Broaching the Subject

BY : KimTime-Wolf
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Cid smirked when he heard Rude pleasuring himself in the bathroom but said nothing about it when the man came back. “Ya gonna get comfy or what?” he asked, hoping Rude would get back in the bed.

Rude grinned, “That depends, does getting comfy include food?” He winced as he stomach growled loudly, “Cause I’m kinda hungry.” He looked to the side as a blush brightened his skin.

Cid chuckled. “Grab whatever ya want. Just make it breakfast in bed because I’m too comfy to move and I want ya in here.” Cid already missed the Turk’s warmth.

Rude grinned then grabbed up his pants and slipped them on. Then he left the room to blunder his way to the kitchen, he took two wrong turns and ran into a wall and a door before he found it. Then… he simply stared at it. It was a disaster. So very obvious that Cid was a bachelor. He shook his head and gathered up all of the dishes he thought he would need and cleaned out the sink, found soup and something to scrub them with and something to dry them with and washed them all. Once he had dishes to use he cleaned off the stove and opened cupboards until he found something to eat. He ended up making pancakes and eggs. He found a carrying tray and set the pile of pancakes on their plate on it, then the plate of eggs and poured two glasses of milk and placed them there as well. Then he found some syrup and jam and put them on there as well before heading back to Cid’s bedroom. Thankfully he didn’t get lost this time. “Hope yer hungry handsome!”

Cid snickered, hearing Rude fumble around, trying to find the kitchen. After a few minutes of silence, the blonde opened his eyes to see Rude standing there with breakfast for him as well. He’d assumed the Turk was grabbing something for himself. “Thanks. And yeah, I am.” Cid accepted his plate and slowly gobbled the pancakes down, one piece at a time. His manners were surprisingly decent for the way he usually acted. He became a bit of a sloth in the mornings. Everything he did, from eating to brushing his teeth was slow. Cid made sure there was enough room for Rude to make himself comfortable as well.

Rude grinned and brought over the tray, setting it down at Cid’s feet. He clambered up onto the bed next to the blonde and began eating his own breakfast. Once he was finished he leaned over and licked Cid’s neck. “Mmmm, yep. You taste much better.”

“That so?” Cid responded, tilting his head to the side and smiling. It didn’t take him to long to finish his food. He set his fork down and sat still, enjoying Rude’s affection, giving a light moan as the gentle but slick muscle travelled over his skin.

“Yep, that’s so.” Rude rose from the bed and took all of the dishes and the tray back to the kitchen and rinsed them off. Then he came back and stood braced in the doorway, “So now what?”

Cid stood and stretched. “Work, I guess. If ya still wanna stick around, I can teach ya a thing’r two to help with the ship.”

Rude smiled over at him, “Sure, I’d love to help you out.”

Cid started walking to the bathroom for a morning shower but stopped only to grab Rude’s hand and pull him along, never once looking up at the man, knowing his face was bright red.

Rude smiled as Cid grabbed his hand and yanked him into the bathroom with him, the flush of red showing up the man’s throat telling him the blonde was embarrassed again. “Mmm, we get to bathe each other now? I like that idea.” He leaned forward and licked Cid’s neck.

Cid felt goosebumps on his skin as the taller man teased him. He led Rude into the bathroom and turned the shower on, still avoiding eye contact as he waited for the water to heat up. “Only if ya want.” He responded, cringing at his words a second after, noting the man already said he liked the idea. ‘I just shouldn’t talk when I don’t know what to say.’ He thought.

Rude chuckled and kissed Cid’s shoulder before taking his pants back off, letting them pool on the floor. He stepped into the shower, letting the still cool water hit his overheated skin. His dick waved in the air proudly, red with need. He moved to the back of the shower so that Cid had room to get in and maneuver around to close the curtain if he so desired, Rude didn’t really care if they soaked the floor or not.

Cid waited a few seconds longer until the water was warm and joined Rude. The blonde began scrubbing himself down, still unsure of how exactly he was supposed to go about the situation. It was obvious Rude needed some relief but what would he want? Cid’s overactive mind started to get the best of him again. However, he wrapped his arms around Rude, as if to let him know he wanted him there...he was just clueless.

Rude smirked at Cid’s obviously loss of what to do. He grabbed the bar of soap and soaped a washcloth before running lightly over Cid’s back as the man held him. “Just touch me Cid, any way you want to.”

Cid exhaled heavily in relief, knowing Rude understood he was just a bit out of his element again. Even though they’d fooled around, initiating anything was a little nerve-wracking for Cid. The pilot began kissing Rude’s soaked chest before moving lower and lower. He knelt down on the shower floor, licking the water off of the other man’s inner thighs. He soon found his way to the dark patch of coarse hair and Rude’s begging cock. Cid let his tongue wander the warm, impressive length, now too entranced to worry about insecurities.

Rude groaned as Cid wandered over his flesh sending prickling sensations rushing across the surface. He developed goosebumps and the shakes the longer Cid touched him. Every kiss seared him and his dick twitched with every warm breath that glided across his skin. He watched as Cid lowered himself to the shower floor and was snared eternally when that delicious tongue slide itself along his length. He tried his best to hold himself still and just let Cid set his own pace, but the need kept building and soon his shaft was so hard with want that it was painful when touched. Rude let out a small whimper, closed his eyes, and leaned his head back against the wall.

Cid took Rude’s erection into his mouth and began tasting the hot length, inch by inch. The blonde soon found a rhythm and started sucking, keeping the base of Rude’s cock in his fist as the other moved to tease the Turk’s taint. He snuck wet fingers back between his cheeks, occasionally running over his entrance as he enjoyed the flavor Rude gave him.

Rude was melting, it felt so damn good! When Cid began teasing him his legs nearly gave out and his hands scrambled for holds on the walls. His whole body was shaking with need. The feel of that warm mouth around him was mind numbing and Rude simply wanted it to continue forever.

Cid sucked harder, seeing how much Rude was enjoying it and finally slipped a finger into the man, hoping it felt just as amazing as it had for him. The blonde was beginning to feel his own arousal as Rude’s intimate scent pulled him further and further into his fantasies. His scent, taste, and the feeling of his hot pulse under his flesh was intoxicating.

“Mmmmah! Cid~, mmmhm, fuck~!” Rude’s legs shook and he was panting so hard he felt like his chest would burst at any second. “I… I can’t stand… I’m gonna fall.” Just as he finished speaking his legs finally gave out. “Ahh!”

Cid backed up slightly but quickly reached forward to place his hand on Rude’s cheek, trying to get him to look up at him. “Whoa, you okay? Ya didn’t hit yer head or anythin’. Did ya?” The blonde felt the back of the man’s head, gently looking for any forming bumps.

Rude slid to the floor in mushy heap, he shook his head to Cid’s questions. “No, I’m alright.” He laughed a bit, “Gaia, I love your mouth.” He leaned forward and captured Cid’s lips in a long languid kiss.

Cid returned the kiss, enjoying the feeling of the hot water over his back and Rude’s soft lips on his. The blonde pulled away to finish the job and lowered his head between Rude’s legs, returning to sucking and fondling him.

Rude groaned and relaxed against the wall as Cid began sucking on him again. It was the most amazing feeling he’d ever felt in his life! He absently began running his fingers gently through Cid’s hair, his fingers flexing smartly at every surge of lust that went through his system as the blonde handled him.

Cid sighed contently, enjoying the taste of Rude’s cock. His eyelids drooped as he re-entered his fantasy land, humming lightly around the shaft in his mouth. The blonde was still getting harder as he did his damndest to get Rude to cum.

Rude’s shaft was unbelievably stiff and the ache was nearly unbearable. His balls tightened and throbbed with their eminent release, “Nhh, Cid, mmmh, I’m gonna…”

Cid was a little late heading Rude’s warning and nearly choked as his throat was filled. He pulled back instantly with a slight cough, getting a small spurt of semen on his cheek as he did. The blonde quickly regained his composure and swallowed, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, and giving a bit of a laugh at how silly the scene must have been. “Can’t say I was ready for that.”

“Sorry.” Rude said weakly as he slumped against the wall. His higher brain functions temporarily out of commission.

Cid smiled and leaned forward to give Rude a quick kiss. “It’s fine.” he said, amused with the Turk's current state.

Rude kissed him back thinking that if that was what it felt like orally… he might just die if he ever got to be inside the man. Or have Cid inside of him. He groaned weakly at the thought, his cock beginning to harden again. “You are fantastic.”

“I’ll take yer word for it.” Cid said with a chuckle before continuing to kiss the Turk. He felt Rude’s erection against him and looked down. “How can you still be hard after that?”

“Not ‘still’ just ‘again’. And because you’re sexy and I was thinking about having you inside me.” Rude blushed a looked away.

Cid thought for a moment with a blush covering his cheeks before he swallowed and spoke. “Well, if I’m gonna do that, we should get somewhere a bit more comfortable, don’t ya think?”

A delicious shudder went through Rude’s body, but he had to state, “I thought you wanted a shower? And then to work on the ship?”

“A shower’s fer gettin’ clean. No point if we’re gonna get messy and the ship can wait a couple more hours.”

Another shudder raked through Rude’s body and he reached behind him to turn the water off. He watched Cid with heavily lidded eyes, “Are you sure?”

Cid nodded. He had no clue how it would feel to actually fuck Rude but damn he was excited for it. He didn’t care who topped. He just wanted to finally do this. “Where?” he asked, referring to where they should go.

Rude chuckled, “We could do it here. But you mentioned wanting to be more comfortable. That would be best served by a bed.”

Cid laughed. “I think a bed would be much better.” He then opened the shower door and stepped out to dry off.

Rude watched Cid as he stepped from the shower, grabbed a towel and started to dry himself off. He was so hard it was unreal, it was as if he hadn’t just cum a few minutes ago at all. Another shudder wracked through him before he managed to make his body move and step out of the shower. He snagged another towel and quickly dried himself off, being careful around his cock since the thing was so sensitive at the moment. Then he leaned over and licked up the side of Cid’s neck as he straightened from drying his legs.

Cid froze and licked his lips when he felt Rude’s tongue. The blonde wasn’t sure if he’d make it to the bed after all. He touched the taller man’s hot flesh and took a deep breath, carefully leaning over the counter. He wanted Rude back inside him. He didn’t care if it was a fist, his tongue, his fingers, or his dick. When he saw his flushed face in the mirror, Cid bowed his head and swallowed audibly. “Don’t let me cum, alright? I wanna cum inside you after.” He said, never lifting his head. He felt the tips of his ears burn as red as his cheeks.

Rude shook his head, “There won’t be an after, you’re fucking me remember?” He gave an evil grin, glad that Cid had already bent his person a bit, obviously wanting Rude to fuck him over the counter. He slid an arm around the skinny man’s middle and ducked a bit as he flung the man over his shoulder. He walked out of the bathroom and carried Cid to the bed where he gently deposited him. Then he crawled up beside him and laid on his side, he ran a hand down Cid’s body, watching with fascination as his muscles quivered. Soon his big, warm palm came to enclose around the throbbing member surrounded by flaxen curls and he groaned, “I want this in me SO badly.”

Cid couldn’t stop shivering. He wanted it so badly but he knew he’d gotten so much attention already and Rude was no doubt dying for some himself. He nodded to the larger man and turned him on his back, biting his lip, knowing his face was still red. He tried to ignore it however and reached down, sliding a finger over Rude’s entrance. He toyed with the man for a few moments before slicking his fingers with Rude’s precum, gently pressing and rubbing his digits in his slit, causing more to flow out. Once his fingers were coated, Cid returned his hand to Rude’s backside, sliding his finger into him and trying to find just the right spot.

Rude’s breath hitched as Cid’s fingers began to roam, he cried out hoarsely when the blonde pressed his digits against his slit bucking into him. A long low moan of pure need left his throat when that finger entered him, “Yes~.”

He adjusted his body so that he could press against that finger, forcing it deeper into him. “Please, Cid… I…” He was panting with need, he couldn’t help it, he wanted it so much! “Just fuck me.”

“Give it a sec. I don’t wanna hurt ya.” Cid responded and began scissoring his fingers in Rude’s heat. He knew it must have been torture but he really didn’t want to hurt the larger man. Once he felt he’d prepped him well enough, Cid grabbed the lube and lightly coated his erection and put a small amount over Rude’s entrance to loosen him just a bit more. Knowing how amazing it had felt when Rude was slow with him, Cid did the same, slowly entering the man, wanting him to feel every inch. It was hard to go so slowly but he didn’t plan on staying that way. He let out a long sigh when his pelvis was snuggly pressed against Rude, feeling his entire erection being held in that tight warmth. Cid gave a few slow thrusts until he could feel it getting a bit easier. He then braced his rough hands on Rude’s thighs, pushing them up and completely changed the game, thrusting quickly and relentlessly into him.

Rude moaned long and deep as those fingers worked him, it felt fucking fantastic! As Cid finally entered him he nearly died with wanting. That long thick length filling him to bursting… “Mmmuuhhh!”

His muscles clenched around the pulsing rod inside of him and he bit back a needy whimper. When Cid began to move he felt himself loosen and pouted, it was so much better to feel like he was being spread. He decided to continue clenching his muscles around Cid every time he slammed into him and hold it as he slipped away again. It was a work out, but holy shit it felt good! The faster the thrusts came the harder Rude began to pant, any angle was divine, but he wanted more!

With a shuddering groan he brought his hands up to cup Cid’s face and brought it down to his for long and sexy kiss, grinding his hips up into the man’s thrusts. He’d wanted just this for so damn long!

Cid became more aggressive with his actions when Rude reacted. He never thought he’d see Rude of all people like this. He continued to thrust until he felt heat pooling in his groin. The sensation only made him slam harder into the Turk. “Fuck!”

“Yes~!” Rude moaned out, his hands gripping at Cid’s back as they continued to slam together, his head fell back as he lost the will to continue holding it up. His skin was flushed and his mind reeling. He couldn’t seem to think or see straight, all he could do was feel as the pleasure built. Frustrated from feeling like he wasn’t getting enough of Cid he brought a leg up and wrapped it around Cid’s shoulders, the new angle had him screaming as Cid’s boner hit his prostate. More! He had to have more of that! He strained against Cid uncontrollably trying to get more of that feeling.

Cid moaned as Rude became more desperate. When the Turk found just the right angle, Cid took the hint and continued to pound into that spot.

Rude exploded without warning, a scream ripping from his throat. His cum splashed over his chest and his whole body went limp, “Fuck.” He could still feel Cid’s hardness sliding in and out of him and it still felt amazing, but his body wouldn’t obey him anymore.

Cid didn’t have long to register the scene before him when he came and all he could hear was his heartbeat as he filled Rude. The pilot rested his head next to Rude’s on the pillow, panting heavily. “Fuckin’ hell.” He huffed.

Another moan left Rude’s mouth as Cid came inside him, it was the most amazing feeling to be coated like that. He shivered as Cid’s breath came in contact with his ear. Now that he had some control over his body he turned his head to face him, “Yeah, that was, amazing.”

Cid waited a few moments until he was able to collect himself a bit and pulled out. He lay down next to Rude and put an arm over the Turk’s abdomen. “Cid.exe has crashed. Please wait for restart.” The blonde joked.

“That’s alright,” Rude said tiredly, “Rude 2.0 is off-line as well.” He rolled to his side facing Cid and placed a hand on the man’s hip before his eyes closed and he was out for the count.

Cid chuckled and snuggled up to Rude when he faced him. “Night.” He said as he drifted off.

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