There's An App For That

BY : MystIc19
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Stepping out of the station Cloud checked his phone for the hundredth time. He was pretty certain Zack would be home by now. Once the work day was over Cloud didn't linger around the office and quickly started to make his way out. Of course it was then that it seemed like all of his coworkers wanted to take that opportunity to ask him questions and make small talk. But he politely told them he was in a rush and finally was able to exit the building about ten minutes later. Whatever they had to say, whatever they were asking him, he couldn't focus on it at the moment. In fact, after Yuffie had returned from lunch break and had revealed what she had to him, he didn't think he had gotten any real work done from that point on. He just couldn't shut off his brain, and a thousand thoughts were running around in there. He found himself continually checking his phone and eventually just started to watch the clock.


Yeah, that was probably the right word. But he couldn't help it. He could only imagine just what kind of ideas Zack had in his mind now and he just had to clear it up. If he was honest, he really hadn't planned to tell Zack about any of the interactions that he had with Sephiroth recently. He… well he didn't really think there was a reason too. But now that he saw how things had gotten so mixed up, he realized that he probably should've right from the start…

Falling onto his bed he rubbed his temples. He felt a headache coming on. Although he wasn't really too surprised, his day had been…eventful to say the least. That surprise meeting, but more than that…his lunch with Sephiroth…

Letting out a sigh he stared up at his ceiling. What in the hell was going on? Sephiroth had asked him to meet him tonight for a drink. To…talk more. But…what did they really have to talk about? He wasn't sure if he really wanted to open up that Pandora's Box. He had told him he would think about it…and he honestly had. In fact all day he had been thinking about it. And now here he was at home still unsure as to what he should do, but time was passing by and he still hadn't responded to Sephiroth's text.

To go, or not to go…

'He just wants to talk. It's just a drink. Maybe you're stressing for nothing.'

No. No, how could it be nothing? No matter how he looked at was stressful. This was his boyfriend of two and a half years after all! Sephiroth had said things…told him things that he…didn't know what to make of. He had gotten emotional at lunch…did he really want to possibly go through that again? Meeting him tonight meant possibly opening up old wounds, and exposing old feelings. Was he prepared to allow him to see his heart, that while put together again was still very, very fragile? What more was to be said anyways? This was for personal reasons, not for business… so why should Cloud even "entertain" the thought?

Picking up his cellphone he stared at the screen. Somehow he finally knew his answer. His fingers hovered over the keys to type his reply back, but he paused. And before he could even second guess himself he found himself hitting the call button instead. Placing the phone to his ear he took in a breath as he waited for the call to be answered.


"No…I won't meet you," the blond said softly, straight to the point while still gazing up at his ceiling vacantly.

"…why?" Sephiroth asked calmly.

"Because," Cloud started, exhaling the breath of air from before. Sephiroth didn't speak, giving Cloud the opportunity to elaborate on his response. It was during that short pause of silence however when a flood of emotions suddenly hit Cloud. His eyes started to sting with tears and he covered his face with a hand. This was the reason why he had called, the reason why he didn't simply reply back with a no. He "needed" to say some things. Things that he couldn't exactly formulate in a text message. No, he needed to tell him for himself.

"You are so selfish!" Cloud finally cried. "You think you can just come back into my life after all this time!? Like you didn't hurt me!? Like nothing happened!?"


"I don't want to hear your excuses anymore! I don't want to hear your lies!" Wiping at the tears that had already begun to stream down his face he shook his head. All this time, throughout his sadness and hurt…he had never actually gotten to… release it properly. He never was able to yell or scream at Sephiroth when they broke up. To get out his anger…his grief. One because Sephiroth never truly admitted that he had been cheating on him. So when they broke up it was just a calm parting of ways. Even though Cloud knew the true reason, he had to just go along as if it was a regular breakup because Sephiroth initiated it that way. So all of that pain, hurt and frustration…it simply had nowhere to go. So if Sephiroth wanted to finally "talk", then they would fucking talk.

"You thought you could just come back and say that you miss me and I would just run back to you?" Cloud asked with a scoff. "After what you did to me? And dammit Seph don't deny it! I'm not an idiot, I need you to at least…you owe it to me to just be honest with me!"

Why? Why did he want that? A part of him wondered why he wanted Sephiroth to finally just "admit" it to him. But he guessed…it was just…closure? When you spent so much of your time with someone, gave so much of yourself to a person in a relationship and then it ended so painfully…surely anyone would want the truth as to why.

A deep sigh came over the phone and then there was a silence.

"Don't I at least deserve that?" Cloud continued, his voice more calm.

"I… know that you knew Cloud," Sepiroth explained quietly. "I suspected you knew before we broke up. Am I right? But you never confronted me."

Cloud's breath caught in his throat at those words. He did know. There was a lot of signs and red flags and he just…turned a blind eye to it. He didn't want to believe it.

"So…what, were you waiting for me to end things?" Cloud asked.

"Well not particularly," Sephiroth started, "but when I realized you probably wouldn't…then I did. That situation wasn't healthy for either of us. And, although I know you won't believe it…I didn't want to hurt you more than I knew I already had."

"What in the hell kind of logic is that?"

"A very flawed one," Sephiroth answered, "but at the time it made sense somehow."

"You're an idiot," Cloud started softly with a shake of his head.

"I know," Sephiroth replied. "I was. Probably still am actually."

Giving a brief laugh at that Cloud ran his hand through his hair. What was the point in getting angry about that stupid reasoning now? It was in the past. Over and done. And he had finally at least gotten the truth.

"An apology for the past probably means nothing now," Sephiroth continued gently. "However I am sorry…for everything. I didn't plan for any of that to happen I…just got stupidly caught up and…well…I'm sorry."

Yeah. An apology didn't make up for the betrayal. Didn't make up for his broken heart, but still…

"Thank you," Cloud finally spoke.

"I can't change what happened back then," Sephiroth explained. "But…I can tell you it was the biggest mistake I've ever made. I never stopped loving you Cloud."


"I know you said you're seeing someone now," Sephiroth started, "but, I think what we had was once in a lifetime. It was real, and I won't believe you if you say that it wasn't. I want to give us… a try again."

Cloud felt his heart clench at that. There was a time before when he hoped and wished that Sephiroth would come to his senses. That he would realize that he made a huge mistake and come back to him. And despite what he had done, Cloud honestly knew if this had indeed happened early in their breakup…he would forgive Sephiroth, and give them another try. But…things were different now. He hadn't exactly planned on it, but they just were.

"Sephiroth," Cloud said with a sigh. "It was real…of course it was. And I loved you so much…"

The words were genuine. Cloud had loved him so much it hurt. Whether or not Sephiroth understood that he wasn't sure.

"Loved?" The man asked with disappointment.

Pulling himself up on the bed he shook his head. "I mean…I'm always going to love you Seph…you know that."

"Then that's all that matters."

"No," the blond continued, this time with more conviction. "I mean…you're my first love. And…I don't think you ever actually just stop caring but…"

"But?" Sephiroth asked hesitantly.

"But I love Zack," Cloud finally admitted. "And so…it's just different now. I love him…like I didn't think I'd ever be able to after you and I."

And there it was. Cloud needed to say it. To tell Sephiroth that what they had was completely over and done. He…loved Zack. And it was only fair to follow that emotion and feeling and see where it could lead. And if Sephiroth ever truly loved him…if he still loved him…he would understand that, and not try to pull him back to the past. Cloud didn't want to give him any sort of false hope, and that was one of the main reasons why he didn't go and meet him for a drink. He no longer wanted to be kept in the past, and he didn't want to go back down that way. He wanted to look towards his future…and in that future he saw Zack.

"Do you really?" Sephiroth asked cautiously after another moment's silence.

"Yes," Cloud simply replied.

"I see," Sephiroth replied while letting out a sigh. "I guess…I really have lost you then."

Nodding Cloud bit his lip. Even after everything, he didn't want to hurt Sephiroth. Even though Sephiroth had hurt him so much…he hated to be the one to hurt him as well. But…there really wasn't any helping it in a situation like this.

"Well," Sephiroth began quietly.

"Sorry," Cloud found himself apologizing. For what exactly he wasn't sure. Maybe sorry for hurting him as well. Sorry for ruining what could've been? But…no. He had to remember he wasn't to blame for their demise.

"I do…" Sephiroth started softly before drifting off briefly. "Genuinely want you to be happy Cloud. And if that…isn't with me, then I guess I'll have to accept it. I can only blame myself after all."

Another tear slipped down his cheek and Cloud quickly wiped it away. "Thank you."

"However," Sephiroth quickly continued. "If things with you two don't work out, or if you begin to have doubts about it at all…I fully intend to win you back."

He had stepped out of the elevator a while ago and now just had been standing at the end of the hall looking towards Zack's door.

'Come on! Why are you just standing here? This is what you rushed over for, not just to stand out here like an idiot!'

Letting out a sigh he ran a hand through his hair. There was still a chance that Zack wasn't even home. And if he was, how would he feel about Cloud just showing up unannounced? He had been ditching his calls and texts all day, so surely he wouldn't be happy with him just coming over.

But…hell he was out of options here. Fidgeting around at the end of the hall he pulled his cellphone out of his pocket once more. Locating Zack's number in his contacts he pressed the call button again. It rang about three times but instead of connecting to voicemail a voice answered.


Cloud didn't say anything. A part of him had just been prepared for the voicemail…he hadn't actually planned on…things to say should Zack actually finally answer.

"Hello? Cloud?"


"Oh you are there!" Zack started with a laugh. "I was just getting ready to call you after I got out of the shower. Sorry I couldn't get back to you at all today! Work was insane, I had so much piled up from when I was away!"

'What the hell?'

Cloud frowned. What was up with that? Was Zack telling him the truth? No, he didn't buy that.

"Is that so?" Cloud asked softly. "So you mean you weren't avoiding me?"

"What?" Zack asked gently, his voice dropping from its usual cheerful tone to a more concerned one. "Why would you think I was avoiding you?"

Cloud fell silent. Was he supposed to tell him because Yuffie snitched about their lunch, and had told him what they discussed? He didn't want to throw his friend under the bus but…how was he supposed to answer then?

"Uh," the blond started with a quiet sigh. "You know what never mind. Sorry I should just go back."

"Huh?" Zack started in confusion. "Go back? Where are you?"

'Dammit!' How did he manage to let that slip out? So much for trying to get out of the situation.

"Actually," Cloud began softly, deciding to just finally concede. "I'm outside…your door."

"What?" Zack asked, still clearly confused but beginning to make sense of the words. "Why are you..."

There was a brief silence on the line and then Cloud heard the sound of a door opening. Glancing ahead he saw Zack poke his head out the doorway before turning to look in his direction.

"Hi," Cloud greeted sheepishly, still speaking into the phone receiver for some reason even though he was standing just a few feet away from the other.

"If you were here," Zack started before shaking his head when he realized he was still speaking into the phone also. Hanging up he pulled it away before continuing. "Why didn't you just knock?"

Putting his phone away Cloud bit his lip as he tried to think of a way to respond to that.

'Because I panicked! I freaked out when I thought you may be angry and avoiding me and I just rushed over here to explain everything!'

That was the truth, but now Cloud was thinking maybe he had jumped to conclusions. Zack said he wasn't avoiding him, then again that could've been a lie. Cloud honestly didn't know anymore.

Zack could tell that Cloud seemed a little uneasy. Why that was he wasn't sure, but his curiosity was more than a little piqued.

"Come inside," Zack offered gently while pulling the door open further and taking a step aside.

He only hesitated for a moment before his feet began to carry him forwards into the apartment. Whether or not Zack was telling him the truth about avoiding him Cloud wasn't sure. But that hardly mattered! He still wanted to explain things regardless, and he was going to do just that.

Zack had just closed the door when he turned around to be met with wide blue eyes. It caught him by surprise and he found himself simply staring back into those blue depths.

"We need to talk," Cloud finally said before glancing down at the floor. Completely oblivious that he had just spoken the infamous "breakup phrase."

'Was this…could this be…'

Letting out a breath of air Zack nodded. "Okay…sure," he replied while gesturing towards the living room. He watched as Cloud made his way towards the couch and he paused.

"Do you want a drink? Cause I could use a drink," Zack began while turning and stepping into the kitchen.

'Fuck! We need to talk?'

Those were the dreaded words that nobody in a relationship wanted to hear. And while Zack had his suspicions, while he may have thought that Cloud and his ex may be going down the path of reconciliation…he didn't expect to be confronted with it so soon! And…he was also hoping that he was wrong.

"Sure," Cloud's soft voice spoke from the living room. A moment later Zack reappeared carrying two beers. He placed them on the coffee table before taking a seat beside Cloud on the couch. He heard him say a quiet thank you before Zack was reaching out for his beer and taking a rather long swig.

"So uh," Zack began while setting his drink down once more. "What…did you want to talk to me about?"

"Right," Cloud said while turning to face the man more. He found himself simply staring into his eyes for a moment before glancing away. "I uh…wanted to talk to you about my ex. Sephiroth."

'Here we fucking go.'

"Okay," Zack replied while clearing his throat. He hoped that Cloud would do this quickly. Like ripping off a band aid. Just over and done! Even though he had been suspecting something…it was still going to suck hard to actually hear it from Cloud. He didn't…he didn't want this to be over.

"There was…or I mean, there's some things that I didn't tell you," Cloud started with a shake of his head. "Not because I was trying to hide anything from you! I just…didn't think it was important. But…I would never want you to think that I would lie to you about things like that."

Zack looked a bit confused at the blonde's words and so the smaller one continued.

"I'm sorry, I know you spoke to Yuffie earlier today. She told me."

"Oh," Zack started with a blink as he sat up straighter.

"Please don't be angry with her," Cloud explained, "she just wanted to help."

"No," Zack replied with a short laugh. "I guess I knew I was taking a gamble there. She's your best friend, I don't blame her."

"She told me… everything," Cloud started while glancing away briefly before looking back to the other. "Zack…I'm so sorry to make you even begin to think that something was possibly still going on with Sephiroth and I."

Zack was just about to respond before Cloud was scooting closer towards him on the couch and reaching out to take his hand in his.

"But that's…not true. At all," Cloud continued. "Things happened really quickly. His company and mine have decided to become partners, and so that's why he and I kind of reconnected. For work! And I…had to have a lunch meeting with him. I didn't tell you about that and I'm sorry. It's just that shortly after you told me you were going away on your business trip and I didn't want to…I don't know, make you worry. But I wasn't trying to like…sneak around behind your back with him…I don't… I mean he's my past."

His words might've been all of the over place and he might've spoken them nervously. But they were sincere… and genuine.

"Cloud," Zack started.

"And I'm sorry for the weird texts that you probably saw," Cloud continued while squeezing his hand tightly. "I won't lie…at that lunch meeting he and I had, he said some things. Mentioned our past relationship and…he wanted to see me again. Later that night, but I refused him. I called him later and…made it really clear to him. I made sure to completely close that chapter of my life. Work is one thing but I'm not interested in anything like that with him anymore. Okay?"

Zack was honestly at a loss for words. He hadn't expected for Cloud to say all these things so suddenly to him. He had actually been bracing himself for the inevitable breakup conversation! But…he believed it all. Word for word. It made sense, and Yuffie had already filled him in on the business part of things.

Letting out a sigh Zack ran his free hand through his hair. "I…"

"What?" Cloud asked while searching blue eyes for any kind of hint of suspicion. "Whatever else you want to know just ask me. I won't hide anything from you."

"I'm an idiot," Zack admitted while leaning forward and resting his forehead against Cloud's shoulder.

"What?" Cloud began in confusion while bringing his arm up to wrap around the other's shoulders.

"Please don't apologize anymore," Zack started. "It's me who should be sorry, I never should've looked at your phone! I'm so sorry! That's not me! Really I just…I don't know. I saw the name Sephiroth and I remembered that was your ex and…my thoughts just ran away from there."

A smile spread across Cloud's face as understanding hit him. "I'm not mad that you looked at my phone, I get it."

"Yeah but." Zack began while raising his head and looking into blue eyes. "It's such a douche move."

Cloud finally broke into a chuckle when he saw the guilty look on the other's features. Here he was so worried about explaining things to Zack and Zack was equally as worried about explaining that he had peeked at his phone.

"It's alright," Cloud reassured him again. "I'm glad you did. Because doing that made me realize that I needed to be honest with you. I never would want you to think that I'd hide something like that from you…I wouldn't do to you what I had done to me. I could never."

"I know," Zack replied. Hearing Cloud say it in that way really made Zack feel guilty. Cloud had been cheated on and hurt really badly in his past relationship, he should've known that he would never do the same thing to him. He knew that pain, he wouldn't do it to someone else. "It's just…I know you two had a history and…I guess I got a little paranoid."

"Yeah…keyword being history," Cloud explained with a small smile before locking his arms around the other's neck.

Letting out a drawn out sigh Zack grinned. "You're right, you're right."

Leaning forward Cloud placed a kiss against the others lips. As soon as they made contact he felt a rush of relief escape from his body. All day he had been so on edge, so worried, and panicking about this whole situation. And now that it was finally cleared up, this first small touch was almost too much.

Zack was the first to break the sweet kiss but he immediately pulled the blonde closer to him, holding him tightly in his arms.

"And here I was thinking you wanted to break up."

Frowning Cloud kept his arms wrapped tightly around the other. "What…why would you think…"

Then before he could finish that sentence, another thought hit him. To break up meant that…they were officially a couple then?

"Or…so does that mean…we're…"

"We're?" Zack asked while turning his face into the crook of Cloud's neck and pressing a soft kiss there.

Today was the day of honesty. He was just going to finally ask. After everything else he just wanted to be upfront and honest straight across the board.

"Officially…like…a couple?"

There was a moment's pause before Zack was pulling away, holding the smaller one by the shoulders and looking into questioning blue eyes. "I," he started quietly, "I mean…aren't we?"

Biting his lip Cloud glanced away briefly. It was probably a really stupid question. And he hated that he was so naïve when it came to things like this. But he just wanted to know for sure.

"I mean I thought so," Cloud explained before looking back towards Zack. "But I just…I wasn't for certain. I mean…we never talked about it really so I didn't know if…it was just a given or not."

Cloud wasn't sure what the look on the other's face meant. His eyes shifted to look off in another direction but his expression remained neutral.

"It's okay-" Cloud started nervously before Zack broke in.

"You're right," the man began with a nod while turning blue eyes back onto the blond. He couldn't help the smile that spread across his face, and he had to suppress his laugh because he didn't want Cloud to think that he was laughing at him, but the question was completely adorable to him. Leave it to Cloud to be unsure about their relationship. For Zack, they were official after they shared their first kiss after their second date at the movies.

"My fault for not properly asking," Zack continued while leaning back in towards the other. "But I'd love nothing more than to be your boyfriend Cloud. If that's okay with you?"

Cloud felt the blush burning on his cheeks, but looking at the gorgeous smile on Zack's face made him not pay it any mind.

"Of course it's okay with me," he replied softly before letting his eyes fall shut again when soft lips were placed back over his own. He ran his fingers through dark hair before letting them come to rest on the others cheek when he pulled away slightly after he realized he still had an unanswered question.

"Wait…but why did you think I wanted to break up with you?"

"Well," Zack started while placing his arm around Cloud's waist. "You kind of started off with the infamous breakup phrase."

"I did?" Cloud asked in confusion and Zack couldn't help but to laugh.

"You did," Zack confirmed. "Whenever you hear those words, we need to talk. It's usually not a good conversation. And well…I was already a little on edge…so."

Cloud felt horrible. He had no idea! They did need to talk so he said the words but…he never would've said that if he had known it was some breakup line!

"I'm sorry!" He exclaimed while wrapping his arms around Zack again. "I didn't realize."

"It's okay," Zack replied with a laugh while returning the embrace.

"It's not," Cloud started with a sigh. "That was the last thing I wanted you to think with me coming here. Along with clearing things up I…I wanted to…"

Turning his face into Zack's neck he let out a breath. It was safe to say that he didn't have a good grasp on "dating etiquette", although it didn't seem to be an issue when it came to Zack. Throughout their relationship he had just gone with the emotion of "if it feels right, do it." And so far, that had proved to be working. So he wasn't about to start second guessing that now. He wanted Zack to know how he felt. Thoughts of was it too soon? Would he feel the same? Of course they were there…but, despite that, he still wanted to let him know.

"Zack…I love you," he quietly confessed. He swore he could hear his heart beating in his ears, and he tightened his hold on the other. He wasn't sure what he was expecting, maybe nothing. And that would've been okay with him. He said it because he meant it, because he felt it. And he wanted Zack to know.

Then he felt a kiss placed against his ear, before the arms around his waist tightened.

"I love you too," Zack spoke before moving to place a kiss in blond spikes. He let out a sigh of contentment while holding the smaller one closer to him. He was so happy to hear those words. To finally be able to say them. In all honesty, he wanted to say them earlier, but his fear of whether or not Cloud's heart was still with his ex held him back. He figured he shouldn't push it, and should wait for Cloud's feelings instead.

Before they even realized it they were caught up in a passionate kiss and pressed against the sofa. Cloud's shirt had just been discarded before small fingers traced down Zack's chest, stopping at one of the buttons on his shirt.

"Hey," Cloud started gently, lifting glossy eyes to meet blue.

"Yes?" Zack asked curiously before leaning down to capture those pink bruised kiss lips once more.

"I just want to know," Cloud continued after Zack pulled away, "since we've cleared up everything."

"Oh," Zack started with a quick nod. "Yeah…what else is bothering you?"

"When I first got here," Cloud began while licking his lips briefly. "You said you were busy at work and so you couldn't get back to me earlier. Was that true? Or were you really avoiding me?"

Zack had almost forgotten about that with everything that had happened. But…he had indeed said that. However…it was mostly a lie. Sure he had work piled up, but it wasn't as if he didn't have his phone nearby him at his desk. He had seen Cloud's phone calls and his texts. But he couldn't bring himself to answer! He was angry, confused and annoyed all at the same time. But after he had met with Yuffie he had been able to get a wrangle on his emotions. He really had intended to call Cloud later that evening after he got out of his shower. Although he hadn't figured out if he was just going to act as if everything was fine, or if he was going to confront him about the Sephiroth situation. But…

Cloud's eyes widened as he saw the blush that spread across Zack's face. That was a sight that he had never seen before.

"I…well, I may have been lying." Zack admitted shamefully.

I knew it!

A part of Cloud was just happy to know that he wasn't being paranoid. He knew Zack very well by now to know that he definitely was purposefully avoiding contact.

A smirk crossed the blonde's face and he let out a tsk.

Zack actually felt really bad about the fact still, but he was glad that Cloud wasn't upset about it anymore it seemed.

"I'm sorry," Zack started while placing a kiss against Cloud's forehead. "I got jealous, I was just trying to get my thoughts together."

Cloud's playful smirk widened and he ran his fingers through raven hair. "I get it. Although you'll have to make it up to me."

"Oh," Zack began while leaning down to gently bite at Cloud's ear. "Well that can definitely be arranged."

Cloud laughed before Zack was pulling away and lifting Cloud along with him.

"Although we'll need more room for what I have in mind."

Cloud had just started to question him before Zack picked him up with ease, leaving all thoughts of further conversation there on the couch and moving towards the bedroom.

"Hello! How can I help you!?" The receptionist greeted cheerfully with a bright smile.

"Hi," Zack replied with a grin of his own, "I'm here to meet Cloud Strife."

"Oh!" The receptionist beamed before picking up her phone and dialing an extension. There was a brief moment of silence before the call connected. "Hey Cloud, you have a Mr?"

"Fair," Zack spoke quietly to her.

"Mr. Fair here to see you. Okay! Sure thanks!" Hanging up the phone she pointed towards the elevator. "You can go on up Mr. Strife is on floor seven, fifth door to the right!"

"Thank you," Zack replied as the receptionist nodded in response. He made his way to the elevator before riding it up to the seventh floor. There seemed to be a lot of people moving about, maybe because it was nearing the lunch hour. A few people greeted him in the hall and he politely gave a smile in return. Reaching the door he knocked softly.

"It's open," a voice on the opposite side spoke.

Turning the handle he pushed the door open gently before smiling at the blond on the opposite end of the room.

"Hello Mr. Strife," he spoke while stepping into the office.

Cloud returned his smile while getting up from his seat. "Hey, did you find it okay?"

"Yeah," Zack replied while moving closer towards the desk. "It's kind of the heart of the business district."

Laughing Cloud gave a brief nod while moving around a few papers on his desk.

"Your office is nice! You're definitely a big shot!"

Looking up at the raven haired man Cloud blinked. "No…not a big shot."

"Don't be modest," Zack continued with a grin while moving around the desk to stand beside the other. "I find it pretty sexy." Curling an arm around his waist Zack pressed a kiss to the side of his temple. "What sounds good for lunch?"

Blushing from Zack's previous comment Cloud gave a shrug of his shoulders. "Um there's a diner up the block from here."

"Then we'll go there."

Before Cloud could respond his office door swung open again as the petite dark haired girl stepped in. She gave a look of surprise for a moment before a smile spread across her face.

"Well well look who we have here," she spoke while entering the room.

"Hi Yuffie!" Zack beamed while letting go of Cloud and letting him pack up his things.

"What brings you by?" Yuffie asked while nearing the desk.

"Cloud and I are going to lunch," he explained as the girl clapped her hands together.

"Oh! Where are we going?" She asked excitedly.

"Excuse me?" Cloud asked while slinging the strap of his messenger bag over his shoulder. "What do you mean we?"

Letting out a gasp Yuffie placed her hands on her hips. "Are you trying to ditch me? We always go to lunch together!"

"You said you were meeting Vincent today," Cloud explained with a raise of his brow before his friend was shaking her head.

"I said he was taking me to dinner! Not lunch! You need to pay attention," she continued before turning to Zack. "You don't mind if I come along right?"

Giving a brief laugh Zack shook his head. "It's fine with me."

Turning her wide smile towards the blond he let out a sigh. "Fine."

"Yay! Let me just grab my purse, I'll be right back!" She exclaimed before turning and heading out of the office.

"Sorry," Cloud said while shifting blue eyes towards the other. "I really thought she was meeting Vincent today."

"I don't mind," Zack replied with a grin as they stepped out of the office into the hallway.

"She'll probably take a moment," Cloud continued as they made their way towards the elevator. "She can meet us down in the lobby." Hitting the down button on the elevator he pulled out his phone to send a quick text to the girl to meet them downstairs. The elevator eventually let out a ding as the doors slowly slid open. He had just put his away his phone before glancing up, preparing to step inside before halting when he met green eyes.

The man in the elevator looked a bit surprised himself at first, but that was probably because he nearly walked right into the blonde.


"Hello," the man spoke while exiting the elevator, shifting green eyes from the blond to the other standing beside him.

There was a short pause and nobody seemed to move. But before Zack could question the situation Cloud shifted his weight from one foot to the other.

"Umm," he started a bit uneasily while gesturing towards the silver haired man. "Sephiroth this is Zack, Zack this is Sephiroth."

Both men seemed to look surprised at each other for a moment as understanding registered for them.

"Oh," Sephiroth spoke while doing a once over on the other. "So you're Zack."

"Yeah," Zack replied while extending his hand to the other. "Cloud's boyfriend. Nice to meet you."

Cloud felt a blush come to his face, and he wasn't entirely sure why. Then again he supposed it was from how casual and…confident, Zack seemed with that introduction. Almost as if he wanted to be sure that Sephiroth was very aware of their standing. It was…pretty hot in Cloud's opinion.

"Hmm," Sephiroth mused while accepting the offered hand with a firm shake.

"Anyways," Cloud broke in gently. "We were just stepping out to lunch so…"

"Right," Sephiroth replied, "Enjoy your lunch. I'll see you around…and it was nice to meet you Zack."

Zack gave the man a smile before giving a slight nod in agreement. Cloud stepped into the elevator before Sephiroth continued on down the hall. Once Zack stepped inside Cloud hit the button and the doors quietly slid closed. Cloud let out a sigh but didn't say anything for the moment. Awkward? Sure. But he was also glad that the two had officially met. After all it may not be too farfetched that the men would cross paths occasionally, all things considered.

"I…hope that wasn't too weird," Cloud started softly before glancing over to the other.

Zack gave a smirk before tilting his head. "For me? No. Not sure I can say the same for him."

That was true. For Sephiroth it probably was strange. Cloud wondered if the man had taken him seriously when he told him that he had moved on. A part of him thought that Sephiroth truly believed that he would always be hung up on him and never able to get past him. So to see him with Zack…it might've been a bit odd. But for Zack? He knew Sephiroth was Cloud's past and was just that…the past. So why would it be weird for him? When it was put in that perspective it made sense.

Turning he reached up before pulling Zack down closer and placing a firm kiss against his lips.

"What's that for?" Zack asked in surprise after Cloud pulled away.

"No reason," Cloud replied with a smile before shifting his gaze back towards the elevator doors.

Zack didn't further question it and instead just allowed his usual grin to settle back on his face just as the doors opened.

Authors Note: *Steps out of the shadows* It's been a while yes, update! Lol! I do apologize for the tardiness, I don't know where the time goes! But yay for reconciliation! Actually it wasn't really a fight so much as a misunderstanding and hurt feelings. And the closure for Cloud I thought was really important with Seph. He had to put that hurt to bed for himself to really be able to go forward in a new relationship. Does Sephiroth really think he can win him back? Guess a guy has to have hope! Oh and some people have asked who was the guy Seph cheated on Cloud with, I always had the idea in my head that it was Genesis. It's just I had no way to really put it in the story cause of course Cloud never knew who it was. This is basically the last chapter, but I do want to add one more or more like a little epilogue. I PROMISE it will be soon! Until next time!

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