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Reviews for Defining Love

By : DB2020
  • From ANON - Zillah on January 07, 2007
    Cale is such a polite man that it makes me roll my eyes. For goodness' sakes, was he born in the Dark Ages?
    Seifer on the other hand, god, I love him despite the cocky attitude. Atleast he's straightforward. Poor Squall, having to choose between 2 extremes. ^_^

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  • From ANON - cath on January 07, 2007
    I normally love your stories, but this one bugs me. Everyone has their own opinions about characters and has a different idea of how they would act in certain situations, but your Squall is just too passive for me here. He's a little passive in all your stories, but in this one it's the worst. He lets his own son walk all over him, and I just want to smack some sense or backbone in to him at times. This chapter, chapter 19, was the breaking point for me. I can't read any more because I want to call Lore an idiot and a jackass for treating his father like a two year old. Hell, everyone, even Squall, treats Squall like an idiotic child. Except for maybe Irvine...

    I normally like it when a story makes me react or I have strong feelings in reaction to a character, but not here. Your interpretation of Squall's character for this story pushes all the wrong buttons. Parents aren't dictators, but they do have their own authority over their children and Squall does not have that with his son. If Squall can't stand up to his own child and have that child treat him with respect, I don't see how he can have the kind of fiery rival-fueled passion I associate with the Seifer/Squall pairing. I kept hoping I would see Squall stand up for himself, but it doesn't appear to be happening. No, it did when he walked away from Seifer and I was surprised it did because he's coming off as a perpetual victim.

    I don't mean to rant or bitch, it's just...I've reached my limit. When I read your Squall, I'm reminded of those rants about people turning Duo into a pseudo girl in my early days in the Gundam Wing fandom. Because that's what it feels like to me when I read Squall here--He's been turned into the perfect, forever virgin, weak, ideal housewife for a backwards idiot.

    I'm a reader, not a writer, so feel free to take this with a grain of salt, or even post it on a dart board and throw darts at it. I just can't read anymore of this story.
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  • From ANON - leafzelindor on January 07, 2007
    oh gods what a place to leave it! -squeaks- Squall doesn't want Cale as much as he thought he did? -blinkies- of course with Seifer throwing himself at you -lol-
    mmm good chapter yes yes, will wait eagerly for the next one!
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  • From ANON - kikvws on January 03, 2007
    Excellent! Great new chapter, I'm loving the dynamic there between Seifer and Squall, and that he just dove in! Can't wait to see the new chapter!
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  • From ANON - Layla on January 02, 2007
    Oh. My. Llamas.*SQUEE* That chapter, was SOOO A-MAZING! I couldn't believe what had happened! Stupid Squall, pushing Seifer away, he's suppose to pull him closer! I know you said they're quite a ways from falling in love, but perhaps you could move it up. ^_^ I'll give you cookies!
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  • From ANON - leafzelindor on January 01, 2007
    whoohoo update XD Wow i think Seifer just confirmed any thought in Squalls head that this *isn't* about him likening Squall the way he wants, and stuff...and here i'm sure that has a lot to do with what he really wants -giggles- Ahhh Seifer you just handle things so badly sometimes......a lot of times....whatever XD
    mmm you're doing a lovely job dear!
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  • From ANON - ao on January 01, 2007
    O_O Unexpected, to say the least. I'm so glad Seifer got over the "EW HOMOSEXUALS" thing, and realized he's attracted to Squall. :O Though, the way he approached it was entirely Seifer-like-- like a fucking asshole. D:< XD
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  • From ANON - seraphina on January 01, 2007
    OMG i just started reading this and you must must MUST update!!!! i love it!!! i totally can feel what Seifer's feeling and i sooooo hate that Cale guy.... i don't know something just screams do not like him.... i so love this fic
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  • From Leonhart29 on December 31, 2006
    Happy New Year to you too. Seifer being Seifer, even when he's trying to be nice he comes off as a bit self-centered. That's probably one of his strong points I guess. You write him so well. A confused Seifer makes for a very happy Leonhart29. Thanks!
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  • From ANON - Zillah on December 31, 2006
    Seifer is so dense. *Shakes head* But then again, so is Squall.
    It is amusing to read about their battling emotions and (inner) conflicts. And they are easy to relate to, which is something important in any story.

    Happy New Year and may it indeed be filled with Seifer/Squall yaoi. ^_^
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  • From ANON - kikvws on December 26, 2006
    So happy to see a new chappy from you! I really liked this one; probably Seifie and Squall's interaction is what had me going the most, it was so easy to visualize Seifer rifling through a box of pictures. You've piqued my curiousity about the missing pictures, though. Always looking forward to more from you!
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  • From ANON - Nora on December 26, 2006
    As always, your Seifer and Squall are perfect. I also like Cale. (alot)
    I wouldn't mind seeing Seifer sweat a bit over Squall. It wouldn't hurt for Squall to have some sexual experience before Seifer. Also, Seifer needs a jolt to his endless ego. (lol)
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  • From ANON - Ta Boo on December 18, 2006
    Yay! An update! And so quickly too! Kudos. ^^

    Tee-hee Seifer being drunk is fantastic. And I love Squall's personality in this fic. It's just so .... Squall!

    Fantastic chapter. Poor Squall is worried about "performing". XD. Seifer will have to remedy that.
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  • From Leonhart29 on December 17, 2006
    Somehow a drunk Seifer just seems right. I don't know what it is about him, but it seems like he only comes to grips with something when he's sloshed. Good update.
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  • From ANON - Zillah on December 17, 2006
    Seifer is finally acknowledging his feelings for Squall. Finally.

    Certainly a turning point in the story, this chapter. And nice little cliffhanger. Wonder who is going to help Seifer.

    Liked it, alot more happening in this chapter compared to the others.

    Can't wait till the next.
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