Reviews for Defining Love

BY : DB2020

  • From ANON - asialisek on May 07, 2010


    **WHIMPERS w/ EXtremely wobbly, googly, baby blue eyes**

    You know...... it's not fair your so good at this. It really isn't.. if writing is your major, HAzah chiak. HA~zah~ XD Any original you dish out will be a hit. GAWDS I love your take on SxS!!!!!

    Please please please don't leave us hangin' for much longer!! **whimpers again**

    Joanna K.

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  • From ANON - Otaku-chan on March 31, 2010

    In a few days it's gonna be 6 months since your last update. I hope nothing bad's happened to you. Please be okay!!! (;_;)

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  • From asialisek on January 25, 2010

    It's raining buckets in San Francisco.. and I re-read the story.... LOL ... again.. this is what, 3 times? 4? 5??? XD

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  • From ANON - asialisek on December 17, 2009

    (((@_______________________@))) *itching*itching*itching* (4 more story of course) ;_;

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  • From ANON - bossy_foodshield on December 09, 2009

    oh my god please update you're killing me here!

    i go online just about everyday to check whether you've updated or not... but since you haven't recently, i pretty much re-read your fic over and over again :) that being said, i've been thinking a lot more deeply about how this fic will turn out... so basically since this is the first time i think that i've ever reviewed your story, i'll just give you my general thoughts about it :)

    after reading this latest chapter, you have no idea how happy it made me to see that squall and seifer are finally really cementing their relationship, even if it's just a little bit... it's become obvious now that seifer doesn't plan on leaving anytime soon, no matter what happens.. the thing is, there's still the general impression that squall could end up wanting to break off their relationship out of fear of the media catching wind that he could get pregnant and emasculating him to the rest of the world... squall's already iffy about how people view him as a man, and as a man it's also very obvious that he has male pride just like any other... so this issue of being seen as less manly than he is could still be a vital wedge that'll drive him away from seifer.. now this is ironic to me cuz it was made clear somewhere in the middle of the story that everyone (except maybe laguna) pretty much thought that it would be seifer who'd break it off once he got tired of squall, but really that possibility is all but blown out the window now.. so should squall actually be the one to break up with seifer, i think it'd be a shock to just about everybody, especially after how they all thought that he was way to naive to protect himself from seifer... of course, squall would lose this battle in the end anyway cuz after seifer's done sulking, he's just gonna go after the brunet again...

    following that line of thought, should squall somehow become pregnant again, there's no doubt that he would be freaked out by it cuz it was clear that he didn't want to have to go through it again... the thing is, there's a difference between his pregnancy with lore and this one... with lore, he didn't have seifer to help him through it, but he's got seifer now, and again I doubt our arrogant ex-knight would leave him (he's finally grown up a little, i noticed... less of a bastard)... and because he's got seifer, being pregnant might be a bit easier this time around because he's got the "love" (quotations cuz they haven't admitted it yet) of the one person whose opinion matters in this situation...

    one last point i'd like to make, i noticed that it's always seifer whose doing the chasing in their relationship... i understand that he's a control freak, but seriously, doesn't he get tired of always going after squall? you'd think that for once he'd like to be the one being pursued... it'll make him feel wanted and inflate his ego just a wee bit more :P

    so there you have it! reading your fanfic has forced me to think this long and hard about it, but i tell you now that it's all very enjoyable on my part... the wait between chapters is long and torturous, but in the end it's always worth it!

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  • From ANON - Aron on December 01, 2009

    I'm so delighted that you will continue writing this fic despite that your busy. And if someone just told me where to get orginal stories from you... i believe i noticed you saying something about that somewhere

    you're such an upstanding writer.
    And your writing is getting better all the time. the plot developement in this fic is more brilliant and deep than in strings attached and the others.

    And i still relate to Seifer so strongly and i want him to be the father, like i wan't to be one myself. So i'm rooting for the possiplity of Squall getting pregnant again.

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  • From asialisek on November 09, 2009

    ch.45 ---------- **puffs out cheeks** ((O--___--O)) more ficcie pwease~ pwetty pwease~~~~~ @_@

    as for original stuff! oh man.. ^__________^ would u be able to post first drafts even if you were publishing them? *sigh* I'd love to read some original stuff from you. Would love it.

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  • From ANON - cutie on October 08, 2009

    don't its good assiz they'll ruin it

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  • From ANON - dark_amphibian on October 07, 2009


    Yes, it was a long time since the last chapter...but you *aren't* getting paid for this, so I'm just grateful you are continuing the story.

    What a surprise that Squall's not pregnant! (probably not, anyway) I particularly like the way both boys are adapting to the idea of their relationship, and starting to think through what's really going on - like Seifer noticing the way Squall was flinching away from him.

    You're adding dimensions to the characters in ways that feel *real,* such has Laguna's chat with Lore. Totally in character, too, imho. This story is one of my favorites - I check back every week to see if there's an update, and have re-read it a number of times.

    On the subject of making money after graduation, please consider doing a pay-for-fic site. You've done such an awesome job of fleshing out these existing characters (and your OCs), I'm sure doing a totally original ongoing set of stories is well withing your capabilities. But maybe not your interest? Anyway, just wanted to express that vote of confidence. Thanks for this story, and looking forward to seeing more of your writing :-)

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  • From asialisek on October 07, 2009


    can't help but hope the ol'lug would wanna ingrain himself even more in Squall's life by gettin' him knocked up again.. buuuuuuuuuuuuut.. at the same time.. this Seifer you've created is intense. Like, he's intense either way, but this version is 'wow' intense. O_o that wouldn't make for a good papa, would it? hmmmmmmm... conflicted. i like the pace of the story now. things are moving along, things are being revealed (or should i say Squall is finally fessing up that he needs to "share"). The relationship there two have, well, not for the faint of heart. waaaaahh.. but I still can't help but like the idea ('cuz i'm totally warped). poo.. I can't wait to see what happens. CAN'T WAIT!!! (but will, of course, ever so patiently ... checking for updates each week, especially when I don't want to be doing homework, Lol) ooooooooooh~~~ as always, "more more more"~

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  • From ANON - Anon on October 05, 2009

    yay! You updated! Once again you have made an excellent chapter! The emotions and love are oozing out of my laptop screen man....

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  • From ANON - Beca on October 05, 2009

    i get butterflies when i see you've updated. Sometimes i squeal too.
    occasionally, you've updated when i really needed something to take me away.
    I've never found a ffviii fanfiction that matches yours.
    i have trouble wading through other people's interpretations of Squall and Seifer
    and i have hope that you'll deffs finish this :)
    thanks for writing ya?
    have a good one!

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  • From wolfkin59 on October 05, 2009

    I really, really like this, but plz go back and double-check your grammar and make sure you're using the word you mean.
    A bazaar is an open-air market. Something bizarre is out of the ordinary.
    When someone's peeked, they looked. When someone's having a fit of pique, they're pissed off.
    And there was an instance I noted where you forgot the 'ly' at the end of usually.
    If you need a beta, contact me at
    I'd be happy to help. Kami knows my co-writer Strang leaves our editing to me. I'm a natural beta/editor/author. If you would like my help, I'm here. If not, I'll do my own thing.

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  • From asialisek on October 04, 2009

    yeeeeeeeeessss~s~s~~ X3

    I like that you're bringing up the issue of the preg, but not necessarily committing to it happening again. i mean.. given the outstanding circumstances, peculiar as they may be, it's really kewl to have you write these guys dealing with the situation as a couple might in real life. Of course, that's not sayin' i don't hope u lean towards domesticating Seifer a little. LOL~ but at the same time he's too much of a wild guy still. And Lore? aaaah., what a mess. I lovely lovely mess.


    Oh! You know what?
    You're a FANtastic writer. When u start workin' on original stuff, wow.. oh man.. that'll be great. Totally really awesomely great.!!

    And re-posted chapters???? .. sweeeeeeeet. ^__________^ Wow. Thanks again 4 the story! + the customary request of mooooooooore sooooooooon~ Loool. Wouldn't have it any other way.


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  • From asialisek on October 04, 2009

    yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssss!!!s-s-s-s-s-s-sssssss~~!!! LOL~ **jumps to read ch.45** XD

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