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"Hello! What can I get started for you?"

"Um, can I just get a green tea for now?"

"Sure thing! Be right back!" The waitress beamed while scampering off to the back.

Maybe a shot of sake would be better.

Needless to saythis lunch meeting definitely had him nervous. But it was work, and he was a professional. So he could do this. No problem.

"Sorry to keep you waiting," a voice spoke from behind him. He barely turned his head at the sound, he knew that voice well after all.

"No, I just got here," Cloud said as the man slid into the seat across from him. He laid his coat on the back of his chair and leaned onto the table with his elbows. Cloud watched him for a moment before letting his eyes shift towards his green ones. He couldn't seem to hold his gaze for long however and simply picked up the menu.

"It is very nice to see you after all this time Cloud," Sephiroth explained while keeping his eyes fixed on the small blond.

Cloud didn't reply and thankfully the waitress came back to their table to take their order.

"I'll have the teriyaki plate," Sephiroth ordered and before Cloud could even open his mouth to order he continued. "And the shrimp tempura bento…is that right?"

'Damn it!'

Yes Cloud wanted the tempura bento! He was kind of pissed that Sephiroth ordered it for him…but, it was kind of nice that he remembered too in a weird way.

Cloud simply nodded and the waitress wrote down the order before making her way back to the kitchen.

"So, regarding the merger," Cloud started.

Sephiroth gave a wave of his hand while looking back into blue eyes. "The merger's fifty fifty. We just have to wait for the guys upstairs to give their decision."

"Well," Cloud began a little caught off guard by such a dismissive comment. "My director made it seem as if it's a big possibility. More than fifty fifty. So regarding my department, you should know that we-"

"Your department's exceptional Cloud I already know that. And since your promotion it's surpassed even more levels. You should be very proud of that accomplishment."

Cloud was speechless for a moment. Sephiroth was like one step ahead of him in whatever he was saying. And he was so calm and collected, although…that was just Sephiroth.

"Thank you," Cloud finally said, "and…how did you know that?"

"From the last meeting," Sephiroth spoke casually just as the waitress came back over and placed their meals down before them. "I asked about your department specifically after I leaned about your promotion."

Not saying anything to that Cloud picked up his chopsticks. "So then…if you've already been briefed on my department and what this merger could do with that, then why…"

"Because I wanted to see you," Sephiroth explained plainly.

Pausing for a second Cloud nodded as understanding set in. "That's why you volunteered as the lead to meet with me?"

"Of course," the man replied matter of factly.

Wow. That was…although Cloud really shouldn't have been surprised. Sephiroth was a go getter, in all means of the phrase. If he wanted something, or had his mind set on something. He would by all means obtain it.

"Sephiroth," Cloud started while stabbing at his food. Now more than a little annoyed at how the man completed manipulated the situation.

"Please don't misunderstand," Sephiroth began while taking a bite of his food. "Our companies, this merger. It's not because of that that I've wanted to see you. I've wanted to before then, this simply just provided a reason for it."

"This…was supposed to be a business meeting. No more, no less. So if you had something else in mind-"

"Cloud," the man started, silver hair cascading over his shoulders as he shifted in his seat. "Why can't you just be honest? Surely you miss what we used to have."

Sucking in a breath Cloud's eyes widened. He opened his mouth to speak but no words came out. Did he even know what he wanted to say? A part of him was shocked and surprised at Sephiroth's words. And another part of him was….angry. How dare he say this to him now? What was this man doing to him? He didn't have the right!

"I'm sorry?" Cloud asked softly before a frown settled on his face and he shook his head. "Why would that even matter? And why say something like that after all this time?"

Sephiroth simply folded his arms on the table and leaned forward. Whether or not he intended to answer those questions was unclear, and instead he just kept a steady gaze on the other. That seemed to infuriate Cloud even more and he furrowed his brows.

"Do you think I've just been sitting around wallowing about you all this time? You really have some nerve, how do you know that I haven't already moved on since then?"

"Have you?" Sephiroth calmly asked. The tone of his voice remained unchanged, but the look in his eyes clearly had shifted. To anger? Worry? Cloud wasn't sure, but he was honestly a bit happy to see that he had caused some sort of reaction in the other.

"Yes," Cloud replied firmly. "I have."

Sephiroth held his gaze once more before a small smirk graced his features. "Even so, it can't be too serious."

"Why's that?" Cloud asked with a frown. All thoughts of lunch completely forgotten about at this point. "You don't know anything about him, or how we-"

"You still love me Cloud," Sephiroth stated simply. "That's all I need to know."

There was no hesitation or doubt in his voice. He stated that as a fact and with the utmost confidence.

'Still love him?' Cloud thought to himself. His first thought was to tell his ex to get over himself, that he absolutely was not still in love with him. But…would that be a lie? Despite everything…had Cloud ever actually stopped loving him?

"Isn't this all because you're just trying to forget about me? And what we had?"

In some way was he right? Hadn't he only started to put himself out there because he was trying to get over and move on from his ex? Even months after they had broken up hadn't he still been very hurt over it? Wasn't that why he wanted to see if there was someone else out there? So that he could possibly get over his heartache?

Feeling the sting burn at his eyes Cloud swallowed the sudden lump in his throat.

"I," he started shakily before clearing his throat. "I think this lunch meeting is over. You can cover the check, thanks."

Quickly rising from the table Cloud made his way towards the exit. He was so angry! Angry that Sephiroth could still read him so well. After all this time, after everything, he still knew that Sephiroth was probably the closest to him. And he hated that. It wasn't fair.

"Cloud!" He heard his ex call out to him. But he ignored the man and kept on going, exiting out of the small restaurant and continuing down the sidewalk.

What made Sephiroth think he could just pry into his life now? They weren't together any longer, so why did Cloud have to see or interact with him at all!? Even if they did have to work together, from this point on it would be strictly professional!

"Cloud!" His ex's voice came again this time sounding much closer. He felt a hand on his shoulder a second later and he quickly shrugged it off.

"Please don't," Cloud bit out while turning around to face the other.

"Don't get upset," Sephiroth spoke gently with a sigh. "I wasn't trying to make you angry."

"I'm…fine, I just need to get back to the office already I have a lot of work to do."

"Fine?" Sephiroth repeated while narrowing his eyes slightly. "Then why did it seem as if you were about to cry back there?"

Cloud knew Sephiroth had seen the tears in his eyes, had heard the frustration and hurt in his voice. He knew that…he just knew him too well.

"Seph just…drop it," Cloud mumbled while taking a brief glance around. Nobody was paying them any mind but for some reason Cloud felt like he was put on the spot.

"I won't," Sephiroth spoke calmly. "I understand that this isn't the time to talk about such things however. Let's meet tonight for a drink."

"No," Cloud replied instantly with a shake of his head.

"Why not?" Sephiroth pressed while taking a step closer to the blond. Cloud suddenly began to feel like his space was getting smaller, despite the fact that they were outside. He found himself staring down at the sidewalk now, and although he wasn't looking at the man he could feel him. He felt his warmth radiating off of him and could smell the subtleness of that familiar cologne.


"Just a drink. Please Cloud."

Glancing up at the sound of his name being spoken, blue eyes looked into green. Sephiroth's eyes always seemed to be able to hypnotize Cloud, and he could only think that was the reason why he spoke his next words.

"I…I'll think about it."

"I'm home," Cloud started as he stepped into his apartment, closing the door quietly behind him. Raising an eyebrow when his cat didn't come trotting down to greet him at the door he continued down the hall.

"Jinxie?" He asked while rounding the corner to step into his bedroom.

"Really? You greet Jinx before me?" The dark haired man that was holding said cat asked with a grin.

"Oh!" Cloud started while setting his things down on a nearby desk chair. "I wasn't sure if you were here yet."

"Yep!" Zack beamed while setting Jinx down on the bed. "Got here about an hour ago."

Stepping closer to the other Cloud wrapped his arms tightly around the man. Strong arms returned the embrace and he felt a kiss pressed to the top of his head.

"I missed you," Zack spoke gently, following up with another kiss.

"I missed you too," Cloud replied with shutting his eyes briefly. It seemed to happen so quickly when Zack got word that he was going to have to go away for a business trip. One day he was telling Cloud that it might be a possibility, and then the next he was departing. And now two weeks later he was finally back home. Initially Zack thought that it would only be for a week, so when he later told Cloud that his stay was extended the blond was kind of bummed.

Not that they hadn't remained in contact thought. Zack tried to call the other almost every night at the end of his day, even though there was a two hour time time difference between them. And they still texted here and there throughout the day. But it was only when they were apart that they really realized just how much they had both become so accustomed to being together so often. So when Cloud found out that Zack would be returning he suggested for him to go to his place and he'd meet him there once off work. His place was closer to the airport after all and so Zack could just relax after so much traveling. That and he just really wanted to see him.

Pulling away slightly Cloud glanced up just as Zack pressed his lips to his. Cloud felt himself let out a content sigh into the kiss before breaking it briefly.

"So, how was the trip?" He asked before placing another kiss on the man's lips.

"Eh," Zack began as Cloud started putting his things away. "I loved the location just wish I could've enjoyed it more ya know? I hardly ever got a break, but I got a lot of good feedback from my supervisor so I guess it was worth it."

"Really?" Cloud asked with a smile. "That's great."

"Thank's," Zack continued a bit sheepishly. "I guess it is pretty great actually." Taking a seat on the bed he continued on. "How have things been here?"

Casting a quick glance over his shoulder Cloud shrugged before making his way over to his closet.

"Same. Nothing that I haven't told you over the phone anways."

Zack nodded in understanding before laying back onto the bed and turning his head to look in Cloud's direction. The blond gave him another small smile as he began to take off his cardigan.

"You look tired."

"I am," Zack admitted with a sigh. "Flights always exhaust me."

"Well get some rest," Cloud explained while turning around to approach the bed, taking a seat on the edge. "I'm going to grab a shower and then I'll make dinner. What sounds good?"

"Anything," Zack replied with a grin.

"Alright," Cloud started with a laugh, "I'll figure out something." Sliding off the bed he removed his phone from his pocket, setting on the nightstand and connecting it to the charger. He left the room to grab a towel from the closet and when he stepped back into the room Zack's eyes were already closed. He must've really been tired after all. Cloud hoped that the shower wouldn't disturb him too much, but he'd be quick.

The sound of the bathroom door shutting softly caused Zack's eyes to flutter open briefly. Had he fallen asleep so fast? Shifting in the bed he smiled he when caught glimpse of Jinx curled up at the corner of the bed. The shower water had just turned on and Zack felt his eyes growing heavy again. It wasn't long after that he started to drift off, but before he could fall into a deep sleep, a soft rattling sound caught his attention. He didn't think much of it at first but when it continued on he blearily opened his eyes.

Turning to the sound of the vibrating phone on the nightstand Zack let out a yawn before burying his head in the pillow again. The sound of the shower in the background had just started to lure him back to sleep when the phone began to vibrate again. Someone was really trying to get ahold of Cloud it seemed. Sitting up partially in the bed Zack wondered if maybe he should let Cloud know.

'Maybe it's Yuffie,' Zack thought. There had been a few times when he and Cloud had been together and the girl had blown up his phone. She definitely didn't like to be ignored. Reaching out to grab the phone Zack figured he could at least tell the girl that Cloud would call her back after his shower. That way he could get some sleep.

He had just picked up the phone after it stopped vibrating, and the screen glowed at him displaying a missed call, along with a few text messages. However it wasn't from Yuffie, but instead…

"Sephiroth," Zack found himself reading the name quietly. Wasn't that…he was…Cloud's ex right? No, Zack was certain of it. Although they hadn't talked about him many times they had spoken about him once in length before, and Zack recognized the name immediately.

Setting the phone back on the nightstand Zack glanced towards the bathroom door. Why would Cloud still be talking to his ex? An ex that if Zack remembered correctly, had betrayed him and broken heart.

No. It wasn't a big deal…he guessed some people could still be friends with ex's. Although he at least thought Cloud would mention that to him.

'Forget it,' Zack thought while laying back down. 'You shouldn't have been looking at his phone to begin with.''

Staring at the object on the nightstand for longer than he probably should have, Zack forced his eyes closed. 'Just don't look. Don't think too much about it. I mean… you could take a peek at the texts but…no! No, you don't want to be "that" guy.'

His eyes snapped open a minute later and he quickly sat up while reaching over to grab Cloud's phone.

'Fuck! You're being that guy!'

But he didn't care, he had to know. His curiosity was getting the best of him. Sliding the unlock screen he gave a sigh of relief when he realized Cloud didn't have a passcode set on the phone. He hesitated for only a moment before going into his texts and locating Sephiroth.

He read two that had just been sent from Sephiroth.

'Are you busy?'

'Call me back when you have a chance.'

Well, that fit. Seeing as how the missed call was from Sephiroth also. He was trying to talk to Cloud. Scrolling up further in the text thread Zack held his breath.

'Sorry about lunch again.'

'It's forgotten.'

'Glad to hear it. Although I'm not sorry that I got to see you.'

There was no reply from Cloud after that message and then another text from Sephiroth a few hours after that.

'See you tonight? Around six. The bar by my place.'

"Bar?" Zack asked himself quietly. Looking at the date of the text it was from a few weeks ago. Before he left on his business trip in fact. Had Cloud and his ex met up…while he was still in town?

Once again there was no reply from Cloud with that text. Did that mean he had blown him off? Or did he just meet him there?

Switching to his call logs Zack scrolled through before landing on an outgoing call. Cloud had called Sephiroth that night. The date of the text…he called him instead of texting him back. And that conversation seemed to have lasted awhile.

Exiting out of the phone Zack sat it back down on the nightstand before laying back down on the bed. Now he suddenly felt wide awake. Though there wasn't many text messages to go by…for some reason that made his anxiety worse. From what he had read was enough…but just what had they been talking about on the phone for so long? And why did Sephiroth call him this evening?

'Were you two together long?'

'Two and a half years.'

Zack remembered the conversation. Their first "official" date. The subject of ex's had come up.

'Messy breakup?'

'Not at all actually. He just…really broke my heart.'

There had been a brief moment during that conversation when Zack truly wondered if Cloud was over his ex. When he said those words a look of hurt was on his face. Zack didn't want to be Cloud's rebound. And if he thought that he was still hung up on him by the end of that date, who knows if Zack would've asked Cloud out again. But the conversation turned and Cloud brightened up. And he became so flustered around him, Zack thought those were all really good signs. And he was so happy at the thought of actually pursuing a relationship with him. But…was he getting ahead of himself? What was really going on here? And what did Cloud see him as? Truthfully.

He was so caught up in his thoughts that he hadn't even realized that the shower had stopped awhile ago until the sound of the bathroom door opening caught his attention. He closed his eyes, trying to feign sleep.

Cloud stepped out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around him as he ran his fingers through wet hair. He quickly changed into some comfortable clothes before ditching the towel to the hamper. He had just begun to cross the room when Jinx stood up on the bed, giving a long stretch before hopping down and walking towards his owner.

"Let's go feed you," Cloud said to the cat before letting his gaze fall onto the raven haired man. He still seemed to be sound asleep but he had fallen asleep on top of the covers. Moving towards the closet Cloud pulled out a warm throw blanket. This would have to do, he didn't want to wake Zack up by trying to pull the covers on the bed over him. So unfolding the blanket he carefully draped it over the other.

Jinx started to meow and Cloud shushed him before shooing him out of the room, following behind him and shutting the door softly. Zack's eyes opened again immediately after Cloud left the room and he let out a long sigh.

Surely Cloud cared about him. It was apparent in the small things he did. But caring about someone when you were in love with another…in that case, the ending was a given.

Stepping into the restaurant the girl ran her fingers through her windblown hair before sliding into a vacant booth. She had just picked up a menu when the restaurant door swung open and the tall raven haired man stepped in. Raising her hand she gave a brief wave and the man gave her a grin before walking over.

"Hey! Thanks again for meeting me," Zack explained while taking a seat across from the girl, setting his messenger bag beside him.

"No problem," Yuffie started with a wave of her hand. "Although it was a bit tricky for me to get around Cloud ya know?"

Zack gave the girl a look of concern. "Was he suspicious?"

"I mean he and I always go to lunch together," she explained. "But I told him that Vincent wanted to take me out some place. As sort of an "I'm sorry" meal. So, I think he bought it."

"Good," Zack replied with a laugh.

"Yeah so, if you're were planning on calling me out here to confess your feelings for me, sorry to say I'm already taken," Yuffie joked with a smile. "If not though, then what is the reason for this super-secret meeting?"

Well he guessed she wasn't too far off the mark with "super-secret." After all he did call her and ask her to meet him for lunch, and not to let Cloud know. After the other night he had been so confused about the whole situation, and so he figured it'd be best to ask the one person who would know the most about Cloud's past relationship. Yuffie. So snagging her number from Cloud's phone he decided to give her a call.

"I um, just hoped I could get your honest opinion on something," Zack started a bit nervously.

"Depends," Yuffie started while narrowing her eyes.

"Okay," Zack continued with a sigh. He figured he better just come out with it. "So you know I just got back from my trip the other day."

Yuffie nodded before raising an eyebrow. "Did something happen while you were-"

"No!" Zack blurted while shaking his head. "I didn't do…no, nothing like that happened."

"Okay," the girl said with a sigh of relief. "Continue."

"Okay so," Zack started again. "I was at Cloud's the night I got back. And I was sleeping while Cloud was in the shower…and his phone started to ring. And it kept ringing and vibrating with text messages. I thought it was you! So I just went to answer it to let you know Cloud was busy….but it wasn't…and I happened to see who it was. It was…um, Sephiroth."

Yuffie was silent for a moment as she took in the words of what the other said.

"And…there's more," Zack continued with a sigh. "I'm not proud of this at all. I know I shouldn't have but, seeing the name on the screen and seeing the missed calls and messages. I…kind of looked through some of them."

"Oh no," Yuffie said while clutching her head in her hands. "Please don't tell me you saw something strange there."

"I mean…I don't know if it's strange or not. Nothing too bad I guess," he started while leaning on the table. "But that's why I wanted to talk to you. You know their situation. Are they still friends? I mean do they still talk? I didn't know if it was something that I should be concerned about or…I don't know."

"They are not friends!" Yuffie exclaimed while slamming her hand on the table. "That sneaky little…why is he even messaging and calling Cloud? I'm sure it's not work related! I knew something was up after they met for that lunch meeting. Cloud said everything was fine but he was checking his phone a lot after that. I just assumed it was you! Sephiroth is a snake! And stupid Cloud is the rabbit! He can't see it, he's so oblivious doing his rabbit things, that he can't see that the stupid snake is coiling around him all over again!"

Zack looked confused. And not just from the girl's odd metaphor.

"Work related? Wait are you saying…Sephiroth works with you guys?"

Pulling her hands away from her head she blinked. "Well yes…and no. It's only been recently but yeah our companies are partners now. So sometimes we cross paths but…"

Glancing down at the table Zack shook his head. "I…had no idea."

"Cloud didn't tell you?"

Zack simply shook his head again.

"Well," Yuffie started quietly. She was feeling slightly guilty for letting that cat out of the bag, but…how was she was supposed to know it was a secret!? Something like that? What was going on with Cloud, what was he up to? Why was he keeping Zack in the dark about that?

"I know Cloud was with Sephiroth for a while. That much he did tell me…and I know he really loved him. Maybe…they're wanting to work things out between them."

"No!" Yuffie interjected while leaning forward on the table. "No, believe me. That is not the case. I don't know what you saw specifically in the text messages, but please don't jump to conclusions!"

Was it jumping to conclusions? Or was is perfectly laid out in black and white?

Picking up his phone again Cloud frowned when he realized still no message from Zack. Letting out a sigh he placed it back down on his desk before turning back towards his computer. He guessed not getting a message shouldn't be too big of a deal, but Zack was usually pretty quick about replying back to him. Always. And usually during lunch time he would even call to chat for a few minutes at least. But he guessed maybe Zack was swamped with work since getting back from his trip. Although things had seemed a bit odd since the other night. Everything was fine he guessed but…something just felt different. After Zack had woken up that is. They had dinner and even then Zack seemed a little distracted. They were engaged in conversation but not in the usual way. It seemed like Zack was almost somewhere else at times. And then after dinner he said he was still really tired.

Cloud tried not to think too much into it, after all he had just returned from a work trip so he probably was really exhausted. But since they had been in this relationship, and had gotten more serious…intimacy was never an issue. Zack was always so affectionate with him, and even if they had worked long days…they were never too tired when it came down to it. So when Zack just went back to sleep…it was definitely a bit odd. Especially considering that they had been apart for a few weeks.

Even though he felt a bit silly to admit it but…he honestly felt a bit hurt at that.

'Don't be so needy,' he thought to himself. 'Everyone is entitled to a bit of space.'

The sound of his office door being opened brought him out of his thoughts.

"Did you have a good lunch?" Cloud asked while shifting his gaze lazily back to his computer.

The door closed gently and his friend remained quiet. She didn't make a move and just stood in front of the door.

"What are you doing?" Cloud asked with a raised brow.

"I didn't go to lunch with Vincent," Yuffie started while taking a few steps toward the desk. "I'm sorry, I can't help it…I feel like I need to tell you because I think things could go really left here."

"What are you talking about?" Cloud asked while turning away from his computer to face the girl better. "Who were you at lunch with then?"

Cursing to herself she shook her head before finally walking closer and taking a seat opposite Cloud's desk. "I went with Zack," she started, "he told me not to tell you that we were meeting! But as your best friend I feel like I should tell you! Because I think he might really have the wrong idea with things!"

'What? Zack? Wrong idea!?'

Cloud hadn't heard from Zack all day, he had texted him and no reply and meanwhile he was at lunch with Yuffie? Why!? And why couldn't he know?

"Why were you with him?" Cloud asked beyond confused, "and what wrong idea, stop speaking in circles just tell me!"

"Damn it! I'm sorry Zack," she cried before pointing a finger at Cloud. "He read your stupid text messages with Sephiroth! And like…saw some phone calls or something! He was asking me all these questions about you two like are you guys still friends and this that and the other! And I mentioned about Sephiroth kind of working with you, and that damn lunch meeting! I didn't know you didn't tell him!"

"What?" Cloud said to himself as he soaked in the information.

"I told him not to jump to any conclusions but I don't know…"

"Yuffie!" Cloud shrieked while jumping out of his seat.

"I'm sorry!" She shouted, "I thought he knew about all of that! And don't try to put the blame on me here, why the hell are you even texting Sephiroth and talking to him outside of work!?"

"I," Cloud started with a shake of his head. "It's not like that!"

"Well what is it then!?"

Grabbing his cell phone from off his desk he quickly called Zack again. And once more it went to voicemail.

"Shit," Cloud said to himself while hanging up. No! He needed to explain! He had to clear this all up! Was Zack just completely over it? Surely he wouldn't just write him off without at least letting him explain.

"He's back at work now I'm sure so don't freak out if he doesn't answer," Yuffie explained calmly when she saw the worried look on her friends face.

"Yeah but," Cloud started, "he always answers me. Even if he is at work."

"I think," Yuffie continued gently as Cloud sat back down. "He probably just has a lot on his mind. Just give him a moment."

"I'm such an idiot," the blond said to himself while holding back tears of frustration. All of this…was because of himself?

"No," Yuffie started softly, "It's all a misunderstanding right? I mean…nothing is going on between you and Sephiroth…right?"

"Yuffie, really?" Cloud asked annoyed. He did not need her throwing more salt on his wound.

"I'm just asking!" The girl retorted while throwing up her hands in defense. "I didn't read the text messages between you two! I don't know what you've been talking with him about. You see! Even now that stupid jerk is causing problems! I told you to keep your guard up!"

Cloud didn't need his friends lecture right now. He just wanted this work day to be over. He needed to get out of there and find Zack and talk to him. He at least had to try! And if Zack was ditching his calls and messages and didn't want to be bothered…well then Cloud was just going to have to force him to listen. He had to be honest, tell him everything and not keep anything from him.

He couldn't have messed things up. Not now, not after he had already fallen in love.

Authors Note: It's an update, what a miracle! So needless to say Sephiroth has been trying to sink his hooks back into Cloud, what all really transpired between the two? Did Cloud take him up on his offer to meet for drinks? And just where does that relationship stand? Zack cares for Cloud obviously, but nobody wants to be the rebound. Has he just decided to back off because he thinks Cloud's ex still has heart? Until next chap! Which should be the last one! (Remember I said this was going to be a short one ^^)

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