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Setting cream and sugar on the counter Cloud moved towards the freshly brewed pot of coffee. He reached above it towards the cabinet and pulled it open before grabbing two large mugs.

"That smells so good," a voice rumbled into his ear before a pair of arms circled his waist from behind. He gave a small yelp and jumped slightly causing the other to laugh gently.

"Zack!" Cloud cried before letting out a sigh.

"Sorry I didn't mean to scare you," the man started while placing a kiss against the blond's temple and tightening his arms around him.

"I just thought you were still in the shower, I didn't hear you," Cloud explained with a giggle. "I'm clearly not fully awake yet until I've had my caffeine." Setting the mugs down on the counter he relaxed into the body behind him.

"Coffee is a necessity for the day," Zack agreed while pressing a kiss against Cloud's cheek and then moving to his neck. "How do you take yours?"

Smiling at the sensation of the fleeting kisses against his neck Cloud closed his eyes. "A lot of cream and a little sugar."

Placing one more kiss against the blond's shoulder Zack reached out in front of him to grab one of the mugs off the counter. "On it!"

"Thank you," Cloud spoke with the smile still on his face as he moved towards the fridge. "What sounds good for breakfast?"

"I'm not picky! What are you in the mood for?" Zack asked while preparing Cloud's cup of coffee.

Scanning the contents in the fridge Cloud glanced at Zack over his shoulder.

"How does French toast sound?"

"Amazing," Zack replied with a grin before walking over to the other with coffee in hand. "Try it. Did I do well?"

Cloud was just about to reach out for the cup but then he realized Zack was holding it up for him to take a taste. So very carefully he sipped at the hot drink that was offered to him. He caught Zack's questioning gaze and he nodded.

"It's perfect," he said and Zack seemed to light up before placing the drink on the counter and moving to prepare his own.

Cloud almost couldn't believe this current situation. Zack was in his apartment still. Having breakfast, and seamlessly blending into a comfortable morning routine with him. It was almost…too good to be true. He found himself staring at the man, taking in his dark hair that was still wet from the shower, to his bare chest and jeans from the day before that he had been wearing. It wasn't like he had clothes there, and…this sleepover hadn't exactly been planned out.

He felt himself blush at that thought. Thinking about the previous night that had led to this current situation made his heart race all over again and put a stupid smile on his face. He couldn't help it, the night before had been amazing…

Cloud had led them to his bedroom before shutting the door softly behind them. He paused for a moment, staring at the door. Because he knew when he turned around it would just be he and Zack. And that things would be getting, very, very real. It was what he wanted, but he'd be a damn liar if he didn't admit he was a mess of nerves at this point.

"Cloud," Zack started gently while touching the other's arm. He knew Cloud was probably nervous, hell he was too in a way. But wasn't that the exciting and scary part of a new relationship? Those first experiences that you went through together, it was just normal.

Cloud didn't reply but simply turned around to face the other. He hadn't moved to turn on any lights, it wasn't as if they were needed in this kind of moment anyways. And there was just enough light from the outside that spilled in through his curtains. He could see Zack looking at him, and their gazes locked. Before he even realized it they were caught back up in a passionate kiss, and sometime after that they were on his bed.

He was finally tugging that cardigan off the other, tossing it aside without a thought as he felt Zack's fingers work at the buttons on his shirt.

"Why did I wear this!?" Cloud screamed in his mind. It seemed like there were a thousand buttons on that shirt! But then Zack finally got them undone and slid his hand across the blond's abdomen and chest. Just that initial contact of his hand on his bare skin made a shiver run through Cloud and he let out a soft moan.

Zack's touch made him become putty in his hands, and Cloud was loving every second of it. He wanted to be touched more and to be completely consumed. It had been so long since he had lost himself in passion. So long since he had felt such a desire. Zack had awakened that part of him that he feared was dead and gone.

Zack had started to scatter kisses across Cloud's chest and down to his stomach before making his way up again, moving towards his neck and nibbling on his ear. Cloud let out a shaky sigh at that before pulling at the others shirt. He slid his hands underneath it, his fingers trailing up the strong back of the man above him. Bringing them around to the front he bit his lip as he felt the muscles beneath his fingertips. Just feeling that much of him made Cloud feel dizzy. There was no words to describe it, he just felt drunk off…passion.

"Zack," he felt himself breathe. That was the only word his brain could form, because Zack was the only thing on his mind. The other pulled apart from him momentarily before pulling his shirt up and over his head. Cloud watched in a dazed sort of state before Zack was leaning back down and sealing their lips together once more-

"Should I feed Jinx while you're doing that?" Zack's voice asked, sounding much closer than Cloud had expected.

Jumping slightly Cloud glanced over his shoulder to see that Zack was behind him again. "Oh sure," Cloud started while pointing at the pantry. "His food is in there." He quickly shook his head, coming back to reality after having gotten lost briefly in his memories from the night before.

Those thoughts were nice, very nice. But Zack was still here with him now, so he wanted to soak up as much more of him and their time together as possible. His thoughts weren't going anywhere after all.

They had breakfast shortly after, their conversation pulling laughs and smiles from both of them. Cloud honestly couldn't remember the last time he had smiled so much. And Zack was so thrilled to see it. Their morning was cut a bit shorter than they both would have liked though when Zack got a call from work, his supervisor asking if he could come in and assist with something. He usually didn't mind doing some overtime on the weekend if they really needed him but he really didn't want to go in today of all days. He was ready to decline but Cloud overheard the conversation and quietly mouthed for him to go.

He didn't want him to leave, but he also understood that it was work. And after hearing about Zack's work and understanding the moves that he wanted to make in his company, Cloud wasn't going to hold him back from that.

"I can still say no," Zack suggested, now fully dressed as they made their way to the door.

"No don't," Cloud replied with a laugh, "Work is work. Believe me I know the situation all too well."

"Yeah," Zack started with a sigh.

Running a hand through his hair Cloud glanced away briefly before Zack was pulling him towards him.

"I'll call you when I'm done," he said gently.

"Okay," Cloud replied softly before Zack leaned down to kiss him. It was meant to be a brief kiss, but once they made contact it turned into something else. Cloud slid his fingers into dark hair as strong arms wrapped around his waist again. He felt that feeling of butterflies arise in his stomach and he let out a breathy sigh against the others lips before speaking again. "Talk to you soon then."

He didn't want to say bye really, but if he didn't pull away from Zack right now then he would probably never make it out the door.

"Yeah," Zack replied. But even though he said the words he still didn't move to pull away from Cloud and simply leaned back in to kiss him.

"Zack," Cloud started while laughing against his lips while moving away. "They're waiting for you."

Zack gave a groan of protest before finally stepping back and giving the other a grin. "Alright alright. I'll call you in a bit."

"Okay," Cloud said again as Zack finally opened the door. "See you."

He finally exited the apartment before throwing one last smile Cloud's way and then he was off. Shutting the door quietly Cloud leaned against it for a moment. Geez why was his heart racing? From kissing Zack? Still!? Even though they had done so much more than kissing at this point, and yet he still had such a reaction. He couldn't help but to think he was behaving like a teenager or something. And while he had to admit that the feeling made him happy…another part of him was scared as hell.

"Happy hour!" Yuffie beamed while holding up her margarita. "Cheers!"

Shaking his head Cloud took a sip of his beer. "I'm starting to think you're turning into an alcoholic, you're way too excited about this."

"Hey!" She chided while pointing a finger. "A girl is entitled to a drink after a hard days work."

"Or five," Cloud teased earning himself a punch in the arm to which he simply laughed.

"Whatever," she began with a flip of her hair. "I'm just glad you finally came out, it's been forever!"

"Sounds like someone's missed me," Cloud replied.

The girl's smile fell a bit and she set her drink down. "I have," she said simply. "I mean at work is one thing, but…I have missed just hanging out."

Cloud had said his response in a teasing sort of way. It was how he and Yuffie were, they joked around all the time. However he knew that his friend was genuine with her response. He had known for a while that she was worried about him. And he hated that, he hated that he had made her worry. So he was glad that his coming out with her now had made her happy.

"I know," he finally replied. "Me too."

Yuffie gave a grin at those words before reaching in and grabbing a chip from the basket in front of them.

"Is Vincent coming?" Cloud asked.

"He wanted to, but he's got to work late tonight," she explained before he gave a nod. He hadn't seen Vincent in a long time actually so it would've been nice if he could've joined them.

His phone vibrated on the table and he picked it up before reading the message.

'Hey! Are you busy now?'

'Just out with a friend, how's work?'

'I actually got off earlier than I thought. Have fun with your friend, call me when you're free.'

"Cloud! Hello? Did you hear me?" Yuffie's voice broke in as she waved her hand in front of the blond's face.

"Oh," he started while blinking, "sorry Yuffie just let me send this message."

"How rude," she continued while munching on another chip. "Who is that Zack?"

"Yeah," Cloud replied, his fingers hovering over the keys. He…for once, didn't know how to respond to Zack's text. Was he…angry? He couldn't be sure but…did that text seem a bit dismissive?

They had spoken earlier in the day on the phone during their lunch break, and Zack had told Cloud that he would probably be working overtime. Cloud hadn't thought much about it, and so when Yuffie asked him to come to happy hour he agreed because he assumed he wouldn't see Zack tonight. But…now.

"What's up?" Yuffie asked when she noticed the confused look on her friends face.

"Nothing…I just…" he started before biting his lip briefly.

"What?" Yuffie pressed again.

Letting out a sigh Cloud shook his head. Oh he really sucked at things like this. He knew he was just going to drive himself crazy If he just continued to stare at the screen wondering, he needed a second opinion.

"What do you think this means?" Cloud asked while handing his phone to Yuffie. Taking the phone from the other Yuffie read the messages before shrugging.

"Sounds like he wants you to call him when you're available," she replied while passing the phone back.

"Yeah? You don't think he sounds upset?" Cloud couldn't help but to ask.

"Oh for fuck sakes," Yuffie started with a roll of her eyes. "Cloud you over analyze things. You always have. And I hate to say it but I think dating Sephiroth all those years has you a bit paranoid now."

Cloud frowned at that but before he could reply Yuffie was continuing.

"That seems like a normal text message to me," she assured him. "But why don't you invite him! Besides we had a deal remember?"

"A deal?" Cloud asked while lifting up his beer once more.

"Yeah," she started with a grin. "That I need to meet him and assess him. That was the rule, after things heated up with you two! And that ship has long since sailed and I have still not done my assessment."

Cloud felt his face heat up at that. He had forgotten all about that conversation. And shortly after he and Zack's "third date" he had gotten grilled left and right by his nosy friend. It was only a matter of time before he eventually told her what happened. And that had been almost a month ago now, and within that time she still hadn't met this "Zack." Not that he was trying to keep them from meeting, but it was just any free time that he had since then he…well he spent with Zack usually.

"So? Go on ask him to come! You won't be ditching him tonight and I'll get a chance to meet him. Two birds, one stone," she further explained.

Glancing down at his phone he let out a sigh before looking back to his friend.

"Fine," he started before beginning to type his message to Zack. "But Yuffie please don't do anything weird."

"What!?" Yuffie asked offended before letting out a laugh. "Just what the hell do you think I'm going to do?"

"I don't know but I'm just putting it out there," Cloud replied. He had just sent the message asking Zack if he'd like to come to meet them when his phone was vibrating with a response.

'Sure! I'm up for drink. I'll see you in a few!'

They had just ordered their second round of drinks when Zack stepped into the bar. Noticing the man from across the room Cloud lifted a hand to catch his attention. He made his way over once he spotted the blonde and gave him his famous grin.

"Hey," he started once he got near the table.

"Hey," Cloud replied with a smile while glancing from him to across the table at Yuffie. "Zack this is my friend Yuffie, Yuffie this is Zack."

"Nice to finally meet you," Zack said with a smile, while extending his hand. "I've heard a lot about you."

Accepting his hand Yuffie's smile widened. "So you're Zack. Wow! Nice job Cloud!"

"Yuffie," Cloud started with a sigh as Zack took a seat beside him.

"I'll take that as a compliment," Zack replied with a laugh.

"You should!" Yuffie started while leaning onto the table. "I'm glad to finally meet you though, this one has been a bit secretive."

"No, not secretive," Cloud explained while glancing at Zack. "She's just nosy."

"I'm the best friend, I have that right!" Yuffie continued.

"You two went to college together right?" Zack asked just as the waitress came over and set down their round of drinks. Cloud had taken it upon himself to get Zack a beer before he got there and Zack gave him an appreciative smile.

"Yep!" Yuffie replied. "So if you want to know about Cloud's college days, you know who to ask!"

"No," Cloud started while giving the girl a glare. Yuffie simply laughed and Zack joined in. He already liked Yuffie's energetic personality.

"Good thing you came, Cloud was kind of freaking out there after your text," Yuffie explained while taking a sip of her margarita.

"What?" Zack asked a bit confused while glancing towards Cloud.

"Err…no, I just…I thought you may have been upset but I wasn't sure," Cloud started before shaking his head. "Thanks for that Yuffie."

"No problem, "the girl replied nonchalantly while stealing another chip.

His text message from earlier? Did it come off sounding rude? He didn't mean-!

"I'm sorry," Zack immediately apologized, "I didn't want to bother you so I just quickly sent a response, I didn't mean for it to come off as rude!"

"Oh…no that's okay, It was me just reading too much into it," Cloud started with a blush.

Looking back and forth between the two Yuffie smiled to herself. She knew Cloud was getting annoyed with her little jabs, but little did her friend know this was part of her assessment. And so far so good. After that they continued on with their conversation, and now with the ice broken so to speak it all felt really natural. Cloud was glad that Zack and Yuffie seemed to be getting along just fine. He guessed he shouldn't have been too surprised though, they were both really energetic people. He excused himself from the table a little later when he got a call from a coworker asking him a question about one of their projects. He had just stepped outside when Yuffie leaned back in her chair, making sure that he had stepped out before she leaned back onto the table.

"Now that blondie's gone," Yuffie started while clearing her throat. "I got to level with you."

Raising an eyebrow Zack leaned onto the table also, giving the girl his full attention. "Alright."

Letting out a sigh she shifted gray eyes towards the entrance before looking back to the man before her. "Cloud is my best friend," she began seriously. "And I will not tolerate you hurting him."

Keeping his gaze fixed on her Zack shook his head. "I won't."

"I'm serious," Yuffie continued.

"I am too," Zack explained.

Keeping her gaze on the other for a bit more she finally let out a sigh before glancing at the table. "Good," she began softly, "because…he's had his heart broken before. And I don't want that to happen again."

"I know a little about that," Zack spoke gently. "His ex?"

"He's an asshole," Yuffie started, "Cloud was too good for him. But truth of the matter is he loved him…and in the end that idiot hurt him. And Cloud…he doesn't just let anyone in. So…if he lets you in, don't make him regret it."

"Believe me…that's the last thing I want," Zack started, "I…care about Cloud. A lot."

Resting her chin in the palm of her hand Yuffie grinned. "Yeah," she replied. "I can tell. But it's still my duty as his friend to give you a warning."

Pausing at those words briefly Zack laughed. He had to respect that if not anything else.

Seeing the entrance open again as Cloud stepped in Yuffie looked to Zack before whispering.

"This conversation never happened."

Zack gave a brief nod before Cloud was joining them back at the table.

"Everything okay?" Zack asked.

"Yeah," Cloud replied, "I may have to go in to work a little earlier to help out with some things though."

"Boo!" Yuffie broke in while hitting the table with her hand. "None of that, they can handle it themselves! It's time for shots!"

"Yuffie I really shouldn't, especially if I have to get to the office early to-"

"Come on!" Yuffie started while waving the waitress over. "The night is young! And this is the first time Zack and I are meeting, don't cut it short!"

Letting out a sigh Cloud glanced towards Zack who was giving him a grin.

"I'm game if you are."

"Fine," Cloud finally gave in before laughing a bit, "just one."

Yuffie gave a cheer of triumph and quickly ordered their shots before Cloud could change his mind. And somehow, someway, they did two more before finally calling it a night. Zack and Cloud got Yuffie into a Taxi before Cloud called Vincent to let him know his girlfriend was on her way back, and may require a little assistance.

"Are you okay?" Zack asked the blond with a bit of a laugh after Yuffie was sent off.

"I'm not going to lie," Cloud started with a shake of his head, "I've got a nice buzz going. I'm a lightweight to begin with, but I'm alright."

"Is that so?" Zack asked while wrapping his arm around the other's shoulders.

"Yeah," Cloud confirmed, "you seem perfectly okay though."

Zack's grin widened. "Yeah well, remember I told you I used to be a party kid. I've built up my tolerance over the years."

Cloud smiled as they started to make their way down the sidewalk. "I can only imagine."

Zack laughed at that before pulling the other closer. "I know you said you're okay but I can't just see you off to the station. I'll take you back home."

"Oh Zack I'm okay really," Cloud explained while glancing at the other. "You have work tomorrow and I've already kept you out late enough."

Looking down at the blond and noticing the pink in his cheeks Zack shook his head. "Don't worry I'm fine. I'll feel much better if I make sure you get home okay."

"Well then," Cloud started while leaning in closer to the other. "Why don't you just stay at my place? I mean I know you'll be further away from work, but if you leave a little earlier then-"

"Sure," Zack broke in gently. "I'll stay."

Cloud felt his face heat up a bit more before he nodded, and he was sure it wasn't entirely all from the alcohol. It wasn't as if Zack hadn't stayed over at his place again, they had spent the night at each other's place's during the last month. Usually during the weekend though, so on a work night he thought Zack might have some reluctance to it but…he didn't.

It was as if Zack was…everything he wanted. No, not as if he was, he just…was. But even so, throughout all their time together…he still couldn't call him his boyfriend. They hadn't really spoken about such things. Cloud wanted to just ask. Were they still just dating? Just because they had now taken things to the "next level" did it define the relationship as more? Was it just understood that they were a couple now? But were they exclusive? Cloud was so happy with Zack, with how things were going. He just didn't want to…ruin things, or mess it up if he were to ask such a thing.

'No Cloud! Just ask! It there's any time to ask, now would be it! If it goes wrong you can just blame it on the alcohol later.'

He had just opened his mouth to speak before Zack beat him to the punch.

"About that text message situation," he started gently.

"Oh," Cloud began, "sorry. It was a stupid thing, I just asked Yuffie what she thought I didn't think she'd say anything to you about it."

"Well I'm glad she did," Zack continued, "I don't want any misunderstandings like that to get in the way. And if I'm honest…I'm pretty straight forward. If I was angry I'd just tell you. You know? And…I hope if you were ever angry with me you'd tell me to. It's…stressful trying to figure things like that out."

'That's right. Zack is very direct. So…why all this wondering on my end? He would appreciate it if I'm honest and just tell him what I'm thinking wouldn't he?'

"And!" Zack continued, "you can always just call me. Texting is fine but…I'd always rather just talk to you. Okay?"

Cloud smiled at that while placing his hands in his pockets. "Okay."

Forget asking. It was what it was…for now he guessed. And maybe he didn't even need to ask. Maybe it was just a given? Either way Cloud was happy, and for now…that was all he needed to know.

"I'm still not too sure about these flow charts!"

"Don't worry they're fine," Cloud said to Yuffie, trying to calm down his friend as they walked down the hallway.

"I don't know!" Yuffie began in a panic, "damn this pop up meeting! If I had known this was going to happen I would've said no to that last shot! My brain's a blur."

"It's okay," Cloud continued while glancing through the folder he was holding. Nobody liked these spur of the moment meetings. It always left you feeling unprepared and on edge. But there wasn't much they could really do about it.

"Ah! I left my tablet in your office, I need it for the breakdowns," Yuffie explained while coming to a halt.

"Fine go get it, you still have time. I'll meet you in the conference room," Cloud said while Yuffie hurriedly nodded and took off down the opposite end of the hallway.

Swiping his badge once he came upon the conference room he stepped inside.

"Good morning Cloud," his colleague spoke to him with a wave.

"Good morning," Cloud started while looking up from his folder. However he paused for a second before continuing to the table. A few of his other coworkers said their greetings but he hardly heard them. His focus was on one of the men at the end of the table.

"Good morning Cloud," the man said, his green eyes piercing into his.

"Good morning," Cloud said quickly while taking up his seat on the opposite end. He set down his folder and flipped through a few pages, however he wasn't even reading the information inside it now. He was still trying to process the current situation. What was Sephiroth doing here? Again? Cloud knew he had been there before but he was under the impression that it was just a one-time thing.

The room was filled with idle chatter as they waited for the meeting to begin, but Cloud wasn't really focused on any of the topics of conversation.

'Damn it. Just…go over your notes. Don't worry about him.'

The sound of the door beeping caught his attention before it was pushed open. Yuffie stepped inside, carrying a few binders and her tablet. She smiled at a few of their coworkers that we're seated around the conference table, but then her smile fell altogether when her gaze landed on a familiar face.

"Oh no," she began with a frown.

"Yuffie," Cloud started, trying to catch the girls attention, "you got the tablet?"

"Yeah I got it," the girl replied while narrowing her eyes at the man on the end of the table. He gave her a smirk and she rolled her eyes in return. Walking over towards the blond she took a seat beside him while slapping the binders onto the table.

"You've got to be freaking kidding me," she mumbled under her breath.

"Relax," Cloud started, "you said he was here once before right? I'm not sure what division he's representing but it's just a meeting."

Letting out a sigh the girl crossed her legs, smoothing out her black skirt before letting gray eyes shift to her friend. "Fine."

Cloud gave her a smile before inwardly letting out a sigh of his own. He was glad that he had delivered those words so calmly and was keeping up a professional appearance. Because on the inside he was anything but. Even though he had spoken to Sephiroth that one time before, he hadn't seen him physically since their breakup. So he wouldn't lie…it was very unsettling.

After about five more minutes the meeting finally began, the leads of each department presenting their data and catching everyone else up to speed. For as unprepared as they had been they did exceptionally well, Cloud speaking and informing the others on what his department had been doing and Yuffie quickly backing him up with information and charts that were needed.

"This is great," their director spoke up after hearing all of the information. "Now the possibility of this merger seems like it should be much more successful."

"Merger?" Cloud couldn't help but to ask.

"Yes," the director continued, "talks have been underway for some time now. That's why our fellow company has been joining in on recent meetings."

Merger? The company that Sephiroth worked at and…his? That was why…would they be….so there was a definite chance that they would have to be working closely together?

"Of all the things-!" Yuffie started in a hushed whisper before Cloud was poking her in her side to quiet her.

"In fact, each of their leads have been meeting with ours to discuss things in greater detail," the director continued, "Cloud, your department is doing really well. Perhaps you should meet with one of their leads as well."

"Yes sir, we could arrange that," Cloud explained while closing the folder before him.

"I'll take that meeting, if my colleagues are fine with it," Sephiroth spoke while casually lifting his hand. His partners nodded their approval, clearly fine with somebody else taking on additional meetings.

'What the hell Sephiroth!?'

Cloud understood this was work, but why was Sephiroth volunteering himself to be the lead? There was at least four people from the opposite company, why did it have to be him!?

"In fact," Sephiroth continued, "if Cloud has the schedule for it, a lunch meeting following this would suffice. While everything is still fresh in our minds?"

"Great!" The director exclaimed while looking towards the blond. "That works for you doesn't it Cloud?"

Cloud was at a loss for words and so Yuffie quickly chimed.

"Actually sir Cloud has a full schedule today," the girl started while swiping through her tablet. "The current project we're working on is a heavy load. And we're meeting with an editor from out of town so-"

"Oh! That got moved to next week Tuesday," their coworker that was sitting beside them broke in while scanning his agenda.

'Damn it Harada!'

Powering off her tablet Yuffie shot the man a look. "Indeed it did Harada….indeed it did."

Harada looked proud that he could help, and Cloud just let out a sigh.

"Perfect," the director began, "if that's all I believe this meeting is finished. Cloud, you and Sephiroth coordinate for your lunch meeting."

"Yes sir," Cloud mumbled as everyone began to rise from their seats.

"Sorry Cloud," Yuffie spoke quietly, "Stupid Harada, now he wants to be organized!"

"It's okay," Cloud started, "thanks for trying. It's fine, it's just lunch. And it's all business."

Yuffie was just about to reply when she sensed somebody close by. Turning around to look she frowned when she saw green eyes looking down towards her.

"Excuse you, the meeting is over," she bit out while narrowing her eyes at the man.

"As I'm very much aware," Sephiroth replied smoothly while shifting his gaze to the blond. "I'm simply here to coordinate times for our lunch meeting."

Standing up from his seat Cloud picked up his folder, holding it against his chest. "Noon is fine if you're not busy then."

"No, noon it is then. How about the sushi bar down the street? You know the one."

You know the one.

Of course he knew the one. They used to go there all the time after work on Friday nights, it had…sort of become their spot during those days.

"Sure, fine. See you then," Cloud said softly before Sephiroth gave a small smile and exited the conference room.

"Cloud," Yuffie started while standing up as well. "What is that!?"

"What?" Cloud asked as he started to exit the room.

"Do not," Yuffie began while following after him. "And I repeat, do not get lured back in with him! What's with that gentle…soft voice you responded to him with?"


"Oh come on Yuffie," Cloud started as they made their way back down the hall towards his office. "Stop it, you mean my voice!? That's how I sound."

"No," Yuffie continued while shaking her head. "Not like that! That was a different kind of soft, even for you. Trust me I know."

"Yuffie please," Cloud continued once they made it to his office and he shut the door. "I haven't seen him since….well, since we broke up. So…I don't know if something slipped out okay. But still, know that he is my past. It's just the shock of seeing him I guess."

Could his friend cut him a little slack here!? Sephiroth and he had a history. And even though Cloud was moving on…had moved on, it didn't mean that there would just instantly be zero feelings there. But those feelings were distant, past feelings. It's not as if anything would come of it. But it was like he said, that shock of seeing him, it just…was strange.

"Yeah," the girl replied while running a hand through her hair. "I get it. But just be on your guard okay? Him volunteering to meet with you, ugh, he just seems like he's up to something!"

Cloud wasn't about to tell Yuffie that Sephiroth and he had talked on the phone previously before. But Cloud remembered Sephiroth mentioning that he would like for them to be friends. That if they happened to cross paths that it wouldn't be awkward. Maybe Sephiroth knew about the possible merger all along, and so he was just trying to mend bridges? Maybe that was why he wanted to meet. But Yuffie didn't know about that conversation, and Cloud wasn't about to share. He knew his friend, and she would flip.

"Don't worry," Cloud said while taking up his seat at his desk. "It's a lunch meeting. That's all."

Authors Note: Chapter 4! It's funny I've gotten so used to writing the "hot scenes" that I had to completely stop and edit it when I remembered this fic is only rated T. Lol! Thanks so much for your reviews guys, I appreciate it. Until next time!

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