Broaching the Subject

BY : KimTime-Wolf
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Rude didn’t really know what to make of it. One day he’s telling the obviously oblivious Reno that he’s crushing on Tifa and that Elena is crushing on Tseng (who everyone knows is crushing on Aerith), and the next… well, damn.


They were just doing their job, that’s all it was, but fighting Cloud and his gang, well they didn’t want to anymore. It felt more like they were protecting crazies, namely Hojo, instead of the company or it’s new president. So Reno offered the option to Cloud that they wouldn’t fight them anymore and he agreed. That was when Rude saw him for the first time; blonde hair, blue eyes, goggles perched on his head, a cig in his mouth and a spear in his hand. Rude didn’t know his name, it wasn’t like Cloud ever introduced them to anyone he had with him. But it hadn’t taken long for Rude to find out that he was Cid Highwind, the mechanic hired by ShinRa Electric Company to head the Space Project.


Rude had never had a thing for guys before, though he’d never really ‘not’ had a thing for them either. But going from Chelsea to Tifa to Cid? Well the fact that he was on the opposing team from all of them was something they had in common he supposed. But he kept daydreaming about the blonde pilot - he hadn’t really done that with Chelsea or Tifa. He had talked about them constantly, but not really daydreamed about them.


Rude kept coming up with different ways to see the man again, and then just as quickly discarding them. There was no way that old man was going to be interested in him, even if he WASN’T a Turk. The fact that he was part of ShinRa only made things worse, since ShinRa had kind of left the Space program stranded for several years. Rude was sure it was a sore spot, then all this new crap with Sephiroth, Jenova, Hojo… yeah, Cid would never speak to him. It was best to try and make friends with Cloud and Tifa first... maybe start there.


To that end, once everything had settled down a bit and they had Rufus at Healen Lodge he found out where Cloud and them all ended up and went down to 7th Heaven for a drink. Reno started in teasing him about going to see his girlfriend (meaning Tifa of course, his partner didn’t know he was into someone new) because he started going there every other week when he had the time. He got to know Tifa and Marlene pretty well, even Cloud, though he wasn’t there very often having started up a delivery business. He saw Nanaki, Vincent, Yuffie, Barret, and even Reeve and Cait Sith on occasion. But so far Cid had never been there when he was, he was hoping however, and so kept going in.


When he arrived at 7th Heaven he saw that for once Cloud was in, and it seemed Vincent was there as well, along with Yuffie. Rude did a mental check of everything he had with him and where it was in case the thief decided to have some fun at his expense, then headed for the busy counter. Tifa, Cloud and Marlene were filling drink orders and from the banging sound coming from the kitchen, Rude guessed that Barret was making the food for the night. Tifa gave him a big smile, “Hey Rude! Your usual?”


He nodded with a return smile of his own, “Please and Thank you!” And he went to a side booth that was vacant, since his usual bar stool at the counter was taken.


Cid made his way to 7th Heaven for the celebration, trudging his heavy work boots through the snow. He tightened his scarf around his neck to protect it from the small flakes that landed on it. Opening the door to the bar, the blonde smirked, seeing everyone having fun, and made a b-line to Tifa. “How’s it goin’, Teef? Looks like everyone’s havin’ a lovely evenin’”. He said, lighting a cigarette. Tifa sighed but figured since it was a celebration she wouldn’t bother scolding him about it.


“It’s been great so far. What would you like to drink?” Cid nodded and inhaled deeply before letting the smoke slowly drift from his pale lips.


“I’ll just go for a beer fer now. Save the rum fer me, a’right?” he said jokingly and leaned his back against the bar to watch the crowd as Tifa grabbed his drink. She slid it down the smooth surface, into Cid’s grip before tending to other customers.


Rude was in his own little daze, not from drink or anything, he was still nursing his first Long Island Ice Tea that Marlene had brought him. No he was imagining that if Cid showed up the blonde man would see him and come sit down across from him, give him a salacious lopsided smile and ask him how he’d been doing. Rude would answer with something about his job as a babysitter being boring, and Cid would chuckle and say he could change that…


Then a whiff of cigarette smoke caught his attention. He looked around frantically to see where Reno was… only to realize the redhead was not present. Confused for a moment he rescanned the room. Not twenty feet away from him stood Cid in all his glory leaning against the counter with a beer in his hand. His pulse accelerated and his palms began to sweat. He downed half of his drink in one swallow fighting back a cough as the vodka burned down his throat. Then he proceeded to make himself as small as possible in the corner of his booth in the hopes that the hottest old man alive wouldn’t see him.


Tifa noticed Rude’s sudden change in attitude and let her gaze drift to what had gotten him so nervous. Was he serious? Was he actually looking at Cid? Tifa had nothing against it but it surely wasn’t what she was expecting from the Turk. It was a bit funny actually. Rude had to be at least a foot taller and yet there he was, trying to disappear. She gave Rude a quick smile and urged him to come over and sit.


Cid noticed Tifa’s gesture and looked to Rude. Why was he here? Cid couldn’t see Rude as much of a partier and Reno wasn’t around so that was an excuse out the window. “You here to celebrate too, big guy?” Cid called over.


Rude flinched when Tifa called over to him, luckily the shadows he was in hid any hint of the blush that spread across his face. Then Cid spoke...oh god. Rude had never heard the man speak before, he went cross-eyed as Cid’s gravelly voice rolled through him making him involuntarily shiver. He had to force himself to look over at him and attempt to answer. He opened his mouth and nothing came out, he couldn’t seem to make his voice work. With dawning horror he closed his mouth and shook his head; both to clear it and to say he wasn’t there to celebrate. When he focused on Cid again he was able to answer, “No, I come in every other week for a drink.” Was it just him or did his voice seem a little high?


Cid tilted his head and raised an eyebrow. He did not remember Rude being like this before. “May as well join us since yer here anyway. Shinra must be hell o’ stressful, considering it seems to turn its Turks into mutes, right, Vince?” The gunman chuckled and shook his head at his friend’s jest from where he was leaned against the wall.


“It does seem to have a habit of doing so.” He joked. Cid grinned and took another drag of his cigarette when he noticed Reno come into the room from the restroom.


“Well, well, both o’ ya chose to rain on our parade, huh?” Cid said as the redhead walked over, snickering.


“Shut up an’ gimme a light, would ya?” Cid opened his lighter and let the flame engulf the tip of Reno’s own smoke, before putting it back in his pocket. Reno looked at his partner’s strange behavior and looked between the two men. Oh, this was too good! The redhead could feel his smirk widening and he grabbed Cid’s forearm, pulling him to sit in the booth with him and Rude. “Not a bad turn out, yo.” Cid shrugged. He wasn’t much of a partier himself but it was good to see everyone together.


Rude was just about to join them, because why not? When Reno came in. Rude’s head hit the table, hard - he saw the look Reno gave him, it was officially over before it had even begun. His head did not rise from where it had crashed when Reno and Cid sat down across from him. The only plus side to this arrangement that Rude could readily think of was that it would be harder for Reno to see Cid’s reactions to his behavior. “I didn’t know you guys were celebrating anything. What’s the occasion?”


Tifa came by giving Reno an odd look before asking, “You want a new one Rude, Cid? And what are you having tonight Red?”


Cid chugged the rest of his beer and flung one of his feet on the table, his heavy boot making a loud ‘thud’. “Jenova’s dead an’ we’re happy ‘bout it. Not too complicated.” Reno observed the two other men when Tifa walked up. “Sure, Teef. I’ll have some o’ that rum now.” He said with a grin. Tifa shook her head and giggled, knowing how Cid got when he got a hold of his favorite drink. Here came the fun.


“I’ll have some whisky.” Reno said in reply to Tifa’s question, resting his hands behind his head. The brunette swiped Cid’s foot off the table and shook her finger.


“Not on my tables, Cid Highwind.” The blonde chuckled and nodded. “What about you, Rude? Would you like a refill or something else?” She asked as she expertly slipped him a small piece of paper without the others noticing. “Oh, and Reno, could you come help me with something?” The redhead looked like he wasn’t too keen on it. “I’ll make your drinks on the house~!” she nearly sang, teasing him to follow. He couldn’t deny free drinks.


“Be back soon, yo.” Tifa winked at Rude once before leaving with Reno to go restock some shelves and do various other unneeded tasks. She hoped Rude would listen to her note and ‘loosen up’.


“Ahh, I didn’t realize that was today.” Rude perked up, if all of them were here to celebrate then it would be okay, even normal, to just talk to Cid and get to know him, maybe find out what he’d been up to for the last year. Not that Rude hadn’t been scanning random reports from Rocket Town to find out, but still.


“I’ll take a refill Tifa, thank you.” He smiled as the woman knocked Cid’s feet to the floor, but he could have kissed her for getting Reno to leave. The note she handed him settled onto his lap and under the pretense of sitting back up and adjusting himself to be more comfortable he read it. A small smile touched his face, that woman was far too observant for her own good.


Then something Cid had said earlier jogged his brain and he blinked a few times in consternation before asking, “Why does our being here ‘rain on your parade’?”


Cid noticed the small smile but it didn’t stay for long. “No offense but I’m used to things blowing up and people running when Turks show up.” Cid said with a smirk. Tifa soon returned with their drinks, setting them down and giving Cid a elbow to the shoulder for his comment.


“If you guys need anything else, just let me know. Reno and I will be behind the counter. He’s helping me with the drinks tonight.” Cid nodded and took a swig of his rum, closing his eyes and swallowing the smooth liquid.


“Ah, that’s good stuff.” Tifa giggled and went back to make sure Reno wasn’t destroying anything. Cid knew something was up by Tifa and Reno’s attitudes. Rude was also FAR more shy than he remembered him being. Maybe he didn’t like crowds. “Don’t take it personally. If you guys’r just here fer fun, then it’s good to have ya!” Cid raised his glass in a celebratory manner before taking another long drink.


With an aquicesting tilt of his head Rude silently agreed that the Turks did tend to blow everything up - explosives were in fact his own personal specialty. “I generally come in here at least once a month, just to see how everyone is doing. It’s nice to see life moving on for people when mine seems so stagnant all the time. After all, ShinRa Co. isn’t really a thing anymore… and Rufus has been ill, so we don’t really do much.”


Cid took another sip of his drink and his features began to appear far less harsh and more like he was daydreaming. “Shinra was always amazin’ fer me. I loved gettin’ up an’ gettin’ ready fer work on the ships. Best job I could’a had if the boss didn’t turn out to be such a nut job.” He nodded when Rude mentioned Rufus. “So he’s still pretty messed up, huh? Why not just pick up some kinda hobby if yer life’s so dull?” he asked as he downed the rest of his rum.

Rude grinned, ‘nut job’ was one of the nicer things the previous President ShinRa had been called. “Being a member of the Department of Administrative Research isn’t really all that thrilling.” He shrugged his big shoulders, “It’s more dangerous than fun. Though with Reno for a partner it’s never boring.”


Rude was pretty sure he could drown in Cid’s blue eyes and gravelly voice… so he decided it would be in his best interest not to look the man in eye when he spoke. So Rude kept his focus on the fresh glass of vodka tea Tifa slid in front of him as he swirled the straw it came with around in it slowly. He was glad that Tifa remembered his weird phobia about touching his mouth to a glass he didn’t own. It was something Reno teased him about mercilessly, but the man never made him drink from anything he didn’t want to. So Rude hadn’t had a reason to punch his nose in for the teasing yet.


“You could always hire back on. I know Rufus would like to start something big up. And going to space is pretty freaking big.” He glanced up at the blonde before averting his eyes to his glass again with a blush. Thankfully his skin color made it difficult for most people to tell he could blush and the darkness of the corner booth did nothing but help.


Tifa noticed Cid had obviously downed his drink, as usual, in record speed and gave him another she already had prepared. The pilot looked up with a smile and nodded. “Thanks.” The brunette just nodded back and left the two on their own.


Cid looked Rude right in the eye (well as best as he could with his glasses on) and gave him a look that mixed hope with heart break. “Come on. Red may tease ya but ya shouldn’t go teasin’ me like that too. After everythin’ with AVALANCHE, I’d never be welcomed back and ya know how I feel ‘bout Shinra now. Don’t go danglin’ my dream in my face if I can’t go back to it.” He said with a half hearted smile. “I know ya mean well but I think we both know it wouldn’t work. Shinra don’t got the fundin’ no more, there’s bad blood between us, and I’m pretty sure the guys would hang me by my nuts if I went back after all the hard work we went through.” It was clear Cid was still dealing with some wounds that hadn’t healed. He took a gulp of his drink and just looked around the bar. He had a blush of his own but it was clearly from the alcohol more than anything. “I’d give anything to get back in space just for a day.”


Rude hung his head, which consisted of it lowering just barely, in defeat. Cid was right after all, there was too much bad blood and ShinRa had no financial base at the moment. But Rude had been gunning for anything to bring new industry to them so they could get back on their feet. He kept telling Rufus that he should change the name, maybe even join on as a part of the WRO, but so far the blonde wasn’t having any of it. Though Rude imagined that the whole ‘bad blood’ thing might have a lot to do with that. After all Reeve had betrayed him to join in with Cloud and them to defeat Jenova. Even if Rufus saw all of that as a good thing now, it was probably still a sore spot. “Well does the WRO want to go to space? Or is some way to just get up world wide notice that someone wants to go, and maybe get funding and people to help make it happen that way?” Though Rude could think of several ways to send Cid to outer space without ever leaving a bedroom, he guessed that the ‘bad blood’ deal made Rude’s little crush completely unattainable.


“There aren’t any ways I’ve been able to think of for a while so I’ve mostly been stickin’ to mechanics an’ my airship. It’s the closest thing I got.” A smile crossed Cid’s lips. “Ya should’a seen it. Seein’ Gaia from way up in space was perfect. Felt like if I reached far enough, I could just grab any star right outta the sky.” Cid was starting to hit the drinks hard but it wasn’t exactly in celebration. Tifa was handing him his 4th drink when she told him she couldn’t give him much more and recommended some water. “Mhm.” Was his only response as he fiddled with the glass in front of him. “So what’re yer plans fer the night?” Cid asked, his cheeks a light flush of red. Reno gestured from the bar for Rude to make a move or at least ASK if Cid wanted to meet sometime.

“Well, couldn’t you trade your skill for funding? Well I guess that would just be having a full time job as a mechanic for a while though… then you could just pay for the project yourself. But that would be a lot of money to have to get.” He was running at the mouth a little and he knew it, but Cid made him nervous, and he tended to babble when he was nervous. Neither Chelsea nor Tifa ever made him feel so damned confused!


Rude pointedly ignored Reno, while just hanging out with Cid could be fun, he didn’t trust himself to not slip up and make the guy hate him. After all, he wanted nothing to do with ShinRa. He was simply going to allow Rude to make conversation because he wasn’t there to cause trouble at the moment. It wasn’t like Cid actually wanted to talk to him in particular.


“Um, I don’t really have any plans. Just to come hang out here for a few drinks and go back home. That’s what I always do. At least when I get the chance to come down here. Otherwise I’m stuck with mounds of paperwork and a crotchety blonde.” He made the mistake of looking Cid in the eye when he spoke and didn’t realize he was staring, his liquid chocolate eyes darker than normal, thankfully hidden by his shades.


Cid nodded. “Yeah, I know. Can’t think of anythin’ that wouldn’t take all my time. It would take years fer me to even begin to start a program like that again.” The pilot raised an eyebrow at Rude’s comment, crossed his arms, and leaned back with a smirk. “A ‘crotchety blonde’, huh? Gotta say, that’s pretty insulting.” He knew who Rude was really talking about but figured a joke might lighten his spirits. “If ya got nothin’ to do, why not come help me with the ship? I got extra work so I might need extra hands.”


Rude’s mind stuttered to a stop… Cid needs extra hands. The blush on his face deepened before he could pull his brain out of the rather deep gutter it had sunk in. “I’d like that. Um, helping you out that is. I’m pretty good with mechanics.” Though, he thought to himself, he was better at finding and exploiting their weaknesses. “And I meant Rufus. I don’t know you well enough to know if you’re crotchety or not.” He smiled slowly before taking a swallow of his drink.

Cid snickered. “I know, I’m just teasin’ ya. The help would be good though so thanks.” The blonde was taken by surprise when a young woman sat beside him and wrapped her arms around his neck. She was CLEARLY drunk off her rocker. “S’cuse me, can I help ya?” he said in an irritated tone.


“You’re Cid Highwind, right?” she asked, licking the man’s neck. “You helped save everyone, didn’t you?” Good Gaia, Cid wanted nothing more than to shove the dumb bitch off of him but he couldn’t deny, it had been a loooong time since he got this kind of ‘attention’. Reno covered his mouth to prevent a laughing fit, seeing what had taken place.


Cid rolled his eyes. “Look, sweetie, yer cute an’ all but yer drunk as fuck. Off. I prefer guys anyway.” He said, making the woman pout then slap him.


“You jerk!!” Yup, she was drunk. After seeing the woman’s behavior, Tifa came over and pulled her off the pilot and escorted her out. Cid wiped the saliva off his neck and sighed.


“Crazy bitch.”


Rude smiled again as Cid explained that he was simply teasing and accepted his help. He froze like a popsicle when some pretty woman came over and draped herself all over the pilot he currently had a huge hard-on for. Something he was lucky enough to hide below the table from the blonde. Rude simply watched the interlude unable to look away even though there was a pain in his chest from the knowledge that Cid might actually want this woman. Though he had to tell himself that even if he didn’t it wouldn’t matter because he doubted Cid would want /him/ all over him either. A few seconds later the woman slapped the blonde and there was a buzzing sound in Rude’s ears… he prefers men? Rude removed his clenched hand from his glass, luckily it wasn’t broken - he had really wanted to smite that woman - and sat on his hands. He sat there in calm silence for a few seconds trying to get the urge to jump the blonde in front of him under control.


“Yeah.” Was his soft agreeance with the pilot, the only sound he could manage without squeaking.


Cid noticed Rude’s strange reaction. “What’s up? Feelin’ sick’r somethin’?” The blonde removed his glove, reached across the table, and placed his hand on Rude’s forehead. “Yer burnin’ up.” He said but smirked and turned away with a light laugh when he saw the ‘problem’. Turns out the Turk’s uniform couldn’t hide EVERYTHING. Flopping back in his seat, Cid began sipping at his water. “Tell me, been tryin’ to hit on me?” he asked with his smirk still in place, finally using the Turk’s name.


Rude had himself mostly under control before his eyes were snared and entranced by Cid removing his glove. When the cool hand rested on his forehead for a moment the Turk forgot to breathe or make sure that he was close enough to the table that Cid’s leaning over it wouldn’t give him away. “Um am I?” He spluttered to a stop as a shudder went through him from Cid saying his name, “No. No actually I haven’t been. I would like to, but I haven’t been. I am a part of ShinRa Corporation after all.”

Reno’s jaw dropped. Rude finally admitted it. Gaia, that guy was hard to persuade. Cid pulled his glove back on and leaned back. “Least yer honest. I don’t give a shit if ya work fer Shinra. I just don’t wanna work fer’em. Doesn’t mean I got a problem spendin’ a night with one of its employees.” He explained as he pulled out a fresh cigarette and lit it. “If yer interested, just say so. Or is that not allowed when yer in uniform?” he teased. Cid did find Rude very attractive so it certainly wasn’t a burden on him.


Rude worked not to let his jaw drop before looking down at his faded jeans and black tank-top. “I look like I’m in uniform to you?” Was the first thing his mouth spit out. Then he collected himself, “And I’m pretty sure I did just say I was interested. The whole “I would like to be hitting on you, but I’m not” thing I was pretty sure gave me away.” He grinned before taking another swallow of his drink musing to himself that he didn’t want just ONE night with blonde pilot.


“Nope, it doesn’t, which is why I’m confused as to why it took ya so long. But yeah, that more than just gave ya away. Actually...” Cid made it seem as though he were pondering some idea when he was really just stalling, removing his boot. He was sure Rude would appreciate the fact that the tables had table cloths over them for the special occasion to hide what he was planning. The blonde raised his foot, nudging at Rude’s thigh, then to his erection. To everyone else it just looked like he and Rude were having the same old chat. Cid continued to sip at his water and casually take a puff of his cigarette as he worked Rude’s member. “That gave ya away more than anythin’, Rude.”

Rude jerked as Cid’s toes connected with his thigh then held very, very still as Cid began his treatment of him. Once he was finally able to breathe he asked, “Confused as to why ‘what’ took me so long?” in a strained voice though a smirk graced his face. He caught Cid’s foot with his hands and began massaging it slowly - his jeans were rather painful at the moment so the torture needed to end for a bit.

Cid didn’t know why such a small gesture was a turn on for him. His cheeks reddened a bit further but it clearly wasn’t from the alcohol this time. “As to what made it so hard to admit ya wanted some fun.” He said, regaining his composure and returning to his usual relaxed expression. He leaned back and set his hands behind his head but couldn’t help the occasional leg twitch from the relaxing sensation. He was always on his feet, working nonstop so it was a real treat, as small a gesture as it seemed. The blonde covered his mouth by making it seem like he just had an itch but whispered. “A lil’ higher.” He asked before lowering his hand again and licking his lips.

Rude did as asked and began massaging up the man’s ankle, going back and forth between his long elegant foot and his shapely ankle as he thought out the best way to answer. Watching Cid’s tongue wet his lips made his dick twitch but he didn’t react to his body’s needs. “I want more than just ‘a little fun’.” He murmured honestly, he wasn’t so sure he should tell the man whose foot he held captive that he’d been crushing on him for over a year. He wasn’t sure how well it would go over, since until a couple minutes ago he hadn’t known the man wasn’t straight. Louder he answered, again truthfully, “I didn’t know if you were straight or not for one. Let alone that you would be okay with me hitting on you if you weren’t.” He shrugged large shoulders and dug his thumbs into the sole of the foot he held as he found a knot. How on earth the man had a muscle knot in his foot of all things Rude wasn’t sure he wanted to know.

Cid closed his eyes as Rude continued to massage his foot and listened to his explanation. “Makes sense, I guess.” The pilot mumbled. Reno nudged Tifa and gestured in Cid and Rude’s direction the second he had a feeling he knew what was going on. The redhead whispered to the woman.


“Mission accomplished.” He said, making Tifa giggle.


Cid bit his lip when Rude found the knot on the bottom of his foot. It hurt for a moment until the man managed to loosen it, causing the blonde to moan lightly, as hard as he tried to keep it in. “Trust me, I don’t give a shit if someone doesn’t like the fact that I’m gay. If ya want more than a lil’ fun, maybe we should head somewhere else. Plus, I officially need you ‘round fer a foot massage now an’ then” He murmured, letting his head lull to one side.


Rude smirked anew, “I like giving all kinds of massages.” He ran a long finger up the center of Cid’s foot before releasing him all together. “Where would we go?”


Cid opened his eyes when Rude released his foot and smirked at the implication. “The Highwind’s cleared out.” He said. “No one comes on without my permission so it would be a good place. Plus, it’s not too far out of the city, if you’re up for a short walk. Or is there somewhere else you’d prefer to go?” he asked, slipping his boots back on and putting his cigarette out.

Rude couldn’t contain a small shudder, “I’ve never been on the Highwind before. Going there sounds good to me.” He adjusted himself so his boner was a little less obvious and downed the rest of his drink before placing his money down under the glass and standing.

Cid smirked and stood up, leaving a tip for Tifa. She and Reno had been helpful after all. "Guess ya'll need a thorough 'tour' then." The blonde made sure to tighten his scarf, not looking forward to the snow but he was guessing it would be completely worth it.


They were finally at the ship and not a moment too soon. Cid shivered a bit as he got on board, gesturing for Rude to follow.


Rude had had a good time walking through the snow with Cid, unfortunately he didn’t know the man well enough to attempt to start a snowball fight with him, so he had just talked to him about this and that. Once the Highwind came into view Rude had gasped slightly, it was a beautiful ship. As Cid gestured him inside after him Rude noticed that the blonde man was shivering. “You know, you should really wear warmer clothes in winter Cid.” He took his own leather lined with wool jacket off as he stepped inside and draped it over the other man’s shoulders.


Cid couldn’t help but take pride in Rude’s reaction to his ship. The blonde was about to respond to Rude about the warmer clothes when he felt the jacket draped over him and shook again. “Guess ya kinda forget how cold things are on the ground when yer inside an airship most o’ the time.” He already had his scarf, jacket, and boots but they weren’t exactly meant for this kind of weather. “C’mon, some tea should warm us up.” He said, leading Rude to a small kitchen area. “Want anythin’ to eat? Don’t have too much...” he mused to himself. “Better stock up before my next trip.” The blonde held Rude’s jacket tighter around himself.

“Heh, I wouldn’t know. It’s just as cold in a helicopter as it is outside of one. They’re the only thing I ever flown in.” Rude looked this way and that as he followed Cid down hallways and through open areas, “Tea sounds amazing.” He watched as Cid meandered around the small kitchen space, “I’m not hungry, but thanks for the offer.” Trip? Man, why’s he always gotta leave. I mean sure he lives in Rocket Town… which is on an entirely different continent than this one… but - whoa, slow down there Rude, slow down. Having a mini heart attack at the thought of Cid leaving again Rude decided he should probably work on getting over the man already. Maybe find stuff about him that pissed him off, or something. However watching him move around in his jacket did wicked things to his libido. And the hard-on that had hidden because of the cold started to peek out again.

“No chopper has the quality o’ my ships; not even Shinra’s.” He said with a grin. “This thing could keep ya warm even if Shiva herself tried to freeze it over.” He said. Okay, it was a BIT of an overstatement but he couldn’t help it. The pilot fixed them up some of his favorite tea and handed Rude his own mug. He flopped down into one of the wooden chairs and sighed, inhaling the bitter scent of the herbal tea, letting the hot mug warm his hands. Cid set it down for a moment to remove his gloves so the heat could reach his hands much quicker. “You okay?” he asked, tilting his head at the man. “I never remembered ya seemin’ bipolar before so what’s up with all the change in ya tonight?” Cid furrowed his brows.

“One second all’s fine, the next ya look like yer light years away in a fuckin’ panic.”  Cid sipped at his tea and waited for a response. Was Rude joking about liking him or was he just drunk when he said it? Maybe he was too caught up in the moment and regretted saying it now. That thought did sadden Cid a bit. He loved flying more than anything in the world but it didn’t mean even he didn’t get lonely. He just did his best not to show it. He was Cid Highwind. He always said the sky was all he needed but he was still human.


Rude grinned as Cid explained that his ships were better than everyone’s and sat down across from the pilot at his small kitchen table. The mug fit securely in his cupped hands, getting warm after the frosty air outside. He winced when Cid asked his question, he hadn’t realized he was being so obvious. “There’s really nothing new, and I’m not at all bipolar.” He huffed at the man, “I just wish I saw you more is all.”


Rude ducked his head as he took a swallow of the hot beverage in his hands, he couldn’t believe he’d actually said that. Way embarrassing. But still true. However Rude didn’t plan on spilling his heart out his mouth at his first actual meeting with the man, that’s a little too fast. However, thinking about it… “How would you know how I am? I’ve only ever seen you the one time when Reno told Cloud we weren’t going to fight you guys anymore unless you wanted us to.”


Cid looked Rude directly in the eye when he said he wanted to see him more. “The bipolar thing was a joke. I was just pokin’ fun ‘cause ya been changin’ yer mood all night.” The blonde furrowed his brows at Rude’s last statement. “You gettin’ pissed over a joke? If ya ‘wanna see me more’ but clearly don’t by the lip yer givin’, why’d ya come here?!” Cid asked angrily, standing from his seat. “Fine, I know nothin’ about ya. It’d be stupid to try an’ get to know each other, right? If that’s yer problem, ya know where the fuckin’ door is.”


Rude looked at him startled by the erroneous conclusion the older man had come to. He couldn’t see how anything he had said had led the man to think that Rude didn’t want desperately to get to know him. But if he was going to be so touchy about things… Rude sighed and downed his mug of tea before calmly setting it on the table. He didn’t know if explaining himself would help now with random reactions like that. And the man called HIM bipolar? Rude felt like he’d been slapped in the face and all the joy he’d had in visiting with the blonde was now a little burnt. Rude’s mood hadn’t changed all night, he’d been horny as hell the whole time from the moment he noticed Cid was there. He was a generally closed person, he kept to himself, so wanting someone he barely knew anything about for so long must have fried his brain. “You’re right I do know where it is.” He stood up calmly and walked over to Cid and bent down kissing him on the cheek before he walked out of the room and back out into the cold. He marched back to 7th Heaven and slammed into his car and peeled out back to his apartment. Where he sat staring blindly at his Turk uniform for the remainder of the night.

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