Broaching the Subject

BY : KimTime-Wolf
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Cid mumbled, not wanting to move. However his mental clock was telling him to wake up. He cracked open one ocean blue eye and glanced up before giving a tired smile. “Mornin’.” He said, nuzzling Rude’s chest and pulling the blanket over his chin. “What time is it?”

Rude woke instantly as the body next to him began to move, he kept his eyes closed not rebooted enough to remember where he was or why there was a naked body pressed against his own. They the voice that haunted his dreams told him ‘Mornin’’ and asked for the time. Rude smiled slowly, still keeping his eyes closed, “Too damned early.” He reached out and cuddled the blonde to his chest.

Cid smirked as his cheek was pressed more firmly to Rude’s warm skin. “I gotta work on the Highwind though.” He said in a happy, dazed tone. “I wanna stay here too though.” The blonde honestly couldn’t make up his mind.

Rude proceeded to pout, “Well, then, do you need any help? I’m off for the day.”

Cid thought for a moment. “I get to work on the Highwind any time I want. I’m guessin’ ya don’t get many days off so I think I’ll stick around here instead.” The pilot closed his eyes and rested his head back down, letting out a yawn. “Not every day I get to be in bed like this. Hell, there’s NEVER been a day when I had the option to do this.” He said with a snicker.

“Never?” Rude opened his eyes and gave Cid a curious look, “I find that hard to believe. You’re gorgeous. There’s no way there haven’t been people who wanted to spend the morning in bed with you.” He ran his fingers up Cid’s back lightly feeling the twitching of sculpted muscles under velvet skin. He knew there was nowhere else he would rather be.

Cid raised an eyebrow at the ‘gorgeous’ comment but still took it as a compliment. “Never been with no one before so it would only make sense.” Cid shivered at Rude’s gentle touch and let out a deep breath as his body relaxed.

“Well I understand that. I haven’t either...but, you’ve never just slept next to someone before?” Maybe it weird the Rude had? He wasn’t really sure. But he knew he’d woken up next to SOLDIERs, Reno, Tseng, Elena, Twain and even Hank before. Granted it was during maybe that made it different.

Cid shook his head. “Nope. Why do ya think I don’t wanna leave now?” he asked with a chuckle. Cid never knew how great it felt to wake up and have someone next to him, let alone holding him like this.

A huge smile took over Rude’s face and he buried his nose in Cid’s neck to hide his doofy expression. He wrapped his arms around Cid to pull him closer and then rolled onto his back, dragging Cid on top of him. A slight shudder went through his body at the contact and all he could think was how long he’d wanted to be right where he was. “So, no leaving. What should we do then? Get some more sleep?” His voice was teasing as he looked up into blue eyes.

Cid lazily rested his head on Rude’s chest and yawned, nuzzling close for more heat. He looked to the other man when he asked what they should do. Not quite sure how to say it, Cid grinded his hips against Rude’s. “As long as neither of us need to leave this bed, I’m up fer it.”

Rude gasped as those strong hips ground into his own, a long low moan left his throat as Cid’s response reached his ears. His dick hardened instantly a pleasurable pain that left it to rub and bounce against Cid’s skin as their breathing moved their bodies. “I can get behind that movement.” He ran his fingers up and down Cid’s sides and back, mapping the contours he found there to his memory.

Cid jumped a bit when he felt Rude’s member against him. The blonde thought for a moment then let his gaze travel up to meet Rude’s. “Maybe we could take it a bit further this time.” Cid still wasn’t sure how it would feel but now that his pride was finally out of the way, he was more willing to give it a chance.

Rude visibly shuddered before he could control it, his eyes squeezing shut and his hands spasming on Cid’s skin. He forced his breathing to even out and opened his eyes again, “Anything you want.”

Cid gave an embarrassed smile and chuckled. “Not sure what I want.” Cid really never had time to think of these things so he never played on what he may enjoy most in bed.

Rude smirked and brought a hand up between them, he ran it down Cid’s chest and down his abdomen, feeling the muscles flinch beneath his fingers. He reached his destination and wrapped his warm fingers around Cid’s member, learning the wrinkles and sensitive spots as he moved his fingers up and down it slowly.

Cid buried his face in Rude’s chest and moaned when his hand reached his penis. The blonde ran his hands over the Turk’s shoulders as he toyed with him.

Rude’s dick twitched but his hand on Cid remained steady, searching out the different pleasure spots on his new partner. He’d never had sex himself, but he knew what he liked at least. So he figured he’d try those and Cid and see what worked and what didn’t.

Cid continued moaning as Rude found spot after spot that made him shiver. He felt his own cock becoming harder from the attention and gently bit the taller man’s collarbone. Cid then reached down and moved Rude’s hand slowly, showing him exactly where the most sensitive areas were. His hand began to tremble as his body began to react more and more.

Rude shivered and groaned when Cid bit him stretching his neck to one side to give him better access, if felt so fucking good! He smiled as Cid moved his hand where he wanted it, proud of the man above him for taking initiative. Rude kept working his hand over Cid’s cock as the man showed him to but his other roamed over the broad expanse of chest, pads gliding over stiffened nipples and panting lips, searching for more ways to pleasure him.

Cid hissed when Rude found just the right rhythm and movements, unable to unclench his fist from the sheets when he felt another large hand on his chest. He began thrusting his cock into Rude’s palm once his body’s excitement got higher.

“Mmmm, yes. Like that Cid, mmmh.” Rude whimpered slightly when Cid began thrusting into his grip. He kept it up, gently squeezing and releasing the slick length in his fingers wanting to feel Cid explode all over him.

Hearing Rude’s voice praising him like that caused Cid to whimper, as much as he tried to hold it back. The larger man’s hand was pleasingly warm against him. The pilot continued thrusting harder and harder, the more Rude praised him, nearly ripping the sheets and letting out a deep growl, wanting nothing more than to come all over the man beneath him.

“Ooooh! Cum for me Cid.” Rude looked up at him with eyes liquified by lust. It was pure torture for Rude to watch this erotic display above him, his dick was so hard it hurt, making him gasp every time Cid thrust forward and his leg slide along his own length.

With just a few more thrusts, Cid came, arching his back and momentarily gritting his teeth until the powerful tremors left his body. He stayed hunched forward, on Rude’s shoulder, panting heavily as his body shook.

“Beautiful.” Rude sighed out as Cid came, squirting his seed over his fingers and stomach. He shuddered as he released that sticky warmth and brought his fingers up to his mouth, licking off the juices there. The way Cid had looked with his head thrown back, his teeth clenched on the cries he so obviously wanted to release were forever burned into Rude’s mind. Just thinking of it and the feeling of his own mouth sucking his fingers had him cuming, his own fluids sliding back down along his length.

Cid watched Rude licking his semen off his fingers and tried to catch his breath. The blonde wasn’t sure how to ask but Gaia, he just wanted Rude to fuck him. He wanted to know what it felt like so badly now that they had gone past that burier. “Can we...?” He stopped his shaky words, trying to figure out how to ask in his mind.

Rude shuddered in the aftermath of his body’s explosion and looked over at Cid as he spoke. A slow smile graced his lips as he saw the want in Cid’s eyes. A want that Rude had been feeling for years. “Like I said, whatever you want.” He was hard again, his cum still sliding down the ridges of his penis. He brought his cum stained fingers back down to the pool of Cid’s seed on his stomach and soaked them again before reaching them around to Cid’s ass. He played with the puckered hole there, sliding his slick fingers over it, pressing a digit in slightly, then pulling it out again and gliding his fingers over the spot again.

Cid trembled when he felt Rude’s fingers dance over his skin. The second they reached his entrance, he groaned and nodded, keeping his face buried in the other man’s neck. “That’s what I want.” He whispered when he felt the intrusion. “Inside me.”

Rude smirked evilly, “So you just want to be finger fucked again, is that it?” Rude slipped a long digit inside of Cid, flexing it around for a few seconds before adding another. He repeated the process slowly, letting Cid’s body adjust and widen until he could fit all four of his fingers into that hot channel. Then he began to slowly thrust them all in and out of the man, carefully watching Cid’s face for any sign of discomfort. What he really wanted though was to flip them over and slam his own dick into the man over and over again until the both of them died of pleasure.

Cid began groaning loudly as more fingers were pressed deeply into him. He couldn’t have ever imagined how amazing something like this would feel. The pilot reached back, feeling Rude’s digits disappearing inside him over and over again. He turned himself so his ass was facing Rude and his head was resting on the man’s strong legs. His face was completely red. “Keep going.” He begged. He swallowed his nerves and sighed. “Your fist. I wanna feel it.”

Confused as to why Cid was moving, Rude paused in his ministrations, but then that beautiful ass was looking him in the face, and Cid was begging. Rude’s eyes rolled back up into his head at Cid’s words. And he plunged his fingers back into the man, wiggled them around for a few seconds and then pulled out again. He bent his finger knuckles a bit, not making a whole fist, but nearly there and pressed his hand back into his man. He did so slowly, know that this would be a different kind of stretching, then he simply rocked his knuckles back and forth waiting for Cid’s reaction. He didn’t want to hurt the old man after all, and he didn’t want to do something the blonde ended up not liking after he asked for it.

Cid was gasping, so in love with the new sensation. He reached back once more, feeling how stretched he was, letting out a deep, shaky breath. “Fuckin’ Hell.” He rested his head down once more and inhaled slowly. “Keep going.” The blonde lustfully whispered.

Rude’s dick twitched and he slowly pushed his entire hand into Cid, pulling back out and pushing in further until he was wrist deep in the man. Then he fully fisted his hand, going slowly and rocking it around inside him. He reached his other hand around to Cid’s cock and began stroking it in a slow rhythm. Once that tight space was stretched and giving freely to his fist he began to pump his fist into Cid in short bursts, never really pulling very far out before snapping in deeper.

Cid held his breath until Rude’s hand was fully inside him. The blonde let out a long groan when he felt the large hand ball up into a fist, spreading his inner walls. The light rocking Rude started had Cid nearly drooling. Once his muscles relaxed and Rude could finally move his fist more freely, Cid’s eyes rolled back into his head. All words were lost to him. Cid began moving his body with Rude’s rhythm, a light hum of pleasure escaping his lips with each push.

Rude smiled as Cid began rocking with him, helping the rhythm along. He stroked the man’s dick in time with his fist in his ass, making sure that the fist wrapped around Cid’s length was smacking into the base with just enough force to jiggle his balls at the same time that his fist in his ass pushed in the deepest. Pulling each away from Cid’s core and going back again. The hypnotic repetition had his own cock hard and leaking as it swayed and flopped against his stomach. With a huge groan Rude slide himself down the bed, changing the angle of his fist thrusts slightly and getting a different grip on his dick, “Cid~.” He moaned out before he began licking the area around his wrist as it plunged in and out of Cid.

Cid felt a wave of excitement crawl over his skin, causing him to reach and pull at the blankets and roll his strong shoulders with the motion. His mouth was agape and sweat was beading over his skin. He came, making a mess of the man beneath him. The pilot panted slowly bringing himself back. He made no attempt to stop or slow Rude, still enjoying it all. He let his low moans echo through the room, never losing the same rhythm Rude was going.

Rude groaned as his chest was covered in Cremé la cremé la Cid, he took his now extremely slickened hand from Cid’s now flaccid penis and began stroking his own to the pace of his punching fist. His head fell back as the pleasure coursed through him and he began bucking jerkily into his hand, his fist pumping spasmodically into Cid.

Cid moved back just enough to lick Rude’s cock, tasting the slimy fluid as it slowly dripped onto the larger man’s body. The blonde licked his lips and lowered his head once more, taking the head of the throbbing member into his mouth, lightly sucking each time he felt Rude’s fist go deeper.

“Fuck!” Rude whimpered as Cid’s mouth closed around him, “Ahhh~!” He pumped his fist faster and tried to control his bucking hips. He didn’t want to choke the man above him after all, but damn! It felt SO good!

Cid could tell how much Rude was loving it and began to suck harder. He reached a hand down and fondled the man, rolling and gently squeezing his testicals. Cid didn’t know exactly what Rude was interested in but he was determined to find out if it made him this desperate.

“Oh Goddess.” Rude sighed out and rolled his hips up as Cid sucked harder and finally began to touch him back. He calmed his raging hormones and went back to fisting the man at hard and fast, but consistent pace. He wanted that mouth on him for as long as he could get it.

Cid took more of Rude’s hot flesh into his mouth and continued toying with his balls. The blonde was amazed that Rude was able to relax his body to this state. He couldn’t help reaching back and feeling it. Cid ran his hand over Rude’s skin until it met with his body. Just the thought of having the other man so deep in him made Cid whimper. He sucked harder, knowing Rude was probably close, dipping his tongue into his slit, and swallowing any of the delicious fluid that flowed from it.

Rude shuddered under the onslaught of feeling that Cid was subjecting him to. He hadn’t thought a mouth could feel this amazing. Though, they were about to have a problem, because while Rude wasn’t weak in any sense,and he worked out on a regular basis… his arm was getting tired. Slowly slowing down without his consent or notice.

Cid moved Rude’s hand and fully engulfed his erection. He felt the man’s fist slowing and snickered. To be honest, Cid was amazed Rude had be able to keep it going that long. He focused on the Turk’s body, massaging the inside of his thighs, and continued sucking.

“Oh~.” Rude sighed contentedly and began a slow and hard rhythm with his pumping fist focusing on getting Cid off again and keeping that delicious feeling around his cock.

Cid began feeling his orgasm creeping over him. He pulled off of Rude, needing more air the closer he got. The blonde focused on Rude’s body and the pleasure he was giving him until he came again, gripping the other man’s thighs.

“Mhmmm, I do enjoy being covered in you.” Rude rumbled out as Cid came all over him again. He slowly removed his fist from the man and brought his other hand to his own dick again, three quick jerks up and down its length and he came himself.

Cid gave a long groan as Rude pulled his fist from his body. When Rude came the pilot waited for his breathing to return to normal and lay on his side, trembling now and then. He only responded to the man’s comment with a weak chuckle.

It took a while but Rude finally gathered the energy to roll off of the bed, “Where’s your bathroom?” He totally should have asked that a long time ago, but now it was actually relevant.

Cid closed his eyes and snuggled into the blankets, slowly pointing to a door in the corner of the room. “Nothin’ special but it’s got whatever ya need.” The blonde mumbled.

Rude smiled down at the man as he moved around the bed, he planted a soft kiss on Cid’s lips before disappearing into the bathroom. He closed the door and turned on the water in the sink and washed his hands, putting extra care into scrubbing under the fingernails of the one that had been in Cid’s ass. Then he used the toilet, the idea of his fist in Cid and the even more pleasant idea of any part of Cid in himself had him stroking himself off into the toilet once his original goal had been completed. Then he washed the cum from his chest and washed his hands again before heading back into the bedroom.

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