Gangster Love

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Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or settings of Final Fantasy VII. They are the sole creative property of SquareEnix. I do however own my insanity and perversity. Nor do I make a profit from this endeavor, I will however gain carpal tunnel syndrome eventually.

Title: Gangster Love

Warnings: AU, OCC, Yaoi, Lemons, Lime, Violence, Language… and all the other things ya mama said was bad for but still love.

Rating: M for Murder

Pairings: Tseng and Rufus

Summary: After a chance meeting, Rufus and Tseng begin a clandestine affair. Both are hiding secrets that can threaten to tear their new found love and lives apart…

Gangster Love

"I have built my organization upon fear." ~ Al Capone

Rufus Shinra; a young, rich, powerful and devilishly handsome blonde man sat alone at an old fashioned saloon style bar in Bone Village. He smirked around the glass of sake he was sipping, doing a mental victory dance that he had yet to be recognized. To be honest, he wasn't that shocked that he'd gone unnoticed. He, the leader of the most powerful yakuza group, ShinRa, was without his trademark white suit. He had swiped some clothes from one of his ever present bodyguards and snuck out of his own compound. For a skinny bastard, I'm thankful Reno prefers baggy clothing. Dressed in worn and faded blue jeans and an oversized black hooded sweatshirt, the blonde looked like almost every other patron of the bar.

The smirk threatened to form a full smile as he remembered days from his youth when this was an everyday occurrence. He would do his best to ditch the guards his father had assigned to him, escaping to wherever he could just to be at peace. Now, at twenty-five, the old man had long since passed away and Rufus, the born heir to ShinRa, stood atop of the mountain. He became family leader, the Kumicho, to a wide reaching syndicate of subordinates. No, not subordinates but family. That's what the old man called them. Family.

Rufus sighed as he glanced up at the clock on the wall behind the bar. He'd been here for about thirty minutes, he figured he had maybe an hour more before someone noticed he was gone. Most of his men including his half brother, Lazard, had gone to meet with the delegation of the Wutai Triad family, The Kisaragi's. Rufus was hoping to do what his father wasn't able to do; work together with the most powerful triad gang in all of Wutai in hopes of opening up more routes for trafficking and smuggling.

Rufus was rarely if ever present with meetings with other families, though he was the head of the family it was too much of security risk for him to be in attendance when high level advisors could go in his place. He would be there though when the contract was signed, that was for sure. He was curious as to who had taken over the reins of the Kisaragis since Godo died the year prior, leaving no male heir. Rumors had swirled that his young daughter, Yuffie, wanted to take over but the brat was barely sixteen.

The blonde was so deep in thought he hadn't noticed that someone had sat next to him at the bar until their elbows bumped together on the scarred wooden surface of the bar top. Rufus' head snapped to the right and he scowled, more so to himself that he had let his guard down than towards the other man.

"My apologies," the stranger said smoothly. "Please, allow me to buy you another drink. What are you having?"

"Sake," Rufus replied as his glacial blue eyes met a pair of dark chocolate laced with gold eyes that were smiling at him. The stared at each other for several heartbeats before the other man turned away, flagging the bartender down.

"Two sakes for me and my friend…" The stranger let the sentence trail off as he looked back at Rufus. He knew the man was expected a name but he couldn't just come out and say 'Oh hello, I'm Rufus Shinra and I'm here at a bar in a remote location with absofuckinglutely no protection!' So, he used the first name that came to mind, his personal driver.


"Johnny," the dark haired man repeated with a slight twitch of his lips. "It does not suit you," he said after taking a sip of his drink that the barmaid served.

"Excuse me?"

"Oh, I have offended you, again my apologies. I only mean that it is such a," he paused searching for the right word as Rufus tilted his head slightly enjoying listening to this stranger's voice. It was clear that the man was of Wutainese decent but he didn't carry the harsh accent, his was almost lilting. "Plain," the man finally decided on.

"Plain?" Rufus arched a golden eyebrow, a physical manifestation of the question bouncing around in his head.

"Yes, plain. You, on first glance, are anything but plain; you have a very regal bearing. Your clothes might be average but your eyes," the stranger said as his long fingers reached slightly towards the younger man's face. "You have the most beautiful eyes."

"I like yours too," Rufus whispered back, caught up in the spell. The blonde felt a jolt run up his spine and broke the connection with the Wutainese man as he rubbed his left arm, goose bumps forming under the thick jersey material of his sweatshirt. "What's your name?"

"Tseng," that lilting voice said.

"Tseng," it was the blonde's turn to repeat. "I like that," he said as he gulped down the rest of his drink and stood up. Rufus was never one to make rash decision but after he snuck another glance at the clock and saw he had forty minutes left, he decided that for once in his life he would truly thrown caution to the wind. "I like that a lot," he whispered as he leaned in towards the other man's ear letting his tongue trace the outer shell before stepping back and moving away.

Tseng frowned slightly as he watched the young blonde walk towards the back of the bar. Understanding dawned on his features as he saw the blonde look over his shoulder back at him. Ah.

Tseng calmly finished his drink, though he wanted to just push back off the bar and rush towards the bathroom and to the welcoming blonde. Discretion was needed. Though he had yet to make his first official public appearance, Tseng was the leader, Dragon Master, of the Kisaragi organization in Wutai and still needed to act in accordance with such a prestigious title. He let three minutes pass before he dropped some Gil on the bar and stood up. Smoothing out his black slacks and dove grey silk shirt he too walked towards the single bathroom in the back.

Rufus left the door open, washing his hands as he stole glances toward the bar. He felt his heart begin to pound as he watched the Wutainese man unfold himself from the bar stool and stood to his full height. Rufus was tall but this man was taller and broader in the chest than him. Yum.

It had been a while for him but he knew that the man prowling towards him like a starving panther would accept nothing other than total submission from him and for some reason that turned the blonde on even more. Rufus took an involuntary step backwards as Tseng's form filled the bathroom doorway before he stepped forward, shutting and locking the door behind him.

Long pale fingers reached towards the slightly tanned face of the blonde, tracing its fine features.

"Meili de wangzi," Tseng said before his lips crushed against the others. Strong arms wrapped around Rufus, pulling him closer to the other man's body. The blonde melted into the older man's kiss, immediately allowing Tseng's tongue entrance into his mouth. Rufus' fingers curled into the smooth silk shirt of the Wutain, wrinkling the material in his fist as their mouths moved expertly across each other. Tseng's hand slowly travelled down the blonde's back, roaming over the curve of the younger man's ass, kneading the flesh covered by soft denim.

Tseng broke the heated kiss as he gripped the smaller man's upper thighs before lifting Rufus and spinning them both around. Though the action was swift, Rufus was gently set upon the sturdy bathroom sink; the blonde instinctively spread his legs wider allowing Tseng to push his body closer to his as skilled hands crawled up his torso, caressing the skin hidden underneath the sweatshirt.

The soft sounds of wet kisses, light moans and clothes rustling was broken when a high pitched classic ringtone rang out.

"Ignore it," Rufus commanded. It was the same soft yet deadly tone of voice he used to strike fear in subordinates. It was a command given that was to be heeded and followed directly, brooking no argument and Rufus expected Tseng to obey, just as everyone else does.

Instead, Tseng pulled back and smiled down at the younger man while running a thumb over the blonde's kiss swollen bottom lip. With his other hand his pulled out his cell phone and accepted the call, maintaining eye contact with the blonde. The Kisaragi leader was fascinated as he watched dark storm clouds form in those glacial eyes.

"This better be important," Tseng said into the phone as he smirked at the blonde who began nibbling on his thumb. "Hn," he interjected as he listened to what the caller had to say. "I see," was all he said before ending the call. Tseng stepped back from the warmth of the other man and smoothed back his long black hair with one hand.

"It seems that all I am doing today is apologizing to you," he said with a faint smile. "Unfortunately, I must return."

"I see," Rufus commented as he pushed himself off of the sink. He knew he had to go as well but dammit if he didn't want this to end. It wasn't that he didn't want to be the head of the ShinRa group or that the pressure to run it was too great. It was that under that mantle he could never have met this man before him would never have had this stolen moment with the enticing stranger. Before he could suppress it, hurt and disappointment shone on the blonde's face.

"Come, I'll drive you home," Tseng said as he held out a hand for Rufus who looked at it with slight disdain.

"I'll pass," Rufus said as he pushed his way around Tseng and unlocked the bathroom door.

"I want to see you again. Give me your contact information," the dark haired man ordered. Rufus glanced over his shoulder at the other man and smirked slightly.

"Sorry. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity for you," Rufus murmured before he melted back into the now crowded bar.

Tseng tried to track the young man through the crowd but lost sight of him easily. Sighing in defeat, the dark haired man strolled out the main entrance of the bar and slide into the backseat of the waiting car.

"Something troubling you?"

Tseng turned his face away from the window and looked towards his second in command and closest blood relation.

"Not at all. How did the meeting go with ShinRa, Vincent?"

"As well as can be expected. They are interested in the Mako refineries and in exchange they'll turn a blind eye towards our opium smugglers," the senior advisor informed as Tseng frowned slightly at the news.

"They want to go legit?" Tseng sat back and crossed his legs as he rested his head on a fist.

"Apparently the little shit that's in charge wants the front end of the business to become more profitable before dealing with anything else. It appears he has more political aspirations than anything," Vincent huffed as he folded his arms across his chest.

"We're scheduled to depart tomorrow, yes?" At Vincent's nod, Tseng once again turned his head to stare out the window. "I'm interested in finding someone. A young man, mid-twenties, about five foot eleven or so. He has blonde hair and blue eyes and his name is Johnny. Find him and bring him to me before we depart for Wutai in the morning," Tseng ordered.


"I have some unfinished business with him," he murmured, the parting words of the young man repeating tauntingly in his head.

A/N: SO! I read the ENTIRE "You're my Loveprize in Viewfinder" manga series recently and OH MY GOD have I fallen for Asami and Feilong. (A must read for all yaoi fangirls AND guys that have a thing for yakuza type stories) I was inspired by that story to finally put this type of story that I had been toying with for a while, together. The yakuza/mafia/gangster theme is something that is seriously lacking in yaoi (shocking, I know…) and I didn't want to go with the typical "yakuza leader meets helpless/spitfire/troubled youth and takes care of him," I wanted something… different. I think I've achieved it so far. Meh.

Let me know what you thought. Keep it? Toss it? Want more?

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