There's An App For That

BY : MystIc19
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Hesitating at the door Cloud peered inside. When he texted Zack saying he was on the way, the other had replied back with 'Okay! I just got here, I'll get us a table!'

So Cloud knew Zack was already inside and his heart started to race.

"Just take a breath," Cloud said to himself. He had been a bundle of nerves all day, and had taken nearly two and half hours to get ready! Suddenly the simple task of putting on clothes seemed so difficult. What was he supposed to wear!? He had never been an indecisive person when it came to clothing, although he did appreciate nice things. However he had never really put so much thought into his clothes for the sake of trying to impress someone.

After rifling through his closet for what seemed like forever he finally was able to put together an outfit. A comfy gray sweater, jeans and brown lace up boots. Casual, but it was only coffee so he couldn't go getting carried away. And also it was cold and snowing outside so he needed to be warm. Pulling on his navy peacoat and throwing on a gray and white scarf he exited his apartment before he had a chance to second guess himself. Already this dating was stressing him out.

Letting out a breath he'd just taken in, he glimpsed through the window again. The café was dimly lit, so he couldn't be too sure but towards the back he saw a man with dark hair sitting at a table with his back towards him. But even though his back was facing him he had a gut feeling that that maybe was Zack. Feeling like he was starting to be a creeper, he pulled open the door and stepped inside.

He wasn't prepared for the sound of the bell tinkling above him and he inwardly cursed it because it made eyes shift towards him…which he did not want.

"Welcome," the girl at the counter politely greeted with a smile. Cloud briefly returned it before looking ahead. He was met with another smiling face as the man seated at the table towards the back gave him a wave.

The man that he had been peeking in on through the window. Zack.

He had just taken a few steps down the aisle before Zack rose from his seat.

"Hey!" He beamed, "you didn't have trouble finding it did you?"

Cloud knew Zack was tall, it said his height on his profile and he had seen his pictures of course. But seeing him in person he seemed much taller. And those blue eyes that he thought were breathtaking in pictures did him absolutely no justice now that he was seeing them in person for himself. And that smile…geez Zack was gorgeous!

"No, sorry to keep you waiting," Cloud replied with a blush and a shake of his head as Zack gestured for him to have a seat, kindly offering him whatever side he wanted to sit on. Cloud sat on the side facing the door, he didn't want to bump Zack out of his spot. But he appreciated the offer.

"I wasn't waiting long at all, "Zack explained while sliding back into his seat across from the other.

He watched as the blond loosened the scarf around his neck. He saw a pink tint to his cheeks and partly wondered if Cloud was blushing from being here with him. But seeing how it was snowing outside it could've just been from the cold. Although... he liked to think that maybe he was the cause of it.

"Oh good," Cloud replied while glancing across the table briefly. Now that he was seated he felt a soft warmth being emitted nearby and he turned to see a small fireplace in the center of the café. The dim lighting, the sweet smells, the warmth. It was actually very cozy. "This place is really nice"

"Glad you like it," Zack started with a smile. "I didn't order yet I wanted to wait until you got here."

Reaching forward Cloud opened the menu in front of him before slipping off his gloves. Zack couldn't help but to watch every small movement that he made. He was transfixed and he hadn't even really realized it. He just couldn't believe that he was finally really with Cloud, finally able to see him face to face and talk to him in person. He was…really happy.

The soft lighting of the café seemed to make Cloud's blond hair glow and Zack caught himself smiling at it. He took in the other's features closely. Cloud had a very delicate look to him, not that he wasn't already aware of that from his picture but seeing him now it was even more evident. From his pale skin, the pink hue in his cheeks and lips. And those long eyelashes. He was...beautiful, was the only word that came to Zack's mind.

In a second light blue eyes blinked up at him.

"What?" Cloud asked when he noticed Zack smiling.

Shaking his head Zack gave a brief laugh. "Nothing, sorry I didn't mean to stare."

"That's okay," Cloud replied softly before Zack leaned onto the table with his elbows.

"You look really nice," Zack said gently, his smile never faltering before he picked up his own menu.

Cloud felt it. The blush on his face was burning hotter. "Thank you," he started before glancing back down to his menu nervously. "You do too."

That was definitely a blush, and it wasn't brought on by the cold. Zack took that as a good sign. And now that he had sort of broken the ice he was excited to see how the afternoon would go. They placed their orders and started out in a casual type of conversation. It was strange because even though they knew a lot about each other already from their messages there was still so much that they didn't know. And it was almost as if they were starting from square one with this meeting…but then again not at all.

By the time they ordered their second hot drink, Cloud deciding for the caramel brulee with extra whipped cream and Zack going for the Mocha espresso, they seemed to be much more at ease with their conversation.

"Can I ask you something?" Cloud asked while scooping some of the whipped cream off the top of his drink with a spoon.

"Of course," Zack said with a raise of his eyebrow while biting into his croissant.

"Why…" Cloud started while looking up in thought before shifting his gaze back to Zack. "Why are you even on that app? You seem like…you'd get dates all the time, without…needing that."

Zack's eyes widened at that before he burst into laughter. "What is that supposed to mean? I'm not sure if you're calling me a playboy or…?"

"No it's not a bad thing," Cloud laughed, "it's just…I mean I've explained to you about me. I'm not much into the dating scene, or too social so…" he trailed off at those words and so Zack spoke up.

"Those aren't bad things."

Cloud shifted his gaze back towards him again and Zack let out a sigh.

"But well, as for me though," he continued, "between work and personal time there just doesn't seem to be enough time in there to meet someone . Or should I say…the free time, going out to a bar or a club with friends. Meeting people there it…I don't know. I feel like the ones there are all about the party life ya know? Which is fine for them, I mean I guess I used to be the same."

Cloud tilted his head at that before taking a sip of his drink. "So then you…used to be the playboy?"

"No! No," Zack started quickly with a wave of his hand, "never the playboy. I just meant going out and having fun used to be the priority for me."

Cloud nodded in understanding. He understood it because it was what his friends used to always do, wanting to go out and party anytime there was a free moment. But he just…never really was about that. However now he didn't mind going out for drinks with friends or something like that, but he would still never be that party type person. He guessed he missed that phase in life entirely.

"Yeah I guess that's how it usually is," Cloud started in agreement, "I know I'm a little strange to not have ever been into it I guess, even back in college. Seph always teased-"

There was a pause when Cloud realized just what he had been saying but then he was clearing his throat. "But anyways. I was just curious."

"Oh yeah your ex?" Zack asked while leaning forward slightly. "You mentioned him before. Was the breakup kind of recent?" Zack inwardly held his breath for the response. He didn't want to be a rebound.

'Damn it Cloud. Bringing up your ex the first time you meet!? Nice. Just…fantastic.'

"No," Cloud said with a shake of his head. "Not at all."

Nodding Zack continued on. "Were you two together long?"

Cloud had tried to casually brush off the topic, but hell he was the one who had let the name slip anyway. Although he was kind of surprised that Zack remembered that name, he had only mentioned Sephiroth once in their exchanges.

"Two and a half years," the blond answered.

"Wow," Zack started gently.

"Yeah," Cloud began with a sigh, "I thought…he was like the one you know? So it sucked but," giving a shrug he took a sip of his drink.

Zack nodded. "Messy breakup?"

Cloud seemed to think about that for a moment before shaking his head. "Not at all actually," he started softly. "He just…really broke my heart."

Zack could see the sad expression that crossed the others features, even though he could tell he was trying to mask it. The sincerity in his words made Zack feel bad for him. Who on earth could break this person's heart? Why would they?

"I'm sorry," Zack said sincerely before letting out a sigh. "But your ex sounds like an asshole."

Cloud glanced up at that, his eyes widening in surprise.

"I may not know the reason of why you broke up, and you don't have to tell me. But any guy who could break your heart sounds pretty crap."

Cloud was at a loss for words. Zack had proven to be straight forward many times so he guessed he shouldn't have been too surprised…but still. However before he knew it a smile had spread across his face and he let out a genuine laugh. Something he felt like he hadn't done in a long time. And it felt really nice.

"You know," Cloud started while getting his laughter under control. "My friend Yuffie has said the same so you two may be onto something."

Zack gave the other a smile. "Smart friend!" The sound of Cloud laughing like that was really good to hear.

"Thanks for that though," Cloud continued while turning the cup in his grasp. "It was just one of those things I guess. I think…maybe he just fell out of love with me? I don't know…but I found out later that he was cheating on me. Or well…I think I knew even before he broke up with me."

Zack couldn't help but to frown at that.

"That's the worst," he began in understanding. "My first real relationship…high school sweethearts I guess you could say. She cheated on me, it was awful."

"Sorry," Cloud replied with a look of sympathy. Even though it might've been back in Zack's high school days, Cloud still could understand what Zack was feeling then. It was…sort of nice to know he could at least relate to his feelings.

Nodding Zack recalled the memory. "It sucked. I never understood how someone you claimed to love at one point, how you could hurt them that way." Glancing back into blue eyes that were fixated on him he continued. "I could never do that," he said with a shake of his head. "It's just not in me."

He wasn't sure why, but from the look in Zack's eyes and the words he had just spoken caused Cloud's stomach to flip flop. Sure they could've just been pretty words, after all Sephiroth had told him that he would never hurt him "once upon a time." But Cloud felt as if Zack's words were true. At least he wanted to believe them to be. And if he ever wanted to move on, to be in a relationship again…he would also have to learn to trust again. And he couldn't deny that he had thought that maybe that chance to trust again, that new relationship….could be with Zack.

"But enough about past exes!" Zack started with a wave of his hand.

"I couldn't agree more," Cloud replied with an inward sigh before letting out a chuckle. He supposed an in depth conversation about his ex was probably inevitable but he wasn't expecting it to be so soon. But now that it had happened, it was over. And honestly Cloud was looking forward to finally, truly begin to leave it back in the past.

They stayed at the café for about an hour longer before they stepped back out into the cold. Cloud had caught the subway and Zack was going in the opposite direction but he insisted that he see Cloud to the station. Cloud didn't need an escort but he thought it was sweet, and he would take the offer to spend a few more moments with Zack for the day.

It didn't take them long to reach the station, their footsteps slowing down when they reached the sidewalk just in front of it.

"Thanks for meeting up today, I had a really nice time," Zack started.

"Sure," Cloud replied as a visible breath of air escaped his lips as he glanced down at the sidewalk. "I had a nice time too."

Zack couldn't wipe the smile from his face. Cloud was definitely shy, no doubt about that. But it was so damn adorable to him.

"Nice enough to do again?" Zack asked gently with a tilt of his head.

"Yeah," Cloud spoke while looking back up to the man. "I'd like that."

"Great!" Zack beamed before leaning in for a friendly hug. Cloud gently returned it before squeezing just a bit tighter when he felt his warmth. It felt really nice to be wrapped in his arms as brief as it was. And he smelled so nice! But before he completely pulled away he felt warm breath against his cheek, before a gentle kiss followed.

"Get home safe, I'll talk to you soon," Zack said softly.

"O…okay yeah, you too," Cloud replied a bit clumsily. A kiss! He hadn't been prepared for that! As innocent as it was, just a peck on the cheek and still he felt so flustered! He knew he had a definite blush and so he quickly gave one last smile before turning to walk into the station. "Bye."

Stepping into his apartment he let out a sigh while taking off his jacket and removing his shoes. A soft meow caught his attention as his cat walked around the corner of the hallway.

"I'm home," he said to him while walking into the kitchen to give his cat dinner. Which got him thinking just what was he going to make for himself?

"Nice enough to do again?"

Those words from earlier crept back into his brain and he found himself wondering just what that entailed.

'So then, a second date?' Cloud wondered when that would be, and what would they do? Maybe they'd go out to dinner then? He wondered what kind of place Zack would like to go to. Perhaps since he had picked the café today, maybe Cloud would pick the next one? There was a few places he could think of that he was sure Zack would like. Or maybe they would go to a movie.

He had just filled Jinx's bowl with food before he shook his head.

'Idiot, don't get so ahead of yourself, you just got back from date one! Or…that was a date of some sort…wasn't it?' Leaning back on the counter he touched his cheek absentmindedly. 'He did kiss me after all.'

Smiling at the thought of it he twined his fingers in thought. So maybe it was okay to think about the next date. It had to be a date. And…well, he was sure that Zack was interested. So what was the harm in looking forward to their next meeting? Didn't he have the right to be excited, even happy at the thought of it?

Moving towards the fridge he pulled it open as he glanced over the items there.

Zack was funny, sweet, kind and gorgeous. Why wouldn't he be anticipating the next time? But still…Cloud didn't understand the "rules of dating" per se. He didn't want to seem over eager about it, well at least he couldn't let Zack know. Right? He didn't want to be, what was it, clingy? Or appearing to be hung up on him. So he'd just wait and see. Although…how long was he supposed to wait? And who was supposed to contact who!?

Setting a few items on the counter Cloud bit his lip. Could they just continue like they had before this date? Or were there like some different set of rules now?

The sound of his phone chiming shook him back to reality and he picked it up from off of the counter. He had a text message.

'Hey! Did you make it home okay?'

Zack. Cloud stared at the screen for a moment before beginning to type.

'Yes, I'm home now.'

He was just about to set the phone down when it chimed again.

'Glad to hear it! Thanks again for today.'

A smiley face emoji followed after and Cloud couldn't help but to smile from ear to ear. Now that he had met Zack, those emoji's and lol's, now he could really visualize Zack behind it.

'Don't thank me. It was fun for me also.'

'Would next week sometime be too soon to meet again?'

Running a hand through his hair Cloud laughed. At himself. Here he was freaking out about how their next date was going to go down, stressing for no reason and here Zack was texting him about it now. So maybe there were no official rules to dating. After all Zack had texted him and they had only just seen each other that afternoon. So maybe…you just did what you felt compelled to do.

So instead of texting back his response, Cloud took a breath and hit the call button. Sure he had just seen Zack, but…he'd hear rather his voice now then to text. They had started off in messages, but now…


"Hey," Cloud started while letting out a breath, "I think next week would be fine. Sorry I just thought talking would be easier."

"Oh no, I don't mind," Zack replied with a brief laugh, "you can call me whenever you'd like."

Cloud's heart skipped a beat at that. Yeah, forget any rules. This felt much nicer.

"I cannot believe I have to do this revision over, pisses me off!" Yuffie scowled while slamming the stack of papers down on Cloud's desk.

"I think it's stupid too but don't worry I'll help you with it tomorrow," Cloud explained while packing up his things for the day.

"Thank you," Yuffie began with a sigh, "I owe you. Let me take you out tonight!"

"No don't worry about it, I have a light work week so it's no big deal," Cloud explained while picking up his phone when it vibrated on the desk.

'Hey! I got the tickets for tonight already! Since the movie just came out it may sell out quickly, so I didn't want to take any chances lol'

Cloud smiled at the message but before he could reply Yuffie was chiming in.

"Damn it Cloud!" She started, "what did I say about this hermit act? I'm over it, and I don't want to be your nagging friend so just come out with me! You do know I'm just worried about you and I don't like the idea of you just being at home and-"

Hey!" Cloud cut in, sensing that his friend was really about to go into an emotional breakdown over this. "I'm not blowing you off so that I can just hole up at home, I have plans already. We'll do something another time, alright?"

"You have plans?" She asked suspiciously while leaning forward to lean on the desk. "With who?"

Cloud hated to be secretive, but this was only he and Zack's second date! He didn't want to start talking about it and telling her things when everything was still really new. Who knew what could happen? And while things seemed to be going well so far he just…it was just too soon!

"A friend, you don't know them," he replied before quickly texting back a response to Zack.

"Oh no," Yuffie began while holding a hand up to her chest. "Oh no…you didn't? You wouldn't!"

"What?" Cloud asked in confusion.

"Cloud, believe me. There's nothing to work out with him," Yuffie pleaded while slapping her hand onto the desk. "I know it's hard but you'll see once you get over him, everything will be so much better!"

"Yuffie," Cloud began while standing up from his chair and placing the strap of his bag on his shoulder. "What are you talking about? Working out what with who?"

"Oh Cloud come on, I know you're talking to Seph! That's the friend I don't know right?" She asked while crossing her arms over her chest.

The hell?

"Seph? Yuffie why would you-"

"Ugh! I knew after he came here he'd cause trouble," Yuffie explained while pointing her finger. "And after I specifically told him to stay away from you!"

Came here? Stay away from me? What the hell is she talking about?

The silence that passed between them seemed to last forever before Yuffie clearly understood the confusion on the other's face. It was just that…genuine confusion. Glancing at the floor she rocked back on her heels.

"You're really not texting him are you?" She asked with a nervous laugh.

"I'm really not," Cloud replied point blankly.

"Well," Yuffie began as she cleared her throat, "let me just take these papers to start on those revisions! And you have a good night, I'll see you tomorrow!"

"Yuffie!" Cloud shouted while walking around the desk towards the other. "Tell me what you were talking about. Seph came here?"

Letting out a groan the girl set the papers back on the desk. "He…popped in here yes! But don't worry about it, it's nothing! I just thought maybe you two did cross paths while he was here and you started talking again or something, but don't worry about it!"

"Why was he here?" Cloud asked curiously. He couldn't have come to see me…right?

"Some business meeting or something," Yuffie explained, "it's completely different branches he'll never be here again, he was like…filling in for someone. I happened to see him and I told him to stay the hell away from you! So…that's that. Sorry I didn't tell you I just didn't want to put you through anything else with him if I didn't have to."

Oh. Of course. Business. Good.

Reaching out a hand he squeezed the girls shoulder gently. "It's okay, I understand. Just…give me a little more credit too alright?"

"I know!" Yuffie cried while placing a hand on her forehead before letting out a breath. "I'm sorry. I should know you wouldn't be that careless it's just…you know! But go ahead, you obviously have legit plans tonight then. Which! I will be finding out about at a later date and time."

Glancing down to his phone he gasped. It was already near six o'clock! He still wanted to get home and shower before meeting Zack at the theatre.

"Yeah sure. See you tomorrow!" He called while exiting his office.

"Have fun!" Yuffie called back while gathering up her papers. Now she was really curious just who Cloud was meeting. If it in fact wasn't his ex-trying to wiggle his way back in then who was he in such a rush to see?

Stepping into the lobby of the theater Cloud checked his phone. He had actually done a good job timewise, there was still about fifteen minutes until the movie started.

"Cloud!" a voice called to him. Glancing up he smiled when he saw Zack approaching him. There he was. It had only been about five days since they had last seen each other but Cloud felt his stomach get those strange sensations all over again.

"Hey, I was just about to text you," Cloud replied when Zack was in front of him.

"You weren't waiting long were you?"

"No, I just stepped in," he explained while sliding his phone back into his pocket.

"Good! Let's go," Zack started with a smile. They made their way inside, stopping at the concession stand first to get snacks. Zack stood right beside him and for some reason that made Cloud's heart race. Their last date at the café they weren't so close to each other until they walked to the station after. But at the café they were across from one another, so being so close to him…it was odd. But in no way a bad way!

'Idiot! We're going to be next to each other throughout the movie so don't be weird about it.'

They got a popcorn to share, and candy for each of them.

"What do you want to drink?" Zack asked while looking at the selection.

"The small is so huge, I won't drink all that. I think I'm fine," Cloud explained while picking up the popcorn.

Hesitating for a moment Zack spoke up. "Or we could just share one. If you don't mind. Two straws?"

Share a drink? Wasn't that sort of…

"Yeah, okay," Cloud replied while already reaching for the straws. He moved away from the counter quickly after that just in case that annoying blush had come back to his face. With their snacks in hand they made their way into the theatre. Pretty crowded but there was still some decent seats available.

"Let's not sit up front," they both said in unison. Pausing for a second they shared a look before both laughing quietly.

"They're the worst seats," Cloud said softly as they started to go up the steps.

"Some people like them, I don't know how they do it," Zack replied with a shake of his head. "How about there?"

Glancing past the other to the place he had pointed to Cloud nodded. Not smack dab in the middle, not all the way in the back. But a nice in between area. Perfect.

They took up their seats, the drink set in the middle of them in the cup holder.

"I'll put my straw higher okay?" Zack began while placing his straw inside the cup. Cloud nodded before pushing his down lower.

"Hopefully this is good," Zack started while grabbing a handful of popcorn.

"I've only heard of it, I haven't seen the preview or anything," Cloud explained while shifting to a comfortable position.

"Oh?" Zack asked while turning to look at him, "I hope you didn't say okay just because I suggested it, we could've seen something else."

"No, I don't mind," Cloud replied with a shake of his head. "Besides I heard some coworkers talking about it. It's like a thriller right?"

A grin spread across Zack's face. "It's like a horror."

Cloud's eyes widened slightly. "Horror? Oh."

Zack was about to reply but the lights in the theatre dimmed down before the screen came on. Leaning over towards Cloud he whispered in his ear.

"If you get too scared you can hold my hand."

Glancing at Zack in the dark he caught his teasing smile and he shook his head as a smile crept onto his face as well.

Somewhere during the movie Cloud had sunk down lower into his seat, keeping his scarf pulled up to his nose and one hand hovering near his face, just in case he needed to quickly shield his eyes.

"Are you okay?" Zack had asked him at one point.

"Yeah," Cloud mumbled. He was actually really interested in the movie, even though it was scaring him out of his mind. Without asking Zack moved the drink that was in between them to his other side so that he could raise the arm rest between them up. He didn't do anything else except raise it and shift in his seat a bit, his arm brushing against Cloud's. It was that subtle touch that made Cloud realize that there was no longer a barrier between them and he automatically felt himself lean a bit more into the solid warmth beside him. A little while later he felt Zack's hand rest gently on top of his and his gaze dropped down towards them. He knew Zack had been teasing earlier when he said he could hold his hand if he was scared, but…it wasn't like he just couldn't because he wanted to.

He had just turned his hand over carefully, palm facing upwards and Zack instantly weaved his fingers between his and clasped their hands together gently. The action was so smooth and felt so natural that Cloud didn't really dwell on it for much longer before the movie pulled him back in.

Then finally the credits were rolling and the lights slowly came back on. People started to shuffle out of the theatre but they remained seated, waiting for the bulk of the crowd to pass by first. Then, to Cloud's surprise, when they did start to exit the theatre Zack kept his hand entwined with his own. They made their way out of the building, heading towards the subway station. Zack honestly would've suggested that they go out for a bite to eat or even a drink but it was a weekday and they had work in the morning. Not that it mattered to him, and if Cloud was up for it he would've obliged. But the night had gone really well, and he didn't want to push it.

"I'm sorry, I feel like I need to make this one up to you," Zack explained with a laugh.

Shaking his head Cloud laughed along with him. "It's alright, I actually did like it, it was just much scarier than I was anticipating."

"Even so it was a bit much right? I wasn't trying to traumatize you on our second date," Zack said with a cringe. "Next time your pick, whatever you want to do!"

Next time.

"That sounds fair," Cloud replied with a smile.

"Alright, it's a deal," Zack said with a grin as he ceased walking once they were in front of the station. Carefully letting go of the other's hand he took a step closer.

"Yes," Cloud began while glancing at the ground again. He wanted to look up, but for some reason he couldn't. He felt like if he met Zack's eyes again…with him so close. Not that he didn't want something to happen, but he was just so nervous!

Almost as if reading his mind Zack reached a finger under Cloud's chin, tipping his head up before locking their gazes briefly. It seemed as if Cloud might've said something, but when Zack was met with silence he didn't hesitate any longer. Leaning down he gently pressed his lips to Clouds. He felt him suck in a breath before the taller one pulled away. Cloud looked back up at him, a look of surprise and something like wonder written across his face. Zack couldn't be sure, but seeing those blue eyes gazing up at him so intently, he just…

Reaching out he ran his fingers through soft blond hair just as Cloud reached out a hand towards him, small fingers gripping onto his scarf before he took a step forward. In that same motion Zack leaned down again before Cloud cupped the side of his face, their lips meeting once more as Zack wrapped his arm around the others waist. Cloud's eyes fell closed as soon as he felt the others lips against his. They pulled away for just a moment before meeting once more, their lips parting upon contact.

Cloud let out a breathy sigh before Zack wrapped his other arm around his waist pulling him closer. When their tongues met Cloud felt a surge go throughout his body and he was suddenly really glad that Zack had a secure hold on him. He didn't expect to become lightheaded or dizzy but…damn Zack was a good kisser. Before he realized it he had wound his arms around the others neck, holding him close as he stood on tiptoes. His heart was racing and despite that snow was still falling he felt warm as could be.

Forcing himself to come back to reality he broke the kiss, staring into the other's eyes for a moment before lowering himself back down. But Zack only followed his movement, leaning down closer to him while still keeping his arms around him.

"My…" Cloud started softly, "the train will be here in a moment so…"

"Yeah," Zack replied in understanding but still not really wanting to let go of the blond. "Will you call me to let me know you made it home okay?"

"Yeah," Cloud replied with a nod, his eyes falling onto Zack's chest rather than his eyes. If he looked back into them at this close proximity he was sure he'd get lost all over again.

"Okay," Zack started while gently letting go of the smaller one. When Cloud finally lifted his gaze once more Zack pressed a soft kiss to his lips. "Goodnight, talk to you soon."

"Goodnight," Cloud said with a brief nod before turning and walking into the station. He paused for a moment before turning and looking back and there Zack was still watching him. He gave a wave and Cloud smiled before returning it and continuing on. The whole way he didn't think he had stopped smiling once. Even if he had really wanted to, he didn't think that he could stop. Maybe it sounded immature to get so excited over a kiss but…he couldn't help it! He would be lying if he said he hadn't thought about kissing Zack since their last date. He definitely felt that pull of attraction towards him, it was always there but since they had finally met in person there was no mistaking it now. But he hadn't expected to be…swept off of his feet from it. Cheesy? Yeah maybe, but he didn't know how else to describe it.

That kiss had literally taken his breath away. And for so long he didn't think that he would ever experience anything like that again. It made him happy, it felt…nice. And it was nice to know that he could have a connection like that again.

It didn't take long before he arrived at home, feeding Jinx quickly before making his way into his room. It was pretty late already so he just wanted to change out of his clothes and relax for a bit before heading to bed. But before that he needed to call Zack to let him know he made it home. Pulling his phone out of his pocket he connected it to the charger and set it down on the table before crossing the room.

He had just took off his jacket, placing it in his closet when his phone began to vibrate on his bedside table. Walking over to it he picked it up. A part of him thought that it might've been Zack but when he looked at the screen he furrowed his brows. It was a number that he at first didn't recognize and it wasn't saved under any contact. But…when he stared at it for longer his eyes widened. Because without a contact listed or not…this number was one he had basically memorized. Even though he had deleted it long ago.

"Hello?" He answered a bit unsure.

"Hello Cloud."

That voice. That voice was one that he knew more than well, but it wasn't one that he had planned on hearing again any time soon. Or at all anymore for that matter.


Authors Notes: Chapter 2! So there's definitely chemistry sparking between Zack and Cloud! But will their romance even really get a chance to ignite now that Sephiroth has stepped back into the scene? Just when Cloud is truly beginning to move on will he just get pulled back to his first love? Thanks so much for the reviews everyone, like I stated in the first chapter, this fic is probably not going to be that long, so I hope to have the next chapter posted soon! Till next time!

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