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Chapter Four

"I never lie to any man because I don't fear anyone. The only time you lie is when you are afraid." - John Gotti

WARNING: I apologize in advance for the racial slurs in this…

The plane touched down in Banora well ahead of its nine hour scheduled flight time. Vincent gave himself a mental pat on the back, taking pride in the fact that it was his flight plan that had shaved off fifteen minutes from their time.

If Tseng was punctual, Vincent was all out anal about being somewhere well ahead of the appointed time. Vincent didn't believe in showing up 'fashionably late' nor could he stand tardiness in other people. It was one of the quirks that the cousins had shared though Tseng was more lenient in excusing lateness by his subordinates.

Sliding his black silk clad arms through the openings of his red suede coat, Vincent briskly walked the length of the private jet to where Tseng was supposed to be reviewing the agenda for their meeting. Vincent closed his eyes and counted to five mentally to ward of the urge to yell at his cousin. It would not do for Vincent to be overheard taking Tseng to task, relative or not, given their positions in the family hierarchy.

Placing a gentle hand on the new patriarch's knee, Vincent squeezed harshly on a pressure point that guaranteed that Tseng would not be able to sleep through. The man in question barely moved and other than his eyes cracking open and one eyebrow arched at a jaunty angle, he was still as a board.

"We've arrived," Vincent intoned before grabbing the black suit jacket that was carelessly thrown across a chair. Picking it up and vigorously shaking out the wrinkles, he turned back towards Tseng and reiterated the bullet points of the meeting. This would be the first official meeting Tseng would hold as leader of the Kisaragi family and the first with the Banoran leaders.

"Very well," Tseng replied once Vincent was finished ticking off items from his mental agenda. Tseng was busy fixing his tie as he walked towards the entrance of the airplane; suddenly he stopped short and turned his head to the side as a thought struck him. "Vincent, they know the Shinras well, do they not?"

"Yes, they're ties to Shinra predate both current leaders. Why?"

"No reason," he quickly responded as he grabbed his jacket out of Vincent's hands. He stepped back and let Vincent walk in front of him as he quickly checked his reflection in the small window. He raked his fingers through his hair at the nape of his neck, clearing it from the collar of the suit jacket. Tseng momentarily closed his eyes as his stomach tightened as a vision of the blonde reaching up to touch his hair flashed through his mind.

It was only when Vincent laid a heavy hand on his shoulder did Tseng snap out of his thoughts. Vincent shot the stockier male a questioning look but was rebuked as Tseng quietly shook his head and headed out the door and down the stairs that was pushed up against the plane. The leader of the oldest Wutainese family crime syndicate raised his right hand to shield his obsidian colored eyes from the harsh glare of the mid-afternoon sun that was peaking over the tops of the airport buildings.

Tseng's eyes quickly adjusted to the harsh natural light quickly, but he found himself squinting once again as his eyes were drawn to a figure bathed in radiating hues of red.

"Gentlemen," a melodious voice rang out on the tarmac. "Welcome… to Banora."

"Can he get any more flaming… literally," Tseng muttered as he turned slightly around to roll his eyes in annoyance at his cousin.

"Be nice," Vincent hissed. "Red happens to be a very lovely color," he sniffed as he heard his cousin snort in annoyance. "Well, it's better than just sticking with black and white."

"Yes but red hair, red toned dark sunglasses, a red leather jacket and shoes," Tseng ticked off as he switched to his native dialect of Wutainese while he walked down the narrow staircase.

"I think it's quite fashionable," Vincent responded in the same dialect. "Besides, it worked, you noticed him. That is the point of fashion."

"I'd much rather my bod…"

"Vincent Valentine, are you a sight for sore eyes," Genesis Rhapsodos called out with a warm smile gracing his mouth.

"Genesis," Vincent smiled back as his hand that was extended was grasped in greeting before he was tugged forward into a hug. "You look as good as ever."

"You as well," the redhead smiled before turning towards Tseng. Immediately all traces of playfulness was gone from Genesis' face and stance. Instead the man that was before the Kisaragi leader resembled the cold and calculating killer that Vincent had spoken so highly of over the years. Genesis bowed at a respectful level, as is a custom in the Wutainese culture. Tseng's level of respect for the man rose a notch as he returned the gesture.

"I hope you had a pleasant flight," Genesis remarked, making small talk as the trio walked the short distance to the waiting stretch all-terrain vehicle. "Banora has very rugged terrain," the redhead commented when he looked back at the men following him. He watched as Tseng entered the vehicle, followed closely by Vincent before he sat down against the back squab.

The men traveled in silence as the vehicle bounded over the unpaved roads of Banora. Tseng was quietly observing the quaint yet rugged scenery as it quickly flashed passed the dark tinted windows. Tseng looked momentarily at Vincent after he glanced in Genesis' direction, noticing that the redhead was having a hush yet obviously fervent conversation his cellular phone. A few moments later, Genesis carelessly tossed his phone onto the seat beside him as his voiced a slightly pained sigh.

"My apologies, gentlemen," he said as he smiled and crossed one leg over the other. "That was very rude of me but as you know business stops for no one," he intoned with a knowing look. "Vincent," the redhead called out. "I must say I cannot take my eyes off of that jacket."

"Oh?" Vincent preened under the attention that was casted on him. He picked at the notched collar of the blood red suede single-breasted jacket as if to say, 'this old thing.' "It's a vintage Sebastian Michaelis."

"Really," the redhead responded as he uncrossed his legs and leaned forward to run a long finger on the sleeve closest to him. "You know, he's simply one helluva designer. He actually did the interior design in most of the compound. Which," Genesis' smile broadened as the vehicle began to decrease in speed, "it looks like we have arrived."


Genesis waved off the guards as he exited the vehicle and personally ushered the men inside the humble looking compound. Tseng wasn't sure what he had in mind when the discussion of personally going to Banora for talks came up but it certainly wasn't what was in front of him now. Instead of modern buildings, what greeted the Wutainese delegation was a gaggle of dilapidated huts that formed more of a village than anything.

Quickly making their way down the short dirt road, Genesis led them to a more ornate manor house. Though the exterior of the manor was humble and quite old fashioned, the interior was a complete contradiction. The moment the trio stepped over the threshold they were met with evidence of the opulence and extravagance that the Banora group lived in.

Tseng and Vincent were shown into a formal sitting room where a bevy of refreshments awaited their arrival. Servants and guards alike melded into the background, as amicable chit chat floated between Vincent and Genesis. While letting the other two catch up on their threadbare friendship, Tseng's eyes roved around the room.

The walls were covered in heavy fabric decorated with brocade accents; the furniture was reminiscent of fairly distant historical times when a monarchy ruled over the lower continents. Plush burgundy carpets ran wall to wall in the large parlor. The accent tables were made of the white-blonde Banoran wood that was polished to a high gloss. The room spoke of elegance and gentility.

Tseng's quiet musings were abruptly disturbed by loud footsteps thundering down the corridor outside the room. Genesis stood up and quickly crossed the room to stand by the entranceway. As a sign of respect, Vincent and Tseng both stood in anticipation of the other person's arrival.

Tseng schooled his features, taking care to keep the apparent shock off of his face as the man lumbered into the room, the stocky figure's presence causing an emotional vacuum in the room.

General Angeal Hewley wasn't just the figurehead of Banora; he was the law. The man's form exuded the power that he retained of the land. Standing just as tall as Vincent and barely a few inches taller than Tseng, the Kisaragi leader silently appraised the General's figure. A heavily muscled frame was clothed in a plain black military uniform. Laced up black combat boots that the toes, Tseng was willing to bet a small fortune were hand polished; gleamed under the direct sunlight filtering into the room. The Wutain's gaze blithely traveled up from the boots to black cargo style pants, a heavy utility style belt that a tight black muscle shirt was tucked into.

"Gentlemen," Angeal's deep voice broke through Tseng's musings. "Let's discuss how to eliminate those Shinra Dogs and the assassination of Rufus Shinra."


Don Corneo puffed out a dark cloud of smoke from the cigar his held tightly between his teeth. He had just replaced he handset on the antique style phone when the door to his office was open.

"Ah, just in time," the rotund Don comment, holding open his cedar humidor, silently offering some prime Costa Del Solian black market cigars to his guest.

"Well?" The other man asked unceremoniously, causing the aging gangster to raise his eyebrows in surprise at the coldness of the tone.

"They've arrived and are being accompanied by Genesis as you asked. Things are going according to plan."

"Hmph," was all the other said in response, the sound of his leather gloves squeaking in protest as he clenched his fists. "I want this done as quickly as possible and obviously for nothing to be traceable back to me."

"You have my word, my lord," the Don replied cheekily. "Just as long as you keep your end of the bargain, I'll make sure that Rufus Shinra breathes no more and those slant eyed fucks from Wutai will take all the blame."

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