Broaching the Subject

BY : KimTime-Wolf
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“I like that idea.” Rude bent his head down and started kissing Cid’s neck, “Though we might want to make sure the door to your ship locks and head somewhere more private and comfortable.”

Cid sighed as Rude’s lips touched his neck and nodded. “Sounds like a plan.” However, Cid wasn’t moving from his spot, not wanting to leave the amazing sensation Rude was giving him. “Can’t close the door if ya keep that up.” He mumbled.

“Sure we can.” Stilling kissing Cid’s neck Rude wrapped the man in his arms and began slowly walking backwards toward the door they needed to make sure was closed and locked.

Cid could hardly move. He stumbled a bit as Rude guided them back. The blonde gave the door a quick check and smiled when he heard it click into place. “Thank Gaia. If that little bitch broke my ship I-fuck it, forget her. Let’s just go to my room.”

Rude very much liked that idea and followed the blonde to his room with a smile.

Cid locked his door just to be one the safe side and pulled Rude down for a kiss. “Where do we start?” he asked, hoping he could get back into the zone he was in before the brat interrupted.

Rude didn’t say anything but worked Cid’s shirt off of him and undid his pants again. Then he removed his own shirt before running a warm palm down Cid’s chest and sliding his fingers into the man’s pants and wrapping them around the warm throbbing flesh he found there.

Cid soon found it was pretty easy to get back into the mood with Rude around. He gave no resistance when the Turk began undressing him. He felt his legs tremble when Rude began to stroke him and moved them back so they were on his bed. The last thing Cid needed was to fall over in the middle of all this.

Rude smiled as Cid maneuvered them back toward his bed, noting the space the blonde lived in as they moved. It was nice, and just what he would have expected of the old pilot. It was perfect. He brought his mouth within brushing distance of Cid’s and waited, his fingers squeezing and stroking the man’s cock. His other hand was wrapped around Cid’s waist to hold him close.

Cid blushed when Rude came so close but did nothing. Those eyes again. They were not eyes he could stare down. “Wh-What?” Cid asked, not knowing what to do with the man’s eyes so intensely set on him. The blonde soon gave in to the warmth engulfing his manhood and let his head fall on the pillow, letting out a moan. With his face heating up even more, Cid asked. “So ya wanna get to it?” The pilot couldn’t stop thinking of having Rude’s whole body pressed against him.

Rude paused as Cid totally killed the mood with his question and with a shake of his head he leaned in and kissed the man. “Hush, just do and be done. No more talking.” He nibbled his way down Cid’s neck as he hooked his thumbs into his pants and began tugging them off of the blonde.

Cid wriggled his way out of his clothing and smirked. “Don’t be shakin’ yer head at me. I got nervous; sue me.” He joked, pulling Rude forward for a kiss.

Rude kissed him back as he shucked his own pants and boxers, then he lay flat over Cid and ground his hips into the man under him. “I said no more talking.” He growled before kissing the blonde some more.

Cid gasped when Rude pressed their erections together, running his hands up the man’s arms. He trembled as his body finally awoke to these new sensations.

“That’s better.” Rude stated as Cid simply let himself feel instead of analyzing everything with a running commentary. Shuddering himself as he lay naked over the man he’d been fantasizing about for over a year Rude leaned down with a moan and licked up the side of Cid’s neck.

Cid pursed his lips together, keeping himself quiet. He wanted to speak but he knew it was just because he was a little nervous. He allowed himself to give in and embrace the man above him as he toyed with him.

Rude ghosted his hands down Cid’s sides as he slowly sat up between the blonde’s legs. He brought them up along the outside of power thighs and circled his knees before sliding them down the silky innerthighs. Upon hitting their destination one large tanned hand wrapped elegant fingers around a beautifully straining cock and began pumping slowly while the other cupped a lightly furred sac and fondled away. Through all of this Rude watched Cid’s face, looking for signs of discomfort or pleasure.

Cid took a quick breath as Rude worked him over and ran his hand through his blonde hair, trying to slow his breathing. He gripped the sheets with his other hand, not knowing what to do, so overtaken by the sensation. “Oh, fuck.” He wanted to stay composed but part of him wanted to just let go completely. "M-More~" he managed to whisper.

Rude smiled at the melting man below him, his own dick, beyond hard, pulsing with painful wanting with every pant Cid made. He ducked his head down and licked the precum from Cid’s tip, groaning as the delicious taste assaulted his tongue.

It only took a few licks until Cid did what his body was telling him and stopped holding back. He never thought moaning out loud and even WANTING another man to hear him would ever happen but for some reason, it gave him a huge rush. Cid stopped trying to control himself in any way, letting his body buck, squirm, and shiver as it needed. He never had anyone do anything like this to him; not even close.

Rude shuddered as Cid finally let go, a moan reaching his ears that had him groaning. He took Cid fully into his mouth and began to suck. He removed his hand from Cid’s balls and began pumping himself to the rhythm of his bobbing head, getting his fingers sticky with his own precum. Once they were slick enough he brought the wet digits to Cid’s ass, sliding his warm slick finger along the crevice to rub against the puckered hole there.

“Oh, Gaia!” Cid grit his teeth, his breathing becoming heavier until he felt that slick finger against him. He froze for a moment, trying to assess the feeling. It was alien to him; not bad, just different. It wasn’t like the rest of what they were doing. There was no instant pleasure but he soon felt it and let out a sigh as his muscles began to relax. They went back and forth from tense to relaxed many times as Rude toyed with him. The blonde forced himself to relax his whole body, slowly allowing Rude further access. “Fuck.”

As Cid began to relax Rude continued to suck on the engorged member in his mouth as he began to slowly press his finger into Cid’s ass. Only pushing in more after the muscles had relaxed so as not to hurt his new lover.

Cid became a bit quieter. He was enjoying the pleasure Rude was giving him but he’d never done any kind of anal play. It didn’t hurt or anything, his body just didn’t know how to react. The pilot flinched every time the digit inside him pressed against an unexpected area. He continued to try and adjust though. He heard anal could feel amazing and he wanted to feel it but every move was a surprise to his body. The blonde knew Rude was on the right track when he felt a jolt of pleasure. “Th-There.” He said, squeezing the sheets for a second.

Rude grinned when Cid’s voice stuttered out and he rubbed his finger over the spot his finger had found and watched the beautiful man below him.

Cid began panting as Rude worked him over, clenching onto the pillow under his head and tilting his head back with a loud groan. He came and his whole body tensed. The room was a blur and the pilot could hardly remember his own name, he was so out of it. “”

As Cid squirted into his mouth Rude groaned and swallowed it all down. He came off of his new lover with a smile, removing his finger from the grasping muscles he began pumping himself in earnest, the spent look on Cid’s face and the languid collapse of his body an erotic image that his brain couldn’t handle. With his hand fisted around himself and slamming back and forth he leaned down over Cid and kissed him. “Glad you liked it.”

Cid was still too out of it to register most of what was happening but he didn’t care. He reached up, heavily draping an arm over the Turk, and pulling him close to nuzzle his cheek. The blonde didn’t want to speak and break the content state he’d reached so he just continued to kiss and nuzzle the large man.

Rude finally came in his own hand while sucking on Cid’s tongue. He groaned and flopped over to the side spent. /That was amazing!/ He thought to himself. Once he could focus again he looked over at Cid, “How you doin’?”

Cid didn’t respond verbally, unsure of what to say but he pulled himself closer to Rude, wanting to keep him close; his scent, his voice, his touch. Cid couldn’t remember ever feeling this amazing in his life. “C-Can’t see...” he mumbled, clearly still stuck in bliss. He didn’t want it to end.

Rude chuckled at him and laid his arm around his waist, “That’s alright. It will come back after a while. Once your pleasure’s spent.” Until then Rude had every intention of simply holding the other sexy man close.

“Don’t want it to go away.” Cid’s head was resting heavily on his pillow, his breathing was slowing, and he was starting to relax. However, he didn’t seem any more awake than before. If anything; he seemed even weaker. “F’I go t’sleep, ya gonna be here when I wake up?” The blonde refused to let Rude go.

Rude smiled, “I’ll be here for as long as you want me to be.”

“Good.” Snuggling the slightest bit closer, Cid pressed his cheek to Rude’s collarbone, taking a deep breath, and making sure they were both covered by the blankets. He felt so wonderful. Cid didn’t often feel like he was in danger or anything but Rude’s presence made him feel ten times safer regardless. “Gonna keep me warm’r what?” he joked, never lifting his head. It wasn’t long before Cid fell asleep.

Once Cid fell asleep Rude did the same, keeping a selfish arm across the chiseled body next to his own. He woke to sunlight streaming into his eyes and prickly stubble chafing at his chest. It was a pleasant feeling. He opened groggy eyes and looked down to see blonde hair just beginning to get silver strands below his nose. He smiled and snuggled deeper into the bed, he was sure Cid had never slept this late into the morning in his life and he didn’t want to wake the overworked man. Plus, he was extremely comfortable exactly where he was.

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