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Reviews for Defining Love

By : DB2020
  • From ANON - Zillah on October 31, 2006
    Seifer's so rude! Absolutely hilarious. There is a clear resemblance between Lore and Squall when it comes to dealing with seifer which you nicely portraied.

    As usual, I can only expect the best from you as an author. And thank Hyne that you're on active duty again!
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  • From ANON - Shinra77 on October 27, 2006
    Dose Sqall have to be with Sifer I like Cale rather a lot, he seems to be a better mach, and Sifer dosen't seem intrested at all.
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  • From ANON - lilclily on October 27, 2006
    what can i say, i love your stories. i never even considered squall and seifer as a pair before until i read ur work and now im hooked. its so obvious! but other than that, i seriously love your work and applaud your writing. keep it coming cause i am now an avid fan and await all and every new chapter that comes out. i hope u reach your dream as a professional writer (but dont forget to write more fanfics!:D)oh, the first story i read was protecting the lion, which i love as well as its sequels, and i really like how ur doing this story, even with the element of male pregnancy which is always a bit of a toughy to handle without making it wholly unnatural. keep up the good work!
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  • From ANON - Rangiku on October 26, 2006
    i'm sorry the last review came out like dat!!! so sorry... something's wrong wid my com, or izit me??? nvm, still, like i said earlier, ur work s superb.. n d fact dat u update often.. haha, totally GreAT!! *double thumbs up*
    Cale is cool, and that protectiveness makes him totally cute... haha... and i love how u portray seifer.. his cockiness n everything, makes him totally lovable.. squall seems a bit a lost now,but i'm sure u hav plans for him and i am totally lookin forward to it..
    by d way, how's ur tooth comin out?? hell, the thing wid wisdom tooth are they are totally useless n cause u nothin but pain.. mine came out a few months ago n it's oni half out.. T.T.. my suffering is still gona continue but x matter wat, i hope ur dentist date will go fine.. hehe..
    my final word... keep it up!!

    P.S: good luck for ur exam.. T.T.. i'll be having my uni finals in 2 weeks.. can't read up ur fics till after exam... T.T... so sad...~~~ T.T
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  • From ANON - Rangiku on October 26, 2006
    Superb work u hav there... i juz wanna say, i've been enjoying all ur works, each and everyone of it n i@knud@@DDD

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  • From ANON - Lady Shinigami on October 25, 2006
    *screams* NOOOOOO!! Don't do this to me! *shakes DB* I want to KNOOOOW!! I bet Lore thinks Cale lured Squall back to his apartment after a lunch date and tried to have his evil way with him. Heh. Can't wait until Squall and Seifer hook up . . . Lore thought CALE was bad--at least Cale respects Squall's insistence on personal space.

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  • From ANON - Hikaru on October 24, 2006
    Owwwwww.... I`m gonna dig a hole and put Cale in there. Sorry the guy isn`t my God and I want Seifer kick his ass he he he.
    Thanks for the quick update, good luck with the dentist(Hugs) , hey the idea of squall with cat ears is great, (counting the days left) and Update soooooon ^________^
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  • From ANON - Zillah on October 24, 2006
    What I like about your writing style is that you don't rush things. Everything is greatly explained. Admittedly, sometimes I want to hit my computer when I still don't know how things are going to turn out eventually but this is a great incentive for readers.

    Hope the wisdom tooth will heal well and thank you for already giving a sneak preview of how things are going to turn out. (S/S= ^_^)
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  • From ANON - Dracoqueen22 on October 24, 2006
    *singing* Yay, update! I was waiting for this! And it came! And I'm happy. I found it amusing. Irvine teasing Squall was hilarious. I love how their personalities are still very much in character, even if they have somewhat 'grown up'.

    I can't wait to see how this develops and how Lore reacts to Squall being at Cale's. Interesting! *rubs hands together in glee*
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  • From Leonhart29 on October 23, 2006
    Messing with Squall's emotions - you bad girl. I love it!
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  • From ANON - Brittny on October 23, 2006
    Gee, now Squall has more stuff to brood over. I think he should go on a date with Cale (I mean, it doesn't hurt to try). Like Irvine said, he has spent most of his life taking care of Lore and working on missions that he barely had much of a social life. It won't kill him to try and balance dating with duties. But then again, Squall is too devoted... (which I support of course)
    *sigh* It is up to Squall to decide. Now he has to hear Lore's opinion on the whole matter. *hugs them both*
    I'm done. Sorry about your wisdom teeth. They are a pain in the ass. Mine decided to come through when I was in high school. -_- Then I have this one retarded tooth that may require surgery 'cause it's coming in all crooked. Bleh. Oh well, pain killers are the elixers of
    Looking forward to chapter 12!
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  • From ANON - Brittny on October 19, 2006
    The battle scene was awesome. Just like old times...
    Lore is such a sweetheart. *hugs*
    Let's see, what else? Oh yeah...and the part where Squall and Seifer fall into the fountain made me laugh so hard for some reason. I almost suffocated (not joking). I guess because I could clearly picture them falling. *shrugs*
    Great job. Need I say more?
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  • From Leonhart29 on October 19, 2006
    I love this so much. Enough said.
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  • From ANON - Dracoqueen22 on October 18, 2006
    Another good chapter! I can't help but love Seifer and his assholeishness... Yes, I make up my own words. I love his goading, his taunting, everything about him.

    Lore is actually an OC that I am enjoying. I can't wait to see where else this goes. I'm anxious for the next update!
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  • From ANON - YACUMO on October 17, 2006
    Excellent chapter!! It was really fun to imagine them fighting!!!
    I really hope to read more of you soon....cause it is really shinning that attraction between those two seeds!!!
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