as he leaned into the comforting touch on his shoulder unconsciously. He used his other hand to rub at his tears, embarrassed that he was actually crying in front of Seifer.

He pulled away from the touch after another moment, using the heel of his hand to rub at one of his eyes as he finally looked up at Seifer. "So lame, huh? Can you believe I'm the same Squall Leonhart that has gang bangs in the bathroom at school?" he’d questioned cynically, wrapping one arm around his waist tightly, trying desperately to make light of the serious meltdown he was on the cusp of having. Seifer shouldn’t see him like that; no one needed to see him like that.

Seifer had watched Squall as he wiped his tears, feeling an intense urge to comfort the younger teen. This other, vulnerable side of Squall was calling forth Seifer’s protective and defensive instincts and he couldn’t quite fathom exactly why; he just didn’t like seeing the brunette in pain. Watching the normally confident seventeen-year-old simply break down from the words of his own song wasn't something Seifer had ever expected to see. He had almost pulled Squall back into a full hug when younger boy had pulled away from him, but he didn’t want to embarrass himself if Squall was already over it.

“Yeah... I can believe it. You’re just an actor like me," he’d spoken in that same soft tone even as the tears kept rolling down Squall’s porcelain cheeks. It was more than Seifer could stand. "Come here..." He’d commanded, taking the last steps to close the space between himself and the other boy before bending to hug the lithe teen from behind. "You'll be fine... alright? Try to breathe."

Squall had obviously been taken by surprise when Seifer had draped himself over his back, hugging him from behind. He’d blinked, salty tears clinging to long dark lashes as his own hand had crept up ever so slowly to hold the other male’s arm around his chest. Squall had inhaled deeply, the clean scent of his own shampoo mixed with the blonde’s natural scent soothed him as he leaned back into the unexpectedly comforting embrace. A hollow laugh had sounded from the brunette, "I don't actually have gang bangs in the bathroom, you know?”

“You don’t say?" had been Seifer’s response, feigning surprise. The bathrooms were a bit small for that sort of thing. "I mean, there’s way more room under the bleachers..." He’d meant it to be funny, hoping to lighten Squall’s distraught mood. Seifer was overly aware of the hand over his arm, the coolness of Squall’s soft fingertips curled around his forearm in a way that made him warm in the pit of his stomach. And he just waited patiently for Squall to explain further.

A bitter chuckle had sounded in the back of Squall’s throat. "Yeah, there is more room there, though I've never had a gang bang at all... I have given an awful lot of head though..." he replied with a half smile, sniffling softly. The tears still rolled down flushed cheeks.

The shorter brunette had let his breath out shakily after that when Seifer said nothing in response, the tears slowly ebbing as he blinked repeatedly. "The song's 'bout my mum. I can't sing it... It ends up like this every time I try," he’d finally managed to say quietly, closing his reddened eyes as he let himself be hugged, comfortable in Seifer’s hold.

"I figured. You mentioned her before... And the lyrics... I can kinda guess," Seifer had felt Squall shudder in his arms. "If you need to talk about it…" His voice had trailed off, leaving the unvoiced offer to listen if the brunette needed him to hanging in the air between them.

"She told me she couldn't stay with me anymore and then I went to see where she’d disappeared to and I found her… She was just there on the floor and there was so much of it... It was so red... I’ve never seen red like that and she was smiling really serene like she was really happy... She was happy to be leaving... And I didn't know how to make the bleeding stop... It just kept coming out…" His voice cracked when Squall finally broke down in front of the other boy, unable to brush off the painful memories in the face of Seifer's earnest invitation. He'd never talked about it before, not to the therapist, not to his father, not to anyone. He screwed his eyes shut tightly, his grip tightening on Seifer's arm, black painted nails pressing in against the blonde's bare arm as he shook with silent sobs.

"I don't think you could have... Squall, you were just a kid, you couldn’t have done anything," Seifer was trying his best to calm Squall down. He had turned Squall around on the stood so that he was facing Seifer. "Have you talked about it with anyone else?" he’d asked; already fairly certain he knew the answer before he’d even voiced the question as he pulled the lithe brunette into a proper hug. He had every intention to stay there as long as it took for Squall to calm down.

Squall had only shaken his head, not answering verbally. He was clearly reeling just from telling Seifer. He hugged the tall blonde back, pressing his cheek to the taller boy's stomach, eyes closed as he soaked up the comfort Seifer was offering. His breaths hitched as he cried until he couldn't anymore. After several moments, his breath had evened out and he pulled away, rubbing an arm over his reddened cheeks, flushed from his tears and no doubt his embarrassment.

"Sorry, I-- No one's usually here when this happens..." he said quietly, obviously out of his element. He looked up at Seifer through red-rimmed blue-grey eyes, carding a hand through his own chestnut hair. And he started talking again, telling Seifer what had happened in more detail, the words simply pouring out as if a dam had been broken. He'd never once told a single person about the day he'd found his mother on the bathroom floor. He hadn't told his father, not wanting to hurt him with his words and he hadn't been able to tell the therapist because she had no fucking clue how he felt and he'd never told any friends because he'd never had any... Until now...

"Thank you for this," he said, his voice very soft and completely sincere after he’d run out of words to say.

Seifer had simply stood there, rubbing Squall’s back in wide circles, just listening as Squall talked, spilling his secrets to the older blonde. And when Squall finished, Seifer had found himself leaning over the other boy, brushing a stray lock of chestnut from in front of Squall’s eyes and met his gaze with a soft reassuring smile, "Don't mention it. What are friends for?"

(End flashback)

Squall’s pained gaze focused blearily on Seifer as the broad blonde stood in the path to the parking lot door, concern in his expression and in his words. As if he didn't already know. As if he was innocent. And Squall wanted to hate him. The worst part was that he had gotten so used to the comfort Seifer gave him during these times and now that Squall was sure that the blonde was the cause of the vicious rumour, he was at a loss.

"You're a liar..." he murmured, voice so low it was nearly a whisper, barely audible over the static in his head. He didn't want to believe it, but it all made so much sense. How else would Rinoa have found out? She'd been trying to get closer to Seifer since he'd first transferred, and he knew for a fact that the tall jock had gone out with her a couple times in groups and otherwise. Though, she and Seifer weren't really a couple, it was Squall’s understanding that she wanted them to be. And maybe it hadn't been intentional on Seifer's part. Maybe he'd thought he could trust her, but it didn't matter because an unsaid promise had been broken and Squall could feel the freezing dark filling him up again, just like before.

He hugged himself, pushing passed the other male roughly and shoving his way out the door, unable to staunch the flow of fresh tears. He didn't care to look at his “friend's” concerned face, knowing that it had to be a lie. Seifer had betrayed him. The blonde had called out to him in confusion and he had followed after the brunette, standing at the bottom of the stairs, watching Squall stumble his way to his car, bewildered in the face of Squall’s enraged anguish.

This was exactly why Squall had closed himself off. Being numb was easy and swift flickers of passion had been enough to stave off the devouring loneliness of being isolated so thoroughly. And why had he let the other boy in? He shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts himself as the group from the cafeteria exited through the doors Squall and Seifer had ran out of minutes before, laughing and talking loudly together, looking around the parking lot expectantly to view the damage they'd caused.

Squall wrenched the door to his corvette open and flopped into the seat, slamming the door and closing his eyes tightly, trying to get his lungs to accept oxygen. He leaned his forehead on the steering wheel, focusing on breathing, knuckles white as his body threatened hyperventilation.

Finally tearing his gaze away from Squall’s retreating back, Seifer looked up the stairs and saw what exactly Squall had been running from. He swore colourfully to himself. His so called friends and his would be girlfriend were right there, pointing and laughing, while the only person he could call a real friend fled and he didn't know the cause, but he should’ve guessed it would have something to do with the group before him. He bit the inside of his cheek hard as he stepped up the few stairs towards them.

"What happened to him?" he asked the assembled mob. He had just missed the punchline of a very serious joke apparently. He feigned confusion, looking to the one that was most likely to know the cause of everything.

Queen Bitch, Rinoa stood at the forefront of the group, a vicious smirk on her pretty lips. She had crushed on him enough that it was apparent she wanted to take him for a roll in the sack, given the opportunity even though Seifer had politely refused to give her any such opportunity thus far. It was obvious she was behind what had just happened with Squall; she looked way too smug not to be.

"Wow, I think you might have broken him. Whad'ya do?" he asked the dark- haired girl, fighting to keep the note of concern from his voice when he spoke.

"We were just teaching him a lesson, since he never seems to learn and he's so smug stealing everyone's boyfriends. After what he did to Gregory, we had to put a stop to it. I was going through my dad's files and I found one about this suicide and guess who it was?" Rinoa explained animatedly. Not waiting for him to answer, she plowed on, "It was his mom, and he's the one that found her, killed herself right in front of him even, told him she couldn't bare to stay with him and slit her wrists. Sick right? He's obviously the reason she killed herself... I just told him the truth; she was so ashamed and disgusted by him that she couldn't stand to live. It’s so true too. He even started crying."

She latched herself to Seifer's arm as she talked cruelly about Squall's trauma, embellishing wherever she saw fit, saying his mom had caught him having sex with a guy among other things that she thought made the story juicier in some way or another. Gregory, never one to be left out, piped in from Seifer’s other side, "Maybe he'll take a page out of her book and do us all a favor..." Rinoa nodded emphatically in agreement, as if suicide was something to be laughing over.

"Yeah, he's a stain on our school, don't you think?" she agreed, looking up at Seifer as if asking for his affirmation. Seifer felt sick.


Squall breathed shakily, calmed down enough that hyperventilation was no longer an immediate threat. He buckled his seat belt, digging the keys out of his pocket and struggling to get them into the ignition with trembling hands. He swore as he missed the slot again before he finally managed to get the key into the ignition and turned it, cranking the CD player up before pulling out of the parking lot and escaping the school.

His vision blurred many times while he drove, using one hand to scrub away the tears that wouldn't stop falling. Finally, he got home. He was never so grateful that his father was at home in his whole life. When the door slammed against the wall as he came in, his father heard it and came rushing, catching his son just as he collapsed in the front hallway. Laguna held Squall as he cried, burying himself in his father's arms, curled in the front hallway with the front door wide open.

Squall cried until no more tears would come and Laguna didn't dare ask what had happened; he merely knelt on the wood flooring, holding his son and stroking his hair. It was times like this, he needed Raine, wished she were still there to talk Squall through whatever it was that had happened. His wife and son had always shared some sort of connection, some secret, like a language all their own that he'd never been able to understand. And he didn't know how to help Squall, didn’t know exactly what words to say, so he simply held Squall silently until he'd tuckered himself out.

Lifting his seventeen-year-old son was not nearly as difficult as it should have been; the boy was thin, light and curled so closely to Laguna that it was as if he was just a child again. And it reminded Laguna that no matter how grown up Squall liked to act, a child was what he was. The older man carried Squall up to his room and slowly up to his bed in the loft, setting him down on the double sized mattress and pulling the comforter over him. The former rock star sat on the side of his son's bed, running soothing fingers through his sweat-dampened hair and ever so softly began to sing to Squall like Raine used to; it was the only thing Laguna could think of and it had always soothed Squall when he was little.

Squall fell asleep to the sound of his father's singing voice, completely clothed right down to his boots, tears staining pale cheeks and his cellphone pressing into his hip from it's place in his pocket. Laguna left his son's room reluctantly, unwilling to take his eyes off his distraught child, but he had to call the school and explain Squall's absence. He learned a few things when he called and managed to piece together what had happened to upset his son so much. He leaned against the kitchen counter after hanging up and pulled a silver cigarette case from his pocket along with a matching lighter. He placed a smoke between his lips, returning the case to his pocket before lighting the tobacco, inhaling deeply as he pushed his lighter back into his pocket too, resting his now unoccupied hand over his waist, tucking his hand under his opposite arm as his thoughts rolled over one another. He shook his head as he let the smoke filter out into the air of the kitchen, uncaring of the fact that they didn't smoke in the house. After hearing what the principal had to say, Laguna just knew it had to do with the Almasy boy. Squall hadn't acted out quite like this since he was fourteen. And it had been from a boy he was involved with then too.


"I knew you were a royal fucking bitch, but now you’re just being sadistic," Seifer couldn’t stop the words that fell from his mouth in response to what Rinoa had said. They were all outright sadistic. He’d known about Squall’s mother, about the past he kept hidden from his peers; now it seemed like everyone knew. But it wasn’t just that they knew; it was the details, the little embellishments that were the basis for all the gossip that would be spread through the student body. Seifer could barely stand to look at the doe-eyed girl and it was only his strictly ingrained policy to 'never hit a girl' that prevented him from physically throwing her off of him.

He pushed her off of his arm, looking at her in disgust. "I mean, fuck. Just cause Gregory over there can't keep his dick to himself, doesn’t give you all the right to ruin Squall’s life. I mean, if you paid an ounce of fucking attention, you'd notice that Greg’s slept with about half the girls in the whole damned school, let alone fooled around with Leonhart. He was just pissed because he couldn’t handle that he liked screwing around with Squall in the first place."

Plowing on, ignoring the unspoken rules and obliterating reputations along the way, Seifer picked his way though most of the ringleaders, only seeming to pick up steam as he went from one to the next, spilling secrets they’d thought to keep safe from one another.

Finally, he came to stand before Gregory, towering his few inches of height over the other jock. "Actions speak louder than words don't they? I know about the video," he announced, sneering at the other male, watching in satisfaction as Gregory’s face paled in fear before the other covered it with anger. Seifer didn’t care anymore, seeing the other guy’s mouth moving like a fish as he tried to come up with something to say.

“H-Holy shit, you--- you’re in love with the fa—,” Gregory didn’t get to finish as Seifer’s clenched fist connected with his jaw. It didn’t matter anyway; Seifer’s reputation was already completely shot to shit even before he’d thrown the first punch.

Oddly enough, he couldn’t bring himself to care; the sweet feeling of flesh and bone connecting and watching Greg crumple at the knees was simple bliss.

The second punch landed while he was still falling and then Seifer was on top of him, swinging. He didn't know what had gotten into him; he was just so fucking pissed off. In the end, it took over half the team to drag him off Gregory just as the chanting of the steadily growing mob of students encouraging the brawl drew the attention of the faculty.

When everything was said and done, the fight was broken up, six boys were sitting in front of the principal’s office, police and teachers trying to work out what exactly had happened. Gregory was still in the nurse’s office, breathing, but not feeling all that lucky about it. And those who had witnessed the fight were being questioned. One consistency in their statements meant that Seifer wasn't going to escape this situation easily. That consistency was that he had thrown the first punch, as if he hadn’t had good reason to do just that.

It was much later that day when the incident at the school had sorted itself out. The damages were simple enough; Seifer had been expelled, setting him back at least a year, but he wasn't getting charged with assault, primarily because, with the exception of Gregory, he was one of the worse off as far as injuries went. Though secretly, he wondered how much his father had had to do with his lack of serious punishment.

He was dead. So very very dead. That much was for certain. But he didn’t think about it too much. He just hoped that Squall wouldn’t do anything stupid.

The ride home was lethally silent. Alexander Almasy kept opening his mouth and closing it as though he couldn’t find the words he needed to appropriately communicate his disappointment in his son. And when they got home, the only words he spoke were in a deadly serious tone that held no room for argument. Room and now, in that order and Seifer didn’t even attempt to argue it. Seifer simply did as told. He didn’t think he had ever seen his father quite so angry before. But he could hardly worry over it at the moment, more concerned with the brunette that he had yet to be able to contact. He sent several panicked texts to Squall.

'Squall? You there?'

'I've been expelled… My dad’s pissed.'

'Squall? Please answer me.'

'Call me? I’m really freaking out.'

'Please? I gotta know you’re alright.'

'Are you okay?'

He sent probably over a hundred in all, all of them becoming increasingly concerned as he received no response from the wayward brunette. Seifer couldn’t wait much longer to hear from the other youth. If he didn't get a call or at least a text from Squall in the next few minutes, he was going to go over to Squall’s house, one way or another.

The buzz of Squall's cell woke him finally. He turned onto his back and it took him a moment to realize that he was in his bed and it was dark outside. He rubbed his eyes with the heels of his hands roughly, jumping when his cell vibrated once again against his hip. He dug it out of his pocket, getting up, intent on going to the kitchen to get something to drink, pausing only to drop his boots by his door. He went through the texts as he went down the stairs, through the hall to the kitchen. All of them were from Seifer and they were becoming increasingly panicked as he read through them in order. Squall blinked in confusion; Seifer had been expelled... Glancing at the time, he realized a majority of the messages had been sent over an hour ago.

He ran a pale hand through his hair, tangling his fingers in the fine hairs and tugging lightly. He was still shaky from what had happened earlier and Seifer's concerned messages were not helping. Not only was he still angry and hurt, but now he was worried about the tall blonde jock. He didn't know what exactly was happening or had taken place after he’d left the school. He leaned back against the kitchen counter, the crinkling of paper under his hand making him look down curiously. There was a note from his father. Laguna had had an emergency with his production agency and had had to leave though he very much would have liked to have stayed. He'd be home in the morning. He pleaded for Squall to be careful and he didn't ever have to go to that school again if he wanted. A soft smile curved on bowed lips as Squall imagined his father writing the sloppy note, upset that he was leaving, but not wanting to wake Squall to say goodbye.

A tear welled and fell with a soft patter on the paper; the house was so quiet. He jumped as his cell buzzed again against the marble of the counter loudly. He took several gulps of water, finally taking notice of the lingering scent of smoke. Laguna had been worried... His father rarely smoked, and never in the house. Squall shook his head and pulled a cigarette from the crushed package in his pocket. He lit up, leaning back against the counter, one sock-covered foot resting against the cupboard, the burning white-wrapped cigarette dangling from dry, pout lips as he opened his phone with one hand.

'I'm coming over.'

The brunette shook his head, unable to bring himself to reply one way or the other. He wanted to see Seifer, but at the same time he never wanted to see him again. ‘Whatever, let him come... I did promise he could come over whenever he needed to and I keep my promises,’ he thought as he took a deep drag before pulling the cigarette from his lips, wispy strands of smoke slipping from between them as he exhaled in the silent kitchen.



So I know that was pretty harsh, but hey high school can be a nasty place. Anyhow, the next couple of chapters are what you've all probably been waiting for. There will be confessions and feels, and there will actually be some limey bits. Hope you enjoyed this installment. Comments are always welcome.


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