Boys Like You

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Chapter Three: The Secret's in the Telling

    It didn't fully permeate Seifer's mind until he was already seated in his next class, Advanced English IV, that Squall had known his name when he'd bid him farewell in their shared chemistry class. He decisively chose not to dwell on how the other boy had manged to know such a detail when he couldn't recall introducing himself. He'd been forced to shake it off and pay attention to the boredom that was his english class. 

    During the class, he found that he had indeed been sitting next to the infamous Squall Leonhart in chemistry and that just who had experimented with the slender brunette was a particularly touchy subject. Apparently, the other students had no problem slapping the whore label on the other boy, but were much more vague when it came to who exactly had helped him to earn the title. The gossip of the school was interesting; it seemed that Squall clashed with nearly every clique and yet was known by all of them in one way or another. 

    The blond listened idly to the chit chat, learning the names of the members in the popular groups, his particular interest being in the group of girls he'd seen earlier that morning, more precisely, the doe eyed, busty little princess that was clearly their leader. He learned that she was currently involved with Tanner, the PE aide that had also apparently been seen in Squall's company the previous day. It seemed that Rinoa was still unaware of the rumour, though for how long was a mystery. With the way gossip seemed to travel in the school, Seifer assumed the inevitable would take place at lunch, when Rinoa would most likely be made aware of her boyfriend's trangression and would subsequently dump Tanner like a bad habit.

    He was not disappointed when he stood in the crowded cafeteria staring in disgust at the poor excuse for nutrition on his paper plate positioned on the tray in his hands. He dumped the unidentifiable slop into the trash and ditched the tray just as the clash between the pretty little princess with too much make up and the tall, handsome college student that had been her boyfriend took place. One minute they were sitting close, kissing and cuddling, the next, another of the girls from the group was whispering in one of Rinoa's ears whilst her eyes darted over to the teacher's aide that was perched next to her. The dark haired queen bee was standing and dumping her chocolate milk over Tanner's head, screeching curses at him in a matter of seconds before she stormed out, followed by her dolled up drones. Seifer gave a half-smile as he watched the entire scene unfold, already planning how he would secure a date with the newly single young woman.

    He gave a glance over the cafeteria once more, unimpressed by any of the food options until his emerald gaze caught on the wonderful golden arches beyond one of the large windows. He figured he could begin his pursuit of the pretty, popular girl the following day. For the time being, McDonald's was beckoning him. Perhaps it wasn't the most healthy of choices, but at least it would be edible unlike the cafeteria sludge. He was out of the packed lunch room and on his way through the parking lot momentarily, focused on the familiar fast food restaurant.

    Squall's hypersensitive ears picked up the sound of gravel crunching under foot as someone came traipsing into the parking lot where he sat perched on the hood of his parked car. He glanced up, pretty twilight eyes widening as he spotted the unmistakable blond sex god, Seifer, heading towards the mickey d's. 

    He wrinkled his nose at Seifer's choice for lunch. "Don't you know that crap's bad for you?" he called out from his lax position on the hood of his car, shifting idly as he stared across the parking lot at the other male. A playful breeze ruffled his choppy brown locks and he unconsciously lifted a hand to brush them back out of his face as his gaze remained glued to Seifer's approach. He cocked his head at the taller boy as he leaned back on his palms, the guitar still sitting in his lap, one booted foot tucked under him, having abandoned his cross-legged pose from before. The rips in his jeans were made obvious as the sun made the white of his skin look even paler in contrast to the shredded black denim. 

    Seifer gave a start, his concentration abruptly disrupted by the sound of Squall's voice ringing out behind him, pointing out the obvious. McD's was just as bad nutritionally as the school's food certainly, probably worse in fact, but at least it was palatable. Turning on his heel and walking backwards for a few steps; he hunted for the attractive brunette with his eyes; finding him reclined on the hood of a car. He rubbed the back of his head, responding in the most friendly tone as he could muster, "True, but at least I can choke it down. Not eating would be worse."

    The distance and the brightness of the sunlight reflecting against pale skin gave the impression that the reclined boy was wearing Zebra-striped trousers, Seifer observed idly though he knew that that wasn't the case having spent a fair bit of chemistry class sneaking glances at the other boy; it was simply the illusion created by the contrast, Squall's skin being that smooth looking milky white, his pants being black. Seifer blinked several times, realizing he had been checking Squall out once again.

        A coy grin spread across the brunette's plush lips when Seifer's gaze zeroed in on him, widening further when said blond bombshell turned and slowed his steps to speak to him directly. "There's a cafe just up the block. Their wraps are to die for," he suggested amicably, tone overly friendly and dripping with underlying sensuality. Squall didn't eat fast food himself; it didn't agree with him.

    "Thanks for the tip, though quick and cheap seems more practical at the moment," Seifer began, his eyes sliding over the other male's relaxed position again before he could stop himself, "What are you doin' out here anyway?" There was an undeniable underlying tone of interest in the question that Seifer had not meant to colour his voice, his curiosity and the need to cover his staring getting the best of him. He gave a quick look over his shoulder to make sure he wasn't going to run into anything, still walking backwards towards the fast food joint, though the pace was an excruciatingly slow one. His gaze went back to watching the other boy, pace slowing  to a near stand still as he waited for the expected reply.

    Squall merely shrugged one slim shoulder. "Suit yourself," he replied in response to the jock's decision to stick with the fast food. His grin broadened briefly as he noticed Seifer's lovely green eyes crawling over his body once more. 

    "Mm, just relaxing and soaking in the sun," was the delayed response to Seifer's inquiry that poured from reddish, bowed lips. Squall was quite clearly unfazed by the other boy's perusal, reveling in the attention. 

    "Instead of sampling our delightful cafeteria menu?" Seifer remarked with a smirk, refusing to blush as he tried to brush off the fact that the impish brunette had obviously caught on to his staring. Squall, for his part pulled a disgusted face at the mention of the unidentifiable shit the cafeteria passed off as edible. He would rather eat McDonald's than that as well, given no other option. He shook his head, the disgusted expression melting off his androgenously lovely face once more, replaced with a heated flirty glint in his eyes and a coy half-smirk.

    "You know, if you don't want to eat around here, I could always drive you somewhere to pick something else up..." he let the brash offer trail off, lashes lowering over darkening stormy depths, pupils narrowed in the bright light of noon. He shifted lazily as he focused his sultry stare on the taller boy. He was sure Seifer had heard all of the rumours by then anyhow. 

    At the offer for a ride elsewhere, Seifer chuckled, the sound echoing hollowly. The rumours he'd heard drove his next response, without much thought, his mouth moving on auto, "Who will end up giving who a ride? No thanks, think I'll pass." He winced inwardly at his complete lack of tact. Though it could have been done with a little more finesse, he felt it necessary to get it out in the open, to make it perfectly clear that he was not interested in what Squall had to offer, regardless of how attractive the slight brunette may be. Squall Leonhart was trouble with a capital 'T' and if Seifer didn't keep his guard up, he knew he would probably end up in a compromising situation, given Squall's persuasive nature. 

    A delicate brow rose towards Squall's hairline, a little surprised by the broad shouldered blond's comment. He hadn't expected such a blunt response so soon when he hadn't even so much as groped the other male yet. He chuckled huskily, leaning back further on the hood of his car. "Your loss. It'd be the smoothest ride you've ever had," his voice was nonchalant, a charming smile remaining on his lips. The challenge that had just been issued by the taller youth only made excitement spark in his eyes, even though his posture remained completely unmoved. The game had begun. 

    Squall's blue-grey gaze followed Seifer as he turned on his heel and continued on his way to the McDonald's with a shake of his head and a simple farewell gesture of his hand without turning back as he made his hasty escape. Squall heaved a sigh, effectively blowing stray strands of hair from his eyes as he flopped back further onto the windshield, pulling his guitar up onto his chest as he let both of his legs dangle off the front of his car. He played a few chords, smiling to himself. The year had just gotten a whole lot more interesting. Seifer Almasy would give in; they always did.

    "Pfft... Yeah, not happening bub. Least not in this lifetime," the jade-eyed jock muttered under his breath as he left the other male's vicinity, closing the issue in his mind, at least for the moment. The lithe brunette appeared completely unfazed by his blunt handling of the situation, not even putting forth the slightest effort to deny the move he had tried to play on Seifer. The brawny youth may not be the most experienced when it came to the art of getting laid, but he knew full well how to refuse an offer that would surely only cause him difficulties. Still, the lack of denial from Squall proved most disturbing to the older youth, though he couldn't be sure why it made him so uncomfortable.

    He continued on his less than merry way, arriving momentarily at the fast food restaurant, wherein his mouth wateringly unhealthy lunch awaited. He idly waited in line, staring into nothing as his thoughts rolled over each other, mechanically placing his order and waiting for his McNuggets. He decided to stay in the McDonald's to eat, lest he have to converse with the sultry brunette again so soon after their first run in.

    He wasn't the only one who'd decided that the fattening fast food was a better alternative to the cafeteria garbage. A few members of the football team that he'd met in his class before lunch were also eating there. They were quick to invite him to sit with them, chatting him up, recognizing him as one of their own immediately. There were a few comments about Leonhart, as they entitled the lithe gay boy, most of which were nasty. The leader of the group heatedly denied the fact that Squall had made a move on him and vehemently refused to admit that he had taken the other boy up on the offer. Seifer couldn't help, but chuckle as he listened to the teasing and the banter of the other boys around him. It was so easy to fall back into familiar habits.

    The kinds of things the jocks said about Squall were a mixture of crass, vulgar, and altogether obscene, but expected and somewhat deserved in most students' opinions, though Seifer was still uncertain about his own perspective on the matter. With the reiteration of some previously heard rumours and some new additions to the ones already in his repertoire, Seifer was beginning to become even more intrigued by the decidedly feminine brunette that was Squall Leonhart. At least the boy was honest and apparently immune to ridicule. 


    Squall's reputation had begun in his very first year of highschool when someone he'd thought he could trust had started a vicious rumour that he was offering blowjobs under the bleechers during lunch periods. From there, it  escalated to gangbangs in the showers, hand jobs in the janitors' closets and any number of other nefarious acts, most of which were completely untrue. It didn't matter that Squall had done nothing more than kiss his very first crush.

    Of course, the youth wasn't made aware until later that it was that same crush that had spread the very first rumour which had then snowballed into so much worse. He'd been a senior and Squall, naive and young as he was then, had fallen for him immediately, following him around like a lovesick puppy. It had only lasted a couple of months, but it had been enough for the fourteen year old starry-eyed brunette to think he was in love. After he'd slept with him for the first time, the guy had avoided him like the plague, even going so far as to post pictures of him around the school labeling him a stalker and having his friends tease him ruthlessly until he was in tears. The fourteen year old Squall had been devastated. He'd spent all of winter break stewing over the whole ordeal, his distraught over the whole matter quickly turning into rage as the chilly days passed. His dad had let him stay home an extra week and bought him new clothes, ones he'd asked for, the kind of clothes he wore now.

    He'd closed himself off and told himself that highschool was only four years out of his life and then he would be free. His father had always been awesome about everything. Being a rock musician with a carefree demeanor, he'd seen it all and when his son had come out to him during that fateful winter break, he'd merely shrugged and handed Squall a package of condoms, simply saying to 'stay safe'. That had been the extent of their conversation about the teen's inherent sexuality and the change in his personality. When he'd returned to school, he'd made the rumours true, though he never had done anything in the janitor's closet; it was pretty gross in those closets and of course gangbangs weren't really his cup of tea, but he didn't care to correct the already spread gossip. The more his peers ridiculed him, the more whorish he acted; it was retaliation; it was revenge and he revelled in the knowledge that the rumours made him infamous in the school. No one could hurt him anymore because he was in control.

    He'd never actually slept with most of the guys he fooled around with, usually just giving them head, an act he had become particularly talented at over the past couple of years. Most guys, especially the straight ones had no fucking clue what to do with him once they had him bent over anyhow. After his first few experiences actually getting fucked by clumsy, inconsiderate dicks, he'd pretty much given up hope on enjoying intercourse, none too fond of being bedridden for days after each rough experience. He'd even been in the hospital once. Yet those few incidents had been enough to churn out rumours that he'd let the entire football team fuck him during March break in tenth grade, one right after the other. They just kept building from there, even after the senior who'd started it all had graduated. Squall just accepted it all as if he was untouchable. Nothing they said could hurt him.

    In blinding contrast to Squall's, Seifer's love life hadn't been particuarly active. A few girls had chased him down, two had managed to actually seduce him, the first having been accepted by the blond purely out of curiosity and the simple male need to boast that he had indeed lost his viginity and the second because he'd simply gotten tired of avoiding it and he'd honestly run out of excuses to refuse her. Neither had been particularly enjoyable at the time, though they'd seemed rather satisfied. Seifer had been left with an empty feeling, even if he hadn't minded them as people. He'd never professed his love for any of the girls he'd dated, nor the ones he'd had sex with; he just couldn't see himself going much further, making that deeper connection with the types of girls his father approved of. Sure, they were all beautiful in their own right, and some had been smart, humanitarians even, but there'd always been something missing, some level to him that they just couldn't meet him on. No guys had so much as attempted anything on him so far, at least aside from his few run ins with Squall Leonhart. He'd only considered the fact that he might be homosexual in the darker corners of his mind and only on those quiet nights when he just couldn't get to sleep. Eventually, he'd simply decided to view dating as a way to move up in social circles, instead of anything more intimate.

    As for friends, he'd always had plenty or at least what passed for friends, mostly guys he could interact with, make useful connections with and appease his overbearing father with. His father's money meant that when he'd set his mind to it, he could throw one hell of a party. His dad's position in congress meant that he spent a lot of time at the office, meaning Seifer didn't have a curfew, so he could stay out late, attending all those little social functions that were held so dear to the priveleged. As long as his grades were above average and he didn't do anything that would carry embarrassment over to himself and in turn his father, Seifer had all the freedom any eighteen year old could dream of. It was a good system, one that he did his best to maintain. No rocking the boat for him, especially after the incident with his first car.


    Thinking he had made his way free of Leonhart for the time being, Seifer put his confused considerations about the other male to the back of his mind and had a plesant meal, shooting the shit with the other jocks. They were the same as any other jock types he'd hung around before. No, he didn't play football himself, but he was very much a lacrosse player and had pitched for his previous school's baseball team instead. That little tidbit got the usual response, some jokes about pitchers and catchers, good-natured teasing to test him, but he laughed them off instead of violently denying them. In the end, he was painted as a chill guy, someone that would fit in just fine with the group, not a spaz, and certainly not a queer.

    He laughed with the others as they left the restaurant, making their way back to the school. A few of his new 'friends' shielded their eyes and gestured, pointing Squall out to him as if he hadn't already met the brunette and warning him to keep far away from the fag if he knew what was good for him. They said he was easy, a whore and tempter of wholesome, Christian boys like themselves, including Seifer in that statement as well. They denied any such affairs personally, but they assured him that what they said was true about the dark-haired guitar player. It was a sure sign in Seifer's unvoiced opinion, that somewhere along the line, someone was lying about something. How could they know for certain that their information was God's honest truth if not a single one of them had played around with the brunette first hand?

    Squall packed his guitar away as lunch period was ending, smoking a last cigarette as he watched the members of the football team leaving the McDonald's, gaze catching on familiar faces, including the handsome new boy. 'So he's made nice with the other jocks. Smart boy,' Squall thought with a knowing smirk as he flicked his cigarette, resting his backside against the front of his corvette as he watched them shoving each other and laughing like the testosterone high idiots they generally were.

    He blew a not so subtle kiss at the football captain and designated leader of the group when he saw them pointing him out to Seifer. Gregory Houser was a broad-shouldered, cocky brute who'd hooked up with Squall during a party early on in the year, had even begged the young brunette to suck him off. Later, he'd said he'd been drunk and thought Leonhart had been a chick. Squall snorted; the other boy had the mental capacity of a gift-wrapped box of gravel and a tiny prick. It was really no wonder his cliche cheerleader girlfriend had dumped his dumb ass just after that incident. 

    Squall's stormy gaze followed their approach as he picked up the spiralled notebook and pencil from the hood, flicking away the butt of his finished cigarette before tossing the notebook and pencil into the backseat of his car. He closed the door and hit the automatic locks, cocking a hip as the group moved towards the school. He waited for the inevitable, poorly thought out taunt that would be on their lips once they were in close enough proximity for him to hear them without any of the authority catching wind of it. 

    Gregory, having been made a fool of by the blown kiss and feeling the need to reinstate his masculinity, decided it would be best to tease the nasty little faggot a bit before next class began. "Got AIDS yet?" was the terribly distasteful and offcolour remark that came from the jock's wide mouth, a nasty sneer marring his otherwise handsome features. Squall bristled in spite of all of his best attempts to ignore the offensive remark. HIV and AIDS weren''t something to joke about. Squall didn't take too kindly to the remark, being that he was an avid condom user. His dad had taught him better than that; safety always came first. Being a slut was no excuse to be stupid after all.

    "Piss off Greg," was the curt reply as Squall turned to walk into the school purposefully.

    "Or what?" the burly teen antagonized, following after him. The slender brunette's eyes darkened with anger, pupils narrowed in the twilight depths.

"Gregory, it would be unwise to make me angry." They were now in the hallway of the first floor, students mingling in the vicinity stopped to watch, snickering and whispering amongst themselves as the androgenous male faced off with the large jock.

    "Why? Who's gonna be afraid of a prissy little faggot?" Greg questioned, smirking, proud of himself as he looked around the congregating crowd cockily. The gathered students laughed, giving the bully what he wanted. Squall's jaw clenched in irritation. Leave it to the retarded neanderthal to start something to impress his new friend.

    Squall moved with a smooth grace, swiftly pressing his slim frame right up against the other boy, grinding their pelvises together as he tiptoed to speak in a calm, quiet tone in taller jock's ear, "If you don't fuck off, I'll post the video of you crying my name like a little bitch while you came in my mouth on youtube and facebook for all your little buddies to see. You wouldn't want them seeing that now, would you?" His breath caressed the older male's neck and ear, Gregory's form stiffening as Squall's words hit their mark. Squall's blue-grey eyes widened unexpectedly as he felt hardness against his lower abdomen and he smirked wickedly as he stepped back, raising one dark cinnamon brow. Anyone who cared to look could see the erection tenting the other boy's loose jeans.

    "Never took you for a masochist," he remarked as he turned on his heel, eyes narrowing in a glare until the other kids moved out of his way, parting like the red sea. Whispers and laughter erupted as soon as he'd disappeared down the other end of the hall.

    Seifer had watched silently as Gregory, more brawn than brains, mad that he had been flustered and made a fool of by the faggy little school whore had said something out of line to Squall. Even to the tall blond, the comment didn't seem like a particularly nice thing to say; that sort of openly hostile attitude belonged in another era entirely. He couldn't help, but think it was rather hypocritical of the football player, seeing as Seifer was fairly certain that if Squall's gesture was any indication, Greg had been one of the guys who'd 'experimented' with the other male.

    What happened following the entrance into the school hallway had left Seifer picking his jaw up off the ground and he stepped aside quickly as Squall walked passed hastily. 'Wow...' Seifer thought as his eyes followed Leonhart until he disappear around the opposite corner of the corridor. Squall certainly seemed to have balls of steel; he had totally destroyed the larger male. Backing up Squall's exit were a few whispered words and pointed looks which Seifer couldn't help but follow, dark blond brows rising as he laid eyes on the obvious tent in the other boy's jeans and he couldn't help but notice that Gregory looked as if he'd seen a ghost.

    After that little episode, study hall and economics seemed boring; his day had been colored by the incident at lunch. It had made it clear to Seifer that despite the nasty rumours running rampant throughout the school, Squall indeed had some measure of power, probably even because of them. The school's dynamic was quite the puzzler to the tall teenager, something to ponder when the inevitable wave of facebook friend requests came rolling in.

    Squall went to English in a sour mood, the good mood he'd been in previously completely ruined by the asshole of a jock. He wanted to throttle something. Though, he supposed, Gregory had gotten his. Surely his new girlfriend would be pissed off once she heard about what had happened in the hall. It served the dumb fuck right. He smirked, feeling just a little bit vindicated. Class was boring and he ditched study hall during his next period, opting to wander around in the back field while no gym classes were taking place. He read over his copy of Twelfth Night before drama began next period.

    Squall sighed audibly, resting his chin on one soft palm. His drama class was packed with mostly guys, only a couple of the theater geek type girls that didn't like being in front of an audience, but were more than willing to be behind the scenes filling the quota for estrogen in the class. The rest of the idiots in the class, had taken it simply for the easy pass or because they too were theater geeks. The brunette actually enjoyed the class more than he let on most of the time and had taken it to learn about sound tech, lighting, and stage presence. He had aspirations of someday following in his dad's footsteps and having a career as a musician, so the class couldn't hurt. He'd taken the one the year before as well, learning quite a bit. It helped that he actually enjoyed studying Shakespeare as well.

    The drama class took place in the auditorium rather than a classroom and the teacher who ran it was a beatnik spinster of a woman, middle-aged and with way too much energy and the brunette suspected was at the very least a bisexual. But Squall got along with her just fine, maybe because she'd once told him a story about her wild streak during the sixties, apparently seeing herself in him or something. He'd sat himself in a seat near the middle of the third row from the stage, upon which Mrs. Munroe sat, smiling brightly as the other students filed in. Most of them sat on the sides of the first and second row, avoiding their infamous classmate as much as they could, some of them glancing at him, whispering and gawking as the story of what had happened at the end of lunch traveled. Squall ignored them, using a pink highlighter to line the character names in the play. He sat silently in his seat, the ankle of his left leg resting on his right knee, moving to a beat no one else could hear as he continued what he was doing, pretending he was alone. 

    Seifer was late entering the drama class, slinking into the auditorium while the teacher was speaking from her place on the stage, slipping silently into a seat in the fourth row right off the main aisle. Though the class was in the auditorium, the schedule had listed it as being on the third floor and so he had wandered around aimlessly until finally breaking down and asking a passing student where everyone was for Mrs. Munroe's class. Luckily, the teacher didn't seem the type to take attendance, so he simply sat himself down inconspicuously and pretended as if he'd been there the whole time. He gave the class a quick once over, catching sight of an increasingly familiar head of tousled chocolate brown hair. Squall...

    He'd felt like he should say something to the slim male, to somehow apologize or make amends for Gregory's behavior during lunch, but in the end, mostly out of uncertainty, he'd said nothing. Asking how Leonhart was doing would surely give the other boy the impression that Seifer was interested in him more than he was willing to admit and that was the wrong kind of message the blond jock wanted to send. Sure, Squall seemed like an okay guy, albeit one that may or may not attempt to jump his bones at some point, but Seifer had already made it clear that he wasn't interested in the other teen in that way; it would be stupid to make the pretty boy suspect otherwise.

    The class composition had been as he'd more or less expected. A small group of quiet, shy-type girls sitting together, larger group of theater guys sitting to the other side, a brave soul or two sitting behind the girls, obviously failing to work up the nerve to say anything to any of them. Squall's presence wasn't quite a surprise, though not quite expected either. He was hard to place as a whole. Seifer was quickly learning that the flirtatious youth was anything, but your standard highschool whore.  

     Unaware of the jade eyes boring into the back of his head, Squall kept to himself during the entire class, simply reading through the lines he had been given out loud when it was his turn, unbothered by the fact that he had been given a female role to read. He seemed comfortable enough with the old English whilst other students in the class struggled through their respective lines during the reading. His mind was elsewhere, his new mark's presence in the row of seats behind him going completely unnoticed.

    Seifer's brows rose as the shorter brunette pulled another surprise out of his hat, breezing his way though some old English that hurt the blond's head just thinking about the prospect of having to read the complicated lines. He snorted quietly, shaking his head a little. Leonhart was a clever one, at the very least, clever enough to make use of the reputation that he had built, turning what had appeared to be a near zero approval into some kind of good thing for himself. Seifer wouldn't have thought it possible to pull off, but there was Leonhart managing it with a balance that simply blew his mind. Obviously, there was more to the lascivious beauty than met the eye.



    The following day would be Friday and Squall had been offered a chance to play at a bar, a real gig finally. He really wanted to put the finishing touches on the song he'd been working on earlier in the day so that he would be able to perform it at the show. The bar was one that was fairly popular as far as he knew, though he'd never been there before when it was actually open to the public, only to audition for the opening. He didn't know that it was a place several members of the popular cliques frequented using fake IDs they'd bought with their parents' money. Squall didn't own a fake ID, only allowed to play at the bar because the owner knew who his dad was. He was a bit nervous, but more excited about it than anything. It was a chance to start moving towards his future career, to escape the world he'd been living in up until then. There would probably even be talent scouts there.

    As fate would have it, Seifer had been invited to that very same bar by the group he'd met at lunch. He had every intention of attending the outing as well, good PR and all for his integration into the popular crowd. He just hoped that his stature and confidence would allow him to simply walk into the place without identification, otherwise he'd be screwed, having lost his previous fake ID when his father had went through his room after the car accident. He made a mental note to find out where to get a fake just in case.

    Seifer didn't drink all that often, not in public anyways. He had a knack for making an ass out of himself when he did drink, unable to stop after a reasonable amount. Generally, his nights of underaged drinking ended with friends more or less carrying his sorry drunken ass somewhere safe. Usually the safe place was a friend's house where other friends could poke fun at him at their leisure. He had woken up on more than one occasion with a smashing headache and a queasy stomach in an unfamiliar area, requiring a pickup or a ride back to his house to sleep off the hangover. The most recent time being the going away party his friends at his previous school had put together for him the week before. He had sworn off liquor the morning after, suffering through a brutal hangover and several bruises he hadn't recalled receiving. He had sworn the same thing several times in the past, none to any avail.

    The anger Squall had carried since his altercation with Gregory slowly ebbed as the class wore on and his thoughts centered around his gig the following evening, the time ticking away at a snail's pace until the final bell sounded. Upon the shrill ringing that signified the end of their day trapped in the institution, students flocked from the auditorium quickly. Seifer scooped up his bag and started on his way out of the auditorium, aiming to check out the cafe Squall had recommended. He figured he had at least an hour to kill before his ride would show up to collect him, so he might as well get himself used to the area around the school and the surrounding eateries. The brunette that had been seated in front of him stood up, head falling back slightly as he stretched cramped muscles before he turned to leave, slate blue eyes finally falling on the boy he had labeled his new target. He grinned, hurrying his pace so he could catch up to Seifer.

        "Did you enjoy your first day?" he questioned amicably, stepping up next to the tall blond, appearing as if he'd forgotten all about what had happened at lunch. He wanted to force the other to pay attention to him. The more Seifer had to see and speak to him, the more he'd think about him and that was exactly what Squall wanted.

    While his mind was lingering over a certain sultry youth, the phrase 'Speak of the Devil' earned its roots in truth, nearly making Seifer jump out of his skin when the other male had made his presence known, sauntering up next to the larger teen. "Mmm? It was alright I guess," he replied with a shrug, "It's another high school, not really any different than any other. Forced to attend, boring as it may be." The response hadn't been aimed at dismissing the other, on the contrary, Seifer found himself holding open the door for Squall as they departed the auditorium. Squall seemed to put up with a lot from his classmates, something that Seifer didn't particularly care to take part in, granted, he didn't care enough to make a stand to prevent it. He just wouldn't contribute to what was in his opinion, a problem.

    Squall smiled at the older boy impishly as Seifer held the door open for him politely. It seemed the scene from earlier had actually helped his cause seeing as the brawny blond was not acting nearly as standoffish as he had been previously. Seifer rolled his eyes at the grin. 'Give 'em an inch,' he thought, though he wasn't really offended, but rather amused by the other male's antics instead. Seifer was unfazed though, moving in sync with Squall through the hall as though nothing had really happened or changed.

    "Thanks," Squall said unconsciously as he stepped out into the parking lot gracefully, glancing over his shoulder to see the other male following as he held the door once more.

    "It's only as entertaining as you choose to make it," the brunette said in response to Seifer's previously voiced astute opinion of the highschool. His hips swayed as they walked, the well worn black denim conforming perfectly to a perfectly sculpted ass.

    "Never found myself able to enjoy it. You show up; you're given stuff to do at home; you do it; bring it back; do it again. Can't see where you can get entertainment... I almost cut study hall, but decided against it, finished chem instead. I heard from the gym teacher that you cut again. Seems like a regular thing," the taller youth's tone was inquiring, a single golden brow raised expectantly.

    Squall watched the other male as he spoke, breeze ruffling the nest of dark chocolate hair atop his head, actually listening to Seifer's words with some genuine interest. "I cut because that class is the bane of my existence, always full of horny little ninth graders with grabby hands," he grimaced dramatically as he made a groping gesture with his unoccupied hand. "Besides, I've no interest in the clumsy fumbling attempts to get some action from immature children," he sighed, running painted fingers through his hair idly as they approached his car, not bothering to hide his disdain for his ninth grade gym class. He had been stuck in the same class for the last three years, same bullshit, different faces.

    Seifer had to bite his tongue to hold back a comment about 'standards.' It would be in poor taste for sure. Still, with looks and a reputation like Leonhart's, hormones as rampant as the ninth graders' would make him a prime target. 'Grabby hands indeed..'. "Gym isn't that bad. Gives me an excuse to exercise. I probably wouldn't otherwise,"Seifer said with a nonchalant shrug and a lopsided smile that gave him a carefree handsomeness that Squall found entirely charming.

    "Hm, it's not the actual exercise that bothers me, just the unwanted interest," the brunette replied with a shrug of his own before changing the subject entirely. "You've sure made some useful friends already," he gave the taller boy a knowing look over his shoulder as he referred to the group of jocks Seifer had eaten lunch with. 

    Seifer offered another half grin, glancing sidelong at Squall. "My dad's in the congress, registered with the GOP, only works with the Dem's when it's convenient. He taught me that it's not what you know, but who, you know what I mean?" he tilted his head, still looking at the other male from the corners of deep foresty eyes. He figured it would get out soon enough anyway.  

    "So you're dad's a politician... No wonder you didn't care for me much. Even our parents are opposites. My dad's an activist and a musician. My mum was too..." Squall paused as though he hadn't meant to say the last few words about his mother. He didn't talk about her. Ever. He covered the awkward expression quickly, replacing it with a smile, "Though I must agree that connections are the real key to success, not education. How else do we end up with idiots like Deling in office?"

    He stopped next to his car, unlocking it and tossing his books into the back seat. The interior of the corvette was immaculately clean for being a teenager's car, and one that was known for being loose at that. You'd think the car, particularly the backseat would be well-used. Squall's car was actually nice, though an older model, the paint was new and the upholstery well-taken care of. The corvette had been his mother's and red at one time before it had become his on his sixteenth birthday and his father had had it repainted.

    "Yeah. He's not around much really. Politician's are pretty busy. I haven't seen my mom since the divorce," Seifer's good natured smile melted from his mouth as he shrugged. It didn't bother him anymore, or at least that was what he told himself. His dad had suddenly had more money after she'd walked out of his life. Mr. Almasy had focused on his career as if nothing had happened. Seifer, being who he was, with his background, caught Squall's look when he'd mentioned his mother and simply assumed a similar story to his own, if not worse. He wouldn't press him, not being one to pry into the private lives of others. He recognized that look; it was similar to the one that sometimes stared back at him through the mirror.  Unwilling to dwell on the past, numbed nerves that he had no desire to bring back to life, instead he grasped onto the other topic, "Don't even get me started. My dad helped put him in office and he still doesn't like that half baked moron. Even in the party, he was only good because he appealed to the right dynamic of voters."

    Squall closed the car door and leaned back against it, chuckling as he pulled a crushed pack of cigarettes and a lighter from one pocket of his favourite bomber jacket, placing one to his lips and lighting it. He took a drag as he slouched nonchalantly, in no hurry to be anywhere. "So where are you headed now?" he questioned curiously. 

    Seifer didn't smoke usually, too afraid of his father's wrath should he pick up such a habit. "I was just going to loiter around town. The bus doesn't go by my house and my ride won't be able to pick me up until five or later," he replied with a half shrug, "Was thinking about going to that cafe you were talking about."  As he spoke, he looked over the sleek corvette. Leonhart's car was impressive really, especially for a seventeen year old. Seifer no longer had a car of his own and the one he had written off had been nowhere near as nice nor as expensive as Squall's was."Nice car."

    Squall smiled around his cigarette, offering one to the other male politely. He hadn't been surprised to hear that the other male's dad had been involved in Deling's election. Politicians of like minds all seemed to stick together and help each other climb the political ladder as necessary. He cared little about it really. It made no difference to him; he still wanted to suck Seifer off, maybe let him fuck him too if hot blond played his cards right and kept giving him that roguish lopsided grin.

    Seifer took the offered cigarette, figuring it would be rude not to and he couldn't think of any real reason to refuse, even if he didn't generally smoke. It would make it the fifth or sixth he had ever touched. Being that he had only ever smoked a handful of cigarettes in his life, it stood to reason that after he had it lit and took his first hit, he'd cough a bit and be slightly awkward with it between his fingers. He could understand why some people smoked, gave them something to have in their mouth, something to occupy their minds instead of whatever idle thoughts they'd rather not be having. He was similar when it came to puzzles and the like, almost craving that distraction at times.

    "Thanks, it belonged to my mother," the smaller boy replied, glancing at the car he leaned on, running reverent fingertips along the top of the door before focusing his cloudy blue-grey eyes back on the blond, figuring he'd already mentioned her once and the older male hadn't asked about her, so it was safe enough to mention her again. Squall gave Seifer an apologetic look when he mentioned how late his ride was going to be. Being stuck without a ride until after five was well, pathetic really. It was only a quarter to three. 

    "Hm, I was thinking of stopping there myself. Want a ride? I promise to keep my hands to myself, scouts honor," he promised, raising the mandatory two fingered salute and winking at the other male, using his other hand to flick the ash from his cigarette. 

    When Squall easily offered him a ride once more, complete with a vow to keep his hands off, Seifer couldn't help but grin. It wasn't an offer he could easily bring himself to turn down, since chatting with Leonhart had been much more entertaining than hanging out alone outside the school until Mike showed up to collect him. "Sure. Thanks," He said, inclining his head gratefully as he watched the ash flick away, coughing slightly as he took another small drag off his own smoldering stick of tobacco. 

    Squall chuckled softly as the other male choked on the cigarette smoke, clearly not an avid smoker as he himself was. "I don't smoke in my car though, so we'll go when we've finished," he said, lifting the cigarette held demurely between his nail polished fingertips to his lips once again and inhaling with practiced ease.

    Seifer nodded his understanding about the brunette's no-smoking in the car rule as he blinked watering emerald depths. He cleared his throat before attempting to take smaller puffs of the nicotine laced smoke. Of course, the lesser inhales meant he was smoking about half as quickly as Squall, but he supposed it wasn't as embarrassing as the choking at least. "Yeah, wouldn't want to ruin the interior," he agreed honestly; it'd be a real shame to destroy the interior of a car that nice with cigarette smoke.

    "Do you plan on following in your dad's footsteps when you graduate?" Squall questioned idly, watching the broader teen from beneath lowered lashes, cocking his head slightly to let the smoke filter out from between pouty lips away from Seifer's face. He was actually a little interested in the other male, not just for fooling around with either. The other seemed genuinely decent and held the same opinion on highschool that Squall did. His unoccupied fingers slid into the waistband of his jeans just the tiniest bit, fingertips resting there against soft skin instead of the tight pocket where his cell phone was as he considered the tall blond boy before him.

    Seifer stood there in amiable silence for a moment or two, getting comfortable talking with the other. When Squall asked if he wanted to follow in his father's foot steps, he choked on the cigarette once again, gasping and snorting with laughter. He cleared his throat again. When he'd finally regained his breath, he shook his head. "Not fucking likely. I'd rather eat my own foot," he made a face that clearly showed his disdain for the possiblity of having a career in politics like his dad, "I don't think I could handle a desk job like that. I think I'd rather do something like act or model or some shit, you know, something more exciting and less restrictive." He watched wispy tendrils of smoke curl away above them for a second as if he was debating on what else to say. "Don't tell my dad that though. He's already introduced me to at least half the party, already assuming I plan to take after him in a respectable career like his, nevermind the fact that I don't care for the policy makers much. Both sides look the same to me." 

    Squall's pure laughter rang out at the other male's reaction. It was cute watching him choke on the smoke, already taking smaller drags as most non-practiced smokers did. "I doubt I'll ever meet your dad, so you needn't worry. You're secret's safe with me," he assured, laughter dancing in the stormy irises of his eyes. "As you can imagine, republicans and I don't mix too well," he glanced down at himself. He was the farthest away from being conservative as a person could be.

    "I would never have guessed," Seifer replied sarcastically with a smirk. He had assumed as much; standing side by side, it was clear that their upbringing had been miles apart. His ensemble was, for lack of a better word, uptight: dark-washed, boot cut jeans, light blue and white striped polo tee, and a simple black jacket, all of them seemingly recently pressed. "If you took even a step into a party meeting, I think you'd kill at least half of them old geezers if they so much as got a good look at ya."

    Squall snorted at the blond boy's words about what the party members' reactions would be if he ever sauntered into one of their meetings. "Yeah and the other half would have heart attacks as soon as I dropped to my knees in front of them and asked which wanted to go to heaven first," he said with a chuckle.

    Seifer snickered even as he could feel just the slightest burning of heat at the back of his neck; the imagery Squall created was somewhere between amusing and arousing. It would be a quick way to get a new wave of elections going, one way or another. "That's one way to change the world," he said laughingly, trying to shake the picture from his head.

    The devilish brunette grinned, "That's me, pushing boundaries and changing lives one BJ at a time," he quipped. It was a strange sort of flirtatious, yet amicably innocent atmosphere between them as all the other students had seemed to evaporate from the school.

    Seifer rolled his eyes, shaking his head again. Leonhart had apparently taken his reputation to heart. 'Well, to each his own, I guess,' the elder thought inwardly, pushing any curious thoughts about Squall's skill in that particular area from his mind forcibly. "Whatever makes the world go round I guess," was his outward response, closing the topic. He was hardly aware of the other students as they filed out. Soon enough, it was just the two of them left leaning against the shorter boy's corvette.

    "So you'd rather be a performer?" Squall was intrigued by the notion of the seemingly straight-laced jock being something so completely opposite of his upbringing. 

    "Well, yeah, I mean I guess so. I want to do something fun, you know. And people on stage always look like they enjoy what they're doing. My dad just seems tired when he comes home. He always says it's worth the stress, that he's content with his life, and maybe he is, but he just seems to be in denial. I don't wanna be miserable like that everyday." 

    "I getchyou. Being on stage is..." he bit his bottom lip, trying to find the right words to describe the feeling, "It's like having the best orgasm of your life. It's so exhillerating, like finding cloud nine and then jumping off and free falling without the fear of hitting the ground." He dropped his cigarette on the ground, crushing it under his boot heel before running a hand through his hair once again, a habit of sorts.

    "Interesting way to put it," the taller male said, flicking the half burnt cig aside before stepping on it as well. Needing another, safer, topic of conversation, Seifer decided to ask more about Squall's life, figuring it was only fair since he'd shared a bit about his own, "What's your dad do again?" He couldn't recall exactly what Squall had said about his father earlier, but he figured he must have a pretty lucrative job if he could afford to give his son such a nice vehicle. 

    "My dad's a musician, used to be in a popular rock band in the eighties, now he's retired and does various things, recording mostly, some songwriting, producing, stuff like that," the younger replied in a decidedly fond tone, shrugging one shoulder, "He's the one who taught me to play guitar." Seifer nodded, taking in the information and filing it away for later. He could see why Squall was as laidback as he was, made sense, being that he had a rockstar for a dad.

    "Ready to go?" Squall asked, his soft voice breaking into the other teen's thoughts as he ran slim fingers through his feathery chocolate hair once more. 

    "Yeah, sure. I'm ready. Is it far?" Seifer's green-eyed gaze followed Squall's hand as it travelled though his hair, watching how the delicate-looking fingers with the finely painted ebony nails moved amongst the fine strands before he realized what he was doing and shifted his eyes back to the pretty boy's face. He twitched restlessly with a feeling he couldn't place, a sort of itch that he couldn't quite identify. 

    "Nah, it's not far, just up the block. I can drop you back off after if you want. I have to come back this way on my way home anyways," he replied, not noticing the eyes that traced his unconscious movement. He straightened up, narrow hips swaying unconsciously as he made his way around to the other side of the car and opened the driver's door, sliding in with a natural feline-like grace. He dug his car keys from one of his pockets, starting the car as he waited for the other boy to get in. They were lucky; it appeared that no one had seen the two of them leaving together, or so it seemed. Squall hoped so, otherwise a whole slew of new rumours would be born overnight and he would lose any chance of even simply hanging out with Seifer, not to mention trying to seduce him.

    Seifer pulled the passenger door open after Squall had opened his own. Slipping into the comfortable seat, he pulled the door shut behind him before he adjusted the seat a little bit to accommodate his taller frame, allowing him to recline back and settle in. "Alright, sounds like a good deal to me. If it's just a few blocks away then I can walk back. You don't have to stay, if you don't want to or you know if you had other plans or something," he floundered, feeling pathetic for sounding so needy. It was obvious to him and probably to the other boy too; an indirect invitation to hang out. He'd tried to word it carefully so as to ensure he didn't send the wrong kind of invite, but it was an invitation none the less and he'd been the one to initiate it.


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